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leftonreid · 9 hours ago
Yk when I shift, my tumblr attitude will change a lot. Knowing Spencer will give me insight that you bitches don’t have and I’ll be commenting on all of y’all’s fics to tell you what you wrote right and wrong.
See y’all’s later
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leftonreid · 10 hours ago
Caught dippin' with your friend
You ain't even have man, lyin' on ya-, *DING*
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hotchnisscardigan · 12 hours ago
hey besties i don’t have the actual edit in my camera roll for this one but <3 here’s a link to my em edit to bones by josh record
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gubler-me-up · 13 hours ago
Who’s Your Daddy? Pt. 4
Tumblr media
Request: Who’s Your Daddy Pt. 4 (If you haven’t read the first three parts then get to it, henny! We’ll be here waiting for you to catch up, no rush)
A/N: Hi, hello, everyone! After a no show for March and April, I HAD to post pt. 4 in May because I’ve been postponing it for so long im very sorry! I was not expecting to get two jobs and being swamped with work. That being said I hope pt. 4 was worth the wait and you enjoy it 💕 pt. 5 will be the last part to this series btw and hopefully I’ll have it out faster than pt. 4
Couple: Spencer Reid/Fem!reader (Hotch’s daughter)
Category: Soft smut~
Content warning: Unprotected sex, swearing, oral sex (female receiving), penetrative sex, fingering, clit stimulation, creampie 
Word count: 7.7k
You stared at yourself in your bathroom mirror with your mouth slightly open as you applied your mascara. You had never gotten ready with such enthusiasm in forever. As soon as you woke up, you played some of your favourite songs as you started your day to hype yourself even more for your overdue date with Dr. Spencer Reid.
It had been a while since you were giddy over a date with a guy. After months of spending time together here and there, you were glad you grew on him. You hated to admit he grew on you more ways than you thought he would. Once you found yourself thinking about him at work, home, and even at the grocery store. You couldn’t even pick up a carton of eggs without having him on your mind.
The date had been delayed a few weeks because he was busy with work as per usual. You didn’t mind since you knew he was still dedicated to taking you out. He apologized each time he had to postpone and it seemed genuine to you, so you didn’t mind. All you told him was to make it up to you by loosening up and not showing up to the date with his work clothes. You wanted to him and yourself distanced from any image of his job to leave room for a more casual tone between the two of you.
As you applied your lipgloss you even started to wonder if he would like this shade on you or if he’d prefer you wearing something darker. It was crazy to you how much he went from not being a thought in your mind to you thinking of his thoughts about you. You guessed it was your fault for inserting yourself into his life over and over again until you needed to know him behind the scenes. You laughed at yourself as you finished applying your lipgloss.
“What a fucking guy,” you said to yourself.
You couldn’t even recall the last time you were excited about a date. The last few dates were with guys you had matched with on Tinder which never led to anything deeper than a couple of dates and more than one sexual encounter. For the longest time, you thought Spencer would be no exception but it was a different dynamic.
He worked to break down your tough exterior and give into him. He made you feel open in ways you didn’t think you’d ever let a guy do again. Now that you knew he was just as soft for you s you were for him, it felt as if you two were finally pursuing things further than you two expected to.
You heard a knock on your apartment door. You picked up your phone from the bathroom counter and then walked into your bedroom to pick up your purse. You heard another couple of impatient knocks at your door.
“I know you’re eager to go out with me but damn,” you yelled.
You rushed out of your bedroom to open the door before he knocked it down. To your surprise, it was Jack standing in front of you with his backpack draping over his shoulder. Your eyes widened as he looked at you with curiosity in your eyes.
“You have a date? With who?” He asked.
“Um, sir, I should be asking the questions around here considering you’re the one who is here unannounced,” you said.
“I was on my way to Justin’s house to play some video games and I thought I would stop by to hang out with you for a few minutes,” he said.
You looked at him with a pout and sorry eyes as you felt horrible for not being able to entertain him before he headed to his friend’s place. He stopped by here and there before to talk to you about anything and everything. Even though you two weren’t close in age and had lived apart for the majority of your lives, he always found value in talking to you.
You sighed softly to yourself as you reached into your purse to grab your keys. You grabbed the doorknob to close the door behind you. You turned around to lock it before turning back to Jack with a huge, enthusiastic smile.
“How about I walk you to your friend’s house and we can have classic sibling bonding time even if it’s for a few minutes?” You suggested.
“Y/N, I’m nearly 15. I don’t need my older sister to drop me off at my friend’s house. If you have a date, that’d okay,” he said.
You weren’t going to take that for an answer. You wrapped your arm around his shoulders as you started to walk. He had no choice but to follow your steps towards the elevator.
