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#criminal minds fic
ssahotchhner · 6 hours ago
reckless endangerment
the reader can't let go of the trauma of aaron being kidnapped and tortured six months ago.
pairing: hotch x reader
warnings: kidnapping, torture, smut, dom!hotch
questions, comments, concerns
Tumblr media
It was stupid to jump on the helicopter that contained at least two terrorists as it took off that roof in Manhattan. Even stupider that you had done it alone, Aaron’s voice screaming for you from behind. You weren’t sure he would forgive you for this if you survived so you supposed it was a good thing you weren’t planning on surviving.
Why did you jump on the helicopter, you may ask, and that would be a reasonable question. Perhaps it was your hero complex finally getting the better of you, knowing the helicopter was planning on flying straight into the Empire State Building, loaded with explosives. Or perhaps it was because these terrorists were part of a group that had tortured Aaron for hours a few months ago when he was on assignment in Pakistan and you had always believed fully in revenge. Aaron did not, he was much better than you.
“Hold your fire!” Aaron had yelled when it was clear you weren’t getting off that helicopter, “Federal agent on board!”
“With all due respect, sir, but you said that helicopter was headed for the Empire State Building where there are thousands of tourists and--”
“I said hold your fire.” Aaron snarls at the leader of the SWAT team. He knows he’s being ridiculous, letting emotion cloud his judgement, but how can he let them blow up a helicopter that you’re on? And why the fuck had you jumped on it in the first place?
The SWAT agent glared at him, “That helicopter gets within a hundred yards of the building, I’m ordering my men to shoot it down.” And then he walked away.
“Hotch!” Morgan yells, the rest of the team not far behind him, “What the hell did she do that for?”
“Your guess is as good as mine.” He responded. He was furious with you, so much so he couldn’t think straight.
JJ steps closer, the panic evident on her face, “She’s not responding on radio.”
He looks at the rest of the team, all of them one step away from absolutely losing their minds over the fact that one of their own had gone on a suicide mission without consulting any of them, and then he looks back to the helicopter that’s getting smaller and smaller by the second.
You take a sip from your glass, “I miss you.” You say to your computer screen.
On that screen, SSA Aaron Hotchner smiles back at you, “I know. I’ll be home before you know it.”
“When you get back,” You say slowly, “Can we… Can we tell them? About us?”
By them, he knew you meant the team. He gets quiet, the smile falling off his face, “Are you sure that’s what you want?”
“Hotch, they’re like our family. I feel terrible keeping things from them. It was fun in the beginning, but I don’t want to hide it anymore.”
He swallows, but then nods, “Okay.”
He smiles, “Yeah, of course. I don’t like hiding you either.”
You’re about to tell him you love him when there are suddenly men in the tent, “Aaron?” He looks around and scrambles for his gun, but he’s too late. One of the men hits him in the side of the head with a blunt object and he’s out, “Aaron!” You yell and then the feed cuts out.
It was surprisingly easy to disarm them, you supposed because you had surprised them. You easily knocked the gun away from the one who wasn’t piloting, ducked some of his punches before kicking him square in the chest, causing him to fall down. He hit his head on a hard metal handle on the way down, knocking himself unconscious. The Empire State Building was looming closer and closer and you knew if you didn’t stop it, SWAT would shoot down the helicopter. It would lead to less deaths than crashing directly into the building would, but people would still die from fallen debris. You wouldn’t let that happen. You pointed your gun at the man in the cockpit.
“Garcia, is her body cam on?”
“No, sir, but I can turn it on.”
Seconds later, the team was viewing the inside of the helicopter. You had knocked one of the men unconscious and handcuffed him to a handle, but you still had to get control of the helicopter.
“Can you hack the helicopter, Garcia?”
He hears the frantic typing of the technical analyst, but she huffs on the other end, “Not under these time constraints no, by the time I get in it’ll be too late.”
“Agent Hotchner, the snipers have locked in on the target.”
“Just give her another minute.”
“We don’t have another minute.”
He sighs, “She’s about to take control of the cockpit.”
“Does she know how to fly a chopper?”
“She’ll figure it out. Stand down, I won’t say it again.” Hotch’s radio goes silent after that.
You waste no time getting the team together and forty minutes later you’re sitting in the conference room, styrofoam cup of coffee warming your hands.
“You were video calling Hotch? At 10 PM?” Reid asks. From anyone else, it would sound accusatory, but you knew he was just genuinely curious.
“10 PM here is 7AM for him. I caught him right before he started his day, wanted to ask him about a case.”
Spencer frowns, “What case?”
Your mouth falls open as you try to fumble for something, but it’s already too late. “I knew it.” Rossi says quietly.
You grind your teeth together, “I’m sorry, is dissecting my love life more important to you guys than finding Hotch after he’s been kidnapped by a terrorist group?” You stand, squashing the empty styrofoam cup in your hand and toss it in the waste bin as you walk out of the room.
Moments later, Spencer’s standing next to you and you immediately feel guilty, “I didn’t mean to pry,” He says, “Honestly, the two of you being romantically involved was the last thing I would have guessed.”
The corners of your lips turn up just slightly, “I didn’t mean to snap in there, I know you meant nothing by it, I just… Right before he was taken we talked about telling you all. Together. Once he got back.” You sniff, “Part of me feels like all of you figuring it out without him here is the universe saying he’s going to die out there. I know that’s silly, but…”
“It’s not silly at all. When you’ve witnessed something traumatic, like a loved one being taken away in front of you with no way for you to help, your brain looks for anything to rationalize it. Even the universe predicting the outcome.”
Spencer's voice throwing out facts was actually fairly soothing, “Thank you, Dr. Reid.”
“Come on.” He squeezes your shoulder, “Let’s bring Hotch home.”
“Slowly put your hands up and back away from the controls,” You say, flexing your fingers on the gun, “Now!” You say when he doesn’t move. You’re running out of time. Finally, he slowly raises his hands, but at the last second turns and lunges for you. The helicopter tips as you fall over, your gun misfires at the ceiling before tumbling out of the chopper, and you’re free falling until your face slams on the floor and your hands grab the outside edge of the helicopter so hard you’re sure you ripped out your fingernails. Dangling, you grunt as you scramble to hook your feet on something. The pilot, already assuming you’re dead, had gone back to the cockpit.
Finally, you haul yourself back inside and run to him, ripping him out of his seat. He’s bigger than you, though, and quickly overpowers you. His hands wrap around your throat as you’re pinned to the floor and you’re choking, suffocating. All you can think is at least you’ll die before the chopper goes up in flames. And then, in a last ditch effort that’s more involuntary reaction than conscious choice, you’re able to knee him in the groin. His hands immediately leave your throat and instead of taking the moment to catch your breath, you kick him off you and he rolls to the open door. You reach for him, but you’re too late, he falls.
You wanted revenge, but you didn’t want to kill anyone. But you had no time to think about that now. You cough a few times and then stumble over to the cockpit. For the first time since you jumped on the helicopter, you turn your radio back on.
“I don’t suppose one of you knows how to fly a chopper?”
When you reenter the conference room everyone’s watching the last few seconds of the video call. They look at you apologetically and you nod in acknowledgement. You have to close your eyes at the sound of your own screams.
“Who was he working to take down while he was there?” Morgan asked.
“The leader of the Kashmir Jehad Force, his name was Syed Khan.” You said.
JJ frowned, “He told you all of this? Wasn’t it classified?”
You nodded, “Hotch asked to bring me on a few weeks ago when they were stuck. I was debriefed, but then they had a break before I could get on the plane. They finished the operation a few days ago, Hotch was supposed to come home in the next couple of days.”
“So Khan is dead?” Rossi asked.
You nod, “No one was supposed to know it was the US Government who did it. They wanted it to look like an accident. They shouldn’t have known Hotch was there.”
“Are you thinking there’s a double agent?” Emily asked.
You shrug, “It’s either that or Hotch was sloppy. Which one would you bet on?” The room is silent. “Exactly.” You say quietly.
They don’t have time to be relieved about the fact that you single handedly re-hijacked the chopper because now you need to figure out how to safely land it and you’re a football field length away from the Empire State Building. Reid jumps into action, apparently having read a lot about helicopters when he was younger.
“I’m assuming he had it on autopilot, the button will be glowing green on your left, turn it off and then get ready to steer.”
You sigh, “Spencer, I am so happy to hear your voice.” You flip off the switch like he said and the helicopter immediately starts beeping at you and plummets. You try and remain calm and pull it up and then turn the helicopter in the opposite direction from the building and sigh. “You know how to land this thing, right Reid?”
“Yeah, I’ll walk you through it.”
Hotch has to walk away from the conversation because he’s so caught up in feeling relieved that you’re alive and absolutely furious with you for doing what you did. He thinks he knows why you did it. You had been absolutely torn up when he had been taken while in Pakistan and you had been on edge this whole case knowing the terrorists you were after had been a part of the group that had tortured him.
When Hotch wakes up, he’s chained to the ceiling by his wrists, shirtless. He can feel a migraine blooming from his temple where he was hit, but he knows the real pain hasn’t even begun yet. He can hear talking from the corner of the room and before they can see that he’s awake, he begins detaching himself. He pictures your face, smiling at him on your first date. The way you smile sleepily at him when he kisses you first thing in the morning. The way you scrunch up your forehead just a little when you’re thinking really hard. The first time you told him you loved him. And then he’s with you and no one can touch him, no one can hurt him.
“Do you know where they would keep him?” Strauss is sitting in the conference room now, looking at you, “You were debriefed, is it enough for a profile?”
You sighed deeply, eyes darting back and forth as you tried to recall all the information you know, “I know most of the profile for Kahn, but we never focused on the group as a whole because we wanted to find him alone when we neutralized him.” You tap your fingers on the table, “I have no idea what a group without Kahn would function like, even knowing what I knew before, the fact that Kahn is gone would change the whole profile. We don’t know who took over.”
“And what do you know about the group?”
“Um,” You blinked a few times, you were having a hard time focusing, “They were all followers, none of them would have been capable of leading. Whoever is in control now was outside of the group.”
“Maybe our double agent?” Emily says.
You nod, “That would make sense.”
Strauss frowns, “You think there’s a double agent?”
“There’s no way the group would have known Hotch was responsible if they didn’t have insider information.” You say.
“What you’re proposing is that a terrorist somehow infiltrated a Top Secret US Operation, waited for us to kill a terrorist leader, then took over that same terrorist group and kidnapped the leader of our operation.” Strauss said and waited for someone to say something, “Does that not sound ridiculous to anyone else?”
“Do you have any other ideas?” You ask sharply.
“Yes, that Agent Hotchner left something behind at the scene that pointed the remaining group in his direction.”
You’re shaking your head, “If you’re so certain that’s the case, then check their old stronghold. If it’s a new guy, they would have abandoned it, which I’m certain they did. But be my guest, waste our time and your men.” You storm out of the conference room for a second time.
You find yourself in Aaron’s office and you tilt your head to the side, stretching out a kink in your neck before sitting on the couch. You look around the office, well decorated with plaques commemorating his work in the bureau. When you get up and walk around to his side of the desk, you notice a small gold frame that hadn’t been there before. In it is a small picture of the both of you sitting on the beach at sunset. When had he put this here? When had he decided that it was worth the risk of your coworkers noticing that new frame? Seeing you propped on his desk like that?
And then you were crying and you couldn’t stop it and you just wanted to hold him. “Looks like you just outed your relationship to Erin.” You looked up to see Rossi standing in the doorway and wiped your tears, sniffling.
“Not like she can say anything considering you both make it a habit of checking in at the same hotel every weekend.” You snap, and then sigh instantly, “I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay, kiddo.” He says and walks over to put a hand on your shoulder, “You miss him.”
“A few hours ago we were talking about what we were going to do when he gets back, and now he’s gone.”
“He’s coming back, Y/N. We’ll find him.”
You had been right about the former stronghold being abandoned. All signs now pointed to a double agent. You tried to think of everything Aaron had told you about the team that would be a part of the operation, but you kept coming up empty. When a list was brought out with pictures of each you went over it again, every conversation you had had with Aaron since he left.
And then… there was one interaction, one interruption that you and Aaron had both dismissed at the time.
A man walks up behind Aaron while he’s talking to you, debriefing you back when they thought you’d be flying in. At the look on your face, Hotch had turned around to face him, “Can I help you with something?”
The man had simply shook his head and left, but you could have sworn for the rest of the call, he had lingered. Listening. Aaron had explained to you that most of those involved in the operation hadn’t known the full details of the plan up until they had left, in order to prevent situations like the one they were in now.
There were times when Aaron was talking to you on the phone and he told you he felt like someone had been watching him, but you both dismissed it as paranoia. And when the pictures and names were presented to you again, you pointed to the man you were sure you saw on that one video call. “What do we know about him?” You asked.
And the look of dread on Erin’s face when you pointed him out told you everything you needed to know. Garcia did what she always did and soon they knew every detail of his life. He was a textbook narcissist and sociopath. Incredibly charming, everyone loved him, he could convince almost anyone to follow him. He had an FBI background and rumor had it, he thought he was to be the one to lead this operation until Aaron showed up.
“So he takes over an entire terrorist organization just to take out Hotch?” Morgan asks, “We have to be missing something.”
You’re getting impatient, “Well let’s figure it out on the jet.”
“This team is not going to Pakistan.” Erin says firmly, “We will inform an extraction team that’s already on the ground when we figure out where they’re holding him.” You’re already rolling your eyes and preparing a retort and she notes that and continues, “If you can’t compartmentalize your emotions, Agent, I will have you removed from the case.”
You hold yourself back from yelling that you need to be the one who brings him home, because you know how ridiculous it sounds and you being stubborn isn’t helping Aaron. “Fine.” You say, “Here’s what I can tell you.”
You’re on top of him, straddling his hips, giggling as your hair falls in your face. He reaches up to push it away and you grind your hips against his. “Hotchner.” You say, “You have to wake up.” He frowns. It’s not your voice.
And before he can stop it, your face swims away and it’s replaced by SSA Scott Carter. It takes him a few moments to realize that Carter isn’t here to help him and that he was probably behind this whole thing. “Carter?” He manages.
Carter smiles, “Ah, the darling of the BAU finally awakens. What were you dreaming about, Hotchner? Sounded juicy. Was it about your girlfriend?” His head shot up at that. If you were in danger, he’d kill this son of a bitch. “Oh, I hit a nerve.” He smirks, “Did you tell her you weren’t planning on coming home this week? That you had some loose strings to tie up?”
Hotch blinked, his brain was still fuzzy from what he assumed was a concussion, “You… You’re the one stealing the military weapons and selling them to the terrorist organizations.” He hadn’t told you he was planning on staying a few more days to figure out who was transporting the weapons, he had still been hoping to figure it out before his flight was scheduled to leave, but Carter had been his prime suspect. Apparently, Carter had figured out he was on to him. It was why he was able to get Khan’s men to drag him from his tent this morning.
Carter gives him a slow clap, “You know, for a profiler, I’m disappointed you hadn’t figured it out sooner, Hotchner. Really, I’m very torn up about it. I have half a mind to fly to Quantico after you’re dead and demand your position.”
Aaron laughs, “You’re out of your mind if you think my team won’t figure this out in a quarter of the time it took me to.”
“What did you tell them, Hotchner?”
“I haven’t been in contact with my team in weeks.”
“Oh, but your girlfriend. Did you think I’d forget she’s a federal agent in the BAU as well?”
“She doesn’t know anything, the mission was classified, you know that.”
“You never mentioned your suspicions of a lucrative weapons trading operation?”
Carter hums and takes out a knife, “I don’t believe you.”
Hotch doesn’t flinch, “Then go ahead and carve me up, Carter. You won’t be the first.”
With Reid’s help, after working through the night you were able to narrow down the possible holding sights to three places and Strauss ordered three separate teams to check each place. Now the only thing left to do was wait.
You’re sitting alone in Hotch’s office when Penelope, JJ, and Emily all walk in, JJ holding a tea for you. You give her a small smile of thanks as you take it, “You guys don’t have to sit with me, I’m okay.”
“Did you think we were going to just let you gloss over the fact you never told us you were dating Hotch?” Penelope said.
You manage a genuine smile and look down at your tea, “We weren’t sure when or how to tell you guys. Or if it would make things weird.”
JJ shrugs, “We’re already family and families are weird.”
“Not the point,” Penelope interjects, “We need all the details now, who made the first move?”
“He did, actually,” You smile recalling the memory, “He asked me if he could call me outside of work hours and I said sure, he could always call me to discuss a case. Then he got really red and I asked him if there was something else he would want to call me about. And he cleared his throat and asked if he could call me to ask me out to dinner sometime and I laughed and said yes.”
Emily shakes her head, “Hard to imagine that man getting flustered over anything.”
You laugh, “Yeah, he gets really awkward around women he likes romantically, it’s kind of endearing.” You clear your throat, “Thank you guys for trying to distract me.”
JJ nods, “They’re going to find him. Alive.”
You nod, “Yeah. I just wish it was my face he was seeing first.”
You had somehow managed to fall asleep at some point, head in JJ’s lap with her fingers gently combing through your hair.
“Guys.” Spencer’s voice jolts you from sleep, “They found him.”
All of you jump up, but you’re the first one out of the room, trailing Spencer, “He’s okay?”
“He’s injured, but yeah, he’s gonna be fine.”
Your legs almost give out, but JJ and Emily come on either side to grab your arms as you walk into the conference room.
“They’re airlifting him to the hospital, he was stabbed a couple of times but they were shallow, some burns, looks like he was waterboarded as well,” Erin Strauss smiles, “But he’s fine. They’ll transfer him to DC first thing in the morning.”
“What about Carter?” You ask.
“It turns out he was stealing weapons from the military and selling them to terrorist organizations and Hotch was onto him. That’s why he took him. Not because of Khan. He wanted to know how much Hotch knew and if he had told you anything.”
You shake your head, “I didn’t know anything about that.”
Strauss nodded, “Carter has people here. Hotch didn’t mention it to you on purpose. So that they wouldn’t take you if something happened.”
You close your eyes. That man, always trying to protect you. Always being the hero. You could have found him hours ago if he had just told you. But that was the man you had fallen in love with.
You insisted on being on the roof of the DC hospital when the chopper landed and you charmed all the nurses into allowing you into every room he was wheeled in until he was settled. They had sedated him for the long flight and it seemed he would wake at any moment. You slid your small, cold hand, into his large, warm one and waited.
“I know that ice cold hand,” He said slowly. His voice was gravely and it brought tears to your eyes to see that he was trying to smile. “Oh, hey, don’t cry.” He reaches his hand up to stroke your cheek and you turn your head into his hand to kiss his palm, sniffling.
“I’m very happy to see you.” You manage, choking down your sobs, “I didn’t think I was going to see you again.” His smile grows, “It’s not funny!”
“It’s very funny, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you cry over anything and certainly not me.” You glare at him through your tears and he chuckles, “Ah, there she is, tough guy. I know the only thing holding you back from punching me in the shoulder is that I’m injured.”
“Oh, I’ll still do it if you don’t shut that pretty mouth of yours.”
He smirks, “Promise?”
And finally you break into laughter and lean over him to kiss his mouth, “You should’ve told me about Carter.” You say, “You could have at least told me you were in danger.”
“And what, have you worried from an ocean away when it might have been nothing? I needed more evidence.”
You bite your lip, “I’ve never been so scared in my whole life, watching you get taken like that.”
“I came home.” He says softly, “I’m okay, I promise.”
You swallow, “Did they get Carter?” He nods, “And what about the guys that took you in?”
“Sweetheart, that’s a whole terrorist organization, no they didn’t get them.”
“They kidnapped a federal agent!” You say indignantly.
“And the federal agent is alive.”
He puts a finger over your mouth to quiet you, “Don’t make me argue with you like your unit chief right now. I just want to be your boyfriend.”
You sigh, “Okay,” Leaning over him, you rest your head on his chest and he begins stroking your hair. Having not slept at all since Hotch had been taken, you fall asleep like that. Finally at peace.
You hadn’t really been able to let it go, even when Hotch was better and back to work, he could tell you were harboring real anger about his kidnappers.
And on that morning, the morning you jumped on the god forsaken helicopter, when the BAU was asked to come to New York to investigate a possible terrorist threat, he debated telling you not to come. The government had suspicions that they were here to take revenge for Khan and he knew you’d be upset with being benched.
“Hotch, I’m fine. I’m not angry.” You had said when he pulled you into his office after debriefing the rest of the team.
“If you even hint at taking impulsive, reckless risks I will suspend you immediately, understood?”
You sigh, “I hate when you use your boss man voice with me.”
“Y/N—” He starts impatiently.
“Yeah, yeah, fine, understood. No being reckless. Got it.”
His eyes scan your face to see if you’re lying, “Good.” He says finally and presses a kiss to your forehead, “Let’s go then.”
He should have known you were lying. It was only the previous night you had woken him up tossing and turning from a nightmare. When he had finally gotten you awake you practically flung yourself at him, arms twining themselves around his neck as you caught your breath, “I thought you were gone again.” You had said breathlessly. And he had wordlessly held you to him, running his fingers through your hair until you were asleep again. It hadn’t been the first time he had had to comfort you. You had had far more nightmares about him being taken than he had about himself being tortured. Truth be told, he had been through far worse than being kidnapped and tortured for 24 hours. He knew it made you feel weak, the nightmares, when you weren’t even the one who had been tortured so he never brought them up. Never made you talk about them. But they worried him all the same. You relived the trauma again over and over, nearly every night. How were you expected to let the anger go when you were still living through it?
He should have known, but he let you out in the field anyway. Would that not put in question his ability to lead? His ability to lead with you on the same team?
He can barely see through his anger as he turns back to where Reid is instructing you to land. When you successfully land and jump out of the chopper, the rest of the team gathers around you to hug you, but Hotch stays back, watching.
When you notice, you walk over to him, “Hotch, I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have--”
“You’re suspended for at least a month, if not more.” He starts, “You’re lucky I don’t remove you from this team all together.”
You frown, “Aaron, I was able to detain one of the suspects, now we can learn more about the group--”
“By doing what you did you put yourself and hundreds of civilians at risk. We could have shot down the chopper, but because you jumped onboard I had to instruct them to stand down. Which, by the way, I had to do several times because they were more than willing to kill you to get that chopper down, do you have any idea the damage you caused? What could have happened if you didn’t get control of that chopper when you did?”
“I… Baby, I’m sorry--” You reach your hand out to put on his arm, but he pulls away.
“Don’t talk like that, I’m not your boyfriend right now, I’m your unit chief. Now give me your badge and gun.”
You know you can’t blame him, he had warned you he would do this and you had disobeyed him intentionally. But still, your hands shake as you hand over your gun and badge. You don’t say anything else as you leave the roof, heading down all the way to ground level to get a taxi back to the hotel. And then you wait. You lay on your back and wait for the sound of the door opening and when it does hours later, you push yourself up and sit cross legged on the bed.
“Hi.” You say softly when he walks in.
He spares you a glance before heading to the bathroom without a word. You sigh and fall back on the bed. When you hear the shower running you decide to undress yourself and head in.
He sighs when he realizes you’ve joined him, but doesn’t object when you wrap your arms around his waist and press your face to his back, “I’m sorry.” You murmur.
“You keep saying that, but I know if you were given the opportunity to do it all again, you’d make the same decision.”
You pause at that, “You’re right, I don’t regret what I did, but I’m sorry I had to disobey you to do it.”
He turns in your arms and looks down into your eyes, “Do you not see the problem with that? You did what you did out of revenge. You let your emotions get the best of you, you broke the number one rule of being in the BAU.”
“Those men were prepared to die at all costs, I just didn’t want them to get off that easy. I want them to pay for what they did to you, and this way, at least one of them will. Would you not have done the same? Did you not murder Foyet after he had given himself up because he had killed your wife and threatened your son?”
“Don’t.” He warns.
You scoff, “You have this God complex sometimes, Aaron, and it’s so frustrating. You can do whatever you want because you always have a reason and from your standpoint you’re always right. But whenever one of your toy soldiers falls out of line, it’s a different story--”
“What I did with Foyet did not put myself or civilians at risk.” He says firmly.
“You went in alone.” You said, “You didn’t wait for backup.”
He looks down and shakes his head, “You cannot compare what you did today to the things I’ve done because I would never endanger hundreds of innocent people just for some petty revenge.”
He thinks your eyes water, but it’s difficult to tell in the shower, “It wasn’t petty, Aaron. Not to me.”
He sighs and bends his forehead to yours, bringing both hands up to cradle your face, “Honey, I’m fine. You have to let it go.”
You close your eyes at his touch and lean up just slightly to capture his mouth with yours and as he sighs into your mouth you pull away, just slightly, “If it was me… If I was the one who was kidnapped and tortured in a country thousands of miles away, what would you have done?”
He swallows, and searches your face, “There wouldn’t have been a single protocol that I wouldn’t have broken to get you home safe.”
You nod, “I’m sorry. I understand why you’re upset, I put others in danger. It won’t happen again.”
He kisses you hard on the mouth, “You’re still suspended.”
You hum and he pushes you against the shower wall, his hand coming up to rest on your throat, “Are you going to punish me?” You asked breathlessly.
“Maybe.” He leans down and scrapes his teeth against your neck, hand tightening around your throat just slightly in warning when you squirmed. “I’m still angry with you.” He says, his eyes looking up to meet yours, tightening his grip on your throat again.
You can barely breathe through his grip, “For disobeying you?”
“No.” He says roughly, “For nearly getting yourself killed.”
You manage to swallow, “And that would have upset you?”
The desire immediately fizzles out of his eyes and he drops his hand, “Of course it would, how could you ask that?”
“I didn’t mean anything by it, I just…” You shrug, “I don’t know, forget it.”
“No,” He puts his hands on your shoulders to keep you from leaving, “Do you really think I wouldn’t have been upset if you died?”
“Aaron,” You say slowly, “You are the love of my life. But Haley was yours. And that’s okay, I don’t expect anything else, but it’s just a fact of our relationship that I love you more than you love me.”
He stares at you blankly for another moment, and then looks away to turn the shower off. He leaves you standing there, wet and naked as he climbs out of the shower and towels himself off silently.
“Aaron.” You say after he’s been silent for so long, stepping out of the shower and wrapping your own towel around yourself.
“You think there can only be one?”
You blink, “What?”
“A person can have more than one love of their life, you think you just get one and done?”
