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#crosshair x reader
thebaddestofbatches · 9 days ago
The Bad Batch Incorrect Quotes Pt. 6
Y/N: I told Crosshair his ears flush when he lies.
Hunter: Why?
Y/N: Watch.
Y/N: Hey Cross! Do you love us?
Crosshair, covering his ears: No.
. **(*)** .
Y/N, teaching Omega swears: Alright, what do we say when there’s an inconvenience?
Omega: Shit!
Y/N: And when we mess something up?
Omega: Kriff!
Y/N: Great, and what do we say when someone asks who taught you those words?
Omega: Crosshair did!
. **(*)** .
Tech: So what’s for dinner?
Y/N, staring at the food they just burnt: Regret.
. **(*)** .
*Playing Scrabble*
Hunter: I will play A to make a
Echo: I will add on to your A to make at
Wrecker: I’ll add an R to your at to make rat
Tech: I will add onto your rat to make biostratigraphic.
Crosshair: *flips the board*
. **(*)** .
Wrecker: I have an idea.
Hunter: No explosions.
Wrecker: I no longer have an idea.
. **(*)** .
Y/N: Hunter, I’m going to the market, is there anything you want me to pick up while I’m out?
Hunter: My will to live.
Y/N: Well Omega’s with Wrecker right now, but I can get her later if you want.
. **(*)** .
Tech: Who hurt you?
Y/N: *snorting* What, do you want a list?
Tech: ...Yes, actually.
. **(*)** .
Y/N: Fight me!
Hunter, standing behind them and holding a knife: *mouths* Do not.
. **(*)** .
Y/N: Everything will be ok. You can not stop it.
Y/N: Everything will be fine. You have no choice.
Crosshair: What the fuck kind of pep talk is that?
Y/N: Ominous positivity.
. **(*)** .
Y/N: Who's in charge here? Echo: Usually whoever yells the loudest.
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rainydaydream-gal18 · 14 days ago
(The Bad Batch) He Sees You Wear His Blacks
(Author’s Note:  This is actually how the most recent Crosshair fic “This is War” came to be.  It was originally part of this, but I decided to make it it’s own thing
These are just lil blurbs for each Bad Batcher about you wearing his blacks for the first time.  Enjoy!)
   His mouth stretched wide open in a yawn as he made his way through the main hall of the Marauder to his bunk.  After the day the squad had, he was finally ready to settle down for a nap.  His tired eyes widened in pleasant surprise at the sight of you already curled up on his bunk.  You were laid down with eyes closed and hair messily splayed out on the pillow, enjoying a sleep so deep and peaceful that you didn’t stir upon his approach.
   Wrecker’s smile was nearly giddy as he pulled back the covers to climb in next to you and get cozy.  He paused, noticing suddenly that you were wearing his extra set of blacks as pajamas. Though snug on him, the fabric hung loosely on your form, and you had the sleeves rolled up past your wrists.
   It was so cute that Wrecker couldn’t resist leaning down to press a kiss to your cheek.  He really hadn’t meant to wake you, but the action drew you from your slumber with a quiet groan.
   “Sorry,” he said sheepishly.  “Didn’t mean to wake you.”
   You offered a sleepy smile that had his heart thudding at a quicker pace.  “That’s okay.  Cuddle with me?”
   He was beyond happy to grant your request, finally getting settled beside you and pulling the covers up over the two of you.  “You look cute in my blacks,” he commented in a low voice, bringing a hand up to stroke your cheek.
   “Yeah?” you yawned.  The new warmth he brought was already lulling you back to sleep.  “You look cute in your blacks too.”
   He chuckled, seeking a kiss with the brush of his nose against yours.  You met his lips in a single, soft peck before snuggling up to his chest, his arm tightening around you.  “Goodnight, _________.”
   “Goodnight, Wrecker,” you mumbled, already drifting.
   “Here,” he said, holding out the mass of dark fabric in your direction.  You lifted your gaze to him, mouth pressed in a firm line, and accepted the clothing, being careful not to get it wet.  Hunter couldn’t help but observe you in silent mirth.  The way you stood there with shoulders sagging, clothing drenched, and hair a soggy mess made you look like a damp lothcat.
   He didn’t mean to find amusement in your disheartened state, but part of him admittedly found you adorable.  You were scouting ahead when a downpour hit. You’d arrived back at the Marauder soaked to the bone. Your sleep clothes were hanging in the refresher to dry- it had been time to do some laundry- so Hunter had offered you his extra set of blacks so you could hang the rest of your gear to dry.
   Despite your mood, you caught the glint in Hunter’s eye and couldn’t help but smile.  “What?”
   “Nothing,” he denied evenly, though the corner of his lips were turned upward.
   You gave a playful roll of your eyes before stepping into the refresher to slip out of your damp clothing and into the blacks.  When you’d hung the rest of your clothes to dry beside your pajamas, you emerged from the refresher hugging your form as your body warmed itself up.
   Hunter had already busied himself with giving orders to the squad down the hall, but when his eyes skimmed over you passively he had to stop and do a double-take.  He glanced away momentarily.  “Tech, be sure to keep me updated.”  Then, his gaze was back on you.
   He liked everything about it.  The sight of you wearing his blacks and his scent covering yours, showing everyone else that you were his…
   All previous amusement was completely gone from his expression as Hunter approached, stealing a glance over his shoulder to ensure no one was paying attention before leaning in for a firm kiss, arm wrapping around you to pull you closer.
   “I’ll be sure to let you borrow my blacks more often,” he murmured.
   Echo tipped his head back to sip the last of his beverage.  He had to admit, Cid served up some decent drinks.  Catching movement out of the corner of his eye, Echo nearly choked on his drink when he took a second look.  There you were, taking a seat next to him at the table, wearing your usual clothes but with the top half of his blacks instead of your own shirt.  His heart went into overdrive.
   He coughed a few times to clear his throat before facing you.
   “Oh, hey,” you greeted, eyes lowering sheepishly.  “I’m sorry I didn’t ask...Is it okay if I borrow this?”
   “Trust me,” he said, his tone heavy with approval.  “I’ve got no problem with that.”
   “You sure?”  The way you looked at him with eyes wide and lips parted in concern left him breathless, which sent him into another coughing fit.  You leaned forward to pat his back gently.  “Love, are you okay?”
   His final sputter turned into a chuckle, and he shook his head.  “I’m fine.  You’re look good.  Beautiful.”
