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Originally posted by ohbaby90s

Prompt: What if germs haven’t been discovered? 

Summary: Spencer and Reader analyse a world where germs don’t exist, and how Reid’s life would be like… 

Category: Fluff 

Content Warning: none 

Pairing: Spencer/Reader 

Word count: 1.6K

- I wonder how your life would be if germs had never been discovered- (Y/N) thought out loud and gazed at Spencer, smiling playfully. They were waiting for their lunch in a small cafeteria they liked to go to whenever they had a slow paperwork day at the BAU. It felt almost unreal to be sharing a meal not thinking there was an unsub to catch in the next hour.

He hesitated for a second before answering. He was caught off guard by her smile, and for a second he forgot he could speak, words piling up in his tongue, not making his way from his lips. She made his brain turn into mush, that was a fact.

- I don’t understand how germs could never be discovered- Spencer murmured a few seconds later. Of all the answers he had in mind, which mostly referred to an endless amount of data and facts about germs, those words were the best he managed to say. (Y/N)’s smile had completely wiped off every functional brain cell he had.

- Well, imagine all the things people haven’t discovered yet- she simply replied and took a sip of her lemonade. Just like that, Spencer was left speechless.

All the things people haven’t discovered yet. That was interesting, but though it was a thought Spencer could lose himself in for days and maybe weeks, at that minute all he could concentrate on was all the things he hadn’t discovered yet, such as the taste of (Y/N)’s lips. Or how her warm skin could feel against his hand when he finally first touched her. He hadn’t discovered how it would be to hold her hand. Just as simple as that. He lived in a world where germs existed, but all his dreams were a “what if”.

- That’s overwhelming- Spencer whispered, answering to (Y/N)’s earlier comment and looked down.

- Would you shake people’s hand if germs hadn’t been discovered?- his best friend asked, and her eyes didn’t leave his. She felt how her whole body shook, staring at Spencer, but she couldn’t stop doing it anyway. She didn’t want to either, but it felt physically impossible to take her eyes from his. He was a magnet she couldn’t move apart from.

It had been that way since day one, when the two of them started at the BAU, five years ago. They were both extremely young to be part of the elite of the FBI, but their abilities had put them where they belong. A few weeks into the job and Reid had finally managed to talk to her without stuttering. He wasn’t good with people, especially with women. Least with a woman he found attractive. (Y/N) had no idea how to approach someone like Spencer. He had an IQ of 187, the guy could read 20.000 words per minute. She was dumb compared to him in any possible way. There was no way he could even notice her, so she did what anyone would do: she fell into the friendzone and stayed there for the next five years.

She was the girl he took to the museums every weekend, and he was the friend she crawled to random geek conventions. She loved to be there for him, even when it meant she was his best friend. (Y/N) knew Spencer had a thing for JJ when they first joined the BAU, they even were out on a date, but nothing came from it. It didn’t matter to her anyway, she could see how Spencer looked at JJ, he never had those longing eyes when he talked to her. It was clear, she was just his best friend and JJ the object of his desires.

- I don’t know… I guess…- Reid answered and (Y/N) nodded. Their food arrived and the two of them focused on their dishes for a few seconds. Silence fell between them, but it was awkward. It never was. They were perfectly comfortable in each other’s company, being quiet wasn’t something to worry about. They could perfectly spend a whole weekend in silence, reading, or watching movies.

Those were Spencer’s favorite weekends, ‘cos he didn’t have to make his best effort to answer in a normal voice and like a normal human being each time (Y/N) talked to him.

Though he had managed to control himself and act normal when they were alone, inside Reid was in a deep and constant struggle. He knew he loved her. More than that: he was in love with her. And that was enough reason for him to act silly from time to time. Ok, all the time. He could ramble for hours when he talked to her, and it was worst 'cos she never cut him off, which meant he literally could go on, and on, and never shut up.

He was scared one day he could ramble for so long, he could end up telling her his true feelings. But he knew he was never going to have the guts to do it.

