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#criminal minds fanfiction
midnightreid · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Summary: After a long case, Spencer wakes up feeling needy, and who are you to deny your boy some affection?
Prompt: “Look at you, grinding against everything, you’re really desperate for it. Aren’t you?”
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem! Reader (no pronouns used though!)
Word count: 1.4k Warnings: SMUT, 18+, Sub! Spencer, swearing, dom! reader, fingering, cum eating, thigh fucking, pet names, nipple play (fem receiving), g/n pronouns for the reader!
A/N: Praying that this post works since Tumblr keeps deciding to destroy my other fics. Also, yes, if you recognise this piece I'm just cross-posting it onto this new blog from willowrose99 because this is now a dedicated NSFW Criminal Minds blog. So, if you're looking for more NSFW content, then this is the place to follow!
Anyone that was close to Spencer knew that the young man needed a lot of attention, a lot of affection and a lot of love. They knew the life he’d already lived was brutal to him, his ability to trust was lacking and his skill at showing others how much they meant to him was often overlooked and misunderstood.
But when you were there, when you took him in your arms and held him, ran your fingers through his hair and let him lean against your chest into the early hours of the morning, he knew that you understood what he needed, what he wanted. And you, well, you weren’t even going to hesitate about giving it to him.
Sometimes Spencer was controlled, knowing what he wanted and how to get it, but on mornings like this one, when he’d just gotten back from a case a couple hours ago that seemed to rip his heart apart and then stitch it back together, the both of you knew that he needed to be taken care of. So, when he rutted up against you, pressed his groin into yours as you laid tangled in the sheets, you knew exactly what was about to happen.
He was already so wound up, hands gripping your hips tight to move against you quickly, not caring that he already looked a mess or that you weren’t responding to his touch, he just wanted something, anything. Yet when he looked up at you from where he laid against your chest, with big wide brown eyes that shone and his bottom lip between his teeth, you couldn’t hold back then.
“Mmm, has my baby woken up wanting something?” He nods vigorously, rutting against you and letting out a moan when you bucked your hips up to meet his, jolting him and pressing further into him. “Do you want me to help you get what you want, baby boy? C’mon, I know you can use your words, Spencer.” He ground out a whimper at the sound of his name, and let his head drop into the crook of your collar bone, lips leaving wet sloppy kisses against your skin as your hand carded through his hair, tugging slightly on the chestnut strands.
“Please, Y/N, fuck.” He huffed against your body, and for a moment he squirmed when you brushed your fingertips over the skin of his back, feeling his muscles flex as he moved above you, pace becoming faster.
“Look at you, grinding against everything, you’re really desperate for it. Aren’t you?” He moans again, louder this time as your nails scrape at his back and chest, and as you push against his torso, he sits up so that he’s straddling you. His face is red, hair falling over his eyes, and his eyes are gazing at you with his signature puppy look the both of you know you can’t refuse. But this morning, you decide you need some satisfaction as well, and when you smile up at him with that devilish smile that grips at his heart and makes his eyes widen and mouth drop open, he knows instantly that you’re going to make him work for it. “Fine, Spencer. If you want to come, then you’ve gotta make me come first, sweetheart.” He whines loudly then, nearly wanting to beg you to change your mind, to let him come first, but when you stare back at him with a look so firm and unwavering, he knows you’re not going to change your mind.
Spencer had always been good with his hands, a fact that didn’t often escape those that came in contact with him. His penmanship was delicate, his fingers long and careful, so when he went to reach underneath your underwear, you knew what he was about to do. But it still had you arching your back like always when he brushed a fingertip over your clit.
The both of you knew that neither of you would last long, you hadn’t been together in over a week because of work and with the way that Spencer was currently sliding his fingers in between your folds to gather your wetness, the both of you could feel the desperation seeping out of each other. You didn’t expect him to taste you though, to bring his fingers up into his mouth, sucking them in until his eyes were rolling back at the taste and his fingers came back clean. That nearly had you coming undone right then. But then he really had you going when he eased a finger into you, tight and hot and oh so comforting to the young man that was still grinding himself against your thigh.
“God Spencer, fuck that feels so good.” Encouraged by your words, he thrust them in faster, watching with pure delight on his face as you rocked up to meet him, chest heaving and mouth hanging open as pleasure racked your body, and for a moment, as he added another finger and crooked them up to hit your sweet spot, he thought he had you, thought he had the upper hand. Until your shirt rode up and he could get a look at you palming your breasts. That’s when he really lost it.
Somehow, as the man took one of your nipples between his lips and started to suck, he still kept up the speed of his thrusts, matching them with how his hips rotated and he pushed his hard-on against your thigh. You couldn’t make a noise then, lost for words as he ground down on your, tongue laving over your breasts as you let your hands fall to his hair and tug hard. He moaned low and loud against your chest, but for the moment all you could do was curse and whine, feeling his fingers pushing you quickly to the edge. And suddenly you were diving off it, pulling him into a kiss as he felt you gush around his fingers, so damn hot against his skin.
“Fuck, oh shit, Spencer…” Your words trailed off as he reattached his lips to yours, grinding against you again with a renewed vigour knowing he’d done the one thing you had asked of him. “There we go, that’s it, baby boy. You gonna come against my thigh, yeah?” He nodded his head, hands grabbing for your breasts, for anything to hold onto as his cock bobbed and you watched, hunger in your eyes. “Then come on baby, I wanna see you come without my hand even touching you.” He groaned loudly again, but continued on with his movements, knowing that even though he desperately wanted you to touch his aching cock, wrap your hand around him and jerk him until completion, getting to come was enough of a reward.
And suddenly it was happening. Suddenly he was coming over your thigh and hip, watching as his cum spurted out and onto your hot skin that seemed to shine in front of him. He kept rutting over you until he was finished, wanting it to last as long as it could until finally, his body was going limp over yours and you took it upon yourself to catch the man, bring him in against your chest and run your hands soothingly over his back and through his hair.
“There we go, Spencer. God, you were so good, so good for me sweetheart.” He was melting into your embrace, kissing over your warm skin, and humming thank you’s quietly. And you gave him as much love back, pressing a kiss to his forehead as he calmed down, reaching over to the tissue box so you could wipe his cum off your skin before taking him back into your arms and pulling a blanket over the both of you. “I love you; you know that right, Spence?”
“I know, Y/N. I know. And I love you too, thank you for taking care of me when I needed it. He’s half falling asleep against you, but you don’t mind, knowing that the weekend was free and you had all the time in the world to rest. And as he lets out a content sigh and snuggles closer to you as you press a delicate kiss to his lips, you utter out the words he’s been waiting to hear.
“I’ll take care of you every day, Spencer, I’m never not going to take care of you, my love.”
Spencer might be insecure sometimes, would rather hide away in the shadows than draw attention to himself, but when the two of you are together, when he’s wrapped up in your arms and you’re giving him all the love you can, he knows that this is what he deserves, that this is what he needs and what he loves. He loves you, you love him, and that’s perfect for the both of you.
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dr-spence-reid · 3 hours ago
I got you
Paring: Gossi Garcia and Rossi family ship
Warnings: fluff, mentions of typical Criminal Minds case gore, and caring David.
Summary: Penelope has a very rough day and turns to Dave for comfort.
It had been a typical hard case involving children being taken and their father's being skinned alive.
Thank God, that the team was able to find all four of the children alive and uninjured.
Penelope, pretended to be her, peppy, and happy self but, inside she was shaken up bad. With Derek, out of town with Hank and Savannah. She couldn't go to his house to unwind.
Luke, was on a short vacation with Roxy, a weekend road trip. She wasn't in a mood for a girl's night.
When the team came back Penelope met them at the elevator. She hugged Emily and JJ first hugging them extra tight.
Then she hugged Tara and sniffed her hair a little. Sniffing Tara's hair always calms her down a little.
"Hey Penelope are you alright girl? JJ, Emily, Spencer, and myself were heading out for girls night." Tara smiled at Penelelope pulling back slowly from the hug.
"I'm fine! No, I can't make it I have a few things to take care of at home." Penelope had a fake but convincing smile on her face.
Penelope quickly excused herself from the team before they got too suspicious. But, David, already suspected something because to him Penelope was acting strange even for Penelope.
The usually happy and peppy tech analyst proceeded to get into Esther, while crying. She drove around town for a few hours, with no particular destination in mind but, somehow around one o'clock in the morning she ended up at David's mansion.
Penelope got out of her car and slowly walked up to David's door, knocking on it.
The cool night air was, biting at Penelope in her rush to get away from the team, she had forgotten her jacket and gloves in her batcave. She was about to change her mind and leave when David, threw the door opened He smiled at her with a concerned look in his eyes.
Before saying anything he wrapped her up in a warm hug dragging her inside.
"I had a feeling you would be stopping by tonight. But, I figured you would have been here sooner." David watched Penelope take off her shoes after she sat down on the couch.
"I told you before that you are welcome here anytime. I'm always here for you." David was watching her smiling, when he saw that she was finally starting to relax.
"I remember when you let me come over when I wanted to take a break from everything. When Kevin and I was having problems before we broke up." Penelope, sighed a little she never really understood why David had always been so nice to her. But, she was glad that he was.
David excused himself to go into the kitchen and make the two of them some hot chocolate. Using milk instead of water and adding whipped cream, mini marshmallows, and chocolate shavings like Penelope likes.
Penelope felt herself relax and felt the burning sensation of a few happy tears trickling down her face.
David walks back in to the dead silent living room. The only sound that was braking the erie silence was Penelope's gentle sniffling.
David carefully put the mugs of hot chocolate down on the coffee table. David proceeds to sit down beside of the younger woman gently placing an arm around her shoulders.
"Hey, there why the tears signora?" David kept his arm around her rasing an eyebrow slightly.
She felt herself tremble a little like a small seedling in the cold night air, taking a very deep breath before speaking again.
"I just don't understand it,Dave, why are you so nice to me all the time? You don't even ask for anything in return." Penelope was quite puzzled as to why David was being so nice to her in the middle of the night.
"Penny, it's really simple it's because I love you. I love you like a daughter. I love you just as much as I love Joy. That love started the day we met and only grew stronger." David admitted with a small smile on his old roughly aged face.
The harsh light in the living room really brought out each and every wrinkle and worry line on the old man's face. His silver hair had a very warm shine to it.
Penelope caught herself staring at David for a few moments. Growing up Penelope never really had a father or a father figure.
She started to let herself see Gedion that way but, then he left with no warning. He didn't even say goodbye he just dissapeared leaving a note for Spencer.
She felt her heart shatter that day, she vowed to never let herself love someone like that again, and yet here she was.
Only this time it felt different in her heart like David really meant what he said. A warm smile grew on her face.
"I love you too dad. I mean David I mean sir." Penelope babbled out looking down with an ever growing blush on her face.
David felt his old heart jump with joy inside his chest. A big warm and proud smile crept on to his face.
"Hey,kiddo look at me ok? It's ok to call me dad I really don't mind. I want you to know that I got you. I will love, protect, support, and care for you no matter what. Even if you fall in love with another Kevin." David snorted his smile growing.
Penelope looked up at David with a genuine smile on her face. It was the first real smile that Penelope smiled in a long time.
"I love you too dad." Penelope giggled sipping on her hot chocolate.
The End...
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ssa-daddyhotchner · 4 hours ago
Can you write something where when the reader sees Aaron for the first time in the fbi vest she can’t take her eyes off of him. When he confronts her about it, she denies it so he decides to send her filthy texts the whole flight home. When they land he tells the reader to get in his car. When they get to his place to go at it, she asks if he’ll wear the vest. He does. DomHotch!!! 😚 xoxo
You'll have to wait (One Shot)
(Request by anonymous)
Aaron Hotchner x Reader
Sorry this took so long, been busy with my other fic
Warning - (NSFW 18+)
Material list
“Alright Reid and JJ stay here, look over anything else we might have missed. Coronate the media and send back up.” My eyes snapped over to Aaron. 
“Sir what about me.” 
“You’re coming with, your vest is in the car. Everybody lets go.” 
I was confused at the request but I followed the order. 
I never went into the field, I had experience from my previous job before the BAU. But Aaron never let me go with him to make an arrest which I never minded. I’d much rather work from the precinct or do an interrogation
I had my gun with me at all times but have I ever used it in an actual situation... With the BAU never once but with my other job yes. When Aaron and I got together he never changed a thing about how he acted towards me. It was always business but he did still worry about me. 
Going after regular criminals is definitely less nerve racking than serial killers. 
“Hotch sir”, I stopped him before he left the room. “Are you about me going with you? I can stay here, It’s not a problem.” 
“Y/n you’ll be fine. Strauss called earlier about how you never do anything, how I ‘benched you’. She wanted to see what you could do.” 
“But--” I tried to speak but JJ and Reid left the room and we needed to move over. “Look y/n we need to go.. come on.” He lightly tugged on my arm to follow him. I followed him as the rest of the team left the building. 
We climbed into the SUVs. The whole way there Hotch gave the orders that the ubsub was in the house, he didn’t plan on coming out alive. Morgan, Hotch, and I got into one car while Emily and Rossi went into the other. 
Aaron and Morgan could feel the nervousness radiating off of my body. Morgan turned around in the passenger seat, “Baby you gotta calm down.” 
I scoffed a dry laugh, “Easy for you to say, you guys do this all the time.” 
Aaron kept his hands on the wheel and focused on the road. “You’ve done this before nothings different.” 
“Yeah it is, I worked with those people in the field before and I trusted them. That's not me saying I don't trust you guys because I do... It’s just different.” 
“Just follow us you’ll be okay.” Aaron spoke and turned the corner on the street and my view revealed lines of cop cars and flashing lights. Hotch pulled over and we all got out of the car, I walked behind him and go to the back. 
He opens the trunk and pulls out three vests. I froze a little, being intimidated. I watched as Morgan and Aaron put on their vests. My eyes drifted over to Aaron, it fit his body perfectly. The navy blues kevlar fibers and white letters splayed across his chest. 
“Sweetheart, my eyes are up here.” He said teasingly after Derek had walked away. “Sorry”, he just smirked and helped me tighten my vest before we made our way over to the officers. 
“Are you ready?” Aaron and I walked over the house. 
“Totally.” I wasn’t ready, being too distracted.
On the jet Aaron sat in the back with his face buried in the files that scattered the table. I was with Emily and Derek on the opposite end. They were talking about Reid and teasing him while he was sitting in the seat next to us. 
