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critcareedu · 2 months ago
How Medical Podcasts Improve the way Students learn
Tumblr media
Podcasts are a modern form of content that has been gaining traction in recent times. People have been turning to podcasts for both education and entertainment. With several creators embracing the idea of podcasting, it has become mainstream, and the audience appreciates the accessibility they get. When it comes to medicine, students and medical professionals alike have been taking advantage of audio content to share their expertise and experience on their specialisation. Students need to subscribe to a podcast and hit the play button when they need to learn something. Here's how a critical care podcast improves the entire learning experience for health practitioners: Available around the clock: The biggest highlight of podcasts is that it is highly convenient to the user. They don't have to wait anymore for the library to open in order to get their preferred reference book. Instead, they can simply open the podcast app or website on their phone and play the latest episode any time of the day or night. A teaching resource available to them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, truly enables flexible learning. Students won't Miss Out on Anything: Medical podcasts share a vast amount of information pertaining to the field of emergency medicine. Students can update themselves on everything relevant to their specialisation and maybe even make up for any lectures they didn't attend. Medical experts are committed to sharing the most useful educational content with their critical care podcast, and students can easily access the information in a few clicks. Listening is more Convenient than Watching or Reading: Another benefit of podcasts is the level of attention it generates from users. It's not really easy for students to completely dedicate their attention while reading or watching a lecture for more than 30 minutes. This is because text and visual content require a person's complete attention. The consumer has to sit and read/watch the stuff, which is tricky when there are many distractions that can interfere with the activity. On the other hand, emergency medicine podcasts are audio content that you can conveniently listen to, even when travelling in your car or doing the dishes. Even when you are actively involved in doing something else, you could still listen to podcasts and consume the content with ease. When text and video require your complete focus and attention that lasts only a few minutes, podcasts are much easier to listen to. People don't mind listening to podcasts that even run over an hour. Great for Accessibility: Students with visual and mental impairments do benefit a lot from podcasts. Traditional educational approach that involves reading can be pretty challenging for them, and podcasts will encourage students to learn what they want. More and more students have been realising the benefits of an urgent care podcast in the recent times. Try it yourself, and you will understand how it tremendously helps you too.
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earllbelll · 2 months ago
Critical Care Education is the top-rated website that has been creating and listing the most searched critical care podcasts. Their latest podcast listed is "Community-Acquired Pneumonia." Subscribe now; it's free! To learn more, visit
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denialforme · 6 months ago
5 Ways to Secure Big Name Guests for Your Podcast
The single most challenging challenge you'll face if you run an interview-based podcast, particularly in its early stages, is securing podcast guests. It's a process that can be both frustrating and time-consuming. As a result, it's important to be as reliable as you are strategic when it comes to securing the visitors.
 As a result, here are five foolproof ways to get the big-name podcast guests your listeners want:
 Your immediate network is the starting point for your Quest
The prospect of recruiting podcast guests at the start of your podcast may be overwhelming. However, your immediate network should be your first port of call. Do you know any consultants, clinicians, or psychiatrists if the podcast is on mental health and wellness? Will you have any friends who have been to therapy? Or who believe themselves to be activists for mental health?
 When you imagine your families, colleagues, employers, and anyone else with whom you have a direct connection, you'll be astounded not just by the number of possible podcast guests you have at your hands, but also by who they might meet. Never underestimate your immediate network's size. People who are looking for red eye podcast and insomnia podcast, for those is the best spot to hit.
 Email is Your Buddy 
No, seriously. We live in a moment where connectivity is incredibly necessary. So, whether you use social media accounts, official websites (and their contact forms), or simply inquire about, finding an email address to contact your future podcast guests is easier than ever.
When sending a "cold" email (one with which you have no previous relationship), though, it's vital to properly present yourself, state your intentions, and reveal who you are contacting on behalf of (which in this instance would be your podcast). It's also a good idea to list any notable podcast guests you've had previously. Also, make sure they know what there is to know about your podcast (its premise, target demographic, etc.) and why they will be a good match. And the biggest names in your industry would be surprised by how open they are to a well-crafted note. So don't be afraid to press the Send button. We leading the era with great services of barbell medicine podcast and grey's anatomy podcast.