- Why do germs freak you out so much?- (Y/N) stopped eating, She was halfway into her salad, but she wasn’t really enjoying it. The dressing wasn’t real good, and Spencer had gotten her a red velvet cupcake for breakfast, which had spoiled her appetite for the rest of the day.

- We’re estimated to have around 1,500 bacteria living on each square centimeter of skin on our hands, and although viruses don’t set up shop on the skin the way bacteria do, the viruses that cause diarrhea and respiratory infections can hang around on the hands long enough to spread from person to person- and Spencer hides behind what makes him feel secure the most: facts- It states that microorganisms known as pathogens or “germs” can lead to disease, they invade humans…

- But honey- it gave him goosebumps each time (Y/N) called him that- If you don’t get sick from time to time, your immune system is gonna be as weak as the taste of this dressing.

“Honey”. It was just too sweet, too cute, too… endearing for him to handle. No one had ever called him a pet name before. Not her mother, not… anyone. Sure, JJ called him “Spence” from time to time, and some of her friends caught it as a BAU nickname, but it was nothing like being called “honey” by (Y/N). No, that was different. And when she used the whole “Honey bunny” surname to refer to him, he swore anyone could see him melt.

- What if germs were the coolest thing on earth? and everybody was trying to get the germs?- Spencer narrowed his eyes and made his best not to laugh. She was rambling on their way back to work, and for once he was glad to be the one listening to someone else rattle on.

- What is it with you and germs today?- he simply asks and chuckles lightly. He is happy today. And he wants to enjoy it before a case darkened his mind.

- I don’t know- (Y/N) shrugged and smiled at him- I guess I’m just… curious what is it with you and germs

- I just hate them- Spencer answered looking at her, licking her ice cream- You didn’t finish your greens at lunch, you didn’t earn that dessert- he teased and she grinned

- Want some?- her words seemed to play with his mind, and make his cheek blush right away. He did, he wanted some. He wanted some so badly it ached him. So he didn’t answer.

- You didn’t seem to be scared of Lila Archer’s germs… we all saw you sharing your straw with her

- (Y/N), that’s…- but he is flustered and his friend won’t stop teasing him for it.

- I don’t have the cooties, but I know that won’t make the difference 'cos she was half-naked and you were…- and he snaps. He grabs the ice cream cone from her hand and licks it all. His tongue traves through every inch of sweet, tasting it and looking into (Y/N)’s eyes as he did. He had no idea what he was doing to her. She was having trouble keeping her thoughts in order, she had to remember they were on the street and that he was just her best friend in the world to stop herself from throwing herself to him.

Spencer had enough of that, it wasn’t just this time, it has been years of listening to the same thing, over and over again. For a moment or two, he was almost sure (Y/N) was jealous, but after a few seconds, he remembered she was just his best friend having fun with him. That was it. So he grabbed the ice cream cone and lick it. It was his way to tell her he didn’t care about her germs. In fact, he wanted to have her germs if it mean he could kiss her.

- There! see? now we have the same cooties! end of the story

(Y/N) held her ice cream cone again and licked it. Her best friend kept looking at her with the corner of his eyes.

- So… germs exist, but you don’t care about mine?- she whispered after a few minutes. Her voice was almost untraceable, but Spencer knew that tone.

- Germs exist and I hate them- he explained and kept looking ahead- But yours are ok…

- Oh…- (Y/N) nodded and bit her lips, trying her best not to smile.

- I mean… we’ve probably already shared them all, we’ve been friends for years, we can’t keep track of everything we’ve done- he can, he does. He knows. (Y/N) nodded her head again and continued eating her ice cream in silence until they reach the BAU again.

- So my germs are ok then…- she whispered and elbowed him as they waited for the elevator. Spencer chuckled looking down.

- Yeah, your germs are alright.

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Summary: A series of crimes at a gay club leaves the BAU scrambling for a way to locate the unsub before they have another victim. After a surprising revelation about Spencer, he’s assigned duty on stage–performing as a drag queen so he has the opportunity to spot the killer from above. While undercover with Hotch, feelings develop.