You frown, walking over to the bed and lowering yourself onto it, “Yes, that’s the whole concept.”
He scoffs at you, “I forget how young you are, you think you know everything there is to know about relationships, you have no idea.”
“Don’t patronize me.”
“Me?” He raises his eyebrows, “Don’t patronize you, you’re the one who just tried to convince me you know more about my feelings, about who I love than I do. That’s quite patronizing, wouldn’t you say?”
You look down at your hands, “I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.”
He sighs and walks over to you, crouching in front of you, “Haley was the love of my life, that’s true. But in my head,” He swallows, “There’s the me from before Haley, and there’s the me from after Haley. And you,” He brushes his index finger over the tip of your nose, “Were the person who made the me after Haley believe I deserved love again. You are just as much the love of my life as she is and I have no idea where I’d be right now if I hadn’t met you.”
You finally give him a little bit of a smile, “Probably even more insufferably miserable than you are now.”
He chuckles and you relish in the sound, bringing your fingers up to lightly stroke his cheek, “I’m sorry. For everything today, being reckless, bringing up Haley… I’m sorry, I was out of line.”
“It’s okay,” He says softly, “But you pull a stunt like that again, I’ll fire you.”
“Yes sir.” You say, smirking as you lean in to kiss him, twining your arms around the back of his head. Gently, you tug and pull him back on the bed, on top of you and you feel him smile into your mouth.
Since you’re already naked from the shower, he can’t stop his hands from wandering across your soft skin. His hand grips your thigh, lifting up your leg and allowing him to squeeze your ass. You gasp into his mouth just the way he likes and he bites down on your lower lip. “Aaron,” You whine.
“Did you want something, sweet girl?” He whispers in your ear as his hand slides between your legs.
It’s not fair, he knows when he works you up like this it’s nearly impossible to get a coherent word out of you. You manage only to moan his name again as he slowly, torturously, rubs over you again. “Come on, baby, use your words.” He teases and you can hear the smile in his voice. Bastard.
He runs a single finger down your folds, “Should I make you come with my fingers?” He slowly dips a finger inside you, eating up your reaction as your mouth falls open and a moan claws its way up your throat. “Or,” He pulls his finger out and you glare at him, “I could do it with my mouth.” Your eyes roll back when he licks you and you physically ache at his touch. But then he stops, “Or maybe,” He crawls back up to kiss your mouth and you can taste yourself on his tongue, “I won’t let you come at all since you’ve been such a bad girl.”
“Please,” You whine, “Please, I’ll be good. I promise.”
When he pulls back to look at you, his pupils are blown out and you feel such a rush seeing your effect on him. “We’ll see.” He says softly and without warning thrusts into you. Your back arches against the mattress as you curse. When your eyes meet his, he has a look of such confident satisfaction it nearly makes you come undone right there. “I think,” He pulls out slowly, “I’ll take my time with you tonight.” He reaches up a hand and wraps it around your throat again, “Is this okay?” He says softly, breaking his role for the first time.
You nod, “Please.” You say again, knowing how he loves when you beg. He scans your face once and then he grins again, tightening his hand around your throat until you’re gasping. “Good girl,” He whispers in your ear and slowly pushes into you again, gently biting your ear.
“Baby,” You manage with what little air you’re able to take in. He immediately stops, taking his hands off you, but you shake your head and pull his hand back to your throat, “Harder.”
He sighs and shakes his head, “Fuck,” He curses, wrapping both hands around your throat, “You’re gonna kill me one day.”
And you smirk as he pushes down on your windpipe before slamming his hips into you at full force, you’re rapidly approaching climax, but Aaron can tell. You don’t know how he can tell, but he immediately slows his hips and takes his hands off your throat. You gasp at the sudden release and cough a little bit, “I didn’t tell you you could come.”
“I didn’t,” You say breathlessly, your heart hammering against your ribcage.
“You almost did, and you would have if I didn’t stop.”
“I’m sorry.”
He looks at you and tilts his head to the side as he watches you, “Turn around.” He says calmly.
You hide your smile as you do what you’re told, turning on your knees, letting your forearms and face fall to the pillow. He roughly pulls at your waist, repositioning you and pulling your ass up even farther. He runs a hand over your ass, “Look at you, so pretty for me.” He says softly before pulling back his hand and smacking it hard against your ass. You moan into your pillow and then he’s inside you, a fistful of your hair in his fist.
“Are you gonna be good for me?” He asks breathlessly.
He slams into you roughly making you yelp, “And you’ll never disobey me again?”
You swallow, “Never.”
He releases your hair and leans over you, sweetly kissing your shoulder and you can feel his smile against your skin, “That’s my sweet girl.” He reaches his arm around your front and begins to massage your clit as he thrusts into you. “Come for me, baby.” He says and speeds up his movements. It’s all the permission you need and you’re immediately unraveling. It takes everything in you not to collapse onto your stomach until he’s also climaxing, brought to his edge by the pulsing of your walls. He swears and collapses fully onto your back, your knees giving way under his weight.
You both lay there like that, him resting on your back in silence for a few moments, catching your breath. Then, Aaron sits up quickly, hands searching your skin, “I’m sorry, baby, did I hurt you?”
“No.” You say, but he presses kisses all over your skin anyway, immediately entering aftercare mode.
You sigh sleepily and pull him to you, wanting to snuggle with him. He obliges, wrapping his arms around you and nuzzling into your neck. “I love you.” He murmurs into your skin, “So much.”
You hum, “I love you. Thank you for not firing me.”
“If you ever end up getting yourself killed I’ll never forgive you.”
You chuckle and kiss his temple, “Noted.”
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gubler-me-up · 11 hours ago
A’s and B’s Pt. 2
Tumblr media
Request: A’s and B’s pt. 2 (Part 1 with original request)
A/N: By popular demand, here is A’s and B’s part two!! This will only be a two part series since I do have other prof!spencer x reader fics to write, so y’all have that to look forward to! Hope it was worth the looong wait! Enjoy and happy reading! 😘
Couple: Prof!Spencer/Student!reader
Category: Smut
Content warning: Penetrative sex, public sex, swearing, nipple play, fingering, protected sex
Word count: 4.7k
“You look spicy tonight. I’ve never seen you wear something so low cut,” your roommate, Laura, commented.
“I thought I would change up my style for tonight,” you said.
You walked past her on the couch to grab your keys off the kitchen counter to place them in your purse. You ran over to the hallway mirror to check yourself out one last time. You fluffed up your hair up and fixed any out-of-place hairs to make sure it looked perfect. You then made sure your breasts were exposed as possible without having your nipples pop out.
You could hear Laura cooing some ‘ooo’s’ as you assumed she was looking at you trying to sex yourself up further. You looked over at her to see her admiring you from the couch with a look of approval. You giggled at how amazed she looked at your new found love for your body.
“Where’s your professor taking you tonight?” She asked.
“Ugh, don’t call him that,” you said.
“Oh, sorry, forgot he prefers for you to distinguish him as Doctor,” she teased.
You playfully rolled your eyes. “Just for that, you get no details about tonight’s date.”
“Ugh, don’t be like that, Y/N. You know your new found romance is the only thing keeping me sane through my graduate program,” she complained.
You felt your phone vibrate within your purse. You reached in to grab it immediately. You had a feeling it was from the exact person you wanted it to be. Your guess was confirmed when you saw the text from him telling you he was outside your apartment complex.
“I’ll see how I feel when I get back. See you later, Laur,” you said as you headed for the door.
“Have fun tonight, babes,” she said.
You looked back to blow her a kiss before you exited your apartment to go on the front porch. You locked the door and then turned to look at the street where you saw a black car parked. It looked as if it were a Lexus. It made you raise an eyebrow in question because from what you could decipher about Dr. Spencer Reid, he wasn’t one for luxury cars.
Low and behold to your surprise, he stepped out of the driver’s side and made his way towards you. He looked amazing in his all black suit and white collar shirt with a black tie wrapped around his neck. His hair was even slightly styled but still had that madness about it you loved. It was cliché of you to think but the best thing he was wearing was his smile. It looked as if he only wore that certain smile around you.
As he stepped up your two front porch steps, he reached out his hand to you to grab. You placed your hand in his with no hesitation. When he stepped in front of you it made your heart pump faster and your breathing became heavier.
“You look beautiful, Y/N,” he complimented.
“Thank you. You look like a million bucks yourself,” you complimented back.
He smiled as he leaned down towards your face. You couldn’t wait for him to come down to you. You slammed your lips against his and placed your free hand on his neck to know how deeply needy you were for his kiss. You hadn’t stopped thinking of him from the encounter you two had earlier on in the week and you wanted to make it clear to him.
He eased up from your lips but made sure to show you how much he enjoyed your kiss by giving you a smirk. He then licked his lips as he sneaked his hand in the deep cut of your dress to caress your breast. You giggled as you kissed him on the lips again.
“You completed the assignment,” he said with a smirk.
“You should know I always understand the assignment,” you said.
He smirked. “This is why you always get straight A’s.”
He removed his hands from your breast and fixed your dress. He then proceeded to lead you down the steps to lead you to his car. Well, the car he was going to roll you around in. He opened the passenger door for you to get in. Before you got in, you gave him a keen eye and sly smile.
“What’s wrong?” He chuckled.
“This isn't your car,” you said.
“You know what my car looks like?” He asked.
“No but I know that you would never drive something so flashy,” you said.
“I see your deductive skills have come along,” he said.
“I learned from the best, didn’t I?” You asked.
He smirked before letting out a soft chuckle. You chuckled along with him as you got into the car. He closed the door and walked over to the driver’s side. As he got himself comfortable in the driver’s seat, you examined the black interior of the car.
There was a Chicago Bull’s keychain on the keys dangling from the ignition. You knew for a fact he wasn’t into sports. In fact, he loathed sports. The car also didn’t have the scent of his cologne. When he was near you, you could smell his sweet scent of a mildly spiced cologne. The car smelled like a more cedar smell.
“Are you going to tell me whose car this is or are we going to keep pretending this is yours?” You asked.
“My friend, Derek, lent me one of his cars for tonight,” he explained as he started the ignition.
“Oh? How come?” You asked.
“Because he said he didn’t want us arriving out of style,” he said.
You furrowed your eyebrows. You thought about how you two were supposed to go out for dinner downtown. Last minute he told you to put on your best black attire because he was taking you somewhere different. Somewhere that was a black-tie event.
The car. The change of plans. The black-tie event. You turned to look at him with wide eyes filled with a realization that thrilled, yet scared you. He looked at you one last time before pulling out from his parking spot. As soon as he saw the look on your face, he smirked.
“Are we going to one of your friend’s events?” You asked.
“Maybe,” he said.
“This is no time to be so vague. We’ve engaged in over ten phone calls for these past few days and you’ve never held back any information for so long. Kind of mysterious if you ask me,” you teased.
“I’m full of mysterious surprises,” he chuckled.
“This mysterious aura does suit you but the vague answers don’t. If we are going to your friend’s event, I’m quite honoured. I would have never guessed you would want me to meet your friends,” you said.
“I’m full of mysterious surprises,” he chuckled.
“This mysterious aura does suit you but the vague answers don’t. If we are going to your friend’s event, I’m quite honoured. I would have never guessed you would want me to meet your friends,” you said.
As you two pulled up to a red light, his right hand made its way off the steering wheel and onto your lap. You looked over at him to see him looking at you with a small, goofy smile. His whole mysterious exterior was crumbling as his new timid look emerged.
He gave your thigh several gentle squeezes as he searched for the right words to say to you. You placed your hand on top of his to offer him some comfort as you looked at him with a warm smile. He couldn’t help reflecting it back at you.
“My friend, Derek, and his wife, Savannah, invited me to this black-tie art gallery event but I don’t do good in big events consisting of people I don’t know. I get nervous and awkward, so I asked him if I could bring someone who gives me comfort,” he said.
He then turned his attention back to driving as the light turned green. He lifted his hand from your thigh to put back on the steering wheel but you grabbed it. You held it tight with both your hands. He glanced over to you before looking back at the road. He gently squeezed your hands.
You brought his hand up to your lips. You kissed his hand and lingered your lips on it to physically let him know your appreciation. You would never have guessed he would want you, one of his students he fucked one time in his office, to join him at an event. Not only that but he found comfort in you. Your phone calls with him must have made a lasting impact on him.
“I feel honoured to escort a man like you to this event,” you giggled.
“I’m happy to take an extraordinary person like you to this event. I’d be happy to take you anywhere,” he chuckled.
“Especially since I won’t hold back on my desire for you anymore,” you said.
You lifted up two of his fingers and licked them before putting them in your mouth to quickly suck on them. Even though he wasn’t looking at you, the keen smile on his face told you all you needed to know. You let go of his hand to allow him to get back to steering with two hands.
“You really do follow your assignments even out of the classroom,” he said.
“Talking about classrooms, what do your friends think about you fucking one of your students?” You asked.
“Well, they don’t know that part about you. All they know is that I’m bringing a person I really have a deep connection with to this event and honestly that’s all they need to know,” he said.
You smiled almost in a dream state at him. He was mysterious, soft, hot, and adorable all in one. You would have never guessed he was wrapped up in so many different emotions. In class, he always seemed in control and knew how to come across but it was you he needed to get him through the night.
“Whatever you say, Doctor.”
As soon as you two arrived at the gallery and got out the car, he made sure to reconnect with your hand like he never let it go. He looked otherworldly happy to be by your side with the way he was smiling. His energy was so infectious you found yourself smiling as if you’ve never smiled a day in your life.
The rest of your car ride to the art exhibit was filled with nothing but joy and laughter. You wished you two didn’t have to leave the car. You would have loved driving around with him endlessly just to hear his hearty laughter and divine voice. What made it even more thrilling was he never stopped stealing glances at you looking as if he wanted to devour you but also hug you tight. You would be up for both if the opportunity presented itself.
You two walked up the stairs of the art exhibit. Being the gentleman he is, Spencer opened the door for you. You smiled at his gracious gesture and did a little curtsey to show your appreciation. Your sense of humour tickled him as he tried to hold back his laugh.
“Try not to look at my ass as I walk by,” you giggled.
“I won’t, I won’t,” he chuckled.
You walked by him into the exhibit but made sure to swiftly turn your head around to see if he looked or not. His eyes caught yours and he immediately looked away, pretending something else caught his attention. You giggled as you reached out your hand from behind, so he could reconnect with you. He didn’t hesitate to find your hand again.
“Public display of desire?” You joked.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said.
You both laughed as you walked further into the art exhibit. The main hall only had a few wonderers but once you entered the main hall, you understood how uncomfortable it could be if someone came alone. The room was overflowed with people having small talk with their tight-knit groups while admiring the art and pretending to know the interpretations of them.
A certain art piece caught your eye in the crowd. You proceeded to walk towards it and Spencer didn’t stop you by trying to tug on your hand. He trailed behind you to see where you were taking the both of you. You stopped walking just before you hit the rope distancing you from the art.
You both stood there taking it in. It was pretty simplistic and you bet everyone in the room interpreted it differently. You weren’t going to waste your time guessing what the artist meant but interpreted the way you felt meant the most to you.
The small canvas portrayed two black silhouettes of people holding hands as they got lost in a canvas painted in a bright red and deep blue. Some of the strokes went over the black silhouettes, consuming them in some ways but they were still visible and still. The motion of the paint didn’t interfere with how the two black silhouettes were portrayed as being stable.
“It’s kind of like us,” you said.
“Oh? I’d love to hear more,” he said.
“Well, red represents passion, love, desire, which we started with. Everything was so intense and strong at the beginning of the week. Now, the blue represents sensitivity, trust, loyalty, which I think we’ve established the more we got to know each other. It’s ever intertwined and moving around us, these colours and feelings, but we’re embracing it and not letting either be the driving force between us. We’re just letting things happen around us,” you said.
You both turned around to see two people walking up to you two. You assumed they were Spencer’s friends, Derek and Savannah, from the way they smiled at one another. You plastered a smile on your face to hide any nervousness you felt within you.
Spencer greeted them both with hugs as they said their hello’s. Then the two of them turned their attention to you with bright smiles. Savannah was the first one to greet you with a hug.
“Nice to meet you, Y/N. I’m Savannah,” she said as she leaned away from you.
You smiled. “Nice to meet you, Savannah.”
“And I’m Derek. Glad you could accompany our nervous pretty boy,” he said as he leaned and hugged you.
“Pleasure’s all mine. I’d accompany him anywhere, he makes great company,” you said as you hugged him back.
“I’m okay company in comparison to Y/N,” Spencer said.
You couldn’t help smiling at his compliment. As Morgan eased up from your hug, he caught a glimpse of your smile and a smirk appeared on his face. He looked at Savannah, who had a similar smirk on her face.
“You look like you’re in love,” he said.
Your eyes widened in embarrassment as you tried to conceal your smile by biting your bottom lip. You looked over at Spencer who was softly smiling at what Derek said. He then glanced over at you and saw how flustered you looked. He smirked at how open you had become. You had no fear of hiding behind a calm disguise any longer, not even in front of his friends.
“I think it’s too early to say love but I will say there is a deep admiration,” you said.
“How did that deep admiration start?” Savannah asked.
You searched through your brain for a good response to her question. You were anticipating them to ask that question but you never had a response in mind. You had no idea how they would react if you told them you were one of his students. You doubted if he’d be met with the same enthusiasm as Laura had when you told her.
“She’s one of my student’s in a graduate class I teach. She’s getting her master degree in psychology,” Spencer explained.
You immediately looked over at him shocked he said it so casually. You looked back to Derek and Savannah to see their expressions. To no surprise, they seemed stunned but it soon turned into looks of curiosity and then into acceptance.
“Guess your pretty boy charm isn’t only effective in the bureau,” Derek joked.
“It’s not even in effect at the bureau,” Spencer said.
“That’s what you think. Anyway, I’m guessing this is more of a lowkey thing, so I won’t pry anymore. Not until you two make it official which is a different topic for a different day,” he said.
“Either way, you two look beautiful together,” Savannah complimented.
Your smile grew back on your face and you didn’t try to hide it. You liked how they could see you both together for the long term. If your self from last week had told the present you that your professor you had a crush on not only had a crush on you, fucked you, and wanted to make you his, she would have laughed in your face. Everything about it felt surreal, and like a far-fetched daydream come true.
“Thank you,” you said.
“Well, let’s get heading into the auction hall. I think they’re going to start the charity auction soon,” Derek said.
“We’ll be right there. I think we’re going to wander around and look at a few art pieces before going into the auction hall,” Spencer said.
“Okay, we’ll connect later,” Derek said.
Spencer gave a nod of his head before Derek and Savannah departed from your sights. As soon as they were gone, Spencer didn’t hesitate to grab hold of your hand and started walking. You trailed along with no questions asked.
He walked to this section of the art exhibit that was blocked off by a rope. The rope was the only security insight, so he stepped over it to enter the empty space. You stepped over the rope too to follow him into the dimly lit area. When he walked far enough into it, away from the entrance you both had entered from, he stopped walking.
“That went better than expected,” he finally said.
“You brought me in here to tell me that?” You giggled.
“No, I just felt as if we needed some alone time away from the overbearing main hall. Besides, I haven’t enjoyed enough solo time with you for my liking,” he said.
“Well, this alone time to talk is much different than our first coffee date. Well, professor-student coffee date,” you said.
“No, it was a date. I was just too shy to ask you properly then,” he said.
You stepped in front of him and let go of his hand as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He placed his hands on your hips and pulled you in close to him. You couldn’t stop yourself from embracing him in a deep, passion-driven kiss. He reciprocated it twice fold. His hands moved around to your ass and gently caressed it before giving it a squeeze.
You chuckled as you pulled away from his lips. You placed your hands on his neck as you stared longingly into his eyes and he didn’t dare break eye contact with you. A lot was said between you two in those moments of silent eye contact and small smiles but you felt as if you should tell him something verbally.
“You know, I thought a man like you would never be interested in me. I thought I could only daydream about a moment like this,” you said.
“Intellectual, kind, funny, and beautiful? I’d be stupid to pass on the opportunity to be with you,” he said.
“So, is that implying there’s going to be more of this?” You asked as you brought him in for a kiss.
He lingered on your lips for a few seconds before pulling away. He licked his lips before he dragged his hands up and down your body. You smiled as he looked at you overly joyed about your enthusiasm.
“Of course. And there will be more of this if you keep embracing your breast size. Turn around,” he said.
You smirked as you let him go to turn around. He then pushed you up against the nearest wall and you braced yourself against it with your hands acting as support for your body. He pressed his body against yours to minimize the space between you both.
He left trails of kisses along your neck as you felt his right hand tug the fabric of your dress that was shielding your breast from being exposed. He moved it aside to free your breast, so he could grab it and carefully pinch your nipples. You softly moaned at his touch, trying to keep your volume at a minimum level.
“I think it’s time your breasts see the light of day, don’t you think?” He said.
“Yes,” you moaned.
You then felt his left hand caress down your thigh and up your skirt. He moved your underwear to the side. He placed his fingers on your clit and started to slowly circle it. You moaned out of pleasure a little too loud which caused him to hush you.
“Be a good girl for me and keep your volume down,” he said.
“O-okay, Doctor,” you moaned.
“You know I go crazy when you call me that,” he said.
He picked up the motion immediately as you called him ‘Doctor.’ You dug your nails into the concrete wall as you bit your lip trying not to make a sound. He continued to kiss up and down your neck, leaving little love bites wherever he could. It seemed as if he was treating this moment like you two had all the time in the world. He didn’t seem phased that there wasn’t a door this time concealing your actions away from everyone else on the outside.
“I want you to beg for me,” he whispered.
“I need you to fuck me so bad,” you moaned.
“Do you want anyone else?” He asked.
“N-no, no, only you,” you moaned.
You felt his fingers move away from your clit and slide down until his two fingers went inside of you. He instantly found your g-spot and curled his fingers on top of it. He was telling you to ‘come’ with the way his fingers were motioning inside of you.
You couldn’t hold back your tongue any longer. You let out a desperate cry. He slammed his other hand over your mouth to stop you from baiting your scene. He pulled your head back so his mouth was right up against your ear.
“I thought you always understood assignments. Don’t start flunking now,” he whispered.
He continued stroking your g-spot rapidly as you tried to find the strength to keep your legs from giving out on you. He then circled your clit again with his thumb to add to your pleasure. You muffled a moan against his palm and scratched your nails against the wall. He softly groaned in your ear as he watched you struggle to contain yourself.
You muffled repeatedly against his palm that you wanted him to fuck you. You weren’t sure if he could hear you or not but it didn’t matter to you. You couldn’t help yourself. You wanted him to ram his dick into you again so bad that you had to vocalize it.
“What are you saying? Are you begging for me?” He teased.
You violently nodded your head to let him know you wanted him. You wanted him now. He softly chuckled into your ear as he removed his fingers from in you. You waited impatiently as you heard him undoing his pants. You pushed your ass against his crotch to indicate to him you were begging him to speed up the process.
He pulled down his pants and underwear enough so you could feel his hard dick against you. He lifted up your dress and placed his hand on your ass cheek to squeeze it hard. You muffled a yelp against his palm.
He moved his head away from yours and removed his hand from your ass. You heard him rip something open that could only be a condom wrapper. It was as if he was always prepared to fuck you at any moment and knew you’d willingly comply.
“Is this what you wanted?” He asked as he shoved his dick into you.
You muffled repeated ‘yes’’ against his palm as he kept pounding into you. You steadied yourself against the wall. You nearly forgot how good he was at fucking you. He had you at his mercy with every stroke he did in you.
He jerked your head back so he could look at your facial expression. He smirked as he saw your face was in a state of ecstasy. Your eyes were lost in desire over him and your mouth couldn’t stop muffling moans against his palm.
“You’re so fucking desirable, Y/N,” he said
He trailed kisses along your cheek, down your neck, onto your shoulder, and back again. His words were no match for the way his lips translated his desire for you. It would be hard going back to class and having to look at him talk when you know you’d rather have his lips on you.
He stroked his dick in you deeper and rapidly as he grunted against your ear. You muffled several moans against his palm as you knew he was going to hit his climax soon. You helped him speed up the process by moving your hips back to meet his strokes halfway.
You continued to do so as you heard his moans increase every time you did. You loved the sound of him giving into you. The pure sound of his desire for you was all you needed to hear in the silent room.
He then held your hips in place against him. You yelped as you took his whole dick inside you. It wasn’t long before you heard him let out a few groans and you could feel his cum pump out into the condom.
He finally dropped his hand away from your mouth as he pulled out of you. You quickly turned around to grab his face and brought him in for a kiss. You didn’t care that he was in the middle of taking off the condom and pulling up his pants, you yearned for the feeling of his lips against yours again.
As you finally pulled away from his lips, he smiled brightly at you. He gave you one last peck on the lips before stepped back from you so he could take off the condom and pull up his pants. You watched him as he carefully picked up the condom wrapper he had dropped on the floor. He then stood up and took out a napkin to wrap the condom and wrapper in before stuffing it in his pocket.
“You’re always so prepared for someone who’s so spontaneous,” you joked.
“When you become a professor, you just become prepared for anything,” he said as he reached out for your hand.
“Oh? So you were always prepared to fuck one of your students when you got this job?” You asked as you grabbed his hand.
He chuckled as he started walking. “No, the sex, love, and desire were always meant for you. The condoms are just a safety measure.”
“You’re also gentle with me yet so very demanding. Is that a part of the package as well?” You asked.
“That and even more. I’m hoping for many dates and a great future ahead of us, so I can show you everything I have to offer you,” he said.
He raised your hand to his lips and kissed it to solidify his words. You smiled at his sweet gesture. To fuck your professor was one thing but to actually build a solid relationship with him was more than you could ask for.
“I’d love that. I already like what I’ve seen and participated in so far,” you said.
“I’m glad. Hopefully after this event we can go to a diner and just talk. I think I love unwinding with you the most,” he said.
“More than fucking me?” you asked with a giggle.
“I think they’re tied,” he said.
“Now that’s what I call love,” you said.
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there-must-be-a-lock · 12 hours ago
Couldn’t Drag Me Away
Spencer Reid x (female) Reader
Word Count: ~900
Warnings: There’s a brief not-too-explicit smutty bit. Brief reference to, like, canon-typical peril? Mostly it’s Spencer getting worried and going all grrr about it. 
A/N: For the “crime scene” square on my @cmbingo​ card! 