 Solicit, Solicit, Solicit
Waiting for good things brings good things, but asking for better things brings better things. Let your audience know that your door is open for visits in your email or on your social media pages.
If you're looking for a specific niche or skill set rather than a specific person, be as specific as possible in your description. Request that someone who has been involved email you directly. You never know who is reading your email or watching you on social media, so don't be afraid to go for broke. The most critical point to remember about solicitation is that there are thousands of highly trained specialists and practitioners in hundreds of fields who are eager to present their work in front of an audience. You're not only looking for visitors, but you're also looking for exciting, convincing guests. We are providing the best services of barbell medicine podcast, grey's anatomy podcast and gutsy health podcast, with the assistance of our highly trained professionals.
 It's Helpful to Mix and Mingle
If you want to secure visitors, never underestimate the strength of face-to-face networking. Find Meetup parties, happy hours, conventions, business mixers, workshops, and everything else relevant to the industry, and go meet some people. Especially if the event features speakers or panelists who already have a following.
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pocketsizedquasar · 3 months ago
idk why y’all act like any criticism of rusty quill as a company is an ~attack~ on them and ~unfair~ bc they’re just an indie studio
people asking for transcripts and accessibility isn’t attacking rq; it’s just them… asking for the thing that rq said they would do
no one’s being unfair to the small indie company uwu and no one’s expecting them to provide transcripts for everything overnight; we’re just asking for transparency and a commitment to the thing that they told us they would make a commitment to
criticism isn’t an attack yall
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sunplanter · a month ago
I feel like a lot of people on the internet start hate posting about how cringy certain media is solely because it’s popular and they weren’t able to get into it. And I just wanna say it’s ok to not like something! It’s ok if something just isn’t your cup of tea. But to turn around and go “oh I don’t like it, so that must mean it objectively sucks and the reasons other people like it are wrong and bad” is so weird.
#is this bc ive started seeing an uprising of random people whove self addmittedly never actually listened to TMA and know nothing abt it#start saying its apparently a cringy bad podcast.... maybe 👀#but truly like one post abt how ‘objectively bad’ tma is has so many likes and#maybe its bc im a fan of the podcast so thats the only reason i feel protective and ‘personally offended’ lol#but i honestly dont think many of the hot takes being produced abt how ‘bad’ tma is are like actually critically deserved#bc a lot just boil down to ‘i hate the fans of it on tumblr and also i dont think its that scary’#which are fine opinions! bc honestly its not a super scary story youre right#and the fans here are cringe and hype of the relationships of the show too much and not the cool creepy stories#but to then stretch that opinion into ‘so it really sucks and is a bad podcast’ isnt objectively correct#bc honestly the writing and voice acting and production are really good!#and if youre irked by it being called a horror podcast when you dont think its scary i understand#but horror is also a very subjective and vast genre!#the type of horror tropes used in tma are often playing with the vague and psychological and slightly /off/ to create tension and fear#for some people thats not scary but for others it is#and for some like me it isnt too scary but it is super engaging and creates really fun stories to listen to#idk i just think a lot of people dont know how to just not care for something without hating it for some reason ??#online culture has turned off everyones ability to go ‘eh thats not my thing but im glad you like it so much!’ and instead made everyone#think they either have to love or hate something especially if its popular and especially if youve never actually tried to get into it#like you apparently NEED a concrete full hearted opinion on a piece of medias quality and validity overall#you cant just say ‘oh i like this part but dont really like this part’#its a weird but interesting phenonmenon#i also love when people double down on heavily disliking something for no real reasons by joking around that they just like hating things#and i love those jokes too ngl but ive become a lot happier when online when i just stop interacting with so much stuff negatively#for instance with supernatural#i thought i HATED that show (admittedly never watched a single ep) bc i just hated how it was parades around tumblr and the fans are cringe#and joking around abt the cringe of it all is fun and light hearted#but i stopped trying to hard to hate everything i didnt get the hype for#also just wanted to say there are a few objective and critically thought out reasons why some people may not#like or want to watch/support the tma podcast! im not bashing the valid criticisms of the podcasts usage of things like racial stereotypes#bc that stuff needs to be talked abt! this is more directed towards the takes like ‘tma is badly done cringy kiddie horror at best’
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fitzroythecreator · a year ago
anyway friendly reminder that you need to hold the funny internet men whose content you consume accountable, no matter how much u enjoy their work 
critical thinking and perception does not mean hate, either. you can be justifiably critical of a creator’s silence while also being a consumer of their content. accountability is how we make sure these people don’t get crazy w power in their communities
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critcareedu · a month ago
What makes a Good Critical Care Nurse?