   The smile that spread across your face was stunning, and Echo found himself smiling for the first time today.  You had a habit of doing that to him: changing his grumpy mood entirely.  He watched as you ordered something and got more comfortable in your seat, reaching a hand across the table to rest over his.  He entwined his fingers with yours.  Echo realized that he still hadn’t stopped staring, and he embarrassedly glanced away, feeling very much like a shiny seeing a beautiful woman for the first time all over again.  You’d been dating for some time, and usually he was a little smoother than this.
   “You’re so sweet,” you said, bringing his hand up to kiss it.
   He accepted the token of affection with a reassured smile.  “And you” -he kissed your hand in return- “are welcome to borrow my blacks whenever you’d like.”
   You quickly pulled on the top half of Crosshair’s extra blacks that had been folded neatly at the end of his mattress.  He’d be done scrubbing his prized rifle quite soon, and you wanted to be found waiting for him upon his return to the bunk.  Once you were cozy in comfy pants and his shirt, you pulled back the covers and crawled in.
   A few minutes later, the door slid open, and Crosshair entered.  He halted, eyes sweeping over you as he stood there.  He seemed to unfreeze when you smiled and held out your hand towards him, beckoning him closer.  He took it and tilted his head down at you.
   “Someone made themselves at home,” he said.  His tone was casual, but you could tell he was pleased-and even amused- by the way his eyes crinkled at the corners in the beginnings of a small smile.
   “Mhm,” you hummed, scooting farther in to make room.  “Care to join me?”
   He released a sigh, as if it was some chore, and climbed into the bunk beside you, though you didn’t miss the smile that finally did appear as he watched you get settled against his chest.  He grasped a bit of the fabric of his blacks between his fingers.
   “Looks good on you.”
   “Yeah?” you glanced up at him, pressing your lips absently to his collarbone.  He took a deep breath, releasing the fabric, and held you tighter in response.  Crosshair didn’t speak for a few minutes, only rested his chin on your head as you buried your face in his shoulder.
   “Yeah,” he finally said, giving you a kiss against your temple.  “Looks good on you.”
   “I have a hypothesis,” you stated, unfolding the dark fabric that you’d found in a messy heap hanging off the side of his bunk.  You’d brought his blacks back up to the cockpit with you where Tech was busy tinkering on a few things in the co-pilot chair.  The others were off-shift, most likely napping.
   “Oh?” Tech responded without looking up from his project.  “And what’s that?”
   You watched him for a moment from behind the chair.  While you had to admit he looked rather attractive with his broad back to you while he worked so diligently on Wrecker’s busted comm device, you wanted his attention.
   “It’s a secret,” you replied.  His focus gave you the opportunity to slip on the top half of his blacks that you’d found over your tank top.  “I want to conduct an experiment before I tell you.”
   “If I’m made aware of this hypothesis, are you concerned that it will compromise the collection of data?” he finally swiveled the chair to the side so he could peer at you over his shoulder.  It was obvious he noticed you wearing his blacks because his eyes widened ever-so-slightly.
   “Something like that,” you said with a nod.  You approached him, and his eyes moved with you while the smile on his face grew.  Once you were beside him, you casually looked at the repair in progress over his shoulder.  “How’s it coming?”  It took him a minute to tear his gaze from you and glance back down at the device in his hands.
   “It’s coming along rather nicely, I’d say,” he replied.  Then, that cheeky smile returned.  “Or rather, it was until you showed up looking like...that.”
   You shrugged innocently.  “Looking like what?”
   He fell silent again as he met your gaze, mouth pressing in a firm line as if he was internally debating something.  You held back a smile at the sight of the wheels in his head turning.  Finally, he set down the device on a nearby panel.
   “You look…”-he sighed, reaching a hand to take yours- “like I could kiss you.”  With a gentle tug, he pulled you just close enough to lean up and press his lips to yours.  “You look good in my shirt, my dear.”
   You hummed against his lips and pull away to smile.  “My hypothesis was proven.”
   He lifted an inquisitive brow.
   “If I wore your blacks, you would kiss me.”
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melissa-kenobi · 8 days ago
Sleeping Positions [Bad Batch]
A/N: yelloo peeps, decided to make some bad batch headcannons. Curtesy of @starwarsworld, thank you hun for making me wanna do these! Also I don't even know if this counts as sleeping positions lol! These will be a mixture of SFW and NSFW, maybe some fluff too. NSFW ones have an asterisk next to them! Feel free to send in some headcannon requests too xx
Tumblr media
This man is for sure a pain in your arse when it comes to sleeping. He has no set routine, so he just flops into his bunk whenever he wants to.
He can never decide which position he should sleep in if he's alone. You'll always hear him tossing and turning around in his bunk.
He does it quite frequently, and very loudly, just to let you know that he wants you here with him, or else he'll continue shuffling around in his bunk.
Once you'd caught him whining your name while you were working on something with Tech. You had to cough a couple of times to cover it up before Tech realised what was happening and let you go.
"You better not tell anyone."
"I won't."
Eventually when you do finish off what you're doing, you'll slip into bed with him, finding him sitting up with an angry look on his face.
"What took you so long?" He'll huff, not giving you a chance to reply before he pulls you towards him and tucks you into his chest.
His long arms holding you tightly against him as he mumbles words into your hair. "Can't believe you made me wait so long."
"Shouldn't have been an ass to Tech and broken his t-
"Shh. I don't want to hear about Tech. Go to sleep."
You huff and shuffle a little in his arms before you'd fall asleep. Crosshair would listen to the sounds of your breathing, grounding him as he felt his body relax.
No matter what happened during the day, you were always in his arms at night, helping him sleep.
Even if he was a whiny baby.
Echo, Echo, Echo
This man literally needs you to sleep with him.
On the outside he's tough guy, loves to show you off as his, but when you're in bed that's a whole 'nother story.
This man is honestly the little spoon. No matter what, he needs to be cuddled to sleep at night.
He doesn't care what you say but he knows he sleeps better with you, he always has.
You had found him shivering at night once so you had grabbed your blanket and tucked it over him. Hoping that would be enough to keep him warm.
But in his sleep Echo had swung an arm over you, trapping you in his bed, under his covers. You couldn't move, nor did you want to disturb him as he had only just stopped shivering and was now sleeping peacefully.
You would just have to let him cuddle you and deal with the consequences in the morning.
Although you didn't mind.
The two of you woke up with Crosshair stood over you, a smug grin plastered on his face as he watched the two of you fumble for words.
"Mesh'la, i-i I am so sorry!"
"Oh, so it's mesh'la now?"
