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moonstrider9904 · 6 minutes ago
The Bad Batch Smut series by Moonstrider9904
Hey all!~ As you know, I've recently finished writing a Wrecker smut one shot, which means I now have one smut for each batcher. I'm leaving here the links to each of them:
Each one has their own respective tags, but all of these are NSFW 18+ and minors do not interact.
If you like them, please do consider reblogging as that really helps content creators here on tumblr. I'll be writing more smuts, don't you worry!
And if you have any requests, feel free to ask me!
--Moonstrider 9904 (Crosshair's and Hunter's Favorite Fangirl)
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the-sad-batch · 11 minutes ago
PAIRING : empire!Crosshair x gender neutral reader (they/them!)
WARNINGS : violence (although it isn’t described as much, fight scenes, strangling, fluff at the end to make up for it !
A/N : this was a request from anon, im fully in love with this idea and stayed up writing it last night. please like, comment and reblog if you like it-i appreciate it a lot!! thanks for reading, enjoy it!!
You had left the bad batch whilst they were on a supply run. You knew they were going to be mad when they found your note which had roughly described that you were leaving because you had something to do, but when you were done you would meet up with them.
When they found the letter, your assumptions were right. They were simmering with rage at your actions. How you had done it they had no idea, but you had kept your com with you just incase they needed you for an emergency. When they had asked you where you were going, you couldn’t tell them. You knew that they’d monologue to you about the actions being ‘self destructive’ and ‘reckless’ but you didn’t care.
You had to get him back.
A friend, a very close friend of yours, had told you of a way to remove the inhibitor chip from clones. She had helped a clone remove theirs before and was eager to help you in any way you could. Despite her being in hiding from the newly forged empire, she had told you all the steps you needed and you had made notes on how to complete the procedure.
And that was what you were going to do.
Not that it came as a surprise to you, but sneaking behind a sniper was much harder than you had thought. It wasn’t like you didn’t think he wouldn’t know it was you. He was observant, stealthy, quick on his feet. Of course he would notice you almost immediately. You were his love, his cyare. You had walked over to the squad of troopers with your hood up and an innocent, frail, false voice so that they wouldn’t recognise you. They were on patrol. Something you never thought you would see him doing.
You told the troopers that you had heard suspicion of a Jedi being four miles away and threatening someone with their lightsaber which caused them to instantly spring into action whilst the commander of their squad said he would stay back to interrogate you. In all honesty, you had paid someone twenty credits to stand in the middle of the mountains with a piece of metal and a shard of glass that you had coloured in green and to scream random words. You were surprised that they did it for twenty credits but you weren’t complaining, you had a diversion and you needed to use it.
The commander grabbed you by your forearm and pulled you into a desolate bar as he slammed the control pad to lock the door. His hands instantly shoved you back and you looked up in shock at what he was doing, this wasn’t what you had anticipated. There was a snarl across his face as you stood back up and flexed your hands, showing him you were ready.
Of course he had an advantage. He was six foot four, you were five foot three. You rushed onto him and he grabbed your arm to behind it behind your back whilst one wrapped around your neck with his hand over your mouth. It didn’t even occur to you that you could make such an animalistic noise as to when you bit into his hand and kicked him off of you.
“I taught you better than this.” He had chuckled and towered above you, bringing his hand out to bruise your jaw.
Your leg kicked out into his groin as he fell to the floor. At the advantage, you brought your knee to his chin and swatted him backwards with a smirk. “No, Hunter did.”
He growled. He had actually growled at the mention of the sergeant of clone force 99. It surged him, acted as his stressor as he tackled you to the group. Your head hit the wall as you sat up with a wince, feeling the blood trickle down your neck.
Crosshair stood up above you-his gun pointed down at you with a smirk as he looked at you. “Good soldiers-” His eyes trailed to you gripping your gun on your thigh. “Good soldiers follow-” he was hesitating which only made him snarl more. “Good soldiers follow-”
You didn’t give him chance to finish his sentence. You couldn’t.
At the opportunity, you had stunned him. He had dropped his gun instantly and fell to the floor in front of you.
You had to move before they got back from your distraction, you were certain it wouldn’t last long. After all you had only payed him twenty credits. He would probably have given up if they had threatened him.
Slumping him over your shoulder you had rushed to your ship in a panic of being seen.
It had been a month since you had last seen your love and it was torture. You slept in his room on the ship, wore his clothes. That’s a lie, you lived in his clothes. Going on a mission, going to get supplies, sleeping-you wore his clothes because you missed him and they smelled like him. Omega had often asked you questions about him. What he was like, where and how you had met, what the two of you did when you weren’t on missions.
When you arrived at your ship, you had blasted yourself into hyperspace before deciding what you were going to do with Crosshair. It had occurred to you to leave him in the refresher and lock the door but you didn’t want to be so cruel. Plus, you had borrowed this ship. You couldn’t ruin it. So you had decided to leave him in your barracks. You didn’t want to seem horrible but you had chained his hand to the ladder so that he wouldn’t be able to go anywhere.
He had resisted, or at least tried to.
He had given you the opportunity to blast him which meant somehow he was holding back. He was fighting the chip in his brain and the orders he had been given. That you couldn’t put him down for. You didn’t know how he had done it but you were so relieved he had.