Tumblr media
You’re resting on the porch steps, eyes closed, blocking out the chaos around you — trying to center yourself as the wave of adrenaline crashes and leaves you shaky. There are people everywhere — police officers swarming the place with cameras and crime scene tape, emergency medical personnel checking on newly-freed captives — but there’s only one person you really want to see. 
Brakes screech; a door slams shut; then you hear raised voices and a familiar impatient voice: “That’s my girlfriend.” 
You smile and open your eyes, and Spencer’s the first thing you see, weaving through the crowd on the sidewalk with that familiar expression: the one that looks like thunderclouds — even stormier than the grey sky overhead — and means do not get in my way. It’s the face of someone who’s lost too much, in the last few years, and is ready to fight anyone who might try to come between him and the person he loves. 
Just so happens, you’re that person, and you feel a sudden stab of guilt for making him worry… as if you could’ve avoided being taken hostage. 
“Hey, Spence,” you say softly, and before you can get up he crouches awkwardly on the step in front of you, folded up and half-kneeling on the splintered wood. His eyes are laser-sharp and his jaw is clenched as he cups your cheeks in his hands, staring, taking in the sight of you.
“You’re okay,” he says, hoarse and strained, reassuring himself more than asking you. 
“I’m okay. I’m fine, Spence, I promise.” 
He exhales hard, and the sigh hitches like a whimper in his throat. Then he sits down next to you, wrapping his arms around you. You curl into him, burrowing into his chest even though the position is less than ideal for snuggling and it’s starting to drizzle. Right now you just need to be close for a moment. 
“Aren’t you supposed to be in class?” you whisper, words muffled against his jacket. 
“I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be,” he mumbles. 
“You left in the middle of your lecture, didn’t you?” 
“Yes, I absolutely did.” 
You let out a watery little giggle that, to your surprise, comes out sounding like a sob. 
Five minutes ago you would’ve said you were fine, but now Spencer’s here. He’s stroking your hair, kissing your forehead, and you’re forcefully reminded that you’re lucky to be alive.  
More importantly, you’re reminded of who you would’ve left behind, and what it would’ve done to him. Spencer has lost too much already. 
“Let’s get out of here,” he whispers fiercely. “Okay?” 
You let him take the lead; you smile and nod when Emily asks if you’re sure you’re okay, and then Spencer’s leading you over to the car, his hand possessive and firm on the small of your back in a way that still makes you shiver. 
He’s a bad driver at the best of times, honestly, and you’re grateful for his habit of taking back roads. He keeps glancing sideways at you, resting a hand on the base of your neck, still needing the reassurance that you’re still here. As much as you keep cringing at his cavalier approach to his turn signals, you can’t help but lean into the touch. You need the reassurance too. 
When Spencer jerks the steering wheel, you assume it’s because he wasn’t watching the road again, but instead he steers into the turn-off for a small state park, basically a walking trail through a wooded area, deserted now — the first real drops of rain patter against the windshield as you pull in. 
“What are we doing here?” you ask, but he gives you this look as he parks, wild-eyed and intense and still more than a little scared, and you let out a soft, “Oh.” 
You both get out hastily as soon as the engine dies, ducking into the backseat, and Spencer’s sliding over to meet you in the middle, tugging you onto his lap so you’re straddling him. 
“I’m not going anywhere,” you promise, but you both know there are never any guarantees. 
It’s needy and desperate from the beginning. He kisses you, rough enough to leave you breathless, with one hand in your hair and the other fisted in the back of your shirt trying to pull you closer. He’s trembling under you. 
“Please?” he asks. You just nod, throat tight. 
If it were any other day you’d both laugh at the clumsy way you half-fall off his lap to get your jeans off, but there’s nothing funny about how much you need him right now. His hands are shaking as he fumbles with his belt. 
When you straddle him again, you can’t help but stroke him, feeling flushed-hot velvet skin and watching the way his lips part and his eyelashes flutter. Then you sink down, rocking your hips, both of you gasping as you rest your forehead against his for a moment. 
“Love you,” you say fiercely, and bite back a moan as you grind down. 
“Love you too,” he whispers, barely audible under the rain that’s starting to come down fast and heavy. It’s a blur against the windows, turning everything outside the car hazy and indistinct — like nothing in the world matters aside from you and Spencer and the way he’s clinging like he’ll never let you go. 
More CM fic here! 
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doctorstethoscope · 20 hours ago
Brown Bear || A. Hotchner x Fem Reader
Hello my loves, this is a double whammy, because it’s for @ssahotchswife‘s soft Hotch Saturday AND for @anxiousblanketqueen’s birthday challenge! 
prompt: reading to your baby!
warnings: insane fluff, discussion of pregnancy, mention of morning sickness, injury mention, aaron hotchner being completely wrapped around a baby’s finger
word count: 1.7k
You and your husband hadn’t slept for more than six hours at a time in one month, two weeks, and four days, not that you were counting. Okay, fine, so maybe you were. But to be fair, it also had been one of the most incredible six weeks and four days of your life— the number of days since Alexis Haley Hotchner had entered the world. She was worth every sleepless night. 
The past six weeks had been total bliss— both of you on parental leave, Aaron dropping Jack off at school every morning and then coming home to “his girls,” as he had affectionately dubbed the two of you. You’d spend the day together, getting to know the little girl who had stolen both of your hearts in an instant, and then Jack would come home after school and complete your family unit. He couldn’t be more obsessed with his baby sister, and it melted your heart to watch his little fingers push hair out of her even little-r face.
So when Alexis’s coos woke the both of you up at 3AM, you couldn’t bring yourself to be mad at her. How could you be, when she had come into the world and made everything so perfect? You sat up in bed to go get her, but Aaron threw a tired arm out.
“I got her,” he mumbled, inching himself up to a seated position. “You did the last one.” He says as he tries to delicately disentangle himself from you. 
He stumbled out of bed and across the hall into the baby’s room. You hear him simultaneously from her nursery and from the baby monitor on the bedside table as he crosses to her crib.
“Hey, angel, it’s okay. Daddy’s here.” He whispers as he cranes into the crib to pick up Alexis. “Shh, daddy’s got you.” He says, hoisting her up against his chest and placing one large hand over her back. 
She’s quiet after a moment, content to be pressed against her father’s chest as he softly bounced around the room to calm her. You couldn’t see her face through the monitor, but you knew her well enough to know that her quiet did not mean she was back to sleep— you were sure that when Aaron checked her big eyes would be wide open and staring up at him. 
You were right. Aaron shifted so that she was cradled in his arms and he could see her face, very much awake and enamored with her father. 
“Lexie, my little love, “ Aaron cooed out as he settled in the rocking chair in the corner of the room. “It’s not time to get up yet. Mama and daddy need a little bit more sleep to keep up with you and your brother.” 
Lexie blinked up at him, unconvinced by his pleas. 
“Okay, sweet girl. One story, but then you have to go back to sleep.” Aaron answered the question that Lexie couldn’t possibly articulate as he reached blindly for a book off of the shelf next to the rocking chair. She couldn’t even ask for what she wanted, but Aaron was already helpless to do anything but give it to her.
“Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?” 
You let out a contented little sigh that no one could hear. You had loved Aaron’s voice since the moment you met him, but listening to him read to Jack and Lexie was always special. He was softer with them, more vulnerable than he was with the team. You could hear his love for them in every syllable. 
“I see a red bird looking at me. Red bird, red bird, what do you see?” 
He’s so quiet with her, so gentle, and you can’t help but remember the way you stunned him into silence when you told him about her for the first time. 
Aaron was away on a case when you found out, off in Michigan or Nebraska or somewhere else that was decidedly not your home in Virginia. 
You thought about calling him, but you wanted to see his face when he heard the news. Wanted to be able to pull him into your arms and thank him for choosing you, for choosing to let love in again when life had told him over and over again that doing so was a mistake. You wanted to thank him for this incredible life.
It was late when he finally came home. You had tried to stay up, but the morning sickness had you awake early most days and you were exhausted. You stirred when the bedroom door clicked open.
“Aaron,” you mumbled out, not sure if you really said it or if you just dreamt that you said it.
“Shh, it’s me. Go back to sleep. Love you.” He said, already divesting himself of his suit coat and his tie. 
“Turn the light on.” 
“Honey, I’m alright.” 
It was a habit the two of you had developed— he would never tell you if he was injured on a case, so you insisted on giving him a once-over when he came home, making sure he was all in one piece. Aaron pretended it was ridiculous but he’d never tell you how much your tender touch would warm him from the inside out, how it would bring him back to the bright and soft place in his heart that he saved for you, and how it would pull him out of the darkness he worked in day in and day out. 
“Turn on the light, please.” 
Aaron obliges you, flicking the switch as he unbuttons his shirt and tosses it in the general direction of the hamper. You squint against the harsh light after just waking up. By the time you’re brave enough to fully open your eyes, Aaron is at your bedside in just his boxers, awaiting his examination with a fond smile. You rise to your knees on the mattress, running a gentle finger over the planes of his jaw and nose before giving him a quick kiss. You missed him. You ran your hands over his shoulders and down his arms, inspecting his chest and finding only the regular nine scars. 
“Turn around.” You tell him. 
“The unsub confessed. I didn’t even draw my gun.” 
“Well then this should be quick,” you quipped back, and he turned with a roll of his eyes and a smile that betrayed his affection. 
As promised, he was completely unharmed, and he turned to face you again. 
“Can we go to bed now?” He asked, moving in closer to wrap his arms around you, his hands settling on your hips.
“Aaron,” you said, raising your hands to his face and placing your thumb where you knew his dimple would appear at your next words. “I’m pregnant.” 
Sure enough, your thumb slotted right in. He couldn’t bring himself to form any words, but his beaming smile spoke loud enough. You couldn’t help but match it. There was a long beat before he spoke.
“Really?” He whispered, after a moment.
“Yeah, honey. Really,” you confirmed. 
“You’re sure?” If he wasn’t smiling so big, you might have mistaken his hesitance for fear. You knew better. 
“I haven’t been to the doctor yet, but I’m eight for eight peeing on sticks. I bought every brand at the drugstore. So I’m pretty sure.” You confessed with a little giggle.
He’s kissing you before either one of you can say anything else, and it’s perfect. He’s home, and he’s here, and he’s perfect, and you’re going to have his baby. He’s wrapped up in your arms and you’re wrapped up in his and you’re pretty sure you could just stay like this for the next nine months until Alexis makes her appearance. 
Aaron’s snore, loud enough to be heard from both the monitor and your half-opened door, distracts you from your reverie. You smirk a little as you swing your legs out of bed and cross the hall. 
The book is propped up open against Aaron’s chest, his arm occupied with cradling your little girl and his other hand splayed over her slight frame. Luckily, she’s asleep too, and you begin your quest to remove them from each other without waking either of them. 
Aaron, ever the anxious sleeper, wakes with a start as soon as all nine pounds of Alexis are taken from his arms. You shush him before he can say anything. 
“You fell asleep, baby. Go back to bed.” 
“Could’ve dropped her.” He murmured, not pleased with himself, and you let out a dissatisfied little tsk as you place Lexi against her crib mattress. 
“You had both hands wrapped around her. You weren’t gonna drop her. She was fine.” You corrected him.
He rose from the rocking chair and tugged at your hand. “You coming?” 
“I just want to look at her a little bit longer.” You tell him
“You know, you aren’t supposed to be awake at all. Sleep when the baby sleeps.” He chastises with absolutely nothing behind it, settling in to wrap his hands on your waist and tuck his chin into your shoulder. 
You watch her for a moment, or two or three. It’s hard to tell. You could look at her forever. 
“Thank you,” you both say after a moment, and turn to each other with exhausted little smiles. 
“Come on, let’s get back to sleep before we get sentimental and weepy,” Aaron teases, tugging you back towards the bedroom. 
“It’s a little too late for that, love.” You tell him as you climb into bed, scooting towards the middle of the mattress so you could wrap your arms around him and place your head on his chest. He just places his lips against your forehead by way of response, falling back to sleep before he can move away. You sigh that contented little sigh again, and Aaron’s arm pulls you in closer to him. He really had given you the perfect life. You couldn’t wait to repay him with baby number three.
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lavender-fog · a day ago
Chapter 6: help is underway
Tumblr media
TW: cussing probably, fluffffff, some stuff about murders, anthrax mention, typical CM case stuff
The clicking of Penelope Garcia’s heels grew louder the closer she got to the conference room. Her purple and pink dress was a welcome dash of colour in the BAU office, where most people just wore monochrome colours, mostly blacks and whites. She closed the door behind her and made her way over to Spencer to give him a case file. The other members of the team opened the file on their tablets and were welcomed with some pictures of people who went missing the last few months.
“Alrighty my lovely team of profilers. The case we have today is in sunny El Paso, where it is currently 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The last few months immigrants have been reported missing from the shelter. They only noticed the missing people a few weeks ago, because it is really hard to keep up with immigrants, as they are always on the move.”
“About 1 million immigrants from South America arrive in the States every year, but as many as 25% come from Mexico alone,” Spencer interjected.
“Yes, thank you Reid. Most immigrants are indeed from Mexican decent. The local police force asked for our expertise because family members are getting worried, and the community is getting rowdier. We really need to find out what is happening over there, because three bodies have also been found in the desert.”
The pictures came up onto the television, “most people were found with bruising on the wrists and ankles as well as injection marks.”
“So they were probably bound for a few days or weeks even, why would the unsub keep them this long?” Emily questioned, “this could mean that they use them for something, but what for?”
“Great guess my friend,” Penelope answered, “they were all found with the same contents in their stomachs. Ricin.”
“Ricin is a carbohydrate-binding protein and a highly potent toxin produced in the seeds of the castor oil plant, Ricinus communis. A dose of purified ricin powder the size of a few grains of table salt can kill an adult human,” Spencer animatedly said, gesturing with his hands as he recited something he learned in one of his more interesting chemistry classes.
“We do have a problem though. This is all the police got right now, and the community is getting rowdy. Because of all the disappearances, a lot of aid workers have pulled out their support, because they are scared of getting tangled in it themselves. This means there is almost no food or water or… anything really for these people. No one can talk to them and they won’t listen to the police, for obvious reasons.”
“What do you suggest Garcia?” Hotch asks.
“I think we need an expert here sir. Maybe someone from the NGO or humanitarian aid field? They could provide us with not only resources for these people, but could also help us with why the unsub is targeting immigrants. Someone who knows the field and knows how to deal with the situation.”
Spencer knew that this was his cue and Penelope was also looking longer at him when describing what kind of person they would need. Hotch noticed her staring at Reid and raised his eyebrows.
“Reid, do you know someone who can help us? Maybe someone from the university or something? You have lots of contacts right?”
“Um, yes, I actually do know someone,” he affirmed, already biting the inside of his cheek, “I’ll give her a call right now.”
“Alright, Reid will contact the expert. The rest of you, wheels up in thirty. Garcia, can you coordinate with Reid on how we get the expert on site?” Hotch announced as he gathered his stuff and the rest of the team got their go-bags ready.
“So, is this just me, or is pretty boy a little bit nervous about this expert consulting on this case with us?” Derek said with a smirk as he put his tablet in his go-bag.
“Oh Morgan, you can just never leave him alone, can you?” JJ laughed as she patted him on the shoulder.
“Yeah Morgan, at least he is nervous about someone, when is the last time you dated someone?” Emily teasingly said.
“All right, all right. Let’s just wait and see what happens when this woman arrives, I’m telling you now, Reid will be like a little puppy at her feet!”
— —
The team had arrived in El Paso and the sheriff had led them around the immigrant camp. It was, as Garcia said, getting unsafe for everyone. Rossi and Derek had then visited the crime scene where the three bodies had been found, Reid and Prentiss went to the morgue to check out what the forensic pathologist had found and JJ and Hotch were coordinating at the police station.
Once the team was back at the station again, Garcia called in, “hey you guys. I’m just letting you know that y/n y/l/n and her colleague Benny landed half an hour ago and should almost be at the sheriff’s station!”
Spencer’s heart jumped in his throat when he realized you would be here soon, and that you would have to work together for probably a few days.
“Alright. I suggest we continue working from the station until they arrive and then we’ll regroup. Reid, you get started on the geographical profile. Morgan and Prentiss, look through the files Garcia sent about immigrants who are missing. JJ and I will go talk to the press outside,” Hotch said as he dismissed everyone and got himself ready for the press conference.
Spencer went to the board where a map was pinned up. He really needed to get a head start on this, because he knew that, once you arrived he wouldn’t be able to concentrate to the fullest anymore.
— —
You were kind of confused that the FBI needed you but were happy nonetheless that you could help. You didn’t ever expect dr. Reid would call you, not even for a work related case, but when you heard his voice on the other side , your mood had instantly changed to aa giddy feeling in your stomach. However, quickly you realized you should not be this excited for a random man who you’ve only met once.
“Hello, this is Y/N,” you said as you answered the phone after checking the number, which had the same area code as you and muting your tv where a soapy program was playing.
“Hi, this is Spencer, uh, dr. Reid I mean. I was at your panel last week? We spoke afterwards and exchanged numbers?” He hesitantly said. How could you even forget this man? Of course you would remember him! You had the most interesting conversation with him you’d had in a while. It felt as if you just understood each other. The interaction you had with him in the elevator also hadn't left your mind yet.
“Oh, hi dr. Reid. What can I help you with? Something for business reasons?” You asked with a smile on your face, plucking at your scruffy socks.
“Sorry to kind of spring this on you, but I’m an agent with the FBI and we need an expert on humanitarian aid for a case and I was wondering if you would be able to help us out? I’m afraid it isn’t a paid case, but you’d help me, I-I mean the team tremendously if you could help us out,” he spluttered as he said the last bit. God Spencer, get a grip on yourself.
“Oh uh, it’s actually for business? You need me?” The smile on your face dropped immediately. You were kind of disappointed that his call was actually related to work. You thought you felt this connection with him, an instant spark you never had with anyone before, but apparently it was one-sided.
“Yeah! You’d be a great asset to this case and the team and me think you’d help us out with not only organizing the immigrant camp but also with the case itself. I can’t say anything more until you’re officially on board but..”
You thought for a minute. Your team was staying in DC for the next month and a half, the B-team was doing the urgent cases for now.
“You know what, why not. Where should I be?”
“Uh, well we are leaving in 30 minutes, but I’ll get our technical analyst to contact you and she’ll give you more information.”
“Alright, so I’ll see you on site then?” You were really bummed out that you would see him on a work occasion, but that was better than not, right?
“Thank you so much ms y/l/n,” he quietly said in the phone.
“Don’t worry about it. It’s kinda my job”
“Still, I’m- I'm really excited to see you again. I’m sorry it’s under these circumstances. See you soon.”
The click of Spencer ending the call made you gasp aloud. Did he really say that he was excited to see you? Had he wanted to call you for another reason?
You didn’t have a lot of time to think about it, as your phone rang again.
“Hi this is y/n”
“Hello! This is Penelope Garcia with the BAU team at Quantico. I hope our good doctor informed you that we need your help?”
“Yeah, yes he did,” you laughed, “so, where are we going and what can I do?”
— —
Upon arrival at the airport, a police officer whisked you and Benny away and got you through security by literally skipping the lines. You looked at your colleague with big eyes, both of you not being used to this extravagant treatment.
Quickly enough, you were being dropped off at the police station, where the BAU team would be waiting for you. Benny was already on the phone with one of their contacts to arrange food aid and you had informed a law firm you often worked with on the situation.
“Okay, you guys can just check in at the front desk, you’ll get a visitors badge and the FBI team will take it from there,” the police officer who opened the front door for you said, as you hauled your bag behind you.
“Thank you, officer,” Benny responded as you got at the front desk. You were quickly checked in, when another police officer escorted you to the conference room, where 6 people were waiting for you.
One of them, the team leader you guessed, stuck out his hand as you came in, “SSA Hotchner, these are agents Rossi, Morgan, Jareau, Prentiss and doctor Reid, who you know already, ms y/l/n”
“Y/n is fine, hello, nice to meet you all,” you said as you shook hands with everyone of them. When you got to Spencer, you also stuck out your hand, which he looked at for a second, before deciding to shake it.
You didn’t think anything about it, but the team’s eyes might have just fallen out of their sockets at this interaction. Morgan was doing a double take, JJ gave Emily a small shove and Rossi had a small smirk on his face. Hotch was stoic as usual, but there was a small gleam in his eyes that gave him away.
“This is my colleague Benny Avery, we work on the same team, we do mostly international aid in crisis situations”, you looked over at Benny who also shook hands with everyone. Spencer opting for a wave this time though.
“Thank you so much for coming here to help us. Dr Reid told us that you were doing this during your free time, so we really appreciate it,” Hotch nodded as he got out two case files, “we put together some information for you about the situation at hand, so please have a seat and we’ll discuss it.”
Everyone sat around the big table, and you were originally going to sit next to Benny and Morgan, when Morgan shoved Spencer, who was blushing a bit, next to you.
“It’s nice to see you again dr. Reid,” you said as you gave him a small smile and got out a notepad, “even under these crazy circumstances.”
“Yeah, uh, I-I would’ve called sooner, but work has been hectic, to say the least,” he said with his lips pursed.
“That’s alright, I’m happy either way,” you whispered as you focussed on Hotch who was starting his presentation. Spencer's breath quietly hitched in his throat, but you were already focussed on Hotch.
“We already found three bodies of missing immigrants, but we’re still missing a lot of people. We estimate that even more people are missing than reported,” Hotch clicked on his remote to show the location of the bodies.
“The bodies had marks on their wrists and ankles, so they were being restrained for multiple days or maybe even weeks. They also had injection marks and all three had ricin in their stomachs, Reid, can you explain please?”
Reid shot up from slouching and side-eying you, “Ricin is a carbohydrate-binding protein and a highly potent toxin produced in the seeds of the castor oil plant, Ricinus communis. A dose of purified ricin powder the size of a few grains of table salt can kill an adult human.”
“What is this chemical used for then,” Benny asked Spencer, pencil ready in hand to take notes.
“It’s a protein,” he repeated, “and it has the potential to be used in cancer treatments actually. On the other side, it can also be used as a biological warfare weapon, but because you need large quantities, it’s not that efficient as, let’s say anthrax.”
“On top of that, the immigrant community is getting rowdy,” Morgan took over, “there were some aid workers present, but most of them have left because they’re scared of getting mixed up in this.”
“So I guess food has been dwindling and all other supplies are being stolen or sold?” You guessed, tapping you pen against the notepad, “most aid workers here are from small NGOs I guess, mostly volunteers who don’t really have a good framework set up, so it’s not surprising some would run off,” you sighed as you said the last part. Even though aid workers wanted to help, not having good support from the NGO itself, often resulted in these types of situations.
“Yeah, that’s about it,” Emily concluded, “we’d love your expertise on the aid situation, but maybe also on the profile. We need to catch this guy soon.”
“Alright, y/n and me will contact some of our local contacts who work at bigger NGOs in Texas”, Benny started, “these people also need to be legally represented, luckily we have a few great lawyers on call.”
You picked up where Benny left off, “so we’ll mostly be in charge of coordinating the different teams. We’ll set up shop here in the precinct, but I’d like to get a look at the field as well.”
“Okay, let us know if we can be of any help,” Hotch replied and everyone got up, “you can use this room to set up as well, there’s more than enough space for the two teams.”
You and Benny got to work, just like the BAU team. The BAU was discussing some things around a board with a map on different things scrabbeled on it. You set up your laptop on the other side of the conference room, Benny put up their own laptop next to you and leaned over to you.
“So who was the one you went on a date with?” They snickered, as you glared at them from under your lashes.
After a few hours of contacting local NGOs and lawyers, you and Morgan went out to the immigration camp, to check everything out. You sat in the passenger’s seat as Morgan drove the big SUV.
“So, I reckon you already know our resident genius?” Morgan said as he quickly looked over at you.
“Yeah, but we met just only once though, he attended a conference where I gave a presentation not so long ago,” you said as you smiled, “he came up to me after I was done and we kinda hit it off immediately!”
Morgan put the car in park and turned towards you, “he usually doesn’t do this stuff, you know. He’s really oblivious in that department if you ask me.”
“What do you mean?”, you furrowed your brows, not really understanding what he was getting at.
“Going up to people to talk to them. You must’ve captured his attention on that conference.”
“Oh,” you breathed out as you opened the car door and got out. You looked over the car at Morgan, “didn’t notice actually.”
As you looked at the building for a moment, you picked at your fingernail, it started to bleed a little. You cursed under your breath and got out a tissue to wipe it off. The beginning of these situations was always pretty bad, with lots of chaos and problems just virtually everywhere. Morgan held the door open for you as you walked through, smiling at him.
“So, do you have a profile of the murderer yet?”, you asked as you both walked through the maze-like entrance of the building.
“Not really no, we do have a preliminary one set up, but it could be literally anyone in this state”, he sighed as you arrived in a giant room, filled with camp beds and probably a hundred people, “the unsub is probably male, because we had both female and male victims. He knows the area, so a local, and because he dumps the bodies all over the desert, he’s likely to be highly intelligent. God knows there’s probably even more bodies on Mexican soil we’ll never find.”
“Jesus,” you let out a breath, an uneasy feeling creeping up your neck, “these people have been through enough already, I just want to give them a chance at a good life here.”
A few children were running around, passing just in front of you as you gave let out a small laugh, “it’s amazing how fast children adapt to these situations. I’ll never understand how they do it.”
Derek shot you a sad look. He understood what working with kids in these types of situations was like. Children didn’t deserve to have to live this kind of life.
When you were talking with some of the people working there, trying to get everything set up, Derek was off talking to the few aid workers who stayed even after the murders. It took a few hours to set up the basic food provisions, and you still needed to get in touch with the local NGO to get more volunteers, as most people were overworking themselves now.
After a few more hours, Derek returned just as you were finishing a call with the representative of the local NGO, who pledged to spring into action immediately.
Derek drove you back to the police station, putting the car in park. It was nearing 11 p.m. and the police station was less busy than before, with a few people still milling around, ready for an emergency.
Everyone looked beat when you stepped in the conference room, the bin overflowing with empty coffee cups and snack wrappers.
“Let’s wrap it up for tonight team, I don’t think we’ll get any new stuff tonight. So get some sleep and we’ll meet again at 8:30,” Hotch said as everyone was congregated in the conference room.
You looked over at Benny, who was still busy on their computer and then looked at Spencer. His hair was a bit messier than it was before you left and the bags under his eyes were a little more pronounced, but he still gave you a small smile when he saw you stare.