"What does mesh'la mean?"
Ever since then, you had agreed to help him sleep, even with Crosshairs incessant teasing.
Which practically happened everyday of his life, along with Omega and Wreckers now joined in on it too.
Echo liked to have you behind him as he tucked himself into your chest, his good arm wrapped around your body, while you free hand caressed his head.
Echo loved it when you left soft kisses on his face, the feel of your lips against his sullen skin made him feel wanted, it made all his nightmares disappear so he could only dream of you.
Echo would let out small humms of contempt as he slept peacefully in your arms.
Better than he ever would have alone.
Now here's a man who did not enjoy sleeping with you at first.
Due to his senses he was used to sleeping alone, with his thoughts, and with his own senses. He hated hearing noises around everywhere else so he had Tech install a noise filtering machine in his bunk.
Now, Hunter didn't know how handy this would be when you came along.
His senses went into overdrive when you first slept with him, his couldn't concentrate. It was like you were taking over his mind and his senses.
"Hunter, baby, are you okay?"
He would shake his head, reaching out to touch you so it could help calm him down. He'd open his eyes and see you sat infront of him, legs crossed as you held his hands gently.
The two of you soon had a routine that consisted of you sleeping besides him, only your hands touching as you didn't want to overwhelm him too much.
Hunter loved that about you, how caring you were about his senses and him. But he wanted more, he want so much more with you and wanted to give it to you very soon.
So one night you slept besides him, comfortly listening to his breathing, noticing that he wasn't asleep yet.
"Hunter? What's wrong?"
Hunter had been hard all day, your intentional teasing had been a huge pain for him the entire day and you didn't even know it.
"I er- I-
You sat up and took his form in, suddenly realising what he was all shy about now. Giving him a small smile you shuffed closer to him, now sitting on the top of his thighs, running your hands down his chest.
"Shall I take care of you baby?"
Hunter would only whine in response, his senses already going into overdrive at your ministrations.
You'd slide off his blacks, along with his underwear while he lifted his hips to aid you. "Good boy."
Slipping a hand around his cock, you would slide your hand around it, holding his cock in your hand gently - letting Hunter get used to the feeling and enjoy it. "You good Hunter?"
He would only moan in response and you took that as your sign to continue slowly pumping him. You'd start off slow, giving him time to adjust.
"Baby, use your- I want your mouth- please..."
Reaching up to give him a soft kiss, you would slide your mouth onto his cock, making him hiss in desperation.
He wouldn't last very long, not with the way you had been going and how worked up had been all day. He would cup a hand around your cheek, his signal to let you know he was going to cum.
"Cum for me Hunter..."
After he was finished, you would clean him up, not too quickly after because he was still very sensitive. Hunter would pull you towards him, still lying on his back while you cuddled into his side, tangling your fingers together as he fell asleep whispering softly
"Thank you mesh'la.."
Oof, Tech is one kinky man, I'm telling you.
He would immediately shuffle into bed, dragging you along with him whether you'd like it or not.
Whether you had finished your joint project or not, Tech would demand cuddles and your warmth right away.
Yes, by your warmth he meant your ... 😏
Tech slept naked. And that meant you would also be sleeping naked too.
After stripping down to your undies, you would do a small strip tease for the man, making his eyes grow wider under his goggles as his cock hardened under his blacks.
"C'mere mesh'la.." Tech would mumble as he pulled you to sit on his lap, before he closed his doors and slid behind you.
Your ass would be rubbing up against his erection as he cuddled into you from behind. "Teeeechhh...."
"What is it mesh'la? You want this?"
Tech would strip out of his underwear, sliding his cock between your thighs, enjoying the warmth that surrounded his cock as he let a string of curses.
"Please darling..."
Tech would be a total tease, grabbing your arms, holding them above your head as he slid his cock up and down your lips, making you moan in response. "You like that darling?"
"Did you know, having an orgasm before bed can help you sleep better?" Tech would whisper lustfully in your ear as he slowly, ever so slowly slid his cock into your pussy.
The man would make your orgasm within seconds, his free hand rubbing circles around your clit, just in the way you like as you bumped back into his hips - wanting more friction.
Tech wouldn't move. He loved the warmth that your pussy gave him, he loved the way his cock would fill you up, stretching you just right.
He knew your body like the back of his hand, and with one single thrust in the right spot, he would have you coming within seconds. His own orgasm following swiftly after, feeling the pulsations of your pussy making him lose control as he let go. Moaning into your ear as you clenched him tightly.
"Fuck! Tech!"
"Good girl." He would whisper praises in your ear, keeping his cock tucked inside of you, his cum plugged deeply inside of you as he twisted your body towards him, turning you to face him as he wrapped your legs around his waist.
His cock still buried deep inside as you let out a soft moan of contempt. "Tech, you feel so good. Thank you baby.."
He would smile and kiss your lips, his eyes now starting to feel sleepy before he'd whisper
"Sleep darling."
Wrecker's a big guy, so he need alot of space. So when he sleeps he loves to sleep on his stomach, sprawled out as he take up the majority of the bunk.
So when you came along, Wrecker realised he couldn't do that. He was terrified he would squash you in his sleep.
So one night he offered for you to sleep with him in his bunk and you were delighted, over the moon. After changing into your sleepwear, you slid into Wrecker's bunk, only to find him huddled into a corner while he left a huge amount of space for you.
"Wreck? Why are you all the way over there?"
"Erm, I don't-
"Baby what's wrong?"
"I don't want to squash you."
Rolling your eyes, you smiled and tugged on the large man to come closer to you. Wrecker hesitantly made his way, his arms automatically coming to hug you, but you'd push him down.
"Sleep how you usually would Wreck."
Wrecker took up his usual position, sleeping on his stomach as he cuddled into a pillow, body sprawled across his bunk.
You took your chance, grabbing the pillow and tucking it elsewhere as you took its position, Wrecker's arms covering your body as he cuddled you instead.
Wrecker let out a laugh, tugging you closer to him, now happier that wasn't going to squash you anymore. He placed a soft kiss on your forehead, as you nuzzled your face into his neck.
"I love you mesh'la."
"Love you too big guy."
Omega [Bonus]
Likes to cuddle with everyone, but mostly you because you were soft and warm.
She also saw you as a mother figure. Always looking after her and make sure she was comfortable with what she wanted to do.
Also she preferred your body to the boys' armour and their abs.
She loves it when she can curl up on your lap on one of the seats and listen to you sing or hum along to a random tune that allows her to fall asleep.