“I don’t care if your voice is deeper and you’re growing a little facial hair, you’re still my baby brother. Besides, my date can wait,” you said.
“Can I guess who your date is?” He asked.
“Nope,” you said.
As you reached the elevator, you pressed the down button. You looked at your phone in your hand and unlocked the screen to text Spencer about meeting you by the lake instead. You didn’t even have to look towards Jack to know he was trying to snoop a peek at who you were texting. You angled your phone away from him as you struggled to text with one hand.
“Is it Dr. Reid?” He asked.
“No,” you snapped.
“You sure? It seemed as if you two were flirting with each other at the party a few weeks ago,” he said.
“Oh, so you’re a profiler now?” You asked.
“No, but I’m not blind to flirting. I’ve done my fair share,” he said.
You gasped playfully at what he said. He smirked to himself, trying his best not to look at your exaggerated expression. As the elevator doors open, you dropped your arm from around him and placed both hands on your hip as you two entered.
“Well, well, well, look who’s the flirt now. Who’s the lucky person?” You asked.
“Once you tell me who your lucky person is, I’ll tell you mine,” he said.
“I’ll let you know in due time,” you said.
“And I’ll do the same,” he said.
You chuckled. “Touché.”
You scurried over to the rocks which separated the sand from the green grass on the other side. You looked around the crowd of people to see if you could find Spencer. It wasn’t hard to spot someone so tall who was probably wearing something way too heavy for the summer weather. It turned out to be harder than you expected it to be.
You walked down further to see if you could spot him. He texted you explaining where he was and you told him to share his location. Of course, he never made anything easy for you and wanted you to find him using old-fashioned direction techniques. If you had known he would do this you would have dusted off your old compass.
You walked until you reached the end of the rock path and still didn’t see any sight of him. You sighed as you took out your phone from your purse to text him. You knew you were late but he better not have left you hanging out of spite. You would make sure he would never hear the end of it.
As you were texting him, you felt a hand gently land on your mid-back. No matter how gentle it felt, you balled your firsts together as you turned to see who had the audacity to touch you. You turned to see a man in a blue baseball cap, a dark grey shirt, a pair of jeans and converse. Your fists softened as soon as you saw his face clearly and recognized his overgrown hair curling out of his cap.
“Spencer? Where’s the suit? The dress shirt? Is that facial hair?” You questioned.
“Were you about to hit me?” He asked.
“Yes, you don’t just sneak up on someone differently and expect me not to go into fighting mode,” you said.
“Do you not like it? You told me to dress super casual for once in my life. I didn’t think you’d reward me with your fists,” he said.
“Why didn’t you shout my name or something?” You said.
“I did but you were too busy speed walking to hear me. You passed me back there,” he said.
He turned his head and pointed towards the direction you just came from. You looked at him puzzled as soon as he turned around to look at you. You relaxed your puzzled confusion when you realized you were looking for a man in a suit, not casual wear. You never expected him to take your advice of loosening up for you.
“Guess I was looking for the usual you,” you said.
“Well, I thought I’d follow your request and show a different side of me,” he said.
You smiled as you grabbed his upper arm to pull him close to you. You guided him to walk back the way you both came from. You gently squeezed his bicep to keep him close to you.
“I have to say I’m impressed you take direction so well,” you joked.
“Better than you ever could,” he chuckled.
You playfully gasped. “If I recall correctly I was on my knees faster than the speed of light when you told me to.”
“I was talking more about not giving me subpar reads but we’ll go with that example as well,” he said.
“Ugh, all this slander already and you haven’t even kissed me,” you said.
You looked at him with your signature pouty look and seductive eyes to lure him into your lips. He rolled his eyes playfully at your expression. If he looked at you the same way you looked at him, you would have already pulled him in for a full PDA session.
He leaned in and kissed you on the top of your forehead. You furrowed your eyebrows as you didn’t want him to kiss your forehead. You wanted him to show you how much you meant to him in public as much as you meant to him in private. He then gently on your nose. And then he stopped in his tracks to grab your face to kiss you quickly but with a hit of passion in the way his mouth moved against yours.
“Satisfied?” He asked.
“You know I’m greedy, Doctor but I guess it’ll do for now,” you said.
He chuckled. “Let’s take a seat by the lake. Try not to jump all over me.”
You chuckled. “Only if you promise not to do the same.”
“I would but I think you’d enjoy it quite a bit.”
“Oh, you know me so well.”
As you two sat by the lake, it felt as if you were back in the book store. The way you two easily exchanged conversation was beautiful. He still had a million things to talk to you about in vast details and you still interrupted to say your own take on the topic. You even gave him book recommendations you knew he had already read because he reads everything but you thought you would tell him anyway.