You gave him a small wave and went over to your desk, to discuss what still needed to be done.
“I got in touch with Amma and she’s sending a few representatives of the Texas branch of their firm, they should be here tomorrow afternoon,” Benny said as you sat down next to them. You opened your notepad and wrote it down, then telling Benny what you had seen at the immigration camp.
“The location is honestly too small to hold all these people, so I still need to find another building that has enough space for about 250 people,” so much work still had to be done, and you couldn’t just take a break as people were suffering in real time.
“You ready for another all-nighter?” You asked Benny who rolled their eyes jokingly, “I’m going to grab a coffee, do you want anything?”
“A coffee will do, thanks y/n”, you stood back up again and went over to the kitchen in the precinct. The coffee machine was desolated at this hour, whereas in the morning and afternoon, people would gather around it to take a small break and enjoy the caffeine spiked drink.
You returned with two cups of steaming coffee and passed the BAU team, who were on their way out.
Emily scrunched her brows, gesturing to the coffee, “you guys just don’t sleep?”
You pursed your lips, nodding slightly, “as long as these people don’t have decent beds to sleep in, we can’t either.”
She gave you a sad smile and touched your shoulder as she wished you a goodnight. The rest of the team also wishing you a good night.
When you returned to the conference room, there were still two people there. Benny was hard at work at their computer, not noticing you putting down the cup of coffee on the desk. The other person was staring at the map and had changed out their contacts for glasses.
“You don’t need sleep then, dr. Reid?” You came to stand next to him and took a sip from the coffee, peering at him out of the corner of your eyes.
“Oh, uh, just doing some last minute revisions. I want a good head start tomorrow,” he nodded looking at you now instead, “you sure you don’t need to take a small break?” He then asked, concern lacing his voice.
“I’m alright, I took a small nap on the plane ride over,” looking down at your hand, you noticed your nail was starting to bleed again.
Spencer took a look at it and went over to his satchel, getting out a small box and returning to where you were standing.
“May I?” He asked as he opened the box and held out his hand.
You tilted your head, not really understanding what he was asking of you, until you saw the contents of the box. There were bandaids, a small bottle of disinfectant and some cotton pads, neatly stacked into the small box.
“Oh, uh, sure,” you placed your coffee cup on the table next to him and stretched out your hand.
Soft warm fingers enclosed around your thumb, as he dabbed the cotton pad with some disinfectant against the small wound. You were watching him with an incredulous look in your eyes.
“Do you always carry around bandaids, dr.?”, you asked as you watched him get out a bandaid out of its sterile bag.
He blushed a little, shaking his head, “uh, no actually. I just noticed you tend to pick at your nail when you’re stressed. And I presumed this would be a stressful case, so I packed it just in case.”
Your heart was beating so loudly, you thought he would hear it. He carefully placed the bandaid around your thumb, smoothing down the edges and he gave you a satisfied smile when he was done.
“All good to go,” he said as he stood back up again and put back the box in his bag, “now you can go and help these people.”
Heat rose to your face as Spencer turned back to work on the map and you got back to your desk.
You looked at your thumb, where a bandaid with small dinosaurs on it was staring back at you. You bit your cheek to hide the smile that was forming on your face. This guy really was something else.
You were staring at Spencer’s back, getting lost in your thoughts, when Benny snapped their fingers in front of your face, trying to get your attention.
“Y/n, hello?”, you snapped out of your stupor and looked over at them.
“When’s the wedding, I asked.”
You slapped their shoulder, giving them a wide eyed look that said more than words could.
Next chapter
— —
Aah this was a long one!! Hope you guys didn’t mind, I just really got into writing this case lmao! ugh also Spencer is the biggest sweetheart in this
Songs i was listening to this time: Ordinary love by U2, Early by Joy Crookes & Plastic Plants by Mahalia :)
Hope you guys liked this one, do let me know if you wanna be tagged :) xx
Also!! let me know if my trigger warnings are okay? i really want everyone to feel safe and happy in this space, so shoot me a message or something if you feel like it's missing something ❤️
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spookydrreid · a day ago
Tumblr media
Strip It Down
Pairing: Spencer Reid x fem!reader 
Category: Smut (18+ MINORS DNI) 
Requested: yes 
Full request: “heyy love okay omg lmfaooo this just popped im my head! imagine playing poker with spencer but instead strip poker! we give the idea hes nervous at first he than agree we keep losing and then wee all naked and than the rest is just Nisjsosk i meann” - @dr-spencerr-reidd
Content Warnings: swearing, exhibitionism, strip poker, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, cum play. (I think that’s all but let me know if not) 
Word count: 1.8k
a/n: not my bestie sending me one of my fav request ever 👀👀. Queen always out here with the IDEAS ❤️
You were sat beside Spencer, mesmerized. Watching him as he stared at cards in his hand. Spencer Reid was good at just about everything he tried, most sports excluded. Card games were no different.
He smirked as he pushed all his jelly beans into the middle of the table, his eyes boring into yours. You huffed, doing the same. He was good, most defiantly being able to guess the cards in your grasp.
“Spencer and y/n betting it all. Okay, okay.” JJ giggled as she elbowed you in the ribs. “Okay, Spencer. Show us what you have.”
Spencer laid down his cards, “straight flush. And if my calculations are correct, which I’m 95% sure they are, little miss. y/n is holding a full house.” He started pulling the jelly beans towards him when you sucked in a breath through clenched teeth.
“Not so fast, pretty boy.” You threw down your hand, his eyes growing wide. “Because I have a royal flush. So, I win!” You pulled the candies back towards you, effectively ending the game and the entire team whooping at you.
Morgan laughed from his seat, “And Spencer Reid loses without throwing it! I didn’t think I’d live to see it.”
You sat back with a smile, popping a candy into your mouth.
“That’s impossible!” He reached forward  and grabbed the deck, searching through them in a huff.
“Just accept your defeat and move on, Reid. I beat you fair and square.” You giggled.
He stared at you dumbfounded. Spencer was banned from most casinos in the United States for his ability to count cards. And he was sure he’d counted correctly.
“I want a rematch.” He demanded as he collected the cards to shuffle them.
The team stood, holding their hands up in defeat. “Nope. That’s between you two,” Derek muttered before ushering the rest out.
See, everyone on the team knew about your little secret. Everyone except the figment of that secret. You’re crush on the brilliant Dr. Reid had been bubbling for months. And while every one begged you to tell him — secretly knowing he felt the same way— you always brushed them off.
Until now.
“Let’s make it interesting.” You said with a seductive tone. Spencer’s head snapped up, cards falling from his fingers. “Strip poker. First one to undress, loses.”
You watched the blush run up his cheeks, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed hard.
“B-but we’re at work,” he looked around, “won’t we get i-in trouble?”
You shrugged, “no ones here and it’s after hours. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were being a pussy.”
“W-what,” he shrieked. His voice jumping twelve octaves, “I’m not being a— uhm— a pussy.” He said the last word quieter.
You shrugged again, “sure sounds like it, Dr. Reid.”
It was almost like you saw the switch turn in his brain. His pupils swallowing his brown orbs, a fire lighting inside them. It sent a shiver down your spine. Causing your thighs to press together in arousal.
“Fine. And what happens when I win?” He asked.
“Whatever you want, Dr. Reid.” He chuckled.
“Even if what I want is you?” Your mouth ran dry, the arousal worsening at his words.
“Whatever you want,” you whispered.
“Ha!” you said as you revealed your cards to him, “take off those pants, pretty boy.”
Three rounds in and you were in nothing but bra and your panties. But the good doctor was still fully dressed from the waist down.
“You have way more to take off than I do!” he whined as he shimmied out of his pants, leaving him in a pair of black boxers, “I call that cheating.”
“Yeah, yeah. Just admit you suck.” You waved him off, grabbing the cards to shuffle them.
“We’re two for two right now. Chill out over there.”
“Show me your cards.” Spencer demanded.
You knew he’d won this round and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t terrified to strip off your remaining clothes.  But you didn’t have a choice. You laid down your cards, showing off the shit hand you had. You watched the shit eating grin appear on his stupid face.
“That’s what I thought.” He sat back, arms folded over his chest, “take it off, princess.”
“This is stupid.” You grumbled as you reached around to unclasp your bra, letting the straps fall down your arms.
He leaned forward, resting his arms on the table, his eyes glued to my chest, “I have a different game we can play if you want.”
You blinked at him, your hands still holding the cups of your bra to your chest.
“W-what did you have in mind.”
He stood, walking slowly towards you. You couldn’t help but notice the slight tent in his pants. You knew that you were just as excited as he was, your panties soaked. His fingers moved to grasp your chin, forcing your eyes on him as he examined your face. He smirked.
“Can I kiss you?” He asked and you practically melted at his need for consent.
His lips were on yours, moving with a fire you’d never felt before. His hands cupping your face to pull you closer. You let my top drop, your hands clasping around his neck to play with the curls that hung there. He tasted like coffee and Spencer; a combination you didn’t think you’d ever taste. He stood you up without breaking the kiss, and turned so he was in your seat, your body straddling him. You couldn’t ignore the erection you felt pressing into you core.
Spencer broke the kiss first, his thumbs brushing over your cheeks as his eyes roamed your bare body, “you’re so beautiful.”
You ignored the urge to cover yourself. Opting instead to run your hands over his chest. The skin smooth under your fingertips, “you are too, Spence.” He blushed, leaning in and kissing along your jaw and down your neck. You rolled your hips, a soft sigh leaving your lips from the friction.
Spencer’s hands ran down your neck and chest as he sucked marks into your neck. His long fingers palming at your breasts when you didn’t push him away. But how could you? All’s you’ve wanted for the last two years was to feel his large hands on you.
“Spencer…” you whined as he tweaked your nipple in the most perfect way.
He pulled back. His eyes meeting yours. They were hazy, filled with a desire you’d never seen in him before.
“My name sounds so good coming from you,” he whispered.
“Please, Spence.” You knew what you were begging for, you just hoped he would just indulge you.
But he didn’t. Spencer always need conformation, partially so he knew what he was experiencing was real. So when he said, “tell me what you need, baby,” you couldn’t help but blush. Because you didn’t want to admit it.
“I-I,” your chest and face grew hotter as his lips moved to the swell of your breast. Effectively making it harder to focus, “N-need you to fuck me.”
He sucked a nice mark into your chest, a smirk playing on his face, “yeah? You need it?” He was taunting you and it was turning you on so bad, making you grind down into him.
“Ah! Yes! Need it. Need you.”
It was all he needed, lifting you from his lap and placing you on the round table. But he stayed sitting, his fingers hooking into your panties. You pushed yourself up to help him as he pulled your panties down your body. Your dripping core now within his line of sight.
He ran a finger through your slit, moaning lowly at how excited you were, “so wet from a little teasin are we?” He mocked before taking his finger between his lips, the sight practically killing you. “Taste so sweet.”
Your head fell back at his words, “stop teasing, Spence. Please.” You needed him and you needed him now. “Just… I’m ready, please.”
He stood, leaning to he was towering over you, his hands pressed into the table. “if you insist, sweet thing.”
He dropped his boxers, his hand moving to stroke himself a few times. You gulped; he was much bigger than you anticipated. You licked your lips, core dripping as he pulled you to the edge of the table. His cock rutting through your slick folds.
“Ready, baby?” You nodded.
You heart thumped loud in your ears as he lined himself up. He started slow, pushing in inch by inch and letting you adjust along the way. His forehead fell onto yours, his eyes closed as he tried to control himself. Because, just like you, he’d been dying for this since you walked through those doors.
“So fucking warm and tight, baby.” He sighed, his warm breath fanning over your face. “So perfect.”
You gripped his shoulders, back arching into his chest while he bottomed out. He stretched you perfectly, almost like he was made for you. He stayed still, letting you get used to his size. He waited until you rolled your hips to start moving. His pace fast but deep.
“Fuck, Spencer!” You cried out. He was hitting spots deep inside you that, before now, you didn’t know existed.
He picked up the pace, thrusting harder and faster into you, “you feel so fucking good, y/n.”
The vulgar words coming from his mouth turning you on more than you thought they would. And when he reached between your bodies, fingers rubbing soft circles on your clit, you just about died.
Spencer groaned at the feeling of your pussy clenching around him, “Shit! Do that again, princess.” He hissed when you did, thrusting harder and making you cry out.
“Right there, Spencer. I’m so close, baby.” Your head fell into his shoulder, lips and teeth finding any inch of skin they could to ground yourself.
“Yeah?” He asked before hitting your sweet spot harder, “right there? You gonna cum for me?” You nodded, teeth digging into his skin as he continued to drive you closer. “Cum for me, pretty thing.”
It was all you needed to be thrown into the pool of ecstasy. You pussy clenching around him as waves of pleasure washed over you again and again. And it wasn’t long before he pulled out, coming all over your chest with a low groan of your name.
And when he was finished, he opened his pretty eyes, looking at you with an overwhelming amount of adoration. He kissed you, slow and controlled but full of love and appreciation.
“Round two?” You asked before scooping some cum off your chest with your fingers and placing them in your mouth.
Spencer dropped open as he watched you do it again, his eyes wide before he mutters a husky, “you’re so on.”  
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strawberry cheesecake
BAM! IT’S HERE!!! BEFORE MIDNIGHT AS WELL!! It was 23:14 when I hit publish on ao3 and I really do need to go to sleep, but it’s here, with some level of accuracy because I googled what happened when someone has an allergic reaction.
Finally, I, the pioneer of Aaron Hotchner’s strawberry allergy, has written the fic where he eats strawberry cheesecake at an FBI function and has a reaction. It got unexpectedly dark, but we’re going with it.
As usual, I have not proofread it, and I kinda need you to suspend all belief about how the FBI works/is run because the function kinda doesn’t make much sense and yeah... you’ll see what I mean when you read... I’m really hoping this doesn’t suck because you guys actually looked forward to it??
Trigger/Content Warnings; food, referenced child death (most recent case), alcohol consumption, anaphylactic shock/allergic reactions, child abuse, hospitals and I think that’s everything
Word Count: 7669 (it got really out of hand...)
read on ao3!
If there was one thing David Rossi hated more than local press giving unsubs ridiculous names because they believed it would make a good headline, it would be FBI functions. And not just any type of FBI function. The FBI function where the Behavioural Analysis Unit- which nobody had believed in- would be mentioned so frequently that it felt like they were on a case.
It was just his luck that one was being held on the same day that he was supposed to be going to the ballet with one of the lovely women that worked in the White-Collar unit. Because despite the rumours that went flying around about him and his dating habits, he was not going to take advantage of his position and make rookies or anyone else uncomfortable. The woman he was supposed to be meeting had approached him and asked if he’d liked to go.
Hotchner had been watching him, looking slightly scandalised as she had placed her hand on his tie, and so Rossi had said yes. He’d even leant in slightly and asked if she would have a problem with him giving her a kiss on the cheek. When she said that she wouldn't, and would actually quite like that, he did and Hotchner had fallen off his chair.
Rossi had smirked, the lady had laughed and Hotchner had hit his head trying to get back up, gone an even brighter red and made something up about dropping his pen and needing to grab it. Rossi’s date had snickered, whilst Rossi had just raised an eyebrow.
Hotchner had excused himself to the bathroom.
As he ran out of their area, closely followed by Anya- she’d slipped Rossi a piece of paper with her name and number, Erin Strauss had walked in, holding two envelopes.
Rossi didn’t need to be a profiler to know what was in there.
“No,” was the first thing he said.
“David,” Strauss warned.
“Erin,” he mocked.
Strauss sighed. “Look, I know you hate these things, but the entire bureau is founded on politics and people-pleasing. If you come to this, then there may be less questions about what exactly it is you do all day, apart from ogling the other agents.”
“I do not ogle. And I guess it’s too much to hope that the other invitation is for Anya, isn’t it?”
Strauss nodded. “It’s for Aaron. Do try and get him to come, it’ll give us all something pleasant to look at whilst we slowly die inside.”
Dave stared at her.
She rolled her eyes. “Look, I’m not saying that I want to ruin his marriage or sleep with him, I’m just saying he’s objectively attractive. And I don’t know why you look so surprised, Jason told me about the women that flirt with him. And that you started calling him pretty boy, which hasn’t exactly gone unnoticed.”
“Just make an effort to actually attend. And please get Agent Hotchner there too,” she said.
Dave just nodded.
Aaron had returned from the bathroom.
“Agent Hotchner. I hope Dave hasn’t been making you feel too awkward with all of his comments,” she said. It was clear that she was just trying to see whether any had been made.
Aaron’s cheeks flushed again. “Not at all ma’am,” he said, holding the door open for her. She nodded and left, but not before turning to Dave one last time as she gave him an extremely pointed glare. He made a face at her, which caused her to laugh.
When Hotch had sat back down again, Dave finally acknowledged him.
“That trip to the bathroom seemed rather urgent,” he joked.
“I- well, so,” Hotch stuttered.
Dave shook his head. “It’s fine. And it doesn’t look like that date will be happening anyways, so it’s not a big deal.”
“Wait why won’t it be happening? You both seemed… excited at the prospect of going.”
In response, Dave threw the second envelope at his head. Aaron’s reflexes weren’t fast enough, so it just bounced off and landed on the floor. As he bent down to pick it up, Dave began to understand why Erin and the other agents thought of him as being something pleasant to look at. As in, Aaron had pretty eyes. And his hair was constantly falling in his face, which was endearing.
“That envelope is why it won’t be happening.”
Aaron stared at him and then opened it. “Oh.” He seemed even less enthusiastic than Dave did about attending. 
“I thought you would have been thrilled at the thought of going. It’ll be like all those balls you went to when you were just a young boy growing up in the good old South Virginia," Dave said. He knew he was toeing the line.
Aaron's silence about his childhood revealed more than his words ever could.
"First of all, I didn't attend balls when I was a young boy. The only dance I ever went to was my prom, and that was only because Haley basically forced me to go. And South Virginia isn't that good, that's just a stereotype that people have because people live in fancy houses with white picket fences," Aaron snapped. It was uncharacteristically sharp.
"Sorry," Dave said. And he meant it.
Aaron's eyes widened. "Sir, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have lashed out at you. You've not done anything wrong. I just-"
"It's okay. Do you want to talk about it? There's no pressure, it's just if you wanted to. That seemed like quite an extreme reaction to something so trivial." Why was he so bad at this? He could charm any woman he wanted, yet the moment he tried to speak to Hotchner about anything other than work and Haley, he sounded like an idiot.
"I left prosecution because it was always more about politics than actually helping people get justice for the terrible things that had happened to them. And now it just feels like nothing has changed and time that could be spent stopping someone from destroying lives is just going to go on people-pleasing," Aaron confessed. He wouldn't meet Dave's eyes.
Dave wanted to pull him in for a hug, but he knew it would most likely not be well received. He also knew that wasn't the whole truth, but it wasn't his place to push. Aaron felt things, more deeply than the rest of them, but he would never admit to anyone that there were certain cases that got under his skin.
Like the one they had just finished. A child wasn't going to be coming home, but the look on the mother's face when they informed her was not one of sorrow. It was one of relief. Aaron had asked to stay behind to speak to her for just one more moment. And when he returned, there was an anger written in the clench of his jaw that Dave had never seen before.
Jason had told everyone to give the kid space. Against his gut instinct, Dave had listened to him. Which he now very much regretted.
"Kid. We all have limits. Nobody can spend every hour of every day hunting down these guys. At the end of the day, we're all just human. I won't lie to you, it will be a lot of people-pleasing. However, it will also- if you let it- be a bit of fun. You're a good agent Hotchner. And an even better person. Let yourself breathe for once."
Aaron looked down. "Thanks Dave."
Dave just shrugged. It was only when Aaron left the room again did he let himself groan. Now he was going to have to pretend to enjoy himself at the function or else Hotchner would just be upset because of his ruined date.
Depending on how you looked at it, the members of the BAU were either lucky or unlucky when no cases turned up the morning of the event. Dave had been watching the fax machine intently, and Max had been looking through a suspicious number of case files the entire day. But in the end, there was nothing.
Which was how Dave found himself standing around, sipping a glass of champagne he thought tasted horrible, talking to strangers he couldn't care less about and silent seething at Hotch. He wasn't there yet, despite phoning Dave to say he would be there in half an hour about forty five minutes ago. 
The only reason he'd bothered to attend and not faked some form of emergency that would let him go on his date with Anya was because he wanted Hotch to have someone to keep him company and make him laugh as he suffered through conversations about being an ex-prosecutor and the change to the FBI.
He was looking round for a waiter so he could take yet another glass when Aaron appeared in the doorway, fiddling with his cuff links. His cheeks were slightly flushed and his hair was more ruffled than usual. As he entered, awkwardly greeting people and tripping over his own feet, Dave rolled his eyes.
How the kid had managed to pass all of his assessments and be the best shot in the entire building was still completely beyond him.
"Hi," Aaron greeted, a dopey grin on his face.
"It's lovely of you to join us," Dave remarked. He just couldn't help it. When Aaron's face fell slightly, he regretted it. He kept forgetting that Aaron took the things people said a bit too literally sometimes. Especially if it came from someone he looked up to.
"I'm sorry about your date being ruined," Hotch said. He was looking around at all the other people in their perfectly tailored suits and beautiful dresses. It made him- with his slightly too big shirt and undone bow tie- look even younger than he already was.
"Well barring any disasters, this should be over in time for me to make it. Anya said she could wait."
There was a slight silence, broken only by Dave rejecting what would have been his third glass of champagne and Aaron quickly accepting it. And then it became too much for him to bear.
"Kid, why is your tie undone?"
Hotch's eyes widened like he had only just realised. Rossi wouldn't have been surprised if that was true. For someone that was a profiler, he was quite oblivious sometimes. Not realising that if you took your vest off and then someone shot at you, you would suffer more than a few bruises, forgetting that his shirt collar wouldn't cover his entire neck, the list went on.
But this was something entirely different. Aaron Hotchner's tie was never undone.
Rossi raised an eyebrow when an entire minute passed without him explaining himself and the colour rose to his cheeks.
"Well, it took me a really long time to do it the first time and then Haley came into our room to grab her bag. And then she really likes it when I get all dressed up because I normally hate doing it- I mean I always hate it- so then she, you know and then I thought I had tied it properly but clearly I hadn't."
Rossi had never heard so many words spoken in a single breath. He did however, understand what the kid was trying to say. "Well at least one of us got to have some fun tonight," he joked.
"Is that why everyone's been staring at me?" Hotch asked, turning his back to Strauss. The woman simply raised an eyebrow, then raised her glass of champagne at Rossi, who glared at her, just because he could.
"Yes," he lied, because he was not about to be the one that explained to him that people were staring at him because he had been deemed the eye candy of the Quantico and therefore, everyone loved him.
"You're lying to me. I can tell! What's the truth?"
Not for the first time, Dave wondered what he'd been thinking when he saw the lead agent in Seattle run after a suspect without any sort of back-up, slip in poison ivy and then carry on running, even though everyone else had realised it wasn't the killer they were after and decided that he would make them into a profiler.
"Are you sure you want to know?" he said, making his voice as serious as he could in a vain attempt to make him change his mind.
"Yes. Because it's nowhere near as bad or as serious as you're making it out to be."
Damn him.
"Fine. But I did warn you. It's because you are- objectively- attractive. And apparently, your slightly repressed accent makes everyone swoon. Also Strauss thinks you have a nice ass," Dave said, completely nonchalant.
Hotch's cheeks went brighter than ever before and he spun round, searching for Erin. She had rather coincidentally turned her back to the two of them as she engaged in a very serious conversation with another Section Chief.
"I- I don't even want to know how you know that," Aaron muttered, stuffing his hands into his trouser pockets, looking like a petulant child.
"Oh I thought you would love it! You're basically a Southern Belle."
Dave was lucky he was immune to the Hotchner Glare as it came out in full force. "Don't call me a Southern Belle. Do you even know what that is?"
Dave shrugged. "I'm sure I could guess. Look, I'm sorry, I'm just being bitter. Come here."
Aaron regarded him suspiciously. "Why?"
If it had been anyone else, Dave would have told them it was a surprise. Or that they wouldn't know until they stepped forward. But Aaron wasn't anyone else, and Dave needed to remember that. There were certain things he just couldn't say.
"We're going to be here for a while. You can't just stand there with your bow tie undone."
Aaron narrowed his eyes, but stepped forward. When Dave reached forward and grabbed the ends, he tensed. To anyone else, it was too minute a gesture to be noticed. But Dave had spent more time reading people than he had with his second wife. He knew why Aaron was tensing. It was why he took as little time as possible tying it neatly, even though he wanted to take forever.
So that the other agents wouldn't be staring and making him self conscious. That was his only reason. It had nothing to do with the attachment he could feel himself forming, and it most definitely was not linked to his desire to help Aaron associate touch with love and comfort.
When he stepped away, Aaron seemed to relax slightly. "Thank you," he said, ever the gentleman.
Dave just shrugged. "You look better with it done properly. Speaking of, where is Haley?"
"What does Haley have to do with me looking better with my tie done properly?"
"Your tie wasn't done properly because of Haley. Come on Hotch, I thought you were meant to be an ex-prosecutor. And we both know the two of you are inseparable."
Hotch flushed, the way he always did when someone mentioned just how in love with Haley he was. Dave found it adorable, even though he hated himself for that. But he knew how important Haley must have been to Aaron's survival, so even though he wasn't her biggest fan, he begrudgingly respected her.
"She's out with her sister," he mumbled. "They made plans ages ago and they've been so excited for it that I couldn't ask her to cancel just to keep me company."
"That's kind of you. Most men probably wouldn't let their spouse just leave them when there's an event like this going on," Dave said. 
"If you want to go on your date I'll cover for you when Strauss comes calling," Aaron said, rather suddenly. 
Rossi frowned at him. Aaron had seemed excited at the thought of spending the evening together when he first arrived and for him to suddenly seem so willing to spend it apart, just so Dave could go on a date with someone who he was sure was lovely but he couldn't envision a future with, was more than a little unusual.
"Like I said, barring any disasters, I should be able to make it. Are you annoyed at me for bringing up Haley? I know that we had a bit of a rocky start when we first met, but I do respect her. And I like to think she appreciates the fact that I keep you alive."
