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anyway their current situation is 300% too scary for this to occupy me but I can’t stop thinking about how jester told cymie that her mom is the ruby of the sea!!! which, whether he believed or not, I think he would remember? I feel like killing him (which …😭 feels bad man) and managing to teleport before Trent arrived was the only way it could have be a complete success, I think? Otherwise he’d be like … well they killed my friends :( anyways it was one ginger wizard, one blue tiefling, one halfling. hope u find the ppl responsible, ickythot

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Okay, I love Critical Role, and I think Matt Mercer is a fantastic DM and storyteller, but he really doesn’t get what petrified wood is or how it happens.

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Don’t mind them. Just two husbands being Archmages. 

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“I love you like family. You’re in such trouble.” Is my favorite thing Cad has ever said to anyone.

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Grog Vs Keyleth Vs Vex Vs Tary Battle Royal?! AWW HELL YEAH LETS GO!

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guys i cracked the code

here’s a list of similarities between Wanda Maximoff (mcu) and Caleb Widogast (critical role):

  • notably red hair
  • strong magic user
  • knows several different types of magic (mind control, illusion, transmutation, chaos magic vs. evocation, transmutation, dunamancy)
  • notably speaks at least 2 languages
  • traumatized
  • needs therapy as soon as possible
  • expirimented on as a minor
  • dead family
  • has at least one love interest that’s probably dead right now
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Campaign 2 episode 8:

Roadside bandits: *try to rob The Mighty Nein*

The Mighty Nein: *robs them back*

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Getting a friend into Critical Role, they just messaged me talking about how the M9 makes friends through punching people, then went “I kinda want to see Yasha do it once.” Oh,


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“-NUTTER !!!”

(I know they couldn’t do it because they’re underground but the mental image of Veth throwing a fluffernutter at Trent’s face is too hilarious to me ! Also, I wanted to participate in the “COUNTERSPELL THAT, BITCH!”)

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I just saw Pumat Sol for the first time…… Diagnosed with friend shaped

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Thought: What if the key to defeating Lucien, is Beau and Caleb embracing the eyes? There’s nothing that necessarily indicates that having the nine eyes = losing your ability to think/act for yourself, so maybe them embracing it, will give them more of an advantage to stop Lucien from bringing back the city?

Yes? No? Maybe so? What do y’all think?

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[ID: A photo of Brian W. Foster, a white man with blond hair and beard. He’s wearing a purple hoodie with a white logo printed on the chest, and a pair of mirrored sunglasses. He has the hood of his hoodie pulled up over his head, and he’s staring off into the distance dramatically. /end ID]

@brianwfoster: Starting my freelance quarantine modeling career with this banger of a selfie.

Model: @brianwfoster (me)

Hoodie from: @ka_tet19.net_

📸: by @milapajamas

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Caleb was good at many things. Spell casting was just his more notable talent. Molly paused. Spell casting was just what Caleb was most famous for, what people who were shallow or not wanting to look deeper would associate with Caleb. Molly knew that his wizard was skilled in many things. He wanted to share none of those skills with others, barely even the nein. Definitely not with the volstruckers. Sure they were trained in many things but to Molly, he was skilled in everything he tried. 

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“The momma is out and it has your wizard”

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god, BOTH of my main fandoms had an unnerving cliffhanger involving an abusive figure in power over the main characters within two days of each other

I am stress

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My very first submission to Critical Role fan art. I will be posting individual characters soon for you to download and print as stickers and stuff. Hope you like it!

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God bless the Critical Role cast for making Narrative Telephone. I was having an awful day, and this dang show is the only thing that has cheered me up. I am ever thankful that they are willing to publicly embarrass themselves for our amusement 💜

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