Read it here on AO3!

“We’re all born naked, and anything anybody wears at any time is drag.” -Tede Matthews

The heady air of the club before it opened collected in thick clouds around the team. Hotch spoke with the owner a few yards away from the others. Spencer watched their conversation, unable to hear what they said, but understanding from the exchange of nods that they were making some kind of deal regarding the club and its patrons.

For the past three weeks, every Friday night, a man from this club had gone missing and turned up disemboweled two days later.

Tonight, they intended to catch him in the act.

Hotch left the owner and approached the rest of the team. Spencer fidgeted with the sleeves of his shirt. In a few minutes, the club would be opening, and he wanted to be far out of here before people began to arrive. It wasn’t a risk he wanted to take. JJ shot him a sideways glance. “You alright, Spence?” He nodded.

Hotch inclined his eyebrows as he stopped in front of them. “The owner has agreed to let us bug the place. Reid, you’re undercover with me.”

Spencer gulped. “Er—I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” Hotch frowned. He kept fidgeting with his sleeves. “I’m… not sure that’s something I can do.” Defying a direct order? He never did that. Hotch had told him, not asked; refusing wasn’t an option.

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i’m dumb as shit because every time i watch criminal minds i have this feeling deep in my soul that goes “you know, maybe penelope and derek DO end up together and everyone’s been lying to you”. that’s my dumbass gene

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Originally posted by toyboxboy

Prompt: What’s on the list of things Spencer will never do again?

Summary: Reader wants to know which are Spencer biggest regrets. But he refuses to share, instead, he keeps saying he ain’t got anything on his “Never again” list.

Category: Slightly fluff…

Content Warning: none

Pairing: Spencer/Reader

- I can’t believe you don’t have one of those!- (Y/N) turned to Spencer in shock. He just stood next to his desk trying to understand what was the big deal.

He didn’t have a list of things he was never in his life going to do again. So what? From his point of view, it meant he had made fewer mistakes, which felt like something to be proud of, not embarrassed.

- He doesn’t have what?- Morgan overheard the conversation and walked over, a part of him curious, and another part of him happy he had a tiny excuse to avoid paperwork for a while.

- The dreadful “I’ll never do this again” list- (Y/N) explained and turned to Spencer- Not even one thing?

- Well… there are a few chest games I wish I had played differently

Morgan rolled his eyes and tapped on his back.

- Kid, come on, you are from Vegas, there has to be something there

- Yeah! You said you were banned from a few casinos! That has to be a juicy story!

(Y/N) stared at him biting her lips in excitement, but Reid just blinked and hesitated before saying

- Not really… what’s in your “never again list”?

Spencer looked at his best friend and smiled. She gave the question a little thought. There were tons of things on that list, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to share them with him. She had the biggest crush on Reid, and thought she was never going to act on it, she didn’t want him to have a bad image of her.

- Let’s see… I really regret most of my teenage fashion decisions

- Boring- Morgan teased- You gotta give something good

- Like what?- (Y/N) crossed her arms on her chest and raised an eyebrow- What’s in your regret list?

- Dating girls who can legally carry guns is the first- he answered right away- Getting my highschool sweetheart an engagement ring is the second

- A ring?- (Y/N) stared at him in shock and Derek chuckled, nodding completely guilty.

- She was my first, I thought it was forever… What can I tell you? I’m a hopeless romantic

Spencer and (Y/N) stared at each other with a knowing look

- And what do you have, pretty girl? bad outfits can’t be it

- Well… I’m never going on a blind date again, especially on dating websites blind dates…

- Man!!- Derek laughed and covered his face, catching the rest of the team’s attention- You must have been desperate!!

(Y/N)’s cheeks were burning red as she looked down and shook her head. Emily and Penelope walked over to join the conversation chuckling, as Spencer stared at his friend in shock. He had no idea she had ever done that, and he was pretty sure he knew her well. He remembered everything she had said to him from the day they met. It wasn’t something he tried to do, his eidetic memory just worked that way. But he didn’t even try to forget a word of every conversation they had shared.

