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#criminal minds
emilyshotchniss · 5 minutes ago
hotchniss fanfic writers can one of u write a one shot where emily and hotch are undercover on a date instead of tara and morgan in entropy i’ll love you forever
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drreidsboyband · 10 minutes ago
y’all ever think about how working girls always hit on reid and that it’s probably bc they think he’s the type of guy that gets so little pussy he’ll pay them for it.
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drreidsboyband · 12 minutes ago
ok ok there is a scene in s1 (i think the ep where the famous twins get abducted) and spencer is literally typing w his pointer fingers
anyway anyways
that scene you just shared about spencer sitting next to pen and trying to type, i’m officially hc this as penelope saw how spencer types and is making him learn how to type correctly. immediately after this scene ends, pen watches spencer as he types to make sure he doesn’t switch back to the other way
omg it literally drives me crazy that he’s a literal genius and types like a toddler (i just KNOW that’s exactly how matthew types and i hate it)
also the whole reason i made that gif is bc i was rewatching that episode for my spencia fic (coming soon) and i adore this hc bc you are 1000% correct and what i’m asking is if i could incorporate it into my fic
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alvezs · 20 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
incorrect criminal minds 1/? — insp.
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hushedlove · 21 minutes ago
hello friends!! i made this new account and i’m mainly gonna be (soon) writing for 911, criminal minds, marvel & star wars so if you guys are interested in that or wanna be pals (18+) my messages are open!!
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qvid-pro-qvo · 35 minutes ago
derek morgan with a black belt in judo can i get an amen?
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witchyprentiss · 36 minutes ago
So idk if y’all have noticed but it looks like this is the revival ?? Or is this like a different thing? I’m confused lol
Tumblr media
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sierraraeck · 41 minutes ago
A Boop Before Bed
Penelope x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: After a bit of a rough day, Penelope is just the person you need to see.
Category: Fluff
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 0.8k
A/N: I just love Penelope. She makes me smile. That is all.
“Lovebug, are you coming?” Penelope’s honey voice reached your ears in the bathroom.
“One minute, princess,” you replied. It’d been one of those days that just felt off. There wasn’t something particularly terrible about it, but you’d just felt wrong and out of place the whole day. You were trying to be logical and tell yourself that it was all in your head, but those thoughts didn’t really quell the crummy feelings in your gut.
You’d been taking a little longer in the bathroom because you didn’t want to bring your lousy attitude to Penelope. She was always so cheery, and bright, and you didn’t want to taint that, and maybe, you thought, a little more time in the bathroom getting ready for bed would change that.
It didn’t quite do the trick, though, so you took a deep breath and headed towards your shared bedroom.
When you entered, Penelope was looking up at you with her big doe eyes, which instantly brought a smile to your face. “Come on,” she lightheartedly demanded, “Get over here.”
You laughed slightly and waltzed over to where she was holding open the sheets for you. You snuggled down next to her, breathing in the comforting smell that was her.
It reminded you of the first time you’d had the pleasure of taking the technical analyst on a date. You both volunteered at the local animal shelter, and the instant you saw her, you knew you had to get to know her. You didn’t have the courage to go through with it the first time, but the second time you saw her there, you struck up a conversation. Once you got talking, you couldn’t believe you were ever worried. She had to have been the easiest person on the planet to talk to. There wasn’t a single dull moment with her. She was easily the living embodiment of the sun, shining down on a field full of flowers, on a pleasant summer day.
On top of her obvious good looks and sugary personality, she was insanely smart. When you found out she worked for the FBI as their top technical analyst, you felt like you might stroke. Pretty, sweet, selfless, funny, smart, and saves the world? You couldn’t believe she was real, let alone talking to you.
The first time the two of you tried to go on a date, she cancelled on your way to the restaurant because the FBI called. She apologized profusely, but you honestly didn’t mind. Sure, you were disappointed, but who were you to take this wonder of a woman away from helping others?
When you finally did get to go on a date, she took your breath away. Just when you thought you’d seen every look, every facet of her bubbly personality, she showed up in the most stunning pink, yellow, and blue flowered dress. You were lucky you’d already been sitting down when she walked in, otherwise you might have passed out. You realized that day that you would never stop admiring Penelope, whether that be her new outfits, or unbelievable strength she shows day in and day out.
Penelope laced her fingers with yours, pulling you back to the present. “What’s going on in that beautiful mind of yours?”
“Just thinking about when we went on our first date,” you stated softly. “Thinking of you in that dress…”
“Oh yeah?” she smirked, raising an eyebrow. “It’s a good one isn’t it?”
“Definitely,” you answered.
After a few more moments of silence she nudged you a bit and gave you an expectant look. You responded with a confused one. She sighed and said, “I don’t work with profilers for nothing. What’s going on?”