Tumblr media
Hundreds of nurses around the country take care of critically ill patients. In other words, they take care of patients, mostly dealing with life-threatening conditions. Typically, critical care nurses will spend most of their time working in ICU's. The assistance of critical care nurses is also necessary for other settings such as telemetry units, outpatient surgery centres, progressive care units, emergency departments and more. Their schedule is always hectic, and most of them rely on critical care podcast from the experts to enhance their knowledge and skills. The job of a critical care nurse can be described as busy and stressful. However, you will find that several critical care nurses keep their cool under pressure and are often ready to face the challenge of complex care. They definitely thrive under the pressure of constantly meeting the requirements of their patients. So, what makes a good critical care nurse? These are the qualities of a competent critical care nurse: They Advocate for Patients: When patients are really ill, their families can be concerned and worried about the same. Critical care nurses are patient advocates. They will support the informed decision making by a patient. Besides actively taking care of their patients and fulfilling their requirements throughout the treatment, particular care nurses will represent a patient based on their choices and intervene when patients cannot speak. They will act as a liaison too. They are Passionate About What They Do: As mentioned above, critical care nursing can be an overwhelming job as nurses should constantly fulfil the demands of their patients and work for long hours. There's been a growing number of recruitment opportunities for critical care nurses, and it isn't easy to find someone who is both skilled and passionate about what they do. A critical care nurse who is genuinely devoted to what they do will never give up in any situation, no matter how physically and emotionally demanding the job can be. Noticing improvements in patients' conditions can be a gratifying feeling for them. So, most of them continue learning the advancements in the healthcare industry through emergency medicine podcasts or urgent care podcasts to provide the best care to their patients. They Never Stop Learning: To master the skills of critical care, nurses take part in internship programs, on-the-job training, and other similar opportunities. They also listen to critical care podcast in order to gather sufficient knowledge from the experts. A certification in critical care nursing will open up more doors for them in the industry. Even experienced critical care nurses will continue to stay up to date on the latest technology and best practices relevant to their jobs. They never stop learning, as they commit to providing the best care and treatment for their patients. If critical care nursing is your dream career, make a note of the aforementioned attributes in order to be successful. Constant learning is key, and useful resources, including emergency medicine podcasts, should really help you out.
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vanitedraws · 25 days ago
if anyone is confused about the actions of tpp team, let's not forget the creative team really dug themselves into a deep hole way back in the beginning by making their promotional artwork portray their characters as characters of color when their podcast in canon never states the characters' races/ethnicities, never makes any effort to include their races into the story, or even have their voice actors actually have the same/similar identities of the characters they are portraying.