"I'm not annoyed at you for bringing up Haley," Hotch said, huffing slightly. He was fiddling with his cufflinks. Dave wanted to comment on his behaviour, but did not want to be reminded of the no-profiling rule- which Hotch himself had implemented.
"Well you're annoyed at me for something and I would appreciate you telling me, instead of just bottling it up until we're on a case and something else happens."
"Dave, I am fine," Hotch snapped, tone mitigating his words.
"I'm sure you are," Rossi snapped back, turning away. Strauss was frowning at the two of them and he rolled his eyes. Screw etiquette, and screw the people that thought they were being unprofessional and causing a scene.
They were, but he wasn't going to admit it.
"Do you really think I would forbid my wife to do something as harmless as going out with her sister the same night that I have to attend quite possibly the most boring function known to man?" Hotch suddenly asked, tone laced with malice.
"Of course not Hotshot. I was joking," he said, softening his tone as the problem clicked.
"I wouldn't. I'm not her keeper. And I'm not-" he caught himself, shaking his head. "I just wouldn't."
"I know. I'm sorry, it was wrong of me to joke that like that," Dave said, catching Erin's eye. She nodded, clearly pleased that he had resolved something without resorting to violence or shouting.
He didn't acknowledge her. He wasn't an idiot, and he knew that resorting to violence or even raising his voice would lead to some sort of shut down from Aaron. And he did want the kid to enjoy himself, even though he did agree that playing politics whilst people were dying was stupid.
"The decoration is nice," Aaron commented, a few minutes later.
"It is, isn't it? It reminds me of this opera house I took Carolyn to, for one of our anniversaries. Actually, that opera house seems like the sort of place Haley would enjoy going to. I'll give you the name, you can surprise her," Dave said, deciding he would take the win and prod later.
Aaron choked on his champagne, colour rising to his cheeks when he realised people were watching him cough. He cleared his throat once more before turning to Dave, making absolutely no attempt to hide his shit-eating grin.
"What?" Dave said, hating himself for taking the bait.
"I have to tell Haley that you think she's the kind of person that would go and enjoy herself at an opera house."
"Is she not?"
"Dave, for our last anniversary, I took her to the local theatre because they were putting on Pirates of Penzance because that's what got us together. And the year before that, we both thought it was a week later than what it was, so her sister ended up taking us out."
Maybe Dave wasn't as good a profiler as he thought he was, because in his mind, he had a very specific image of Haley, and none of what had just been said fit with that image. He supposed that was what he got for making assumptions, having never actually met her in person.
"Oh, that's certainly interesting," Dave said.
"She's a very interesting woman," Hotch said, smiling so wide it physically hurt Rossi to see because he knew how the BAU burnt out love, and the strain it put on marriages. Hell, he had lived through it.
"Hold onto her Aaron," he said, without thinking.
Aaron frowned. "Of course I will. Dave, you've been acting weird the whole time we've been here. Are you okay?"
In all honesty, he wasn't. He always said he wasn't like Jason. He had no interest in being a mentor, or finding the next generation of profilers. That was never what he wanted. But there was something about Aaron, and his too large suits and his floppy hair that made him feel things he wasn't ready to confront. 
But if he said any of that, Aaron would probably run for the hills. Hell, he probably would too.
"Of course I am. Now loosen up and enjoy yourself. I can tell you want to," he said, smiling when Aaron's eyes sparkled.
"What do you think Strauss would do if I told her I know what she thinks about my butt?" he asked, the smirk on his face far too mischevious for anyone's comfort.
"You can find out now," Dave said, nodding as Strauss approached them.
"Dave. Aaron, you look very handsome," Erin said, looking him up and down once.
Whatever had possessed Aaron just a few moments before had clearly vanished, as his cheeks flushed and he awkwardly stuttered out something that nobody, not even the person speaking, understood.
"Thank you… Ma'am. You look very nice too," he eventually managed to say, sipping his champagne to distract from his failure at speaking.
"Is there something you need?" Dave said.
"No, just making sure you weren't too bitter about your date being cancelled. And also making sure that Agent Hotchner would save both of us a dance after dinner. I'm sure everyone from Quantico wants to know whether or not our Southern Belle can dance," Erin said.
Hotch downed the rest of his glass. "I'm not- it doesn't work like- I don't- I really don't think- fine. One dance. But that is it, and none of you are allowed to laugh if I mess up, because I'm not the dancer. Haley is."
Haley seemed to be a lot of things that Aaron wasn't. Maybe it was part of the reason they were so well-matched.
Erin nodded, smiled at them both, then went to mingle with different people.
"See, everyone thinks you're a Southern Belle!" Dave said, smirking.
"But why? I've done everything I can to repress my accent, and I have done since the day I started law school," Aaron said. He did not whine, because grown men that worked for the FBI do not whine. But if they did, his sentence would have definitely sounded like whining.
"I know, and most days, it's only the slightest thing. I don't really know how everyone worked it out, but they did. And that's fine!"
Hotch pouted.
"Look, if you really don't want to dance, you could always land yourself in the hospital with some kind of injury. I could take you, sneak off to my date, Haley would affectionately roll her eyes and then give you all the kisses you want…" Rossi said, smirking.
"No it's fine. I'm not going to fake an injury, that would be so embarrassing," Hotch replied.
"Then stop pouting, you look like a child. And go mingle with someone else, if you spend the entire time before dinner with me, what will people say?"
Hotch snorted, then schooled his face into a look of neutrality, before nodding and going off to speak to one of the other higher-ups. Rossi noticed, rather fondly, that it was the one person that actually cared about the people involved in their cases, as opposed to just the politics and the prestige.
About five minutes later, he realised he missed the kid. And then he started to panic. Because he didn't get attached to people. Especially not new agents that had too much hope and faith. Not new agents that were that nice. He didn't. He couldn't.
Him and Aaron ended up seated next to each other at the banquet table, because there genuinely was no other way to describe it. It was long, and grand, and every platter was filled to the brim with food of so many different types. Dave honestly could not remember what the function was actually for, but a part of him was tempted to comment that if part of the budget for these events went to the BAU then they'd probably be able to properly fund the unit.
He refrained, if only because Aaron looked so excited at the prospect of finally eating something. Dave had learnt long ago that you had to eat before you came to these events because people loved talking and more often than not, you'd drink the champagne just to get through their conversations, but clearly Aaron hadn't quite learnt that lesson yet.
"So where is that wife of yours?" Max asked, seemingly out of the blue.
Hotch tensed. "Out with her sister. Why?"
"I've only seen you smile like you are now when Haley is around, but I don't see her anywhere," he said, in that annoyingly patronising tone of his.
Hotch relaxed, but flushed. "I-oh. Yeah. She's out with Jessica because they had made plans a while back and they don't really see each other as much anymore because Haley's busy teaching and doing the school production, and Jessica's getting her Masters so," he trailed off.
"I think it's lovely, how much you love Haley," Erin added.
Dave snorted into his glass, not at the fact that Aaron looked so uncomfortable but at the fact that these people hunted down serial killers and criminals for a living, and yet the thing they got the most joy from was teasing a kid about his marriage.
"Right, that's enough being mean to the newbie. What about dessert?" Dave said.
Aaron flashed him a grateful smile. He just shook his head. He remembered when he’d turned up to his first event, Carolyn in awe of all the decorations and outfits, and everyone else had been ruthless with their teasing. He wasn’t about to let Hotch suffer that same fate. He’d probably faint with embarrassment.
Erin laughed at the two of them, and Jason smiled at Dave’s defensiveness over his new protege. One day. One day Jason would get Dave to admit that the way he felt towards Aaron was nothing short of paternal. Max just rolled his eyes, but the waiters came to clear their plates before he could make another biting comment.
Aaron excused himself to the bathroom, and then the dessert was brought out. Dave, being the saint he was, switched his and Aaron’s plates because he wasn’t getting younger and he knew he was meant to be cutting down on his sugar. So if Aaron had the bigger slice, then it would do them both a favour. And it had a whole strawberry to decorate it, not just the jam.
Erin was giving him one of his looks when their eyes met and he resisted the urge to stick his tongue out. He knew what that look meant. It meant Erin had an opinion on whatever he had just done, and it was one he wouldn’t like or approve of. 
“Look, it’s strawberry cheesecake!” Dave exclaimed, poking his fork in Aaron’s direction in an attempt to distract from Erin’s gaze.
The smile that had been plastered across Aaron’s face since they’d been sat down- and Dave really didn’t want to think that it was as a result of Erin’s comment about his butt, although it was the only thing that made sense- faded, and the colour seemed to drain from his face.
“What is it? Come on, you must love dessert, you’re the kid,” Dave said, slightly teasing.
Aaron opened his mouth, seemingly contemplating saying something that he thought would ruin the entire evening, but then he closed it and gave Dave a forced, tight-lipped smile. He almost pushed, but they had been having fun, so he just grinned back and urged Hotch to eat it.
If anyone noticed him wince as he swallowed each bite, or the fear that flickered in his eyes when he ate the strawberry, they didn’t comment. For that, he was grateful. He still had no idea what he was meant to do when the inevitable happened, but so long as nobody realised, he had time to work it out. All he needed was time.
He did really miss Haley though. If Haley had been there, she would have said something on his behalf because she would have known there was no way he would do it himself. It was too late to turn back now though. There was a tiny part of him that secretly hoped he’d outgrown it, but the moment he felt stomach cramps forming, he knew that was wishful thinking. Still, if he was lucky, nothing too serious would happen until he got home. Haley would panic, take him to the hospital and everything would be fine. Nobody else would have to know.
Or so he thought.
He’d gotten so good at not eating strawberries that he had completely forgotten just how badly, and quickly, the effects would hit him. He had forgotten just how allergic he was to the fruit. And he was aware of how stupid that sounded, but it was just one of those things.
Dave was staring. So was Erin. He cleared his throat, awkwardly looking down. When the waiters came out once more to clear the plates away, he smiled at them, hoping his cheeks didn’t seem flushed, or his palms too clammy.
“You promised me a dance,” Dave said, nudging his elbow.
“I did, didn’t I?” Aaron responded, hoping his voice didn’t sound too strained. When he stood up, his vision went slightly fuzzy and unfocused, and he found himself grabbing the table in order to stay upright.
He was going to be fine. All he had to do was make it through another few hours, and there was always a delay between his vision blurring and breathing becoming difficult, so with just a bit of luck, he could still do it.
Luck had never really been on his side.
Erin was standing, talking to Dave, and he couldn’t remember what he was meant to be doing, or why nobody was dancing. Maybe they had just been teasing him when they said he owed them both a dance. Or maybe they were waiting for him to do something. Either way, the confusion wasn’t helping him function.
“Kid, what’s happened to your hand?” Dave said suddenly. It reminded him of that time his cousin had eaten shellfish, but that didn’t make sense. There was no way Aaron had hit adulthood without realising he was allergic to the things they’d eaten.
Aaron stared at him.
Erin grabbed his wrist, the look that crossed her face one of fear and panic. “Aaron.” 
It couldn’t be. There was no way the ugly red rash forming on his hand as they watched him was being caused by an allergic reaction. It just couldn’t, because Hotchner may have been stupid and irresponsible, but there was no way he was that irresponsible.
He cleared his throat.
“Now would be a terrible time to tell you that I’m allergic to strawberries, wouldn’t it?” he rapsed.
Dave’s jaw dropped. “You’re what?”
Aaron Hotchner’s timing had never been good. It had actually always been abysmal. He was born early, in both senses of the word, met the girl he would end up marrying on the last day before a three month holiday which she would spend out of the state, and was generally just not smooth with the way he did things.
So as if on cue, he fell to the ground, completely losing consciousness. Clearly the delay between his vision growing blurry and his breathing becoming shallow was not the large space of time he thought it would be.
“Aaron!” Dave yelled.
Erin dropped to her knees by her side. “Dave, phone for an ambulance. Now.” 
Dave blinked a few times, then realised what she was asking him to do and ran out the room to find the phone. When he was patched through, he realised he had no idea if what Aaron was experiencing was just a reaction, or anaphylactic shock, but he just explained himself as best he could, only relaxing when they said it was likely everything would be fine and they would be there soon.
He re-entered the room only two minutes later, and Aaron was still in the recovery position.
“The idiot doesn’t have an EpiPen on him. I don’t know why, but he doesn’t, so now we literally have to wait until the ambulance gets here and hope for the best,” Erin said, some strange mix of angry and terrified.
“He doesn’t have his- what kind of- why not?” Dave said.
When he looked around the room, he realised it was suddenly startlingly empty. It was just Erin, him, Aaron- who still hadn’t come around- and Jason. Max was suspiciously absent. He figured that was for the best. If anyone would make the situation more awkward than it already was, it’d be Max.
“He managed to get everyone to go downstairs, then said he would stay with them. We figured the less people around when he woke up, the less embarrassed Hotchner would be,” Jason explained. “And on that note, I’ll go explain to the paramedics what happened,” he added, as sirens filled the air.
“Dave, when did our lives suddenly become co-parenting this mess of an adult if only so he gets home safe to Haley?” Erin suddenly asked.
“We don’t co-parent him. No. We just… look after him the way we would do with any other new agent that was his age,” Dave said, although he wasn’t even convincing himself. Erin didn’t respond, just looked at him with that glint in her eye.
He didn’t get the chance to carry on with his argument because Jason entered with the paramedics, and him and Erin moved away. It seemed like they had already been informed that Aaron didn’t have an EpiPen on him, because the first thing they did was inject him. There was one terrifying moment, in which Erin grabbed his wrist, where Dave thought they were too late, but they weren’t. 
Aaron opened his eyes, obviously disoriented and immediately after lifting his head, let it hit the floor again. He seemed far too pale, but nothing gave the impression that he was going to be sick, so Dave relaxed. When he and Erin were finally able to go over, Aaron was almost done answering their questions, some of the colour returning to his face in the form of flushed cheeks.
If he was capable of embarrassment, then everything was going to be fine.
“We’re going to need to take him to the hospital for observation and to make sure he doesn’t have a secondary reaction, but one of you is welcome to come. In fact, it would be preferred, wouldn’t it Aaron?” one of the paramedics said.
Aaron nodded, not quite meeting anyone’s eyes.
“Dave, you should go. Aaron, I don’t want to see you in the office until you’ve been cleared both by the doctors and by Haley to return. Do you understand me?” Erin chastised, sound every bit the mother Aaron had never had.
He nodded miserably, closing his eyes, and for a few moments, Dave felt terrible for him because so many pieces seemed to be falling into place now. And then he remembered that the whole thing had been caused by Aaron not saying he was allergic. He still felt terrible, but he also wondered what the hell he was meant to say to Haley.
“Come on kiddo,” he said as gently as he could, helping Aaron to his feet and into the elevator.
When he was safely sat in the ambulance, and they were well on their way to the hospital, he raised an eyebrow at Aaron who pulled a face.
“Don’t,” he protested weakly.
“So you’re allergic to strawberries,” Dave said. “How long have you been sitting on that piece of information for?”
“I’ve known since I was four and ended up in the hospital after I went strawberry picking with my mother and ate one of them.”
“Aaron, nobody was going to be offended. You could have just said something, it would have been okay. Really, you can’t judge someone just because they have an allergy, and everyone would have just moved on. You didn’t need to eat it.”
Aaron swallowed. “When I was eight, my father bought strawberry tarts for my mother and I, because he knew she had friends round and he wanted to seem like a dutiful husband. He didn’t- she’d kept the first time a secret from him because he’d been out of town. And when she tried to tell him, he said I was being difficult, then he made me eat it whilst she told her friends everything was fine. I only survived because she snuck in with my EpiPen.”
“Oh kid,” Dave said, chilled to the bone.
He shook his head. “I knew, realistically, that nobody would say anything, but I just couldn’t shake the memory of being told that if I was going to waste food, then I didn’t deserve it.”
“Aaron, that’s not-”
“I know that. Now at least. Thanks for not reacting weirdly. Or thinking less of me.”
“Agent Hotchner- are you still esquire, oh it doesn’t matter, esquire- nothing would ever make me think less of you. Especially not this. It wasn’t your fault. It was never your fault, and I know it’s easy for me to see, but I need you to know that.”
Aaron gave him a slight smile, eyes watering. “Thank you Dave.”
“I do have one question though. Where the fuck was your EpiPen?”
He made a sound, one that Dave was not going to dignify by actually naming in his head.
“That didn’t sound like an answer young man,” he teased.
Aaron sighed. “It- okay. My blazer pockets weren’t big enough to fit it, and I figured strawberries isn’t exactly a common thing, so it would be fine if I left it in the car, but then I didn’t want to say anything, and then I passed out before I could- oh.”
“Did everyone see me collapse?”
Dave considered lying, but Aaron had bared his soul to him. He owed him this small piece of honesty. “Yes, but they also witnessed me running like a headless chicken to get to the phone and Erin completely freaking out, so it’s all okay. I promise.”
Aaron nodded, not fully convinced. “Thank you. For caring.”
And one day, Dave would teach him that caring was what people did for each other. That it wasn’t something he had to earn, or something that would be snatched away at the smallest transgression. He would teach him that the love he had always deserved but never been shown was going to come from more than just Haley. It was going to come from every single good person he knew.
But in that moment, he just leant over and ruffled his hair. And maybe the gesture was paternal, but he could live with that.
“Mrs Hotchner’s been waiting for you all to arrive,” the receptionist said the moment they came through the doors. Aaron relaxed at the mention of his wife.
“You can send her in as soon as we go in. He’s been treated, we’re just keeping him for observation,” the paramedic said. The receptionist nodded and turned to one of their colleagues, who immediately got up.
Dave hung around as they got him situated, wondering when would be an appropriate time to leave. He didn’t want to step on Haley’s toes, or make her feel like she wasn’t trusted, but he also didn’t really want to leave either of them. Not if the real timeline matched the one he’d created in his head. She would have just been a child too, but children always believed that they needed to save everyone and anything less was a failure. He didn’t know how to say that their job was to be a child, and it was on the adults to keep them safe without patronising the two of them.
So he sat instead, keeping Aaron company until he was no longer needed.
Haley came rushing in the moment she was allowed to, her eyes slightly red. They must have told her how severe the situation was, and Dave felt guilty for making her panic so much, when Aaron was doing much better already.
“Baby, they told me what happened. How are you feeling? Is your heartbeat erratic? Is there anything you need?” she asked, not even acknowledging Dave. He wasn’t offended though. The love Haley had for her husband was the most fierce thing he’d witnessed, and now he understood. She’d spent her entire life defending him and the love she had for him.
He shook his head, then grinned at her. “Kiss me?” he asked, and for a moment, he was just a normal man, so in love with his wife it physically hurt to witness.
“I shouldn’t- me and Jess had strawberry margaritas before we got the phone call. She’s coming round tomorrow to check on you herself by the way,” Haley said, brushing his hair off his head with a smile.
Aaron nodded. “I’d expect nothing less. Oh Haley, this is Dave. And Dave, this is Haley.”
“It’s lovely to meet you,” Dave said. 
“You too. So, what happened? Because you told me it was just a function, and then when I got home, there was a message from the hospital that you were being brought in for anaphylactic shock which doesn’t make any sense because you don’t eat strawberries anymore!” Haley said.
Aaron had the decency to look away. “I didn’t want to cause a scene so I ate this slice of strawberry cheesecake. And I thought it would be fine- well not fine, don’t look at me like that. I thought I’d be able to last till I got home. I’m sorry.”
“Baby, I’m not angry, don’t worry,” Haley said, taking his hand. “Just do what the doctors say, okay? And please don’t eat strawberries anymore just to be polite.”
“I’m afraid I may have made it worse,” Dave confessed, needing them to know, even though it had not been intentional, by any stretch of the imagination.
“What do you mean? How?” Haley asked. Aaron lifted his arm enough to signal that he had the same question.
“I switched our plates when they got given to us so Aaron had the bigger slice. It also had a whole strawberry on it, instead of just half a slice. Maybe if I hadn’t done that, his reaction would have been less severe. I’m sorry.”
Haley, in spite of, or maybe because of that single comment, started laughing. Aaron just watched her laugh with a smile on his face like he had never seen something so beautiful, and he probably never had. Dave watched them, confusion across his features.
“I’m sorry. It’s not funny. It’s just- Dave you have nothing to apologise for. He was always going to have a reaction. And given that he didn’t even have his EpiPen-”
“It was in the car,” Aaron said, not quite whining but definitely getting close.
“Didn’t have his EpiPen,” Haley said, like Aaron hadn’t even spoken, “it was probably always going to end like this. I’m just laughing because you sound like such a parent. Like switching slices is something my dad did for me and Jess when we were little. It’s cute.”
Aaron looked to Dave, fearful and hopeful all at once.
“What can I say? Erin and I need to make sure someone keeps an eye on him,” he said. There were a lot of things in his life he wasn’t proud of. There were lots of mistakes he had made. But this? Being considered Aaron’s parent? It would never be one of them.
Aaron smiled at him, the light in his eyes returning. Haley nodded her approval. When the nurse came in a few minutes later to check Aaron’s vitals, the silence felt comfortable and natural, as though they had already become attuned to the others’ needs.
“Are you two going to be okay?” Dave asked. Someone needed to tell Erin that he was okay, and he really wanted to go to bed. He realised that he hadn’t even considered trying to salvage his date with Anya. He supposed they could always reschedule. Besides, Aaron was more important now.
Haley nodded. “Yeah, I’ll drive us home, make sure he takes a bath and have him back and safe with you on Monday, don’t worry.”
Dave stood up and started heading towards the door. “Oh don’t worry too much about rushing back to us. I’m sure we’ll survive. His cute butt will be missed, but we’ll make it through.”
Haley snorted. “Aaron didn’t I say that there was no way people hadn’t noticed?”
Aaron did not reply, but he did glare at both of them.
Dave smiled. Just before he left, he hesitated for a moment, wondering whether or not it was the time and the place. But he just couldn’t resist. “So are there any other allergies we need to be aware of? Shellfish, pollen, nuts? Pretty ladies that want you to call them back?”
“Dave!” Aaron said, and this time it was definitely a whine.
He just smiled, leaving Aaron and Haley in the hospital room. Had it been a normal event? No. But he wouldn’t trade the night for anything in the world. After all, he had just found a whole new family. And he couldn’t wait for Haley to meet Erin. The two of them would definitely cause Hotcher a whole new level of embarrassment.
It was going to be the messiest and most random family to exist, but a family nonetheless.
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laiba-the-person · a day ago
Opposites Do Attract: Chapter 2
Summery: Derek tries to convince Aaron to shut down his flower shop but he refuses.
A/N: Part two of AU where Aaron owns a flower shop and Derek owns a tattoo parlor. Disclaimer: This is all made up so this is probably not realistic.
Taglist: @ellyhotchner @unionjackpillow @eleanorbloom @doctorenby
Warnings: Mention of divorce and custody
Here is part one!
Aaron sits in his office at his flower shop. He was just told that either his shop or his boyfriend's shop has to shut down. And Aaron has to keep his shop because it's only a matter of time when his ex will fight for custody of his son. And he knows that Derek wouldn’t shut down his parlor after everything he worked for. How did they get into this mess?
Suddenly, Derek walks in Aaron's office. Aaron looks up at him confused. It's the middle of Derek's shift so why is he here?
"Ok so I know what to do", Derek says to Aaron. Aaron continues looking at him.
"But first .. You wear glasses? How come you never told me?" Derek asks Aaron as he points at the glasses on his face.
"Derek, just get to the point", Aaron replies, already, annoyed at the situation.
"Alright, you should shut down your shop", Derek says. Aaron looks at him like he's crazy.
"Excuse me? I have worked so hard on this shop and you just come here and tell me to shut it down", Aaron says as he stands up.
"I know but compared to my parlor, I make more profit", Derek replies. Aaron scoffs.
“So? It’s still my shop. I don’t care if it doesn’t are as much money as you”, Aaron says.
“We have no choice-“, Derek says before Aaron interrupts him.
"You know what, this isn't going to work", Aaron says. Derek looks at him confused.
"What do you mean?" Derek asks hoping he's not going got break up with him.
"I'm saying, we should break up", Aaron says.
"But- but I thought you like me", Derek replies.
"I do, a lot actually but this whole shutting down one of our stores thing. It's just not going to work", Aaron says. Derek looks at him sadly. Aaron looks at the table, avoiding his eyes. Derek scoffs before leaving the shop. It's for the best, Aaron thinks.
Derek leaves the store and goes into his tattoo parlor. He storms in and goes into his office. Emily watches him stomp into his office. She quickly finishes the tattoo she's working on and follows Derek. She knocks on the door and comes in.
“Hey, are you ok?” Emily asks Derek as she steps in his office. He shakes his head.
“No .. Aaron just broke up with me”, Derek replies.
“What? Why? You guys were so perfect for each other”, Emily asks.
“We were only together for less than one day. And he thinks that this isn’t going to work because of one of us has to shut down our store”, Derek replies to Emily.
“Then why can’t you just .. buy the land Aaron’s shop is on?” Emily asks. Derek looks up to her confused.
“What do you mean?” Derek asks. Emily then walks over and sits down in the chair in front of Derek.
“Well, the city wants to shut down one of the stores so they could do their project or whatever. Which isn’t fair since that man has had the store before World War One”, Emily explains.
“Ok first, he’s not that old” Derek replies. Emily raises her eyebrows.
“Ok fine maybe he doesn’t act like a sixty-year old in bed but you know what I mean”, Emily says causing Derek to become flustered.
“So you want us to buy the land so Aaron could still have his flower shop?” Derek asks. Emily nods.
“Yeah, I mean how hard can it be?”, Emily says.
“Oh but first, you need to tell Aaron”, Derek replies. Emily shakes her head.
“Nope, you’re coming with me too!” Emily says as she drags Derek into Aaron’s flower shop. They both walk in Aaron’s office. Aaron looks up at them confused.
“What are you guys doing here? I’m not going to close down my shop”, Aaron says to the both of them.
“I know but first of all, since when did you wear glasses?” Emily asks, pointing at Aaron’s face.
“A long time ago, now what do you want?” Aaron asks. Emily then starts explaining how old Aaron is and that he should be able to buy the land to keep his flower shop. Aaron listens to her, curiously, and also the seems convinced about her brilliant plan.
“So ... are you in?” Emily asks. Aaron looks at her and then at Derek. He then nods.
“Sure, but are you sure this is going to work? I mean, it has to be more complicated than that”, Aaron asks.
“It probably is so that’s why we are going to Shawn and ask him about it”, Derek replies. Aaron glances at him for a second.