“Nothing,” you told her, “Honestly, it was just a weird day.”
“Weird?” she questioned.
“Yeah. Just off. You know those days that just feel wrong, even though you don’t know why?”
“Absolutely, hon,” she assured. “Did you have one of those?”
You shrugged, then smiled over at her, “Yeah, but I’m doing much better now.”
“You sure? I don’t want you feeling icky before bed. I could go make you one of those smoothies I make that you really like? O-or I could draw a bubble bath, or give you-”
“Hey, hey,” you stopped her with a small chuckle, “All I need is you, right here, with me.”
Penelope stopped with her very enticing ideas and grinned over at you. “Well, if you’re sure.” She wrapped a strong arm around you, letting you know that you weren’t going anywhere now that you’ve said that. It brought warmth to your heart, and just a bit to your face. She’d always had that effect on you.
As the two of you started drifting towards sleep, she leaned over and tapped her nose with yours. “Boop,” she whispered.
You mimicked her actions, murmuring, “I love you.”
It seemed as though Penelope was the cure to all the poor feelings, for you fell asleep much happier than you’d been all day.
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fanficbitch · 45 minutes ago
Sorry, but I think I start making edits now....
Audio credit: IG: etherealuadios
Video credits: can’t find, but not me. Will edit once I know who owns this.
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moderatelydelusional · 53 minutes ago
Im in a “imagine if...” mood and I love hearing other peoples hc/imagines <3
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theweasleyslut · 54 minutes ago
Summer-Break Sleepover!
Hey loves! I am finally almost done with classes, so I wanted to celebrate with a little sleepover event. This semester has felt like hell, still is as I’m getting through finals, and I just want to say good riddance in the best way I know how. So, check out the list below & just have some fun with me! I’ll keep this open from may 21st to june 10th, but feel free to start sending things in now! I love you all bunches! Xx
🌴 cym
+ you know the drill - send me a category and I’ll cast my mutuals!
🍒 Fmk
+ send me 3 characters/people and I’ll tell you who I’d fuck, marry, & kill/kiss!
🍹 Spin the bottle
+ get a completely randomized piece of content! Options are a moodboard, playlist, headcanon, drabble, or a header/wallpaper. All are on a spinner, along with hp characters, themes, etc. so it’ll be a surprise for the both of us!
🐚 ships
+ send me 1 random fact and I’ll give you a no-context ship for hp/cm/marvel! Please specify if you want a male or female ship & which fandom 💗
🍉 Send a number
+ send a number 1-115 & get a funny meme/reaction pic!
⚡️ Send a number - 18+
+ send a number 1-115 & get a nsfw meme/reaction pic!
🌞 This or that / would you rather?
+ send me two options & I’ll tell you which one I choose!
🥝 Made up titles
+ send me a title name & I’ll share what I’d write as a fic!
🌅 Headcanons
+ send me a character (hp, cm, & marvel) and a scenario & I’ll write a little headcanon for you!
🏝 Moodboards
+ send me a character (hp, cm, & marvel) and a theme & I’ll make you a little moodboard!
🐙 Playlists
+ I really would love to practice making these, so send me a mood or character and situation and I’ll make you a short 5-10 song playlist!
Ask games
+ As always, feel free to send me questions from this list of ask games. I love answering them!
🍍 Discord link
+ If you’re a mutual, or you just want to talk to me more / make friends, send a pineapple and I’ll share my discord server link! Please check out this post before asking to join though, just so you know what to expect out of it.
Mutuals & Taglist;
@jillys-feral-fandoms @darthwheezely @cherrybarzy @teawiththeweasleys @izzyyy-1 @jackys-stuff-blog @accioalix @captaincactusjuice @inglourious-imagines @keepawaythenargles  @valiantobservationkitty @concepcion @eternallyvenus @fandomwhoress @fleurho @hufflepuffflowers-blog @hufflrpuffforfred @i-miei-amori @littlemisswitt @sammy-the-gay @sightiff @starstruckgranger @teenwolfbitches2 @watermelonsugar2810 @harrypotterwifey @your-hispanichufflepuff  @callmelilone  @softlyqoos @justmesadgirl @xuckduck @filipi-yes @aestheticwh0r3  @matsuno-nadeshiko @msmarklee1213 @immajustreadwritereblog @msmimimerton @perfectlysane24 @mischievous-queen @bunnyboo7 @grandeoptimist @daddystevee @slytherinxhunter @streetfighterrichie @just-here-to-escape-from-reality @isthereanymorejello @p0gue420 @hogwartslut @sebby-staan @fredshmeasley @rcwenaclaw @4amhotchner @redbullchick 
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froggybagels · an hour ago
i once again ask, for criminal minds characters but as pictures from the group chat
alright, alright, this has been in my inbox for forever know so je te présente:
the bau as pictures in the group chat i have with @reverseteehee and @stickypickles1
the disaster trio™️ at any given moment
Tumblr media
round table meetings
Tumblr media
spencer “second opinion?” reid
Tumblr media
penelope speaking to emily
Tumblr media
literally???? all??? of them?????