- I was sick and tired of dealing with my friends forcing me to find a date… and… with this job you don’t really get many chances to…

- Wait, wait…- Morgan wide opened his eyes and (Y/N) regretted answering his question in the first place- You did this while being in the BAU?

- No… yes… never mind, what’s important here is the fact Pretty boy doesn’t have anything on his never again list… which means he is missing a lot of bad decision in his life- (Y/N) turned to Reid and grinned. He blushed and looked down.

- Yeah kid, we have to take you out to the world!

Spencer closed his eyes in pain as he felt Derek’s hand tapping his back.

- We should go out tonight!- Penelope nearly jumped on her spot, clapping her hands- Let’s get out baby boy drunk as a skunk and watch him take all the bad decisions he can!

- I’d rather not- the young doctor whispered and sighed- I think I am fully capable of adding things I don’t want to do again… I would start with this conversation, I’m not willing to repeat this awkward moment

Spencer chuckled and turned to the kitchen to make himself another cup of coffee.

- That dating website wasn’t that bad- Emily teased (Y/N) and smiled

- It was awful, you know it

- How was the guy?- Morgan asked, a silly grin hanging on his lips as he looked at the girl blushing in front of him.

- He was an asshole… he looked hot in the pictures… and he wasn’t really bad looking in person, but…- (Y/N) made a pause, and her eyes involuntarily traveled through the room and found Spencer waiting for the brewing.

- He didn’t have an IQ of 187, right?- Derek asked the obvious question, and (Y/N) smiled

- I’m not sure he had an IQ of 50…

Spencer stared at the coffee pot as he waited. He kept trying to think of things he regretted doing. Interesting things at least… He also tried to remember (Y/N) saying anything about going out on a date, but he didn’t recall it. Was she making it up? no, it sounded real, and the embarrassment on her face couldn’t be faked.

It bothered him not to remember something so important. And it also bothered him to know she was open to date other guys. Not that she had to date him, not that she had ever told him she wanted to date him. Not that he wanted to date her, thought he did.

- Hey- Penelope’s voice nearly gave him a heart attack. he jumped and turned to see her grinning behind him

- Do you want to kill me?

- Never… so…- she just looked at the resident genius with a smile and waited

- I’m sorry… I don’t get what you are trying to say, did I miss something?

- Yes boy wonder! you missed the one thing you have in your Never do again list- Spencer frowned even more confused

- What?

- You should never again in your life miss all the signs that tell you someone is in love with you, or you are gonna miss your chance to be happy- Garcia tapped on Reid’s shoulder and walked away, and the sound of her heels was the only sound Spencer could hear for a minute.

The frown on his face didn’t fade until he walked back to his desk and sat down.

Signs? there had never been any signs. He never got any… and from who? no one was in love with him. What the hell was Garcia talking about? Spencer couldn’t shake it out of his mind.

- Hey!- (Y/N) walked over and left a small chocolate bar on his desk, as she smiled at him with rosy cheeks- Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to embarrass you or whatever

- You didn’t…- he whispered and smiled back at her

- Anyway, I got you a tiny offering to make amends- and after another small smile, his best friend walked back to her desk.

Doctor Reid followed her with his eyes until she sat behind her desk and continued with her paperwork.

Of course, his “Never again list” wasn’t empty, he just didn’t want to share with her. He knew he was never going to use Dilaudid to avoid pain. He was never going to let anyone tie him to a goal post. He was never going to be kicked by a nine years old girl (unless it was his daughter and they were playing).

And most important: he was never going to look at (Y/N) the same after facing the truth: he was in love with her, and he had no idea how to deal with it.

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Summary: Where a mystery writer, whose real identity is not know to the public, becomes a murder suspect for the BAU’s current case and ends up helping solve the case.