“Ok then ... I guess I’m in”, Aaron says.
“So does that mean you two are back together?” Emily asks. Derek and Aaron both look at each other.
“Well ... we just broke up like ten minutes ago”, Derek says.
“Yeah but, maybe if this plan works then maybe we could get back together”, Aaron says quietly. Derek eyes light up and looks at him.
“Uh yeah, sure”, Derek says, smiling at Aaron. Aaron smiles at him back.
“Alright, this is cute and all but we have to go to the Shawn guy about my idea”, Emily says. Aaron blushes and Derek uses his hand to rub the back of his head. They both leave their shops after they tell someone else to look after their shops for a while. Derek then drives them to an office building and goes inside. Aaron asks for Shawn Jones and the lady behind the desk leads them up the elevator and to Shawn’s office. All three of them walk in the office. Shawn looks up to see the three people from this morning.
“Ah, Mr. Hotchner and Mr. Derek and ...”, Shawn says as he looks at Emily.
“Prentiss, Emily Prentiss”, Emily says the man behind the table. Shawn nods and gestures them to sit down.
“So have you decided which one of your stores is going to shut down?” Shawn asks.
“No, actually ... we decided that I should buy the land from the city so our shops don’t have to shut down”, Aaron says to Shawn.
“Well ... that’s- that’s not how this works really”, Shawn says giving them a fake smile.
“Then how does this work?” Emily asks, challenging him. Shawn looks at them, trying to find a good excuse.
“Well ... alright, if you want to buy the land then it’ll be one hundred grand”, Shawn says to the three of them.
“One hundred grand?” Derek asks. That’s more than all three of them have combined.
“Alright, deal”, Emily says as she stands up to shake Shawn’s hand. Shawn hesitates before shaking her hand. Aaron and Derek both look at Emily like she’s crazy. Aaron waits until they leave the building before saying anything.
“What the hell?!” Aaron asks Emily. She looks at him confused.
“What?” Emily asks, as if she hasn’t agreed to buy a piece of land for a hundred grand.
“We don’t have a hundred grand!” Aaron says, yelling at Emily.
“Calm down, old man. I’m going to borrow it from my ex-sugar daddy”, Emily replies.
“I’m sorry, ex-what? But aren’t you ..?” Derek asks Emily.
“A lesbian? Yeah, I am but at that time I was still questioning my sexuality and I thought I like guys. Turn out I am just attracted to money”, Emily explains to Derek.
“Ok so where is your ... ex-sugar daddy”, Aaron asks.
“I’m glad you ask. He own an Italian restaurant. I’ll tell you the way”, Emily says as they get into the car. Emily tells Derek the directions as he drives to an Italian restaurant. It was a five star restaurant and was the fanciest restaurant both Derek and Aaron had ever been too. They walk in and Emily whispers something in the man behind the front desk. He nods and leads them a room that looked like an office. Behind the chair is man with grey hair and a Gucci suit.
“Emily, long time no seen”, The man says to the brunette.
“Hey, Dave. Guys this is David Rossi, Dave meet Aaron and Derek”, Emily says introducing them.
“Nice to meet you. Are you hungry? Do you want some pasta?” Dave asks. Derek and Aaron both share their head.
“Your loss, so what bring you guys here?” Dave asks.
“Well we need one hundred grand”, Emily says, bluntly. Dave looks at her for a second before pulling out his check book. He scribbles something on it before giving the check to Emily. Aaron looks at him confused.
“That’s it? You’re not going to ask why we need that much money?” Aaron asks. Dave shakes his head.
“It’s best if I don’t know”, Dave says simply.
“Anyways, I have to go to the kitchen and fire someone. They thought they could get away for leaving the pasta in the water for an extra fifteen seconds”, Dave says as he stands up and goes into the kitchen.
“Ok so now let’s go cash this in and save your flower shop”, Emily says as she walks out of the office. Derek and Aaron follow her outside. Suddenly, Aaron’s phone dings. He tells Emily and Derek to go wait in the car. Emily goes into the car but Derek stays with him.
“What wrong?” Derek asks. Aaron reads the notification and looks up to Derek.
“I just got an email ... Blake wants full custody of Jack”, Aaron says to Derek. Aaron should’ve knew this was coming. But he didn’t think it would be this soon. Their plan of saving Aaron’s flower shop could still go wrong and it would lower the chances of Aaron getting any custody of Jack. Aaron and Derek both stare at each other.
“If you want to be with me then you have to be in all the way. Which means standing by me and helping me get custody of my son. So ... are you in?” Aaron asks Derek. Derek touches Aaron’s shoulder and nods.
“I’m in”, Derek says. Aaron sighs in relief and pulls Derek into a hug. Derek hugs him back. At least, they are in this together.
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prentissinred · 3 days ago
Someone You Love - Chapter 13
Emily stays at the hospital.
Chapter Thirteen
Tumblr media
P.S. Thank you for your patience with these updates! I so appreciate you all 💜
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spookydrreid · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Unsub!Reid x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 1.9k
Content Warnings: adults with age gap (10 years), Spencer has a god complex, manipulation, Dom/sub dynamic, bratty!reader, kissing, heavy degradation, possession (like talks of ownership), use of the terms ‘pup’, ‘pet’, little one/girl, daddy kink (used as a taunt), exhibitionism, car sex, Han over mouth and nose action, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, creampie, lack of aftercare.... (literal filth. like its basically porn without a plot and im not sorry... so let me know if I missed anything.) 
a/n: hahahahhaahaha. I’m so not sorry for this. I really think this is my favorite smut piece I've ever written. Please keep in mind that Spencer is a killer. He doesn't give a fuck about anyone (at the moment). He’s really just trying to get his rocks off. THIS BEHAVIOR IS TOXIC AND I DO NOT CONDONE (because someone tried coming at me on Wattpad for it...) Okay love you all so much ❤️❤️❤️ 
a/n 2.0: If you like this, please reblog it! Reblog help keep me going ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
[Series Masterlist] - [Previous Chapter] - [Next Chapter]
I didn’t mean to wake her up in a panic, but they’d gotten to close. The article said something about me being on the run, and my photo was everywhere. So, we needed to go. JJ’s statement said they suspected we were in Texas. And while nothing was said about y/n, I wasn’t taking any chances.
We drove in silence. Hours passing as I wracked my brain, trying to figure out a way for us to lay low. But I also needed to get rid of the blood lust that was going to swallow me. I also needed to train her. I suspected she didn’t know how to shoot, and she needed to learn. If my team was closing in, she needed options for an escape.
I looked over at the woman next to me. I could read the hurt that still littered her body. Her arms wrapped around her legs with her head resting on her knees. She’d been like that since our fight. Not uttering a word to me unless she needed to. I refrained from touching her as we drove, letting her digest my words. My plan wasn’t to kill her, but I wasn’t opposed if she pushed me.
“I’m hungry, Spencer.” Her voice pulled me out of my thoughts.
“What are you hungry for, pup?” She scoffed, rolling her eyes and shaking her head.
“You don’t deserve to call me that. Not after what you said to me today.”
Now it was my turn to roll my eyes and scoff. I said I was sorry, telling her I didn’t mean it. If she would’ve just listened to me the first time, none of this would be happening. All’s she had to do was comply. Just shut her mouth and follow me. She needed to learn to stop asking so many questions. Because they were all questions, I knew, she didn’t want the answers to.
“Come on, baby. Don’t be like that. I said I was sorry.” And not to mention that she forgave me. Or at least said she did. “So cut the shit and tell me what you want to eat.”
She sighed, turning to face me. She crossed her legs, resting her hands in her lap, “just pick an exit. I’m sure we can find something.” And so I did, settling on a little fast food place so we could get back on the road quickly.
“We should do something fun,” I said as she bit into her burger. She looked up at me with furrowed brows, confusion written on her face.
“Spencer, you do realize that you’re like Americas most wanted criminal right now, right?” She smiled at me and I returned it. The tension leaving my body and my chest fluttering. Fuck.
“They wont find us at a festival. Nor will the shoot in a crowd of people.” I watched her swallow her food, my cock twitching at the idea of her swallowing it instead.
“Your photo is everywhere. We’d never make it in.” I laughed. There were plenty of ways to sneak into festivals.
“Nothing a little…” I paused, choosing my words carefully, “persuasion cant fix.” Her eyes grew wide at the idea. We were close to California where I knew a small festival was being held. I also knew it was 21 and up. IDs checked at the door. So we needed to find a way in. And I knew just how.
I reached out to her, gripping her chin between my thumb and pointer. My thumb ran pulled at her bottom lip, watching as it snapped back into place, as I studied her. “So,” I started, “what do you say?”
She rolled the idea around in her head, “fine. But I need a nap and to change before we go anywhere.”
I pulled her towards me, her elbows moving to rest themselves on the center console. I kissed her. Slowly. Letting her revel in the feel of my lips on hers. Her hand came up to cup my face, her thumb running over my cheek bones slowly. My hands wrapped in her hair, tugging gently and pulling her closer.
She managed to put down her food before climbing over the console and straddling my lap and deepening the kiss. Her tongue explored my mouth when I allowed access, her hips grinding against mine. Pulling moans from her chest with each roll of her hips against my growing erection.
I kissed along her jaw. My hands sliding up her sides, moving under her sweatshirt and feeling her skin. Her fingers laced into my hair, playing with the curls at the back of my head. A soft gasp leaving her lips as I sucked a harsh mark into her neck. I let out a small laugh into the crook of her neck, my hands moving farther up her shirt.
“Spencer, we’re in a car. Someone could see us.” Her voice was breathy as she tried to ignore her arousal.
My hands moved from her rib cage to her face. I pulled her in for a kiss, “you think I care?” I asked through kisses. “Because I don’t, my pet. Let them see who fucking owns you.” Her mouth dropped and all I wanted to do was fuck it.
I pulled her back into me, connecting our lips. I let my hands cascade down her clothed body, popping the button on her jeans when I got there. Her hands followed mine, popping the button on my jeans and pulling down my zipper. She shifted so she could shove her hand down my pants, palming me over my boxers before I could touch her.
I let out a groan as she squeezed, causing my tip to leak onto my hips, “oh shit, y/n. Fuck.” My hand reached down, pulling the lever so I could recline the seat, laying me practically flat.
“Yeah? Such a needy little thing.” She giggled as she pulled my pants to my knees.
I smirked before reaching up and wrapping my hand around her throat, squeezing tightly and pulling her to meet my face. Her eyes went from my eyes to my lips, afraid to look at one place too long.
“It’s so fucking cute how you think you’re in charge here. You’re my pet. Not the other way around. You belong to me.” I squeezed tighter, watching her eyes roll back in her head before she regained her composure.
“Mmm. Sure.” Her voice coming out strained, “because I think I own you. You’re fucking whipped for me, daddy.” Her taunt was like gasoline on a flame, igniting the rage inside me.
I slapped her across the face, hard. Her face turning to the side as a moan ripped from her chest. Her cheek turning red as she turned back to me, a masochistic smile on her face and eyes black from her blown out pupils.
“Watch your fucking mouth. You stupid fucking whore.” I spit through clenched teeth. If we weren’t in a car, I’d have her over my knee. And I think she knew that I was virtually powerless, and she was going to use that.
She pulled me out of my boxers, stroking me slowly. I struggled to swallow the moan that was itching its way out. “And if I don’t? You gonna punish me, daddy?” She continued to stroke me. Her hand twisting as she got to the tip of my cock, “Are you gonna fuck me till I cry? Oh but wait, you can’t. Because we’re in the car. Shame.”
“I don’t need a room to punish you. Want to keep pushing me? Go ahead. I’m not afraid to punish you right here.” My hand gripped her face pulling her as close as I could, our lips brushing as I spoke. “Change your fucking attitude.” I kissed her, not allowing her to speak any longer.
I managed to get her pants down with one hand, y/n helping me as she kissed me. I gripped her ass, pulling her so she was lined up with me. But I didn’t have to do anything else. She lined me up, sinking down slow – moans ripping from her chest. My hands moved, finding home at her waist, in case she decided to be a little tease.
I was glad when she didn’t, deciding to sit like a good little bitch once she sunk all the way down, wiggling a little to adjust before she started moving. Her movements slow and controlled. Her small hands gripping my shoulders for stability as she moved.
“God, you feel so good.” Her head was tilted back as her core clenched around me.
I pulled her down onto me harder, “not God, sweetheart. Just me.”
My hands wrapped around her, gripping her ass hard once I was fed up with her pace. I slid down in the seat slightly to gain more leverage from the floor of the car before I held her still. I fucked up into her hard and fast.
She was practically screaming as I continued to pound into her tight pussy. At this point, I was chasing my own high. I really didn’t give two fucks if my little pet got off in the process.
“Not so bratty now, huh?” I clamped my hand over her mouth and nose, watching her eyes roll back. “You’re just a stupid little cockslut. A little fucking whore. You’re here because I want you to be. Not because I need you.”
Her face grew red as she clawed at my hand. I gave it a few more thrusts before I showed mercy. Breath filling her lungs in a harsh gasp, my hand resting on her throat as she panted. Her cunt clenching around me harder.
“You’re fucking putty in my hands, y/n,” I said as I pulled her closer to my face, my pace not letting up. My lungs burned about as hot as the lust that seeped into the deepest, darkest parts of me. And I fucking loved it. “Tell me who fucking owns you, my little one. Lemme hear you.”
“You.” Her voice no higher than a whisper. I wasn’t sure if it was because she couldn’t or if she was afraid.
“Louder or you don’t cum.” And I knew she needed to.
“Fuck! You! You, Spencer. You! You own me. Please.” She was crying, tears falling from her pretty eyes as she gasped and tried to hold off her orgasm.
I smiled a sick, twisted smile at the whore in my lap, “that’s fucking right. Now cum for me. Show me just how in control of you I am.”
We came in near perfect unison, her body collapsing on top of mine as I emptied inside her. Her pussy milking me for all I was worth. We fought to catch our breaths, my arms wrapping around her and holding her into me. I swore I could feel the rapid beating of her heart. Or maybe it was mine – I couldn’t be sure.
Eventually, she climbed off me. Pulling up her pants and settling back across to console after she cleaned herself up. I tucked myself away, getting everything back to the way it was prior to our scandalous activities.
I looked over at her, my hand resting on her cheek. She smiled at me, her hair only sort of showing what we had done.
“Let’s get you a nap and a shower, pretty girl.” She simply nodded. “Hey? You know I care about you right?”
She kissed my palm, “I do, Spence. I do.”
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WHY R YALL REBLOGGIN THE ANDERSON POST???? did i hear a lil andy smut😏
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Tumblr media
Monkey Business
Category: Fluff
Content warnings: swearing, ownership of a monkey.
a/n: okay so, half of my inbox was request for the concept of Spencer owning a monkey. So, here it is! 
a/n 2: I am fully aware that owning one of these animals is not only illegal, but unethical. Monkeys should not be kept as pets. No matter how cute they are. I know Tiktok makes it seem so fun and amazing but it’s not. They can grow up to be extremely mean and honestly, belong in the wild. So please don't try to find a way to own one. 
You shoved your hands in your pockets after saying goodbye to your girlfriends. You’d had a rare day off from the BAU, and while your days off would be spent with your boyfriend, Dr. Spencer Reid, today you went with the girls. The woman for the BAU had convinced you to a day of brunching, shopping and self care.
You felt refreshed as you walked, your shared apartment just a few blocks from the final location of the day. It was a warm spring day, the wind blowing softly through your hair as you walked, flowers starting to sprout from their places on windowsills. Spring in D.C. came with the beautiful cherry blossoms, the pink petals swirling around you as you walked.
You unlocked the first door, stepping inside the lobby to collect the mail before walking up the stairs. You sifted through the mail as you walked. And it wasn’t until you fished out your keys that you heard a soft coo coming from the other side of the door. You raised a brow, carefully pushing your key in the lock and turning it slowly.
You stepped inside, following the soft voice that was coming from your kitchen, “Spence?” You called as you walked closer.
“Your mommy is just going to love you so much. I’m sure of it.” You stopped in your tracks at Spencer’s coo. You had no idea who the fuck Spencer was talking to. You and Spencer didn’t have kids. Nor did you guys adopt a pet. That is, unless Spencer went and adopted something as a surprise. But that didn’t make sense. Spence wasn’t big on animals due to the nature of your jobs.
“Spencer Reid who are you talking too?” You found him at the sink, sleeves rolled to his elbows and bubbled coating half of his arm. He stiffened where he stood. And before you could do anything he rinsed himself before drying them.
And then he scooped something in his arms before turning around slowly.
Your eyes grew wide as you saw what he was holding, “Spencer Walter Reid… Where the fuck did you get a monkey.” In his arms was a tiny monkey, clearly wet from the bath Spencer had just given it.
He cleared his throat before he answered, “I know a guy.”
You raised your brows at him, “you know a guy. Spencer, this is a wild animal.”
The monkey in his grasp cooed, gripping onto Spencer’s finger like an infant would. You’d be a liar if you said it wasn’t cute. But at the same time, he was holding a wet fucking animal. And not a normally domesticated one. You’d heard horror stories of monkeys turning bad. Even going as far as to rip off an owners face.
“But he needed a home and I figured it would be good for us.” He shot you that smile that made you weak in the knees.
You slowly blinked at him, doing your best to keep your wits about you, “Spencer, baby, do you have a fever?”
He shot you a confused expression, shifting the animal slightly, “what? No! W-why do I look sick?”
“No. It just seems you’ve forgotten about our fucking job!” You threw your arms in the air, exasperated. It was the entire reason he’d said no to you getting a cat. And now this fucker has a monkey?
“Hotch said we could bring him. Don’t you wanna know his name?”
You raised your brow. How the fuck did Hotch know about this before you? You stepped closer, making short movements as to not scare the creature. Spencer held him out to you, the monkey shooting a little tooth filled smile which melted your heart. But it didn’t take you long to snap back into the moment.
“No. Because if you tell me his name, it becomes a pet and you know how attached I get once we-“
“His names Geraldo. He’s a Capuchin and his momma was killed in a forest fire. He was rehabilitated for six months before he became adoptable. The—uh – the guy I know figured we would be a good fit for him and when I cleared it with Hotch, I figured you’d be excited.” He held Geraldo out to you, “just hold him. He’s really so sweet.”
You hesitated for a moment, but then Geraldo stared up at you with the cutest look you’d ever seen. Pleading, in a way, for you to show some affection towards him. I mean, after all, these animals were partly related to us and they reacted to touch and love the same way humans do. But they were very expensive to care for. And unlike humans, they didn’t really grow up. Staying like a toddler for their 20 – 40-year life span.
But you relented, stepping closer to your boyfriend who had the largest smile on his face. You held out your arms and Spencer placed Geraldo into them. You held him on your hip. Spencer stood back and admired the scene in front of him.
“You really are just the cutest little thing. It seems your father needs to learn how to talk to your motherbefore he makes forty-year decisions. What if we break up?” That earned a belly laugh from Spencer.
“You really think we’re going to break up?” He asked through his fit of childish giggles. “Baby, you’re stuck with me, and Geraldo, for the rest of your life. There’s no leaving.” He wiggled his brows before stepping closer and capturing you into a kiss.
“And I wouldn’t have it any other way.” You kissed him again before sighing, “well, let’ go introduce our child to our team.”
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hotchnisspoetry · 3 days ago
Exile - Chapter 1
AU fanfic set at the end of Season 8. Emily left after Foyet's attack on Hotch.
Reposting here on my new account.
The grief was still very present as the agents walked back into the BAU bullpen. Going back to the offices hadn’t been something they discussed or actively decided on, it was just where they had naturally returned to following the funeral. David Rossi had just watched as they buried the woman he loved. The man responsible for it was dead but that was little comfort to him.
Comfort was waiting.
A small amount anyway.
J.J and Reid saw her first. A woman with dark hair, dressed far too casually for the FBI offices in jeans and a light grey sweater. Her back was to them as they entered so they didn’t know who it was. Glancing up at her friend, J.J raised her eyebrows but Reid shook his head. He didn’t know who it was. The offices should have been empty.
As if sensing their arrival she turned around.
They hadn’t seen Emily Prentiss for almost four years and seeing her there, on that day, after everything that had happened was almost a balm to the grief and trauma. J.J, Reid, Morgan and Garcia all stopped dead upon seeing her. They’d worked with her, they’d been friends. She’d been one of them. Alex Blake didn’t recognise her but could tell that her being there was a big thing.
The last to see her was Aaron Hotchner and he would later swear his heart stopped.
“Em?” Garcia asked half afraid this was an illusion.
Rossi was expecting Emily. He was the only one who was and carried on walking over to her. He frowned though because as he got closer he could see she was injured. One arm was in a sling, she had a nasty looking cut above her eyebrow and just the way she stood was awkward as if she was guarding her entire body. Reaching out gently, Rossi tilted her head so he could see the bruising along her jaw.
“Curtis did this?” He asked and she nodded.
Morgan stepped forward. Curtis? John Curtis? The man they’d just spent months hunting. The man responsible for Strauss’ death?
“Curtis?” J.J asked as alarmed as everyone else at hearing this.
Rossi glanced back to his team and nodded. The others walked over, torn between happiness at seeing her and concern that something had clearly gone on they knew nothing about.
“How long was it exactly that Erin had you watching our backs?” Rossi asked with a small smile.
“She had me investigating the Replicator from the start. I flew out to Texas the day the first victim was discovered.” Emily told them. “But it wasn’t until after Philadelphia that I came back here full time.”
She glanced from Rossi to the others. Her former team, people she’d spent hours upon hours with in the most insane and intense of situations. God she’d missed them.
“She wanted to be sure you’d all be safe.” Emily said
Hotch looked away, his jaw locked. He remembered the day he’d got the call about the first murder. The first time the Replicator had copied a crime the BAU had solved. At that point he didn’t even know Strauss was aware of it but she had been and she’d sent Emily.
“We had no idea.” Garcia said
Emily smiled faintly. “You couldn’t. He was watching so you couldn’t know I was there.”
“How did you find out?” Alex asked Rossi.
“Erin’s notes in her home office. She’d written a lot in code but I recognised enough to know who it was she’d contacted for help.” Rossi was wistful as he thought of the lengths Erin had gone to.
The idea of Emily and Strauss working together was at first rather ridiculous given their history but the more the agents thought about it, the more it made sense. The BAU was being targeted by a very real threat so who better to help combat it than a former member.
“When did you realise it was Curtis?” Morgan asked unable to keep his attention from her injuries.
“Just before your case in New York.” Emily answered. “We were narrowing down the list and knew we were close.”
“That’s why Strauss came with us to New York.” Reid said suddenly. “She knew this was coming to a head.”
“She wanted to be close.” Hotch agreed with a nod.
“Curtis fit the profile so I went to his office. I thought having a conversation in a government building wouldn’t be as risky.” Emily said then sighed. “I was wrong.”
“Do we want to know?” J.J asked warily.
“I woke up in hospital and it was all over. Curtis was dead.” Emily said gravely.
It was what they’d assumed because if Emily had been able to, she would have been working shoulder to shoulder with the BAU to stop the Replicator. Strauss’s death had changed things and she’d have gone to them revealing her part in the hunt so she could help in any way she could.
“But you’re okay, right?” Garcia said almost pleadingly.
“I’m fine.”
Emily dismissed Garcia’s concerns far too quickly for Hotch’s liking. It was clear that she wasn’t okay but didn’t want to talk about it. She’d always been like that. Emily had walls that rivalled the Great Wall of China to protect herself. She kept walls up and it had taken so long for him to get past them.
The door swung open and Director Richard Fincher came in. He was the head of the behavioural sciences division and everyone’s boss. It was strange to see him there in the bullpen. Usually it was just Hotch who attended occasional meetings three floors above.
“Director Fincher.” Hotch said
“Please don’t tell me we have a case.” Morgan said frowning.
“No, no case.” Fincher said
That had happened before. Something awful and traumatic happened and the next moment they be on a plane across the country.
“I’ve come from meetings and I’m going to another. I just wanted to check in before.” Fincher said
Meetings. The higher ups always had meetings after meetings and hadn’t been out in the field for months, sometimes years. It meant they could be dangerously out of touch with the agents on the ground.
“Is one of those meetings about who will take over as section chief?” Hotch asked
“It’s going to be discussed.” Fincher said
He turned as if he was going to leave then looked back to Emily who was hovering a little awkwardly.
“Unless you want the job.” Fincher said looking directly at Emily.
There was an audible intake of breath. Shock reverberated around the group. Emily as the section chief? As their boss? Hotch’s boss? Was Fincher serious? She’d never indicated any interest in leadership when she was working with them.
Emily raised an eyebrow. “Are you kidding?”
Fincher gave a shrug. “You can’t blame me for wanting you safe behind a desk. Less chance of you getting stabbed.”
“I don’t know, I’m pretty sure I could still manage it.” She said
Clearly she had no interest in such a position though Rossi had to admit she would be a good person to have going to bat for them. But he knew she was meant to be in the field. She was one of the most naturally skilled agents and profilers he’d ever met.
“Anything to try and get you out of the field.” Fincher said starting to walk to the doors. “Especially after what happened with you and Foyet.”
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lavender-fog · 3 days ago
Chapter 5: you might have jinxed it now
Tumblr media
Surprise!! i couldn't wait to post this one haha
Tw: cussing, some alcohol mentions, just sad news bc the world really sucks sometimes, fluff, maybe some typos, public speaking ew
You were pacing backstage with your cue cards in your hands, going over some last minute revisions you made about your guest lecture you were supposed give in, you checked your watch, seven minutes. When your boss had suggested you should give the lecture, you were smiling, but inside dread started filling your stomach. See, public speaking was not your forte, even though you’d never had a problem before, just knowing that multiple people were looking at you with all their attention focused on you, stressed you out. On the field, you had no problems demanding attention and giving out orders, but that was the place you were comfortable with. You knew what you were doing and you knew other people needed your guidance. But talking in front of a crowd, really was something else.
“Miss Y/L/N, 4 minutes ‘till they’re announcing you,” someone from the crew said as they checked your mic one last time. You breathed out a big breath. In one hour you’d be backstage again and you could go to the hotel bar and order a cocktail. God knows you would need it after this. You wiped your hand over your pastel pink oversized pantsuit, trying to smooth away any wrinkles. Your heels made you look even taller than you already were, but why did they have to make these things so uncomfortable?? You did look extremely fashionable and were exuding some sort of professionalism mixed with knowledge you had from spending the last 9 years working your ass off.