Tumblr media
himbo ! luke ❤️
Tumblr media
emily (no context allowed ❤️)
Tumblr media
penelope 💕❤️💫💖✨💛🌸
Tumblr media
jj behind closed doors
Tumblr media
derek and pen both knowing FULL well how fine they both are 😙🤌💋💫
Tumblr media
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halfkook · an hour ago
i was gonna read the books before i watched shadow & bone but like i decided that like 3 weeks ago & i still haven’t even bought them so maybe that’s not the plan anymore
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casparwrites · an hour ago
“I don’t have a house, I have a mansion.” - David Rossi, season 7 episode 2
I died I swear
This will never not be funny
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pansorph · an hour ago
spencer: did someone order a big strong man to come help out——
emily: no
spencer: *holding back tears and backpedaling out of the room* ok
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uncpanda · an hour ago
Back to the Navy Yard: Part 8
Sypnopsis: Being the daughter of Leroy Jethro Gibbs wasn’t easy, but you made it work …right up until you decide to break away from the “safe” life plan and join the FBI. When your father and the family you’ve made stops talking to you, you find a new one with the BAU. But years later, when murders connected to you and your father start popping up, you’re forced to examine the past along side your fiance and unit-chief Aaron Hotchner, and soon to be step son Jack. Really, your whole world is up in the air.
Notes: Eli David and Jackie Vance are both alive, also the timeline between Ziva and Tony was sped up, because slow burn is only good for so long.
Master List
It’s the sound of cursing that wakes you up. Aaron is still curled around you, his nose nuzzled into your neck, one of his legs slotted between yours, and his arm is wrapped around your middle, pulling you flush to his body. It takes some maneuvering to get out of the hold, and he lets out a grunt when your body heat disappears.
You pad out to the living room and find Mcgee and Tony asleep on the couch together. You doubt they started out that way. You take a picture and make a note to send it to Ziva.  They had arrived late last night to relieve Uncle Dwayne and Leon. You and Aaron had been in the middle of putting Jack to bed, and had gone to bed yourselves, so you hadn’t seen them. 
You turn your attention to the kitchen and find your dad there with Jack sitting on the counter. He’s adding chocolate chips into the pancake mix. “Hi Marmee!” 
You swoop down and kiss his cheek before swooping back up and kissing your dad’s. Morning bubba. Morning dad.” 
“Pop-pop said a bad word.” 
Your dad gives Jack an exasperated look, “What did I say about telling on me.” 
“Marmee knows everything.”
You comb your fingers through his hair, “It’s true. Plus I heard it in my room. Watch the marine talk around my kid please.” 
He smiles, “Of course. Watch this. What do we say Jack?” 
“Semper Fi!” 
You give your dad a look, “Starting the indoctrination early I see.” 
“I could have started it earlier and had him in a buzz cut . . .” 
“First of all, not a chance in hell.” 
“Bad word Marmee!” 
“Sorry baby. Why don’t you go play with your legos.” You lift him off the counter and make sure to lower your voice, “Second of all, that was your fault. Not mine.” 
You watch as he scoops some batter out onto the griddle, “It was a little your fault.” 
“Yes. How dare I not follow the grand plan?” 
“Twenty one years and you never said anything against the plan!” 
“You came up with the plan with I was like eight. SO it was more like thirteen years, and it doesn’t matter when I said it, because it’s my life.” 
“And what about now? I’ve heard about your job. Who stays home with Jack when you’re both gone?” 
“Haley’s sister Jessica. Aunt Jess. She also happens to be one of my best friends.” 
“He should have his parents at home. No matter what, I made sure you had access to me.” 
“By making sure I never left your sight. I was homeschooled.” 
“He needs you.” 
“He has me, and he has Aaron. Jack comes first. If he needs us, we’re there.” 
Your dad flips several of the pancakes, “What about when you have more kids? When they’re babies? Is this Jessica supposed to take care of them too?” 
“We haven’t talked about that yet.” 
“Really, because talking to your fiance yesterday he seemed pretty gungho about more kids.” 
“He told me what he said, and all he said is that we’re waiting to get married before we start trying.” 
“That doesn’t answer the question. You both can’t be on the road all the time. Part of being a parent is sacrifice. And I’m telling you right now, if you’re the one to give up your career and stay home, you’ll resent him for it. This entire thing is . . .” 
“You’re going to want to stop right now, before you say something that has you never seeing me ever again.” He straightens a bit, and you move in closer, “You do not get a say in this. I’m a grown woman. I’m a federal agent. I’m a mother. I’m a wife in every way but a piece of paper. Aaron and I will make those decisions together. We will work together. Because you don’t just give up when things get hard. I’m not you.” 
