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#criminal minds fandom
drreidsboyband · 2 hours ago
cm where everything is the same but everytime spencer notices a clue he goes “jeepers!”
PLEASE😫that is so fucking cute and the fact we never got to see it is a federal fucking crime.
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gublersgoblin · 7 hours ago
Emily: could you please tuck me in?
Hotch: you just handed me a shovel??
Emily, laying down in the dirt: yeah make sure to spread it evenly
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gublersgoblin · 7 hours ago
Derek: so pretty boy, got your eye anyone
Spencer, closeted: yes, female, I like women, the female I like the female women
Spencer: vagina
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evermorecardan · 22 hours ago
ok but i was watching criminal minds and i just...
Tumblr media
he looks so adorable omg 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Tumblr media
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dr-spence-reid · a day ago
This new Moried video is so amazing please share 🥺
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dr-spencer-reid · a day ago
Morgan: I'm on my way now, pretty boy.
Spencer: Wait, Y/N isn't with you?
Morgan: No? Why should she?
Spencer: Oh...
Spencer: Well, that's fine
Spencer: It's not like I actually want that annoying, gorgeous shit around.
Spencer: Not like I spent four hours picking the perfect outfit and doing my hair.
Spencer: And I defenitely wasn't looking forward to seeing her or anything like that.
Spencer: So it's fine.
Spencer: "Perfectly fine".
Morgan: Yeah... Tell that yourself *typing Y/N 'SOS'*
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ren-therose · a day ago
Taglists for Bucky Barnes, Peter Parker, Loki, MCU, Sherlock BBC, Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid), Stranger Things (Billy Hargrove, Robin, King Steve)
Hey Kiddos,
So I didn't know that people would want taglists for my work, but there has been an uptick in demand. If you are looking to be tagged in any of these works, please ask below. I will also create a master list.
On another note, please leave suggestions in my inbox or in the comments and I will do what I can to get them out promptly!
Stay golden!
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gublersgoblin · a day ago
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drreidsboyband · a day ago
wait cause imagine showing up to work just causally wearing an S initial necklace and just not mentioning it and spencers going insane but you’re being so nonchalant he starts to doubt it’s new and is like “has she had that the whole time? surely i would’ve noticed??” and him just trying to be casual like “oh i like your necklace babe is it uhhh new?” and just laughing at him cause of course mr.eidetic memory can’t remember if you’ve worn that before😭🤚
i love the idea that fucking eidetic memory bitch somehow remembers NOTHING. so when you show up to work wearing the necklace he’s like “no, i would definitely remember if they had that before. i do have an eidetic memory after all😌” but as the day goes on he gets more and more frantic “NO IT HAS TO BE NEW. IVE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE. WHAT IF THE S ISNT EVEN FOR ME😫” so when he finally just has to ask you bc it’s driving him crazy you’re just like “spencer reid—we have been dating for (x amount of years/months) what do you mean is the ‘s’ for you?”
bonus points if he bought the necklace in the first place
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reidsghost · a day ago
the romanticization of spencer’s drug addiction by people who have never touched a drug harder than weed in their life make me so angry hoooooooooooly fuck. u can write about his addiction without romanticizing it. like that’s a thing.
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gublersgoblin · a day ago
Jj: be careful with the onions, they make you cry
Emily: not if I make them cry first
Jj: emily no-
Emily: you stupid little onion bitch
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gublersgoblin · a day ago
Derek: tell me your wildest fantasy ;)
Spencer: I'm on the wheel of fortune and I spin the wheel so hard it so hard it lights on fire
Derek: no I meant-
Spencer: everyone is really impressed and then I get to meet Ellen DeGeneres.
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ssa-sarahsunshine · a day ago
I had to use this picrew to make myself and my OC’s cause it’s so freaking cute.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Meet Kassidy Hughes, and Adrian Lacey. I love them.
Also me:
Tumblr media
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dr-spencer-reid · a day ago
To be free or Set me free
Hello everybody! I hope you have a good week! Because I have news!
Currently I’m working on this fanfiction I talked about some times ago. I don’t know yet how to name it. I like both so much! To be free or Set me free. I’m already able to write down notes and hope that I can start soon with it. 
But now why I’m writing this for you: I want to share my summary with all of you <3 
Warning: English is not my first language, so I’m really sorry for errors and hope that the things I have written makes sense. Have fun!
Tumblr media
David Rossi, an FBI agent and profiler. Before he quit his job because of an incident to concentrate on his book, he was on a case. One where he saved a little girl's life. Even if it took longer than 5 years. After she was rescued and her kidnapper ended up behind bars, was she placed in a foster home. Despite everything what happenend, the two were still in contact. Normally, he tries to avoid developing a relationship with the victims of a case, and yet he couldn't leave it with her. There was something special about this unique child who was kidnapped. Rossi sees her as his daughter, even if the foster family doesn’t see itas  well. But when he was back at the BAU, he didn't expect that one of his new cases would bring back part of his past and put his little, now grown-up child in danger. A renewed kidnapping. Is it the same as it was then or is someone targeting his girl again? Why now after so many years? And why is Spencer Reid the key to finding her? What role does he play in it?
“Did you caught him?”
“Yes, the bad man won’t hurt you anymore.”
“But what about the boy?”
“What boy?”
“The boy who kidnapped me.”
“Huh hello? I just wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of your work. I-I’m Dr. Spencer Reid. The way you wrote the criminology was incredible. It reminded me kind of-”
“Of David Rossi, right? You know it already, but I’m Y/N L/N. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Reid.”
“Wow... I mean, the pleasure is mine...”
“David Rossi.”
“Belezza? Is everything fine?”
“I just wanted to say that I love you. I love you so much and I won’t forget what you did for me. There is so much more I want say.”
“What are you talking about? Is someone with you? Tell me Y/N. Are you in danger?”
“You know, I used a quote from you for my book. Page 132 line 7. Please remember it for me.”
“You got her autograph? Seriously?”
“Hey! Don’t touch it!”
“We have to find the page 132 line 7. She said that I have to remember it. It’s a important key to find her and get her back.”
“Did you find it Reid?”
“Yes... I actually can remember it by heart. I just had to... make sure.”
“Sure about what? What does it say.” 
“ ‘Nobody really believed me. It wasn’t just the man. There was a boy. A charming one that attracts everyone and makes you trust him so easily. He was the brain and the man was nothing but a marionette to him. I know that he will come back, but when the time comes, it will be too late’. I think that she knew that will happen to her. And that we have to find it out through the book of hers. Why it happened and what really happened behind the kidnapping.“
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sskhair · 2 days ago
to have mgg break character in a criminal minds episode then have him look straight into the camera for a good long second before looking away in season 9 shows either how much shit he gets away with or how the editing team doesn’t care lmfao
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