While they were cracking jokes I couldn’t stop thinking about how Aaron looked in that fucking vest. He was already built but with the extra padding he just sparked that part of me.
My eyes drifted over to him working, he pen glided across the paper and his hands--
Zoning out I didn’t realize that he had noticed. Then my phone vibrated on the table. 
Aaron - Are you okay there
Me - Yeah I'm fine... why
Aaron - You’re staring
Me - No I wasn’t just thinking about you
Aaron - Me? You know what I think
Aaron - I think you couldn’t stop thinking about how I looked earlier. Your mouth was practically water at the sight of me. I bet you just wanted to get on your knees right there in front of everyone
I glanced up in surprise at Aaron and his files were closed and he was looking at me with a smug grin. 
Aaron - You’re imagining it now aren’t you
I was honestly, the things I’d do for that man. I clenched my thighs together and hoped no one noticed. 
I didn’t want to react but he was already getting a rise out of me. 
Aaron - You want to be on your back and have me over you with my cock buried so far, just wait baby
My eyes widened a bit and I put my phone back down. There was no hiding how flush my face was. “Who keeps blowing up your phone.” 
“Don’t worry about it”, i said too quickly and Emily reached over the table to grab my phone. I lunged over and snatched it back before she had the opportunity to search through it. 
“Okay...” JJ said after being included in the conversation. Aaron saw how I had excused myself from the table and went to the bathroom. 
When the plane landed we all exited and headed back to the office for the remainder of our things. 
After everyone left I joined them, going into my car from the garage, I heard a car behind me. Aaron pulled up and rolled down the window, “My place, now.” 
He didn’t say much after that, I climbed into the car and he reached a hand over to my thigh. His finger rubbed my thigh before the tipped of his fingers brushing, dangerously close to my core. 
I just glanced over at him, he was still in his suit. His shirt was so tight over his chest you could see the definition. 
We crossed the threshold of his house and not a second went by before my back was slammed against the wall.  
“Aaron”, he shook his head slightly. “I didn’t say you could speak.” 
“Please, I just-- I wanna ask you something.” 
“You get one question before I have my way with you”, his hand traveled down my neck and to hip, keeping me on the wall. “Wear it.” He raised his eyebrows. 
“The vest.” 
“I knew you couldn’t stop those thoughts from going into your pretty little head, you want me to wear a government issued bulletproof vest so you can have your fantasy.” I whimpered, I really wanted it. 
“I want you stripped and on the bed when I come back.” He released me and stepped away going out to the car. I went up stairs and in the bedroom shedding my clothes on the way. I kneeled on the bed and just waited and waited. 
When he didn’t return the arousal between my leg was already dripping down onto the bed, slipping a hand down I made slow circles on my clit. 
I was too focused on the sensation that I didn’t hear his heavy footsteps approaching the room. He watched with a smirk on his lips as I arched my back on the duvet. I got closer and closer to finishing and he could tell. 
My eyes snapped open and he was hovering over me, “I tell you when to cum... understand.” his voice was dark and coated with lust. I didn’t expect him, I thought I’d be able to hear.
I nervously nodded my head. “Tsk, are you going to be a good girl for me.” 
“Yes sir.” 
“I don’t think you are, needy little sluts always say whatever they need to get their way. That sounds like you doesn’t it?” He put a finger under my chin and lifted my gaze to match his. 
“No sir I promise.” 
“We’ll see won’t we, step off and get on your knees.” He pushed himself off the bed and I got the full view of him. It was like I saw him for the first time again, he looked so fucking good. 
I didn’t take a second thought before getting low in front of him, patiently waiting for him. Aaron was going to either take his time or be indescribably rough to get the message through. 
His hands went to his belt and took it off moving around me and buckling my hands together behind my back. 
Stepping in front of me he unzipped his pants and pulled them down enough to pull himself out. “Open”, he ordered before my jaw slacked as he slid his cock into my mouth. 
He looked down at me and my eyes met his. A groan escaped his lips before he took the motion. Sliding a hand behind my head and into my hair, he gripped a portion.
Tilting my head up a bit more so he could thrust in and out easier. “This is what you wanted right-- fuck little girl you’re doing that so well.” He gritted out using my mouth as a tool for his own pleasure. 
He was right, this is what I wanted, just the feeling of him inside my mouth was enough to make me cum. I wished he’d let me touch him, to just get a better grip and grab his thighs to stable myself. 
“I might actually let you finish tonight if you keep this up.” With the limited motion I had I flattened my tongue along his shaft and took him in as deep as I could before it was too much. 
I gagged around him and no matter how far we were into the scene he still cared about how I was feeling and he pulled out and loosened my hair in his fingers. “You gotta breathe.” 
There was a string of saliva moving down my face as I swallowed and collected myself. I nodded softly and he resumed what he wanted. Opening my mouth back up. 
His cock moved slower to give me extra time to get okay again. When I moaned around him he got the message. Pushing his hips into my face again and I got that feeling of my jaw being stretched. 
He groaned and his dick twitched and I knew he was close, I wanted him to finish but he pulled back. 
When he got a hold of my waist he tossed me on the bed. Flipping me over roughly my face pressed into the pillows below me. Aaron manhandled me like I was a ragdoll. “Well would you look at that, you really do get off when you act like the whore you are” There a small wet spot on the floor. 
My face was flushed and I caught my breath. Feeling the bed dip he adjusted my hips into the air. “Fuck”, I muttered my breath. “What was that.” I didn’t answer and he didn’t like that. 
His hand traveled over my curve of my spine and Aaron placed a slap onto my ass. Recovering he slammed himself into me and I jerked forwards. Letting out an embarrassingly loud moan I bit my lip and tried to hold them in.
“Now don’t do that now, I wanna. hear. you.” He every word he pumped in. I whimpered, getting the relief that had been building a few hours earlier. He grazed my g-spot deliciously and snaked a hand to my clit. 
“Oh god... fuck.” Leaning onto me his other hand wrapped around my neck and lifted me flush against his chest. I felt the kevlar on my back and it scratched my sensitive skin. 
His fingers tightened around my throat and squeezed. My vision went hazed and I rested my head back onto his shoulder. My back arched and I got every sensation I could. 
We locked eyes and he captured my lips in his, he slid his tongue over mine and claimed dominance. 
“Does the little bitch deserve to cum tonight.” He quickened his thrusts and I jolted. “Daddy please.” I clenched around him and I watched as he tossed his head back. I was already so close, and he knew it. 
“Sir can I cum.” 
“Not yet.” I could barely hold it, his pace on my clit was too much to handle. I choked out, “Aaron please.” 
“Go ahead baby.” Releasing the tension that was building was like breaking a dam. I came around him and I felt him pulse. My orgasm brought him over the edge and he spilled inside of me. 
I fell limp and he let me go, my pulse calmed as I came back to reality. He undid my restraints and I automatically pulled him on me, my lips met his.
“Come here”, he whispered against my lips and he helped me stand as my knees buckled. I couldn’t walk or stand on my own, “Fuck Aaron.” I chuckled and he brought me to the bathroom, cleaning up. 
I watched as he shed his clothes, to lazy to actually put them in the hamper they laid on the floor. “It was hot in that.” He said when he felt the cool air on his skin. 
I smirked and kissed him again, “and it was so fucking worth it.” 
“Glad you enjoyed it, I love you.” 
“I love you too”, getting me up we made our way back into the bedroom and settled under the thin sheet he had. I laid my head on his chest and his arm snaked around me and brought me closer. 
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boldlyvoid · 8 hours ago
Amethyst you so much
Tumblr media
Summary: Spencer has had a crush on Y/N since she started working at the bau. She only ever works the night shift after a case, handling all the aftermath gracefully. one night, Spencer stays back and they strike up a conversation about rocks, causing their feelings to dig a little deeper.
Warnings: pure fluff, weed mention, hurt/comfort, grief and mourning
Word Count: 6.4K
Read on Ao3
Late nights at the office had become his thing since Gideon left.
He couldn’t bring himself to go home some nights without a game of chess, a cup of coffee, and the ambiance of the post case staff working. He would’ve had no idea about what goes on after they close a case if he didn’t stay behind most nights.
The phone rings almost every 10 minutes, and it’s always answered by the sweetest voice. The fax machine never turns off, and the most beautiful girl in the world is always running around placing papers in different places.
He’s been smitten with her since she started here, 2 years ago. Never seeing much of her since she was switched to the night shift, always wanting to just watch her from afar, never speaking to her unless he needed to.
“Yes, again we are so sorry for the door,” he can hear her voice from the back corner of the room. “Agent Morgan will be paying for that out of his paycheck, don’t worry, Mr. Kennings. We’ll be sure to remember your hotel when we’re in the area again. The FBI has a very generous budget for overnight cases. Of course, you have a good night too.”
She hung the phone up harshly and let out a deep sigh. He turned around to see her face in her arms, resting against the desk. She looked done, completely fed up. He would be too.
She looked up then, noticing that he was making eye contact with her. She awkwardly smiled and waved at him, “sorry.”
“No, I’m sorry,” Spencer replied. “We asked for the key, I should have stopped him from kicking it in.”
She laughed then, walking over to his desk so she didn’t have to yell across the room. She sat on the corner of his desk lightly, “why do you stay every night?”
“Oh, um,” he wasn’t prepared for this. She had never talked to him before. She was barely able to even look at him when she used to place papers on his desk 2 years ago, now she was on his desk.
“I don’t like to bring the work home with me, it’s better to destress here before I go to my apartment,” he answered, half honestly.
She nodded slightly, “I get it. Luckily I go home in the mornings so the sun helps me feel better.”
“Going home in the dark isn’t fun,” she lightly smiled up at her.
“Do you want a coffee or anything?” She asked softly, “seeing as I am still your assistant as long as you’re here?”
He laughed lightly, “I would, but I’d like to join you in the staff room for it?”
“Okay,” she stood, straightening out her shirt as he stood as well.
He held the doors open for her, letting her walk out first, still smiling as she waited in the hall for him. Never being anything less than 1 foot from him for some reason, and he didn’t mind in the slightest.
“Do you like your job?” He asked lightly.
“Oh yeah,” she laughed. “It’s like customer service on crack. Have you ever had to explain to someone why you can’t pay for the cracked foundation after Agent Morgan’s ransacked a place?”
“I honestly never thought of who has to deal with the aftermath,” he awkwardly admitted to her. “I’m so sorry.”
She couldn’t stop laughing as they entered the kitchen, “it’s fine. I never have to apologize on your behalf, it’s everyone else who seems to be reckless. Sometimes I feel like it would be better if I came along to babysit.”
“That would be helpful,” he smiled softly as she entered the staff room.
He watched as she took a new coffee filter out of the cupboard. Emptying the coffee pot with ease, rinsing everything before adding the water and scooping in the grounds. He was mesmerized by how fast she was able to do it, then again it was sort of her job.
“What mug would you like?” She turned to him with a smile that made his heart skip a beat.
“Um, the purple one, if it’s there?”
“You really like purple, huh?” She teased him, standing on her tippy-toes to reach the mug for him.
She placed it on the counter before grabbing a white mug, it had a bumblebee on it, “bee happy” written along the top. It was perfect for her.
“Purple is a stress-reducing colour,” she explained. “When I was a kid my parents painted my room purple so that I’d sleep better.”
“I’ve always been drawn to it.”
She leaned against the counter while the coffee pot started to percolate, “Probably because of your anxiety, coffee doesn’t help that.”
“It’s in my DNA to be like this,” he tried to joke, knowing he succeeded when her smile crept back onto her face.
He was on a mission to keep seeing it.
“For someone who spends a lot of time with dead bodies, creepy places and bad people, you sure are a mousy little thing aren’t you?” She teased him.
“I also love Halloween, go figure.” He’s not sure where the confidence came from, being able to make light-hearted jokes like this was only easy with the team.
Which she technically was a part of. He’s seen her almost every single day for 3 years, slowly being able to get comfortable enough for this very moment.
“What else are you into, outside of here?” She asked honestly, making his heart swell as no one else had ever asked him before.
“Lots of things,” he sighed. “I love to read, I’ll read anything. But mostly I enjoy far-off worlds. Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Sherlock mostly.”
“No supernatural?” She gasped. “Sacrilege, honestly. What kind of nerd are you if you don't support supperwholock?”
“That's the show with the monster hunting brothers right?” He tried to recall it to his mind.
She nodded with a pressed-lipped smile, “it’s bad but in a way where I can’t stop watching every Thursday, they just introduced an angel who is pretty gay. Star Trek is cool too, I guess, I was raised by Trekkies.”
“My mom was into Doctor Who.”
“Mamma’s boy,” she teased him slightly, returning her focus to the coffee as she poured the now finished brew into their mugs. “She was nice when she came in that one time, I made her a very sweet coffee just like yours.”
He reached for the sugar then, poring a generous amount into his mug with a grin, “how much do you like?”
“the same amount,” she couldn’t help but laugh. “I hate the taste of coffee, but it keeps me awake.”
He poured the sugar into her mug as she places a spoon in each. Allowing him to stir his own before picking it up finally. Holding the warm ceramic in his hands, it was almost as warm as the feeling in his chest when he looked at her.
He’s felt it for a long time. He’s been caught staring at her by Derek, JJ even tried to get him to give her his number. Which she already had for when she calls him into work in the middle of the night. They knew he had a crush, he did too. He just didn’t know what to do about it.
“Come to my desk, I want to show you something?” She asked softly, avoiding eye contact as she walked towards the door.
He followed, like a lost puppy, all the way back to her desk. It was always neat, he always looked at it when he made his way up the stairs to the briefing room. He could even see it from where he sat at the table sometimes. Always wanting to see her leave in the mornings.
She had a collection of rocks that always changed, he loved the blue one the most but it wasn’t there currently. She had all new ones since the last time he looked.
“Here,” she hands him one. It’s brown and gold, the colours moving and shifting as he turns it with his fingers. The gold running through it like a beautiful wave.
“what’s this for?”
“It’s a Tiger’s eye, for good luck and happiness,” she smiled. “Keep it at your desk and maybe it’ll be easier for you to relax when you come back?”
The butterflies in his chest were swirling then as she looked up at him with pleading eyes. Wanting him to take it, wanting him to feel better. Caring for him.
“Thank you,” he barely whispers, clearing his throat softly. “It’s very nice of you.”
“You’re always nice to me, so,” she shrugged.