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georgenotfond · 7 months ago
Well, it was a good thing that Dream wasn't on the podcast. They started talking about how internet friends are not like real friends and you can't bond with them the same way you would if you meet them in real life...Imagine what George or Dream or Sapnap would have done if they heard that.
i mean, realistically they probably would have just voiced a bit of lighthearted disagreement. nothing extreme or serious. but honestly i kinda wish they actually were there for it—train can go off on these stubbornly opinionated tangents sometimes, and dream’s whole “moving in with sapnap has barely changed our friendship” perspective would have been a good rebuttal for that
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mrsblackruby · 27 days ago
If someone doesn’t want to interact with someone who likes or stans billy, they don’t have to? Just ignore their posts if you don’t like it. We are all entitled to our own opinions but that doesn’t mean posting screenshots of other people’s tweets is gonna make a difference. Half of what people have said isn’t even that bad. Honestly if it bugs you that much don’t even bother looking under anti-billy. and can you tag properly? i don’t want to see this shit under the nancy or max tag.
My response to this ask is the FINAL part in my case 4 Rat-man lol 😂 Which is a series that dives into Billy’s character on my blog lol.
I made a podcast response to this ask because there’s is a lot to criticize in this reaction to my 5 part series calling out harassment of BLACK Billy Hargrove fans in the Stranger Things fandom. I’m calling out fandom racism and bullying. I also made a podcast response to this ask because I’m chaotic!That’s my best quality! The intention of my 5 part series calling out harassment was not to end online harassment but call out and encourage those who saw it not to participate in the harassment. If I wanted to call out harassment/start a discussion about the problems I face as a black Billy Hargrove fan why would I just ignore an echo chamber online that degrades me/ my fandom and calls me racist for liking a fictional character? I talked about a lot in my five part series and it’s has little to nothing to do with people just not wanting to interact with Billy Hargrove fans. It’s baffles me how you can’t see how more than half the things I critic in that series is just inexcusable treatment of others fans in fandom. If you don’t mind let me elaborate…
I hope you enjoy my voice if y’all choose to listen.
This podcast is only 30 minutes so consume it with that fact in mind if you choose to listen If the quality of the audio has problems while using headphones try listening without headphones
The first 4 mins and 30 seconds is the introduction so if you just want my response to this ask you can skip that. My response to this ask is somewhat directed towards this person but somethings build on a larger discussion. Mostly because it looks like this is a newly made account so I doubt this person will even see this post. I also want to make it clear I could give less of a shit if people don’t like Billy as a character or don’t want to interact with his fans. What I do care about/ don’t like is when people bully/ make false notions about people they don’t know on the internet because those people like a fictional character! P.S. if the asker does see this I like ur username. Accuracy, bitch! Accuracy! no disrespect meant at all. I’m open to respectful criticism!and obviously this post is for those who care about / take interest in the issues I discuss. Also Billy/ Harringrove fans you are truly loved 💕in my heart! Take care of yourselves🥰
My case 4 ratman is on my blog links will be listed below ⬇️
Stand alone post: Me reading to much into the politics of Billy Hargrove/ Harringrove
THE 5 PART SERIES ON HARASSMENT: #1. #2. #3. #4. #5.
Below ⬇️ is The script to my podcast for anyone who’s hard of hearing or who just likes to read! Because otter is so bad at transcription. I kinda adlib somethings in the audio that won’t be on the script but this should still give you a pretty good outline of my argument let me know about grammar mistakes I will fix them.
I could talk about Billy Hargrove 4 days
He is my comfort character and I find great joy in talking about his character.
I also recognize and encourage that we all be aware there are much bigger problems in the world around us
that we should be focused on organizing and educating ourselves on.
I like engaging in the discourse around Billy because it gives me a break from all the chaos in my life at the moment.
The community is hilarious and very engaging
I find I’m able to relate to a lot of people in it on a personal level
However Even with all these pros there are still cons
I feel I should call out a problem when I see one and make resources available for those who do not want to directly contribute to fandom toxicity
I honestly understand that a lot people can’t handle the conversation because of how heavy it gets(I tagged my post for that reason) but that doesn’t mean the conversation shouldn’t be brought to light
I know not everyone has the capacity to challenge online harassment and no should have to challenge online harassment because it shouldn’t happen
But since it does I’ve decided to make a case for Billy and combat abuse as best as I can
so those who actually care for marginalized community members in the Billy fandom on tumblr will have more tools available to themselves
I’m aware my post will not stop harassment. Individual action is nothing in scale to a big system like that.