Everything felt easier in the moment you two were talking and throwing rocks into the lake. You don’t think you had felt so natural around a man in a long time. No stiff dinner date, club grinding, or quiet movie date could compare to taking in the summer breeze with Spencer.
The way he would look at you the whole time when you were talking to make sure you knew he was invested in your words. The way his large hands would hold your knee as he rambled. It felt as if the progression of your time together was coming full circle.
“You know, when I didn’t see you I thought you changed your mind,” you told him as you threw a rock into the lake.
“Why would you think that?” He asked.
“I don’t know. People change their minds all the time,” you said.
“I wouldn’t stand you up just because you were being a big sister. It’s actually pretty good on your part that you have a relationship with Jack despite the age gap,” he said.
“Psychologists do say a five-year gap and beyond restarts the birth order process, so technically speaking we’re only children in our respective worlds,” you said.
He looked at you impressed with the information you just told him. You knew he knew your little fact, so you smirked and rolled your eyes.
“You’re not the only one who knows these things,” you joked.
“Never said I did but you’re right. You do a good job at keeping the bond strong though considering you went to boarding school overseas and then went away to college all before Jack was 10,” he said.
You shrugged. “I’m just trying to do my part as a big sister regardless of age and distance. Never too late, you know?”
“I actually don’t. I don’t have any siblings,” he said.
“I know that. You told me that when I asked if you had any siblings. I may not have an eidetic memory but my memory game is still strong,” you said.
“I wasn’t doubting your memory, I was doubting your listening skills,” he chuckled.
You playfully gasped and nudged him with your elbow. You were going to reply to his snarky remark with an even lower comment but your attention went somewhere else as soon as you looked down. The yellow petals of a flower buried in the sand were calling you and you had to bring your attention to it. You dusted off the sand concealing it to expose its true beauty. You picked it up by the stem to inspect it up close.
“Ah, a gladiolus. Are you going to add it to your scrapbook?” Spencer asked.
You looked at him confused. “What?”
“You told me you liked collecting flowers and pressing them in your scrapbook. You said you usually collect ones that remind you of good times in your life,” he said.
“I know I did but why would you think I’d save it?” You asked.
You couldn’t help breaking into a small giggling fit as soon as you saw him roll his eye but smile at your witty remark. You dusted off the rest of the sand off the petals as you admired its beauty. You were definitely going to put it in your scrapbook to remember the day but as you thought about it longer you became weary.
Maybe things between you two wouldn’t work out as planned. Maybe what you two had passionately started would burn out just as quick. You twirled the flower around in your hand as your thoughts twirled around in your mind.
In your blank stare, you noticed his hand come into your sight as he placed it in his lap. You snapped back down to earth and took your eyes off of the flower to set your sights on him. He looked at you softly with the same genuine look in his eyes.
“You know, I did mean it,” he said.
“Mean what?” You asked.
“On the cup. I’m soft for you as much as you are for me. You don’t have to keep second-guessing it,” he said.
“How soft are you for me really? People can fake those feelings easily you know,” you said.
“Y/N, I respect you too much to play with your feelings. I respect anyone’s feelings and wouldn’t go out of my way to hurt anyone,” he said.
You smiled. “I think that’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me. That and calling me a stupid whore.”
He chuckled and squeezed your knee before getting up. He reached out for your hand in such a charming manner you couldn’t help but grab hold of it. He singlehandedly brought back chivalry as he pulled you up and fixed your dress for you.
“Let’s go get some ice cream to cool your thoughts down,” he chuckled.
“Now you’re speaking my love language,” you said.
As you stood up, you let go of his generous hand for a second to place the gladiolus in your purse with care. You then immediately grabbed his hand again before he walked off without you or something. The look of happiness on his face with that big, goofy smile of his assured you otherwise.
You stepped onto the rock to lead the way towards the ice cream truck close to the entrance. He kept up with your pace as he followed next to you. Walking hand-in-hand with him was nice and everything but you thought of how everything you two did consisted of thrill, excitement, and rapid heartbeats.
You let go of his hand. He looked at you with confusion and concern on his face but you could tell he was slowly cluing into your random spontaneity. You smiled as you started to pick up your pace, leaving him a few inches behind you.
“Let’s have a race. Loser pays,” you said.
“Y/N, I-”
You sprinted off before he could finish his sentence. You held down your dress as you ran, trying not to expose your goods to him on the first date as he ran behind you. Or you assumed he was running behind you.
