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radiant-reid · 2 days ago
Little Touches
Tumblr media
Summary: Just a few moments where Spencer learns how much he loves touches
could you do one where BAU! Reader and Spencer are dating, and they know each other like the backs of their own hands, so whenever he gets either anxious, overwhelmed, or is just having a bad time on a case, she knows exactly how to calm him? 
spencer getting into a relationship where the other person is aware of how much he doesn’t like physical touch but he doesn’t know how to tell them that he wants to be touched, so slowly, over time, he sneaks little touches and kisses (maybe even some PDA?!)
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader (fluff)
Content Warning: Spencer gets a couple of minor injuries 
Word Count: 2.6k
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Spencer had never understood touches. Scientifically, he understood why people needed to feel physical, but he didn’t have enough experiences to be agreeing that it helped him personally. He felt okay getting enough oxytocin from spending time with his friends and getting hugs from Henry.
Things were different with Y/n. From the first time he kissed her, he knew things weren’t going to stay the way they were.
Y/n was cautious going into it, concerned he’d find her level of physical affection alarming when she’d only seen him hug four people since the start of her time at the BAU. 
The very first day after they got together, they were called in for a case early in the morning. Spencer was there only second to Hotch, and he'd already made two coffees when Y/n walked in.
"Here." He offered her designated mug out to her with a sheepish smile. Her coffee order had been memorized in his head since she joined the team, but he didn't have a reason to make it until now.
It was odd to see him at work when she'd just been on the phone with him the night before for two hours. Even though she'd had a crush on him for months while working alongside him, something felt different.
"You made me a coffee?" She asked once she took it, eyes darting around the quiet office.
There was a spoken agreement that they wouldn't tell the rest of the team for a while because it was so new, and things were much less messy when no one else knew.
Spencer nodded, his cheeks reddening as he looked down at the liquid in his mug. "It's my job now." He asserted before his voice got quieter. "As your boyfriend."
"Well then, I'll see you in there, boyfriend." Y/n teased a little, adoring the way the official title rolled off her tongue. Testing the boundary, she reached out to touch his forearm, letting her hand linger there for a moment before she turned off to walk up the stairs. It left that tingling feeling inside of Spencer that he didn't know was possible because of something physical rather than emotional.
They fell in love with the physical connection they got to have when they weren't masquerading as colleagues as quickly as they fell in love with each other. The early morning walks to the coffee shop before work where they could walk hand in hand and sit close to each other. The dates to the movie theater where they could sit right next to each other and Y/n could rest her head on his shoulder.
All the cases had made it difficult for them to find any time to spend together. It was something they knew would happen, but even a month in and it was hard to hang out.
So, when Spencer invited her to a French film festival, she agreed despite not being able to speak French. It was a drive-in theatre so Y/n drove so they could sit in the back of her car.
Because Spencer had to give her a whisper translated, they sat close together, but they both wanted to be just a little bit closer. His voice had been right in her ear all night, and she was ready to do something about it.
When she shifted away from him, he was worried that he'd gone too far by holding her hand. "What's wrong?" He asked, turning away from the movie to look at her.
"Nothing, but can you sit against there?" She asked, gesturing to the side of the car.
Spencer obliged her request, shuffling over so his back rested against the side instead of the back of the seats. She moved closer to him, crawling between his legs when they spread on instinct.
When she finally settled, it was with her head on his chest, her body between his legs, and her arms wrapped around him. Spencer immediately relaxed, holding her tighter to him and stroking her back. He could feel the instant effect that all those positive studies had detailed, and he wondered why he missed out on this, on her, for so long.
"Is this alright?" She checked, head tilting up to meet his fond gaze.
It was so much more than alright to him, feeling her weight on top of him like it was an anchor. "Yeah, this is really good."
Touches only became a more common part of their lives as their relationship progressed. Cuddling on the couch was much more prominent whenever they had a free evening. Outside of work, his hands were always on her. She knew it was only a matter of time before they weren't able to keep their 3-month long relationship a secret.
But Sunday mornings were not a time for that concern. Sunday mornings were a time for sleeping late and one trying to kick the other out of bed to make breakfast.
Y/n volunteered that morning since he had the last 2 times. Once she brought him coffee in bed, she got started on some pancakes. But before she could even start cooking them, two surprisingly thick, tanned forearms wrapped their way around her waist. The veins looked delicious and he struggled to not His scent engulfed her, heavy cologne in the air.
"What's this?" She asked, no longer focused on what she was doing as she tilted her head up to look into his beautiful brown eyes. The touches of gold flickered in the late morning sunshine.
"Missed you," Spencer claimed, eyes fixed on admiring the color in hers. Gently, he rocked them side to side when she turned back around to focus on breakfast, keeping his head tucked tightly into her neck.
Y/n giggled lightly, her face breaking out in a grin. "Been away from you for, like, five minutes." She reminded him but he was hardly paying attention as he peppered kisses on her cheeks.
Before she could keep cooking, Spencer spun her around and sat her up on the counter so he could stand in between her knees, keeping his face only inches away from hers.
"So? Every minute I don't get to see your face is terrible." He told her dramatically.
"What do you do when you're sleeping then?" She asked, trying to find a question to trick him.
But alas, her genius boyfriend couldn't be tricked, and his romantic wooing only came out more intense. "Not a problem because I dream about you."
"Stop" She squealed, hitting him on the shoulder. "You're the absolute sappiest."
"Never going to stop." He promised her, clearly meaning something more serious than a casual retort.
The way he looked with the sun streaming through the big windows in his apartment was criminal. So insanely attractive it was unfair. Like he was made to stand in the sun with his cheekbones pronounced and his eyes a shade lighter.
"I love you." He said, beating her to it.
"I love you." She smiled back, leaning forward an extra inch to rest her forehead against and letting her eyelids flutter closed. Spencer did the same thing, breathing in and out calmly and in sync with her.
There was something so grounding about it, being so close to someone you love with your whole heart, and it took away so much of the stress they had placed on them due to their jobs. She could feel his breath against her skin with every exhale, warm and comforting.
They only pulled away when Spencer's stomach rumbled, making her giggle. "So, pancakes?" He asked, eyes flicking to the bowl.
"Your favorite." She answered. "But I'm just going to sit here looking pretty while you cook them."
He chuckled, eyes drifting down to her figure covered by just one of his shirts and a pair of panties. It was his favorite sight in the world. "You absolutely need to just sit there and look pretty." He assured her.
Happily, she agreed, letting him cook before eventually sitting next to him at the kitchen island to eat, which always led to Spencer spinning the barstool she was sitting on with his foot playfully and unexpectedly. They spent all morning there, talking, reading the newspaper, and getting impossibly closer.
Then the phone rang, and, separately, they were being invited to dinner at Rossi's.
"Always look pretty in that dress," Spencer told her later that evening as they changed. Even if they had to go separately and pretend they weren't a couple there, they were going to spend the whole day together.
Y/n spun around from where she was critiquing herself in the mirror, taking in her incredibly beautiful boyfriend in his dark blue suit. "Thank you." She replied, stepping closer to kiss his cheek. Her lipstick left a bright pink mark on his cheek.
"Lovely, I can't go like this." He joked, reaching across the counter for a makeup wipe.
Sitting up on the countertop, she looked at his skillful fingers as they wiped off the mark. "I like marking you up, though." She countered, earning an immediate blush on his cheeks.
He stopped what he was doing, turning his head to look at her. "Do you mean that as something different?" He asked, trying to stop himself from reading into what felt like a lighthearted comment.
Y/n had only meant it jokingly, not about revealing their whole life, but his question made her think harder about it. "Yeah... yes, I do." She stated a bit more firmly. "I want everyone to know."
"Not as much as I want everyone to know." He stated, stepping closer to her where he could place his hands on the counter on either side of her body. "Tonight?" He asked, dropping his head down, so they were face to face, just inches apart.
"Tonight," Y/n confirmed, leaning forward to kiss him. She ran her finger along his lipstick-covered bottom lip. "Oh, yeah, they'll know now definitely."
He grinned while blushing, moving out of her way so she could hop down. "Let's go then." He grabbed her hand as soon as he could, leading her through the house to the car.
His hand stayed on her thigh the whole drive to Rossi's, reassuring her that everything would be okay because she was nervous even if she wasn't showing it.
When he parked the car, and she realized everyone else was there, her concerns about what they would think doubled. "We'll be alright." He assured her, placing a kiss on her cheek before dragging her out of the car.
"So we're just going to knock on the door and do this?" She asked, tightening her grip on his hand.
"Sure." Spencer agreed, surprisingly more calm than she thought he would be. He knocked when she couldn't, eyes darting to her while they waited for someone to come open it.
Penelope was there first, and her squeal quickly brought everyone else to the foyer, earning Y/n and Spencer a round of hugs and congratulations from everyone. There was nothing but excitement from all of their friends. Spencer's knee rested against hers for the whole dinner, and the smiles that were plastered on both of their faces only grew each time they looked at each other.
Round table meetings had always had a seating plan, even if it wasn't official, and Y/n's designated spot was right next to her boyfriend. But it was difficult for her to be so close to him without touching him, so they settled for something smaller.
They'd fallen into a routine of touches, and that morning wasn't any different. After he walked in with her coffee, he sat next to her, and when the case presentation started, his pinky finger came to rest against hers, touching her just enough that she could deal with everything she was about to hear.
The case wasn't any worse than usual, but Y/n could tell Spencer had a bad feeling about it, just from how he was a little more flustered than usual.
His stressing didn't stop at the precinct in Miami, and he was struggling to make the proper connections as he looked at the board.
"Here." Y/n handed him a cup of coffee when she walked in, failing to tell him it was decaf. Hotch and Morgan were watching the interaction from the table where they were going over some of the suspect files.
"Thanks," Spencer said, taking it from her.
While they looked at the board, she reached down to wrap her fingers around his wrist, touching her fingers to his pulse point. It was fast, far too quick. "You've gotta breathe, baby." She whispered quiet enough that no one could hear. "Your big brain can't work if you're so tense."
He understood by the nod he gave her, looking at her just for a moment before going back to the board with much more relaxed shoulders.
Two minutes later, he was rushing out of the room, throwing some instructions to Y/n and Hotch and taking Morgan with him. "How do you do that?" Hotch asked as she sat down across from him.
"What?" She asked, looking up at him, a little nervously like she was about to get in trouble.
"I've worked with him for 7 years, and I've never seen him relax as quickly as he does whenever you do that thing that you do." He explained.
Y/n smiled a little, grateful she could help him. "I don't know, but I'm glad I can."
"So am I." He replied, breaking his stoic expression to smile at her.
Somehow, it went wrong. Terribly wrong, and by the time Y/n and Hotch ended up at the crime scene, Spencer was sitting in the back of an ambulance.
As soon as the SUV stopped, she was jumping out to race over to his side. "What happened?" She asked, concern filling her voice.
Spencer was holding an icepack to his eye while a medic shone a light in the other. "Got my ass kicked." He joked, trying not to let her worry too much.
"Baby." She cooed, sitting next to him when the medic, not worried about anything more than superficial damage, left them. "Your pretty face." She pouted, reaching out to cup his cheeks and running her thumbs over his cheekbones. There were stitches on one side, skin red.
"Not just my face," Spencer admitted, pulling up his shirt so she could see the bruise that was already forming on his lower stomach.
It looked really bad and she reached out to touch his side, trying to be gentle but he still winced. She moved back to sitting next to him, cupping his cheeks again. His bottom lip was split, he had a black eye forming, and there was a cut above his eyebrow. She leaned forward, peppering a few kisses around his cheeks and jawline, anywhere she could get them without causing him pain.
"Stop looking at me like that." He complained, a little red.
"Nuh-uh. You're too hurt for that baby." She reasoned, maintaining eye contact with him. "And don't be pretending that you do like these little touches."
He chuckled out a breath, immediately wishing he hadn't when his ribs started hurting. "I do. More than you could ever know."
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fortheloveofwonderland · 2 days ago
*pulls up through the smut drivethrough*
Uhh yeahh can i get a uhh
😈 dom Spencer with some 🛀 shower sex and an age gap, and maybe Spencer's a great dom but he is insecure about his tum and his happy trail bc his sub is so much younger and he thinks he needs to be more in shape, so hes more nervous about shower sex (idk some mental hangup) but she happily shows him how much she loves him and his fuzzy tumm❤️❤️
Ah Smurph, coming at me with the good shit! 😁 this is NSFW Minors DNI.
Summary - Spencer starts feeling his age when he gets a much younger sub.
CW - mentions of BDSM clubs, mentions of restraints, age gap between consenting adults, mentions of semi-public sex, Dom! Spencer, sub! Reader, slight sugar daddy, daddy kink, use of “good girl”, praise, Spencer’s insecure thoughts, oral (m receiving), fingering, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, swearing.