The boys love it when you do that because it helps them remember that Omega is only a child, that she needs that nurturing and softness that you can give her.
Neither of you know it, but the boys are always watching from behind, their hearts swelling with love and adoration for the two of you.
Send in some headcannons for The Bad Batch here
Taglist: @tobitofunction @pinkiemme @lysawayne @shadowfoxey @starwarsworld @theeicedamericano @darthmama1618 @justanothersadperson93 @liadamerondjarin
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multi-fan-dom-madness · 22 days ago
Bad Batch - Love Languages
Fandom: Bad Batch; Star Wars Pairing: Bad Batch x gn!reader Type: Preferences / Drabbles Warnings: mentions of guns/gunfire; hand-to-hand training/fighting; slight swearing; fluff; so much fluff [let me know if I missed anything!] Word Count: ~3.2k A/N: This is the first creative/non-academic writing I've attempted in over two years (thanks, grad school), and of course it's fanfiction. Kind of got away from me. Haven't seen anyone do this yet, and these are just my personal interpretations of what I think each Batcher's love language is. Enjoy!
Synposis: How the boys of Clone Force 99 show affection according to their top love language.
Hunter - Words of Affirmation
Tumblr media
Hunter is full of surprises, and his expression of his love language is probably your favorite.
Surprising, because usually he’s something of a hard-ass to those he doesn’t know well, quicker to reprimand or rebuke than to reassure.
As leader of Clone Force 99, he’s used to giving orders, strategizing and planning, negotiating petty conflicts between his brothers.
He’s also used to training others.
Suffice it to say, talking, and knowing what words to pick, is something he is familiar with. And so it should be no surprise that words of affirmation come naturally to him.
But with you, it feels...different. Even though you’ve only been with the squad for a couple months, he’s accepted you as part of the team. His praise for you feels less like an obligation of duty, and more genuine, as you achieve the goals set out for you and smash through them headfirst.
He compliments you when your strategy on a mission works out in the squad’s favor.
When you come to him with problems, his first question is always, “Do you want advice or sympathy?” and it never fails to make you feel validated, whatever your troubles.
He’s the first to tell when your sleep is restless, alerted by your gasping breaths and the scent of fear in your sweat. Even if he’s on the other side of the ship, he’ll be there, brushing your hair off your clammy forehead, whispering that you’re safe, it’s not real, you’re here right now, you’re so strong.
Even things as small and simple as your cooking earn his praise.
A quiet “thank you” from him is enough to send a pleasant shudder up your spine, leaving you basking in his appreciation for much longer than necessary.
And for the most part, those two words are all you’re able to get out of him on a normal day. He doesn’t want to dilute his genuine appreciation of your efforts by commenting on them all the time.
He also doesn’t want you to get distracted by him. He feels the vibrations of your heart rate increasing whenever he says something affirming, registers the uptick in your body temperature, hears the quiet way your breath catches.
Even so, he feels his duty as your sergeant heavily.
He’s taken to training you in sparring during the few precious moments of downtime between missions, unsatisfied with the meager hand-to-hand combat training you’d received on Kamino.
While Tech, Wrecker, and Echo carry out supply runs, you and Hunter find yourselves circling one another in some clearing or another next to the Marauder, Crosshair your only audience and lookout.
He gives pointers as you orbit one another.
“Fists higher, cover your face... That’s it, just like that.”
And, “Try sweeping your legs like this. Get me off my feet... Very good, (y/n), that’s perfect.”
And, “Lock your wrist just before impact, it’ll help you land a solid blow.” He grunts when you jab him in the chest with this technique. “Doing great with this, mesh’la, keep it up.”
He doesn’t mean for his affirmations to sound Truly.
On this particular occasion, he’s all work, no play, only offering terse words as you try to land blows on each other.
Sweat runs down the sides of your face as you shuffle around him, eyes narrowed in concentration.
His red headband is damp with sweat of his own. Dark curls cling to his skin.
You shuffle in closer. Deflect a right hook past your body, throwing him off balance.
You crouch, scything your legs against the backs of his knees, just like he taught you. He crashes to the ground with a solid thump.
Standing over him, panting, you hover a heel over his throat. “I win.”
His eyes sparkle up at you, and then you’re helping him to his feet.
“Good job, mesh’la.”
A broad grin splits your face, heat rising to your cheeks. The three words are by far not his most eloquent. But the amount of affection in his gaze, and his heated skin against yours where you haven’t released his hand, makes your head swim.
“You’ve improved so fast,” he says.
“Well,” you say, breathless, “I had a good teacher.”
And the adoration on his face when he smiles is enough to make your knees wobble.
Crosshair - Acts of Service
Tumblr media
You’d never know this was Crosshair’s love language if you hadn’t spent so much time with the squad. In fact, for the first few months of having you around, Crosshair was cold. Indifferent. Caustic, even.
But once he realized that you weren’t going anywhere (and found himself pleased with this fact), he slowly opened himself up to you. At least, as much as he felt comfortable.
Crosshair, though, is nothing if not a man of few words.
So he shows you his appreciation in his actions instead, making every observation, every movement count.
He worries he comes across as creepy for watching you so often, but he swears it’s for a good reason. You don’t seem to notice, and when you do, your heart flips in your chest.
It starts small. He brings you caf, just how you like it, on mornings when you’re kept up late after missions. You never even told him, or the others, how you like the energizing drink. You smile at him every time, but are met with a noncommittal grunt.
After hearing you grumble about having no hot water left in the fresher once or twice, he started letting you shower before him, instead of dead last. You thank him quietly, mind racing as you try to figure out why he’s being nice like this. Eventually you decide any of his brothers would have done the same. But a warm glow settles in your chest at the thought of him just the same.
(You are unaware of his quiet, though no less sincere threats to his brothers to be mindful of their water use for your sake. And also unaware of the relentless teasing Crosshair receives, his brothers too perceptive of his motivations.)
Other things, too. You hate cleaning the dishes; he does them before you even realize they need done. You can’t sleep with Wrecker snoring just a few bunks away; he swaps shifts with the beefy clone so the barracks are quiet when you want to sleep.
You forget to clean your blasters after a mission one night, and come out of the fresher to find Crosshair cleaning them for you.
It’s then that you realize, belatedly, what he’s been doing for weeks, months now. Silently taking on tasks that you dislike, going out of his way to make sure you had comfort and stability.