You looked back to confirm whether or not he agreed to your little bet. You giggled as you saw him lightly jogging close behind you. You could tell he wasn’t much of a runner and that he wasn’t putting his entire effort into running because he wanted to pay. You were just glad he was putting in the effort for you to add a little energy into the date.
As you reached the extensive line in front of the ice cream truck, you stopped running and turned around to see Spencer slowly approach you in line. You grinned and gave him a small round of applause as he stopped in his spot next to you.
“You made it, slowpoke,” you said.
“I would have beaten you if I was wearing running shoes,” he said.
“You would have won if you tried a little harder,” you chuckled.
“That too. I guess I’m buying you a vanilla cone,” he said.
You furrowed your eyebrows. “Why a vanilla cone?”
“Isn’t that your favourite soft serve flavour?” He asked.
“Um, maybe but I’ve never told you that. At least I don’t think I have,” you said.
“You didn’t have to. You may be spontaneous and adventurous but there’s a part of you who likes the simplistic things in life. Vanilla ice cream is the most simplistic flavour out there,” he said.
“Ugh, and this whole time I thought you were just showing off your psychic abilities. Well, if you’re going to profile my ice cream flavour then I’m going to do the same thing to you. Your favourite flavour is chocolate,” you said.
He chuckled. “That’s because I told you I prefer chocolate anything.”
“Okay but I was still right, so I guess we’re both profilers now. That being said, since you’re such a good profiler, what do you think I’ve been dying to ask?” You said.
He looked at you confused. You looked at him with a smile as you waited for him to click into what you were talking about. If he was so smart he would know exactly what you were referring to and he would tell you. As soon as a reminiscent smile appeared on his face, you knew he understood what you were talking about.
“Well, Penelope bombarded me with questions about you and me and what we are and if your dad knew and so on. Then I slipped out how we never actually went on a date and she asked why. I kept on dodging the question because I didn’t want to but eventually I told her,” he said.
“Why did you hesitate?” You asked.
“Because I know how my job is and what you’ve been through because of the same job your dad does, so I was worried about putting you in the middle of it again,” he explained.
“And what did Penelope say when you finally told her your reason?” You asked.
“She told me to get out of my big brain and ask her out already, stupid,” he said.
“I would have said the same thing. You’ve been preaching to me about being vulnerable and open, so I think it’s time for you to do the same, don’t you think?” You said.
“You’d think I was the stupid whore this whole time,” he chuckled.
“I mean, if the shoe fits,” you said.
You both laughed but you could tell there was something he wanted to ask as well. As you two moved up in the line, you stared intently at him trying to figure out what he wanted to say and if he would say it. He looked at you but didn’t appear as if he was ready to ask his question.
As you two moved up in the line again, you decided to bring in the age-old question you two had discussed before. You wanted to know if his feelings changed about the topic or if he still had the same doubts. Between the time he stormed into the bookstore livid at you to his more relaxed demeanour now could mean his mind has changed.
“Do you think it’s still a big deal?” You asked.
“I do but knowing Hotch, he’d rather see you happy than interfere,” he said.
“I do like that response. I’d be surprised if he didn’t pick up anything between us yet especially after uncle Dave’s party. Jack definitely did,” you said.
“What?” He asked in shock.
“Yeah, when Jack stopped by I told him I was going on a date and he asked if it was with you because he saw how flirtatious we were with each other. Nice job at keeping it lowkey,” you chuckled.
“I should be really saying that to you. From the minute you looked at me it was obvious,” he said.
“What can I say? I’m a simple woman. I see a good-looking guy playing with kids and I want to have his babies. Simple biology really,” you joked.
He sighed but broke into a small laugh at your remark. You loved how your silly remarks grew on him and he found them amusing as time went on. You hoped there were many more opportunities to amuse him in the future.
As you two reached the front of the ice cream truck, you felt like a kid again. Even though you knew what you wanted, the colourful menu caught your eye. If it were just you, you would have gotten the Spongebob popsicle but you didn’t want to get your hands overly sticky on your date. The only exception was if Spencer was the reason your hands were going to get sticky.
“May we get one vanilla soft serve cone and one chocolate soft serve cone, please?” Spencer said.
“Actually, make the vanilla cone a twist, please,” you said.
He looked at you confused as he handed a five-dollar bill to the guy inside the ice cream truck. You smiled as you shrugged your shoulders at him. You did love vanilla better than a twist but you just wanted to throw him off for fun and he knew it.
The guy handed you both your cones in no time. Spencer asked for a couple of napkins before you both thanked him and walked off to exit the park. You took a few licks of your cool ice cream, mainly on the vanilla side first. You looked at Spencer to see him stifling his snarky laugh as he watched you favour one side of your ice cream.