You were going to remove his chip, you were gonna help him get back to himself. The effects of the new empire would scar you all but he would probably feel it the most. He had been under their thumb for a month, facing whatever tasks they threw at him and forcing him to do whatever because they had him under their control.
If you ever saw Tarkin again, you were adamant you were going to give him a piece of your mind.
The trip to Bracca was certainly filled with tension.
Crosshair still hadn’t woken up even when you arrived. You had gone in halfway through and he was drifting in and out of consciousness so you had left him to it, but he hadn’t stirred anymore. You were thankful. You didn’t know if you had it in you to hurt him again.
Crosshair used to practically melt for you, whenever you batted your eyelashes at him. Despite his cold nature towards everyone, he would have done anything for you if you’d have asked for it. But this was different. This was something he couldn’t control. He had no power over what was happening and you felt awful bringing him here but this was for his sake. You were going to save him.
Carrying a six foot four man over your shoulder as you made calculated steps through the abandoned and run down jedi cruiser on Bracca wasn’t one of your plans for your life. It definitely wasn’t helpful but it needed to happen so you could bring him back.
When you found the medbay, you took out your book and laid him on the table. You were rereading what the steps were although you knew it off by heart. Nothing could go wrong, you couldn’t afford it to.
“Drop the book.” He had snarled. “Give me your blaster.”
“Cross.” You turned to face him, putting the book down. “Cross this is for you, I’m doing this to help you.”
“I’m going to kill you.” He moved to jump up off of the table but you quickly pinned him down by straddling his waist. “Good effort, but this isn’t going to work. Jumping on my lap like-”
“Love, you’re adorable but I need you to be quiet okay?” You had sighed. “It might hurt but it’s for you, okay?” You reached to the table, feeling his hand grasp up to your neck. “Cross.”
“Good soldiers follow-”
“Stop it.” You wheezed, knowing there would be bruising from his tight grip around your neck. “I’m sorry in advance.” Swiftly, you moved your left leg and kicked his head back against the table which had taken him out cold. “I’m so sorry, but let’s get this over with.”
It had been hours since the procedure had finished. You had commed your friend and asked when he would wake up, how long it often took and how to make sure it had worked. She openly told you it took a while and it depended on who it was, Rex hadn’t taken long to wake up but it just depended on the vitals of the person.
You anxiously tapped your feet on the floor as you sat beside his body, observing the blaster that was on stun across the room from where you had kicked it away. There were far too many thoughts in your head about this procedure whilst you awaited for him to wake up. What if it hadn’t worked? What if it had increased the effectiveness of his inhibitor chip? You didn’t know that it was one hundred percent effective before.
Your eyes averted to your love laid on the table, he was holding your hand. You hadn’t even took it in as you continued with your dissociative state whilst thoughts whirled around your head. What if this went wrong? It was all your fault. You had dragged him here.
That when when you felt a tug on your hand and suddenly, you were back in the room. You were looking at the silver haired sniper who was looking at you whilst he sat up. Your eyes were wide as you grabbed a bandaid to put over his cut.
“Hey, cyare.”
“Oh my gosh.” You wrapped your arms around him with a shocked laugh, almost crying as he wrapped his around you and kissed atop of your head. “I-we did it.”
“You did it.” He kissed your hand before you had gotten onto your tip toes to place the band aid over his cut. His eyes were forced on the bruises from your jaw and neck. He had done that to you. “Cyare.”
“Yes, my love?”
“I did that to you. I hurt you.” He hushed. “I hurt you. Why are you still here?”
“Because it wasn’t you.” You admitted to him. “That was because of the nasty chip in your head and the commands of Tarkin. You, you’re you and you didn’t do that.”
“I did-”
“No you didn’t, this wasn’t your fault. None of it was. You had no control over what you were doing.” You wrapped your arms around his neck to comfort him. “You didn’t do this because you would never hurt me.”
“I’m sorry.” He buried his head in the crook of your neck.
“You don’t have to be.” Your hands softly tussled his hair on the back of his head to keep him calm and collected. “How do you feel, my love?”
“I feel much-” you both looked up after hearing a sort of rustling outside of the medbay.
You swiftly moved and grabbed your blaster to hold it out in front of you, Crosshair moving to bring you behind him as he picked up your spare blaster. Both of you looked at each other and nodded. You weren’t necessarily wanting a fight but you were ready for it. You had to be.
However, your stances changed when you saw the rest of the Bad Batch standing at the door with Captain Rex of the 501st and Omega behind them. They all had their weapons pointed at the two do you and you at them. You were nervous for what they would say about you. About what you had done.
“He’s trying to kill us!”
“N-no he’s not! I removed his chip!” You admitted and the group all stared at you in shock. “A friend told me how to do the procedure. I couldn’t leave him, I could save him so I brought him here and that’s what we’ve just done.”
“Ahsoka told you how to do the procedure?” Rex had asked and you nodded, seeing him loosen his stance.
“He’s Crosshair. Our Crosshair, okay? So please let’s drop the blasters and talk like actual people.” You slid yours back in your holster and watched as the man by your side placed his on the table. When you turned back to the group, you saw Omega running at you with her arms open. “Hey, kiddo.”
“I thought something bad happened to you!”
“Nothing bad ever happens to me, I seem to cheat life.” You chuckled and hugged the young girl. “Were you behaving for them?”
Hunter, looked on at Crosshair as you stood up. “Are they telling the truth?”
