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thewildbelladonna · a month ago
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Rumours tour, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 30th, 1978.
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sensualdoe · 6 months ago
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My thoughts become white by Marbevoch
Do not delete description.
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crochica · a month ago
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jermapridelesbian · 3 years ago
i got some Good Ass Yarn today (caron and pantone are teaming up great for me a crocheter with no sense of what colors go together) and also a dictionary of crochet stitches so things are on the up and up as always
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mlukhiye · 4 months ago
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[Image Description: a bust image of a young sheikha, a woman with a light blue headscarf that loosely wraps around her mouth, looking forward to the camera. She has black bushy and thick eyebrows that connect. One gloved hand rests on her cheek. The glove is crocheted and white, resembling fishnets. End Description]
Salim Azzam Fall Winter 2023
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muckleberryjam · a year ago
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Artsy Farsty
Oooh we’ve had some good cc lately - especially summery 70s-ish stuff - so who better to model than the ecclectic arts household from Strangerville?
mark wears / hair / facial hair (n33 luke) / shirt & jeans / gauges / camera
 @weepingsimmer​ (original hallowsims) / @pralinesims / @greenllamas / @redheadsims-cc / liliili-sims
alice wears / hair, headscarf & earrings / blouse / shorts / rings / necklace
 @simstrouble / @pixelette-cc / @arethabee / salemc / toksik
leslie wears / hair / jacket / crochet bra / jeans / glasses (ovex head) / earrings / necklace
 @aloeislandsims / @clumsyalienn / @aharris00britney / blacklily / @pralinesims / @simstrouble / @blahberry-pancake
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ericacrochets · 6 months ago
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Triangle Neckerchief/Headscarf by Deja Joy
Free Crochet Pattern Here
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floral-poisons · 6 months ago
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left & right - picrew middle - picrew
full name
emma saelim-hui
17-18 years old
14 september
cis woman she / her pronouns preferred
153 cm
school - she wears the basic nrc uniform with pants and heels to make herself look taller. in her hair is a thin head band.
gym - under the gray shirt, she wears a white tank top. her sleeves are typically rolled up, black gloves, and the pants are cuffed. gray sneakers complete the look along with a purple bandana headscarf. the bandanna contains a pattern consisting of the same heart and dagger from vil’s crown.
alchemy - she wears a lab coat on top of her school uniform albeit without the jacket. for safety, she also has goggles and thick gloves on.
afterschool - she wears a white button down tucked into a long black skirt. a beige cardigan is worn above the button down. black heels are complemented with white ankle socks with ruffles. to finish off the look, she has a purple bow in the collar of her shirt.
first year college student (homeworld) first year student at night raven college aspiring fashion designer
ramshackle considered an honorary member of pomefiore due to how much time she spends there
movie appreciation club
favorite food
baobing lo bah png
least favorite food
mayonnaise hot dogs
a lack of color in fashion
sewing embroidering crocheting
dress making drawing
person of interest
vil schoenheit. a man of great beauty and great charm. he became interested in her after witnessing her in an alchemy class. she didn’t exactly know how but she made something to help ease her dry skin which piqued his interest. of course, he ignores all of her awkward sentences and eventually meets her at the mostro lounge. his eyes immediately catch the sketches upon sketches of fashion designs she’s been working on since coming to night raven college, heavily inspired by the people around her. he takes her out shopping the next day for fabrics and encourages her creativity. what eventually happens is a series of events that lead to romantic affections for one another. though emma would hope it’s not so obvious that she really likes the pomefiore prefect, he sees through her disguise. after a particularly stressful night (aka. having a MASSIVE mental breakdown), vil treats her to a self care day that rejuvenates her from burn out. it also leads to the two of them spending the night together and confessing their mutual attraction to each other.
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chayscribbles · 6 months ago
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chayscribbles’ monthly writing update ☆ january 2022
words written: 9681. about half of this comes from the last 4 days oops
projects worked on: Andromeda Rising
proudest accomplishment: honestly the fact that i wrote anything at all this month is a feat lmao
january has been a Month
i started drafting AR3 on january 1st with very little planned, very quickly ran into a wall, got nerfed by work getting super busy & burned out from everything for about 2 weeks. then, in the last 4 days, i decided to restart AR3 and also spontaneously move blogs and start crocheting a sweater. (hello where has that energy been all month???)
and that’s what you missed on glee!
more specific wip-related comments + featured excerpt below.
so as i mentioned earlier i started AR3 a second time. well not as much restarting as restructuring. i think i went into it a little too quickly the first time, without really knowing what i wanted to do or being completely sold on what i had. taking a break to step back certainly helped.
AR3 is turning out to be... something. i’d been starting to get scared AR in general was too marketable so i’m really trying to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. also i think reading the locked tomb books specifically encouraged me to try making my writing weirder so thanks, Tamsyn Muir!
here’s some of what you can expect in AR3:
astral projection into dreams!
long-distance psychic links!
body switching!
magic plant-based psychotherapy (with questionable results)!
very bad decisions being made!
star deities??? maybe??? (still working on that)
the power of love and friendship!
somehow Azami is the most adjusted one in the gang at this point?
and whatever else my brain throws at me!
have some Nenazami! this is from Nena’s POV.
Azami herself trod beside [Nena] as they made their way through the temple, wearing the traditional clothes worshippers wore to the temple, which vendors were selling for cheap in the stalls that lined the gates— a long, flowy robe of deep green that concealed her curves, paired with a matching headscarf under which her long black hair was hidden, and gold embroidered leaves adorned the garments’ edges. It wasn’t mandatory to wear, but the most devout worshippers wore it anyway when visiting the temple, especially during the festival. And it had the bonus effect of hiding her identity.