WC - 4.3k
Tumblr media
Not my gif
Age had snuck up on Spencer like an unsub lurking in the shadows. One minute he’d been in his early twenties, fresh from the academy on his first day at the BAU and the next he was staring forty in the face.
Somehow over fifteen years had passed him by in the blink of an eye along with a lifetime of trauma.
Age was just a concept, he knew that, he knew he was only as old as he felt. But unfortunately for Spencer Reid, he’d always felt older than his age.
He’d had to grow up fast after his dad had left and he’d been solely responsible for his schizophrenic mothers care.
With his genius level IQ, he’d always been younger than his peers and tried desperately to fit in with his older classmates.
He was twenty two when he’d been recruited by Gideon to join the BAU and always felt older than his years given he was a great deal smarter than his much older teammates.
Honestly Spencer had never really given his age much of a second thought. Aside from when he turned thirty and had a mini crisis about what he was doing with his life until Prentiss had talked him off that particular ledge.
For the most part, Spencer was happy aging, it was an undeniable part of life after all.
But then he met you.
Spencer had always been to a certain degree or another interested in the world of BDSM. It started as a curiosity, an introduction coming in the form of a few cases with the BAU.
Over time, the curiosity peaked into more of a fascination and then it became a full blown obsession.
He never acted on it, not publically anyway. Sure, one glance at Spencer’s internet history would tell you exactly what he was into but he never quite had the confidence to act upon it.
But after he spent three months in Milburn, Spencer’s whole life changed. He stopped caring what other people might think of him; tomorrow was not guaranteed. One day he’d been helping his mom and the next he was in prison. Why waste time denying the things that bring us pleasure?
So that’s how Spencer stumbled across The Crucible. Needing a way to blow off steam after his stint in prison he’d taken to the dark net which he’d heard all about from Garcia.
The Crucible was a monthly members only event held in a private social club just off DuPont Circle that catered to those interested in the BDSM lifestyle. Spencer had been particularly intrigued by the line on their website that promoted a dress to impress party, however rest assured nudity is always welcomed and accepted.
He spent weeks mulling it over in his head, fantasising what could await him at such a place. Surely The Crucible was a place all his wildest dreams could become reality?
So one night he donned his best suit and without second guessing himself, he made the pilgrimage across town. He completed a membership form and happily parted with the admittance fee.
As he entered that first night, excitement coursed through his entire body. Anticipation of what might await him made him feel as though he was on fire.
He knew from that first night he had found his rightful place in the world. The Crucible offered him the chance to be his authentic self, no judgement, no question.
And after prison, Spencer sorely needed a safe place he could revel in his darkest fantasies.
There were rules to be followed in The Crucible, it wasn’t just a complete free for all and Spencer found those rules comforting as he nervously entered a party for the first time.
There were absolutely no cellphones. All technology was strictly checked at the door so the patrons could enjoy their nights in the knowledge that their privacy remained intact.
It was imperative that BDSM etiquette was adhered to. It was completely off the cards to interfere with anyone involved in a scene. Watching was encouraged, touching without prior consent was forbidden.
The house safe word was Red, or Yellow for caution. Due to the nature of the loud music pulsing through the venue they also had an alternate non-verbal agreement: two closed fists equalled consent, one open hand meant caution and two open hands signalled stop.
Any play or scene considered high risk had to be approved by the venue ahead of time. Medical play, including anything that opened skin or caused bleeding was strictly confined to the medical play area.
Everything belonging to The Crucible used during play must be cleaned after use with the cleaning supplies provided.
Spencer liked rules and order, and it made his debut into this world all the easier for him.
His first few parties he hung out on the sidelines, observing scenes and drinking in the atmosphere.
After three parties he indulged in his first official scene at The Crucible.
It didn’t take him long to start growing a picture of what he liked. He certainly liked to be the dominant, having full control over the woman he was sharing a scene with.
The more control the better for Spencer.
It drove him wild to have his partner restrained and at his full mercy, begging him to give them release. He loved the power he got to exert over them while they whimpered and pleaded with him.
His innocence kink didn’t come to light until he met you.
He’d been playing at The Crucible for close to a year, as long as he wasn’t away on a case he was there every month.
The night you strolled in while Spencer was sipping a glass of water at the bar, time stood still.
You wore a white cocktail dress that skimmed high up your thighs and dipped low enough for him to get an eyeful of cleavage. You paired it with a pair of white stockings that reached your knees and white patent heels.
You were young, much younger than him. Much too young for the way he wanted to completely destroy you only to piece you back together.
But maybe you’d like that. Maybe you’d like having an older man who knew exactly how to please a woman take charge and turn you into a quivering fucking mess.
Just thinking of all the ways in which he could corrupt you made him painfully hard as he watched you sashay across the room towards the bar.
You’d been confident beyond your years when he spoke to you and your attraction for him had been apparent right from the start.
And when you leaned in close to him, placed your delicate hand on his shoulder and whispered “I want you to destroy me, Doctor Reid,” Spencer had damn near had a heart attack.
He’d taken you for the first time that night while others gathered to watch. And he destroyed you just like you so politely asked him to.
He’d edged you to the point of tears, had you begging him pathetically to let you come and when he finally did allow you to, you screamed his name so loudly it pierced through the music.
But it wasn’t just you who had been ruined by him that night; he in turn was ruined by you.
He knew after that one night he’d never be able to be with another woman who wasn’t you.
And luckily for him, you’d been happy with that arrangement.
Your first trip to The Crucible had been your last as Spencer made it clear that he wanted you to be his submissive and no one else.
He was the perfect dominant. He destroyed you in the bedroom over and over again, with his hands, his mouth and his cock.
But he always took great care of you afterwards. He massaged lotion into any marks he’d left behind on you, helped you hydrate and held you while you came down.
He showered you with gifts from expensive lingerie which he always inevitably tore off you, to any manner of sex toys.
He got you your own collar, a baby pink leather cuff joined at the throat with a metal heart. It meant you belonged to him.
Spencer was absolutely smitten with you. He adored everything about you. But there were times when you made him feel so insecure about his age.
You were in your early twenties and most of the time he counted his lucky stars that someone so young and beautiful would even look at him.
But sometimes you made him feel so, so old. Not deliberately, of course not, but sometimes Spencer just didn’t feel good enough for you.
He had hang ups about his body, especially after he left prison. He’d always been incredibly skinny, but the last few years he’d found himself not able to metabolise as fast as he could in his twenties and early thirties.
His stomach bore the brunt of his weight gain, his once flat tummy now rounded and paunched. His formerly slender thighs were now thicker too.
His clothes hugged that little bit tighter, his belly sagged slightly over his belt when he sat down. He knew this day would come, it was all part of the aging process.
And if it weren’t for the fact you were so much younger than him he might not have cared so much.
But he was worried it was only a matter of time that you left him for someone younger, someone in better shape than he was.
He often wondered if you noticed the positions you had sex in were designed so you wouldn’t notice the weight around his stomach.
He was very rarely on top, preferring to either have you ride him so he could suck his stomach in beneath you or fucking you from behind.
He always slipped a shirt on right after, never prolonged being topless around you. Maybe you’d noticed, but if you had you’d never said anything.
Excitement coursed through every nerve ending in your body whenever your phone buzzed with Spencer’s assigned text tone.
You always found yourself clamping your thighs together just hearing that sound.
He was flying back to DC tonight after a case had taken him out of state again and wanted you to come over.
Since the moment you’d laid eyes on him propping up the bar at The Crucible you’d never been able to say no to him.
You’d found yourself at the event that night after growing tired fumbling around with drunk frat boys who thought they knew how to please a woman.
Spoiler alert: they never did. In fact the first time you ever come by someone else’s hands, it was Spencer’s that night at The Crucible.
He certainly knew how to please you. He was old enough and experienced enough to be able to make you come repeatedly, often until you were so sensitive you couldn’t stand to be touched anymore.
He took care of you, he worshiped the ground you walked on. He treated you the way a man should treat you.
It was supposed to just be sex, you knew this. But somewhere between the mind blowing orgasms and the kindness he showed you afterwards, you’d fallen for him.
You’d never told him, probably never would. You were just grateful for every moment you got to spend with him.
You dressed in one of the lingerie sets he brought you under your clothes and got a cab across the city to his apartment. You toyed with the metal heart on your collar as you considered what might await you tonight, pressing your thighs together in the back seat of the cab.
He’d given you a key to his apartment months ago when he’d had to leave for a case right after a scene. He’d told you to stay as long as you liked and lock up when you left.
He’d had you keep it so you could stay in his apartment when he was away if you chose. He liked you being there, he liked coming home to the scent of you on his bedsheets.
A few times the two of you had engaged in phone sex and it drove him while to know you were in his bed while you touched yourself for him.
You let yourself in his apartment tonight, at first not sure he was home yet until a small sliver of light coming from under the bedroom door informed you he was.
You hurried towards the bedroom, throwing the door open only to find the room empty.
His shirt, jacket and slacks were folded neatly on the bed and then you heard the sound of the shower running from the bathroom.
You pressed your thighs together again at the thought of him naked and wet behind that door. For whatever reason the two of you had never indulged in shower sex before and that seemed criminal to you.
You quickly stripped out of your clothes until you wore nothing aside from your collar. You were already wet with anticipation as you crept to the bathroom door.
He was rinsing shampoo out of his hair, head tilted back and eyes closed. His exposed neck looked so fucking kissable right now.
You took a moment to just watch him, realising suddenly you’d never really had much time to take in his naked form.
He looked like a goddamn oil painting, the water droplets rolling gracefully down his milky flesh sending shivers down your spine.
You let an involuntary hiss slip from between your parted lips and it must have been loud enough to be heard over the running water as Spencer’s eyes snapped open and landed on you.
“Fuck, Y/N,” he swallowed, glancing over your naked body. “I-I didn’t realise you��d be here so s-soon.”
He stumbled over his words which wasn’t like him. Spencer was always so confident, so sure of himself.
Before you could speak he suddenly turned around so his back was to you and you saw his arms snake around his own waist.
“Uh…I’ll be out soon. Just wait in the bedroom.”
“Why would I wait in the bedroom?” You laughed, taking a couple of steps closer to the shower.
“Please?” He whimpered a little, a sound you’d never heard from him. “I w-won’t be long.”
You frowned a little at the timid tone of his voice. The way his hands clutched his sides as though…as though…
��as though he was trying to hide himself.
You couldn’t help yourself when you stepped in the tub behind him, hands moving to rest on top of his own.
Spencer let out a shaky breath, his whole body rigid at your touch.
“What’s wrong?” You placed a kiss to his shoulder blade, speaking against his skin.
“Bad day. I just need a minute.”
But it was more than that and you knew it.
You had your own body issues, who didn’t? And you knew the signs Spencer was exhibiting. He was insecure about his body.
“Spencer?” Your hands wandered around his front, brushing against his tummy as you pressed your chest to his back. “You don’t want me to see you, baby?”
He sighed and deflated a little in your arms as the water ran between you.
“I-I…I’m not as skinny as I used to be when I was y-younger.”
“You think I won’t find you attractive?” You pressed your chest harder against him, fingers running up to his chest.
“You’re so young and beautiful, Y/N. I don’t want you to realise you can do better.”
Your heart melted. Did he seriously not know how much you loved him? Granted you’d never said it before but you thought it was obvious.
“Spencer,” you whispered. “Let me see you baby. Really see you.”
You gently guided him around by his shoulders and his eyes were large and fearful. His wet hair fell on his forehead and you brushed it back, kissing his lips softly.
You stepped back a little to admire him in all his glory. How could he think you wouldn’t love every inch of him? How could he think he was anything less than perfect?
You ran your fingers over his sides, up his ribs and back down again. Spencer was chewing on his bottom lip.
“Spencer Reid,” you used one hand to cup his jaw. “You are beautiful. Every inch of you. Let me show you how beautiful I think you are.”
You drew him in for a kiss, waiting for permission before you touched him anywhere else. Spencer moaned a little against your lips and you felt him nodding his head.
Leaving him with one last kiss you were quick to drop to your knees in the basin. He grew hard within seconds, you being on your knees in front of him had that effect.
“Can I show you how much I adore you, daddy?”
Spencer whined, nodding frantically. You were so good at asking his permission and hearing you call him daddy always made him lose his mind.
When you first met he had you call him Doctor in bed. One night while he was edging you for a particularly long time you whined, “please daddy, please can I come?”
The moan that one word had ripped from Spencer’s lungs, ricocheting off the walls, was all the proof you needed that he'd enjoyed the accidental slip of the tongue. You’d called him that ever since.