But since I have nothing better to do I wanted to make an argument available for Billy antis who struggle to understand Billy fans/ black Billy Hargrove fans in particular.
End of introduction
Okay now where should I begin with this ask
Not all the behavior I criticized was harmful. I even made it clear in my series that I’m not making a moral condemnation of anybody for the post they’ve made on tumblr. (Was anybody murder no this is not that big of a problem) I’m just criticizing people’s posts. Remember everything can be held up to scrutiny, even my arguments. Especially if they are accessible online however. I would not have crossed tag if a majority of the things I criticized weren’t me just calling out inexcusable behavior in the fandom. If you struggle to see how more than half of what I talk about is a problem I encourage further reflections on my argument.
We should allow and encourage marginalized people to call out something that makes them feel uncomfortable and speak their mind. Telling me to just shut up and leave the internet instead of being less cruel to each other Isn’t gonna solve anything. Especially cuz I don’t plan on leaving the internet anytime soon. And I’m not at fault for consuming something accessible to the public. Which means it can be criticized by the public. But people who go out to harass, antagonize, and be little Billy fans. Are at fault for creating a toxic internet environment by creating false notions about people they don’t know online because they like a fictional character.
Telling me to ignore a problem I call out is interesting to say the least
I’m entitled to stand against harmful and degrading opinions
Any opinions people have they are entitled to have
For example racist are going to hold and spread their racist opinions
But I’m not just gonna let racist commun among each and talk about why they hate black people because they’re entitled to their opinions. I will fight back. Let it be known I don’t tolerate that behavior
What I’m not gonna do is never question people opinions because they are “entitled to them” or allow opinions that are accusatory to towards another group of people or degrading to just be online without resistance
There’s no problem with me calling out statements made available to the public and hiding people's identities to curb harassment just to discuss the ideology or behavior a certain post might be contributing to.
Yes! There are much bigger problems in the world. This is still a problem though.
There are people who are facing evictions, there’s a global pandemic, and there’s a looming climate crisis
However Online harassment and degrading your fellow human beings on the internet is still a problem…that creates a hostile environment for many Billy fans… and it’s not a problem to call that out and bring attention to it.
This is a problem sadly I wasn’t even able to bring attention to all of it
There’s harassment campaigns on Twitter for anyone whose a Billy Hargrove fan
People literally call Billy fans racist, homophobic, abuser because they Stan a fictional character.
Let’s not even talk about Reddit
In the anti tags I should not go in there and see people wish death on fans of a character there’s no excuse for that even if it is your “opinion”
I should not go in anti and see a community of people, making degrading and belittling remarks towards real human beings. If I do see that in the anti tags that is called homing an environment, to where people make crude assumptions, bully,and make fun of people you don’t know on the internet. That's called harassment.
Sadly it is an internet phenomenon that’s not going away anytime soon
It not okay and I’m gonna let it be known I stand against it.
If you don’t want to interact with Billy fans that’s okay… I respect and understand your boundaries. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do… but you don’t need to go make mocking images of Billy fans… all you need to do is kindly communicate your boundaries, not belittle people in the process.
Once again a lot of those fucking “opinions” were calling all Billy fans racist… When you do that you start calling victims of a racist society,and organizers against a racist society, racist! And you do this all on the b.s. notion of them liking a fictional character. Yeah that’s your fucking opinion but it’s a hurtful misrepresentation of entire community made up of varying people.
I get where you are coming from with the cross tagging. It was probably the thing I was most hesitant about doing…however I didn’t go in any tag degrading anybody or any character… I only called out harassment. I know the person who asked the question doesn’t say anything like this but if you think me calling out the racism I face as black Billy Hargrove fan is offensive. I truly struggle at understanding why that is…I get the cross tagging thing for real though. I want antis to stay out of the Billy tag. Even though I see antis in the Billy tag all the damn time. I hope to not make it a habit. I only wanted to put my argument out there. I only did it to call out harassment so the wider st community on tumblr could see it because it’s not acceptable behavior. Also people who use the anti Billy Hargrove/ Harringrove tags probably use the other tags I added as well. I just wanted it to be as accessible as possible.
