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Rejection sensitive dysphoria has given me such a strong sense of not only personal embarrassment, but also vicarious embarrassment

Like I’m literally dying inside watching someone else do something remotely awkward (or at least my perception of awkward) because suddenly that someone is me and I am convinced that I would never ever live it down

I dread nothing else than the feeling of making a fool of myself and if dying of embarrassment were a thing I’d have done so long ago

As a child clowns were one of my fears, now as an adult my biggest fear is that I’m the clown

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Everyone deserves to be happy just reminding y’all

So there’s no reason why anyone


Should be telling someone they’re cringy when they’re having harmless fun and genuinely enjoying themselves

Just let people have a good time y’all

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Boq: If you took a shot every time you made a bad decision, how drunk would you be?
Fiyero: Maybe a bit tipsy
Glinda: Drunk
Tibbett: Wasted
Elphaba: Pretty good actually, I don't make bad decisions
Glinda: Dead. She would be dead
Elphaba: That's not true...
Glinda: Remember when you left me in my life full of shit with: "Hold on" and then fucked with Fiyero?
Elphaba: You're still mad...
Glinda: THAT was a pretty bad decision, Elphaba. Bad as HELL
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First and second were drawn last year. First was a quick sketch second was going to be the comic in pencil until I got lazy. Third was drawn last week and I’ve been using copic (but I suck so…). Frostiron I should mention. I make up super random AUs and this one is about Kid Loki crash landing on earth after taking a wrong turn looking for Asgard. He meets Tony who is then knighted for the duration of Loki’s stay. The comic is not done yet but it’s fully planned. I doubt anyone would want to see the whole thing anyway.

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Then kiss World. Mr.Busted Nut lick him. Rero Rero Rero.

Cringe alert probably

“Please stop with that nickname”

“Alright then.”




“Oh fuck it’s only you.. You scared the shit out of me..”

“Whatever darling..”


“You escaped trought the window again? You almost fell last time-”

“That’s not important.”



“Oh shit here we go”

Google dot com how to draw kisses and how to not be cringy — Mod La Campanella

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