You held his hips, drawing him closer to you, his throbbing dick begging to be touched. But that wasn’t where your attention lay.
You pressed a kiss to his tummy, right next to his belly button. The skin was soft and warm and wet and a simple kiss made Spencer moan.
You trailed your lips across his stomach from hip to hip, massaging his sides between your fingers.
“You’re so beautiful.” You mumbled against his skin. “So fucking perfect.”
You moved your hands so you could bestow some attention to his love handles. He winced a little as your lips danced over the stretch marks he hated so much.
You looked up at him through your wet lashes.
“Daddy, I adore every part of you. Every part.” You insisted.
The eyes looking down on you weren’t the confident ones you were used to. You could see every one of his insecurities flooding out of those amber eyes.
And you couldn’t help the words that came tumbling out your lips as you continued to kiss his tummy.
“I love you. I love you. I love every single thing about you.” You fingers grazed through the trail of hair that led from his belly button into his pubic hair.
Spencer felt tears pooling behind his eyes.
God how he loved you too.
You sat back a little and he felt your soft breath on his cock and suddenly his animal side took over.
His hand that had been limply hanging at his sides quickly hooked through your collar, roughly tugging you closer to him.
“Put your pretty little mouth to good use, princess.” The head of his dick was right in front of your pouty lips and as soon as you parted them an inch, he was pushing his way inside your mouth.
His other hand gripped your hair, pulling at the roots. You knew well enough by now that you wouldn’t have to do much and that was confirmed when Spencer snapped his hips and his cock hit the back of your throat.
You held onto him, caressing his hips in a strangely gentle fashion while he roughly started fucking your mouth.
You hollowed your cheeks and allowed him to use you like a toy, just the way he liked. You were a toy for him to do with what he wished and that was a role you loved to play.
He was moaning already as he snapped his hips over and over, pummelling the back of your throat while you took everything he had to give you.
His hand on your collar joined his other in your hair and he used it to help pull you back and forth on his length.
“Fucking hell, princess.” He growled. “You are such a fucking good girl. You take daddy’s cock so well.”
You hummed around him at the praise, pressing your thighs together as a wave of pleasure jolted between your legs.
You looked up at him and he was staring back at you, those sad eyes from a moment before now blown out wide in pleasure.
Despite the water from the shower he could tell the droplets at the corner of your eyes were tears. He wasn’t doing it right if you didn’t cry.
Always destroy her. Always put her back together after.
“Your fucking mouth was made to suck my cock, princess, don’t ever forget it.” He slammed into your mouth harder and harder and you continued to hum around him.
You brushed your fingers over his stomach, desperate for him to know how perfect you thought him.
When Spencer came he didn’t warn you but you knew him well enough to know seconds before it happened.
You swallowed his arousal, sucking him through his orgasm until he was physically tugging you to your feet by your hair.
“God-fucking-damn.” He kissed you hard the second you were up and pushed you back against the wet tiled wall.
You kept your hands on his tummy, running your fingers over his skin as he kissed down your neck.
He pawed roughly at your breasts before his hands got lower down your body.
He cupped the back of one of your thighs and lifted it to wrap around his waist, your other foot planted firmly on the shower basin.
His other hand was quick to find your clit and massaged it deftly.
He kissed you again, capturing your moans in his own mouth. Normally he would spend hours bringing you to the brink only to stop right before you came, over and over again until you begged him.
But Spencer was so overcome with emotions right now he didn’t have it in him to tease. He wanted to make you feel as good as you’d just made him feel.
You rocked against his fingers, nibbling on his bottom lip as he brought you to the edge in no time at all.
When you whispered you were close into his mouth you expected him to stop. But he didn’t.
He increased his speed, growing hard again just by the way you felt against him.
Your legs shuddered as you came, moaning against his lips and using his shoulders to stay upright.
His tongue plunged deeply into your mouth as he scooped you up in his arms, pressing you back against the wall while the water from the shower head cascaded between your bodies.
You wrapped your legs around him, gripping his shoulders tightly as he entered you, filling you up in that perfect way only he could.
His head fell to your shoulder, his wet hair tickling your neck as he started lazily thrusting you against the wall.
“You’re perfect, daddy.” You mumbled, digging your fingernails into his shoulders. “You’re so fucking perfect. I love you. I love you.”
Spencer whimpered, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes which he hid by nuzzling against your neck.
He picked up his pace, slamming into you as your back hit the wall again and again.
“Such a good girl. Such a fucking good girl.” He spoke into your neck, peppering the skin with kisses.
Your head rolled back against the tiles supported only by Spencer’s strong hands under your thighs.
You lifted your head again and looked down between your bodies. His stomach looked glorious as it tensed slightly each time he thrust inside of you and then softened again as he pulled back.
How this man thought he was anything other than perfect was beyond you.
“Beautiful. You’re beautiful. You are fucking…fucking…” you were cut off as a moan burst from your lungs and you came again, clenching around him.
Spencer moaned at the feeling, biting down on your neck a little.
He continued to pound into you as you became like a rag doll in his arms. He kept his tight hold on you as he fucked you until he came too.
There would never be a better feeling than Spencer coming inside of you.
He rode out his orgasm, lazily thrusting until he was completely spent.
He kissed your neck and your jawline and finally your lips.
“Do you think you can stand, angel?”
“Think so.” You whined when he pulled out of you before gently setting you down on your feet. He held your shoulders to steady you until he was sure you could stand on your own.
He shut off the shower and helped you out the tub.
The two of you stood in his bathroom, naked and dripping wet, just admiring each other for a moment.
Spencer never thought he’d be able to be comfortable being this vulnerable around you but tonight you’d melted his insecurities away.
As if he needed proof, your hands found his stomach, brushing against his skin before gripping his hips.
“I mean it Spencer, I think you are completely and utterly perfect.” You whispered as a shiver passed up your spine from the cold.
He kissed you briefly before grabbing two towels off the rail. He wrapped one around you before wrapping the other around his waist.
“I’ve never let myself be this open with someone before. Physically and mentally.” He confessed. “I think it’s because…I love you too.”
A dopey smile spread to your face and more tears gathered behind your eyes as Spencer kissed you again.
You’d well and truly torn Spencer’s well manufactured walls to the ground. You’d crashed through them like they were made of paper, something no one else had ever been able to do before.
Being vulnerable scared the shit out of Spencer Reid. But you’d rendered him defenceless, his body and his heart.
You exposed him in the best possible way. And he would forever be at your mercy because
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Aaron Hotchner — Amelia Porter
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You think Cheryl's a whack job because she claims she can feel her sister's anxiety? I never said whack job.
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"Love cramps" (Spencer x fem!reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: (Y/N)'s period is killing her and Spencer takes care of her. 
Word count: 3,2K
Warnings: I don't remember if there is any bad word in this, but the amount of fluff should be illegal. 
A/N: Hi! I've missed writing Spencer so much!  And I've missed you all too! I hope your year is going well!   
all too! I hope your year is going well!   
It was a very bad day for Special Supervisory Agent (Y/N), and it was getting harder and harder not to let it affect her work. Luckily, the entire BAU team had a desk job day, trying to catch up with all the paperwork pending.
That sounded like a good plan: not moving from her desk.
It all started with that awkward damp sensation in her panties all of a sudden, right in the middle of writing a report. The young SSA froze on her chair and even held her breath, praying she still had a tampon left in her drawer.
And only because her day could be worse, she was out of tampons and pads.
- "Penelope's house of "how may I save your ass today?"
- "García, my savior! I need your help!"
- "Hey, little monkey! what can I do for you today?"
- "Do you have an extra tampon I can use?"- (Y/N) whispered on the phone and made sure no one could hear her. She didn't notice Spencer was paying much attention to her call, though he couldn't really listen to what her best friend was saying.
- "Sure! I have some here."
- "You are a lifesaver, Garcia! I'll go to the Batcave in a minute."
(Y/N) moved quickly but carefully to Garcias's office. She even checked her chair to make sure she hadn't gotten it dirty, a paranoia that brought her back to her high school days, when the worst thing that could happen was to put yourself in evidence during "those days."
Spencer raised his eyes from his file and stared at her. In the last six months, she had turned from the new agent of the team to his best friend. He had never told her that, 'cos he was afraid that it might sound weird. Do people often confess their friendship? When you have a best friend, you just know, right? you don't have to tell them, "Hey, you are my best friend, and I love you." The "I love you" confession was especially hard for Spencer, but he refused to think about that. In fact, he refused to think of anything related to (Y/N) for the following hours until work was done, and he could invite her for dinner.
Of course, that task was more challenging than he imagined, especially when he noticed his dearest friend came back from Garcia's office chewing M&Ms.
- "Can I get one of those, pretty girl?"- Morgan asked with a charming smile and playful wink. Spencer held his breath, staring at the scene. (Y/N) put some chocolates on Derek's hand and turned to Reid.
- "Want some?"- the way she smiled at her friend when she offered him chocolate made Spencer skip a beat. He blushed and stuttered before receiving the M&Ms and eating very slowly. Derek stared at him and chuckled, shaking his head.
- "Don't,"- Spencer whispered and locked his eyes on his work to avoid his friend's teasing.
Around noon the cramps started. (Y/N) felt them slowly coming but tried to control them with the only things she had. More candies and herbal tea. Needless to say, none of that was actually helping her. If anything, everything around her made her feel worse.
- "Someone has a sweet tooth today."- Derek smiled at (Y/N) when she walked back from the vending machine with another packet of M&Ms. And without even asking, he reached out his hand and grinned almost innocently.
- "Dude, if you want candies, just get yourself some and leave me to eat mine alone! Don't be a jerk!"- the fact (Y/N) nearly yelled in the middle of the bullpen made most people there turn their heads over. But the fact that she yelled at her friend was what shocked everybody.
- "I'm sorry, girl. I didn't mean to upset you. Are you ok?"- Derek wasn't going to take those words seriously; he knew (Y/N) wasn't usually rude with anyone (except a few unsubs when needed), so he kept his eyes on her as she sat behind her desk and waited for her answer.
- "Yes, Derek, I am ok. Thank you for asking."
Spencer stared at the scene from his chair, knowing (Y/N) was lying. Clearly, something was bugging her, and he just wanted to help her feel better.
The candies didn't help with the cramps and neither with the nauseous. Or the headache. (Y/N) felt like a bag of dirty, and all she dreamt of while sitting at her desk was reaching home and crawling into bed.
Why was it so hard being a woman? Men never go through something as painful as menstrual cramps or giving birth, as a matter of fact. (Y/N) felt the rush of her hormones taking the best of her that day. She knew it, and she felt so powerless about it. It was like her body was rebelling against her and her better judgment. She knew Derek's attitude hadn't been as bad as she felt. But she couldn't control her own reaction. (Y/N) rested her head on the desk and closed her eyes. She just wanted that day to end.
- "Hey,"- Spencer whispered and looked at his friend with a sheepish smile- "I'm sorry to bother you, but I was thinking... if maybe you wanted to grab some lunch with me."
- "Thank you, Spence."- the young SSA whispered and raised her head from the desk to smile at Reid- "But I don't feel like eating anything at the moment."
- "Maybe I can bring you something for later?"
- "No, thank you."
- "Are you ok? You look pale"- and somehow, against all the odds, Spencer moved closer and held (Y/N)'s hand. A bold move for the resident genius, who always stayed away from any human contact- "You are freezing!"
- "I'm ok"- (Y/N) wasn't ashamed to correct her friend from assuming she was sick. But a part of her enjoyed how worried and sweet he was acting.
- "Want me to tell Hotch? Maybe you can take the rest of the day and go home."
- "I don't think Hotch is gonna give me the day off for menstrual cramps."- (Y/N) murmured and closed her eyes, feeling her uterus twisting inside of her.
- "If you don't feel well, you should go home."- and without hesitation, or even giving space for arguing, Reid walked to Hotch's office and opened the door. (Y/N) wanted to follow him and stop him, but honestly, the pain was too much at that point, and she could barely move her legs. She felt like her body wasn't going to reply to any command.
- "Hi, Hotch. Do you have a minute? Hello, Elle."
- "Reid, can you come later? I need to go through some files with Elle."
- "Sorry, but this will only take a minute."- and ignoring Hotchner's commands, Spencer walked in and closed the door behind his back. That was the very first time that Reid had disobeyed Hotch's commands.
- "Reid..."
- "Just a minute, Hotch. I need you to authorize (Y/N) to go home and take the rest of the day off."
- "Why? is she ok?"- Elle asked and turned to Spencer, concerned.
- "Yes, she doesn't feel well. She didn't want me to tell you, but I think it's better if she goes home. She needs to rest. I can finish her paperwork for the day."