You feel guilt at the last jab, and you close your eyes and take a breath, “I’m sorry . . . that was. . .” 
“A fair shot.” 
He places his hands flat on the counter, “I had no right marrying any of those women. Not when I was still in love with your mom. Hindsight. I just don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made . . .” He turns and looks down at the pancakes. 
You suck in a breath, “Aaron and Jack have never been a mistake. I don’t know everything that’s going to happen, but we’ll figure it out. We may get a nanny, I don’t know. But I know that, anytime we have to leave, Jack runs to hug and kiss us. And he likes to reassure us that we have to go because we’re able to help people. Aaron is his hero. And I’m very lucky to be his Marmee. 
“I don’t know what happens next. I just know that we’ll figure it out.” 
You feel arms slide around your waist and a moment later Aaron presses a kiss to your cheek. “Push comes to shove I can always go back to practicing law.” 
That sentence is said with so much intent, intent at getting under your dad’s skin, that you groan. You’re not used to seeing playful Aaron come out around anyone other than your small family. You suppose he’s having fun. Your dad turns to face the two of you, “He’s a lawyer?” 
Aaron’s delivery is fact, “Youngest federal prosecutor in DC history.” 
“Rule 13!” 
“He still has his license and keeps up with stuff, but he’s not practicing.” You say it as innocently as you can, while Aaron hides a smile in your hair. 
“At least he isn’t a lumber jack.” 
Your dad rolls his eyes, and you move to go get Jack as your dad serves pancakes up on a plate. You watch as they bicker but work in sync, making sure there isn’t too much butter or syrup, cutting them up into bite size pieces, and sliding it in front of the boy along with a fork. 
They continue to bicker about the advantages and disadvantages of the law while fixing you a plate. McGee and Tony sleep through the whole thing.
The next few days see the relationship between your father and Aaron remain pretty much the same. Although they do take Jack on a few nature hikes. The rest of your dad’s team is introduced to Jack and Aaron, and Ziva quickly becomes the favorite when she teaches him a few words in Hebrew. 
“He is adorable.” 
You and Ziva are sitting on the front porch watching the sun rise. Everyone else including your dad is still asleep. 
“I got really lucky.” 
“And you didn’t have to go through labor. Count that as a win.” 
You smile, “I’d walk through fire for him and Aaron.” 
“A mama bear.” 
“You’re one to talk.” 
“Sometimes Tony is more of a baby than Tali. Lately he’s been talking about having another one. I’m not so sure about it. Tali is my life, and sometimes I wonder if I have enough room in my heart, enough love for another child.” 
Her phone rings before you can say anything, “Excuse me. I need to take this, it’s my father. He wants to come visit, and I’m trying to talk him out of it.” 
You wave her away as she heads back into the house, muttering quietly into her phone. 
You stare into the distance for several seconds before the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. A second later you hear a twig snap, and suddenly a woman is pointing a gun at you. 
Her hand is twitching, and she’s blinking a lot. You watch as she chews on her top lip and then lets it go. “I found you.” 
You need to placate her, you need to move her away from the house. Away from your family. “Yes. You did.”
“Why did you run? You know I wouldn’t hurt you, right? I mean, I promised Kelly I would protect you.” 
You do your best to keep your breathing normal, “I didn’t have a choice.” 
The woman’s eyes flash with anger, “They made you right? The same way your dad made you move after Kelly died. The same way Agent Hotchner forced you to be his son’s mother. They’re no good. They just get women killed. They’ll get you killed.” 
You take a few steps towards her, “Then we should go, right? They’re all inside. Now is a perfect time. We can go.” 
She smiles at that, “Exactly. We can go. I can keep you safe.” She waves the gun around, “I have this. No one can hurt you when I have this.” 
You steal your nerves, “Do you have a car?” 
“A few miles away. I wanted to make sure no one could hear me come.” 
“That was so smart.” 
Her brow furrows, as it dawns on her. “You don’t remember me do you?” Before you can respond she rationalizes it, “You were little when it happened, so that’s to be expected. And you hit your head in the crash. It’s me, Lily. Kelly’s best friend.” 
It takes every ounce of control you have to keep your body language relaxed and to keep your facial muscles from moving. Lily had been a girl in the neighborhood. She’d been a rather clingy child but Kelly had always been kind to her. When Lily had declared the three of you sisters, Kelly had gone along with it. Later that night, she told you she felt sorry for the girl. Sorry that she didn’t seem to have anyone. 
“I remember. We’re sisters, right?” She looks so relieved that you remember. 
“Good. Good. Now you need to sleep.” 
“You need to sleep, and when you wake up you’ll be safe.” 
You barely have any time to react before a needle is shoved into your neck. 
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