They sat down then, he dragged his chair from his desk over to hers. Sitting in close as she explained all the meanings to her rocks. He listened carefully, getting to examine each one as she spoke.
“This one is Jade, it’s for balancing emotions and allowing compassion so I don’t scream at everyone on the phone,” she laughed as she placed one in his hands. Her fingers brushing his palm softly.
It was a beautiful green stone with a thin white line running through it, separating into 3 directions as he flipped it over, “it’s beautiful.”
“I know some people don’t believe in this stuff,” she started to get embarrassed as she placed them all back on the shelf. “But I’ve always thought; if the moon, which is just a rock, can control the water, and humans are 70% water, then who’s to tell me the moon cycles don’t control my emotions and these smaller rocks can’t help problem areas?”
“You’re not wrong,” he shook his head softly as he thought her words over. “People depended on the stars and planets for guidance originally, as well as rocks and herbs for healing, just because it’s outdated doesn’t mean it doesn’t work?”
“Thank you,” she smiled. “No one has ever agreed with me that easily.”
“Anytime you want to talk, I’ll just be over there,” he pointed at his desk. “And I’m a phone call away?” He swallowed sharply at his boldness, trying to stay calm as he awaited her answer.
“I do have your number,” she smiled, reaching out to place her hand on his. “But you should go home, I’m sure you’re chilled out now.”
“Yeah,” he agreed, staring at her hand as they touched. He lightly wrapped his hand around hers, holding it slightly, running his thumb over her knuckles. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”
“And every day after,” she whispered, tilting her head as she smiled at him.
This was going to be interesting.
Penelope was always dragging him out. She would take him shopping, to dinner, to the movies. She was like his big sister, dedicated to making sure he wasn’t always cooped up or trying to retreat into a fantasy life.
She kept him busy.
She had 4 bags in her hands as they walked down the street, peering into the store windows to see what else she could possibly be interested in taking home for someone. That’s when they passed the natural health store.
He stopped in his tracks, seeing all the different rocks on the wall accompanies by little cards that described how they could help. He opened the door and rushed inside before Penelope even noticed he stopped following her.
“Good afternoon!” The shop owner called out to him. “How can I assist you today?”
“Um, the girl I like has a rock collection,” he says softly, knowing Penelope is behind him listening. “Crystals more specifically, I’d like to get her some?”
“Well, you came to the right place,” the man beams, escorting him to the wall of rocks. “What is she like?”
“Wonderful,” the words are carried out of his mouth on a sigh as he thinks about her. “She’s confident and nice, and caring. She’s always positive and just so lovely.”
“I’ve got you,” the man starts picking rocks off the wall and placing them in his hands.
Spencer follows him to the desk where he lays down a handful of rocks, Penelope is shockingly quiet as she stands beside him, staring at the collection. She’ll be full of questions later, all of which he is terrified of.
“This is a rose quartz, pretty basic love, beauty, anti-depression stone,” he pushes the pink and a green rock towards him. “Serpentine is for new adventures, observation and insight. I have a feeling you’re up for an adventure with her?”
Spencer nodded enthusiastically, “I like that one. It would be better to get her some rare ones, some that have to do with friendship, new beginnings, or opportunities?” He tried to explain his feelings as best as he could. Not knowing if he sounded dumb for a change.
The man smiled wide, “here,” he dipped below the counter and dug out a box. “Chrysocolla is literally for new beginnings, love and opportunity.”
He hands Spencer a vitreous, raw blue stone with small green marks running all through it, it’s beautiful like her. “This is perfect.”
“I’ll throw in a Kiwi Jasper as well, it’s for being by someone's side, support and trust. As well as a Ruby in Zoisite it symbolizes finding the joy in life with someone,” he hands Spencer two equally beautiful stones, prepping a bag and wrappings for all of them.
Spencer lays out the 5 stones he picked out, watching him wrap them with care before placing them in a bag. He rings everything up, Spencer pays and before he’s even out the door Penelope is pouncing on him for answers.
He can't help but blush and stutter, trying to brush past her and continue walking down the street. “You can’t hide forever Spencer, who is she?”
“How do you know it’s a she?”
“You literally said so?” She looks at him like he’s an idiot. “Come on? I won't tell anyone!”
The gears are turning in Penelope's head as she tries to place a face to the name, knowing she’s seen her somewhere, “From the office?”
He nods softly, “the one Derek bullies me for staring at?” He clues her in more as they walk.
“He also bullies her for staring at you,” she adds with a smile. “She’s going to love those, when are you going to give them to her?”
“I was thinking about just leaving one on her desk every day? Maybe with a note for why I picked it?” He really wants to woo her, she’s too special to just flirt with.
“She’s going to love that.”
Sure enough, he walked into work every day for the next week, placing a rock on a sticky note on her desk. He was never around when she was able to see it, only knowing she got it when he'd arrive at work the next morning with a note reading 'thank you ♥︎ ' on top of his files.
He thinks about her all weekend, planning how he'll give her the last rock as he takes the elevator up that morning. Only to see her sitting at her desk, phone pressed to her ear as she tried to talk someone out of suing the FBI, she looked absolutely miserable. Just a casual Monday morning for her, almost at the end of her shift.
He rushed over to his desk, putting all his stuff down to dig one of the rocks from his satchel. Picking the Kiwi Jasper for today, he grabbed a pen and a sticky note and wrote her a little note.
“Always here if you need to talk, -Spencer ♥︎”
He walked over to her desk, she was still talking so she didn’t notice him until he was right there, she looked up at him with a thankful smile.
“Yes sir,” she answered the person talking to her. “Can I call you back after I speak to the chief? thanks.” She hung up on him, turning all her attention to Spencer.
“I know you know it's been me leaving these, but I brought you in another one,” he says softly, placing the rock in her hand and sticking the note to the shelf where it would end up.
“oh my gosh, Spencer?” She placed her free hand on her heart as she looked at the rock.
“You looked upset?”
She stands and pulls him into a hug, he can feel all the eyes on him as he holds her back, letting his chin rest on her shoulder as she squeezes him.
“Thank you,” she whispered as she pulled back, awkwardly smiling at him as she also noticed everyone staring.
“Always,” he smiled back, hand still resting on her arm. “Um, I have a case I need to get to.”
“Of course, good luck,” she smiled.
He pulls the tiger's eye out of his shirt pocket, showing her that he still had it, “kinda hard not to have good luck with this.”
She bit back a smile, her eyes gleaming as she took a deep breath through her nose. Releasing the same feelings he was keeping inside, allowing both their butterflies to swarm out together.
He loved when they had cases in Virginia. Being able to stay in the bullpen and work was relaxing, it was easier to think where he felt safe.
He was working on the geo profile all alone, a huge map stretched across a clear case board as he laid a yardstick across it. Drawing a thick red line with marker over it, in his own little world as he worked away.
He doesn’t realize she’s standing there too until she’s lightly pressing her hand on his back.
“Hey,” she whispers softly. “It’s 10 pm, thought you’d like a coffee?” She places the purple mug on his desk with her purse, turning her attention back to what he’s doing.
“Thank you, I’m almost done here,” he says softly, finishing the red triangle he was making on the map.
“I’ve always found it fascinating how you do this,” she complimented him. “You’re so careful.”
“Like baking, it’s an exact science,” he smiled softly.
It made her giggle slightly, placing her hand back on his back as she moved in closer to look. He wanted her to stay there forever, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to focus. He tried his best to steady his hand as he finished the line.
Putting the yardstick back down and turning to her, she doesn’t move her hand, instead, softly moving to rest on his arm as she stands close to him. “How are you?”
He feels nervous for some reason, it’s not like she hasn’t been this close to him before. It’s just that she’s close and she smells wonderful and he wonders if her lips would be a better wake-up call than the coffee she brought.
He realizes he’s staring at her lips when he licks his own, “I’m good,” he furrows his brow and clears his throat with a nod.
She smirks at him, “how come you’re the only one still here? Hotch said it could wait till tomorrow?”
“I was waiting for you,” he admits, “but I got carried away setting this up, I never heard you come in?”
“Cause I didn’t,” she scrunches her nose slightly as she straightens her stance. “I saw you working hard and went right to get you a coffee.”
“You’re wonderful,” he blushes as the words slip out, trying his best to keep eye contact when all he wants to do is kiss her.
She pats his arm slightly as she backs up a little, grabbing her bag from where she set it on his desk. “I’m going to set up for the night, come talk to me before you leave?”
“Of course,” he says as she walks away, letting out a small sigh as he realizes just how badly he wants her.
He never gets to talk to her before he leaves, she’s on the phone when hotch comes storming in. Saying something about another body and making Reid leave with him. He’s busy for 3 days straight, thinking about her with every free thought he’s able to squeeze in.
He carries the rock from her in his pocket everywhere he goes; in his pants beside his keys, in his bag with his books, in his breast pocket, over his heart, behind a bulletproof vest. Feeling it press against his chest, a part of her keeping him safe where ever he went.
They finish the case with minimal damage, Spencer specifically making sure that Derek leaves all the doors on the hinges for Y/N’s sake, cleaning up any messes they make so she won’t have to hear about it over the phone. They all notice that he’s doing it for her, quietly appreciating the fact that Spencer is happy for a change, that there’s a glimmer of hope in his eyes again.
He arrives back at Quantico 30 minutes before her shift starts. Everyone else is packing up for the day while he sits at his desk, reading to occupy the time before she comes in.
Only she doesn’t.
30 minutes pass and she’s nowhere to be seen, it’s only 9:02 by the time he starts to panic. Wondering if she’s okay, hoping she’s just in the elevator or grabbing a coffee that’s actually good, somewhere outside of the office.
“Reid,” he hears Hotch calling him from his office door. “She just called in, her grandmother passed away last night so she won't be in.”
“Oh,” he furrows his brow, looking at him with confusion. “How did you know?”
“Penelope,” he smiles. “She’s still here too, and she knows where Y/N lives.”
“It wouldn’t be weird to go see if she’s okay?”
Hotch just smiles at him again, “go see her, Reid.”
Getting her address from Penelope felt a little weird, but she writes it on a sticky note for him and he’s out the door before she can even pry into what he’s going to say. Which is good, because he doesn’t know yet.
It’s late, but he stops by the little rock store on his way to her house. Seeing the lights still on and the same man from before behind the counter.
“Welcome back,” he’s overly cheerful for it being so late. “How did she like them?”
“She likes the ones I’ve given her so far,” he smiles, looking over the wall himself this time for the right one.
Scanning past every emotion and affirmation known to man as he looked around, picking out a beautiful pink Rhodonite for healing grief, supposedly acting as a hug from emotional troubles. And a Rainbow Moonstone for inner peace, harmony and strength.
“She’s lost someone recently?” He asks as Spencer places them on the counter.
“Her grandmother,” he says softly. “These are good, right?”
“They’ll be perfect, we also have amethyst bracelets, they’re good for healing and drawing in positive energy,” he points towards the small display of bracelets. Small purple stones separated with small gold beads.
He picks up 2 of them, placing them on the counter as well.
“Is she still just a crush?”
Spencer laughs lightly, “unfortunately.”
“She might be more after this,” he smirks, ringing him up. “I’ll give you a 2 for one deal on everything, I have a feeling you’ll be in a lot.”
Spencer thanks him as he pays, picking out a small purple bag for the rocks and bracelet. Placing one on his own wrist before leaving. Also picking up some cookie dough ice cream and a card at the corner store just beside her apartment. Remembering all the times Penelope, JJ or Emily has mentioned it being the best ice cream for crying.
He takes a very deep breath before knocking on her door, hoping to every god out there that she doesn’t find this incredibly inappropriate and weird.
“Spencer?” He hears her voice before she even opens the door, looking out the peephole at him.
She whips the door open, eyes puffy and swollen as she looks at him in shock. She’s in a big sweater and shorts, tears dripping down her cheeks as she shakes her head at him.
“I thought you could use some cheering up?” He awkwardly smiles, holding the ice cream up for her to see.
She wraps her arms around his middle, burying her face against his coat. Still crying as she holds him, he holds her with his free hand, shushing her as he presses his cheek to her head.
She pulls back with a sniffle, “come in,” she offers with an arm out, ushering him inside the small room as she closes the door.
He takes his shoes off, handing her the ice cream so he can take off his coat and satchel too. “This isn’t weird right?”
“Not at all,” she laughs slightly through the awkwardness. “You don’t know how much it means to me that you care this much.”
“I brought something for you,” he says as he struggles to dig everything out of his pocket.
He hands her the card and the little purple bag, seeing the overwhelming glance grow on her face. Her eyes grew wide as he mouth opened, speechless.
She opened the card first, reading the passage about grief that was already provided. Dealing with grief was something Spencer knew too well, adding something a little special to the bottom of the card.
“To live in hearts we left behind is not to die,” -Thomas Campbell. As long as you remember her, with a smile on your face and love in your heart, she will always be with you ♥︎ Spencer
She wipes her tears with her forearm, placing the card on the counter beside the ice cream before she opens the bag. She pulls out the bracelet first, absolute shock on her face.
“Spencer?” Is all she can say, in a high squeak as she shakes her head at him.
“I didn’t want you to be sad,” he says softly, stepping into her space and placing a hand on her arm. “I love seeing you smile, and I thought this could help.
He takes the bracelet from her grasp and places it over her hand. Resting it on her wrist softly, straightening it out against her sweater as she notices the matching on over his shirt sleeve.
“Oh this is so cute,” she swoons. “thank you, really Spencer.”
“And there are some rocks for grief healing in there too, one is supposedly like an emotional hug which should heal the grief and sorrow, and the other is more for inner peace and harmony,” he rambles away, not wanting her to miss anything.
She pours the rocks from the bag, into her hand, looking them over silently with a smile, “they’ll look great on my desk.”
“The purple looks nice on you too,” he compliments her, watching her eyes drift up to him.
She places the rocks on the counter before wrapping her arms around him once more. This time he’s able to actually hold her back, tight as possible as he rubs his hand over her back.
She smells like home, clean laundry and happiness. She’s soft and warm, he holds her perfectly against his chest, like she was a missing puzzle piece that someone finally found under the table, she fits into his life like she was supposed to be there.
She kisses his cheek softly before she pulls back, causing him to pull her into a real kiss on impulse. Connecting their lips as she sighs into the contact, melting into his grasp as she kisses him back.
Her lips are soft, fitting between his own gently as she breathes him in. Her hands reach up to grip his cheeks, kissing him again and again, placing pecks to his lips and cheeks with her eyes closed as he giggles.