Your eyes lock on his as he glances up from where he’s lounging on the bottom bunk--your bunk--dirty rag in one hand, dismantled blaster in the other, toothpick dangling loose from his lips. His face is unreadable as he holds your gaze, amber eyes unwavering. Your heart does its familiar flip at the sight of him.
“You didn’t have to,” you murmur, taking a hesitant step forward.
He shrugs almost imperceptibly. “Don’t mention it.”
“Still.” Another step forward, tentative. You’re not oblivious to the fact that he doesn’t like to be around anyone. Including you. You hope you’re reading him correctly here.
But he stays sitting, watching you, hands resuming their activity almost on autopilot. If asked, he wouldn’t be able to explain why he provided these acts of service for you willingly, when Tech’s exasperated requests for help are always met by a scowl and complaints. Yet the warmth that tingles in his fingertips as you look at him now, as if seeing him for the first time... damn it all.
He grips the blaster a little tighter, willing himself to stay calm.
“I made sure to save some hot water for you,” you finally say, hoping the gesture is received by the broody clone with appreciation.
It is. He sets the rags and blaster down and stands, closing the distance between you two. He smells vaguely of carbon residue and grease. For a moment, as you gaze up at him, your hair still damp, heart racing, you think he might say something.
Instead, he reaches out to you, squeezes your arm. Then he’s gone, brushing past you to the fresher, leaving you frozen in the middle of the barracks. A quiet snicker escapes him as he looks back at you.
And then, just as quiet: “Thank you, cyar’ika.”
Tech - Quality Time
Tumblr media
Tech isn’t usually one for any kind of intimacy: whether platonic or romantic, it simply does not fit with how he sees the world and its functions.
Not that he doesn't care about the rest of his squad, or you, but he tends to put his intellectual pursuits first.
But he loves company. Someone to babble at (or, more accurately, with), someone to share knowledge and intellect and even silence with. Someone to tinker alongside as the Marauder hurtles through hyperspace.
If you were being completely honest, his near-incessant chatter grated on your nerves for the first few weeks you spent with Clone Force 99. Useless facts, Hunter had once called Tech’s prattling. You had to agree.
But being the shiniest member of the Batch, you’d been handed cockpit duty during the same shifts as Tech.
The first few nights, he would not stop talking. Explaining how the ship’s hyperdrive worked, filling you in about details regarding the squad’s tactics (or lack thereof), more facts about your home planet than you ever cared to know.
By the third night, you humored him, and to your surprise (and his) you found yourself asking questions, engaged in what he had to say, offering what little anecdotes you thought he might find interesting.
He eventually quiets down. Tinkers with modifying his blasters, his goggles and screen, any minor piece of equipment he can get his hands on.
After that night, he requests that you are the one to go with him on supply runs or to perform reconnaissance missions.
He always ends up in the same part of the ship with you at the end of particularly long missions.
His chatter varies with his mood, but he always seems to be in good spirits when you’re around. Even if you’re just sitting in silence.
You’re sitting in the co-pilot seat, feet up on the control board, arms crossed over your chest. The mission earlier in the day took a lot of you, out of all of you.
Tech sits, as usual, in the pilot’s seat, hunched over a deformed mass of metal and wires. His goggles slip down his nose precariously.
Through sleepy eyes you glance over at him.
His hair, usually slicked back so neatly, is disheveled. A loose strand dangles over his forehead.
As if he feels your eyes on him, he says, without looking up, “Shift change was fifteen minutes ago.”
He’s right, of course. You were supposed to wake Echo as your replacement and get some much needed rest on an actual bed.
But you shift further down in the seat, humming noncommittally. “I won’t tell if you don’t.”
Tech glances at you then, an unreadable emotion in his eyes. “It’s against protocol.”
You hold his gaze a moment longer, feeling torn between the sleep hugging the edges of your consciousness and the anticipation of his next words. Right again. There were always supposed to be two alert squadmates on hand if something went wrong with the ship.
Tech, for his part, is elated at the thought of spending more time in your company. Even if you do look to be...three minutes and seventeen seconds from falling asleep.
He allows himself a half smile. “Just this once, then.”
“What you working on?” you ask, voice thick with a suppressed yawn.
“Well, you see, it’s just a prototype, but I thought if I could recalibrate the internal balancing mechanism of a blaster, I’d be able to achieve...”
Tech glances at you again in the midst of his explanation, and smiles softly at your sleeping form. For once, he was wrong. Two minutes and forty-three seconds.
“Sleep well, cyare.” And for once, he doesn’t mind the silence, content in your presence.
Echo - Gifts
Tumblr media
Echo is always bringing you things that remind him of you. You swear your small corner of the Marauder is filled more with the trinkets and baubles he finds than things you bought yourself.
Not that you mind.
His time as a Separatist tool has made him all the more appreciative of the little things in life, and he can think of nothing more fitting than making sure those around him know how he feels. Ergo, he gives gifts.
Mounted above your sleeping space is a decapitated Battle Droid. It was his first kill with the Bad Batch, and he wanted to share the small victory with you.
In the front pocket of your backpack, the one you brought with you on every mission, sits a polished brown stone, worn smooth after decades of tumbling in a clear stream on Naboo. You remember the way Echo’s fingers brushed over your hand as he settled the rock’s solid weight in your palm.
Taped to the wall below the Battle Droid head are dehydrated and pressed flowers, one for nearly every planet the squad visited. Echo shuffles his feet every time he brings you a new one, eyes averted to the floor, suddenly shy. You bring the new plant to your nose every time, thanking him sincerely, and set to drying your newest gift.
He brings you useful things, on occasion, or things you were unwilling to buy for yourself, like a new screwdriver to replace the one you’d dropped down a ravine on some desert planet, or the bracelet of interlocking silver pieces he’d caught you admiring at market last week.
But mostly it’s small items that make him think of you. Flowers. Rocks. Small vials of water from water worlds and jars of soil from lush, verdant planets.
You’re generally not around when Echo chooses his next gift; sometimes he snags trinkets literally behind your back, tucking whatever it is into his utility belt as you turn back to face him.
You’ve noticed his secretive actions before, but usually in the next moment you’re on the move again towards a target or being shot at, and it is only later when he presents his gift that you recall him stuffing something into his pockets earlier.
Every gift leaves a smile on your face, and a strange feeling of helium in your chest.
You want to return the favor.
And so, the next time you catch Echo zipping closed a pocket on his utility belt, you let the rest of the Batch move ahead.
Removing a small bundle from your own belt, you catch Echo's attention.
He tilts his head, and you can only imagine the quirked eyebrow hidden beneath his helmet.