Aaron kept his eyes on Spencer's for a few seconds, reading him. The young profiler was nervous and kept playing with one of the bottoms in his sweater, and though he tried his best to maintain eye contact, his eyes fidgeted all over the room.
- "Ok. But if she is not feeling well, please drive her home. You can catch up on your work tomorrow."- Elle turned to look at Hotch when she heard him speak those words. Spencer thanked him and quickly excused himself.
- "I thought you said you wanted Spencer to help us analyze the letters written by the unsub in the Oklahoma case."
- "Yes, but the letters will still be here in the morning, and we still haven't got police authorization to work the case."- Hotch explained and made a short pause- "Besides, in three years here, Spencer had never asked for authorization or himself or anyone else. (Y/N) has to be honestly sick to make him do such a thing."
- "Well, I think if she had a splinter in her finger, Spencer would push us to take her to the hospital. He is madly in love with her."
And Elle wasn't wrong. But Spencer refused to admit it out loud and less sharing his feelings with (Y/N). He was happy just being her friend. Nothing else mattered.
(Y/N)'s apartment smelled like cinnamon and red apples. It was welcoming and warm. As soon as they were there, (Y/N) locked in her bathroom while Spencer made her a cup of tea. He knew she loved it, and he also knew she needed a warm drink to help her with her cramps.
- "Fuck you!!!"- Spencer nearly jumped as he heard (Y/N) yelling from the bathroom.
- "Are you ok? (Y/N)?"- he knocked on the door and listened carefully- "(Y/N)? do you need help?"
- "I'm ok... I'm just stupid"- the girl opened the door and cut Spencer a short smile. She was going through her medicine cabinet, trying to find something for her cramps.
- "Do you need me to get you anything? I can run to the store."
- "Don't worry..."
- "I mean it. Do you need tampons? Chocolate? a cheeseburger?"- Spencer was trying his best to remember all the things he had read that allegedly helped women during their period. (Y/N) smiled and looked at her first aid kit.
- "I ran out of mefenamic acid, and the pain is killing me."
- "I'm on it!"
- "Really? Thank you so much, Spencer. You are the best."
Spencer held her hand and guided her to her bed, where she cuddled with a bottle of hot water he had prepared for her.
- "The store is just two blocks away, remember? Where we got that emergency aid kit for your go bag."- (Y/N) whispered, and Spencer nodded, knowing exactly what she was talking about.
- "Take the house keys."
- "I made you an herbal tea. I left it on your bedside table."
- "You are perfect, Spencer Reid. Thank you."
But Spencer couldn't answer that. He just smiled, mumbled something incomprehensible, and then walked out of the apartment.
A half-hour later, (Y/N) kept feeling her uterus wanted to murder her from the inside out. The warm bottle wasn't doing anything, nor was the herbal tea. She had always suffered from hard cramps, but the pain was higher this month than she had ever felt. She was on the verge of tears when she heard Spencer walking into her apartment. If she hadn't been in deep pain and feeling floated like a balloon, she would have tried to look cute. Of course, (Y/N) had a massive crush on Spencer. He was cute, he was nice, bright, and the most caring person she had ever known. But at that minute, she was in too much pain to think about her crush.
- "Hey, how are you feeling?"- Spencer walked in and whispered as (Y/N) raised her arm and turned to him.
- "Give me the drug, please"- Reid handed her the pills and looked into the bags he had gotten.
- "I know you said you weren't hungry, but I got a few things to eat in case you felt better."
- "Thank you, Spencer,"- she whispered as she took two pills and sipped what was left of her herbal tea- "Thank you for everything."
- "There is nothing to be thankful for, (Y/N). I am happy I got to be useful."
- "You are perfect."- (Y/N) whispered, but she knew he heard her, 'cos his cheeks turned blood red in a second. It was the second time she had said those words that day, it couldn't be a coincidence. Right?
- "I got you a few things to cheer you up,"- he said and changed the subject right away- "Chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, scented candles, and ice cream. Sorry, there wasn't a larger selection of flavors at the store."
(Y/N) smiled and sighed. If she knew how much Spencer liked her, she would have hugged him. Her eyes watered up as she bit her lips, knowing it might look silly to cry over such a nice action.
- "Are you hungry?"- she murmured, laying on her bed, wrapped with a blanket, and waiting for the pills to do their job- "Give these babies a few minutes to kick in, and I'll cook you something very nice."
- "Don't worry, (Y/N). You have to rest. I can make you a sandwich or some soup if you want."
- "I honestly can't eat anything right now, but feel free to eat whatever you find in the fridge."- Spencer nodded and walked to the kitchen. He put the flowers in a base and made himself a PB&J sandwich. When he walked back to the room, he expected to find (Y/N) asleep, but instead, she was sitting on the bed, holding the remote control.
- "Wanna watch a movie with me? or do you have to go back to work?"
- "A movie sounds nice. I told Hotch I was going to stay and take care of you today."
- "You don't have to if you don't want to."- (Y/N) murmured and hugged a pillow.
- "But I want to. I'm worried about you. I know period cramps are normal, but did you know that in 5% to 10% of women, the pain is severe enough to disrupt their life?"
- "I never imagined you had period facts to share."- (Y/N) joked, and Spencer simply nodded with a shy smile- "Come on, sit here with me. Are you ready for a chick flick marathon with me?"
- "Yes, I am. What are we watching?"
A few hours later, both FBI agents had watched "10 things I hate about you," "How to lose a guy in 10 days," and now they were in the middle of "Never been kissed." At that point, the two of them were under the covers, all the chocolates were gone, and Spencer had ordered take-out from their favorite Thai place.
- "What would you do if you could go back to high school now?"- (Y/N) asked her friend and moved a little closer. They had been casually cuddling for the last two movies, but neither had said a word about it.
- "I think I would do my best not to do it. I'm glad I was done with that in two years."- Spencer chuckled and kept his eyes on the screen, watching how Drew Barrymore passed for a high school student, no questions asked.
- "I think I would pay no attention to class. Now I know none of that nonsense will be useful as an adult."- (Y/N) admitted and heard Spencer chuckling next to her- "I would also stop myself from wasting so much time dating assholes."
- "Were there too many?"
- "No, just two, but neither of them was worth all the tears I cried. I see it now, but it felt like the end of the world back then."
- "I know what you mean."
- "Were you broken-hearted in high school too?"- (Y/N) turned and looked at Spencer. He sighed and nodded slowly- "You were incredibly young to be broken-hearted."
- "Yeah, I was. But I guess it was good that I learned to give up love from a very young age."- Spencer confessed, his voice filled with sadness and honesty. (Y/N) kept his eyes on him and bit her tongue not to pour her heart right there.
- "What happened?"- that was all she managed to ask.
- "Well, let's say no one actually looked at me as if I was a human being. I was a joke to all the kids, and the only girl I ever had a crush on played a cruel joke on me that got me beaten up and tied naked to a football goal."
- "Are you serious?!"- (Y/N) nearly jumped after hearing that confession.- "I need names, Spencer. I am going to kill whoever hurt you!"
- "Thanks, but..."
- "No, I mean it. You can't share this kind of information and hope that I'll do nothing about it. I will destroy whoever made you feel bad about yourself."- Spencer felt warm just to hear those words, and he knew (Y/N) meant it. She wasn't sorry for him; she was her friend and wanted the best for him. And he wanted her.
- "It's ok. Time passed, and I realized I..."- but Spencer couldn't speak anymore. (Y/N)'s lips crushed against his. It was a short peck, it only lasted a few seconds, but Spencer's brain shut down. He just stared at (Y/N) in silence when she moved apart from him and didn't know what to say.
- "Sorry... I just thought..."- she mumbled and stared at Spencer's freaked face.- "Please don't hate me. I just wanted to kiss you."
- "Why?"- Spencer wasn't joking. He didn't know why (Y/N) would want to kiss him. No girl had ever wanted to kiss him before, as far as he knew.
- "Because... I"
- "Please don't tell me my story made you feel sorry for me."
- "No!"
- "Is it because of your hormones?!"
- "No, Spencer. I wanted to kiss you because I like you!"- (Y/N) simply blurted, not analyzing the impact of her words. He looked at her and waited a few minutes to see if she laughed. But no. Instead, she kept looking at him in a way he always longed for. Sadly, those were the kind of things that never happened to Spencer.
- "I get it. But you don't have to do this just 'cos I've had bad experiences."
- "No, Spencer... I wanted to kiss you because I like you. I'm sorry if this makes everything weird. We can pretend it never happened."
- "But I could never do that. You kissed me."- (Y/N) nodded as Spencer stared at her- "You kissed me."
- "Yeah. And if you stay still, I can do it again."- she murmured and bit her lips for a few seconds, waiting for Spencer's reaction. He hesitated, still scared it might all be a joke. It is sad to think some people can doubt so much of any sign of love and care because of how much they've been hurt before.
But after a couple of seconds, (Y/N) felt Spencer's hand on her cheek as he leaned over and rubbed his lips against hers. It felt in slow motion, like a dream come true. It felt good and right, like how a first kiss should feel. If it had been a movie, (Y/N) was sure she would hear the fireworks around them.
- "Wow..."- she mumbled when Spencer moved apart. He kept looking at her, her eyes, lips, and cheeks, trying to read her, to figure out what would happen next.
- "Was that ok?"- Reid asked and watched (Y/N) nod in response- "Can I do it again?"
- "You can do it forever,"- she whispered and giggled, kissing Spencer one more time.
- "Do you wanna go out with me tomorrow for dinner?"- Reid murmured in between kisses.
- "Yes. I would love that very much."
- "Will you still feel sick tomorrow?"- he caressed her cheek and kissed the tip of her nose.
- "Not in a million years."  
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pherelesytsia · 2 days ago
Just hold my hand
Pairing: Spencer Reid x female Reader
Summary: Y/N, soon to be mother, argues with Spencer about if the contractions are Braxton Hicks or not.
Warning: Fluff, Pregnancy
Word Count: 1.3k      
a/n:. Requested by Anonymous.
Spencer Reid Masterlist
Tumblr media
Spencer Reid had read enough books to know what needed to be done, knew the local library like the back of his hand, but after receiving the golden message that his girlfriend is pregnant, he refreshed his knowledge of pregnancies.
Nervously, the tall man paced the flat. His face was troubled and sweat danced down his spine. He strode up and down. The stuffed bag was on the side of the door next to the prepared slippers for his girlfriend. Spencer had already slipped into his sneakers at five o'clock in the early morning, was ready and had not closed his eyes after he heard the hisses and curses escaping Y/N in low tones.
Spencer saw the sharp pain running through her body but Y/N waved him off, listened to him, but the pain wasn't long lasting, only for a few moments, not even ten seconds. His trembling fingers ran through his unmade hair and kept looking towards his girlfriend, who was sitting calmly in a serene mood in the middle of the sofa, lovingly stroking her belly. Smiling, Y/N looked up and spotted Spencer standing by the door. Calmly with fear coating his face he was waiting for his girlfriend to finally understand that the pains coming and going in waves were no longer Braxton Hicks but contractions.
                             "I'm taking you to the hospital now." his firm voice broke the silence.
                             "They're just Braxton Hicks. I still have two weeks, almost three, to go. It's a false alarm. Little Reid here wants to have a little fun with us. He's just testing you. Let's have some breakfast and enjoy the morning." Y/N responded calmly.
                             "You are in the early stages of labour, my love. You should eat a small snack and stay hydrated. No pancakes or a piece of cake with extra whipped cream." Spencer recited what he had read, knowing exactly what was written in the book on the fifteenth page of the second chapter.
                             "Spence, I am hungry. I am starving. How can you be sure I'm already in labour? I'm fine. Little Reid is just kicking me a little too hard, but he will surely stop, and if he doesn't, then you need to have a very serious talk with him. Spence, my love, come to me, caress my tummy and tell me it's going to be okay. That's all I need right now. I know you're worried. I really understand, but please stop." Y/N breathed exhausted.
Spencer laid his eyes on his girlfriend, saw the pain she was trying to hide, but Spencer saw it clearly. Y/N couldn't hide anything from her boyfriend. The genius clasped the bag he had packed, placed it on the table and turned to the kitchen. Exhaling loudly, he took two chocolate bars with frozen strawberries followed by a pack of washed blueberries and walked with the snacks towards his girlfriend seated on the sofa with her aching legs resting on the table. Fatigue had settled on her face but she could no longer close her eyes.
                             "Spence, come to me and rest. Let’s watch a movie. You have been up for more than seven hours. It can't be contractions and you're making me nervous. We will wait a few hours and if it doesn't get better then you can take me to the hospital." Y/N exhaustedly breathed.