“Thank you,” she whispers against his lips, “for everything.”
“I’d do anything for you,” he whispers back, kissing her one last time before she pulls away.
“I was actually about to smoke some weed on the fire escape and probably cry some more,” she laughs lightly. “would you like to join me?”
“I’ll stick with a bowl of ice cream,” he smiled awkwardly.
“Nice one,” she laughs as she opens the ice cream.
“Oh, you didn’t even get the reference you made,” she laughs lightly, “to get high you smoke a bowl, so…”
It makes him smile, “I'm a comedian part-time.”
He makes her laugh again, loving the sound of her giggle replacing the tears. “Why aren’t you this funny at work?”
He thinks about it for a little, watching her scoop the ice cream into two bowls, “it’s a little hard to make jokes when people's lives are on the line, I know everyone else does but I get too focused.”
“They probably wouldn’t appreciate your jokes even if you did make them,” she says as she handed him a bowl with a spoon. “They’re kind of mean to you, in a family way but it still sucks sometimes to overhear.”
She walks into the living area then, grabbing a few blankets and opening the window to the fire escape. Crawling out to sit on the ledge, waiting for him.
“I don’t mind it,” he says as he finally sits down beside her.
She places the blanket over their laps, both of them sitting criss-cross applesauce as they ate.
“Do you like your job?” She asks him, just like he once asked her.
“Most of the time,” he nodded as he got brain freeze. The cold air, the cold ice cream, everything that was catching up to him as he scrunched his face up at the feeling.
She laughs at him only a bit before she’s also attacked by the brain freeze, holding the vein in her neck as she chokes out another laugh, trying to warm up the blood going to her head so the pain would stop.
They’re both just a mess of giggles together, unable to say any words as they let it all out. She leans her head on his shoulder lightly as they calm down to just soft chuckles. He presses his cheek against her head.
“Thank you, Spencer,” it sounds like she’s crying a bit. “My grandma was a lovely woman, she’d be glad I’m laughing right now.”
He reached out a hand for her to hold over the blanket. She interlocked their fingers softly, both cold from holding their ice cream bowls.
“If she was anything like you, I’m sure she was the most wonderful woman,” he says softly, not intending to make her cry but having a feeling he might.
“Would you be interested in holding me on the couch while I cry?” She asked softly, tears in her eyes as she looked up at him.
“Whatever you need, I’m here for you.”
He’s late for work the next morning.
Waking up to the smell of coffee, opening his eyes to a strange view. He’s on a couch he doesn’t recognize in a room he doesn’t know too well.
Then he remembers, they ended up cuddled up on the couch. He wakes up to the memory of her on his chest, crying softly as they listened to some music, he ran his hand over her back while she went through it all, blessed to have his support.
He fell asleep under her at some point, waking up alone with a blanket laid over him. He sat up to see her in the kitchen, pouring coffee into a travel mug.
“Good, you’re awake,” she smiles at him. “Coffee is ready, I uh, I have this button-up shirt from a guy friend, if you wanted to wear that to work today? So they don’t think you stayed here?”
“That’s smart,” he replies as he rubs the sleep out of his eyes.
Getting up, he uses the bathroom, changes and takes that coffee from her. He’s not expecting her to kiss him on the lips at the door, but she sends him off to work like an old housewife.
He doesn’t want to pull away from her, keeping her pressed against him as he leans in for 4 more kisses before she finally pushes him out into the hallway with a laugh, “get to work!”
“Fine,” he sighs, “are you going to be in tonight?”
“Yeah,” she smiles, “funeral is in West Virginia next week, so I’ll be in until then.”
“I’ll see you later?”
She nods slightly with a soft smile, “you’ll be seeing a lot of me soon, Spencer.”
“Good,” he winks at her before heading down the hallway and towards the street entrance.
He sighs as he walks outside, resting his back against the apartment complex door, taking a moment to think about everything that just happened, the night of company and the wonderful send-off.
It was something he could get used to.
He rushes into the briefing room when he arrives at Quantico, sitting down with his coffee and pretending he wasn’t late. Listening carefully to JJ’s presentation of the case as he flips through everything he missed already.
“Wheels up in 30,” he heard Hotch say as he zoned back in. “Nice of you to join us, Reid.”
“I know that travel mug from somewhere,” Derek said as he stared at Spencer, who was taking a sip to avoid the awkwardness.
“Hmm?” He played dumb.
“That’s Y/N’s. She washes it every morning when she leaves to go home, I see her do it every morning,” his eyes open wide. “Holy shit.”
“Isn’t that the same tie and slacks from yesterday?” Emily teased him as well.
“Her grandma died, I brought her ice cream and slept on the couch okay?” He all but yelled, flailing his arms slightly so they’d all back off.
Derek reached his fist out for him to pound it, “good man.”
Then Penelope noticed the bracelet, “did she get you that?”
He sunk his hand into his pocket then, “no.”
“What?” Emily and JJ asked in unison, straining their necks to try and get a good look at what she was talking about.
He nervously held his arm out for them, showing them the purple bracelet resting over the sleeve of his shirt. “I got one for her too, it’s for healing and peace. It’s what she needs right now.”
“Oh, so you love her,” Derek smiles as he teases him. Making everyone else in the room swoon slightly.
“Okay and?”
“Oh my god!” Most of them shout at him, embarrassing him to no end. He was so glad she wasn’t at work this morning or else she would be able to hear this from her desk.
“Did you kiss her?” Rossi pries, asking what everyone else was thinking.
He scrunches his face, pushing his glasses up slightly as he clears his throat, “a few times.”
“Is she your girlfriend?” JJ kept the questions coming.
“Not yet,” he said softly. “Kinda weird to walk into her apartment while she cries to say ‘hey sorry about the death in your family, want to date me?’”
“Yeah,” Emily agrees, shrugging lightly. “At least she knows you like her now, it’s been what? 2 years?”
“2 years, 3 months, 17 days and 43 minutes,” he confirms with a small nod and pressed lips.
“Gross,” Derek teases him.
“The plane is leaving in 10 minutes,” Hotch cut into their fun.
Making them all gather their things and continue the interrogation in the elevator, and eventually on the plane, and in the police precinct. Even Penelope called him in the middle of everything to bug him about her.
The questions were never-ending, everyone wanted to know how they even started talking, who made the first move, how he plans to ask her out. They were relentless, he almost regretted admitting to anything.
They bug him all throughout the day, all the way until they’re arriving back at the BAU late that same night. He almost doesn’t want to go back to the bullpen and see her with all of them, knowing they were going to follow and say something.
She’s waiting in the hall when the elevator doors open, a pressed-lipped smile on her face, “bad news.”
“Another one?” Hotch sighs, “have Garcia send us the info. Be at the table in 10.” He pushes his way out of the elevator, passed them all as they stare at Y/N.
“Hi?” She awkwardly waves at them all, showing off the bracelet on her wrist.
“See ya, Spence,” JJ and Emily say as they matt his shoulder, dragging Derek and Rossi towards the bullpen doors.
“Sorry,” he apologizes for them softly, stepping into her space.
She wraps him up in a quick hug, keeping one arm around his waist as she guides him towards the bullpen, “it’s fine, they’re going to have to get used to us being together.”
“Together?” He repeats her words.
“I only cry on my boyfriend's shoulders, if you're up for the title?” She teases him softly, pinching his side as they walk towards the doors.
“Can I frame “Dr. Spencer Reid, Y/N’s boyfriend” beside my Ph.D.’s?” He keeps his hand on her shoulder, holding each other slightly as they walk towards her desk. He felt like one of those kids who wouldn’t let go of their girlfriend's hand in the school hallway, attached to her at the hip.
“I’ll make one for you while you’re gone,” she laughs lightly.
They stop at her desk where he sees all rocks he got her collecting on the shelf, as well as a cup of coffee and his favourite kind of donut.
“Thought you deserved something nice too,” she says as she nudges his side.
He kisses her on the cheek as a thank you, “you’re welcome,” she smiles to herself. A feeling of pride growing in both their chests.
“See you later?” He asks as he picks up the coffee and donut, walking away slowly as she smiles at him.
“Come home to me safely, Doctor Reid,” her voice is just loud enough for everyone in the briefing room, where everyone is waiting at the window, watching them, deciding to put on a show in return.
He stops on the steps to look at her softly, “I’d fight a thousand unsubs to come home to you.”
“I’ll leave the light on,” she blows a kiss at him, making him blush a deep red.
He waves, making his way up the steps and into the briefing room. A smile on his face, heart thumping in his chest, all the support in the world swarming around him as everyone patted him on the back.
That tiger’s eye really did bring him good luck and happiness, and her name was Y/N.
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memoreidam · 9 hours ago
GUYS i posted.. this one is going tto be a long term roast of gideon and hotch and their treatment of spencer. gideon fosters crows and hotch is judgey and knows exactly how this is going to go wrong and barely brings it up to gideon anyways! also spencer is anxious but street smart in a way that was kind of beaten into him. pls check it out id love u forever
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shmaptainhotchner · 13 hours ago
Take Care of the Rest [Aaron Hotchner]
Tumblr media
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner x gn!Reader
Characters: Aaron Hotchner
Words: 1K
Summary: Aaron knows how to make one of the worst feelings in the world just a little bit better
Warnings: reader who deals with chronic acid issues, descriptions of pain (but the whole fic is fluff)
A/N: Okay so this is a very self-indulgent ficlet that I low (high)-key wrote for myself (I've suffered from acid reflux and very bad heartburn that comes with it for over 2 years), but all of the things reader is experiencing and what she does to get through it are things I've drawn out from my own life so it's heavily based on personal experience, but I hope that if anyone who's got similar issues reads this it might offer a little comfort :)
Tumblr media
The pain bubbling up in your chest felt familiar and you almost cursed right then and there, knowing that whatever was happening was completely your fault.
That didn’t stop you from trying to eat because dammit you were starving, you hadn’t eaten anything all day and consequently hadn’t taken any medication.
But the more you ate the more the pain grew and blossomed, like a knife to your chest every time you breathed. Like fire down your throat every time you swallowed.
It got to the point where you just couldn’t take it anymore, it was too much but you just wanted it to stop. You wanted it to stop because you were so hungry, you needed to eat but you couldn’t.
Clattering your fork on the plate you pushed it aside, the frustration evident in your actions as you placed your head in your hands, tears pricking in your eyes.
The clatter caused Hotch to look up from his own food, noticing your distress with a frown.
“(Y/N) is everything okay?” he asked carefully and you shook your head at your husband.
“I can’t eat it, Aaron, I-I can’t,” you choked out a broken sob, clutching your chest as if that would rid you of the pain.
Quickly, he stood up and went to the medicine cabinet, grabbing a few pills before coming back to your side and bending down slightly so he was more at level with you.
“Come on open up,” he said gently and you obeyed while he placed the two tablets in your mouth and you struggled to chew them and swallow them down, their chalky texture not something you had to deal with in a while. “That’s it,” he said, pressing a soft kiss on your cheek as if to wipe away the tears.
Over the course of the time you had struggled with this ailment with no cure besides dealing with it when it came, you had developed somewhat of a ritual to help it get better and it seemed as though your husband had been paying attention and caught on to how he could be of service to you.
Coming back to the dinner table with an ice pack, he helped you out of your seat and moved you to the couch, getting you to settle yourself between his legs, your back pressed against his chest, but sitting up straight.
“Focus on staying comfortable okay?” he said, “I’ll take care of the rest,”
You gripped into his arm and nodded while he pressed another kiss to the side of your head, laying the cool pack on your chest before slipping his hand up your shirt to press into your sternum, using that pressure to rub up and down the bone, somewhat alleviating the pain (you honestly just suspected that the pressure distracted you from the other feeling but it worked well so why not).
Hotch could tell your breaths were shaky and shallow, but you were still wincing slightly in pain.
“Try a slow breath in for me?” he asked. “I don’t want you to pass out,”
You nodded again, trying what he suggested, and seeing as it was working you focused on continuing that along with feeling the cold compress and his hand on your chest.
“Can you...Can you talk to me?” you asked. “Distract me?”
“Of course,” he murmured, his hand repeating its pressured line and giving you some relief. “I’ve been thinking about taking some time off, maybe we could go out of town?”
“Yeah, I-I’d like that,” you smiled. “Where are you thinking?”
“Well, we could go visit my mom in Manassas,”
“Which is forty minutes away, be a little more adventurous Aaron,” you chided.
That made him chuckle, but he tried to keep himself still for you.
“Keep breathing sweetheart, that’s it,” he hushed before continuing. “Then why not Seattle? I have some old friends there we could visit. Go see the Space Needle, maybe do some hiking?”
“What happens if you get called out to work?” you asked.
“We’ll be in the woods, there's no cell reception,” he joked, nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck. “I’ll be off the grid,”
“You wish you could do that,” you rolled your eyes. “My Aaron Hotchner couldn’t stop working even if he tried. I bet you’re profiling that bowl over there right now,” you teased, taking the risk to take a deeper breath and noticing the pain had subsided.
“You feeling better?” he asked.
“Much,” you nodded, turning around to face him properly, your arms wrapped around his neck and legs draped over each side. “Thank you for taking care of me,” you whispered.
“Anytime honey, that’s my job,” he laid his forehead against yours and you couldn’t help but sneak a quick peck at his lips.
“I hope you weren’t joking about that vacation,” you murmured.
“Not in the least, that would be cruel,”
“Good, cause maybe we can just spend it right here,”
Tumblr media
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winterscaptain · 13 hours ago
Do you have any spencer writing blogs that you recommend?
i dont really read spencer fics, but i’m sure someone out in the wild has something for you!!
hey yall!! any recommendations for anon??
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uncpanda · 16 hours ago
The Ties that Bind: Library
Synopsis of series: Being the older sister of a literal genius? It’s not easy. Raising said genius from childhood on? An act of love. Uprooting your life again when he gets in over his head? A no brainer. Finding a new family and support system for yourself? Well, you suppose that’s just luck.
Master List
AN: Let’s go back in time to tiny Spencer and Reader and Spencer’s first trip to the library!!! 
You look down at your little brother, and smile at what you find; his mouth is wide open and his eyes are huge, and when he speaks he’s a little breathless, “It’s amazing. LOOK AT ALL THE BOOKS!” 
You’re quick to shush him as the librarian's gaze drifts to you, “You have to be quiet Spencer. The library is a quiet place, where people come to read and study.” 