“Enjoying your ice cream?” He asked.
“Of course, I love twists,” you said as you started licking the other side.
“I can tell,” he chuckled.
“Are you enjoying your chocolate ice cream?” You asked.
“More than you are,” he said.
“Um, for your information I’m saving the best side for last,” you said.
“I think you should enjoy it before it’s all gone,” he said.
“How would it be gone so fast?” You asked.
He answered your question by tipping your cone up, smearing ice cream on your mouth and the tip of your nose. You gasped as you stopped in your tracks. You looked at him as he tried to tame his laughter as you glared deep into his soul.
You could tell he was starting to feel bad so he offered up some of the napkins he had gotten. You didn’t want it though. You wanted him. When he was close enough, you grabbed his shirt and pulled him in for a strong, passionate kiss before pushing him away.
You grinned as you saw your ice cream imprint now on his face. He looked shocked at first but when he saw your smile, he couldn’t help reflecting it. You grabbed a napkin from his hand.
“Now we match,” you giggled.
He chuckled as he cleaned up his mouth and you did the same thing for yourself. When you were done cleaning your face, you stepped away from him in case he decided to do it again as you took a few more licks of your ice cream.
“I promise I won’t do it again,” he said.
“I know you won’t but I can’t promise the same,” you said.
He chuckled. “How about we call a truce?”
You narrowed your eyes. “How can I be so sure I can trust you?”
“Because I have a gift for you back at my place and I would hate for you not to trust me enough and missing out on it,” he said.
“Is it your dick down my throat?” You asked.
He gave you a look which told you it wasn’t that. You chuckled as you playfully rolled your eyes to let him know you were only poking light fun.
“I’ll bite. Can I get a hint as to what it is?” You asked.
“Not a chance. It’s a surprise but I know you’ll like it,” he said as he started walking again.
“Why’d you get me a gift?” You asked as you trailed behind him.
“It’s a gift I wanted to give you at Dave’s the other night but you left before I could give it to you,” he said.
“This sounds like the premise of Cinderella. Are you gifting me my glass slipper I left behind?” You asked.
“I don’t think Cinderella left under the same circumstances you did but to answer your question, it isn’t shoes. It’s something more intertwined with your world,” he hinted.
“That could be a lot of things. You’re going to have me guessing all the way to your apartment, aren’t you?” You asked.
“Of course. I like when you work for things,” he said.
“Well, expect a very annoying walk to your place,” you warned.
“I’ve been anticipating it,” he chuckled.
As you two entered his apartment building, the rain which had been predicted had started spilling from the sky. You were disappointed because you wanted to see the sunset on an overall beautiful day. You loved seeing the orange, red, and purple sky fading as the summer night rolled around.
You were glad about being dry in his apartment complex though so you couldn’t complain. You had little faith in the weather app ever since it said it was supposed to rain all week and it didn’t. You were tired of carrying your umbrella around and the one time you didn’t, it was pouring. You didn’t know if Spencer knew if it was supposed to rain or not but you were grateful for the shelter.
He led you towards the elevator and clicked the up button. You looked at him with the same curiosity at the park. He hadn’t ended up asking you the question you knew was on his mind. He was great at holding out on asking questions while you gave in every time. He noticed your stare and furrowed his eyebrows at you.
“Is everything okay?” He asked.
“I’m just waiting for you to ask,” you said.
“Ask what?” He questioned.
The elevator doors opened and you both stepped inside. He pressed the second-floor button. As you watched the elevator doors close, you decided you would just ask the question for him. It seemed as if he was worried to even bring it up to you but you had no ill feelings towards what he wanted to know.
“Do I forgive my dad for what happened to my mom,” you said.
He looked at you with silence but his eyes told you everything. You asked the question he wanted to know for him but his eyes were overcome with a look of sorrow for you. You sighed and looked away for a second before looking back at him with no sight of bitterness on your face.
“I do forgive him. It was hard but I love my dad and knew he never meant for it to happen,” you said.
“This job is painful, especially for those on the outside,” he said.
“I know but don’t start pushing me away because of it, bring me close to find comfort away from it,” you said.
He opened his mouth to respond to what you said but the elevator doors opened. You stepped out before he could respond to you. You knew he wasn’t going to protest what you said but you wanted to end the topic. You could already feel yourself becoming emotional over it and didn’t want to end your date with him in tears on his apartment floor.
He walked beside you to lead the way to his apartment door as if you hadn’t been there twice before. You could probably still recall where everything was in his apartment. As you two reached his door, he pulled out his keys from his jeans pocket. Before he put it in the keyhole, he looked at you.