Y/N longed for a moment of peace, wanting to close her eyes and fall asleep. Spencer nodded as he strolled towards the sofa. He was aware he wasn’t able to get his very pregnant girlfriend into the vehicle he had prepared and take her to the nearest hospital to see a doctor.
                             "Agreed? Trust me, if it gets worse, I will let you know. You don’t have to fear Spence. Everything is okay.” Y/N laughed. “And then you will hold my hand and take me to the hospital.” Y/N continued.
No fear filled her as Y/N thought about the birth, but she didn’t take it lightly, knowing how painful the birth of a child was, having heard countless of stories from her friends, but the difference between them and her was that she had Spencer by her side who would keep the promises he had made, knew her boyfriend would be the best father under the sun.
                             "Do you have a name in mind, Y/N?" Spencer switched the subject.
Smiling, Spencer handed her the snacks and gratefully Y/N accepted them, opened the snack bar and took a big bite.
                             "No, still not. I'm sure that when we see our little Reid, we will know what his name will be. We'll see him and we'll both say a name at the same time. Spence, what do you want to say me? I understand you, but I'd rather sit here on the couch and watch a movie until my water breaks or the contractions start than in an overheated, bad-smelling hospital room." Y/N said.
                             "That's a good idea. And you don't have to worry about that, I've booked us a private room. You'll have your own fridge, TV and air conditioning. Don't you want to at least get changed? My biggest fear is that you will give birth in the car.", "But I'm sure you'd make a good obstetrician. I'm sure you would. I love you, so I'm going to change, you're going to eat something and make yourself a cup of coffee in the meantime and enjoy a moment of peace." Y/N interjected.
Spencer crossed his arms in front of his chest, hadn't sat down by her side, was prepared, and even the car key was in his back pocket.
                             "Okay." Spencer conceded afterwards.
Lovingly, his hands settled on her body and Spencer helped his girlfriend up, placing his hand on her back and leading her away from the sofa and escorting her to the kitchen. Lovely words escaped his words and Y/N smiled, forgetting the pain wandering across her body. A faint grin spread on his lips as he saw her gait reminding him of a penguin walking through high snow, he didn't want to smile but he couldn't help it. Spencer took a sip of the already cold liquid in the white cup before placing it on the kitchen island. His heart ached all at once. He looked up, almost tripping over his own feet, and ran through the short hallway swifter than the wind and jumped through the door.
                             "Y/N?" he nearly screamed.
Questioningly, Spencer glanced up at his girlfriend, but then he saw the wetness travelling down her bare legs. His lips were no longer touching. Her face was troubled, filled with pain.
                             "I think you were right after all Spence. They were contractions and they are getting a little worse. I'm sorry." Y/N whispered.
                             "You have nothing to apologise for, my love. Nothing can happen to the baby now, but I think it would be better if your doctor will check on you and the baby, it may take a few more hours but if you say the pain is getting worse it would be better if we get on our way." Spencer breathed lovingly.
The knowledge he had gained over long months returned, knowing exactly what to do.
                             "I'll put a dress on you. After that, we will drive to the hospital. I've already packed your bag, and the car is ready too. You have to worry about nothing. I will hold your hand as promised. You will be a great mother Y/N." no other words, telling her he was right after all didn’t escape the man.
Spencer came to a halt directly in front of his girlfriend. His eyes let her know she had nothing to be afraid of. Gently his hands rested on her body and breathed a loving kiss on her lips while his right hand rested on her stomach.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
spencer reid in criminal minds 9x18
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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the way they always just missed each other
maybe if one time they hadn't, they'd have seen it
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Baby Reid
Tumblr media
A/n: this is just a little something because i'm super busy but here we are because 1. Dad!Spence and 2. this is his episode like he looks so unbelievably pretty i wanna cry
Summary: Just a little blurb about right after Daisy Reid is born
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader (fluff)
Content Warning: set in a hospital | couple of references to sex
Masterlist Navigation
“Are you tired, my love? It’s late. Or rather early.” Spencer’s raspy voice comes from the chair next to the bed you were laying in. He sounded so tired, like the way you were feeling.
You glance at your phone to check the time. 4:43 AM. Your eyelids feel heavy, much heavier than they'd ever felt during your time at the BAU. All the hours awake chasing down serial killers didn't exhaust half as much of your energy.
You half nod at him trying to use the least amount of energy as you possibly could. “Yeah, incredibly. I was in labor for 14 hours.” You laugh a little, before stroking the tiny child's cheek. She was just so beautiful, and everything you had ever wanted; a delicate baby. From the look that had been on Spencer's face for the last 18 hours, when you were not looking your best, it was all he wanted, too.
“You did so well, darling.” His hand creeps over onto yours, and strokes Daisy's tiny foot, covered by pink socks with unicorns. “She’s so perfect and just so little.” He said, concern filling his voice at how much he needed to protect this baby. His eyes were getting glassy again, filled with the love he had for his baby.
“I know. And she’s so calm. I thought she would be crying and screaming.” You agree, looking up into Spencer’s eyes. He smiles and places a gentle kiss on your hand. “I’m so excited to take her home and dress her up, literally everyone has brought dresses for her.” You say, thinking about the presents you got from the baby shower. and all the other presents you knew you'd be getting soon.
Spencer chuckles lightly. "Mm, Penelope always said she was going to spoil her, but I greatly underestimated her generosity." The nursery wardrobe back at your place was filled with toys from a shopping trip you guessed she'd taken with Rossi. Every possible style and every color of the rainbow. "I’m just so happy, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.” He says, and you see the glassy eyes of your husband that you love so much.
You raise your eyebrows. “Hey. What about when we met and the day when we got married, you dork?” You ask him.
At your mock reprimand, he clenches his teeth. “Yeah, well today and when we got married were the best days. The day we met wasn’t. I was so awkward and you were dating that other guy, I don’t really care what his name was.” You laugh at the fact that Spencer refused to say his name, he never liked him. Looking back on the last 5 years of your life surprised you with how far you’ve come. Spencer and now Daisy were the best things to come out of it. “But as for Daisy, she’s not dating until she’s 20 at least." He promises, looking at the little girl.
You roll your eyes, hitting his shoulder. “You’re sounding toxic, Spence. Just because you weren't having sex until you were, like, 30 doesn't mean she can't.” You joke, laughing at the quip before he could form a retort.
“Be quiet." He complains, throwing his head back on the seat. "I had sex before I was 30.” He claims, making you laugh more even though you knew it was true. 
You yawn and cover your mouth with the hand you weren’t using to hold the baby. “Here, darling. Give her to me and I’ll hold her. You need some sleep.” He requests, taking Daisy out of your hand.
“Thank you, Spence. And thank you for always being there. ” You smile over at him as you get settled into the hospital bed. “Daisy is lucky to have to best dad in the whole world.” You gush to Spencer who was sitting there holding Daisy with so much concentration. Something about the pregnancy hormones just made you want to talk about how much you loved Spencer.
“You’re the one that did all the work, I just sat here.” He laughs, taking his eyes off her for a moment to send you a smile. You knew he did more than that, being as involved in your labor as he could.
“I just love you, Spence.” You tell Spencer who leans over and kisses you gently.
“I just love you, Mrs. Reid.” He replies before turning back to Daisy, noticing you were almost asleep. “And I love you so much, my little Baby Reid.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Criminal Minds (2002-2020) 3.20 | Lo-Fi
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fortheloveofwonderland · 14 hours ago
For the milestone blurb, if possible:
🔒 Prison AU…post
🎃 Halloween
😈 Dom! Spencer
😇 Innocence Kink
🦷 Biting Kink….the emoji that came up for me is question mark in a box,so..I took a guess
Spencer and Female Reader, post prison.
Spencer gets dragged to Garcia’s annual Halloween party. He’s not having fun until he meets the reader who is dressed in an innocent costume ( angel,librarian,nun…whatever you choose) and he goes feral. Fluffy smut…biting included.( optional to have Spencer dress up as a character who bites or you can leave it as a kink without costume reference). Happy ending!
Thank you!
I LOVED writing this! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
NSFW Minors DNI.
Summary - Spencer is sceptical of going along to Garcia’s Halloween party. After his stint in prison, he isn’t feeling exactly sociable. But when a literal angel graces the party, his love of the holiday is restored.
CW - post prison Spencer, vague mentions of prison arc, cocky Spencer, Dom! Spencer, choking, biting, fingering, handjobs, oral (m receiving), penetrative sex, protected sex, swearing, general Halloween related stuff, lots of Dracula references (Italics are quotes from Bram Stoker’s Dracula.)
WC - 4.6k
Once Bitten
Tumblr media
Not my gif
If there was one thing that could be said about Spencer Reid it’s that he loves Halloween. 
Love doesn’t even feel like a strong enough word to describe the way he feels as the holiday approaches each year. 
As soon as August gives way to September, Spencer can feel the exhilaration coursing through every single one of his veins. As leaves start to turn from greens to browns and start their descent to earth from the trees, anticipation rumbles through Spencer’s whole body. 
Maybe it was because Halloween was one of the few fond memories from his childhood. With his mothers illness and his fathers abandonment, Spencer took himself trick or treating alone every year. 
But he wasn’t lonely. Far from it. It was probably one of the only times he didn’t feel lonely. 
Having an excuse to dress up, to be a completely different person even if only for one night, appealed to Spencer greatly. For one night only he could just be a normal kid with no sick mother and no abnormally high IQ. 
His love of Halloween stuck with him his whole life. It became a comfort of sorts, one day a year where he could be anyone other than Doctor Spencer Reid. Because sometimes, he wanted to be anyone other than himself. 
On October thirty first he wasn’t a former drug addict. He wasn’t a man who had witnessed the love of his life killed in front of him. He wasn’t the culmination of a lifetime of trauma. 
He was whoever he wanted to be. 
He was released from prison two months before Halloween this year. But his time spent inside was the first thing Spencer didn’t think could be placated by throwing himself into his favourite holiday. 
As early October rolled on with no mention of the holiday from him, his team started to worry. Spencer was known for starting his Halloween talk as early as September and so far he’d yet to bring it up once. 
Garcia’s annual Halloween party rolled around and Spencer had no intention of going this year. He didn’t want to dress up and pretend to be someone else this year, because the trauma he’d sustained in prison wasn’t going to be alleviated by some stupid holiday. 
But Garcia being Garcia didn’t take no for an answer. The whole team were going to be there as well as some of Garcia’s friends and Spencer was categorically not missing out on the fun. 
He’d tried to insist he would only bring everyone down with his presence which made them more concerned about him and more determined to get him to the party. 
Usually he would relish in getting dressed up, spend hours if not days on his costume and take pride in his new persona. 
This year Spencer applied the bear minimum to his Halloween get up. 
He got away with wearing his usual attire, white shirt with a black tie, jacket and slacks and purchased a cheap black cloak he tied around his neck along with donning a set of fangs he clipped to his canines. 
With the final half hearted touch of a little fake blood around his lips, his attempt at Dracula was complete. 
Stepping into Garcia’s apartment it was clear she’d pulled out all the stops. Cobwebs and strings of eyeballs hung from the rafters, bowls in the shapes of pumpkins were filled with candy. 
A large Calderon sat in the kitchen with a hand crafted sign stating “Witches Brew: Drink With Caution” which Luke filled him in was just an extremely alcoholic punch the tech analyst had concocted. 
He filled a plastic skull chalice with a can of soda from the fridge and popped in a couple of eyeball ice cubes. He stuffed a handful of candy in his mouth, finding that chewing was made slightly cumbersome by the fake teeth. 
He sipped his soda, leaning up against the kitchen counter as the festivities continued around him as though he weren’t even there. 
His team members would check in on him every once in a while and he would insist he was fine. 
The truth was, he was far from fine. Even in a room full of people Spencer felt the loneliness wash over him in waves. 
It was easier to be lonely when you were actually alone. It made sense to feel that way when trapped inside his apartment by himself. 
But feeling this isolated in a sea of people seemed pathetic even for Spencer. 
“Loneliness will sit over our roofs with brooding wings.”
He sighed to himself as the Bram Stoker’s Dracula quote flooded his mind. How apt, he rolled his eyes.
He nursed the same soda for almost two hours, ate a few more pieces of candy and was about ready to call it a night. 
And then the apartment door opened. 
He heard the click of the door even over the music pumping through the room. He was trained to notice minute noises like that and his eyes quickly darted to the direction of the sound. 
Everyone else was too intoxicated by this point to have heard the barely audible clicking of the door as another guest arrived. 
Spencer’s entire body tightened involuntarily. His shoulders snapped back, pulling him up to his full height while his chest puffed out, his legs locked at the knees and his hands, one around and his glass and the other in his pocket, curled tightly. 