Pairing: Spencer Reid X OC

Word Count: 915

If you like this please let me know! Also let me know if you would like a part 2!

Note: This will slightly follow the storyline of S1: Ep15- Somebody’s Watching of criminal minds, but like very minimally and the team dynamics match more to season 12 after Hotch has left but before Walker joins the team.

Chapter 1

“Emily, they’ve just discovered another victim."  Garcia announced as she walked into Emily’s office.

"Have we been called in?” She looks up from her pile of paperwork to look at the blonde woman.

“Yes, Ma'am.”

“Alright, round everyone up.”

The blonde woman nods and turns walking out of the office. She looks out over the bullpen, and waves to catch the attention of the other team members.

“We’ve got a case” she says pointing to her tablet and then over to the conference room. The team moves around making their way to be briefed about the newest serial killer. They all sit and pull up the case file on their tablets except for Reid who takes a paper copy from Garcia.

“Okay, so this morning the body of a 30 year old male, by the name of John Fords, was found in his New York apartment.” She explains as pictures flash onto the large tv screen behind her. “ GSW to the head. There have been three other murders like this one, two males, Harry Bradstone and Ross Thornton, and one female victim, Paisley Main. All shot and killed in their apartments."More picture flash on the screen. The team looks at them and then back to the file.

"There was no DNA left at the scenes?” Rossi asked aloud.

“None, sir.”

“Do the locals have any suspects?” Reid inquires.

“That, my little genius, is an excellent question.” She brings up a picture of emails and call logs. “They all had been in communication with the same person in the last few weeks, a Skylar Daniels. She’s 28, lives in New York, and has no known relatives. The only connection I’ve found is the emails and call logs with the victims.”

“Alright guys, we can finish briefing on the plane, wheels up in 20."The team sits in various seats around the plane, all reviewing the case and the suspect.

"So, I’ve been doing some digging!” The colorful tech analyst announces as she pops up on the screen of one of the computers.

“What do you got, Garcia?” Luke asked, slightly dropping his file.

“So I’ve been digging into this Skylar Daniels and it’s sorta fishy.”

“Fishy? How?” Rossi asks, lowering his tablet and giving Garcia his attention.

“Well, my good sir, she has no social media accounts, no twitter, no Instagram, no Facebook, etc. She has one email, which she only talks to a select few people. She lives very low key, no big spending, nothing, she doesn’t even have a job address listed!” She huffs, “ and I know you’re gonna ask ‘why does this matter?’ Well it matters because the address she has listed on her medical records is in a super nice neighborhood, and I mean like super nice, kind of expensive. And her bank records are sealed tighter than Fort Knox.”

“Thanks, Garcia, call us if you find anything else.” JJ says kindly, to the blonde women.

“I will, Garcia out!” She replies as the screen goes dark.

“How is that possible? How does she not have a job but live in that nice of a neighborhood?” Luke asks the team, receiving shrugs and murmured “I don’t know”s.

“I’m not sure, but we’re going to find out. When we land, Tara and I will go to the local PD and set up. JJ, I want you to make sure that this stays out of the news for as long as possible. Luke, Reid, and Rossi, get the address from Garcia and bring in Skylar Daniels for questioning.” Emily instructed. The team all gave their approval and waited for the plane to land.

“Alright, let’s try to do this as quietly as possible.” Luke said as he, Rossi and Reid stepped up the stairs to the town house Garcia led them to. They all nodded in agreement. Luke knocked on the door quite loudly, then waited for an answer. When one didn’t come the men shared a look. And once again knocked on the door.

“Ms. Daniels, this is the FBI, please open the door.” Luke said loud enough to hear in the house but not so loud that it drew attention. When yet again there was no answer the men all nodded and drew their guns. Luke tried the door finding it unlocked and slowly opened it. He nodded the others in.

“Ms. Daniels, we are entering the house.”

They cleared the rooms as they went and found that they heard shuffling and clicking from inside of a closed room near the back of the house. After a few minutes of listening, the men quickly entered the room, guns aimed and looked around. The girl at the desk screamed at the sudden entrance, dropping paper on the ground.

