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Y/N: I have a problem
Crosshair: Kill it
Y/N: Can you chill for like, two seconds?
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a-lil-perspective · a day ago
[Tech and Crosshair are the math whizzes and it’s what I said. They always work on equations together and often get into heated debates that sound like a foreign language to the others but I imagine it goes something like this:]
Tech: Why are you integrating?
Crosshair: Because you integrate to go from displacement to velocity.
Tech: You don’t integrate! It’s differentiation!
Crosshair: We wrote this down five minutes ago.
Tech: I am simply in awe of you right now, Crosshair.
Crosshair: I get that a lot.
Tech: Explain yourself.
Crosshair: *sighing* It’s the derivative.
Tech: And you are also calculating the vector angles?
Crosshair: *slaps the back of his head* Yes, keep up, nerd.
Hunter: When both of you are here, I lose all my brain cells.
Tech: Do not blame me for Crosshair’s poor computational delivery.
Crosshair: >:(
Wrecker: *covering his ears* I can hear you two arguing over stuff like this when I’m not sittin’ next to ya!
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bibannana · 2 days ago
*Tech shuffling slowly around the ship with his hands infront to of him*
Omega *curious, leans over to Hunter*: Hunter, what is Tech doing?
*Tech muttering curses under his breath as he stubs his toes, continuing to shuffle out of the room*
Hunter *glances up and goes back to his caf*: Don't worry about it
Omega *hears a thud in the other room and more shuffling*: Is he okay? Where are his goggles?
Crosshair *sniggering into his caf*: Took 'em.
Omega * -_-*: You took them? Why?!
Crosshair *looking a bit too happy*: Well not me personally, but yes.
*Tech shuffles back into room, data pad practically touching his nose so he can see it*
Hunter *chugging his caf*: This is the only way to get him to stop working. He'll go back to bed when he can't find them and get some rest.
Omega *nodding like she understands*: And where are his goggles then?
Hunter *leans over to whisper to her*: With Echo and Wrecker at the market
Crosshair *louder at a passing Tech*: Somewhere his blind shebs can't find them!
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Crosshair - My Beloved Enemy 32 – Dying Hope
Tumblr media
Crosshair x Female!Reader (FF)
Warning: Angst/Tension
After what feels like an eternity, Rex and Hunter finally find a way to free their brothers. But something is wrong, you can feel it, the task seems too easy.
What Happened Before:
Part 1 - Crash Landing
Part 2 - Hot And Cold
Part 3 - Hello Kitten
Part 4 - Look Who’s Back
Part 5 - Rebel Darling
Part 6 - Burning Anger
Part 7 - Love And Pain
Part 8 - A Difficult Reunion
Part 9 - The Bitter Taste Of Blood And Failure
Part 10 - Where The Dead Ships Dwell
Part 11 - A Lonely Firefly In Space
Part 12 - Broken Wings
Part 13 - A Helping Hand
Part 14 - The Justifier
Part 15 - The Bounty
Part 16 - Trapped
Part 17 - I Love You Too
Part 18 - When The Past Catches Up With Us
Part 19 - I’ve Never Been Good At Goodbyes
Part 20 - Unexpected
Part 21 - The Question
Part 22 - Sleepless Nights
Part 23 - Sleepyheads And Making Up
Part 24 - Crosshair’s Conclusion
Part 25 - Good Soldiers Follow Orders
Part 26 - I’m Sorry Kitten
Part 27 - Bracca
Part 28 -Rampart
Part 29 - It’s All Tactics
Part 30 - CT 6116
Part 31 - Of Wolves And Sheep
Part 32 - Dying Hope
Tumblr media
The days passed and the uncertainty was unbearable. Rex had a plan, but to carry it out you had to wait for a specific moment, when Crosshair, Echo and Tech would be shuttled to Kessel. Rex's informant, Kix presumably, because they still remained anonymous in their contact, told about the transfer of the three to Kessel. It was this shuttle that Rex wanted to intercept.
"Why in a shuttle? Why isn't the destroyer or a cruiser flying?" you asked critically.
Rex said somberly, "Apparently the three aren't such particularly important prisoners after all. Maybe something else more urgent came up and Rampart had to set other priorities."
Hunter, standing behind you, reached for your shoulder.
"Probably our only opportunity to get them back."
Wrecker frowned and growled "What if that's what they want us to think? Honestly looks like a trap to me"
Everyone looked at the giant and you said, "I didn't want to say it, but that's the thought that's bothering me. I want the boys back, pretty much at any cost, but if I lose you guys in the process too then-"
"You won't," Rex assured "Whatever comes, we'll adapt."
Wolffe growled "We won't be taken by surprise that easily".
Just thinking about what lay or could lie ahead made your heart beat faster with anticipation.
"Tomorrow the transfer is to take place, so let's get ready" Hunter said seriously "I want my brothers back" with a wry smile he added "Even Crosshair"
Tumblr media
In a space nebula, just outside Kessel, you lay in wait, hidden, with the Marauder and a second, smaller shuttle, the Sneaker.