He felt his eyes widen and his lip turn up at the corner whilst the air felt like it was being squeezed from his lungs. 
He was staring right at an angel, a literal angel. 
An obscenely tight fitting white dress paired with white knee high boots, angel wings and a halo. 
And goddamn if Spencer didn’t feel like he’d died and gone to heaven. 
He noticed then, aside from the obvious, another part of his anatomy had stiffened just from one glance at the ethereal beauty. 
His skin tingled in anticipation and he decided in that one look, I have to have her. 
Spencer had never felt such an animalistic desire for someone before. He’d never felt this heady kind of lust over someone after just laying eyes on them. 
You had an innocence about you, pure and untarnished from the horrors of the world. You didn’t carry the weight of your burdens around on your shoulders. 
You were almost virginal but Spencer knew by the shortness of your dress and the way it hugged your breasts tightly you were anything but. 
You showcased your body for men to lust over, some of whom you may deem worthy of your attention, others you would ignore. 
You knew exactly how to make men fall hook line and sinker for you. 
And Spencer knew, as he watched you sashay confidently into the room, he would not be leaving this party without having first destroyed you. 
He downed his soda as he observed you. Penelope gave you a large hug and the two of you chatted for a few moments before you were directed towards the kitchen. 
Spencer quickly hurried ahead of you towards the kitchen, hoping for an easy way to strike up a conversation with you over the pouring of drinks. 
He grabbed another soda from the fridge and decanted it into his glass. Years ago Spencer might have needed some liquid courage in order to talk to a woman, least of all one as beautiful as you.
But these days Spencer was more comfortable in his own skin than he’d ever been, it was funny the kinds of things prison put into perspective.
He didn’t need to be the most attractive guy at the party, he just needed to show confidence and you would be putty in his hands. He was sure of it. 
You strolled in and again his whole body tightened. You had this strange effect on him, effectively making his body work of its own accord. 
He watched you ladle out some of Garcia’s witch’s brew into a chalice matching his own. At first it didn’t seem as though you’d even noticed him. 
And then you slowly turned, pushing your wings back from where they were sinking on your shoulder and your eyes met his. 
He knew as he looked into your eyes you were certainly not as innocent as you were dressed. There was a devilish glint in your eyes as you looked him up and down. 
But you were far more innocent than him. 
Oh the things he would do to you. 
“Hi.” You smiled at him, stepping a little closer as his eyes curiously roamed your body. 
He didn’t even try to disguise the fact he was checking you out and you found it incredibly hot. 
“Hi.” He replied, eyes finally landing back on your face. 
“Vampire, huh? Original.” You smirked, bringing your lips to your glass and sipping the potent liquid. 
“About as original as an Angel. At least I’m a monster of sorts. And I’m not just any vampire, I’m Dracula.” 
You narrowed your eyes on him, clearly trying to size him up. 
Your lips pinched together in thought before you smiled again.
“No one but a woman can help a man when he is in trouble of the heart.” You recited straight from Dracula, waiting to see how he would respond. 
“Is that what you think?” He stepped even closer and bowed his head toward your ear, his breath fanning across your skin in delicious waves. “The devil may work against us for all he's worth, but God sends us men when we want them.”
You cursed the involuntary shiver that passed up your spine at his words. He hadn’t missed a beat in reciting the line as though he’d planned it all along somehow. 
His large hand ghosted up your arm, sending another shiver up your spine. 
Spencer knew he had you right where he wanted you. He could take you right here and now and he was sure you’d thank him for the privilege. 
But he wanted to have a little more fun first. 
He stepped back again, leaving you reeling from his previous close proximity. 
He knew what he was doing to you. His eyes sparkled with a kind of knowing. He had you and he knew it. You both did. 
But you didn’t want to make it so easy for him. 
“You think just because you can recite Dracula that impresses me?” You cocked an eyebrow at him, trying to keep your voice steady and not give away how turned on you were. 
“I didn’t say that.” His lip curled up. “But I think you should be a little impressed that I turned you on so much without doing a thing.” 
Your cheeks immediately reddened and it was all Spencer needed to see to know he was right. That and the way you pressed your bare thighs together anyway. 
“Cocky son of a bitch.” You scoffed, sipping your drink to try and hide your red face. 
“It would be cocky if I wasn’t right. If I was making assumptions, yes that would be cocky of me. But I’m not making assumptions. I saw the signs, I read the clues. I put the pieces together and I formed a hypothesis.” 
“And what might that be?” The pitching to your voice only added fuel to Spencer’s fire. 
Once again he stepped back close to you, his hand this time ghosting up your back before settling to cup the back of your head.
“You want to sleep with me.” Once again his words caused your body to shudder, even more so when his lips brushed against your earlobe.
When those same lips skimmed your jaw, barely grazing across your skin, a wanton moan floated out your own lips and Spencer knew he had you more so than before. 
“Do you think you’re god's gift to women or something?” You tried to sound indignant but your voice wavered when his lips brushed down across the side of your neck. 
“Not at all. I don’t mean to be cocky or arrogant, I really don’t. But I can’t ignore the way you’re reacting to me. I can’t ignore the way those delicious thighs press together every time I speak, the way your breathing gets heavier when I do this…” he trailed off and swept his lips across your jaw again and as expected your breath caught in your throat. 
Spencer smirked to himself, moving back to your ear where he tucked your hair behind it. 
You were too dumb to speak. You’d never had a man be so straight forward, so bold. Maybe it was because he was older. He knew what he wanted and it was clear he was going to take it. 
You’d let him take you. 
“And don’t try to pretend otherwise, angel. Don’t try to play hard to get because you will be disappointed when I don’t try to chase you. I am all about openness and honesty so I am telling you that I want to skip the games and I want to take you home with me.” He pressed his body against yours for a fleeting moment, but long enough so you could feel he was painfully hard. 
When he stepped back and looked at you, you felt utterly dizzy. This stranger was reducing you to a puddle and you had to try and claw back at least a tiny element of control. 
You downed the witch's brew, ignoring the way his hazel eyes seemed to look through you, deep into your soul.
“Why take me home?” Your eyes danced with mischief. “Penelope has a perfectly good guest room going unused.” 
It was Spencer’s turn to shudder and a shaky breath erupted from his lungs. One simple sentence caused his composure to waver. 
“I thought you were supposed to be an angel?” He raised an eyebrow at you. 
“We all have a little of the devil in us, Spencer.” 
“H-how do you know my name?” He stumbled over his words a little. 
“You think Penelope hasn’t told me about her team? I knew who you were the second I walked in.” You smirked, feeling happy in the knowledge you were regaining some power. 
“Isn’t it fair I know your name then?” 
“Maybe I’ll tell you later. For now you can just call me angel.” You offered your hand to him and he looked at it for a few seconds before dumbly taking it. 
You smiled to yourself as you weaved the two of you through the party towards Penelope’s guest room. 
You closed the door and locked it behind you, staring up at Spencer, waiting for his next move. 
It seemed like you’d frazzled him. You were pleased with that. 
But then as though a light switch had been flicked, Spencer’s eyes turned dark, practically black, as he strolled confidently towards you. 
He pushed you back against the closed door, his large hand finding a home around your throat. He squeezed the tender flesh, feeling your pulse between his fingertips. 
“A brave man's hand can speak for itself, it does not even need a woman's love to hear it.” He hissed the passage at you, pinning you against the door.
You choked a little as he tightened his hold, grinding his hips against yours. 
“Doesn’t Dracula…bite?” You spluttered out as best you could, staring him right in the eyes. 
Spencer smiled a toothy grin, showing off the fangs he’d donned for the night. 
“You want to see how strong these things are?” He flicked one of the clip-ins with his free hand. 
You whimpered a little, short, sharp breaths through your nose helping you to breathe. 
“P-please.” You pressed your thighs together tightly. 
Spencer dropped his hand from your neck and you gasped as you tried to refill your lungs with air. He bowed his head, lips ghosting over the skin at the apex of your neck. 
“Right here?” He breathed against your soft flesh, sending goosebumps flaring all over your body. 
“Hmm.” You hummed. 
He watched you swallow, the way your flesh dipped with the action and it was all the impetus he needed. 
Praying the clip-ins would hold out, he sunk his teeth into your milky skin, moaning viscerally as he did so. 
You gasped at the feeling of his teeth piercing your skin, whether it be his own teeth or the fake canines you had no idea. 
Either way it caused you to fall flush with the door, eyes rolling back in your head as your thighs pushed harder together. 
Spencer swiped his tongue over the fresh wound, a combination of sweat and perfume exploding in his mouth. 
He needed more. 
He angled his mouth downwards and bit down on your collarbone, excerpting more pressure than his first bite. 
He was briefly impressed by the sturdiness of the fangs and that they were able to penetrate your skin so well. 
You yelped and your hands flew to his shoulders, squeezing him tightly. 
Again he lapped his tongue over the new wound before lifting his head to take in his handiwork. 
He’d left behind some fake blood he’d forgotten he’d applied to his mouth and it made the red welts look even more appealing. 
His dick throbbed in his pants as he marvelled at the way he’d marked you. 
“There are darknesses in life and there are lights,” he began reciting as his lips trailed over your jaw again. “And you are one of those lights, the light of all lights.” 
You felt your whole body explode as he finally pressed those lips to yours. 
You were quick to wrap your arms around his neck, opening your mouth to allow him access. 
His tongue plunged into your mouth, exploring every inch of it as though his life depended on it. 
You could feel those false teeth crashing against your own and you gave a fleeting thought of how impressive it was that they lasted through all this. 
He kissed you with bruising force, shoving you further back against the door and caging you in. 
One hand rested in your cheek while his other started to wander. 
His fingertips grazed your thigh and you moaned against his mouth. He managed to part your legs with one large hand and then he was moving higher. 
He didn’t have the patience to wait any longer to feel you in some capacity. He moved your panties aside with deft fingers and dove between your legs while kissing the air from your lungs. 
You moaned again as his long, slender digit pressed against your clit.
“Fuck,” he panted against your lips. “You’re so wet.” 
“Can you blame me?” You moaned again as his fingers found a dizzying rhythm. 
You removed one hand from around his neck and your fingers danced down his body and made quick work undoing his slacks. 
He wiggled his hips a little to aid you in getting his pants and underwear off just enough to free his aching cock. 
As soon as his clothing was pushed down to his thighs, you took hold of his shaft and tried to match your rhythm with his. 
Your legs were shaking beneath you as his finger circled your clit with experienced determination. You hoped you were making him feel even half as good as he made you feel. 
Judging by the way his hips were bucking into your hand and the precome already leaking from his head, you assumed you were. 
“Fuck, Spencer.” You mumbled, throwing your head back against the door. 
Spencer took the chance to sink his teeth into your neck again which made you whine and whimper and your legs shake violently. 
“Angel your hand feels so fucking good.” He panted, licking your bite marks. “But I need more. Need more.” 
You agreed wholeheartedly. 
You guided his hand slowly away from your desperate pussy, making you both whine. You gave him a few more strokes before letting go of him. 
You looked at him with dark eyes which he mirrored. His messy curls were even messier somehow and the fake blood smeared across his mouth and onto his stubbly jaw. 
He took you by the hand and led you backwards towards the bed. He sat down on the edge of it before pulling you on top of him. 
He made no show of getting undressed so you didn’t either. It was somehow sexier this way, only getting to see select parts of him. 
You toy with his tie while he fished a condom out of his trouser pocket which still hung around his thighs. 
He located one, quickly ripped the packet with nibble fingers and you watched in awe as he rolled it over his cock. 
Once secured, he grabbed you by the back of the neck and pulled you down to crash your lips together again. 
He kissed you frantically while you shuffled up his body and positioned him between your legs, moving your panties aside for him. 
He gripped your neck hard, keeping you close and mumbled another Dracula passage against your lips. 
“My life is hers, and I would give the last drop of blood in my body for her."
You had an idea of what he meant by that so as he pressed against you and started sinking into your waiting heat, you moved your lips to his neck and bit him hard. 
He yelped, bucking his hips and entering you roughly which made you whine. But that only spurred Spencer on. 
He slammed up again, filling you up in a way you’d never been filled before. You rocked your hips against his violent thrusts as you loosened his tie and undone the top few buttons of his shirt. 
You gently pressed your lips against his chest, right about his left nipple before quickly sinking your teeth into his flesh. 
“Fuck, you filthy fucking bitch.” He groaned, roughly grabbing your hips and frantically moving you up and down on his cock. 
He was relentless, pounding you as hard as he possibly could. 
When you sat back he saw the tears pricking the corners of your eyes at his harsh intrusion but he could see by the dopey smile on your face how much you were loving it. 