“Alright, the floor is yours!” The crew member who came to get you said as they ushered you towards the door. You plastered on a smile and confidently strode towards the stage.
You smiled at the crowd, who were very hard to see by the way, because of all the lights shining directly in your eyes, and started your presentation with some shocking statistics.
“Did you know that about 50% of the world’s poorest people live in just 5 countries?”
As you were continuing your talk, Spencer snuck in the back, taking a seat on the second to last row. Normally he would be sitting in the front, taking notes (if necessary) and asking questions.
This time he decided against it. He was scared that you would recognize him for some sort of reason, even though his rational brain told him that was literally impossible. But all his worrying had made him late now, so he hoped you wouldn’t notice him now, as some douchebag who couldn’t even bother to show up on time. He had been there 30 minutes before, but had lost track of time staring at your picture on the screen that announced the topic of your presentation.
You were walking across stage like a natural, your pantsuit demanding authority and your melodic voice flowing out of the speakers and straight into Spencer’s heart.
His profiling skills told him you were nervous though, you kept picking at the nail of your one hand, holding your cue cards in the other. For other people who didn’t know anything about profiling, you would seem as a natural. He could see you had a lot of passion for your work, but that didn’t mean you loved giving presentations in front of tons of people.
He was mesmerized by the way you talked, and couldn’t get enough of your sweet voice, the way you gestured to put an emphasis on a fact or the way you smiled when you talked about one of your recent projects.
After more than an hour of talking, you were finally through your presentation, even though Spencer wished you kept on talking.
“So, I know I dumped a lot of information on you guys,” you laughed as you crinkled your nose and talked directly to the audience, “do you have any questions for me? It can be about the NGO or how to get into an NGO or something else? Just shoot!”
A few hands went up, and you answered them one by one. Most people asked about what they could do to help an NGO and in what ways, some people asked about college programs to get into the field and others wondered what profiles the NGO needed.
“Well we have a diverse group of people in our NGO. We have some lawyers, some people who know a lot about logistics, we have a few medical employees, um, we also use a lot of national volunteers for donations, yeah, really we need a lot of people, so everyone who can help, do apply!” You replied with a smile.
“Any more questions?” You looked around the room. There were no more hands and you opened your mouth to thank everyone for attending when-
“Um yes! Actually!”, a hand quickly shot up in the air, on one of the last rows, a man with messy brown hair, dressed smartly.
“Yes, please”, you encouraged him, as you took a step closer towards the front of the stage to get a better look at him.
“How do you deal with the use of advertisements to get the local public aware of the problems in the global south?” he inquired, “I recently read that the use of poverty porn is still a big problem in the industry, but I don’t really see any solutions that are being offered.”
“Wow, that is a great question actually. Indeed, poverty porn is still a big problem. For those who don’t know. The term comes from the use of shocking pictures of people in need, to make people in the West aware of the problems that often occur in Southern countries,” you explained. You thought for a minute. This was a great question that you didn’t really expect to get, but you were happy someone brought it to your attention.
“What we do with our NGO is, we don’t really use advertisements as much as others. We are very lucky to have government support, and we have a lot of private donations. We do still have volunteers but we urge them to not use any pictures. We try to get people to understand through shared experiences, if I can say it like that”, you thought about an example, “like say our volunteers are in LA looking for donations, because sometimes earthquakes occur in the LA area, we try to get them to sympathize with people who are less fortunate who have also been affected by earthquakes. I hope that kind of answers your question”, you looked at the man, who smiled and nodded.
“We don’t really have a solution for the poverty porn, but our NGO tries to use it as little as possible. This sector is really big on being ethical, but it doesn’t always reflect it’s own standards, sadly enough.”
Spencer gave you a sad smile and nodded his head as a way to thank you for answering his question. He was impressed by the way you were so well spoken in your field, but also admitted when something wasn’t up to standards or was still an unsolved problem. He watched as you thanked the audience for being there as the crowd applauded you.
You had a small closed-lipped smile on your face, quietly panicking because you didn’t know what to do now. A crew member came on stage to get the microphone and the spotlights were finally taken of your frame. You let out a deep breath and looked in the audience and mostly saw the retreating backs of people going to the exit.
There was one person coming towards the stage though - the guy who had asked the last question, the one with messy brown hair who was getting more handsome the closer he came to the stage.
You looked down at your feet when his voice made you look up again, “hey, um, sorry for disturbing you” he said, concerning flashing in his eyes.
“Don’t worry about it, I have no idea what to do now”, a nervous laugh left your mouth, “That was a great question by the way, can I help you with anything, mister…?”
“Reid, uh doctor Spencer Reid,” he nervously said, as he brushed his hair out of his face, “I-uh, I just wanted to thank you for this lecture. I wasn’t familiar with the field yet but I’m really keen to learn more about it now.”
“Okay Doctor Reid,” you tilted your head to get a better look at him, “thank you. It really means a lot. Not many people are genuinely interested in the behind the scenes, so yeah, thanks.”
Heat was already rising to your face as you kept eye contact with him.
You both didn’t really notice that you were just staring at each other, taking each other in and memorizing the other’s face.
“Um, I, I don’t want to be too forthcoming, but would you like to get a drink in the hotel bar? I’d love to tell you more about the sector?”, you said as you picked at your nail again, which Spencer noticed when he looked down at the ground after staring at your face for way too long. The freckles on your nose and cheeks were just too distracting. The colour of your eyes drew him in, little specks mixed in with the already beautiful colour.
Did you already feel some sort of connection? Even without knowing you were matched with him? Should he tell you about the match? Or would that be weird? Shit, should he just not have made contact with you already? What are you going to think when you see his name on the matching profile?
“Um Doctor Reid,” you waved your hand in front of his face, “sorry, I didn’t mean to pressure you into anything. I should go.” You were stumbling over your words like you were just learning how to talk. Get a grip on yourself y/n.
You were starting to turn away from him, embarrassed that you had just asked out this random man. You’d never done this before and now you knew why.
“No, no I would love to!” He exclaimed and his voice pitched a tone higher, “I’m actually staying in the hotel for the night. I’d love some company.”
“Oh great! Uhm, I just have to go grab my stuff from backstage, but I’ll meet you there?” Your eyes hopeful and your gaze fixed on his.
“Yeah, yeah that sounds great! I’ll see you there!” He probably had a giddy smile on his face, a blush ever present on his cheeks when you were looking at him.
— —
When you had collected your bag, you had sent a quick message to Sian.
“Does love at first sight exist because if it doesnt then im just crazy i think”
“Girl what are you talking about? I thought you were just giving a presentation?”
“One of the attendees came up to me and we’re going to the bar!! Matching service who???”
“Please be careful. There’s way too many rando’s in this world”
He was already sitting at the bar when you’d arrived. He was looking at the bartender, but his leg was bouncing up and down at a rapid pace.
“Hi, doctor Reid, thanks for waiting,” you sat down on the stool next to him, his cologne invading your nostrils instantly. Your heart probably skipped a beat when you saw how he was looking at you, just with pure interest, which didn’t really happen a lot.
“That’s okay, I-uh, I didn’t know which drink you’d like, so I didn’t order yet, I’m sorry,” he said while looking down at his hands.
“Don’t apologize?” You questioned him, as you flagged the bartender, “a mojito and a…?”
“A beer,” he filled in the blank, pursing his lips.
“So, I do got to ask, why did you come to this event?” You said as the bartender placed the mojito in front of you, and taking a small sip.
Spencer’s heart probably skipped a beat. Oh yeah, I just came because I wanted to see you. I have this folder with all your personal information because apparently you’re my match. No, if he did something like that, he could forget all about you.
“Oh, uh, yeah, I guess I wanted to know more about acute crisis situations?”, you nodded, encouraging him to go on, “I work for the FBI and we deal a lot with smaller situations, and it’s really hard sometimes. So, it’s great to see that other people have the same struggles, but continue to do their job, even when situations get really shitty.”
You frowned your eyebrows in confusion, “wait an FBI agent? I didn’t know you needed a doctorate to qualify?”
“Well, I’m a profiler actually, for the behavioral analysis unit, so my knowledge of psychology, chemistry, engineering, philosophy and mathematics really comes in handy for most cases,” he took a sip of his beer, almost casually as your eyes widened.
“So you’re telling me, you, a guy with this much knowledge works for the FBI?”, your jaw was slacked as you looked at him, not even hiding how impressed you were, “you could probably work for major corporations and earn a boat load of money, and you chose this profession?”
This man that was sitting next to you, was leaving you with an impressed feeling the longer you talked to him. Even in the field you worked in, a lot of people were in it for the money and to then see him do this type of job, to help people?
“It’s just that, uh, I want to help people, and this is the best way I know how to help them,” he said as he studied your face for your reaction.
A small smile appeared on your face, which made him instantly happy. Most people didn’t understand why he chose to do this job, instead of working for big corporations and making big bucks.
“That’s an honourable way to live dr. Reid. Not many people have this integrity in this world.”
“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one,” he recited a quote he read once, getting a bit flustered that he was already quoting stuff in the first moments of meeting you. Well, at least he hadn’t started spouting random facts yet.
You took a sip from your cocktail, pondering about the quote, “I’m not really good with quotes I’m afraid,” scrunching your nose you guessed, “is this something Shakespearian?”
“Marcus Aurelius, actually.”
“Oof, that’s like not even in the ballpark,” flustered you dragged a hand over your face, “Hard core literature was always difficult to me.”
He shook his head vehemently, “no please, that was really niche. I just have an eidetic memory, so don’t worry,” he waved your concerns away, afraid of scaring you off. “The stuff you know about humanitarian aid is astonishing really.”
“It’s a passion turned into a job really, but thanks for the compliment.”
It was getting quite late already, most people getting a little too much to drink and getting rowdier by the second. Next to you, two guys were throwing back shots like they were water, and the table behind Spencer was doing some sort of drinking game, because three of the girls were singing along with the music, not getting the lyrics right at all.
Spencer was saying something to you, but you honestly didn’t understand a word he had said. The guys next to you were also starting to lean a little too close to you to be comfortable.
You leaned over and cupped you hand over his ear, “maybe we should take our drinks out by the pool?”
When Spencer had seen you leaner closer to him, everything stilled as he focused on your eyes that were getting prettier by the second. When you cupped your hand over his ear to say something, he felt your hot breath fan over his face and he felt a shiver going down his spine.
He swallowed hard as he listened to what you were saying, not really processing it as he felt his head nod.
You gave him a full smile as you stood up, saying something to the bartender about putting it on the tab and then beckoning him to follow you. He followed you out of the bar and into the garden of the hotel. Your perfume was invading his nostrils and the way your hair blowed in the wind made him do a double take.
“So, at least I can understand you now,” you sat down on a lounge chair, patting the spot next to you. “What were you saying back there?”
He sat down next to you, “um, I-I actually forgot.” He took a big gulp of his beer, not expecting to forget just about everything that was stored in this big ass brain of his.
You studied his face for a bit, looking at his sharp jawline, moving to his mess of curls that was styled just right and his brown eyes that were looking straight at you.
You got flustered immediately, opening your mouth to say something, as Spencer’s phone went off. You pressed the cold glass against your cheeks trying to get out of this daze that had you in its grip ever since you sat down at the bar.
He dug around in his pocket, biting on his lip, to get out this goddamn annoying piece of technology as he saw Penelope’s name on the screen.
This was his moment to get out of here. Even though he wanted to spend the rest of eternity with you, just sitting here at the pool and talking, he couldn't risk getting more involved with you. The more time he spent with you, the worse he felt about everything he had done to even get here. This was honestly stuff that could get you a restraining order - at best!
“Reid! No worries, we don’t have a case, but I’m just letting you know that I’m throwing a small party for-“
“Yeah alright Penelope, I’ll get to the office as soon as possible!”
“Uh, Reid what? What’s happ-“
He ended the call, standing up a little too quickly, his head spinning a bit.
“Oh, uh, do you need to go?” You questioned as you got up as well, giving him a confused look.
“Yeah, we got a case, so I need to go,” he wrung his hands together, eyes wide and looking everywhere but your face.
“Yeah, yeah sure. I should probably go up as well, need to leave early in the morning so-,” you said with a dejected look on your face.
“I mean, I’ll walk with you to the elevator,” he offered when he noticed your look. He felt a bit bad with just leaving you, but he really couldn’t stay here with you looking at him like you never saw a more marvelous person sitting before you. If he stayed with you he probably would grab your face between his hands and kiss you with as much passion as he could.
You nodded, as you started walking towards the elevator. Spencer put his hands in his pockets, following you closely.
You pressed the button to call the elevator and waited patiently, staring at the numbers that were going down way too slowly. Jesus, what had gotten into you tonight? Asking out a random man, getting a drink with him and just staring at him? Why did you feel so miserable when you heard him end the call?
At the same time when you were experiencing this inner turmoil, Spencer was thinking about what he should do.
The elevator doors opened and a couple stumbled out, almost knocking you over. Spencer grabbed your arm to steady you. The warm grip on your upper arm gave you a tingly feeling all over your body and you held your breath for a second before muttering a small thank you, feeling a little flustered as you felt your cheeks warm up.
He pursed his lips, but didn’t make any move to let you go. When you peered up at him, the ding of the elevator signaling it would close, you finally said something.
“You can let go now dr. Reid,” chuckling lightly as he slowly unwrapped his fingers from your arm. Your arm felt instantly cold, and you caught yourself wishing he would keep holding you in some way or another. He flushed immediately, the harsh light in the elevator highlighting the red blush on his cheeks.
“What floor are you on?” Your fingers were hovering over the buttons.
He cleared his throat, but his voice was still a bit hoarse, “um, 18th floor.”
You nodded and pressed the 16th and 18th floor, rolling your lips together and staring at the floor.
Fuck, what should I do now? You thought as you spied on him in the mirror of the elevator. He was toying with ends of the purple scarf he was wearing.
You’d probably never see this guy again. You knew his name and that he worked for the FBI, but that was about it. You could probably call the main office, but for what reason? Oh yeah, your agent, the one with perfectly messy brown hair and eyes that were sparkling every time you gazed into them? Yeah I asked him out but forget to ask for his number, so could you give it to me?
The elevator was already at floor 14, when you finally spoke up, “I’d love to see you again, dr. Reid. You know, for uh- like work reasons?”
You cringed internally at what you said, but it was something at least. He peered over at you and then dug around in his pant pocket, getting out a battered brown wallet. The look on his face was one you couldn’t decipher, but Spencer knew exactly what he was feeling.
Even though he felt so conflicted, he couldn't stay away from you. You were his goddamn soulmate, for fuck's sake, of course he wants to stay in touch with you. Even when you found everything out - when, because it is bound to happen anyway - he at least got to spend some time with you, and some time was better than none.
He stretched out his hand, a business card between his fingers, “you know, for like work reasons.” A mischievous look in his eyes.
You let out a laugh and dug around in your own bag, getting out a pen and a used metro card as scrap paper, you wrote down your digits and gave it to him. “For business reasons, but you can also call after office hours.”
The elevator dinged again and you stepped past him, your hand brushing his and the tingly feeling was there again.
You got out of the elevator, said a soft goodbye and twirled his business card in your fingers, and he felt his heart lurch. When you then turned around to give him one last look with a curious glint in your eyes, head tilting slightly to the side before the elevator doors closed, he knew he was falling in love with you.
Next chapter
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Wrap You Arms Around Me, Baby Boy
Tumblr media
Summary: Sometimes love at first just might be the thing that’ll make you want to get married with paper rings.
Word Count: 2.8K
Author’s Note: This is one of @railmereid rejected fics! I saw that it was requested as a Taylor Swift/Paper Rings and I couldn’t help myself!
Content: Fluff like ridiculous fantastical fluff, brief innuendo
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem Reader
Wrap Your Arms Around Me, Baby Boy
JULY 4th, 2008
It was like she was floating. It sounds absolutely ridiculous and down right absurd to realize you’re in love with your neighbor’s co-worker at the annual FBI and Secret Service baseball game just within minutes of meeting him, yet she’s walking home with a skip in her step because she knows he’s the man she wants to marry. She thinks about all the what ifs, to all the times that they could have met, to all the almost encounters. Being in love with Spencer makes all the love songs sound like fulfilled promises and makes her call destiny tomorrow.
It’s not like her to fall in love with a man she just met, but somehow, as she rushes home, she’s never felt more like herself. She knows it’s crazy to feel that much about a person that she just met, but there’s something and there’s everything about Spencer that makes her crave more.
Humming the greatest love songs in her head, Y/N reaches her lobby and has to resist the urge to dance her way up the stairs to her apartment. What was it about that man that made her want to shake? What was it about him that left her thinking about the next time she’d see him even before they said goodbye for the first time?
Sinking onto the couch, Y/N eyes her laptop that rests on her coffee table. Unable to help herself, Y/N kneels on the floor and begins to type in Google, “Spencer Reid; FBI,”. It’s amazing, the milliseconds that it takes to bring up the many new articles about the elite BAU team and all their heroic adventures. At the top of the page, is a much younger, much more nervous looking Spencer. He’s wearing clothes that are all too big for him and looks like a lost little kid.
She scans the page, but her eyes catch what she can only assume is one of Spencer’s dissertations. Clicking the link, she’s brought to a PDF that’s nearly 250 pages long. Even the title of his dissertation is so Spencer that it makes her want to call him up and make him read it to her. Somehow she settles on reading Identifying non-obvious relationship factors using cluster weighted modeling and geographic regression in her best Spencer voice in her head.
Y/N clicks out of the pdf of Spencer’s dissertation, not before bookmarking it for later reading. She clicks on the “Images” banner of Google and is brought to a couple pictures of Spencer. Most of them are news articles about the BAU and their many cases. But one catches her eye. She can see that the article is about when Spencer joined the team; “The BAU Welcomes it’s Youngest Member, Dr. Spencer Reid,”
“Oh my god,” Y/N says, maybe a little too loudly because her cat, Mr. Knightley, jumps down from his cat tree in the corner of the living room to investigate the source of her squeal.
“Don’t judge, Knighty, I just may have met your new cat dad. Give me a couple of months,” She says, fully aware that she’s cooking up strangely sweet domestic fantasies involving Spencer and Mr. Knightley in her head.
Y/N looks over at the article, but can’t seem to tear her eyes from the picture. Spencer, with no doubt, is very attractive, but he looks so bright in the picture. His cheekbones are still just as sharp and his wide grin is still there, but there’s something a little more naive and optimistic about the way his eyes twinkle in the picture.
Pressing “Control, T” on her laptop, Y/N goes to her Amazon account. She looks at Spencer’s messy scribble on her hand, where she made him write his number and all his favorite books on her hand. It’s difficult to make out but, she places orders for The Illustrated Man, War and Peace, and The Little Prince.
It might seem crazy, but there’s something special about that Spencer Reid.
JULY 9th, 2008
“I’ll take an iced green tea, one Splenda please,” Y/N asks the barista at her local coffeehouse. She moves to turn, but bumps into a very tall and very lanky young man.
“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Y/N says, thoroughly embarrassed at her lack of spatial awareness.
“Y/N?,” The man asks, and as soon as Y/N brushes herself off, she realizes the man she ran into is no other than the boy who’s been occupying her daydreams.
“Spencer! Oh my goodness, you go here too?” She asks, trying to not let on how excited she was to see him.
“Um, yeah, you mentioned it the other night at Garcia's and I thought, well I should just check it out,” Spencer says nervously, scratching the back of his neck as he talks.
“Really? You took my suggestion?” Y/N beams, not so secretly thrilled that Spencer Reid took her advice.
“Yeah, I mean you seemed to really enjoy it, besides, I like that they’re transparent about where they source their coffee beans. Did you know that a standard cup of coffee requires more than 37 gallons of water, while most of that water is needed for maintaining a healthy plant, it’s still quite a bit. And as someone who lives on coffee, I think that it’s important to recognize the environmental footprint that our habits have on the Earth,” Spencer says quickly. He’s not the best at maintaining eye contact, but Y/N doesn’t find it less enthralling to listen to him. They stand there for a couple too many seconds just looking at each other, but for some reason it’s anything but awkward.
“Tea for Y/N!” The barista calls and Y/N excuses herself from Spencer to retrieve her drink.
“Is that The Illustrated Man? Looks like I’m not the only one who took some advice” Spencer asks, catching a glimpse of the book tucked under Y/N’s arm.
“Yes,” She says, slightly embarrassed that Spencer pays just as close attention to what she says and she does with him.
“Are you liking it? Maybe we can uh, sit and talk about it?” Spencer suggests, extending his hand to the small table that he claimed earlier. It’s covered with dusty copies of old books and what Y/N thinks are FBI case files that probably should not be left out in the open.
“I’d love that Spencer,” She tells him, unable to hide her smile.
Who knew playing hard to get would be hardest on the person doing the ignoring. Even though she was exhausted from the pinning and waiting for Spencer to make the move, Y/N feels a little bad for ignoring his texts.
“I can’t do this anymore, Penny,” Y/N laments, throwing herself dramatically across Penelope’s bed as she gets dressed for a double date.
“Honey, that boy’s fallen hard for you, he’ll come to his senses soon. You’re a catch and he’ll realize that the good ones never wait,” Penelope counters.
Y/N, hating the idea of having to keep Spencer at arm’s length, groans loudly into Penelope’s purple and pink sequin pillow.
“It’s hard to ignore him when he sends me selfies of him reading the books I suggest,” Y/N says in a voice that’s so quiet one would think she’s talking to herself.
“You know he upgraded to an iPhone just so he can see all the pictures you send him, right? He made me go to the mall to pick out the phone and practically forced me to teach him how to use it,”
“Really?” Y/N asks, bravely picking up her head from the pillow to look at Penelope.
“Y/N that boy is even more clueless about love than he is about technology. He’s in love. L-O-V-E. Love. With you,” Penelope teases, zipping up a fabulous dress that’s made from blue and teal silk.
“Wear that one, Penelope, it brings out your eyes,” Y/N says, barely able to summon the will to ignore the incoming text from Spencer.
Spence 💖: I thought I saw you today. My copy of The Wide Sargasso Sea came and I finished it already.
“Ugh, Penny. Do you know how hot it is for men to actually read the books you suggest to them,”
“You’re in deep, Y/N,” Penelope says sympathetically, “but so is he,”
OCTOBER 28th, 2008
As it turns out, Y/N’s will when it comes to Spencer is next to non-existent. She’s not too sure when it began, but maybe that’s the beauty of it. They kind of just fell into a relationship naturally. One day their friendly coffee and book chats turned to lazy Saturdays spent curled up on Y/N’s couch with Mr. Knightely by their feet. They’re awkward hugs turned to equally awkward, yet simultaneously sweet kisses.
Spencer’s surprisingly heavily arm thrown lazily around Y/N’s stomach is a testament to how quickly her will crumbled before her eyes when he was close. Laying there at 2AM, Y/N was beyond exhausted, but watching the way the moonlight drips across Spencer’s nose and the sound of his steady breath is enough to keep her wide awake.
“You stare loud,” Spencer mumbles sleepily, moving his face deeper into the crook of Y/N’s neck. Even in their sleepy state, they manage to hold hands.
“I can’t help it, you’re just such a lovely work of art,” Y/N explains.
“I have to disagree on that one, my darling,” Spencer says, tugging a little tighter on Y/N’s waist.
“I missed you, Spence. You’re my hero, by, but sometimes I wish you can just be the hero in between my sheets. I miss you when you go away,” Y/N says, joining her hands with Spencer’s. She likes how the sweet, tender touch still makes her heart skip.
“Oh yeah,” he laughed, “Mr. Knightley doesn’t keep you warm enough, Y/N,” Spencer says, his voice low and gravely, but in the quiet hush of the street it was the most beautiful noise Y/N ever has heard.
“Don’t tell him I’ve said this, but you’re a much better cuddler than Mr. Knightley,” Y/N says, leaning in to press the lightest butterfly kisses along the bridge of his nose.
“It feels good that going away is hard, you know,” Spencer starts, “before you I never had someone really miss me. I never had someone to come home to,”
“It feels even better to be the one you come home too, Spencer,” Y/N says, she dips her head down and lightly kisses Spencer on the lips. He’s had lots of long nights at the BAU; she can see the way his dark brown eyes look a little more haunted and a little less sparkly.
“I’m so sorry, I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you to be alone,” Spencer confesses. His voice makes that gravelly sound again and Y/N swears that the sound is her anchor to this universe.
“It’s gonna be alright, Spence. We’re going to be just fine, sweet boy,” Y/N tells him, pressing two gentle kisses to both sides of his temples.
Spencer hums in something resembling frustration or understanding; or maybe some odd mix of the two. Y/N notices the way Spencer’s fingers seem to press into her body a little firmer. Like he’s forcing himself to remember that he’s really there in her bed at 2AM.
“Where were you my whole life? Hmm?” Spencer asks, taking the opportunity to sneak his head into a warm spot between Y/N and chest. He places three lazy kisses on the skin exposed by the loose bed shirt. It’s the kind of kisses that don’t need to be perfect because the moment you open your eyes you know you’re getting more.
“Waiting for my hero,” Y/N says, raising her chin slightly so Spencer settles in so close he can hear her heartbeat.
“I bet you didn’t think he’d come with both a pocket protector and a gun,”
“Hush, go back to sleep, you’ve been working like crazy,” Y/N says, squeezing Spencer’s hand.
“Hmm, good night, my love,” Spencer says, before, like a light, he’s drifted off to sleep.
APRIL 21st 2009
It's the champagne. It’s making her think things that someone who’s only been in a relationship for less than six months should definitely not be thinking. But who is Y/N kidding, she’s had those thoughts since the night she went home and tried to stalk Spencer on the internet.
“Uncle Spencer! Magic trick! Magic trick!” Henry screams with joy, bouncing up and down to get Spencer’s attention.
“Okay, Henry, you ready buddy?,” Spencer says. Y/N thinks back to how cute he looked this morning when he was prepping all these magic tricks to show Henry and Jack.
“Ready, Freddy!” Henry squeals. His bright blue eyes practically glisten with admiration and happiness as Spencer folds two small pieces of newspaper into interlocking rings. Everyone should look at Spencer like the way Henry looks at him, Y/N thinks. He’s kids sure will, or rather their kids will.