Each second that passed seemed to you like an eternity. You ran up and down in the Marauder, which was currently being piloted by Wolffe. Rex, Hunter and Wrecker, were in the Sneaker. The plan was to disable the Empire's transport shuttle with the Marauder and then board it with the Sneaker.
It sounded doable, plausible, but the implementation worried you, because you were the Gunner and had to hit the transport shuttle's thrusters just right so that she was disabled but not destroyed.
You sat down in the Gunner's cockpit and took a deep breath.
"All clear back there?" you heard Wolffe call from the cockpit.
"Yeah, we're good," you returned, as convincingly as you could.
"You'll be fine, little lamb," grumbled the former clone commander "You've done this sort of thing before, a number of times from what I hear, this is no different."
"I know, I told you, all right, I can handle it" you said, trying to convince not only him but yourself with the words.
Silence reigned for a while, then suddenly you heard him ask, "Are you scared?"
You thought for a moment before answering honestly, " For Crosshair, Tech and Echo most of all, yes"
"No, I meant in general"
"No, my concern for those three outweighs anything else, at least for now".
Again there was silence for a while and again it was Wolffe who broke the silence.
"You love this Crosshair very much don't you?"
The question took you by surprise.
"Yes, more than anything"
"Hmm", he growled "Must be nice to have something like that".
"It is indeed" you said with a small smile that he couldn't see in the cockpit of course "Even if you worry about the other all the time, but I guess that's part of it"
The next time Wolffe broke the silence, it was to tell you to be ready.
" Be ready to go any moment, when the shuttle comes out of hyperspace you need to be ready, shut down the thrusters as soon as possible, if they try to escape we'll follow them, I'll get you in position if the angle changes. Okay?"
"Okay," you said with your heart pounding.
"Deep breaths soldier, we can do this."
You blinked in surprise, Wolffe had fallen back into old patterns out of force of habit, but that was okay, as long as he did what was necessary he might as well call you Rex.
"Copy that, sir!" you returned adjusting.
From the moment Wolffe yelled from the cockpit, "Here we go," everything happened very quickly, the adrenaline shooting into your system so fast and sharpening your senses that the process almost happened by itself. Every muscle fiber was on alert, ready to act.
The shuttle had appeared out of nowhere, jumping straight out of hyperspace, not far from you.
"Don't fire until we're out of the nebula, the gas in the nebula is very flammable".
"Got it"
Your heart was racing, but you were fully focused, your hands on the trigger. Hastily you locked on to the thrusters, remembering how Tech had told you some time ago exactly where to aim, pretty much in the center.
As the Marauder left the nebular, you aimed and fired. Your heart seemed to stop at the same moment, your breath caught in your throat. A split second seemed to stretch into eternity, then finally, the shot hit. Direct hit!
The shuttle's engines died and the shuttle hovered in front of you, unable to maneuver. You jumped out of the gunner's seat and ran into the cockpit.
"See, told you you could do it, little sheep," he grumbled with a wry smile.
You grinned at him, still full of adrenaline but also relief and tension at the same time.
"You were right, it was just like the times before".
Wolffe nodded, "Mmm, that's what I'm saying."
Wolffe had turned the Marauder so you could better observe what was happening. Your eyes were glued to what was happening with the shuttle, while Wolffe's eyes kept darting to the radar.
You could see the Sneaker docking with the Imperial transport shuttle. It took a very few minutes that seemed like another eternity for the Sneaker to detach from the shuttle.
Suddenly, the comm beeped. As Wolffe opened the channel, Hunter literally bellowed from the speaker, "IT'S A DECOY, A TRAP, PREPARE FOR HYPERSPACE IMMEDIATELY!"
The next few things happened quickly and also decelerated at the same time. The radar sounded proximity alarms. Behind you, out of the nebula, emerged a cruiser that, viewed through the cockpit window, seemed much larger than it actually was.
A huge piece of metal, armed to the teeth.
A jolt went through the Marauder as it was caught in a tractor beam.
"Sneaker get out of there, you can't help us!" barked Wolffe through the comm.
"We'll come back and get you all out of there," Hunter promised before the Sneaker disappeared into hyperspace.
"I knew this was a trap," you whispered angrily, but the anger was directed at yourself for allowing a part of you to believe in an unlikely success and now be disappointed beyond measure.
Wolffe said, perfectly calmly, "It was worth a try."
You said dryly and humorlessly, "You think so? Tell me again when you have been interrogated and tortured".
Wolffe looked at you reprovingly: "Don't lose your nerve now, little sheep, not everything is lost yet".
You wanted to believe him, you really did. But the closer the Marauder came to the Cruiser as it was pulled towards it, the lower your courage sank.
Wolffe's hand landed heavily on your shoulder and he said, "Don't give up. Crosshair certainly wouldn't want you to give up."