You hold the parcel out. He hesitates, then takes it from you and cradles it against his chest using his cybernetic arm. With his flesh hand he tugs loose the thin rope knotted around the parcel, and the gray cloth falls away, revealing your gift.
A soft gasp from him. His head raises to look at you through the helmet.
You smile. “Is it okay?”
He gingerly lifts the small canvas out of its wrappings. You’d done your best to paint, by light of Crosshair’s borrowed stolen rifle lamp during late nights in hyperspace, some of your favorite flowers from Echo.
“It’s...” His voice breaks. “It’s perfect.”
Hunter’s voice crackles in your ear, ordering you both to catch up.
“Just a minute.” Echo reaches into his pocket, where you'd seen him put something away just a few moments ago, and pulls out another flower.
It’s your favorite of all, and you wish you’d waited to paint the small canvas.
“Beautiful,” you say as you take it from him.
“Like you, sarad.”
Wrecker - Physical Touch
Tumblr media
Wrecker is the best cuddler in the galaxy. Full stop.
When is this man not touching you in some way?
He ruffles your hair when you’re sitting in the cockpit, booming laughter greeting your playful attempts to swat his hand away.
Places a hand on your shoulders or your back if he’s trying to scoot around you.
Grabs your hand during rough flights and dog fights as you sit strapped in next to one another.
Offers, more gently than you would have expected for someone of his stature and disposition, to hold you when you wake up in a cold sweat, nightmare fading from your mind’s eye, adrenaline coursing hot and oppressive through your veins. He’s careful to be mindful of your boundaries, only wrapping an arm protectively around your middle when you give him the go-ahead. You sleep soundly the rest of that night, back against his broad chest, his legs curled up to support yours. And the next night, you almost want to ask for another cuddle session in his bunk. The thought makes your face warm.
He gives you Lula on nights when he’s on shift in the cockpit or when you’re by yourself in the Marauder, left behind with Echo or Crosshair to guard the ship.
During the few instances where the squad has no mission queued up, and you can spend a day or two planetside in some backwater port town, he’s leading you, hand-in-hand, to the nearest market for a supply run, or to a nearby lake, or on a mountain hike.
When you laugh, stumbling a little trying to keep up with his long strides, he looks back and squeezes your hand. He flashes you an apologetic smile.
“Sorry, (y/n), I got a little excited.”
You wave off his apology with a grin.
On one particular supply run, you’re hurrying to keep pace with your eager companion as he cuts a path through the marketplace crowd. His massive hand dwarfs yours, your fingers threaded between his. A laugh bubbles up as you follow in his wake.
He glances back at you and squeezes your hand gently. The affection on his face is enough to make you trip over your own feet.
He pulls you upright, and you thank him. Then he’s off again, leading you to a plant vendor a few spaces down.
You admire a glistening purple plant, its leaves shimmering iridescent in the sunlight, but your hand never leaves Wrecker’s firm, warm grip. You consider buying the purple plant, but another squeeze to your hand makes you look up.
A sheepish grin on his face, Wrecker holds up a vibrant rainbow flower, its five symmetrical petals a riot of colors, and tucks it gently into your hair.
His rough fingers graze your cheekbone as he pulls away.
Heat raises along the path he just traced.
You squeeze his hand.
He pulls you away from the stall, and instead of simply holding your hand, he slips his arm around you. Yours finds its place around his waist.
“Thank you,” you say, reaching up to caress the flower’s silky soft petals.
Wrecker beams down at you and tugs you closer, somehow. “It suits you.”
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thebaddestofbatches · 26 days ago
The Bad Batch Preferences pt. 1
Favorite Place: Just behind your ear and along your jaw. He prefers to wrap his arms around you from behind and these places are easier to reach. Plus they’re more sensitive and he likes to watch you squirm.
Makeouts: Definitely. And frequently. Whenever he gets back from a mission, you do something he finds hot, or just because he hasn’t kissed you in awhile.
First Kiss:
It was hot on Techitua. Dusty too. You lowered your shades on your nose, a polarized version of Tech’s goggles as Crosshair opened a case on the ground.
A makeshift shooting range was set up parallel to the Marauder, a metal piece with a target spray painted on it placed at a distance of 25 meters.
Hunter had told you that if you wanted to stay on board, you needed to know how to defend yourself and assigned you to Crosshair, without even asking if you had any prior experience.
“Alright. I don’t expect you to be top notch with this thing.” Crosshair said, his tone borderline patronizing as he removed a small blaster from the case. “Blasters take a lot of practice to use correctly and you’re only a doctor. I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t hit anything.”
You raised an eyebrow at him and took the blaster from his hand. Barely looking at the target, you took aim and fired one, two, three, four, five shots.
Crosshair’s slack jaw and a quick glance told you they all hit the bullseye.
“You forget, soldier,” You said smugly. “I’m an army doctor. I can rip you apart and put you back together just as easily.”
Crosshair’s toothpick hit the dirt and then he was on you, smashing his lips to your hungrily.
Favorite place: Your hand. He likes to hold your hand and bring it up to his lips for absentminded kisses. When you cup his face, he turns his head and presses kisses to your palm.
Makeouts: Not too often. He’s shy after all his modifications and you definitely have to initiate them, but once he relaxes, then he’s into it.
First Kiss:
“Dang ferreck!” You swore as the control panel of the rescued radio shocked you for the fifth time that night.
You gave it a swift thump on the top in retaliation, gritting your teeth.
You needed this to work. It had to work. It’d been so long since you heard real music.
Another try at the wiring and another spark that singed your fingertips. You let out another string of curses and tossed your screwdriver onto the counter with a clank before thumping your forehead against the table repeatedly.
There was a gentle touch on your back that stopped your assault on your cranium. You didn’t need to turn around to know who it was. You could feel the poke of Echo’s prosthetic through your tunic.
“You alright?” He asked.
“No,” You grumbled into the metal.
Echo sighed quietly and after some shifting behind you, you raised your head to see his human hand disconnect two crossed wires and reconnect them at new points. There was a fizz of static and then a gentle song began to float through the speakers.
You let out a whoop of joy and leaped to your feet, grabbing the clone by his collar to pull him down for a quick kiss.
“Thank you!” You squealed, snatching up your screwdriver again and leaving Echo standing there, stunned and pink.
Favorite place: Your neck. He likes to feel your pulse point and kiss the sunmarks and spots along your skin. It’s also one of the best places for him to get your scent.