“They knocked me out and dragged me to Bracca, I doubt that they’d do it to take me on holiday for stars sake.”
“It’s definitely Crosshair. Do you have an urge to kill us?”
“I’ve had my chip taken out. So not as much as I used to.” He cracked a joke and smiled at you, taking your hand behind his back in his as he felt awkward.
“It’s him.”
“Buddy!” Wrecker yelled and raced over, throwing the sniper up in his arms and embracing him. “We missed you.”
“Easy, Wrecker.” He rolled his eyes at him as his brother brought the rest of the batch around him to embrace them in a cuddle. You and omega smiled at each other, watching them all reunite.
“You two! Come here!” Wrecker grabbed you both by your arms and brought you into the embrace, laughing as you looked up at the sniper. “It’s good to have you back.”
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starwarschicken · 21 minutes ago
Ok ok so can I have a #13 request where crosshair and hunter are like 😳 kinda fighting over female reader
Omg that is like an amazing idea. I wouldn’t mind if they fought over me... And I’m so sorry you are receiving this like at least a month later
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings: None
Word Count: 398
Prompt 13: “Don’t flatter yourself.”
Tech huffed as he saw the two of his brothers throwing insults at each other. He honestly doesn’t want to know what happened now, but if he had to guess, it would be about you.
Ever since you joined Clone Force 99, Hunter and Crosshair became somewhat attached to you, and since they never experienced these feelings before, it was hard to hide them from each other. 
It was only when you returned with Wrecker and Echo when you heard arguing and Tech trying to get everyone to calm down. Yet of course, Hunter and Crosshair don’t listen.
When you put down the groceries you started the march towards the voices until you heard Hunter and Crosshair.
“Don’t flatter yourself,” you heard Crosshair sneer, “If anything, Y/N probably thinks you’re way too short. And that tattoo is ridiculous.”
Once you peeked into the room, you saw Hunter and Crosshair basically pushing each other around while Tech just gave up.
“At least I’m not a twig and actually have conversations with her,” Hunter shot back. At this point, you were surprised they were fighting over...well-you! 
“That’s because you always make sure she’s by your side during missions. How am I supposed to develop a relationship if you don’t even let me say hi?” Crosshair pushed him back. 
“She’s not a sniper Cross! I’m not going to have her stay behind with you where you can make the first move!”
“Hey!” you shouted getting their attention, “Either the two of you stop arguing or get your asses outside to insult each other! I just got back and this is what I walk into?!”
“But Y/N-” Cross sputtered but you quickly cut him off.
“Not buts! I’m not going to spending one of the few days where I can relax hearing you two bicker all day! Now go!” you pointed towards the door. 
“Yes ma’am,” the two of them grumbled before sulking towards the open ramp, pushing each other on the way. 
“And I don’t want you two to hurt each other, so give me all of your weapons,” you stopped the two just before they got outside the door. They growled and muttered a little in Mando’a while giving you all of their weapons. 
Once they were outside, you turned to Tech who mouthed a thank you before going back up to the cockpit while you put their stuff down. 
@obi-bae-kenobi @lightning-wolffe @ct7567329 @peacefulwizardfox @thelove-ablepenguin @dominhoe-squad @living-that-best-life @minamisulemisa @katethecrazy @elizabeth7567 @badbatch-simp24 @808tsuika @ahsokatano-thetogruta @proadhog @gjrain20-starwars @kewlbeans-22 @muffledgorillaviolence @ravenpuff01 @codenameewife @ahsoka-padme @starrdvstkenobi @kamino-mermaid @bjm2020 @aves6116 @welcometothepedroverse @haloangel391 @maulscrosshair @inagalaxywickedfahaway @superbookishhufflepuff @perfectcolortreestudent @hullabaloons @clxnewxrs @ahsokasleftbicep @space-girl-and-droids-art @malncheesy @baroclinicinstability @stray-listener @wakeupjackthisisntfair @honeybee23 @captain-rexs-girlfriend 
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xhikarixyamix · 30 minutes ago
Okay but-
-what if because of all the continuous intensifying procedures they kept doing to Crosshair’s chip makes it so that his chip cannot be removed normally cause it’s melding with his brain
-Crosshair goes into a coma and doesn’t wake up for a long time after the removal
-Even after the removal Crosshair still has the effects of the chip echoing in his brain permanently, like he’s stuck in that in-between area
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clone-wars-imagine-2 · 37 minutes ago
Hi I was wondering if I could do a ship request for The Bad Batch :)
I'm 15 almost 16, I'm also 5'3½. My eyes and hair are brown. I am quite pale and apparently have very soft skin. I have very bad social anxiety and can't start or hold a conversation to save my life unless it is about books, I can talk about them for hours. I have a few friends, but with my friends I like to think I am the quiet yet mum friend. I like to make sure everyone one is okay I carry everything with me so if someone needs something I have it but I also shy away and don't like making plans(I am also very loyal). I am frankly boring I like books, knitting, politics and history. History is fabulous and I love learning all I can about everything that has happened in the time before I was born. I also hope to be a nurse when I become of age. I am also apparently more mature for my age and have been since I was little. I took the Pottermore quiz several times and I got a mix between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff but I think I am more a Ravenclaw.
- thank you :)
Of course I can do that! I ship you with...