“Would you ever change your last name back to Hotchner?” He asked.
You smirked. “Why would I do that when I can change it to Reid?”
He looked at you surprised. It didn’t seem as if that was even a possible response from you he expected to hear. He chuckled as soon as he snapped out of his shock and unlocked his door.
He gestured for you to walk inside first as the gentleman he was. It was weird to think but you felt right at home. The way you felt made it seem as if you had lived there before and experienced many feelings in this one space. To be fair, you had experienced many feelings and other things in this one space that made you feel exhilarated.
He locked the door behind himself and walked towards the couch. He gestured you to come over. You walked over to the couch as he fluffed up the pillows on it. You plopped your purse on the coffee table as you watched.
“Sorry, it’s a bit of a mess in here,” he said.
You looked around his space to try and find the mess. Other than the over-piling of books everywhere, it was pretty well-kept. You looked back over at him to see him walk away from the couch to go into his bedroom. In no time, he popped back out with a book in his hand.
He took a seat next to you and handed the book to you with great delight. You smiled at his enthusiasm as you took it from his hands. It was a collection of poems by T.S. Eliot from 1909-1962. It seemed worn from the way the spine bent and the multiple creases on the cover. Whoever owned this book loved reading it and re-reading it which made you happy.
“I wrote an essay about one of T.S. Eliot’s poems for my poetry class during my undergrad once,” you said.
“The Waste Land. You told me and you said it was the first time you fell in love with poetry but never really indulged in all his works. I went through my books after that and found I still had this book. I wanted to give it to you when you got accepted into your Master’s program to give you a light read whenever you feel overworked. Open it,” he said.
You opened it to reveal the first page. It revealed a handwritten note on the page. It was definitely in Spencer’s penmanship which made it feel even more precious to you.
Of lovers whose bodies smell of each other
Who think the same thoughts without need of speech
And babble the same speech without need of meaning. - T.S. Eliot
You couldn’t stop yourself from smiling. Your cheeks burned from how strained they were from it. You looked up at him and could finally feel the tears trying to make their debut. You quickly wiped your eyes to prevent them from stealing the show.
“Thank you so much. It means a lot to me. You mean a lot to me,” you whispered.
You wrapped your arms around his neck to bring him in for a long hug. He wrapped his hands around your back, gently rubbing it to comfort you. It wasn’t the best gift you’ve ever received in the world but knowing he wanted to give you a piece of him was more than anyone could ever offer you. You worked with books every day so you knew how much this book meant to him and was happy to give it to you to live a new life.
You leaned away from the hug but kept your hands wrapped around his neck. His face was only an inch away from yours and he couldn’t resist giving you a quick kiss on your lips. You smiled as you let your noses touch and stared deeply into his eyes.
“I’d like to smell of you now,” you said.
“I thought you wouldn’t want our date to end that way?” He asked.
“I would be stupid if I didn’t want that,” you said.
He smirked as he gently kissed you on your lips again. He moved his hands from around your back and caressed them onto your thighs. He trailed his kisses down to your neck as he positioned you to lay on the couch. You dropped the book on the floor to free your hands for what was to come
You arched your legs so he could comfortably place himself in-between your thighs. His lips found their way back to your lips and hit you with a powerful, desirable kiss. You ran your hands down his chest until you reached the bottom of his shirt. You tugged it up to try to get it off of him.
He didn’t let you struggle for long as he broke the kiss to help you. He leaned up to take it off. You watched him intently as he took it off and tossed it on the ground. You hadn’t seen him shirtless in a long time. You couldn’t restrain yourself from touching his bare chest.
He watched your hand run down his chest and torso and back up again. He smiled as his hands caressed down your thighs and under your dress. You felt him move your underwear to the side to get to what he really wanted. You gasped a moan and tilted your head back as you felt his thumb teasing your clit.
“Oh my God,” you moaned.
The sound of you saying that seemed as if it were his cue to increase his pace. He circled your clit faster and inserted two fingers inside of you. You heavily moaned as you retracted your hand from his chest. You started to pull down the straps of your dress and then pulled down the front of it to expose your breasts to him.
He leaned down to kiss you on your lips repeatedly as he continued to finger you at the perfect pace. He then leaned up from your mouth to look at you as you desperately moaned for his touch. He bit his lip as his eyes darted down to your breasts and then back up at you.
“Are they for me?” He asked.
“Of course. I’m all for you,” you moaned.
He kissed your lips one last time before moving away from your lips onto your jawline, down your neck until they met your breasts. He kissed each one with care and love before selecting a nipple to suck on. He used his free hand to caress the other one, grabbing it rough enough to give you the thrill you needed.