His voice immediately dips into a whisper, “It’s amazing.” 
You smile and take his hand, thrilled that this idea had come to you a few days ago. Mom and William had been fighting more and more lately, and it had begun to stress Spencer out. So far, he’d slept in your room every night this week, and more than once he had climbed out of his sleeping bag and into your bed. One morning you’d woken up with his head at the foot of the bed, and his feet in your face. That hadn’t been pleasant. 
You take Spencer up to the counter, where Mrs. Jacobs is waiting. You’d talked to her earlier in the week about getting Spencer his very own library card. It had taken some finagling, but it had worked. She’s beyond kind to your little brother, and her patience is astounding. She explains the entire system to Spencer: how the books are sorted, the checkout process, how the books should be treated, and how important it is for him to not lose his card. 
He, wisely, asks you to hang onto it, and then peppers Mrs. Jacobs with a series of questions. When he’s done, and deciding which way he wants to go she says, “You weren’t kidding about his intelligence.” 
You spend hours in the library, most of the day in fact, and by the time you’re ready to go home Spencer has a stack as tall as him. You don’t let him checkout every book, and reassure him that you’ll bring him back soon. If your parents keep fighting the way they have been, you imagine the two of you will spend quite a bit of time here. 
Mrs. Jacobs grins as she checks out the book, and Spencer beams when he hands her his library card. You have to actually steer him out of the building, after placing his books in your backpack. 
The two of you manage to make it home before the street lights come on, and you find your mom lying on the couch. Her eyes are open, and she’s staring at nothing. That doesn’t stop Spencer from going over to tell her all about the library and show her his library card. You can tell he’s disappointed when she doesn’t respond. 
He perks up when you give him his books back though, and he takes them straight to your room. While he reads you make sandwiches; one for Spencer, one for your mom, one for William, and one for you. Spencer eats his quickly, before running back to his books. Your mother doesn’t touch hers, and you leave your dad’s out on the counter for him, while you pick at your own food. 
You get Spencer through his bedtime routine of a bath, pajamas, and brushing his teeth, before letting him snuggle into your bed. He’s out within minutes. You stay up. You check on your mom, putting your hand right in front of her mouth to make sure she’s still breathing. She’d closed her eyes a while ago, but hadn’t moved or made a sound since. 
William comes home close to ten, and he finds you at the kitchen table. He watches you for a second before asking, “What are you still doing up?” His tone is kind. 
“Wanted to make sure you got home okay.” 
He places a hand on top of your head, “Thank you sweetheart.” 
He goes to the fridge and notices the sandwich, “Your mom didn’t make dinner?” 
“She’s been sleeping.” 
He brings his plate to the table, and looks at you, “What would you say, if you Spencer 
and I went somewhere else? Without mom?”
You look up at him, “That I couldn’t go. She doesn’t do well on her own.” 
He takes a bite of the sandwich, “You shouldn’t have to take care of her. You shouldn’t have to take care of any of us.” 
You shrug, “I don’t mind.” 
“You’re nine. You should be spending time with friends.” 
“Spencer’s my brother. That’s better than a friend. You told me that.” 
He pauses, “Yes, I did. And now I’m saying thank you for the sandwich, and it’s time for bed.” 
You hesitate, “You’re going to be here, when I wake up, right?” 
“Of course. I’m your dad. I’ll always be here.” 
You nod once, and head to your bedroom. You find Spencer sleeping in a starfish position on your bed. Instead of trying to move him and rearrange him, you tuck into his sleeping bag, and you allow yourself to drift to sleep.      
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Bittersweet Hotch
Tumblr media
Gif by the lovely @dudeitiskarev​ 
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x F!Reader Rating: Explicit. 18+, minors DNI Words: 3.9K (look at me writing something shorter than 15k, huh?) Warning: Semi-public sex. Anal play (fem receiving). Love. Description: A short version of Hotch's POV from Chapter 1 of Bittersweet ("Accidents" Part 5). Link to the full series in my masterlist - will probably make most sense if you’ve read those first 💕
(Warning: Very NSFW below the cut! 18+)
Bittersweet Hotch 
There were a lot of reasons why Aaron loved you.
The bigger things, of course, such as your intelligence, your sharp humor, and your heart. Your unbridled compassion for the whole world, however undeserving at times, where Aaron occasionally filed himself in the latter category. Just occasionally though, not all the time anymore. Not after you had made it so blatantly clear how good you thought he was and he found himself striving to live up to those expectations. Surprisingly, it worked.
So yes, the bigger things were almost self-explanatory for why he loved you. Why anyone would love you, really, if they got the chance. Then there were all the little things. Small drops accumulating all the time, like water on a mountainside patiently eroding the seemingly impenetrable rock. One drop after the other until the dam broke and Aaron finally realized he loved you, even if he had done it for some time already. How you hummed to yourself if you thought no one was around, how you always stretched right after waking up, and how you lit up at the sight of him without noticing it yourself.
It was subtle, of course, especially when you were at work. But after Morgan had deftly pointed it out to Aaron — who had asked how the infamous bet started — it was impossible to ignore. He could see how other people on the team had picked up on it. It sometimes made it unbearable to maintain the rigid professionalism you had agreed on at work because now Aaron noticed it all the time. Whenever you walked into a room, you would seek him out first. A small glance, maybe a split second at most, but always there. At home, in more relaxed surroundings, you dropped your guard down further and he could see how your pupils dilated when you caught his eye. And lately, you got that small smile on your lips too, a smile that had Aaron convinced he would do absolutely anything for you.
It was that smile of yours that had made him bold enough to say those three words for the first time back at his kitchen. After that unsub clocked you with a two-by-four and Aaron had to physically restrain himself from beating up a local SWAT officer. Your reaction to those three words had not been as he hoped for, at least not at first, but it had improved quickly. He had come to realize that although you were — like him — keenly intelligent and —also like him — profiled people for a living, you were just as stupid as he was when it came to love. Just as human and vulnerable. There was something incredibly reassuring about that and in all honesty, it just made him love you more.
It meant he had to work harder though, to make you realize how serious he was about this. About this relationship, about you. This promotion they offered you, the one that forced him to squash down his selfish desires to keep you close at all times, was a good thing. It was good for you, and where he had let Haley play the second fiddle in favor of his career and his goals, he was not going to subject you to the same. He could be supportive — he wanted to be supportive — and if that meant sacrifices on his part, so be it. Hopefully, you’d realize he was serious about both this relationship, but also that he took you seriously. As a person, a partner, and a profiler.
The forced hierarchy from your jobs should not and would not seep into any other areas of your lives together.
All of these things had been clear in his mind when you stormed into his office earlier, kicking the door shut, and demanding answers. He loved that about you too. How brazen you could be and that you were comfortable enough around him now to be brazen, even here. Time had gone by quickly, but he could recall just like yesterday when he had held an impromptu performance review here in his office. When he had tried — in vain — to lay down some boundaries, but still found himself unable to say outright that this couldn’t happen. You and him? Impossible for so many reasons. The age difference, your jobs, his son — so many obstacles that had been swept away by those steady drops of water. Things he eventually forgot were obstacles at all unless someone pointed it out for him.
And as he watched you chew your bottom lip raw — so obviously conflicted about this offer and so obviously looking for some kind of permission from him to take it — he realized he would do anything for you. Maybe that was why it had happened? He certainly hadn’t planned it, but seeing your wet eyes after he asked you to move in — again, not the reaction he planned for — he had acted on instinct. Anything to turn that confusion into something simpler.
It started as a kiss. Just a simple gesture of affection and a physical distraction. And perhaps your boldness had rubbed off on him or all those whispered confessions how you fantasized about being bent over his desk played a part, but the next thing he knew, he had pushed his hand up the skirt of your dress. By then it was too late to back down. The way your breath hitched when his fingers brushed against the silken part of your inner thigh skipped through both ears and brain and lodged straight into his libido. And then that perfect mouth of yours had dropped open when he ran his finger against the thin material of your underwear. Using his trigger finger to carve out that well-defined slit marking the entrance to something downright holy — he couldn’t have stopped even if he wanted to, and despite your half-hearted pleas, you didn’t want him to stop either.
You hadn’t been wet to start with, but it took seconds before he felt the fabric dampen. Blood rushing to swell your lips and that tight bundle of nerves he loved to rub, suck, and bite when the occasion called for it. He thought he could tell the difference with each of your heartbeats and he’ll admit he got lost in the moment.
A calculated risk on many levels, but when you shuddered and tightened around his fingers — two of them pumping into you with sloppy wet sounds — he knew he would have come in his pants if he’d been twenty years younger. Sometimes he hated that he was noticeably older than you, other times he silently thought it gave him the opportunity to show you the sexual experiences you deserved. He had another kind of patience now than when he was young, another kind of appreciation for giving as well as receiving pleasure, and let’s face it, another kind of stamina. Not necessarily better, but different.
The sight of you fully dressed, knees knocking against his where he caged you in the chair, and with a glow to your cheeks would forever be burned into his retina. He’d never able to see anyone sit in that chair again without remembering this moment and he was unable to decide whether or not that was a good thing.
It was at least part of the reason why he stayed hard — rock hard, so uncomfortably strained against the stretchy materials of his boxers — even while driving to the city. Trying and wanting to make good on his offer for lunch. And he could smell the faintest wafts of your juices on his fingers and that didn’t help one bit. For a second he had been tempted to let you help him as you had offered — unzip and lean back as far as possible in the seat, pushing your head down and feeling the rasp of your teeth when he pushed too hard at one point. No. He had tried, he told himself, to make this about you. All about you.
There was still a limit to his willpower.
“Aaron,” you had said when the car was parked, the forest empty besides the two of you. As if nothing really existed outside the two of you. Your lips were swollen from his kiss where you leaned halfway over the console. Your eyes were heavy-lidded and focused on him, pinning him in place with your unbridled sincerity. “You just need to decide if you want me to suck your dick or not before you fuck me.”
It took less than a minute before he was shoving his dick into your wet and open cunt where you laid splayed over the passenger seat in the SUV. The door stood wide open to allow him access to you, with the chill of the Virginia forest whispering across the bare skin of his thighs and yours alike. Outdoors, in the middle of the day, when you both were supposed to be at work and not fucking like two teenagers at the end of a forest road. You with that fancy dress rucked up to your midriff, and him with his pants and boxers nestled around his ankles. He didn’t even bother stepping out of them, working with what he had and shoving himself into you through the car door.
The agent and the lawyer in him mumbled something vague about indecent exposure, but drowned out at the sight of you throwing your head back when he snapped his hips forward, your wet open lips pressed against and around him. You weren’t even worried. Another part he loved about you. Spontaneous, risk-taker, daredevil — call it whatever the hell you wanted, but he loved it. It. You. He loved you.
It always felt like the first time when he pushed into you, that heated way you almost sucked him in, squeezing around his dick like a tight fist. Pure velvet fire consuming his dick, and his fingers scrambled for hold, searching for those soft parts of your body that yielded to his grip. He could feel your insides tighten whenever he hit a particularly good point and he kept the pace brutal because you asked him to. At least he thought you did — you at least swore incessantly and it was hard to tell the fuck me’s from the ordinary fuck’s. You always swore like this when you didn’t have to be quiet — and sometimes even then — and it was all breathless and beautiful and he strived to give you everything you wanted. Everything he had.
He loved the way he could see your breasts bounce even under that tight dress he had all but tricked you into wearing today. And when you had to turn around, he loved the way your ass jiggled every time he thrust into you. He loved the way his fingers fit on your body, how pliant it was, somehow always making room for him — be it his fingers, his dick, or his tongue.
You made a spectacular sight and he didn’t know where to focus. On the faint reflection in the window on the other side where he could see your eyes tightly closed and mouth hanging open. On the curve of your waist, flaring up to your hips where his hands held you. On the ripple passing through your thighs and ass cheeks every time he went all in so his balls smacked against your undoubtedly swollen clit. Or on your puffy wet lips gripping around his dick in rhythm to his hips snapping forward, a clear mirror of how your other lips looked like when they locked around his cock.
His mind felt blank and he was aware he was saying something. Trying and failing to put his thoughts into words, mostly groaning your name and saying how beautiful you were over and over again. Because you were. Jesus Christ, you were. It was partially as a distraction for himself when he reached around to find your clit — two fingers, pulling the hood back a fraction so he could move better around it — because he wanted to fill you up now.
He wanted to pump you so full of his cum you’d feel it for the rest of the day. It was a little caveman-ish, but he was done trying to deny he loved seeing his white spend pool out of your hole. A claim, a mark, an undeniable sign of where he’d been. Of what you’d done together and how you’d let him use your pussy. The only thing that could compare was seeing it in your mouth, a small pearly shimmer of something that was his gliding over your tongue.
This distraction wasn’t working. Fuck. Aaron felt the drops of sweat run down his back — despite all his cardio, his dress shirts were tight and warm now with the brutal pace he’d set. God, you were exquisite. Knees spread wide on the seat, bottom of your ass resting on your ankles on either side of his thighs. Wide-open and fucking gorgeous. He wanted to make you come around his dick again. He needed to make you come around his dick again. To feel what only his fingers felt earlier, how you’d squeeze and pulsate and buck your hips to get deeper and more. Fuck.
His tie hung loosely over your back and occasionally censored you from his view. Breathing hard, Aaron flung it away and — acting on some kind of instinct or just pure debauchery — he pooled spit in his mouth and let it drop down so it hit that perfect little asshole of yours. You obviously felt it — he heard both a gasp and had to increase his grip so you wouldn’t fly right off his dick, but most of all he saw how you tightened and that little asshole became momentarily smaller. Fucking exquisite. He checked your reflection in the window, saw the full-on mask of pleasure, and more blood left his head to pump into his dick so he wondered if you would feel it thump inside of you.
He could debate how good of a distraction it was, but at least the sight of his spit running between your cheeks kept his focus from how his dick felt in your pussy. Aaron knew he was good at multi-tasking, but this was almost too much. Remembering to keep fingering your clit — aided by how you squirmed against his hand — and trying to keep a steady pace with his dick — again aided by how you also pushed back to meet his thrusts — and wetting his thumb thoroughly before gliding it over your asshole.
Worth it, he thought vaguely, based on those positively angelic sounds you made. Even with how you swore, it sounded like gospel. He barely remembered to ask if it was okay —if it was good, if this was accepted —so mesmerized at the sight. He had done this before — always carefully, always asking for permission — not really for any other reason that in some positions, it felt like your body offered it to him. And you liked it and where Aaron hadn’t had any particular fantasies about it before, it struck that caveman-gene in him again that this was another hole to fill with his cum. Another part of you to claim in the most depraved way possible.