Your halo bounced as he thrust again and again and the noises you were making were so far from angelic. 
Needing more leverage, Spencer suddenly flipped the two of you over, causing you to whimper in confusion. 
He pulled out harshly, making you yelp once more, but he was quick to stand on his feet, pulling you by the thighs to the edge of the bed. 
You stayed on your back and he wrapped your legs around his waist. Moving your panties aside again he suddenly slammed back inside of you. 
You arched your back to meet his thrusts, now he was on his feet he could control the pace a lot better. 
He was unyielding, snapping his hips back just to slam right back inside of you. Each thrust earned him a delicious and sinful moan from your lips. 
“Some fucking angel you are, letting a stranger fuck you this way.” He reached down and wrapped his hand around your throat again. 
You felt dizzy in the best possible way. Spencer tightened his hand on your neck, squeezing hard as you fought for breath whilst he continued fucking you into the mattress. 
Your orgasm completely snuck up on you, you blamed the lack of air circulating in your brain for not realising it was happening until it hit you. 
Spencer clearly noticed by the way you clenched around him and the soft string of strangled moans that left your lips. 
Your face was starting to turn red and tears rolled from your eyes so he let go of your neck and kissed you hard instead. 
You fought to catch your breath and you mumbled incoherently against him. 
He moved his lips to the shell of your ear and whispered another line from Dracula although you didn’t register it, now rendered dumb 
“Do you believe in destiny? That even the powers of time can be altered for a single purpose?"
You simply whimper in response as he pounded into your spent body a few more times. 
More tears rolled down your cheeks and you loudly yelped when he suddenly pulled out, leaving you feeling empty and sore. 
He smirked down at you, pupils blown out wide as he quickly discarded the condom. 
He gripped your throat again, using it to pull you to a sitting position on the edge of the bed but decided against choking you again. 
Your wings were bent and ruffled from the activities and your halo was closer to the side of your face than your crown. 
Your dress was ruched up to your hips and your panties were still off at an angle. 
You looked a goddamn mess and Spencer was filled with pride that he’d reduced you to this. 
“Oh angel,.” He started pumping himself pulling you towards his member. “Open wide, I’ll have you at heaven's gates in no time.” 
Your mouth fell open, too dumb to refuse. 
Spencer thrust his cock inside your waiting mouth and you moaned around his shaft. 
He roughly fucked your mouth, hand on the back of your head to manouver you. 
He’d been close when he’d pulled out and your warm, wet mouth around him sent him straight back to the edge. 
He slammed into you a few times before he felt the telltale tightening of his stomach. 
He sheathed himself completely in your mouth as his cock spasmed and you felt his come shoot down your throat. 
You choked a little around him but swallowed everything he had to give. He stayed buried inside your mouth until he was completely spent. 
His legs shook a little as he pulled out, a string of saliva dripping from your lips to the tip of his cock. 
He wiped the dribble from your chin before practically collapsing next to you on the bed. 
Your mascara was running down in streaks from your eyes and he gently rubbed the marks away with the pads of his thumbs. 
“Y/N. I’m Y/N.” You mumbled sleepily. 
“Beautiful, angel.” He kissed your lips before pulling you into his arms. 
You nuzzled into his chest hearing his heart beating frantically beneath your ear. 
“S-should we leave?” You muttered although you didn’t want to go anywhere. 
“I’m sure Garcia won’t mind us staying the night.” He placed a kiss on your messy hair, pulling you closer. 
You hitched a leg up and wrapped it around Spencer’s waist as you sighed in content. 
“O-ok.” You stifled a yawn. 
He looked down at the half sleeping angel in his arms and his heart soared as if it had wings of its own. 
One night was not going to be enough with you, he knew that with startling clarity. 
He was going to hold onto you with everything he had. You were the first ray of sunshine to come into Spencer’s life since prison had cast him into darkness. And he certainly wasn’t going to let that go. 
He couldn’t believe that he’d almost missed out on this party. He’d almost let his misery get in the way of celebrating his favourite holiday. 
His love of Halloween has certainly been reignited tonight, thanks to the angel of a woman who laid in his arms. 
His eyes started to flutter and his mind started to shut off as he gave over to sleep, one last line from Dracula came to pass. 
No man knows till he has suffered from the night how sweet and how dear to his heart and eye the morning can be.
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+ bonus 
Tumblr media
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Couch Cushions -Pt 2
Tumblr media
Summary: After months of dating, you and Spencer finally take things to the next level.
A/N: This took me forever and is pretty immediately 18+! I hope you like, sorry for the wait, and please let me know what you think! ❤️
Part 1
Masterlist I Requests
Spencer’s hand kept clenching and unclenching in an awkward rhythm as you held it, leading him to the couch. You weren’t entirely sure if he were nervous, excited, or an unstable concoction of both.
When you reached the couch you abruptly turned to face him, a sly smile turning the corners of your mouth upwards as your eyes wandered freely over him. When you matched his gaze, you found him wide eyed. At your attention, he licked his lips nervously.
Up on your tiptoes, you softly pressed your lips to his. Hoping to remind him that he was with you, that he didn’t need to be nervous, and that you could be soft and sweet and slow if that’s what he wanted. Although, it didn’t seem that was what he wanted.
A low whine escaped him, the noise muffled against your lips, and a brave hand pulled you close with a grip on the small of your back. Taking his lead, letting him subtly set the pace, you curled your fingers into the hair at the nape of his neck and deepened the kiss.
As his confidence grew his hands grew more insistent. One curled into your hair, tugging with a perfect delicious pressure that you weren’t sure he was fully aware of, whilst the other gripped your waist and pulled you closer.
You couldn’t help but want to tease him. You pulled away sharply and smirked devilishly as he needily followed after your lips. Curling both hands into the now crumpled collar of his shirt, you moved your lips to his ear. “Sit down, Spencer.”
Eager to please, he nodded jerkingly and sat on the couch. He was sat so awkwardly it was almost too sweet to look at. He was perched at the very edge of the seat, fingers thrumming awkwardly against his thighs as he shifted uncomfortably against the tightness of his trousers.
You almost took pity on him, concerned he was beginning to get overwhelmed in a bad way, but then he looked up at you with those flushed cheeks. His right hand rose to merrily grasp your wrist and he made a pointed gesture for you to join him on the sofa.
Licking your lips, more for his reaction than any physical need to, you twisted your wrist from his grip. You caressed his cheek, tucking an errant lock of hair back into place, before flattening your hand upon his chest and pushing him meaningfully backwards.
Following your silent command he leaned back, shuffling into a more comfortable position, his eyes never leaving yours. It took all of your restraint not to succumb to your own desires and straddle him immediately, but you desired a continued confirmation.
Fingers gliding through his hair, nails scratching lightly over his scalp, you gripped his hair to keep his head tilted towards you. He gulped. In a low voice, you asked. “Do you want me?”
He nodded, as much as your grip on his hair would allow, before stuttering out a yes.
You pushed further; it was impossible to not enjoy these confessions of his after so many months with no indication of his interest. “Do you want to fuck me?”
Breaths coming quicker, his eyes dropped over your figure before returning to yours with a renewed excitement to them. “Yes, I-I want to fuck you.”
You smiled, exceptionally pleased that he had broken through his own awkwardness and said it out loud. You rewarded him by leaning closer, his neck craning to keep eye contact with you, before swinging one leg over him and straddling him.
You shifted your hips lightly, under the pretence of finding a comfortable position but really just relishing the way his hands gripped your thighs at the friction, and kissed his jaw.
You hummed against his skin, tilting his head with a hand in his hair in order to kiss over his neck, before murmuring. “I’ve been thinking about this a lot,” one of his hands was inching further up your thigh as you spoke, “do you think about me?”
As you asked you lifted your head to meet his gaze and watched him nod. You removed his hands from your thighs, moving them to the buttons of your dress, and prompted him. “I want to know what you think about,” he managed the first two buttons but faltered slightly on the third as you began to return the favour, “tell me.”
“I-I want.. I-“ after a few stuttered attempts it became clear he needed a little more pushing. You had managed to fully unbutton his shirt whilst he had only half succeeded in undressing you so far.
You worked your hips once more, biting your lip against the slight friction you produced, and you all but purred in satisfaction at the groan he gave. “Do you picture me on top of you?” You asked lowly, your last buttons finally coming undone, “beneath you?” You continued to press, freeing your arms from your dress and leaving your torso bare to him. “Knelt before you?”
The pictures you were putting into his head were clearly overwhelming, his breaths coming in short panting gasps. His hands had moved to grip your hips, whether to still your movement or encourage yet more they couldn’t seem to decide. A few words seemed scattered between his whines and groans but you couldn’t decipher any real answer.
Removing one of his hands from your hips you led his palm slowly up your thigh, further and further and further until his fingertips met the lacy fabric of your underwear. You leaned into his touch, hand squeezing his - in reassurance or restraint you weren’t sure - as you continued to murmur low words to him. “You can have me however you want,” you promised, a shaky breath escaping you as he curled his fingertips beneath the waistband of your panties. “But you have to tell me how you want me.” Delicate hands over his jaw pulled his lips to yours but you didn’t kiss him. You whispered once more to him, your lips ghosting over his with each syllable as you encouraged, “use your words.”
Your underwear had been pushed to the side at this point, his fingers exploring the wet heat between your legs with a delicious fervour. He really did want to please you. As his fingers swiped over your clit you gripped his forearm harshly, nails likely leaving soft marks there as you sucked on a breath.
The smirk you could see upon his features was paired with an increasing confidence that you were eager to encourage and explore. Having found the one spot that could make you come alive and fall apart all at once, he doubled down his efforts. Fingers circling your clit, gathering wetness there, and pressing deliciously at an almost perfect frequency he watched your anticipation build. You were mewling on his lap, hips bucking in an attempt to chase the orgasm so suddenly approaching.
You were almost there, eyes fallen shut and mouth wantonly open as you almost ground yourself down into his hand. A broken exclamation of “fuck” whined from you, throaty and animalistic, a sure sign that your peak were fast approaching. Spencer removed his hand and used it instead to still your hips completely. You whined immediately, eyes falling to glare at him as you continued your attempt to work your hips.
Looking almost calm in comparison to his previous appearance, although still with a flush to his cheeks and a well-ruffled askew look to his hair, he finally gave a coherent response. “I-I think about you on your knees.”
You grinned, already forgetting the anticipation of your stolen orgasm as a new excitement built in you. It was impossible not to enjoy the increase in his confidence, and so quickly, alongside the evidence of his sizeable desire for you straining against his trousers and shaking through his voice.
Kissing him, starting at his lips and working down, you slid from his lap to kneel before him. The clink of his belt buckle giving way beneath your fingers sent another shock of excitement through you and you revelled at his sharp intake of breath as you gripped him and pulled his erection free.
You had been waiting long enough, you were not about to waste any time. Raising on your knees just slightly, you licked your lips before stretching them over the already weeping head. He groaned as you swirled your tongue over him, taking your time and teasing him with your slowness.
Dipping your head further until you had swallowed most of him, you let your wide eyes look up to his. When you found his gaze he seemed entirely enthralled by the sight of you and, in a manoeuvre you hadn’t expected but entirely enjoyed, he brought both hands to tangle in your hair.
As you worked your mouth over him you kept your eyes raised to catch his gaze. Enjoying the sight of him unravelling beneath you, you moaned around his length and took him entirely into your mouth. The vibrato of your moan against his length seemed to send a shudder through him and his hands insistently tugged your hair. Following his direction, you released him but caused a discontented groan to sound from him when you sat back on your heels.
Looking up at him through batting lashes you made a show of licking your lips. Whining at your unfairness, he leaned forwards and towards you. Moving to meet him halfway you let your hands wander up his heaving chest and asked; “you liked that?”
In absence of a properly verbalised affirmative he gave a low whine and nodded enthusiastically. His attentive eyes seemed unable to remain in one place, his focus pulled from your lips to your legs and to your wandering hands all at once.
Slowly, you rose to your feet. As you reached your full height he fell back against the sofa, Adam’s apple bobbing as he looked up at you with just parted lips. His hands were less passive, reaching to your hips and pulling you greedily to him. You complied easily, your stomach coiling with a delightful heat that you were impatient to satiate.
Straddling him, sucking in a breath at the feel of him now completely against you, you more delicately pulled his lips to yours. Pouring sweetness into your kiss, wanting this first time between you to be memorable in every way, you manoeuvred him to your entrance.
Kiss more fervent between you, his tongue boldly parting your lips, you sank down onto him. The sharp sting of his blunt nails gripping your hips paired deliciously with the building pleasure of him filling you. Lips pulling from his, your head fell back with a groan and back arched as he filled you completely.
