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#critical role

Does Liam O'Brien have like, a full list of cat names for Caleb’s cat mansion that he just pulls one from every time someone asks for something in there, because if so I need to see the kitty list immediately

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So, we have a sailor who acquired an ocean-themed patron deity after they saved him from drowning and had a contentious relationship with said patron who visited him in upsetting dreams until he broke up with them, and then started serving a divine power that’s super wholesome instead.

Is this extremely and oddly specific? Yes.

Am I talking about Zolf or Fjord? Also yes.

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#106- send me cr drabble prompts!


“Do you believe in aliens?”

Veth’s eyes light up, a wicked grin forming. “Do you believe in aliens?”

Beau’s eyes, previously slightly dulled with drink, sharpen and narrow, suspicious of the glee in Veth’s tone. “…No.”

Veth cackles. “You do! You believe in aliens!”

Beau scowls and stands, but immediately falls back down into her chair with a slam. She brings her hand up to her head and groans. “No I don’t!”

“You totally do!”

Beau crosses her arms over her chest. “Most of our group can do magic, some gifted from extraplanar entities! Why can’t I believe in aliens!?”

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this thing with anthony rapp has the same vibe as the time dante basco tweeted his way through homestuck

i hope we get livetweets as he gets to all the different reveals, is all i’m saying

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Oh, this poor teacher. They would think this kid has such an active and wild imagination because of his stories. Mom is a magical rogue that fights dragons and kills gods. Also, my aunt can punch ghosts and my other aunt can sprout wings and my other aunt fights with a magical giant serrated lollipop. Also, also, my uncle makes the best dead people tea and my other uncle has a magical glowing sword and my other uncle made a tower full of cats.

Such wild things to say thought the teacher when they first heard them. Holy fuck they thought when every single one of them ended up being true.

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I mean, there is still time for this to happen. With the quality of the Mighty Nein’s “plans”, this could somehow end up happening for the strangest possible reason. It would be very funny and I would very much like to see it!

Also, I love that you put two tieflings and no mention of the second human member of the Nein. This leads me to believe that Caleb is either looking like a tiefling for some inexplicable reason that was probably part of their terrible plan. Or, Caleb is off in a corner reading and they somehow got Molly back and Yeza has no idea who this other tiefling claiming to be his child is. Either one is very funny to me.

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Remembering Pretty

A Critical Role FanFic

By bonthescottishvamp

// contains swearing, talk of death, mentions of past child abuse, mentions of past transphobia, implied past sexual abuse/assault, mentions of past fantasy racism, alcohol use, depictions of grieving, spoilers for Critical Role campaign 1 //

A short fic about Gilmore mourning over his boyfriend, Vax, after the events of The Search For Grog.

Wrote this after a bad dream about Gilmore reacting badly to the news.

(contains vax'ilmore)

AO3 -

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