Maybe down the line, but so far you had never gone further than what he did right now. Rubbing a slick finger around that tight little ring he couldn’t imagine fitting even his pinky inside. It took some willpower to let his hand follow the rhythm of your body — sometimes you pushed back against his dick so hard his finger would have poked into you whether you wanted it to or not — but he wanted this to be good for you. Needed this to be good for you.
But when you told him to fuck you, and rub your clit, and don’t stop, he wasn’t going to question it.
He groaned, mostly because of how you squeezed your pussy around his dick — again like a tight fist that you might as well have sucker-punched him with — as he pushed the very tip of his thumb into your ass. Tight. Hot. Only wet because of his spit, but based on your sounds, not exactly painful. He rubbed your clit harder, hoping to ease any discomfort there was or at least distract from it, and worked his thumb gently around. A vision of his thumb buried down to the hilt floated across his mind. Another way to grip you, using your ass as a balance hole to pull you back onto his dick, and he closed his eyes while involuntarily working your clit harder as if he could transfer some of his quickly approaching climax into you.
Another time, he reminded himself and tried to focus on your words. That didn’t help. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Aaron, please don’t stop. And in the same breath, you told him to come inside you — to fill you up — and that you were moving in with him and you wanted him to keep going and he couldn’t.
On your instructions, his thumb was inside to the first knuckle and he could feel himself now, could feel his dick where he was balls-deep inside of you. The further his thumb went in, the easier it got too, almost like you were sucking him in and he tried to remember to wiggle it around, loosening you up some, wanting this to feel good for you. But you were so tight and wet and you weren’t happy with how he’d slowed his pace on anything because you obviously wanted more.
He kept rubbing your wet little clit, almost on auto-pilot, but had to stop thrusting before he came before you. Did you have any idea of how good you felt? On his dick like this? Gushing wet and spread open and still so fucking tight? The slick sounds of his fingers on your clit drowned in your breathy pleas for him to keep going.
The words made it through the haze in Aaron’s mind, where all he could see was where the two of you were joined. Yes, he could do the fucking laundry. Yes, in his apartment. Yes, you were moving in. Yes, you were close to coming and you sounded so desperate he had to try. His wrist burned from circling your clit at the awkward angle, but he’d wear a wrist brace for the rest of the week if that meant feeling you lose yourself to a climax around him.
But he was so close. His balls tight and throbbing, bursting with cum he wanted to shoot inside of you. Wanted to watch it ooze out of your swollen glistening cunt afterward, use his fingers to push it back in, and then let you lick them clean. He wanted to do all of that. But not before you came first.
Almost holding his breath, he pulled his dick out with a lewd squelch, fighting to keep the rhythm on your clit even though you were squirming and swaying all over the place. Both of you were so close and you shoved your hips back to meet his next thrust, and your tight, tight asshole swallowed the rest of his thumb, and thank god that made you almost scream as you came because Aaron only lasted two — three — four more thrusts into your tight, tight pussy before he followed. He felt it in his whole body, the way the dam burst, and his nerve-endings exploded as he came.
The quiet forest engulfed his loud groan, the sound of your name in his chest, and your thin whimpers of unbridled pleasure. He desperately grabbed onto your hips to steady himself, keeping you from pulling away, wanting everything pumped into you. He halfway pulled back and buried himself all the way in again and grunted your name like he had traveled ten thousand years to the past and reduced to nothing but animal instincts. His balls pulsated, shooting string after string of cum into you, more than he would have expected. Hopefully enough. Filling you up to the brim, just like you’d fucking asked for, and enough to eventually run out of you to coat that expensive lace he’d bought today.
He clutched your hips like a lifeline — like you’d clutched that folder earlier today in his office — like your pussy clutched and milked his dick. He still twitched inside of you, still on the cusp of the orgasm, and he breathed hard to counteract the light-headedness. You were so perfect for him in every way, just so tight that he could feel his own cum coat around his dick in the limited space.
I love you, he thought and memorized every curve and line of your back, not enough breath in his lungs to say it just yet. Slowly coming down, he massaged your hips where he had left his marks yet again. Fingerprints dug into your skin in slight bruisings, ones you seemed to appreciate. You breathed equally hard as him, but looked at him over your shoulder, so flushed and gorgeous and deserving of the world.
I love you.
It was in your eyes, your smile, and often coming out your mouth too. Not right now as you only panted slightly, but you looked at him in a way that stole his breath away all over again.
I love you.
You had looked at him like that so many times before you said it for the first time, and Aaron knew you had held back. Patience. Trust. Understanding. It was in your every move and conversation with him. He didn’t know if he had earned it, but he hadn’t lied before of how grateful he was for it. Now it was his turn, he realized, to show you the same. To adapt to your schedule and your needs like you had done for him.
Like you were doing right now when the sound of his ring tone cut through the foggy aftermath of your orgasms. Not even hesitating, you reached out for his phone — Aaron swallowed a grunt when the movement pulled his dick from your gushing hole — and handed him both phone and some wet wipes. You had never tried to compete with either the job or Jack, and Aaron loved you for that too. Even if he deep-down knew he should have prioritized differently at times, you had made it so he didn’t have to. You had made everything so easy. Always, so easy, because apparently you felt he was worth it.
Try as he might, he couldn’t find anything but satisfaction in your eyes now either as you watched him try to listen to Garcia. If you kept this up, he might start to think he was worth it too.
He wanted to be worth it, he realized, watching the wicked glint in your eye when you sucked his fingers clean after the call ended. Wanted to have you and this and everything forever.
There were many reasons why Aaron loved you, but most of all because you had made him believe he could love again at all.
A/N: First time writing this "you"-style from Hotch's POV and looking for feedback. If it's confusing or if it’s unclear who’s POV it is. Also first time writing smut from a guy’s perspective and accepting feedback on that as well 🥰
As always, I strive to be inclusive of my reader-inserts, so please let me know if any descriptions or phrases needs changing.
Remember to reblog if you liked it! And that comments feed my creativity just as much as caffeine 💕
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bi-bard · 17 hours ago
For Those Who Don't Know Who I Am- Emily Prentiss Imagine (Criminal Minds/Supernatural Crossover)
Tumblr media
Title: For Those Who Don't Know Who I Am
Pairing: Emily Prentiss X Reader
Requested: Nope
Word Count: 1,617 words
Warning(s): Character death, mentions of monsters
Summary: (Season 13 in both shows) When Linda Barnes comes to the B.A.U with the goal of tearing the team apart, (Y/N) taps back into their old hunter techniques to figure out the truth. Also, Emily finally meets (Y/n)'s family.
Author's Note: Okay. 1) I'm screwing with all sorts of timelines so don't question me about it because I don't know anymore. 2) The casting of Kim Rhodes gave me the perfect excuse for this to happen. I hope you enjoy the weirdest thing I've ever written.
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I knew something was wrong as soon as Linda Barnes. Mostly because I already knew her. I furrowed my eyebrows at her. She didn't acknowledge me.
"What's on your mind," J.J asked. I was standing in the meeting room, watching as Barnes walked through the main office.
"Nothing," I shook my head. "I just... I feel like I've met her before."
"You've probably seen her around the office before," she shrugged at me.
I nodded, "That's probably it. Something's just off."
"Beyond her pointless suspension of Emily?"
"Guess so," I shrugged. "Congratulations on your promotion, by the way."
"You can congratulate me by giving the job back to Emily," she sighed. I looked down for a moment.
"I should check on her," I mumbled before walking out of the meeting room.
I walked over to Emily's office, knocking quickly as I opened the door. She looked up from her box of stuff. I gave her a sad smile.
"How are you doing," I asked.
"Fine," she mumbled. I walked over and hugged her tightly. "Thank you."
"You don't have to thank me for basic forms of affection," I chuckled as I pulled back. "We have been together for a while now."
She just chuckled at me.
"How are you really doing," I asked.
"I'm not sure," she shrugged. "It's almost like it hasn't hit me yet."
"Well, how about we head home and order some pizza," I suggested. "That way, when this does hit you, we have something else to focus on."
"Okay," she nodded. I leaned over and kissed her cheek before grabbing the box off her desk.
"We'll get through this," I promised. "The team always bounces back."
She just smiled at me.
--Time Skip--
I grabbed my phone off the table and tried to casually lean on the railing near the meeting room. Suspending Emily was one thing, tearing the team apart completely was a whole different thing.
"What are you doing," Luke asked, leaning next to me. I snapped a quick photo as Linda walked by.
"Just being lazy," I shrugged, checking my phone. "Maybe I can get myself transferred to be with Emily."
"Good luck," Luke chuckled, looking over my shoulder. "Damn, what's up with your camera?"
Linda's eyes were glowing. I bit my lip.
"It's just a filter," I shrugged. "I gotta go. Tell Linda I went to the bathroom."
"Okay," Luke said in a questioning voice as I quickly walked away.
I got into the elevator and waited for the doors to close before pulling out my phone. I scrolled through my contacts and clicked on Jody's contact quickly.
"(Y/n)," she said cheerily. "God, it's been too long since I saw you. How are you?"
"Are you okay," I asked.
"Yeah," she replied. "Why wouldn't I be?"
"There's a shifter here," I said. "Pretending to be you."
"At the F.B.I," she questioned.
"Yes," I snapped. "I'm gonna call Sam and Dean. You need to get out here."
"Alright, alright," she replied. "Be safe. Don't act like you know anything. I'll see you soon."
"See you soon," I mumbled before hanging up.
The doors slid open on the bottom floor of the building. I walked to the bathroom, quickly checking that it was empty before calling the number I had for Sam.
"Please pick up, please pick up," I said.
"(Y/n)," he said in a questioning tone.
"I don't have much time," I explained quickly. "I have a shifter in the F.B.I. She's trying to destroy my team. She took Jody's form."
"Are you sure it's a shifter?"
"I got a picture of her eyes," I replied. "Jody's already on her way here. Please just come help us. Please. I can't do anything without destroying my career."
"Okay, okay, we're on our way," he said. I thanked him before hanging up the phone.
I ran back upstairs. I walked in just as J.J was gathering the team to present the newest set of cases to Linda. I followed her, scared out of my mind.
--Time Skip--
I walked up to Linda's office, not even bothering to knock. She made a smart comment but I just sat in the chair across from her.
"Did you know that my real last name isn't Campbell," I asked.
"I don't remember asking," she replied.
"It was my mom's maiden name," I continued. "She was murdered when I was younger. Right over my baby brother's coffin."
She looked up from the file, looking at me like she was trying to figure out where she had heard this story before.
"I ditched my real last name when I left my family," I said. "There was just so much trouble tied to that name. Maybe you've heard it before-"
"Winchester," we both said at the same time.
"You can't do anything," she replied.
"I wasn't going to," I forced a chuckle. "I was just going to let you know that I'm taking Monday off. My brothers are visiting. I'd like an extra day with them."
With that, I stood up and walked out of the office. I was shocked she never tried anything. I guess she knew that if I never met with my brothers, they'd still find her.
--Time Skip--
I relaxed next to Emily, pulling her closer to me.
"I got an interesting call today," she said. I hummed to show that I was listening. "Apparently after Linda was told to back off, she resigned."
"Really," I asked.
"Yeah, she's off to South Dakota or something like that," she explained. I nodded, acting shocked. "So... what kind of monster was it?"
I stayed silent for a moment. She raised her eyebrows at me.
"...a shifter," I admitted quietly.
"Tell your brothers that I said thank you," she chuckled.
"I already invited them to dinner."
"I'm not shocked."
As if on cue, there was a knock at the door. I hadn't seen them before the hunt, per Dean's request. I basically ran over to the door, which made Emily laugh at me as she followed.
"(Y/n)," Dean cheered, pulling me into a hug. "It has been too long."
"I know," I mumbled. I looked over his shoulder and jumped back.
"Shit," Dean mumbled. "(Y/n), this is Jack."
"Hello," the boy waved awkwardly as he followed Sam inside.
"It hasn't been that long," I said.
"Emily, right," Sam asked, ignoring the subject. He closed the door behind Jack. "Nice to actually meet you."
"You too," she grinned, shaking Sam and Jack's hands.
"How much does she know," Dean mumbled.
"She knows my story, about where I'm going when I use my vacation days, I taught a few basics so she can protect herself," I explained.
"Jack's Lucifer's kid," Dean said bluntly.
"What," I yelled before quickly quieting down. "You brought the devil's kid to my apartment?"
"Sam's idea."
"Better question, where's Mom and Cas?"
"They're... they're dead," Dean looked down. I stepped back. Emily walked over and pulled me into a hug. "I-I'm sorry."
Sam walked over as Emily stepped back. She walked over to Jack and let him go sit in the living room so that Dean, Sam, and I could have a moment. We were soon having a group hug in the middle of my apartment.
"Were they in pain," I asked.
"I... I don't know," Sam mumbled.
"I just...," I stepped back, wiping my eyes. "I don't even know what to think."
"It's alright," Dean kissed the top of my head before leading me to the living room. "So, Emily, I've missed years of your guys' relationship. What's been happening?"
Emily looked at me and I nodded, letting her know that it was alright. It became an event of swapping stories. Emily and I told them about our work, some of our cases, some of the people we'd lost along the way. Sam and Dean told us about their hunts, told Emily old stories of me growing up and hunting, and how Jack came to exist.
It was oddly nice. It was like watching my two worlds collide in the best way possible. Seeing everyone get along made all of my stress fall off my shoulders.
Later that night, the boys had left and Emily and I were having tea on the couch.
"How are you feeling," she asked, arm laying on the back of the couch behind me. "And don't you dare say that you're fine."
I chuckled, "I'm not sure. I'm sure it will hit me harder in a little bit. I'm just thinking of how grateful I am."
Emily furrowed her eyebrows at me.
"I didn't get to grow up with my mom," I explained. "I got a second chance with her. She approved of my job and of you. She confirmed what everyone always told me..."
"She was proud of you."
I nodded, "And that's all I could ask for."
"What about Cas," she asked.
"He was a hero," I said. "He was awkward and silly but he helped me through so much. When my brothers would leave, Cas did his best to keep in touch with me. He was my best friend."
I looked down and felt tears in my eyes. Emily scooted closer, moved both of our mugs to the coffee table, and then hugged me, letting me cry into her shoulder.