Eyes squeezed shut, lips open in a silent gasp, you shifted your hips. A wanton moan escaped you and you clutched his shoulders as you struggled to remain upright. “Fuck,” you gasped, head falling to meet his eyes.
Spencer’s hooded gaze devoured every inch of you as you began to move; bucking your hips against him and revelling in the feeling of being so very full. Large hands gripped your waist, fingernails leaving half-moons on your delicate skin, as he attempted to quicken your movement.
Following this silent request you shifted your legs around him, granting you a blend of increased balance and intense pleasure, and quickened your pace.
Feeling increasingly frenzied, the peak that Spencer had stolen from you earlier swiftly returning, you pulled his mouth to yours. His mouth parted beneath yours immediately, his panting breaths mixing with yours in the small space between you, and his hand raised to your hair in an effort to keep you close.
“Spencer,” you whined, the name almost a plea as it poured from you. His name became the only word you could say and the only thought in your mind as you toppled into bliss. Your hips continued to buck, rhythm lost as you succumbed to your orgasm, but Spencer was quick to follow you over the edge.
Coming down from your high was a lazy descent; the warmth of Spencer’s arms now tightly wrapped around you alongside the slow kisses he peppered over your temple made you want to loiter in this moment of afterglow forever.
The trembling of your legs, however, forced you to move. Sliding from his lap, your arms remained around his neck and you curled into his side. Spencer shifted, hands massaging and soothing one thigh before moving to gently work over the other.
Eventually, you regained enough of your facilities to ask in a hoarse voice; “so, did you like that?”
An abashed smile lifted his lips even as his chin dropped the expression away from you. Softly curling a hand into his hair, you watched him with affection warming your chest. Perhaps slightly emboldened by the pleasure the pair of you had just shared, Spencer broke from his usually stuttering shyness and met your gaze as he more resolutely responded. “I’m not sure like is a strong enough word.”
Giggling dreamily, eyelids become heavy underneath the sating heat of him beside you, you pulled him in for a chaste kiss.
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I'll meet you there 
Hotchniss requested by anon - thank you for request! <3
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shyhotch · 17 hours ago
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this man is so large. i want him to crush me
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ddejavvu · a day ago
mvm!!! exciting :DD you know what got me thinking? hotch being a substitute for one of your classes 😭 i would literally pass out as soon as he walks in my class
come vacation on my island!
🍰 Kiki’s bakery - send me an au and a character, and i’ll write about what it would be like! (ex. doctor!au with sirius black)
You couldn’t say that you were extremely excited for your next lecture. The professor was dull, his voice monotonous and his anecdotes chronically unfunny. He had the pretentious air that you’d expect from an ex-lawyer, but that didn’t make it any less uncomfortable to be around.
The classroom was blissfully empty, and for once you were happy you had a class that ended thirty minutes before your next one began. Usually you resented having such an odd passing period, you weren’t able to get back to your dorms before the start of your next class, and it was awkward just sitting and waiting in the lecture hall. But you savored every moment you could get without your professor there as you slumped lazily into your seat.
The door swung open far sooner than you’d have expected it to, your eyes darting to the doorway to see a man step in. He was taller than your professor, but donned the same overly-professional suit for a simple college class.
The man’s eyes met yours as he scanned the classroom, briefcase in hand. You felt your breath hitch in your throat as you made eye contact, because by god, that man was beautiful.
His face had been set into a neutral frown as he’d walked in, but when he saw you sitting in your seat he offered you a kind smile. His sharp jawline shifted with the expression, and his dark eyes pooled with charm.
“You’re here early,” He glanced down at a watch on his wrist, “This class doesn’t start for another twenty minutes.”
Your words, thankfully, didn’t get caught in your throat, and you spoke confidently, “My last class just ended. I usually sit here for a while until class starts.”
“I see.” He stepped behind the professor’s podium, setting his briefcase down on the wood, “Well, I’m Aaron Hotchner, your substitute for the day, your professor’s sick.”
You wished you could say you were sorry. But the mental image of your prick professor sick in bed paired with the exhilaration of having this handsome of a substitute left you with only a satisfied smile.
‘Hey, by any chance, do you know if there’s a coffee cart in this wing of the campus?” He glanced back up at you, and you nodded vigorously.
“Yeah, it’s out by the library. I can..” You hesitated, too far into your impromptu offer to back out now, “I can show you where it is?”
“That sounds perfect,” Aaron smiled again, this time wider and brighter, “I’ll buy you a cup for the trouble, how’s that?”
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Tumblr media
I'm back! I've recently become obsessed with Criminal Minds and since Autistic Spencer Reid is a popular headcannon (who am I kidding, it's canon no matter if it's said on the show or not) I thought I'd do a little fanart since I know he's a comfort character for a lot of people — including me. I tried to put as many of the right colors used by the autistic community as possible. Hope you like it. 💜
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Sundress | Aaron Hotchner x You (ft. Jack Hotchner) Criminal Minds - Aaron Hotchner x You Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x You (ft. Jack Hotchner) Genre: Fluff Warnings: Other men staring at reader; Jack’s friends commenting his Mom is hot; possessive Hotch. Length: Drabble
A/N: I feel like I’m spamming ya’ll with the posts, but I promise to slow down after this.
Where you wear a sundress to Jack’s soccer game for the first and last time.
You could read this in the same universe as these fics: 1 / 2.
Tumblr media
“Say hi to Aaron and Jack for me.”
“Will do, thanks for the lift!” You shut the door of the passenger seat, blowing a kiss before waving your friend goodbye as she grins, waggling of her fingers at you in a farewell before driving away.
It was Saturday, and you had managed to squeeze in a brunch with a couple of old friends before Jack’s afternoon soccer game. You had left the house while Aaron was on his habitually long Saturday morning run, and opted to grab a cab to brunch instead, wanting to avoid the situation of you three having to head to Rossi’s for an early dinner soirée he was hosting after Jack’s game in two different cars. Luckily for you, your lack of a car for the day had resulted in one of your friends kindly offering to drop you off at the field for the 15 year old league on her way home.
Sliding your sunglasses off your nose, and anchoring them on the top of your head in a bid to see better, you raise a hand to shield your eyes from the sun, as you begin your walk towards the field, while squinting towards the crowd, your eyes attempting to pick out both your boys.
You wander into the crowd, smiling politely at the occasional fellow parent who meets your gaze, as you search for your boys. You feel a hand catch you around your waist, and you can’t help but smile as the breeze blows the familiar scent of soap and mint towards you. You allow yourself to be pulled into his side, to be tucked under his shoulder as you bring your hand around his back, your thumb looping itself onto one of the belt loops of his jeans.
“Hi.” You breathe, looking up to meet a pair of sunglass covered eyes before you tip toe, the straps of the sandals you are wearing straining slightly against your feet, to plant a kiss on the corner of his mouth.
“Missed you this morning.” He leans down slightly at the same time you reach up, accepting the kiss, before turning his head and brushing his lips across yours, the tip of his noise grazing yours ever so slightly.
“Didn’t want to wait for you to get back from your run.” You explain, as he raises a brow. “Otherwise you would have insisted on dropping me off.”
He squeezes your side gently in protest, but doesn’t comment on it because he knows you are right - he would have insisted on dropping you off.
“Well, if you would have waited, I wouldn’t have had to wait till now to see how good you look.” He mutters into your ear, thumb circling against your side, brushing across the fabric of white strappy sundress that skimmed right above your knees. You feel yourself blush in response. Despite having been together for a good number of years and counting, you can’t help but feel like a goddamn schoolgirl with him. He notices the tinge of pink that colours your cheeks and chuckles, a smile turning the corners of his lips upwards.
“You look delicious.” He says, lips moving against the side of your head as he plants a kiss into your hair. “And by the looks of it, I’m not the only one who thinks so.”
He drops his voice and you hear disapproval in his last sentence (but not at you), as he turns his head, profiler instincts kicking in as he takes in the lingering glances which some of the fathers, uncles, and even teenage brothers that are present, have trained on you, your almost bare shoulders, your legs, the curve in your waist. (It is, he concurs, the damn sundress.) It causes him to pull you closer into his side, his hand dipping slightly lower on your waist, muscles in his arm flexing ever so slightly, signalling clearly to the onlookers that you were his. It causes some of them, those that know he is Jack Hotchner’s father and works somewhere in the FBI, to look away.
“You don’t like the sundress?” You tease, looking up at him through your lashes, as you place your free hand on the front of his stomach, feeling his abdominals tense momentarily as a response to the sudden contact.
“I like it too much.” He doesn’t look at you, his gaze trained forward, shielded by his glasses, as he makes to seek Jack out on the field, but the gruffness behind his response tells you more than you need to know.
You can’t help but laugh, stepping out of his grip, but entwining his hand in yours in a quick follow up, as you pull him closer towards the front of the crowd, closer to the field, attempting to seek out a better view of Jack.
Jack Hotchner takes a swig of his water, gaze darting through the crowd of onlookers. He lowers his bottle as he spots you dragging his father out towards the front. Raising a hand to wave as he catches your eye, he smiles as you and his father wave back (you with a smile, and his father with a more neutral, schooled expression), giving him a thumbs up.
“Dude, your mom is hot.”
“She is like hot hot.”
“Hey guys, Jack’s mom is hot.”
The chorus of voices that erupt from behind him causes him to frown deeply, his nose wrinkling in annoyance and obvious displeasure as he pushes the spout of his bottle back in with a bit more force than necessary.
“Shut up.” He glowers, turning to glare at the boys that had gathered behind him (the spitting image of his father in that moment), looking up across the field as you.
Luckily for him, or them, he is saved by the sounding of a whistle which causes the group of boys to drop their belongings and fall in around their coach.
The game, is uneventful, with Jack’s team winning easily as anticipated, much to both yours and Aaron’s delight (he had gotten so excited the day Jack’s soccer team graduated from peewee soccer to keeping score).
He trudges over to you both, after the cheer erupting from his team across the field signals the end of the debrief, and drops his duffle in front of you, before yanking his sweaty jersey over his head and pulling the fresh t-shirt he had pulled out from his bag over his head.
“Mom, please don’t wear the dress for the next game.” You hear his voice, slightly muffled by the t-shirt he is pulling over his head, and it makes you glance towards Aaron, brow raised.
“Bud?” Aaron speaks first, questioning, asking on behalf of the both of you as the blonde head of the younger Hotchner emerges from the collar of his t-shirt, his gaze meeting yours at eye-level. He is as tall as you now, and soon you are sure he will be taller than you are.
“My friends won’t stop going on about how ‘My Mom is so hot’.” He grumbles, fingers making air quotes during his reenactment, his eyes rolling, lips pressing themselves into a line as he stuffs his arms into the armholes of his t-shirt before pulling it down and smoothing it across his body.
“I don’t want to hear it, its weird.” He pleads, as he bends to cram his used jersey into the mesh pocket on the outside of his duffle, before slinging the bag across his shoulder. It was weird, because you were his Mom, and because he didn’t want his friends thinking of you like that. “Please just wear jeans the next time.”
You hear a rich baritone of laughter spill from your husband’s lips at Jack’s exasperated tone, and you glower at the older Hotchner, your elbow digging gently into his side (which frankly does nothing).
“Your are too pleased about this.” You threaten, glancing from him to Jack, watching as the younger boy cards a hand through his hair, looking almost pitifully at you, awaiting confirmation.
“Fine.” You sigh, throwing your hands up in defeat.
“Thanks Mom.” It earns you a thankful, quick kiss on the cheek from Jack before Aaron’s arms find their way around your shoulder. He drops his arm, hand coming to rest on the small of your back as he pulls you towards him all while placing two fingers beneath your chin to tilt your face up gently. He bends, pressing his lips against yours, allowing, in a somewhat uncharacteristic display of affection given the place and crowd around him, his tongue to sweep gently across your bottom lip. It causes you to part your lips, involuntarily as you kiss him back for two seconds longer than appropriate.
He pulls away, earning an exasperated “ugh, c’mon guys, gross.” from Jack, who shakes his head, turns on his heel and walks off towards the carpark, pretending that he doesn’t know the both of you. Unbeknownst to you, but fully to Aaron, it also earns you both envious glances from both the men and women among the dissipating crowd on the field.
“What was that for?” You breathe out, as he drops his hand from your back, reaching out instead to interlace his fingers with yours as you both begin a slower paced walk towards the carpark after Jack.
“Consolation,” he pauses, allowing his gaze to travel across your shoulders and collarbone, “about the sundresses.”
“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were marking your territory.” You respond, with a questioning hum.
It causes him to grin at you boyishly and squeeze your hand tightly. His eyes are hidden by his shades, but you could have sworn you saw him wink.
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