Makeouts: Not as often as Crosshair, but frequent. He likes to be affectionate with you and when he gets time or feels stressed, being around you and close to you is his priority.
First Kiss:
You’d been separated from the Batch in a marketplace and were now wandering aimlessly.
As you passed an alleyway you heard a whistle and a man sidled up to you.
“Hey gorgeous,” He said. “Where you going?”
“Away from you,” You muttered, but he heard it anyway and snorted. “Feisty girl.”
A gag rose up in your throat and you increased your pace. Behind you the man called. “Hey I’m talking to you! Though I appreciate the view!”
A hand landed on your butt and you whirled, fist raised to deck the stranger for daring to touch you. Before you could though, someone stepped between you and punched him, hard.
You looked up to see Hunter, a deep scowl on his tattooed face as he glowered at your harasser.
“Don’t touch her,” He growled, drawing up to his full height.
The man spat and launched himself at Hunter, sending them both rolling to the ground.
There was some yelling and sounds of fists hitting bodies before Hunter scrambled to his feet breathing hard as your harasser lay on the ground, groaning.
Hunter turned to you with worried eyes and you punched him in the arm hard and then quickly pecked his lips. “You didn’t have to make a scene.”
“Sorry,” He said, not sounding sorry at all as he pulled you in for another kiss.
Favorite place: Your forehead and temples. He can get so busy with this or that and a quick peck to the forehead is his go-to for affection when he’s caught up in something.
Makeouts: Usually whenever he gets an idea he wants to try with you. He learned affection mainly from books so he’s picking up more and more as he goes. Usually you initiate the sessions. However, when he gains confidence later in the relationship, things get more serious as he experiments.
First Kiss:
“Tech?” You called from the porch of your hideout. Hunter had sent you to fetch the male for dinner and so far he was nowhere to be found.
“In here!” The clone called and you followed the sound into the shed to see Tech holding two vials above a pot.
“What’re you doing?” You asked leaning on the doorframe.
“I’m testing a theory. The substance excreted from the fire salamanders’ skin may have some properties that can boost our explosives.” He replied, carefully tipping the vial of white powder in, followed by the orange liquid.
“And you thought it was a good idea to test that in my shed?” You said, quirking a brow.
The technician had the decency to look a little abashed. “Well it isn’t in the house.”
He set the tubes aside and picked up a firestarter, holding it over the pot. “And a spark to trigger the reaction..”
Crack. Fwoomp! Boom!
The small windows shattered and you ducked as a blaze burst up from the pot and then died out just as quickly, sending up a cloud of ash and dust.
When the smoke receded, you heard Tech give a small cough and looked over to see his whole face covered in soot and the front of his normally gelled back hair spiked up.
You burst into giggles, picking up a small cloth from the worktable and approaching the clone to wipe his goggles clean.
He blinked at you from behind the lenses, like he was surprised to see you and you smiled. “That went well.”
Tech gave you a sheepish look. “I’m sorry about the windows. I’ll fix them tomorrow.”
You laughed again, waving him off. “It’s alright. I was prepared for damages when I brought you lot here.”
He gave you a grateful look and suddenly you couldn’t help yourself, darting forward and pecking his lips.
Tech immediately turned scarlet. “What was that for?”
You shrugged. “For being you.”
And then you passed him the cloth with a wink. “Hunter says dinner’s ready. You should probably clean up a bit before you come inside.”
Favorite place: Your cheeks and nose. He likes to pepper kisses all over your face. He’s so enraptured by you that he wants to keep you close at all times to make sure you’re real. Plus he’s a massive cuddlebug.
Makeouts: On occasion. But this boy is too much of a teddy bear for anything more than gentle loving touches. He’s slow and sweet and so very careful with you.
First Kiss:
The Batch was pinned down in an abandoned bunker as a gang faction gathered outside. Echo was doing his best to reboot the turrets while Tech worked on the doors, but unless it happened fast, you weren’t getting out of this unscathed.
You were peering out one of the broken windows with Hunter, Crosshair, and Wrecker picking off grunts where you could, but they had greater numbers and illegal firepower.
A shot from a bike mounted turret hit the wall above your lookout and the ceiling caved in, causing Wrecker tackle you, cradling you to him as he rolled away.
“You alright?” He asked, pushing off of you, his voice higher than normal.
“Yeah.” You said and Hunter swore as glass shattered behind you.
“Echo!! What’s the status on those defense systems?!”
“Same as you asked thirty seconds ago!” Echo snapped. “These circuits are rubbish! This place should have been scrapped for parts years ago!”
A light bulb went off in your brain and you immediately turned to Wrecker. “Give me a charge!”
“Trust me!”
He gave you a look you couldn’t read under the helmet, but dropped an explosive in your palm.
Immediately you started dismantling it. “I need a gravmag, some wires, and anything explosive we can spare. Oh and Echo’s arm.”
“What?” Said Echo.
You ignored him and started your hunt for parts as you snatched a screwdriver, a multipurpose laser tool, and pliers from Tech’s backpack, stripped a console, broke Crosshair’s gravmag off of his grappling hook, and took three more charges from Wrecker. You dismantled, screwed, and rewired before beckoning Echo over and having him weld it all together.
“(Y/N),” Wrecker asked as he fired off another shot. “What are you doing?”
You waved him off as you activated your new, shoddy weapon of mass destruction and bolted for the window, lobbing it as hard and far as you could.
“Hit the dirt!” You yelled and there was a large boom and the whole building rattled.
When the dust cleared, you beamed proudly at the clear landscape.
The gang that had been surrounding your hiding place was now lying unconscious having been thrown a good 50 meters in all directions at extreme speeds.
“What-“ Said Crosshair in his rare stunned tone. “What did you do?”
“Simply,” You said. “I reversed the polarity and made it into a big bang.”
Wrecker whooped and tossed his helmet aside, scooping you into a bear hug and peppering kisses all over your face. “THAT’S MY GIRL!”
You turned pink and he drew back from you enough to press a sweet kiss to your lips, which only served to fill your face with crimson.
There was an awkward cough from one of his brothers and Wrecker turned a similar shade of red, setting you back on the ground.
“Er-“ He said, patting your shoulder awkwardly. “Good job.”