Tumblr media
@ladykatakuri @inthemoshpitt
This probably feels like a filler and it kind of is, 'cause I need some time to prepare what's coming next...
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Tumblr media
A little image for the latest chapter of my TBB fanfiction: Forgotten Lullabies.
I know, the shading isn't that great, nor is the drawing as a whole, but I suck at digital art, LOL! ^-^'
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paperback-rascal · 2 days ago
What’s your take on Crosshair possibly having PICA ?
Possible causes of PICA includes but are not limited to (according to clevelandclinic.org):
Cultural or learned behaviors
Stress or anxiety
Negative conditions during childhood
Nutritional deficiencies
Mental health conditions
Medical conditions
Certain medications
Looking at the list above, Dee Bradley Baker‘s remark that Crosshair was the type of kid that would eat glue at the back of the classroom suddenly has a much, much darker implication (especially knowing how Kaminoans treated clones in overall)!
Since Crosshair is an enhanced clone, it might also imply that CF99, as cadets, were treated worse than regular troopers or Crosshair himself got the short end of a stick.
If we treat Dee's offhand comment as canon, that is.
STAR WARS: The Clone Wars/The Bad Batch © George Lucas/ Dave Filoni/ LucasFilm/ Disney
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ct-7567 · 28 days ago
no ill go ahead and say it in a post too replies arent public enough
if you cannot see the problem with lightening the skin of a polynesian man to call his white clones genetically superior than their darker brothers you are a bad star wars fan
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
back at it again with the cody content
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lorjukka · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
they peeking 👀
[please reblog if you like it]
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lornaka · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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theotherartblog · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
 I am very interested in the story they’re going to end up telling with this series, whether I end up liking it or not. But in the meantime, I am all about indulging my foolish hopes for happy family shenanigans. 
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Keep thinking about how tragic the lives of Star Wars characters truly are...
Tumblr media
There are those that feel so trapped and angry that they have no choice but to violently lash out.
Tumblr media
Those that are victims of circumstances where they have little or no control over the tragedy forced upon them.
Tumblr media
Those that feel they have been abandoned by everyone they care about and are pushed to the wrong side as they are consumed by pain and anger.
Tumblr media
Those that make a wrong decision while trying to save others, leading to disastrous consequences.
Tumblr media
Those that try to lead those under their command to the best of their ability and with the best intentions, but fail those very people.
Tumblr media
Those that follow orders and do what seems right, only to see how wrong those orders were after tragedy has occurred.
Tumblr media
And those who hold so firmly to their beliefs, only to watch them all come crashing down around them.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bad Batch 💥
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Have You Ever Tried to Drag Your Younger Sibling Somewhere They Don’t Want to Go.PNG
unlikely season 2 predictions but hey that’s what I’m here for
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Tumblr media
Happy Bad Batch Eve everybody
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paperback-rascal · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
The idea of Kix being “unofficial” Clone Force 99 medic haunts me and it goes like this:
After the mission on Anaxes Kix was basically adopted by The Bad Batch as "their" medic:
Echo trusts him the best. So whenever the ARC feels worse of they don't know what is happening with him, Echo asks specifically for Kix (in rare occasion Coric, but mostly Kix).
The Bad Batch doesn't care about remembering regular clones' names (they don't work with them frequently), however Kix's name comes up pretty often and his name is simple/short enough making Kix THE ONLY "remembered” named clone medic. It's easier to fetch him specifically rather than awkwardly go from medic to medic and ask for help.
Kix is "Crosshair approved" and it's only because the 501rst medic was "ballsy enough" to throw hands with the sniper.
Clone Force 99 basically forces Kix to sign their medical paperwork/ approval for combat/ sick leaves/etc. Kix scoffs every time, reminding them he is NOT their medic but signs the papers anyway.
However, as it turned out, every since he helps them on semi-regular basis, Kix has his share of mockery (they don’t mock him specifically but rather the whole situation AKA the outliers found themselves a personal nurse), especially by other clones medics - the most frequent offenders being ones from medical stations. They love to inform Kix that "the sad batch" with was looking for him again.
There was a lot of getting used to between them: at the beginning Clone Force 99 had a tendency to "kidnap" him on his way to mess-hall or from under the shower because there-was-no-time-to-waste-we-need-your-help. not to mention Crosshair almost gave Kix a heart attack one night, due to the sniper's eyes having tapetum lucidum layer in his eyes (I saw @sorry-but-no-sorry's excellent art, and this take on Crosshair’s mutation has been my headcanon ever since!), that's why Kix calls Crosshair “his own, personal, sleep paralysis demon"
STAR WARS: The Clone Wars/The Bad Batch © George Lucas/ Dave Filoni/ LucasFilm/ Disney  
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Credit to @Bribinart
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
tech week day 2: delicate operation
shut up its definitely tech centric
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Tumblr media
Family pieces
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