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#crooked kingdom
Kaz Brekker EARNED that god complex. that boy is an absolute fucking genius and he deserved to feel like he is better than everyone else. because he is.
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grishaverseshitposts · 2 days ago
Nina: Kaz, tell Matthias he's an idiot but I still love him.
Kaz: Gross. Tell him that yourself.
Nina: We had a fight.
Kaz: You're literally sitting on his lap?
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bitchthefuck1 · a day ago
If Kaz had late night stakeouts with Inej, you have to assume he also at some point had them with Jesper, and like....imagine what that would be like.
"Why do the richest merchers always have the worst taste? Look at how ugly that house is."
"Says the man in the bright orange waistcoat."
"I stand by this waistcoat. It should be illegal to be that rich and have so little style. It's not right."
"Then we'll just have to take that money and give it to someone more deserving."
"That's the only moral thing to do."
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ravenyenn19 · a day ago
-he grumbles about celebrating his birthday, but every year, Jesper and Inej go halvsies to book a whole day of the most challenging escape rooms they can find, they’ll even make road trips with Kaz to surprise him. Then, by the end of the day, Kaz is grinning like a kid because he got to spend the entire day solving complex puzzles for fun. 🖤
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justdaphne · 14 hours ago
This is ur daily reminder that Inej Ghafa refuses to kill for her own sake but literally killed in a church because Kaz was in danger
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ilikereadingthings · a day ago
Underated moments in Six Of Crows
Nina smoothed her hands over the ridiculous costume. “I’m about to be very popular.”
“I wonder what Matthias would have to say about that outfit.”
“He wouldn’t approve.”
“He doesn’t approve of anything about you. But when you laugh, he perks up like a tulip in fresh water.”
Nina snorted. “Matthias the tulip.”
“The big, brooding, yellow tulip.”
“Are you ready?” Nina asked as they pulled their hoods far down over their faces.
“Yes.” Inej said, and she meant it.
( ◜‿◝ )♡
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haha-im-dumb-haha · 2 days ago
Kaz: hope
Kaz: the first step towards disappointment
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manikas-whims · a day ago
Thing that irks me the most about Kanej stans is many of them labelling Kanej as "not a couple" 😀 and even treating them as if they're a tragic ship.
If you treat them as any of the two, it just goes to show you did the rushed surface-level reading and never properly understood Kaz, Inej or their bond.
Kanej literally held hands in the ending of CK. Kaz was without his gloves. Prior to their conversation in last chapter, Inej had some doubts, all of which diminished by the end. And she even introduced him to her parents.
That hand-holding was a declaration, them officiating their relationship. They took off a piece of their armor and took the first of many steps towards their healing.
Kanej are canonically a couple.
pass it on...
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Wylan: I'm 50% money, 80% genius, and 70% caffeine
Kuwei: That's 200%?
Wylan: I'm twice the man you'll ever be
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voldymoldy12 · 2 days ago
Kaz pov in soc and crooked kingdom: Inej is so pretty I love her inej inej inej inej inej inej inej inej inej INEJ
Also Kaz: I protect my investments
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ravenyenn19 · 2 days ago
“The Song You Heard”
New chapter is live on “The Battles of Before” by ravenyenn19 on Ao3 🥃⚔️
Tumblr media
Hi guys! I’m so late, but I wanted it to be perfect. This one is my favorite of the prequel story so far. Jesper and Inej’s friendship- that is all. 🖤 I hope you love it and forgive my crazy tardiness. DWOD is going to be next, I promise.
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