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#crimson saber
fantasy-scifi-art · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
The Warrior of Crimson Thunder by Hifarry
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supernerd90 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Inspired by a piece by criticalrolo
Critical Role/Star Wars AU: Fjord
i pictured Fjord working on a cargo ship on the Outer Rim that blows up and he wakes up on a remote moon with a red lightsaber and whispers from an ancient beast born of the Dark Side. He gradually discovers the ability to harness the Dark Side of the Force, particularly channeling force lighting through his crimson saber. He has no training but decides that using “dark” arts for good is the best he can do.
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riyelaalelita · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Lasswell from season 2 with the Crimson Saber. I keep thinking that Lasswell is a lot better with his hair tied up
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chaostheoryy · 3 years ago
Just Us [Kylo Ren X Sister!Reader]
Tumblr media
Summary: My buddy, @justauthoring, requested “a Kylo X Reader where they’re siblings and it’s actually the reader that turned to the dark side”.
Word Count: 659
Rating: General
Notes: Now normally I write romantic ties between characters and the reader but this is something I definitely wanted to have a go at! (And I may or may not have tweaked it so that both of you turn to the Dark Side...But that’s just cause I wanted canon ties too.)
You stood in absolute silence, the light of the massive inferno illuminating your face with an orange glow. Motionless, you watched as the dome of the structure collapsed and sent a wall of fire shooting into the air as the flames consumed every last inch of wood and stone.
“What have we done?”
You turned to look at your brother, his eyes wide and full of innocence. You could still sense it in him -- the light that threatened to keep him from joining you. There was no light left within you. Only pain and hatred for the parents who sent you here against your will. No matter what they had told you, you knew that they hadn’t done this for you or Ben. They had done this for themselves, to get rid of a nuisance that reminded them of their faulty devotion to each other and to the light.
“We did what we had to do,” you said, eyes looking out over the burning temple once again, “Now it’s just us.”
Even after all his training and taking on his new name, Kylo struggled with the balance. Light and dark battled within him every day. You could sense the confusion within him, the desire for him to return to a family you knew didn’t truly want you anymore. 
It wasn’t until the Resistance infiltrated Starkiller Base that the struggle for him came to an end. Face-to-face with your father, he needed to choose -- light or dark. Standing behind him, you left him to make that choice. You were surprised and pleased to watch as the crimson blade of his saber drove through your father’s chest. As he reached out and ghosted his hand over Kylo’s cheek, you could feel your father’s presence in the Force fading out. This was the end of Han Solo.
Kylo stood motionless as your father’s body tumbled down into the seemingly endless pit. He said nothing, the only sign of consciousness being the sound of a soft exhale.
Suddenly, a single shot from a blaster struck your brother in the side. You instinctively placed a comforting hand on his back as both of you looked up to see Chewbacca fleeing along with the scavenger and the traitor, FN-2187. You growled and thrust your free hand out to yank them down into the pit after your fallen father only to have Kylo reach out and grab your rest, stopping you before the Force could follow your guidance. You looked at him in confusion.
“No,” he growled, the anger inside burning just as the Jedi Temple did that night you had turned, “They’re mine.”
That was the moment you felt it. No longer was there a conflict inside your brother. No longer did the light put up a fight against the dark. Now, after taking the life of the father who had shipped him off to a planet on the other side of the galaxy without so much as a goodbye, all that remained inside him was hatred.
You stood over the corpse of Snoke, a look of disdain on your face as you gazed into his lifeless eyes. You had to admit that you wished it were your blade that had sliced the disgusting fool in half but, knowing that it was Kylo’s doing was satisfying in its own right.
“The scavenger escaped,” Kylo said coldly, “There is no doubt she is on her way to aid the remaining Resistance fighters.”
You turned from Snoke’s body and addressed your brother. “Then we will kill them just as we did their allies.” A massive piece of debris fall from the ceiling behind you, sparking a new fire along the edge of the throne room. “And then you and I will destroy everything. The rebellion. The Jedi. The First Order.”
There was almost a twinkle in Kylo’s eye. “We will burn it all until we are the last ones standing.”
