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#cross stitch

This one is a request from my bestie and this is our bday month! Those two things aren’t related, I’ve just got bdays on the brain cause mine is this weekend.



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So here’s two different styles. I honestly think I like the plain backstitch style better… Because you can see the heart a lot better. I’m not really keen on the whip stitch style because I feel like the heart doesn’t stand out as much

And I also like the white ones because like my dangly earrings, they almost took a little mini postage stamps!

#LGBTQIA #LGBTQ #LGBTQjewelry #pride #rainbow #rainbowearrings #hearts #heartearrings #crossstitch #crossstitching #xstitch #xstitching #plasticcanvas #jewelry #dmc #DMCthread

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Happy GOmaversary y’all

(I’m not late - i didn’t watch the Good Omens mini-series until after the Stanley Cup celebrations where over, so my 1year annie for the TV show isn’t until June 16th XD )

I still need a frame for the middle piece, but until then, here y’all go

This was a group of pieces I did on 32 count with the Good Omens Stitch Along discord during the month of May. All three patterns where created by the very talented @peppervl

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Vintage sampler, $15

“The front of this great vintage sampler reads:
When I Did Ill
I Heard It Ever
When I Did Well
I Heard It Never

The back has handwriting which reads:
‘Cross Stitch by Frieda K Mandeville? Date Unknown 1935-1960?’

I am guessing this item was purchased at a garage sale or auction by someone who knew the name of the owner of the home but just didn’t know when this item was stitched. I found this item in an antique store.”

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More Assertive, $25

“I have never related to something on a spiritual level quite like this. This kitschy little cross stitch reads ‘I’m going to start being more assertive (if it’s okay with you)’ I couldn’t possibly love something more! It comes in a great ‘80s era gold tone metal frame so you can stand it up on your desk and let the whole office know who’s boss. Measures 6 inches tall, 8 inches wide, and 1 inch deep.”

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