My intention was not to end harassment of Billy fans online …even though I want that to happen there’s no way my 5 part series on tumblr was gonna do that… my intention was to tell the people on tumblr who care about black Billy fans, Billy fans who are queer, victims of abuse, people around the same age as Billy was portraying in the medium, and any other Billy fans that can see themselves in Billy’s story. That engaging in what I critic will not be creating a safe environment for those fans and if you don’t want to do that stop and be nicer.
I’m very aware that some people will not care about what I talk about because people out there are racist, people out there don't care about victims of abuse, the mental state of other people in the fandom. I expect those people to continue making the internet a toxic place for everyone. But if you do care about marginalized Billy fans my post was for you. I believe you have every right to not like Billy as a character. However keep your fire and fury towards Billy and not the fans whose one crime was liking a fictional character. If you care about not being the direct cause of someone’s degradation…my post was for you.
I also want people making the posts I critic to know they aren’t fighting any problems they are creating one… no hate I don’t know who you are and you can legit grow from this… you just made some mean post on the internet delete them apologize move on if u don’t want to participate/aid in this behavior again. Online harassment is a large systematic issue meaning tumblr will always allow space for these toxic environments. Someone is going to be mean on the internet. Do you want it to be you?
Also Don’t you see how you responded to my post because it made you uncomfortable and instead of me saying just fuck off I tried to create a safe environment where I respect your personhood and we can start and introspective dialogue.Unlike those others posts I have not made a moral judgment on u I have only tried to commit to a dialogue.
I find it interesting to talk about Billy Hargrove and dissect the politics of his story arc of his character. I’m hoping to have the opportunity to do so without people calling me racist against my own race for liking a fictional character or abusive for liking a fictional character. Or any other crude assumptions they have no way of knowing based on what character I like.
Btw Yes Billy’s story arc is flawed but what media isn’t. Yeah I’m a Billy fan who likes to talk and defend this character. Ur telling me you don’t have any weirdly specific interests. Aren’t you on tumblr?
All in all, don’t get mad at people who call out bullying on the internet especially when they don’t come for anyone’s personhood, they stay respectful… even though the people they have called out have made belittling comments towards them. Don’t get mad at people for criticizing how humans position themselves online or how they treat other human beings online. Especially when I didn’t make anyone a target I was criticizing the position in certain posts. Also there’s no reason to come for the people who like Billy as a character because you don’t know the people who like Billy. Just come for Billy the character if you don’t like him. I was very kind and respectful because I realize antis are flawed human beings so see and understand Billy fans can be flawed human beings as well.
(Hopefully this is the only podcast response I ever have to do. But, Hey! let me know if you found it helpful tho… cuz if I ever do another I will up the quality.)
Be kind 2 yourselves.
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rowaning · a year ago
Reminders that are mostly for myself and maybe for other people if they need them.
People are allowed to have different taste in media than me. People are allowed to have the same taste in media as me but for different reasons. People are allowed to voice their opinions and have discussions about them.
I am not allowed to take other people’s discussion of their opinions on media I enjoy as a personal attack (and doing such is an issue rooted in my anxiety that I need to work on). I am allowed to have my own opinions and I am allowed to voice and discuss those opinions.
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how is it that, more than once, i have been excited to see a new video essay by a youtuber i like and then, partway through watching it, am intensely distracted by them making a cinemasins joke that seems to entirely miss the point of cinemasins
cinemasins is not meant as serious criticism. cinemasins is not meant as criticism. cinemasins is the same few jokes over and over (mostly haha it’s funny this guy is taking things too seriously) and if you don’t like those jokes you aren’t going to like the video.
also they let people who, like me, cannot sit through a horror movie still enjoy the most interesting imagery from those movies. that’s nice.
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