“I look ridiculous,” Azami had huffed once she had put on the outfit.
“You look just fine,” Nena had reassured her. “You make it actually look good.”
Azami huffed again and turned her face away, but not before Nena caught a shade of red creeping across her freckled nose. It was too easy and too amusing to get her flustered.
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creative-space · 11 days ago
Started another project yesterday afternoon and have finished it today! I’ve made a crochet bandanna / headscarf from a pattern found in Inside Crochet, Volume 149. I’m pretty pleased with it.
I did stray slightly from the pattern, as I didn’t have the correct weighted wool / yarn available. I ended up making bigger squares with the wool I had, using a 5mm crochet hook instead of a 3.5mm one. A bit of improvisation was needed when it came to the border, as I wanted something a little different from the pattern. I decided to create a border using fans, and then finally created the fastenings using both single and double crochet stitches (or double and treble stitches).
This small project also got me using British crochet terms, which is funny because I’m from the UK but learnt how to crochet via American media. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to translate, and this was made easier through the UK Terms vs US Terms grid at the back of the magazine!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
P.S. A bee thought he would join in on the last picture 🐝
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thewildbelladonna · 24 days ago
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Rumours tour, Dallas, Texas, July 23rd, 1978.
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gatheringmoss · 11 months ago
Hi, Sasja! 🌻 I hope you’re doing well. I love seeing the works of art you’ve created lately. I wish I could buy them all! What’s the one thing you hate crocheting? And what’s your favorite thing to crochet? 🧶
hello lovely!! 🌾🍄✨ you are so very kind and i hope you still enjoy the headscarf i made you years ago. i really don’t like crocheting straps for bags! i love crocheting hats most i think. but also the square bags like the one in the pictures!
have a lovely day 💜
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crochica · a month ago
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youremyonlyhope · 9 months ago
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Finally! After working on it for a month! My finished Mad Hatter costume. Featuring:
Random steampunk/Victorian inspired jacket (it’s actually super good quality and almost overly warm) and tutu I found on Amazon. I wanted rich jewel tones for these pieces and a big skirt to give a Victorian vibe without a hoop skirt.
Tights that took most of a day to find in a bright enough color, and a necktie that is just a headscarf that I found within 2 seconds of walking into a hair supply store.
Teacup holster that I crocheted and definitely did not give enough structure to support itself. But as far as I know, I am the first person to ever crochet a teacup holster. I couldn’t find anyone else on Ravelry or Pinterest who had so I think I’m the first!
Hat made from scratch from EVA foam and covered in fabric, ribbon, and bias tape. All hand sewn. The bias tape on the rim took 5 hours.
Overall, I am very proud of this costume. Yay!
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mlukhiye · 4 months ago
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[Image Description: 3 images of a young sheikha, a woman with a light blue headscarf that loosely wraps around her mouth, posing in a floor lengh black coat. The coat has a large white tree embroidered over it. In the tree are nests with eggs and birds flying around it and some leaves falling. She's also wearing black crocheted gloves that resemble fishnets, white socks and black mocassin. The first image is a profile, the second is a front view with her looking at the camera. The last is a close up on the coat where a bird is feeding smaer birds in a nest. Her gloved hand resting next to them. End Description]
Salim Azzam Fall Winter 2023
Life / Look 1: Choice
Reversible hand-embroidered double face coat
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pomrania · a year ago
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My Halloween costume this year is a plague doctor, because I would forever be disappointed in myself if I DIDN’T, during a plague year. Designed and crocheted the mask myself; I’d be happy to share the pattern with anyone who wants, just be aware that I wrote it in my particular shorthand, and I will almost definitely need to explain a bunch of things to make it usable by anyone who isn’t me. Aside from the mask, everything else is stuff I already had around the house; I don’t normally wear the hat or the coat, but the shirt and headscarf are pretty commonly worn by me.
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apprenticeofcups · 2 years ago
Main 6 on a MC with alopecia (no hair at all). (My apprentice has it in hommage to a friend and would love your take on it)
yet another occasion i wish there was a wig emoji
✨Main 6 + MC with Alopecia
Asra went through a headscarf phase when he was younger (partly because he wanted to be like his mom, partly to tame those wild white curls), so you each have a different repertoire of fun ways to tie & tuck them to teach each other. He likes to surprise you with cute charms or baubles to dress them up, when you feel like wearing a scarf.
Julian keeps getting in trouble for stealing wigs from the production he’s working on so you can try them on, and the two of you have fashion shows with “borrowed” theatre wigs and the trunks of old clothes in his attic. Sometimes he grabs a bald cap for himself, and takes you on a role-reversal date to the Raven.
Nadia worries about your scalp drying out in the winter months, and getting sunburned in the summer, and makes sure you’re always stocked with calming lotions, moisturizers, and aloe creams. And she’s always happy to help apply them - she loves to sit you in her lap and give you scalp massages.
Muriel keeps crocheting you beanies; he claims he wants you to have one for every outfit, or he’s trying to get rid of yarn, but really, he’s worried about you getting cold. If it makes you feel better, though, for every hat he makes you, he makes a hat or scarf for himself, so you can match when you go out on the town.
Portia jokes about letting you borrow some of her hair, at least in the winter - she’s got plenty to go around. Your first few dates, she really wanted to see what your head felt like, but was mortified of asking. She likes to fall asleep in your arms, tracing tiny circles on your scalp.
Lucio stops complaining about his hairline altogether about .02 seconds into the relationship, and eventually, he isn’t as self-conscious about it, either. He loves doing your makeup for you, and gets excited to give you eyebrows in colors that match your outfits. 
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