"It's gonna be okay," she mumbled.
It was that night that I realized that I had fallen into the best support system. I had two brothers... and an adoptive nephew, I guess... that could help me with my hunting life. I had a team that could help me with the stress from my job. I had the love of my life there to help me through everything.
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For Good (Emily Prentiss x Reader) Period!AU
Summary: It’s been over half a year since Emily Prentiss last left town. She certainly knows how to make an entrance back into her beloved’s life.
AN: This is an Emily Prentiss Period!AU for @vellichor01​ as part of the @imagining-in-the-margins and @sunlight-moonrise​ fic swap. I hope you like it! Reader is GN but wears a dress.
Tumblr media
Your name: submit What is this?
Emily Prentiss. Bit of a wild thing, headstrong, a negative influence. So naturally, she was utter perfection and when Y/N heard that she was back in town, she could not wait to be reunited. It was not until Sunday, five days later, that they would see her in her church best and most becoming in the second pew. Her dark hair were pinned neatly in a bun, intricate and Y/N knew that it would fall out in curls once it was freed. The red of her dress was scandalous against the holier-than-thou congregation. It made Y/N, along with everyone else, wonder why on God’s earth she would be here. But Y/N especially. They knew Emily’s history with the church and the difficulty setting foot in St. Mary’s Church presented for her.
And then Emily looked over her shoulder and caught Y/N with their guilty expression and she smiled. Flawless, the purity of her white teeth to the devilish red lipstick framing them, and a combination of the two in her pink tongue poking out to tease Y/N for their actions. How sinful, and right in the face of Jesus who hung from a cross at the height above her.
They crossed paths again in the aisle after mass. Other congregators parted like the Red Sea to Emily “Moses” Prentiss but she was not a saviour or a prophet of God in their eyes. Y/N joined them in letting her pass, and they caught her gaze once more as it broke from the confident unseeing stare to the oak doors ahead of her. Those eyes creased at the corners, her cheeks lifting though her lips did not smile. They didn’t need to; Y/N knew what she meant. They mirrored her expression for a split second before she was out of their view. They could turn their head to follow her out, but not yet.
Conversations veiling attacks on personal appearance and behaviour as welcoming comments passed over Y/N’s head as they shimmied around the pews. They almost broke into a jog by the time they reached the sun spots glaring off the pavement.  
Y/N pivoted to meet Emily in the most amicable and outwardly platonic way possible. That was not however on the cards for Miss Prentiss, who openly embraced Y/N before the remaining churchgoers. Chest to chest, arms in a tight grip, and the scent of freshly cut roses smothered Y/N’s senses. They had to reciprocate, perhaps not with as much joy as they would like, but enough for now.
Emily broke away first and smiled again, a tad restrained for those watching, “I was wondering if you’d like to accompany me for afternoon tea.”
“Of course. When?”
With that, they linked arms and strode off away from prying eyes. Emily’s pace was powered, her jauntiness spreading through to Y/N. Each click of their shoes that took them further away from prying eyes was a delight to hear and they revelled in them.
It took one minute for Y/N to realise that they did not know where Emily was living, or staying, this time. They had instinctively been walking towards her old home that was now occupied by an elderly couple with two Alsatians.
“This way,” Emily flexed her arm to squeeze Y/N’s in the crook of her elbow. Of course, she knew what they were thinking. She always did. She could be one of those carnival psychics if she ever lost that marvellous job of hers.
Y/N lifted the brim of their hat up to see up the road. A path, worn in by travellers’ feet straying from the road, was their new turn. At the end of it, the pair found the stile, its supports and the fence that linked to it married with grass and weeds and wildflowers alike. Emily dropped Y/N’s arm to hike up her skirts and she leapt over the stile. Her feet landed gracefully in the long grass on the other side. Her open palm reached out to Y/N with the same air of elegance.
“You know they call these kissing gates.” Her teeth sparkled in her smile, a teasing tilt of her head catching the sunlight. Truly, she was a temptress. How could Y/N resist her when their hand fit so neatly into hers?
The spare firmly squashed their hat down on their head. Fingers tipped with nibbled nails grasped firmly in case Y/N needed a reminder of the security Emily provided. Lifting their skirts, Y/N let out a laugh as a breeze caught their bare shins stepping over the wooden planks. Another one, louder, when Emily caught their cheek with her lips before they fell at her side.
A hill slid down into the lover’s lake. Ducks’ quacks were carried on the wind, weaving through the grass and sweeping up.
Emily’s eyes still glinted with all their mischief. Suddenly she was dragging Y/N after her in a jog, kicking up their dresses to catch on blades of grass. Her hair fell from its bun. As suspected, it was all curls taking flight behind her, wrapping around each other like a flock of migrating ravens.
Laughs rioting in the air, Y/N’s hat flew away but there was no care for it anymore. Legs carried them faster than they were built.
Bobbing up and down, happy as a duckling, was a row boat by a fishing dock.
“What is this?” Y/N said, smile stuck on their face.
“Your surprise.”
Emily was the one to row the pair out. Her skirts were propped up on her knees to show off her shins. They floated about, along with Y/N’s flyaway hairs like dandelion seeds in the breeze. Glorious sunlight emerged from the last cloud in its path.
Ripples parted the way for the boat, right to the island at the centre. There was always a temptation to go there as a child, but not once had Y/N dared to swim the currents or hire a boat unchaperoned. Now they were glad they hadn’t. Their first and only time onto the island was with Emily. They would never visit without her. Not even if she went away for months again.
Stepping onto the shoreline, out of reach of the waves while Emily dragged the boat away from temptation of drifting. Once satisfied, she took Y/N’s hand again to lead them over to her afternoon tea. She shooed away a magpie from a bush.
“When did you have the time to prepare all of this?”
“I have my ways.”
“Mysterious as the fog.”
Emily flushed at Y/N’s little joke, hiding it in the pink of the gingham picnic blanket she was laying out near the bank. There were reeds, lush, that hid them from prying eyes.
A delightful luncheon was hidden in a wicker basket. There was a new gift: a flask. Initially it had been invented to keep things cold. At least that was what Emily told Y/N as she poured tea into dainty teacups. Between sips, Emily would request an exchange between them: miniature sandwiches or cakes for the toll of a kiss. Thankfully, Y/N was not one for bartering and willingly accepted Emily’s offer. Every. Single. Time.
Roses still hung in the fresh air. Emily wore it as a scent and presented a glorious bouquet for Y/N, all intertwined with ribbons and their petals blooming beautifully. They were clutched to Y/N’s chest as they were fed the last strawberry in the bowl. Chocolate covered. Classic romance.  
The food was filling, far more than Y/N would have liked. Clearly Emily had improved her cooking abilities in her time abroad; they could have gorged on this for days.
Bellies full, lounging together, the sound of the water alongside ducks chattering, there was no need for conversation. Emily’s extravagant actions spoke what she couldn’t quite say: that she was sorry for her absence. Two months extension on her already long sentence away from Y/N. Sentence was a harsh label yet it fit halfway. Emily loved her occupation but Y/N loathed the effects – apart from the little black cat that she’d left to keep them company. It made things a little easier to bear. But they didn’t know how long they could wait for her.
“You can be such a child sometimes.”
Y/N blinked. Then they realised their cheeks were full of the strawberry Emily had offered them, probably minutes ago. They swallowed the fruit that was the same colour as their cheeks.
“You love me,” They said quietly.
With a hum, Emily said, “I do.”
“I’m so glad you’re here with me again.”
Emily looked to the sky with a hand behind her head. Her raven hair sprawled across the picnic blanket and she wrinkled her nose in a squint up at the sky. A preposterously large cloud wafted by, delicate and fluffy with the promise of no downpour.
Her next words were quiet, on the same level as the murmur of the lake swilling up tiny waves on the island’s shore. But even if Emily had been the only sound in the world, Y/N would not have believed what was being given to them.
“For good this time.”
Y/N sat up straight away, causing Emily to shield her eyes from the sunlight thrown at her from behind her lover.
“I’m here to stay.”
“I never believed you would.”
“Believe it.”
If Emily had been sitting up beside Y/N, she would have been knocked over with the force that Y/N’s hug hit her with. They tipped over to the end of the picnic blanket. The dusty earth welcomed Y/N with open arms as they fell into it. The two shared the lipstick in messy harmony, a single strand of Emily’s hair pressed between their lips like a flower to parchment, forever sealing and preserving their love.
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boldlyvoid · 18 hours ago
Sugar, Honey, Ice Tea | chapter 3
Tumblr media
Chapter 3: Sunday kind of Love
Summary: Fix-it-fic: Dr. Beth Pattinson and Savannah Hayes have been best friends since their medical internship at Bethesda General. When she receives a frantic call that Derek's best friend is being transferred to the prison she works at, an unlikely friendship bubbles.
Eventually falling head over heels for the innocent man.
Warnings: fluff, angst, mutual pining, strangers to lovers, emotional hurt/comfort (refer to warnings on ao3 for more)
Read from the beginning
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sad-sad-times · 18 hours ago
The Three of You - Hotch/Emily/Non-Binary Reader
Emily introduces you to her and Hotch's relationship, you're shocked to see how much power she has over him...and how much power she seems to have over you. You join them for some adult fun time and learn a lot about everyone involved.
Tags: dom/sub dynamics, femdom, dom!Emily, smut, oral sex, light begging, blink and you'll miss it swearing.
This is chapter one, I'm currently working on chapter two, but yeah...hope you enjoy!
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moreidsdaughter · 19 hours ago
broken (2)
spencer reid x reader
genre: angst
tw: mentions of murder and kidnapping, crying, comments alluding to body dysmorphia or ed.. I think that's it! let me know if you want me to add any other warnings.
word count: 1.2k
summary: in which a broken girl tells her story!
a/n: thank you guys for being here! it was just my birthday and we hit another milestone! I love you guys so much and I am so thankful for you guys! thank you @haileyyturner and @obliviousreid for betaing this chapter
Tumblr media
JJ waits silently, the nerves are evident on her face. She explains that someone is killing families; specifically kidnapping, torturing, and inevitably murdering them in St. Petersburg, Florida. Each family is kept over a two week period. Then after that period of time, the unsub would move onto a different family. So far, the unsub has killed two families over the course of the month. The local law enforcement called the BAU because the unsub clearly has a signature.
“What’s their signature?” Hotch asks. JJ looks at Hotch, then looking back at the screen to change the pictures. These pictures reveal that each parent had a four mark etched into their chest. The unsub was choosing families of four; one father, one mother, a daughter, and a son.
“Why would the unsub mark them like this? It has to mean something, but what does it mean?” Y/n questions.
“In Chinese culture, the number four is thought to be unlucky, but it also means death. It is more commonly known as a symbol of death, it just comes from that culture, but if our unsub is from that background, the four could be representing unluckiness.” Spencer rambles, quick to speak his mind.
“But why the mother and father?” Derek asks, looking puzzled as he continues talking. “What makes marking them significant and not the children?”
“Maybe he sees the children as innocent... However, then it’s a matter of what the parents did to deserve this in the unsub’s eyes.” says Y/n. “Maybe cheating or not taking care of their kids properly?”
“Garcia, look into the families and more into the murders. Also, check CPS reports, ethnic backgrounds, and marriage counsel records. Otherwise, wheels up in thirty.” Hotch said with his usual stern face. Hotch rushes to get his papers together and leaves the room.
“Coffee, Spence?” you ask, trying to not seem out of it. You go out of your way to smile a little and change your body language, so he won’t notice.
“Sure, Y/n. All the sugar in the world,” Spencer laughs. Then he notices something, your eyes look like you haven’t slept in days and your skin has an ashen, dull look to it. Spencer looks away quickly, not wanting to make it obvious, but it was too late.
“Spencer, why are you looking at me like that? Do I look bad or something?” you blurt out. The fear is always present in the back of your mind. ‘You can’t let him know’ you thought.
“No! No, you look fine.” Spencer says, trying not to lie to you.
And you know that Spencer is lying because you can hardly take a look at yourself. All the mirrors in your house are covered with black garbage bags. You're afraid of what you’ve become to the point where you can’t see yourself, because all you see is disappointment. The only mirror not covered is the bathroom even though it’s where your most insecure moments happen. You have to see yourself before work, that’s the only reason it isn’t covered. ‘If you can’t look at yourself, how can you expect others to?.’ is a thought that goes through your head frequently.
“Thanks Spence, here’s your coffee.” you say trying to ignore the thoughts running through your head. You walk away before Spencer can respond and you know that it's a risk, you just need a few minutes before the team leaves.
You make your way to the bathroom swiftly trying to keep it all in, but you couldn’t. Luckily the rest of the team was in the bullpen getting ready, so your coworkers seeing you wasn’t a problem. You opened the door and walked in, the mirrors on the wall taunting you. When you walk to the mirror, you see the mess on your face; your fatigue is evident, mascara is running down your face, and your face is puffy. It was like looking at a complete stranger, you didn’t even recognize yourself. Your eyes stare back at you and another set of tears fall down your face as you whisper, “Get yourself together.” You wash your face and return to the bullpen, awaiting for the team to leave.
Y/n left in such a rush. ‘I wanted to say that she looks beautiful no matter what, but she just left. There has to be something wrong. She wouldn’t do anything like this months ago, so what changed?’ Spencer thought. He walks back to the bullpen conflicted about if he should say anything. ‘I should wait. Maybe if I find out more, it will be easier to confront her based on her behavior. But is it too intrusive?’ Walking to his desk and picking up his go bag, he notices that Y/n is back.
Spencer didn’t want to ask, but he could never be too sure. He walks over to Y/n and says, “You okay?” with a slight pout.
“I’m fine. My eyes were just really itchy and I needed to put in some eye drops.” Y/n says, fiddling with her hands.
‘She’s nervous’ Spencer thought to himself. “Oh, it’s okay.” Spencer says.
“Yeah, allergies are shitty.” Y/n laughed.
“Come on lovebirds, we gotta go!” Derek interrupts. Spencer and Y/n are clearly flustered and head to the jet.
The plane ride is something, there’s a lot of turbulence and is overall really rocky, so no one is sleeping. Hotch goes about his day in the corner, looking at case files and probably putting a theory together about the unsub. JJ and Emily are laughing and chatting about things in their lives. Derek is in his usual spot with Spencer bickering about something, but I’m alone. Sitting in my corner of the jet, silently observing my surroundings. A big rule for the team is not to profile each other, because we're coworkers, and most importantly, family. I’m not profiling anyone, I’m just sitting there in silence because there isn’t much to think about. Except the fact that I have to be more careful around Spencer; he knows something is up and I hope he doesn’t profile me.