“Hands where I can see them, Ms. Daniels.” Reid announced. She slid her hands up slowly, cautiously taking her headphones out. 

“I’m sorry, but whatever you think I’ve done I’m sure I haven’t.” The girl spoke quietly. As she did, Rossi took in the girl, lowering his gun as he did.

“Annalee? Annalee Graves?” He stated in disbelief.

“Rossi?” The scared girl asked. Confusion on their faces.

“The writer? Rossi, you know her?” Reid asked.

“Ma'am, this address is listed to a Skylar Daniels, do you know where she is?” Luke asked sternly.

“Well, the thing is that is me.” The girl said hands still raised looking over to Rossi before looking down.

“You have a fake name?” Rossi asked

“A pseudonym, yes."  

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TW Su***de and Depression

He doesn’t make a reasonable attempt to avoid complications and danger in the work force. In fact, of everyone he begins choosing himself for the most dangerous of tasks. Even when others are far more prepared to take it on.

Derek realises when Hotch chooses to disarm a bomb with instructions from him through a walkie.

Spencer realises when Hotch begins to tick off too many boxes of the depression checklist, and he’s so unsubtle that both JJ and Penelope realise what’s going on.

Derek talks to Emily.

Rossi sees Hotch cry late one night at the office. Sees him with a glass of whiskey during paperwork nights.

They’re all intuitive but none of them expect Hotch - their stoic leader - to be the one slipping the most.

Grief is one thing, depression and suicidal tendencies is another entirely.

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emily prentiss x female!reader. using this prompt as a part one to another prompt, because i like to think ahead. 

word count: 1700

rating: e for everyone, with support and surprises coming from the people closest to you (no warnings, just fluff). 


“You know, I was just thinking about you,” Emily teases, and you smile. You know what she’s doing. It’s what she always does, when she wants to distract you from your work.

“Is that so,” you state, deadpan, and she hums. You feel her hands come around your neck, feel her fingers start massaging into your neck. At one point, her fingers dig right into the junction of your shoulder, and you can’t help the shiver that leaves you. “Emily…”

“Take a break.” Her voice is next to your ear, which makes you shiver again. “Don’t tell me this doesn’t feel like you should put those books down.”

You chuckle. Reach to drop your pen, and spin in your chair so that you can look at her. She stands tall over you, and you let your eyes scan her from top to bottom and back up again. “And lie to a profiler? I’m not a moron. But. I am someone who has an exam tomorrow that I really need to pass, and it’s only 7:00 PM.”

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moreid songs


awake, wide eyed i’m screaming at me trying to keep faith and picture his face staring up at me without losing a piece of me how do i get to heaven? without changing a part of me how do i get to heaven? all my time is wasted feeling like my heart’s mistaken, oh so if i’m losing a piece of me maybe i don’t want heaven?

Are You Bored Yet

what’s wrong? you’ve been asking but i don’t have an answer how come? i’m still thinking, let’s pretend to fall asleep now when we get old, will we regret this? too young to think about all that shit and stallin’ only goes so far when you’ve got a head start

God in Jeans

god is real, he was sleeping in my bed last night we were naked with the radio on played him favourite song my love is my religion preaching the choir fueling the fire oh my god, you know i need ya if i’m going to hell, i’m taking you with me i’m taking you with me

When the Day Met the Night

well he was just hanging around then he fell in love and he didn’t know how but he couldn’t get out just hanging around then he fell in love

They Don’t Know About Us

people say we shouldn’t be together we’re too young to know about forever but i say they don’t know what they talk, talk, talkin’ about (talk, talk, talkin’ about) ‘cause this love is only getting stronger so i don’t wanna wait any longer i just wanna tell the world that you’re mine

Favorite Record

you were the song stuck in my head every song i’ve ever loved played again and again and again and you can get what you want but it’s never enough and i’ll spin for you like your favorite records used to and i’ll spin for you like your favorite records used to

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