Your moans turned high-pitched and airy as his name continuously spewed from your lips. The feeling of his tongue flicking and occasionally nibbling on your nipple in your mouth as his other hand pinched your other nipple sent you to your happy place. Then his fingers found your happiest spot within you when they gently rubbed your g-spot.
“That’s it,” you shrieked.
He eased up from your breasts to watch you squirm under his touch. He smirked at you as he pulled his fingers out. You were going to complain and groan at him leaving you high and dry but you knew better of his character now. He aimed to please and wouldn’t want to leave you unsatisfied.
He wrapped his hand around your underwear and dragged it off. You lifted your legs to make it easier for him to take them off completely. He didn’t hesitate to move down and position his face in front of your folds.
Your breathing became intense and he didn’t do anything yet. You watched him as you waited in anticipation for him to do something. He looked up at you with a smirk on his face letting you know he knew what he was doing to you. He could be such a tease sometimes but you wouldn’t trade it for the world if it meant you had the best sex ever.
He didn’t take his eyes off of you as he leaned in and licked you from the bottom to the top of your clit. You wanted to tilt your head back and  let out multiple needy moans but you were locked into his eyes. He wanted to see your face as he ate you out and you didn’t want to deny him of it.
You looked at him with a quivering lip as he continued running his tongue up and down in between you. Your legs started to shake and you couldn’t stabilize them no matter how hard you wanted to. He helped you out by grabbing your legs to keep them in place as he fully went into you.
You grabbed his hair with one of your hands and held him close to you as you felt his tongue do its magic. It circled your clit a few times before flicking it rapidly to send you over the edge. Every time you shrieked or tensed your legs he would up the number of times he would flick his tongue against your clit.
He flicked it so many times you started to arch your back to get him to do it more. Even though you ended up breaking eye contact with him, you could feel him staring at you with delight at the way he made you weak. He then moved his tongue’s attention away from your clit and moved it towards your hole.
You felt him stick his tongue in and out of you to tease of a possible end result for you. You needed him to finish you off and finish inside of you at the same time. You knew it would cost a little begging from you but you were willing to beg him for anything.
“Fuck me already, baby,” you whimpered.
You were ready to continue begging him. You wanted him so badly and you wanted him to know. He loved when you begged him until he had no choice but to give you what you wanted. Not this time around though.
He stopped teasing you with his tongue and made his way back up to your lips to kiss you, tongue and all. You grabbed onto his face to keep him against your lips for longer to savour the taste of you on his lips. He then backed an inch away from your lips to look at you with the softest eyes he’s ever given you in the heat of the moment.
“I’ll give you whatever you want,” he whispered.
“I want you and only you,” you whispered.
He gently smiled before giving you a light peck on your lips. He eased up to undo his belt and then his button and zipper. You watched him carefully as you calmly waited for him to wreck you as always. However, this time you believed he would do it with even more care than the last few times. The way he looked at you made you think part of him wanted to hold you close as he gently fucked you. Either way, you’d accept it.
As soon as he pulled down his pants and his underwear to his knees, you lifted your legs to lean back on your chest. You held them in place as he placed himself on top of you. You felt his dick gently hit your sensitive clit as he positioned himself on you. You let out a soft moan as you anticipated how he was going to fuck you. If you were moaning at the gentle touch of his dick hitting your clit, you doubted you were going to last much longer.
He leaned down and kissed you on your lips. You kissed him back with the same amount of strength and let go of your legs to wrap them around his neck. You soon felt his dick enter you and he wasted no time getting into a rhythmic pace. You parted from his lips to let out another high-pitched moan.
“Yes, yes, give it to me like this,” you shrieked.
“Like that? How about like this?” He said.
You then felt him pick up his stroking pace. You tilted your head back, leaving your neck exposed for him to leave little love bites down it. You dug your nails into his back as you could feel a tingling sensation run up your spine. You didn’t know you could come to an orgasm so quick but it was something about his touch that made you to reach your highest of highs.
He then roughly grabbed your face to force you back to his lips. He held your face the entire time you two kissed to avoid you separating from his lips again. You moaned through the kiss as he kept ramming his dick into you, quickening the pace with each stroke.
What sent you over the edge was when he used his free hand to circle your clit with his thumb. He parted from your lips to let you moan loud and free right in front of his face. Even though his eyes were still soft, there was still that glimmer of control in them.
“Beg for me to cum in you,” he said.
“Please, please, please cum in me,” you begged.
“You want my cum deep inside of you, don’t you?” He asked.
“I fucking do,” you moaned.
He pulled you in for a quick, intense kiss. “I’m going to give you what you fucking want.”