Tumblr media
If anyone took long with forming a relationship it was the two of you. You because of your social anxiety and quietness, and Crosshair because he wasn’t the biggest one on talking. The first time you two got into talking was when he overheared you talking about a book to your friends which he read too, so he made a side comment about it and your head surely never whipped around that fast.
The both of you would balance each other well and had a few things in common that made this work. Even if it doesn’t look like it Crosshair sure as hell is a giant book nerd and would totally make a two person book club with you as long as you kept it a secret from his brothers.
If you would knit him something he will make some not so nice comments about it but he would wear it whenever he can to show that he does cherrish your gifts. He will gift you stuff as well, sometimes it’s new books you wanted to try out, other times stuff you could use for knitting and even some medical hand books. He is a more quiet supporter and thinks that useful gifts are the best.
Crosshair just loves who you are. That you are so shy and quiet, that you always have stuff with you that somebody could need and how loyal you are. He is more of a show affection than tell, but not very keen on PDA, so be prepared to only get those hugs and cuddles when no one is around.
Will listen to you rambling about books, history and whatever comes to your mind while he is cleaning his rifle or doing something else. He can be productive while also spending time with you and giving you attention. Overall he will be a great boyfriens just not when other people are around.
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rainydaydream-gal18 · 47 minutes ago
(The Bad Batch) Camping: Crosshair’s Ending
    “I guess I’ll follow Crosshair,” you said.  The sharpshooter hadn’t heard your statement.  He was already on his way toward the edge of the clearing, crossing over into the woods.  
   Omega nudged you with her elbow.  “You’d better hurry, or you’ll miss him!”
   You hesitated.  “I don’t know.  He didn’t wait around for anyone to go with.  Maybe he wants to be alone.”
   “No,” she insisted with a shake of her head, blonde locks waving.  “Trust me, he won’t mind you going.  He likes your company.”
   You had to admit that he wasn’t as abrasive with you as he once had been.  Over time, the sudden snaps and sarcastic comments had died down.  He even showed subtle signs that he cared for you as a member of the team and family in his own little way.  Your feelings for him had grown beyond what you could have imagined in that time.  You didn’t expect for them to be returned, but at the very least, Crosshair didn’t seem to mind you.
   “Hurry!”  Omega urged again, giving you another nudge.  Crosshair had already disappeared into the forest, but he most likely hadn’t gotten far.  You shrugged at Omega before taking off for the edge of the clearing.
   “Here goes nothing,” you muttered to yourself.  A twig snapped beneath your shoe as you stepped out of the bright open clearing and into the shady, cool woods.  It was beautiful.  The trees above created a sort of canopy, only allowing for smaller patches of sunlight to shine through.  Everything was so green, and the air smelled so sweet.  The brush was thick and difficult to get through even though you were following Crosshair’s trail.
   You looked straight ahead to see him standing there several feet away, twisted around to peer at you over his shoulder.  You offered a smile and waved despite the fact that your leg was caught in a bush.  If he was surprised to see you, he didn’t show it.  His gaze swept over you for a moment before he approached.
   “Hey,” you greeted.
   Crosshair’s eyes met yours briefly.  “Hey.”  He extended his hand and pulled you forward so that you could remove your leg from the brush.  It was done swiftly and with ease.  Once you were free, you dusted yourself off and looked up at him.
   “Thanks.  Do you mind if I walk with you?”
   Crosshair turned his body in the direction he’d been walking in before, peering at you over his shoulder once more.  “Do what you want.”  It was well known that he wasn’t the most wordy or expressive.  That phrase was his way of an open invitation.
   You were watching where you walked, but your gaze was also drawn to the one who led the way through the dense woods.  You studied him as if somehow it would give you insight to what was going on in that mind of his.  He didn’t speak for some time.  Your eyes rested on the back of his head of silver hair, traveling down his form and pausing at his arms.  They were left exposed by his sleeveless blue shirt that faded into darker blue further down the torso.  He definitely wasn’t built like Wrecker, but his arms weren’t noodles either.  His lean form held an impressive strength.  You’d witnessed it on the battlefield many times, and even more recently, he demonstrated it when he had snapped the tent pieces back into place in front of you and handed them back.  It had been done swiftly and with ease, whereas it had taken you and Omega both to do it the first time.
   You snapped out of your train of thought at his question.  “Uh, what?”
   “You were staring.”
   Of course, those keen eyes of his didn’t miss a thing.  It was handy when it came to taking out droids, but at that moment, it was unfortunate.
   “Sorry.  I was just thinking.”
   He stepped over a bush and paused, turning to hold out an open hand towards you.  You hesitantly took it, and he helped you over the plant.  “About what?” he asked.  It wasn’t meant to be nosy or demanding.  It seemed he was trying to start a conversation, which was a rare but not entirely unheard of occurrence for him.  At least, not with you these days.
   Your heart was thumping erratically at that point, racking your brain for something to say other than “I was thinking about you.”  Although, you didn’t want to lie either.  “I was just thinking how nice the sights are here.”  It was true.  Crosshair just happened to be one of the sights that you admired.
   “It is nice,” he agreed, pausing to cast an admiring glance at the canopy of trees above.  The leaves created lovely patterned shadows on his face.  You followed his gaze and sighed at how your chest swelled with happiness.  The air was warm, but not quite as blistering hot as it was in the sunny clearing.  The shade held a different kind of quiet intensity, a tension that was still so beautiful to you.