She’s so lost in the thought of their kids, their babies, that Y/N doesn’t notice when Spencer, slightly buzzed from the champagne covers up her eyes with his hands.
“Guess who?” He says, in between giggles.
“Hmm, is it Greggory Peck?” Y/N says, facetiously, knowing that her crush on the actor caused Spencer to get a little sheepish.
“Unfortunately, it’s just me,” Spencer says, joining Y/N at her stop at the table. He looks so dashing in the navy blue suit and tie with light pink flowers.
“There’s nothing unfortunate about seeing your face, baby,” Y/N says, tapping her finger against Spencer’s very chiseled cheeks.
“How about we get out of here,” Spencer suggests, his voice low and his breath against Y/N’s neck. His proximity makes her face heat up. Not trusting her voice to work properly, Y/N gives Spencer her hand, signaling to him to take her wherever he pleases.
Walking away from the wedding, Y/N let herself think for even a second this could be her and Spencer’s wedding. Maybe it’s too soon to bring that up, she doesn’t want to scare Spencer off with her big forever plans, but she knows what they have won’t ever be found again.
“You seem occupied, Y/N,” Spencer deduces, he clasps hands with Y/N. He draws small shapes on her hand, letting her know, silently, that he’s here for her.
“Just thinking how much I love you, all of you Spence. I love all of your brilliant parts and all of your complications too,” Y/N says, unable to hide her gush from Spencer.
Spencer brings up Y/N’s hand that holds him to his mouth. He places the softest kisses on each of her knuckles. It’s a gesture that’s kind and sweet and leaves Y/N needing more from him. Each time she gets a little slice of love from Spencer, she’s immediately craving more.
“Y/N, I desperately want to marry you ever since I met you. I want to marry you so much and dance with you at the wedding and at night I want to twist my hands up in your hair as you writhe under my touch,” Spencer says, he’s grip on the wheel and Y/N’s hand telling her how serious he is about this.
“That’s good darling, because you’re the one I want,” Y/N says.
“Well, it’s a good thing Henry begged me to do this trick,” Spencer laughs nervously. He takes out those interlocking paper rings, and with a couple twists he has them separated.
“Now I though that this is probably not ideal and I’ve never been good at timing, I’m always a little early. But what I’m trying to say, Y/N, is that I can’t wait another second without being married to you,” Spencer says, he’s already down on one knee.
“Yes! Spence come on! Get off the ground and kiss me already,” Y/N yells, pulling Spencer up off the ground by his tie, eliciting giggles from her now fiancé.
At his full height, Spencer cups Y/N’s jaw delicately. There’s nothing salacious or seductive about the kiss. If anything, it’s a silent promise mixed with the sensations of clashing teeth and curious hands on the napes of their necks, daring to go closer to their hair.
Even when they pull away, Spencer and Y/N stay so close that it’s almost like they’re still intertwined.
“Tomorrow I’ll take you to whatever store you want and I’ll buy you the shiniest ring,” Spencer says, his mind calculating the next steps so he can already be Y/N’s husband.
“Spencer,” Y/N says, taking the paper rings from Spencer’s hand and placing each of them on her finger then Spencer’s, “I might like shiny things, but I’ll marry you with paper rings,”
Thank you for reading!
I hope that whoever requested this, enjoys it! It was a lot of fun to write :)
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screques · 4 days ago
Summary: Two times Spencer absolutely refuses to be vulnerable, and then the one time he gives in.
A/N: first time posting on tumblr, don't know how this works at all. hope it's readable.
Contains talk of depression, wanting to die.
The day after a case was always give or take. It could go one way or another; you either go home feeling like you accomplished something, or you go home with a hole in your chest — there's rarely an inbetween to that. But for Spencer, he's finding more and more that the hole in his chest never goes away, not even when he's saved a life, given a family their pride and joy back, when he brings a smile to someone's face after they'd lost all fragments of any hope.
Instead, it lingers. It's there and he tries to ignore it, because he wants so badly to pretend it's not there, but .. no such luck. It has grown bigger the past few years, demanding it gets his attention, and he resents it for leaving him feeling so empty all the time.
Tonight, he sits at his desk, the bullpen empty save for Derek, who seems to be finishing up. Spencer goes over his writing, despite knowing he'd written it perfectly — it is a habit he hasn't been able to shake. He keeps second-guessing himself, but it is what it is.
Derek says something—it sounds like his name, and so he looks up to see his best friend smiling down at him. Spencer tries to manage a smile, to grin back at him, but he finds that instead, his lips are trembling.
"You almost done, pretty boy? I was thinking we could grab some takeout–hey, what's with that face?" Derek's smile morphs into an expression of concern, his eyebrows furrowed, "Somethin' going on?" He asks softly, putting his hand on Spencer's shoulder.
Spencer flinches away from his touch like it burned him, and then immediately feels guilty, but the damage is done. "Sorry, I don't feel like it tonight. And no, I'm fine," His voice is flat. This isn't the first time he's been here, lying about how he's doing, simply because the thought of admitting it makes him feel sick.
That makes Derek sigh, and he backs up a little—which has the genius taking a deep breath, relief showing in the way his shoulders relax a tiny bit—before he speaks again, this time only a little more persistent.
"You don't gotta lie to me, man, you know I'm here for you if you need me, right?" His voice is soft, comforting; but it does nothing to help Spencer feel less cornered.
The look that Spencer gives him is feigned irritation, the only way he knows how to push people away—acting out against them. "I told you, I'm fine. I don't need your pity, Derek." He stands up then, sticking his files into his satchel. He'd turn them in tomorrow. His fingers move angrily, like they're looking for something to break, to grip.
And before he can walk away, Derek grabs his wrist. This time it's a more gentle touch; but it doesn't change anything, because Spencer still flinches, and then they're making eye contact, which he kind of hates because it makes him feel so vulnerable.
Derek should be angry. He should be telling him how fucked up it is for him to be mad when he's just trying to make sure he's okay, but he says nothing. He even looks sad. That tips Spencer over the edge, and then before Derek can do anything more, he's making his way out of the bullpen and down the hallway.
Spencer hates being pitied.
They're out at a bar tonight, celebrating a win after successfully rescuing three kids who had been missing for ten months. The unsub never even made it to prison, though, because Emily had shot him when he'd pulled a knife on her and barely missed the side of her neck. Call that karma, maybe. Spencer frowns at his train of thought — that was unprofessional — but he was just glad Emily was okay, and that the kids had gotten back to their family safely.
"So, Spence," JJ starts. "Kind of surprised you didn't go for it back there with that pretty little teacher who was eyeing you. Even I thought she was out of your league," There's a breathy laugh at the end of her sentence; she's a little tipsy, but not too much—she has to go back home to Henry. Rossi, Hotch, and Emily had already left; It was only him, Penelope, JJ, and Derek, in the halfway empty bar.
Spencer's face goes red, but he finds that he's really not in the mood for it tonight.
The feeling is back. Like his heart has been ripped out of his ribcage, and he's being forced to hear it go thump, thump, until it slows and his pulse is fading; he'd nearly hyperventilated earlier that night despite the victory of the case, feeling like his breathing was just too fast and then he couldn't get it to regulate. So no, he doesn't want to be teased right now, and he glares at JJ for even bringing it up. He knows he shouldn't be mad at her, logically. It's really not her fault, but.
"Can you not?" Spencer hisses, and Derek whistles at that, taking it as him just being bashful; sometimes he really wished his best friends could read the room.
"What's the matter, Spencer? If I were you I would've hopped on that, too," Derek chuckles, and in turn Penelope laughs. Her smile that normally made Spencer feel better in an instant had instead made his chest hurt, and he grimaced.
"Seriously? I said stop. You guys are dicks," He snaps, making Penelope gasp "Spencer!" and then JJ's tipsy grin turns into a stern look, one that tells him he should probably apologize, but he doesn't, and he moves to get up with his bag, almost thankful he hadn't drank much because he just wants to drive home. He feels fucking sick.
He takes long, but quick strides to the front door; the breath of fresh air that follows once he gets outside gives him temporary relief. Soon after, he hears JJ behind him, and he knows he's in for it. Surprisingly or not so surprisingly, he doesn't care. He almost wants her to get angry with him.
"Spence! What the hell was that about?" JJ says it in such a disappointed tone that it makes him whip around, guilt only slightly flooding him again. "We were only teasing, you didn't have to get so upset."
Spencer chuckles, but there's no amusement to it. "Easy for you to say, JJ—you're not the one who has to deal with it day after fucking day! Why should I keep quiet about it?" He's harsh.
It's quiet. She stares at him, but says nothing; it's only a few seconds of silence, yet it feels like it's been too long, and the ringing in his ears is back.
Then she moves closer to him. Well, tries to. She doesn't even manage to get a hand on his shoulder before he's backing up, a mix of anger and fear in his eyes(maybe sadness behind both of those things, if you look close enough).
"Hey," She says it so gently, and he's reminded of the week before, when he'd snapped at Derek just like this—sabotaged himself so he didn't have to look vulnerability in the eye. "Is.. Is something wrong?"
Way to state the obvious, JJ. He's not sure how to respond, so instead he breaks eye contact. "Are you having nightmares again?" JJ questions, and there's no judgement in her tone but something about it kicks him into gear and then he's scoffing at her.
"No, JJ, I'm not having any fucking nightmares. Why do you even care?" Liar, he thinks. He really does feel guilty now, but it's behind the anger and the pain and he just can't will himself to apologize for yelling at her, stubbornness peeking through.
She flinches at that, hurt in her eyes. "I'll always care, I'm just worried about you, Spence. I know there's something else going on. You don't have to hide from me." JJ says it so sure of herself that he almost believes her words. But she doesn't truly understand it, he reasons—otherwise maybe she'd already be running away from his issues herself.
"You don't know anything." He says it, and as soon as it comes out, he just feels so ... small. It hurts. It really does. "You're naive for believing that you could help me."
Spencer walks away after he says it, and he's running towards his car so fast that JJ can't catch up fast enough; there's cars passing and people walking and before she knows it, he's out of her line of sight.
A week later, and he's in his apartment. He'd taken the day off—told Hotch he was sick, and that he'd grab his paperwork tomorrow. His mind is reeling with the events of the past two weeks. He apologized to JJ and Derek, although it took him a long time to get to that point, and both had expressed that they just wanted him to be okay. Obviously his behavior had been ... wrong, to say the least, and he didn't feel like he deserved forgiveness for his harsh outbursts, but they'd given it to him so freely.
Lately, upon waking up, he'd always come to the same thought. He would get up, get dressed, shower, brush his teeth, and grab coffee, despite his limbs wanting to give out, despite him wanting to just stay in bed for eternity, instead of dealing with his responsibilities. But Spencer Reid wasn't known for that, so he pushed through it. Most of the time.
But that same thought plagued him now. It ate at him. It curled around his brain and no amount of coping could get rid of it.
Why had sleep not taken him? Why had he continued to wake up, when he so badly wanted to find a place to curl up and die? When he considered the quickest ways to disappear, to never be seen again?
Spencer wasn't one for crying. It didn't come to him very easily. But right now, there's tears in his eyes, and he's choking on his own silent sobs, chest heaving with every wrong breath; he keeps trying to get it to stop, to calm down, and he can't, and the feeling in his chest hurts so fucking bad. He recognizes it as grief, swallowing him whole and punishing him for being, for existing.
He wanted to die. He truly, genuinely wanted his life to end. And he'd given up a long time ago, the only things keeping him alive being the presence of his friends, the people he needed to be around for, to help. The people he was responsible for saving. Who he had to take care of, like his mother.
It was never going to stop pulling at him, tugging and begging him to just give in. He knew it. Maybe everyone else did too. But he—"Spence?" His door opening startled him. He knew that voice.
It was Emily. With her spare key in hand, the one he'd given to her so long ago incase anything happened. She stood tall, eyes all sad and her smile nowhere to be seen, and this time, he doesn't have it in him to be angry at her pity; he just stares, his breathing uneven, his tears free falling.
Emily doesn't say anything at first but moves to sit on his couch with him, on the left side so she's not too close for comfort, except that doesn't really matter because anything feels too close for comfort right now. She stares at him for a moment, and then she's contemplating—she opens her arms and sticks them out wide, gesturing for him to come to her, if he wants to. So Spencer obliges, disregarding the fact touch is terrifying to him, because he doesn't know what else to do.
He moves into her embrace, and she wraps her arms around him, resting her chin on top of his head. At this, he lets out a tiny breath, and then that turns into a sob. "Shh," Emily coos, pulling him closer and rubbing his back, while he sobs into her chest; he's so exhausted but somehow his body is letting it out all at once.
He says it brokenly at first, "I'm such an asshole, Em, I'm so sorry, god," and it honestly sounds like gibberish to him, although she seems to understand, and Emily sighs. "It's alright, Spencer, It's alright, I understand." He doesn't know how he got so lucky to have such an understanding team—how do they not hate him? How do they even tolerate him with how he acts?
"No, it's not; It's really not, I was disgusting for being that way, I just.. I just hated it so much, hated the way everyone was looking at me like I was broken," and Emily just stays quiet when he stops talking, knowing it was the most she'd get out of him for now, because he was still crying and so obviously tired.
When he eventually calms down, Emily lets him move so that his head is on her lap, and they both sit in silence. Spencer realizes he's going to fall asleep, and doesn't move regardless, hoping that maybe she'll stay and just let him rest there, selfish as it seems, because he doesn't know if he can be alone again so soon. He's used to it, so if she does.. he'll deal.
She doesn't. She stays there exactly like that, running her fingers through his hair. Before long, he falls asleep, face still wet and probably gross with the aftermath, but Emily thinks it's good that he got it out—however, she wasn't letting him off the hook; she'd be talking to him in the morning, to understand what was going on and if there was anything she could do, because as stubborn as Spencer Reid is, Emily Prentiss is even more.
With that on her mind, she slowly falls into her own slumber.
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goldencatchflies · 4 days ago
All the Lonely People, Where do they All Belong?
Tumblr media
✿ summary: character study on the BAU and what happens after a tough case ✿ - ☽ a/n: this is angsty and trashy and I’m sorry ☾ - ☠︎ warnings: major character death // suicide ☠︎
☼ wc: 571 ☼ - ✯ gif credit: @thranduilsperkybutt ✯ - ⚓︎ taglist -> @berkmanslut ⋆ @pretty-b0yy ⋆ @abitcriminalminds ⋆ @morceid ⋆ @spencers-renaissance ⋆ @reesey-willow-luvs-you ⋆ @spencerreidstie ⋆ @reidrights ⋆ @starryluthor ⋆ @agentshortstacc ⋆ @suburban--gothic
By the time he got home Jack was already asleep. So was Haley. Putting his stuff away, Aaron Hotchner realized how much he’s missing out. His son is practically growing up without a father and the first thing he sees in the morning is the reminder that his father will never really be there. Hotch set his stuff down in his office before stepping into the shower.
Maybe the water will wash away the horrors of his mind.
By the time she got home Henry was already asleep. Not Will. He never fell asleep before she got home. Jennifer Jareau held her husband in her arms as she cried. It had been a tough case, but they all felt like this after a while. It’s what happens when you decide which life is worth saving and which one can wait every morning.
But you can never really save any of them, can you?
When Prentiss got home she was greeted by black fur walking on all fours. She picked up Sergio, brushing back his fur and placing a soft kiss on the space between his ears. She placed him back on the floor before moving to the cabinet in the kitchen that held his food. She passed by the mirror in the hallway, not even batting an eye. She knew the only thing looking back at her would be emptiness.
"If you stop being affected by things, you lose part of yourself." And if they never affected you in the first place? What will you lose then?
He locked the door behind him being slammed against it immediately. Kisses were trailed down his neck but he wasn’t paying attention. His mind kept going back to the case. They’d all forget eventually, they all still had a chance to move on. He didn’t. So he tried to distract himself the best way he could. After every bad case he’d seduce a random man and lure him back to his place.
Anything to replace the drug he longed for. Anyone could do the trick nowadays. Until the morning, that is...
Penelope was greeted by colorful paintings on her wall. She put on a movie on TV and some popcorn in the microwave. She stared as the plate moved in circles. She always compared people to the way popcorn pops. With just the right amount of heat for just the right amount of time every bit of corn pops. With just the right amount of pressure, everyone breaks.
She always wished she was one of those corns at the bottom of the paper bag that never popped.
It always hurt Derek more then anyone. He felt a need to play the protector role with everyone in his life, and when someone gets hurt he automatically feels guilty. It wasn’t anyone in the team, but it was someone that had stayed with them through the entire case. And when Derek looses people he loses himself. And when he loses himself he gets quiet - distant - at least until he moves on. After one too many losses, you get tired, don’t you? Tired of the pain... so does he.
He always secretly thought acts like these - razor to the wrist, body displayed in the bathtub - were selfish. He was tired of having to deal with the pain, he was tired of having to move on.
You have nothing to move on from if you’re not here anymore...
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tweedlydumbtweedlydoo · 4 days ago
New Girl | Spencer Reid x reader
Summary: When Spencer meets the new girl in his building, he can’t help but fall head over heels in love with her. 
A/N: I’ve been writing on this for weeks and i think i’ve finally come to a good ending point. I hope you guys enjoy! xx 
Tag list is at the end. Let me know if you want to be added xx
Requests: {OPEN} CLOSED
** Rules for Requesting **
** Who I Write For **
********************************************************************************************NOT MY GIF, CREDIT TO OWNERS
Tumblr media
Spencer watched from his living room window at the street down below. There in front of the building was a moving truck. He noticed a woman telling the movers what to do. She must be the new girl that moved in to the apartment across the hall. 
His nosy neighbor, Beth had told him about her a few days ago. She’d seen her walk in with a real estate agent and by the time they walked out she owned the place. Beth told him she was a younger girl, his age and was very beautiful. She  had introduced herself when Beth was leaving to take her evening walk. 
From what he could see Beth was correct, she was beautiful. He was glad to have a new face in the building. A young one at that. He’d lived in this building for 5 years and it had been the same people since he’d moved in. A newly wed couple, an older lady who was a widow (that was Beth), a single mother with three kids, and then a young man his age who spent more time yelling at his video games than leaving the apartment. 
He took a sip of his tea before checking the time. He would be late for work if he didn’t leave now. He still wanted to stop by Jefferson’s for a bagel. He poured the contents of his cup down the sink and put the cup in the dish washer. He’d have to remind himself later to start the dishwasher tonight. 
Grabbing his coat, overnight bag and keys he headed out the door, making sure the door was locked, twice before heading down the stairs. He’d met a couple movers carrying boxes and moved to the side to let them through and then continued down the stairs. 
At the bottom of the stairs, he almost ran into you on his way out. “So sorry.” He quickly apologized. 
You flashed a smile and adjusted the box in your arms, “No it’s fine. I’m y/n. I just moved into 3B.” 
“I’m 3A.” Spencer grinned, “Spencer Reid, it’s nice to meet you.” 
“Yeah it’s nice to meet you too.” You motioned to the box in your arms, “This is actually really heavy, so I’m going to head upstairs.” 
“Oh yeah! Sorry about that.” He watched as you struggled up the stairs. Did he really need a bagel? “Here let me.” He quickly met you at the 4th step and took the box from you. 
“Thank you. I overestimated the stairs and how heavy this box was.” You laughed and followed him up the stairs to your apartment, “you can leave it at the door. Thank you so much for that.” 
“Of course.” he smiles, “Well, hopefully I’ll see you around?” 
You nod, “3A, right?” You point to the door across from you. 
“That’s me.” Spencer nods before heading back down the stairs and out of the building. Checking the watch on his wrist he realized maybe he could still get a bagel and headed toward Jefferson’s. 
As he stood in line the TV in the cafe talked about a case on the west coast. He’d heard about the first victim. Female in her 20s had been found in a ditch off one of the interstates. She had no identification on her and there’d been no clues as to who could have done this. Spencer figured if there were any more bodies found the team would be asked to come out there. 
A new start. That’s what this was for you. You needed it. You deserved it. Meeting the guy from 3A confirmed your wonders about this place. Was it for you? Was this the right move? Yes, you can confirm it was. Spencer was nice, he was handsome and he lived right across from you. You could see it now; knocking on his door late at night asking for butter or maybe milk because you forgot to grab some on your way home and him being a wonderful neighbor, would invite you in and give you whatever you needed. 
The mover delivered the last of your new furniture and you stood in the middle of your new apartment ready to start your new life. The past y/n was gone; left behind in the last city she lived in. 
“Why don’t you ask her out?” Morgan asks Spencer from his desk. Spencer had just told him about you. 
“Isn’t it a little early for that? I mean she just moved in this morning.” 
“It’s never too early to ask a girl out.” 
Spencer ponders Morgan’s advice. He thought there was a certain amount of time before you could ask a girl out after meeting her, but if Morgan says it’s not to early, then he must be right. He wouldn’t steer Spencer into the wrong direction. 
“I’ve never been good with the whole dating scene.” Spencer fiddles with the badge on his person, “The girls don’t find me too interesting.” 
“Spencer.” Morgan lays a hand on his shoulder, “Don’t be so hard on yourself. The right girl is out there who will love you for you and all of your weirdness.” 
“Hey!” Spencer says defensively. 
Morgan chuckles, “You know what I mean! Look, all you have to do is be yourself. Be confident.” Morgan puffs out his chest and stands taller, “Ladies love confident.” 
“But not too confident.” Emily says approaching, “Too confident means a dick.” 
“Be confident... but not too confident..” Spencer mumbles to himself. 
“Like Morgan said, Reid just be yourself.” Emily says taking the seat at her desk, “Don’t over think it like I know you’re going to do. If you be yourself and she doesn’t like you, then drop her. Easy as one, two three.” 
Spencer was reading the latest on quantum physics when a knock pulled him from his concentration. “Coming!” 
When he opened his door he was surprised to see you standing there, “I am so sorry to bother you...” 
“No it’s okay.” He smiles, “What’s up?” 
“I need help putting together this bookshelf.” You laugh embarrassed, “I have been messing with it the entire evening and can’t seem to get the thing together.” You put your hands on your hips. “I’ll buy dinner?” You offer with a smile. 
“I can’t turn down dinner.” He chuckles, closing the door behind him. 
“Thank you so much.” You cross the hall to your apartment, “I was beginning to get frustrated and throw the damn thing away.” 
“That would be a waste of money.” He informs, following behind you and into your apartment. The place was still a mess from bringing your boxes and things up this morning. 
“Yeah.” You laugh softly, “But then I remember a really nice guy across the hall from me and thought maybe he would come save the day?” 
He can’t help but blush at your comment, “oh, well thank you for thinking of me.” 
You hand him the instructions, “I put everything together like it said and it looked so wrong. And it was wobbly.” 
He only needs to scan over the instructions and then sets them down to begin working on the pieces. 
“You don’t need this anymore?” You ask with a raised eyebrow, “You only looked at it for a second.” 
"eidetic memory.” He begins putting the pieces together, a look of concentration on his face. His forehead was creased and a tongue stuck out in concentration. 
“Oh. Well that’s impressive.” You take a seat on the floor to watch him, “So, how long have you lived here?” 
“5 years. I moved here from Las Vegas and was recruited by the BAU.” 
“BAU?” You ask, watching as he twists a bolt into place. 
“Behavior Analysis Unit for the FBI.” 
“And you’re... what 27?”
He chuckles, “Yeah. and the youngest on the team.” 
“I swear it’s like you’re getting even more impressive as you speak. What’s next you’re going to tell me you’re a doctor?” You tease. 
“I actually am a doctor.” He winces, “three P.h D’s in Chemistry, Mathematics and Engineering.” 
“Holy shit.” You stare at him wide eyed, “You’re joking.” 
“Nope. It’s true.”
As the evening goes on, Spencer is able to put together your small bookshelf while you learn everything you can about him and he learns a little about you. You were new here, moved from the west coast to get a fresh start and you were working at some agency in D.C. 
You ordered take out for the two of you and before you knew it, it was getting late and time to call it a night, even if the two of you didn’t want to. 
“Thank you so much for helping me.” You walk him to your door and he stands out on the mat. 
“No problem.” He stuffs his hands in his pockets, “That’s what us neighbors do.” 
“Well I hope to see you again?” You suggest, hoping he’d get the hint to ask you out. 
“Yeah. I’m sure we’ll see each other around.” He offers a smile, “Have a good night.” Come on, Spencer, ask her out. This is your moment. 
“You too.” You try to hide your disappointment and close the door as he turns around to his apartment. 
“Be confident.” He mumbles Morgan’s advice. What if he didn’t ask you out tonight and someone else had the confidence he didn’t? Then he’d lose out on you. 
He quickly turns around and knocks on the door. 
“Forget something?” You ask, opening the door. 
He takes a deep breath and smiles, “Can I take us on a date?” His smile falters as he realizes his mistake, “I mean.. I.. can I take you on a date?” 
You giggle and nod, “Yes. I would love to go on a date.” 
His smile returns when you don’t turn him down, “Tomorrow?” 
“I have no plans tomorrow.” You confirm. 
“I can.. walk over say around 7?” 
“Sounds perfect.” You smile, “Good night Spencer.” 
You close the door and miss the large grin that Spencer has as he turns back to his apartment. Just wait until he tells Morgan about this. He’s going to be proud. 
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okayhowmuchforthearm · 4 days ago
Boy Wonder: Teaser
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Warnings: none :)
Word Count: only 206 for this little blurb
A/N: I’m so excited to post this one, so I decided to post a little teaser/prologue. My very first Criminal Minds fic!! ugh wow. i’m excited
Tumblr media
“Pen,” I groaned, “I really don’t want to go.”
She scooted closer to me on the couch of my apartment. “Please, Y/N. It would mean so much to me.”
I sighed loudly. “Girl, I don’t do that type of thing. You know that.”
“You haven’t even been to a party in the past 5 years. How would you know?” She giggled, pushing me over onto the cushions.
I got up, shaking my head and reaching for my glass of water. I took a drink.
“What do I get if I come with?”
She squealed. “You’ll come?”
“I said IF I come with...”
“You get to meet some of my other friends and get a night out.” She smiled in anticipation.
I shook my head. “Alright. You’re lucky I love you.”
She threw her arms around me. “Ooh, I love you. You’re gonna have such a great time, I promise.”
“You know what I’d love even more?”
She perked up. “What?”
I turned toward the TV, holding up the remote. “To finish this movie.”
She giggled, turning toward the TV as well. “Okay. You already made my day.”
“Uh huh.”
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