You smiled darkly. “Just us.”
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greyofjakku · 3 years ago
Prompt: Rey and Kylo meet on the battle field; and with both sides watching they lay down their weapons, run into each others' arms and stand together. Rebellion/Resistance not happy. FO just real confused mostly/Hux is like: wtf?
I am so sorry this took so long, things have been crazy the past week. Also, I️ totally ran with this anon, I’m so sorry haha 😂😂😂
The air hung still between them, despite the cacophony of the battle around their disparate forms.
Blaster bolts flied past, electricity crackled, and ships dodged low overhead, but somehow it was only the two of them in that smoking, grassy plain.
He looked worse.
Hair clung stringily to his sweat-dampened forehead, lank and dull. Deep purple splotches lined his under-eyes, and his face was pale and wane around the scar she’d bestowed upon him.
He was alive, but barely living.
She herself probably looked no better, spending restless nights tossing and turning alongside him, both there and yet not in the magnifying presence of that bond of theirs.
His arm dropped, crimson saber faltering in unsure hands.
The eternal twin to him, her saber staff did the same.
Wordlessly, they stared across the distance between them, ashes and blood weeping into the ground around them.
Rey was the first to move - as always.
She sprints towards him with a startling determination that has his mouth twitching despite the danger.
There is beauty in her ferocity, in her all-consuming rage.
His eyes flutter shut, saber falling from his grasp as she sprints towards him.
He is a man resigned to his fate, done fighting forces beyond his control.
He awaits the slash of her plasma blade through his chest, bracing for it as though she is something to be weathered.
Instead there is a dull thud as her own weapon hits the ground beside his.
Barely opening his eyes in time, she crashes into him with all the fury and beauty of a thunderstorm.
His arms unconsciously wrap around her form,  folding her into his embrace like they’ve done this a thousand times before. (They haven’t; hadn’t even dared to dream of it)
One of them is shaking - he’s not sure who. Perhaps it’s both of them.
“Please,” she’s gasping against him, tears glistening down flushed, freckle-strewn cheeks.
“I️ know,” he responds, cradling her head like she’s some delicate thing (what a laughable thought that is).
They remain that way, holding one another - as enemies, as lovers, as something more.
It’s just them on this battlefield of ash and blood and death, two bright, burning stars in the chaos.
The battle stills around them, like moving through ambered honey, slowing to a complete standstill.
First Order and Resistance fighters alike pause to take in the sight of the two enemies locked in an embrace in the midst of it all. Dark and light clothing enmeshed until they can’t tell where he begins and she ends.
Both sides are a mix of outrage, shock, awe, and, perhaps, even a spark of hope.
Hope that maybe now this blasted war can end once and for all.
At the forefront of the base, General Leia looks on, unsurprised, with a practically short-circuiting C-3PO beside her.
“The Prince and the scavenger,” she mutters, a hint of a smile on her lips. “It was practically meant to be.”
Miles away across the field, General Hux reacts differently.
“Wh-how-they can’t be doing this!” He splutters, face gradually turning the same bright shade of his hair.
He throws an absolute fit, despite all the times he’s made fun of Kylo Ren for similar tantrums.
However, the two in the middle of it all notice none of this, oblivious.
“You came back to me,” Rey breathes to him, a smile pulling at her lips.
He nuzzles at her neck with his nose, pressing a sweet kiss there against her fluttering pulse.
“No. I came home.”
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jxpper · 24 days ago
this is your sign to get a lightsaber. also, sfx are fun
I hate that I did that stupid general grevious crouch, I was trying to avoid a wardrobe malfunction which happened anyway
saber model in use — keeper
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cina-full-moon-xanadium · 10 hours ago
When Touma goes straight into Crimson Dragon/Saber especially recently it’s so funny because he’s clamming three books in his hand and slamming them into the driver at once. With the OOO medals it was reasonable bc they’re small and Eiji still had to put the last one in separately but Touma’s cramming as many big DX toys as he can into his belt within a second
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Tumblr media
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i think saber’s crimson dragon form looking as bad as it does is actually really weird because both dragon eagle and saiyuu dragon look fine!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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