   Your eyes fell back to Crosshair.  The corner of his mouth was turned up in a half-smile at the view.  He noticed then that you were watching him, and he turned his head to look back at you fully.
   “Have you and the squad done this before?” you asked.  “Gone camping?”
   “We’ve camped out for missions,” he replied.  “Never did it for fun.”
  “Technically, Hunter originally told us that this was for team-building.”
   “Funny, he’s the one who let everyone wander off in separate directions.”
   You chuckled at the realization.  “That’s true.  Well, maybe this is part of team-building in the end.  We negotiated an effective way for everyone to do what they want.  I’d say that was a good problem-solving exercise.”
   Crosshair shook his head.  “Good one.”
   The two of you continued through the forest, talking a little along the way.  It wasn’t exactly a chatter-filled walk, but it was probably the most you and Crosshair had opened up to each other.  He told you a few stories about the squad’s past experiences camping out.  There was one in particular about how Wrecker heaved a rock and accidentally knocked over a hive of bees that Crosshair even smirked at.  Fortunately, Wrecker had escaped without getting stung, but he had run off yelling and swatting his hands around.
   You weren’t sure how long you and Crosshair had been out, but it was definitely past lunchtime.  You hardly noticed.  You were having such a nice time with him that the time flew.
   “We should turn around,” you spoke up.  “The others are probably having lunch now.”  Crosshair paused and nodded before turning straight around and heading back the way you came.
   Even as late as it was, It still seemed a little too early for the sky behind the trees to be darkening as much as it did.  The air had grown humid, and the bird chirping had ceased.  The woods had gone from delightfully shady to nearly sunless and dreary.  You walked closer to the sharpshooter, though not so close that you’d step on his heels by accident.
   Then, you heard the pitter-patter of rain beginning to fall on the greenery around you.  It started off as a trickle before gradually morphing into a downpour.  It was so heavy that even the trees didn’t shield you from the drops that soaked your clothes.
   You felt a hand take yours, and you squinted through the rain to see Crosshair urging you to follow.  You let him lead you toward a large tree that had been uprooted.  It leaned against another tree, creating a spot beneath it untouched by the rainfall.
   You rested your back against the upright trunk, panting from the sudden dash.  Crosshair ran a hand through his damp hair and shook some drops from his face.
   “When it lets up, we’ll keep going,” he said.  Both of you stared out into the rainy haze in silence.  You wondered how long it would be before it would subside.  You were glad to have a shelter of sorts, but you were starting to shiver in your soaked clothes.  Crosshair’s eyes locked on you.  He gazed at you, and despite your chill, your face grew warm under his quiet scrutiny.  Finally, he walked over to stand right in front of you.
   “Cold?” he drawled.
   Your words abandoned you at the proximity, so you merely gave a short nod.  Crosshair was just as soaked as you were, but the arm that slipped around you still provided some comfort.  You automatically leaned into him, pressing your face against his bare shoulder which was already warming back up.  His other arm wrapped around your form, and you breathed a sigh as you sank into the contact even more.
   You lost yourself in the rise and fall of his chest as well as the steady thrum of his heart.  It was a melody that you were sure would play itself over and over in your mind after the encounter.  You didn’t even want to think about the after.  You didn’t want this to end.  Your arms had slipped around his waist, and his breath hitched.  You lifted your head to meet his gaze, concerned that perhaps you’d overstepped, but then his eyes locked on yours.
   It was like the bug caught in a spider’s web that caught your eye earlier as you passed through the forest.  You were trapped by those piercing eyes as his face grew closer, though you didn’t feel like the prey you’d seen before.  You weren’t struggling to escape.  You were drawn in.
   And suddenly, his warm lips were pressed to your own.  His grip on you tightened, and you felt like you’d melt into a puddle if it weren’t for his arms holding you.  All at once, something exploded in your chest, and your lips pulled away only to unite again in a more heated dance.  Your back hit the tree trunk behind you, and Crosshair grunted an apology.  His lips met yours again before he pulled away altogether, eyes glinting.
   “Rain stopped,” he said, running a thumb along your jaw.  You didn’t tear your eyes from his to confirm, only noted that the sound had subsided.
   “We’d better head back then,” you replied.
   Neither of you moved for several seconds.  Eventually, both of you were able to pull away, though his hand didn’t let go of yours, and continued your trek back to the campsite.  The walk back was quiet, though you found yourself meeting Crosshair’s gaze many times.  There wasn’t room for embarrassment because he was almost always staring at you first.  Even though there was a bit of a hurry to get back to the campsite before it rained again, you enjoyed every second.
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loth-wolffe · an hour ago
your crosshair hcs are giving me LIFE my heart is so soft and mushy it's unbelievably embarassing how much i love him but i think the most he'd go for showing affection in public will be gently holding your pinky under a table? and i like to think that somehow you both just end up gravitate towards each other, something like after a mission you're all in the marauder and you both always end up sitting next to each other and the most he'd do is letting you rest your head on his shoulder which secretly he goes absolutely WILD internally all "!!!!????!!-@^@&=,$&" when you do that but on the outside his expression just goes softer and rests his head on top of yours and nap together, cause it is around his brothers so i think he'd be comfier doing all of that, like he doesnt mind showing affection but not too much, just subtle little affections that has so much hidden messages that both you and crosshair knows. with regs i think he'd barely show any PDA but like your last answer if the reg gets close to you he wont hesitate to show off his love for you
DUDE BUT !!! sAMEEEEEE I'm almost embarrassed with how hard I'm in love with cross but whATEVER ITS WHAT HE DESERVES.
nOW LISTEN. let's break this down part for part bc I just love everything about this so much.