You then felt him increase the speed he was circling your clit. You let out constant amounts of airy moans as you scratched down his back. You could feel the tingle running around your body like electricity through you. You closed your eyes tight as you opened your mouth to let out a long, breathless moan as you felt yourself orgasm.
He brought you in for a kiss onto your lips again. You lazily kissed him back as you could still feel yourself pulsating because of your orgasm. He parted his lips from yours to let out a few moans of his own before getting quiet. You felt him cum in you before pulling out. He gently placed your head on the couch before pulling up your pants.
You were about to look up at him but he leaned over you to keep you down as he kissed you on your lips again. He lingered on them for a long while, taking his time in the moment. He eased up just a bit to look at you smiling at him.
You took your hand and tucked a piece of hair behind his ear. You then caressed his face, feeling the rough feeling of his facial hair at your fingertips. He gave you a small smile as he watched you with utter admiration in his eyes.
“Guess this is my cue to go home huh?” You said.
“Not tonight,” he said.
You looked at him confused. “What?”
“I want you to stay, Y/N,” he said.
You still looked at him confused. You didn’t expect him to ever ask you to stay the night even if he had taken you on a date. It was never even a thought that crossed your mind today or ever really but you weren’t complaining. This was the next step you never knew you wanted so bad until he suggested it.
“Only on one condition,” you said.
“What’s that?” He asked.
“You make me pancakes in the morning,” you said.
He chuckled. “Deal.”
He then leaned down to solidify your agreement with a kiss. You grabbed his face to hold him close to you so he wouldn’t ease up anymore. Even though you two had the whole night to be close to each other, you wanted him close to you in the moment. If you could, you would seal the moment in your scrapbook but you guessed the gladiolus would work perfectly fine.
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hotchnisscardigan · 17 hours ago
talking about sad em with alice @suckerforhotchniss and she told me to post this sad em edit i made to liability by lorde so here you go besties
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tee5h1rt · a day ago
now i’m gonna say it and i hope i don’t sound crazy but...a jemily or hotchniss or anybody x reader (if you’re into that) slow burn fic called are you gonna be my girl inspired are you gonna be my girl by jet.
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fjareau-prentiss · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
god, she's so pretty
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jareausjj · a day ago
Penelope: so tonight I was thinking we could make friendship bracelets and say all the things we like about each other.
Kidnapper: the bau payed your ransom three days ago. Please go home
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jareausjj · a day ago
Hotch: how long has it been since either of you have slept?
Emily: three or four
Hotch: three or four what?
Spencer: (nodding) three or four
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alyson-84 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“Wir müssen das Leben loslassen, das wir geplant haben, damit wir das Leben leben können, das auf uns wartet.“ - Joseph Campbell
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ropoto · 3 days ago
Alvez *walks in*
Garcia: Morning, Alvez. How was your weekend?
Alvez: Oh, fun. Roxy and I hit the park, went for a long walk. Fell asleep watching TV.
Garcia: Oh. Sounds like a fun weekend with Roxy.
Alvez *walks out*
Garcia: So, Roxy. Is that Alvez's girlfriend or his dog?
Everyone: Uh...
Garcia: Wait. No one knows Luke's girlfriend's name?
Reid: I think Roxy is his dog.
Emily: Went for a long walk. That's what you do with a dog.
JJ: You can go on a long walk with a person. At sunset. Talking about nothing. And everything.
Emily: Sounds awful. Hit the park. That's a dog.
Matt: My wife takes the babies to the park all the time.
Garcia: All right, we're doing this. Let's play "girlfriend or dog."
Alvez *walks in*
Garcia: Hey, so Luke, what do you do at the park with Roxy?
Alvez: Oh, we just walk around. She gets antsy if she doesn't get outside enough. And then it's just yap, yap, yap, all day long.
Tara: Hey, what's Roxy's favorite food?
Alvez: Peanut butter. She'll eat it right out of the jar.
Reid: How old is Roxy again?
Alvez: Well, she's getting up there, but she's pretty spry for her age. Especially considering she got hit by that car a year ago.
Matt: Oh, that's so awful.
Emily: Was she chasing something into the street, or...
Alvez: No. Just getting me the newspaper.
Garcia: All right, this is useless. Alvez, is Roxy your girlfriend or your dog?
Alvez: How can you ask me that?
Alvez *tears up and walks out*
Tara: I still don't know which it is.
 Garcia: Could be either. I could not tell you.
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jareausjj · 3 days ago
*kisses Penelope Garcia on forehead* for being an absolute goddess.
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marley-mars · 3 days ago
hot take: spencer is a bottom/sub throughout all 15 seasons (maybe a power bottom seasons 11-15)
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