When we landed in St Petersburg, we rushed to the police station. We were there for hours, getting no sleep as we worked the case. Everyone was exhausted, so Hotch told us to go to our hotel rooms, hoping the team would come back tomorrow morning with a clear head. We hadn’t figured out much about the unsub yet. Except, that the unsub was burning the “4s” into the mothers and fathers. The car ride to the hotel was silent, probably due to frustration. When we got there, Hotch pulled us aside and told us this.
“So, there aren't enough rooms... We have to double up.” He said, but not with his usual straight-forward stern voice.
“Well, I think we all know Rossi is on his own…” said Derek.
“Yeah, out of respect I hope.” Rossi joked.
“Haha, yeah of course. Okay, so Hotch and I, Emily and JJ, Y/n and Reid? That works right?” Derek said.
“Yeah, totally!” said JJ. I had no idea how she managed to have enthusiasm with no sleep.
“Well Y/n, I guess you're with me.” said Spencer hesitantly, trying to smile a little bit.
taglist: @criminalbaby @criminalmindsvibez @itsmyblogandillreblogifiwantto @dr-spence-reid @thatsonezesty13 @i-wanna-be-a-mushroom
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What I see in my head every time I write “Spencer awkwardly pressed his lips together,” in a fic (credit @sy_edits on tiktok)
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recollins · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
✨Chapter 39 is up✨
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
Aria DiMaggio hadn’t planned on uprooting her life to move to Quantico, but those things just sort of happen when Jason Gideon sets his mind to something. Trying to put her broken past behind her, the life as an intern for the BAU turns out to be exactly what she needed. It’s a constant whirlwind of chaos and crime, but with her unique set of skills and a fiery temper to boot, Aria has no problem fitting in with the team. Especially when it comes to the adorably attractive Dr. Reid and the growing crush she’s trying to ignore.
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Female OC Tags: Slow burn, Smut, Fluff, Friends to Lovers, Soulmate/OTP TW: Domestic Violence, Domestic Abuse Read: AO3 | FF.NET
Tag List: @eternityofaxiom @rainsong01 @dreamer7black @sighaleksander​ @averyhotchner (if you’d like to be tagged, ask!)
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Wake up call - One Shot
Inspired by this gif-set by @reidgifs.
Him resting his leg on the chair does stuff to me.
18+ / smut!
Tumblr media
You didn't even need to open your eyes to know that he wasn't next to you. You shimmed your hand across the bed to find his side cold and let out a whine. You knew some cases took their toll on him, and you could hear it in his voice when he called you from the plane earlier inviting you over. It was times like this you wondered why he does this job at all, why put yourself through all that horror without even a good outcome. Your eyelids flutter open and look around the room as best as you could, noticing a slither of light coming from the bedroom door.
You stretch over to his side of his bed and cuddle into his pillow, hoping that his smell will get you back to sleep. For someone who spends most of his time in motels and sleeping in chairs, the fact that Spencer had a comfortable bed didn't surprise you; nothing about his apartment did. After months of dating and sleepovers being exclusively at yours, he finally let you come over, spluttering on about how dirty it was, but you didn't care. Building his trust had been the most important thing. The fact that he let you through the door made your heart burst and fall more in love with him than you thought possible. It also signalled a change in him; you noticed his shoulders relaxed a little when you cuddled into him on the couch and how much lighter his laugh was bouncing off his dark green walls in his safe space. You glanced to the door, hoping to see any sign that he was joining you again, but after a few silent moments, you decided to try to find him. You slipped out of the sheets, draped one of his shirts over your body and tip-toed out into the light.
That's where you found him. He’s sitting by his desk, surrounded by books and case files, wearing a t-shirt, his boxers, and a guilty look on his face.
"Did I wake you?" the guilt amplified on his features. You shook your head before you join him, wrapping your arm around his shoulders nuzzling into his neck.
"Just missed you," You can feel him smile as he rubs your arm. "What has you awake?"
"This last case…I. think I missed something, so I've been looking through some books I was reading last summer," You knew he was on a roll and not to say anything until he calmed down a little, so you sat down on the corner of his desk, you let a small smile escape when his hand finds you thigh, and his thumb rubs circles.
"Spencer," You take his hand to your chest, which grabs his attention. "I know I'm probably out of line when I say this, but it's over. You did everything you could; you all did."
"Sometimes I feel like I didn't do enough… I'm the genius. I'm meant to know everything..." He says the last part in a whisper as he looks up at you with his wide brown eyes, and your heart breaks a little.
You take his face into your hands, your fingers tangling into his hair. You know he didn't want an answer to the question. He just wanted someone to listen to him. It worried you to think of a time before when he would probably sit here in darkness for hours, pouring over files with no sound other than pages turning. He buries his head into your chest and wraps his arms around your waist. You twist random strands of his hair between your fingers, noticing that there's an auburn fleck when it catches the light. He lifts his head from your chest; his eyes glance at your attire. You keep your fingers in his hair, moving it away from his eyes.
"Is that my shirt?" You nod your head, "Looks good on you…" his hands move underneath to your bare skin and just like that, the files and books around him are forgotten, his eyes are starting to cloud over.
He stands up from his chair and moves between your legs, and you shift your position on his desk so you are perched in place. He leans down and captures your lips in his; the minute your tongues meet, he lets out a groan, and his large hands find the small buttons of his shirt; you shrug it from your shoulders, leaving you on his desk in your lacy underwear. He breaks away from the kiss, his gaze trailing all over your body.
"You are so beautiful like this…" his hands' ghost your ribcage before finding your hard nipples, "You know I'll think of this every time I sit here from now on…" he bends his head down and flicks his tongue over your nipple, his nimble fingers working the one, not in his mouth. You let out a gasp, your nails finding his shoulders as he switches, his teeth now grazing the sensitive bud. You can feel a wet patch being left on the wood underneath you.
"Spence…" you whine.
You know he's smirking because he knows you so well. His free hand travels down to your underwear where he cups you; you let out a whine when his hand connects with you. He breaks away from your chest, and you both lock eyes.
"Fuck me, you're soaked…" he dips his fingers beyond the lace and circles your entrance, your hips snap forward to try and get some relief.
He smiles as he gathers your juices and circles your clit lightly, your name cursing from his lips now. You whine as he removes his fingers before he tugs your underwear down your legs. He opens the top drawer of the desk and drops them in.
"You could've asked; I would've given you a clean pair."
"But I want these ones", he winks at you.
You let out a chuckle before he grabs your hips and pulls you to the edge. He kneels between your legs, throwing them over his shoulder before he dives in, his tongue dipping between your folds.
"Jesus Christ!" You can feel him trace shapes with his tongue on your clit, and you're in heaven; one of your hands is tangled in his hair again, your other hand keeping you in place on the desk.
You can feel your orgasm building quickly in the pit of your stomach when his fingers start pumping you.
"So close – fuck Spencer!" he moans against your clit as you feel your orgasm wash over you, your legs shaking as he continues his assault while you come down from your high.
He pulls back from between your thighs, his lips and chin glistening and a massive smile on his face.
"Did I do well baby?" You nod your head as he takes off his t-shirt and slips down his boxers.
That’s when you see how hard he is. Your hand reaches out to touch him as you slowly pump him in your hand, his pre-cum leaking into your palm with every movement.
"I need you inside me", you croak out; you both hear the needy tone in your voice.
He replaces your hand with his own, lining himself at your entrance before he slides in slowly. You let out a cry when he snaps his hips forward; he steadies himself with one of his arms on the desk, the other holds your hip in place as he fucks you so slow and deep you can feel the tears prick the corner of your eye.
"You feel so good baby," he moves the hand on your hip to your jaw, smashing your lips together.
His encouragement made you tug on his hair and bit his lip as he starts to pick up the pace a little; it makes you wonder if he was made for your pleasure. He feels that good inside you, hitting your cervix with every stroke, stretching you to your limit in the most delicious way possible. He pulls away from you, and you can see the concentration on his face, the vein on his forehead now visible as he tries to keep himself together. You dip your hand between your bodies and circle to bundle of nerves between your legs, and a loud moan escapes your lips as you tighten even further around him.
"So close…so fucking good…" you mumble, almost giving yourself permission to fall apart, your nails digging into his supporting arm as you collapse back on top of the papers on his desk.
Through your haze, you can feel him pull out, and he coats your tummy and chest with his orgasm; he catches himself from falling on top of you with his steady hand. He must notice the look on hour face.
"I don't think Hotch would appreciate my cum all over the files" you let out a giggle as he pecks your lips, "Stay here, and I'll clean you up."
You close your eyes, and you hear his feet patter to his kitchen and grabbing some tissue and a damp cloth. You snap your eyes open when you feel him wipe himself from you, him gazing at you with complete adoration in his eyes.
You always hope that he can see the same in yours.
"C'mon, sleeping beauty, we can pass out for a few hours before we have to get up again." He pulls you from his desk and back to bed.
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notanotherreidgirl · 21 hours ago
It’s Doctor
Summary: Spencer stands up for Reader against a police sheriff
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Kissing, pushy guy (he’s a bit of an ass), there’s a miniscule amount of angst, i think that’s it
A/N: Ok here’s a first, no horizontal tango this time
Spencer didn’t mean to eavesdrop but when he saw you and the sheriff of the police department, he came to a standstill. He had only cracked the door open before seeing you packing up the evidence board, going up on your tiptoes to reach a photograph at the very top. The sheriff jumped at the opportunity to stand close to you, brushing up against your back as he easily grabbed it. He lingered there, trapping you between him and the board before stepping away and making a show out of handing you the photo. 
Spencer felt a flash of anger quickly followed by disappointment and regret. Just that morning Derek had teased him about you, insisting that if he didn’t make his move soon someone would come and whisk you away. 
“A pretty girl like Y/N isn’t gonna wait around forever” he had warned. Derek was right. Of course he was right. Derek was always infuriating right about these things. 
You were the one person that would listen to him ramble for over an hour, only interjecting to ask thoughtful questions. You watch Doctor Who and you love Halloween and you are perfect. You are absolutely perfect and it’s a miracle you even give me the time of day he thought. So he decided on saying something tonight, inviting you to his room to watch TV and unwind after the case. 
He had been beyond nervous but also secretly excited. Foolishly, he let himself imagine you loving him back and he could hardly wait to see you. Now that balloon of excitement welling up in his chest had wholly deflated. It was just as well, at least he didn’t ruin your friendship in the process of having his heart broken. Resigned, he started to turn away.
It was a habit of yours - packing up after a case. Hotch had protested at first, insisting that everyone should pitch in but no one else was as careful about every little detail as you were. Emily, in particular, had a habit of just randomly shoving papers into unlabeled folders and leaving someone at Quantico to sort through them later. Besides, you organized the paperwork just to everyone’s liking, making sure that the documents Hotch had to sign off on were paperclipped together and printing everything out to accommodate Spencer's aversion to technology. 
You had devised a system. First, you’d take down the pictures of victims and crime scenes and headshots. Then the witness statements would go in the correct folders, the paperwork neatly arranged in it’s own box. At the very end you would wipe down the board, erasing the profile and putting the case to rest. It was cathartic. 
But not tonight. Tonight you had Sheriff Hobartson breathing down your neck.
“I heard you and your team ain't leaving till morning. Maybe tonight I could show you around town” The look in his eye made Spencer think that he was planning on showing you more than an unimpressive suburb. “What do you say, sweetheart?”
“I’m sorry, Sheriff. I actually have plans”. Tonight was the night. You were going to tell Spencer how you felt about him. You had a whole speech planned out and you had been rehearsing it in your head all day. In fact, you were so preoccupied with figuring out the perfect way to tell Spencer that you barely paid attention to Sheriff Hobartson’s blatant advances for the whole case. Something that only encouraged him. 
“Come on, sweetie. Don’t lie to me, you don’t have any plans tonight” he straightened his back, invading your space and towering over you. You realized that you were alone with him at the station.
“I don't appreciate your insinuation, Sheriff. I’m not lying to you.” you said firmly, taking a cautious step back. “Thank you for your offer but the answer is no.”
“You’re kidding me right? You FBI think you’re so much better than us! Just coming in here!” he reached forward to grab your arm. “Listen missy -”
The sound of Spencer slamming the door open interrupted him. “It’s Doctor.”
The sheriff shrank away from you, his demeanor rapidly shifting now that he had been caught. Spencer continued to speak as he strode into the room.
“It’s Doctor Y/L/N. She has two PhDs in subjects that you couldn’t even try to wrap your head around. She’s here because you needed our help to do your job. It took four dead women for you to swallow your pride and call us. The unsub behind bars right now? He’s there because of Dr. Y/L/N. And it’s going to be her that decides if you still have a job next week” 
Sheriff Hobartson met your eyes frantically, realizing that he was at your mercy now. “I’m not going to lie, things are not looking that good for you right now,” you said evenly. 
He started to string together an apology but you couldn’t hear him. Spencer had turned and reached out a hand. You took it without thinking. His hands were always warm, always gentle, always pulling you to safety. He curled his fingers over yours, thumb crossing over thumb and palms sliding together. “Come on Y/N,” he said softly. “The sheriff will finish up here. It’s the least he can do.”
Together you left the station without looking back. Your hands were still interlocked, only separating briefly when Spencer walked around the SUV and buckled himself into the driver’s seat. What now? All your carefully rehearsed words had disappeared. “Spencer, thank you. I’m so sorry you had to do that.”
“I couldn’t stand him speaking to you like that,” he slowed to a stop. You registered that he had parked in the middle of the road but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. It wasn’t like there would be anyone driving around a small town in North Dakota at nearly midnight. “You don’t deserve to be treated like that. You’re so good, Y/N. You make everything better, even this job. You make it easy to sit through briefings and see the worst things that humanity has to offer. You’re smart and compassionate and -”
This time it was your turn to do the interrupting. You launched yourself across the console and pressed your lips to his. His response was immediate, pulling you as close as possible and cradling your face in his hands. For a moment, you were floating. The kiss was every inside joke, every Doctor Who marathon, every late night reviewing case files, every unspoken I love you. 
So there you were, two FBI agents with 5 doctorates between you stopped at a green light in the middle of nowhere, desperately in love with each other.
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