LIKE. imagine. you're in the mess hall with the batch or at some restaurant. your choice. and like, most times, crosshair sits in front of you, bc he loves watching you. more when you're telling a story and move your fork or whatever as you speak and those little glances you take over your glass and just!!! lock eyes with him ?????? hE GOES NUTS. he gets Giddy and he probably blushed the first times you did that bc omgg he loves you so much and you're making him loved right then. in front of his brOTHERS PLEASE STOP HIS HEART IS GOING TO EXPLODE but you don't and your feet found his under the table and maybe you just hit it softly with the side of yours but his eyes snap so quickly to you and you smile so beautifully. he narrows his eyes and finds in yours a confession that still makes him flustered. and when you place your hand on the table just bc he wants to hold you sO BAD !!!! but he doesn't and has to put his hands on his lap to control them.
you make him feel like a dumb teen and sometimes he hates you for it. lmao no he doesn't.
BUT LISTEN. when he sits beside you it's payback time because it's your time to feel like a teen in their first relationship. Like. first of all. your thighs would be touching that's a MUST. and he would nudge your side with his elbow softly, almost a feather like touch, or his fingers would brush yours when he grabs his cup, he would sneak a few looks your way when you're talking to Hunter about something and he has the most beautiful view of your profile. and HE. WOULD. HOLD. YOUR. PINKIE. UNDER. THE. TABLE. once you're all done and wait for wrecker to finish bc he just got a second plate. sometimes he goes as far as placing his hand on your thigh and just leave it there. and sometimes you place your hand on top of his and he goes fERAL bc let's face it he's a touch starved boi and he any simple touch of yours make him melt into a puddle, even More if it's something in public that only you guys know about, like touching under the table or kissing in a dark alley or whatever. BUT that doesn't mean that every time he does any little, discreet thing your heart doesn't flutter wildly in your chest.
and that thing you said about you always ending up gravitating towards each other????? FACTS.
like. he's looking at something in his datapan or cleaning his rifle or doing anything and you just go and sit beside him, resting your head on his shoulder and going "what are you doing?" in that soft, tired voice of yours that makes his heart skip a beat and even though is oBVIOUS what he's doing he's like "nothing." and just. stops doing it. and settles better for you to find a good position to sleep and he brushes the hair from your face as you fall asleep and holds back from kissing your temple bc there's People around but he does rests his cheek on top of yours and breathes in the smell of your shampoo. bc like you said sweet anon, crosshair dOES feel more comfortable around his brothers and he is a little bit loose when it comes to pda but I think he just kisses you when you're alone.
and sometimes you're in the cockpit or your office back in Kamino and he just. enters and sits in your bed, all quiet as he waits for you to finish whatever you're doing. and you're like "what's going on" and he just shrugs bc he's noT going to tell you he went all the way there just for cuddles and you're like, rolling your eyes and trying to hide the biggest smile ever and just go sit in his lap, and he instantly wraps you and nuzzles his face on the crook of your neck.
aND THAT "subtle, little affections that has so much hidden messages that both you and Crosshair know." SJDKAKDHA YESS.
like, he aLWAYS clasps your necklace (if you got one) bc he knows you have troubles with it, or he lets you shower first bc he doesn't want you to run out of hot water, he accompanies you on your long nights of doing paperwork because he knows you feel alone and stressed, he gets you food or something to drink when you miss your hours to eat bc you have so much work.
I just. I think Crosshair is a very simple lover. and like. he would do all these simple things that he thinks that aren't a big deal bc maybe he thinks he's supposed to be doing that, you know. I mean. I bet he thinks he's supposed to be taking care of you just like you take care of him, so it's alright if he has to make another trip to the mess hall to get you some food, or if he has to give you his blanket when you're on the Marauder.
And he thinks so much of you and always wants to be with you so these things come off natural, y'know. buT he doesn't know you really really appreciate everything he does and that he makes your heart feel warm and that it beats just for him, and everytime you say "you don't have to." he always answers without missing a beat "but I want to."
anyways thank you so much for liking my hcs and thank you even more for this fANTASTIC ASK YOU BEAUTIFUL ANON this made me go very very soft for crosshair and I nEED A MINUTE BC THIS IS SO SWEET AND CUTE AND I FEEL LIKE MY HEART IS GOING TO EXPLODE !!!!!
I just love him so much, your honor.
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angstkings · an hour ago
Noodle torture
Getting my throne back
cross blinked, breathing in sharply and looked around the bleak room
Not good....definitely not good
He pulled at the chains holding him to the chair
No use
He breathed slowly
Looking around, waiting
It didn't last long as the door opened
Seeing a tall figure
He moved to the table where the weapons were
"I won't tell you." Cross growled
"I won't tell you where there are."
"I knew you would. Its just a matter of time"
The figure moved over to him with one of the weapons
"Wait, w-we don't have to do this wait!"
The figure moved closer
And screams echoed through the room
Hunter ran down the corridors following the weak sense
He blinked at the door and kicked down the door
Seeing the figure tied to the chair blood spilling spilling his face, like blood tears, he was gasping and shaking
Cross moved slightly "h-hunter?"
He moved closer getting the chains off holding onto him
"I know Cross, I won't let them okay?"
Cross nodded slightly hunter got out the painkillers injecting it into the snipers neck
He scooped up the sniper running out
"I'm sorry Cross....I'm so sorry"
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m-o-o-n-s-g-o-o-n-s · an hour ago
*coughs awkwardly*
so i wanted to write something really fluffy, so i used a random prompt generator. the prompt i received was “reader sharing a drink with Crosshair from the same straw”
enjoy my goonies 🥰❤️🥺🙃☺️
(also, this is the first post with my taglist, so just comment if you would like to be added!)
Crosshair x GN!Reader Drabble: If there was one word Crosshair would describe you as, he would choose sweet. If you had to choose one word to describe him, you would choose soft. Quite the pairing. Oh so sweet and soft. Quite the pairing indeed.
Warnings: None, except tooth-rotting fluff. Like, just pure happiness and bliss.
Word Count: 1,177 words, 6,406 characters
*Disclaimer: I do not own anything relating to the Star Wars universe, nor do I own anything relating to the Clone Wars universe. I do not own any characters, places, or things unless they are of my own creation.*
Picture is from @degreeinsimping
There you were. With a wide grin and whipped cream dolloped on your nose. - Moons
Tumblr media
• Frosted Glasses Dripping Sugary Sweetness •
“Remind me why we’re doing this again?”
You focused your attention back on the man in front of you. Arms crossed, eyebrow raised, amusement dripping from his smirk as he watched your excited movements.
Crosshair would always be a soldier at heart. It was his life, thrown into the war without a second thought from the Kamionans. Now here he stood in your apartment on Coruscant. Watching as you tried to find the ingredients in your fridge to make a sugary treat you had treasured so much as a child.
Yes, he would always be a soldier.
The war had made him who he was, annoyed by everything and everyone who weren’t his brothers. Battle after battle, missions all the time.
Bless the Maker for bringing him into your life.
Now here you were, giving him a smile so wide that his heart clenched painfully and wonderfully all the same in his chest.
“We’re doing this because I know your sweet tooth is aching for something right now, and I have just the thing!”
He rolled his eyes, and just slid into a stool at your counter as he watched you return to your antics. Scrambling rapidly in your glee, trying to grab all the ingredients, stopping to make sure you had the correct thing.
It was an accident, really. How you had found out about Crosshair’s sweet tooth.
It was a quiet afternoon, and you offered him a chocolate, one from some bag you had bought a few days prior. You didn’t miss the way his eyes lit up like the sunrise, or how he almost moaned in delight as the milk candy spread through his mouth. Your giggles followed as he opened his eyes, cracking a smile, a rarity. A tickle fight ensued, more laughter.
Maker, was he soft for you. He would never admit it. So closed off and reserved, years of training building walls so high that it was almost impossible to scale them. To worm into his heart.
You had so quickly and quietly snuck into his heart, it was too late then to realize that he had already fallen in love with you.
He had done the exact same to you. Those butterflies beating their delicate wings in your stomach.
“My butterfly,” you had called him one night. He scoffed, nuzzled further into you, grumbled about not calling him that.
It never quite went away.
It was a comfort now. When he came home, some missions almost pushed him to the edge.
“Come here, my butterfly.”
When he surprised you by coming home early, slipping into the little library you had.
“My butterfly! You’re home!”
One time though, you had let it slip in front of his brothers. At 79’s in front of everyone to hear, right there. Your drinks were empty, and you being the kind soul, offered to refill them. Right when you had gotten up, kissing his cheek, so affectionately letting it out right there in the open.
“I’ll be right back, my butterfly.”
His brothers were shocked that he even let you call him a nickname, and they were even more shocked as he smiled at you as you walked away. With questioning looks and eyebrows raised, he could only shrug as he looked at his brothers.
“I give them butterflies, so I’m their butterfly.”
He was teased relentlessly afterwards, but he didn’t care. No, he would rather fill out paperwork for reports than tell you to stop calling him that.
Maybe, just maybe, he didn’t mind it so much. Even though he didn’t have quite the right nickname for you just yet, he was still trying. Besides, his nickname was lovely, so warm everytime it came from your mouth.
Yes, “my butterfly” was good. Amazing even.
“Butterfly! Do you want chocolate syrup around the glass too?”
Crosshair gazed at you as you held up the chocolate syrup bottle, your grin growing in joy by the second.
“And what is that going to do?” You groaned dramatically, a chuckle falling past his lips at your silly actions.
“It’ll add to it! I’ll just do it anyway!”
He watched as you swirled the sweet syrup around the inside of the glass. It dripped with condensation and looked as if it had just been on Hoth.
When you said you wanted to make a “milkshake” for the two of you, Crosshair wasn’t quite sure what it was all supposed to entail, but he couldn’t resist. The pretty pout on your lips as you begged him to let you up from your cuddling position from before.
He observed as you poured the mixture you had blended into the icy glass, dolloping a white cream and a red berry on top.
He glanced down at the glass, and back up to you, confused as to why there was only one. He watched as you pulled out two straws and settled them carefully into the mixture, as to not mess up the decor on top.
“I thought we could share… if that’s okay?”
“More than okay.”
You grinned at his response, joining him at the counter as you slid the glass closer. He only watched as you leaned in to take the first sip, but stopped as you turned your attention to him.
“Well, what are you waiting for?”
He shrugged. You swore when you both leaned in, eyes never leaving the others, it was almost like a scene from a holomovie.
At that moment, Crosshair realized he had never tasted something so sweet as this. Your giggles did not stop him as he went back for a second sip, a third, a fourth.
“Are you enjoying it, butterfly?”
He could only nod, your laughter growing louder by the second at his unfiltered reaction to the cold beverage.
For just one second, he could only see you. Bathed in the warm light coming from the window behind you, your smile gleaming with pleasure. A glow surrounding you, an ethereal light above your head. . His heart filled with adoration and an ever present love for you.
You stopped sipping, looking at him with a cocked head.
“What’s that?”
He felt himself cursing himself internally at his sudden proclamation, and had he really just said that out loud?
“Sunshine. Or Sunny. Or Sun.”
You still watched as he tried to come up with a reasonable explanation, fumbling for something to say. His brain working faster, gears turning to try and speak.
It then hit you that it was a nickname.
“Is… Is that my nickname?” You asked softly. He looked at you with wide eyes, a sheepish grin adorning his features.
“If that’s okay?”
You only smiled as you leaned into him, lips just inches from his own.
“More than okay.”
When your lips connected, Crosshair wasn’t really sure if it was the milkshake or you doing things to his mind, but one thing was for sure:
His sunshine was the sweetest thing he had ever tasted in his life.
taglist: @loth-wolffe @dreamingofclones
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m-o-o-n-s-g-o-o-n-s · an hour ago
OMG WAIT ITS @clone-rambles BIRTHDAY?!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(pictures from Pinterest)
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shybookwormslytherin · 2 hours ago
Really upset that I’ve gotten so behind on Bad Batch episodes 😭
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starshipgalaxies · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
This screencap...🥺🥺
This man is reliving the horrors of Order 66 all over again, back on the Jedi Cruiser, the moment his brothers ordered his execution for being a traitor of Order 66
Someone please give this man a hug, he's traumatized
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brekkers-girl · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dark Omega
𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐠𝐞𝐭 𝐫𝐢𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐞.
𝐁𝐮𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐚𝐫 𝐢𝐬 𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐢𝐬𝐧'𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝?
𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐧'𝐭 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐛𝐞𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞.
Here's the angsty Omega aesthetic @icedcoffee101
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lunarian-writings · 2 hours ago
Not any request, but I had this thought and I wanted to get it out of my head: imagine the Bad Batch (Star Wars, pre-Order 66) meeting Noble Team (Halo)
I fully imagine Jun and Crosshair would get into a scuffle over who's the better shot, lots of banter and biting remarks but have underlying respect for the other despite it. Who knows, maybe Crosshair will stop being an ass to Noble Team. (Emile almost got himself kicked off again because him and Crosshair got into a nasty fight when he called them 'regs')
Cat is impressed with Tech's knowledge of practically everything, though she might be a annoyed at how he can ramble sometimes and gets a little snappy if he goes on for too long. Other than that though shes content with him.
Jorge and Emile with Wrecker though? Jorge notices Wrecker's strength immediately and commends him for it; if it weren't for his personality, Jorge might even say he's on Level with Spartan-IIs. Can't tell me they don't get along by training in fist fights, arm wrestling and joyous conversations about the Covenant and Seppies though. Emile is just glad that he has someone who appreciates his explosive tendencies, I totally imagine him and Wrecker sneak out sometimes to go cause some chaos against the baddies by blowing their shit up; totally craft their own explosives too and have fun about it
Carter and Hunter get along smoothly as commanders and brothers in arms (not literally, but they both went through similar events such as being molded for war and such). Carter appreciates the work and leadership Hunter has for his squad, and Hunter's breathing sighs of relief that he has someone to talk to that isn't about to start fights, blow shit up or go on random sayings. 10/10 they are terrifying when their paired up together, no questions. (Also if you really want to think about it.... Carter kinda looks like a 'reg' clone too)
Noble-6 (going off of the personality shown in game and not the custom character) would get along with Echo the most, but it isn't immediate, like its almost as slow as a slug. I headcannon that because he's such a lone wolf (even with Noble Team, he has a habit and preference of going solo), he struggles to open up to anyone, but then over the course of getting to know Echo, he just... let's out a lot of things. Six goes over the amount of chaos and death he's scene that he forcibly bottles up to where nightmares happen so frequently that he's left with barely several hours of sleep. Echo completely understands as with what happened at the Citadel, him being a POW, Fives, and so much more, he relates to Six on a personal level. They become buddies quickly and Six never lets anyone rudely comment on Echo's cybernetic body, or else they get a fist to the face.
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ilovecatsandbaking · 3 hours ago
How bad batch takes their popcorn.
No salt
No butter
Extra salt
Extra butter
Has M&MS or other chocolate pices
White cheddar
Lightly salted
May also have m&m/chocolate pices
Kettle corn
Cinnimon sugar
Also kettle corn
Cinnimon sugar
Also chocolate
Claims to like:
Shrimp and garlic
But actually likes:
Lightly salted
(Doesn't like to share)
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