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sageislostinspring · 21 days ago
the bad batch reacts to you going into labor
A/N - I decided to write this after getting inspired by my wifey, @kirinpl (ilysm)
Word count - 5.6k
Tumblr media
When your water breaks, he wasn't even there. He and his brothers were finishing up a job Cid had sent them on. Meanwhile, you were with Omega and Cid, helping clean up the bar and talking about what you'll name the baby. As you were drying the cups you just cleaned, you felt a pop. There was a silent moment as you gave Cid an alarmed look before looking down, seeing the small clear liquid beneath you. Once Cid has gotten you into her office and is resting, she, with the help of Omega, decides to close up the parlor so you can have some privacy.  So when they get a call from Cid, the whole batch just hears your screams of pain and Omega yelling very loudly, "THE BABY IS COMING!"
Tech's heart drops the moment he hears you scream of pain and when Omega says the baby is coming, he kicks the ship into hyperdrive and takes a very short cut just to get back to you. In order to get them there safely, Hunter has Wrecker hold him in one place so he can try and calm down. Once Wrecker gets Tech to start talking with you, he'll say how sorry he is for not being there  and ask how far apart the contractions are. It doesn't help when the connection is lost. Tech is full of panic, as soon as the ship is landed, he is the first one off the ship. He ran even faster Crosshair and Echo combined. When he and the batch ran into Cid's parlor to see Omega running back into Cid's office with towels and water. Hunter quickly runs over to Omega to make sure she is alright and all the batch hears from her is, "I am never having kids."
Tech takes off his helmet and runs over into Cid's office, finding you hunched over and gripping onto the desk for dear life as you ride out another contraction. Tech rushes to your side, repeating how he is sorry he wasn't here when it started. He'll hold your hand tightly as he asks Cid of every detail of what has been happening during your labor. Tech is quick to order his brothers to gather all the blankets and towels they could find as he kindly thanks Omega for what she gathered beforehand. As he takes the blankets from his brothers, he starts to create a comfortable place on the couch for you to lay down. Once he is finished and has you resting, his nerves are still on edge. You can always tell by either the way he chews his lip or how his hands fidge to how fast he'll bounce his knees. After all the time you have spent with him, you have always noticed the little things he does. Like how whenever he gets too stressed with a project and can't seem to figure out the solution, he'll cry, or how when he is at a social event, he'll start to ramble on about facts of many different things around him because he is so nervous and he'll do say anything about everything just to strike a common interest with the person he is speaking to. So you take his hand and get him to look you in your eyes, you can see the tears slowly starting to slide down past his goggles, as you ask him to tell you what he has noticed about your guy's baby during your pregnancy.  He'll let out a soft hickey and sniffle before he smiles and begins to list everything he has noticed from when the first time you had morning sickness to how the baby kicked whenever they heard his voice. 
He remembers the very first time when the baby kicked. He was resting his head on your bump, listening to the baby move and you talk about your day. As he begins to talk about the key features of your favorite flower, the batch interrupts his adorable lecture as they walk back onto the ship. As Tech starts to try to get interested in the conversation, he feels a sharp yet gentle kick against his hand which causes you to stop laughing and him to fall silent as he stares at your bump in amazement. Hunter was able to sense the movement and is excited but is able to keep it hidden as he asks if they upset the baby from listening to Tech's lecture. Cue the rest of the batch wanting to feel the baby kick and you laughing as you agree with Hunter's statement, Tech is still speechless but is smiling brighter than ever. 
Once you get Tech's nerves to settle, he lets out one last sniffle before telling you how much he loves you to which you respond with a soft and tired laugh, stating that he stole the words out of your mouth. After Cid gets the batch cleared out of her office to go wait with Hunter who is comforting Omega in the parlor, Tech starts to follow every step he put in the birth plan you both created a few months ago. Every time a contraction would hit, Tech would get you to breathe with him through the pain. Keeping a towel over his shoulder so he can wipe away the sweat along the back of your neck and forehead, keeping you hydrated through the long hours and helping you walk around the parlor to help move things along faster. Tech and you are always laughing as you hear the batch's encouraging words and the occasional yells of "HOW MUCH LONGER ARE YOU GONNA TAKE?!" or "DID YOU HAVE TH- OH YOU'RE JUST WALKING AGAIN, STOP MESSING WITH US!"
After a few hours, Cid grabs Tech to take over while she goes to get more water. While she is gone, Tech is the one to deliver your baby. When you give your final push and Tech catches the baby into his skilled hands, for the first time, he goes speechless. He takes off his goggles just to stare into your little one's eyes. Tech lets out silent sobs as he sits right next to you, holding the baby, taking in all their features. Like how they have your eyes and his nose along with his hair. He places them back onto your chest and wraps you in his arms, yours tiredly wrapping around his shoulders as you hold each other, taking in the moment together. Cid will come back and smile before going back to the rest of them saying that the baby is finally here. To which Omega runs into the room with the rest of the batch following in after her, eager to meet the baby.
When your water broke, it was during a mission. The team and you got separated while taking enemy fire. All you can think is why now of the times!? So after you climb up to the highest point and hide yourself in a corner, you make the call on the comm's. After hearing all of the batch sound off and call for you in the comm repeatedly, you decide to tell them the news. Oh boy, as soon as you say "My water broke, the baby is coming." You can only imagine how fast Wrecker reacted. "CYAR'IKA WHERE ARE YOU?!" Once Crosshair has got eyes on you, Wrecker takes off to you, throwing everyone who gets in his way of getting to his babies. He'll find the trail of your water and blood mixed leading him right to you. His heart hurts when he sees how much pain you are in but it melts as soon as you look up at him, although you had tears in yours eyes, and say "We're gonna meet our adi'ka's, cyar'ika'' He starts to tear up as he picks you up, holding you close to him as he starts to carry you back to the ship. "I know, cyar'ika. I can't wait to meet them too." 
Once he meets back up with the rest of the batch, while they are running, in Tech like fashion, Tech starts to ask you how far apart the contractions, what time did your water break, and many other questions. As you start to answer some of them, a huge wave of pain crashes over your body and you scream so loudly in pain, it makes Crosshair jump in surprise. You yell that the baby is coming now and cling tightly onto Wrecker, full on this man thought his arm might snap from how hard your grip was. 
Hunter and Omega are sent back to the ship to go gather supplies as Crosshair and Tech look for a comfortable place for you to rest. Echo and Wrecker trying their best to comfort you. Wrecker starts to feel very anxious and holds you even closer to his chest, all his problems he could usually punch and they'd be gone. But now that you are here in his arms and wailing in pain, knowing there is nothing he can do but hold you, it makes him feel weak. Echo would hold your other hand and he feels like crying as well, damn you got a very deadly grip on you. As Tech comes back to say they found a spot for you, Hunter and Omega come back with supplies. As Tech and Echo set up the spot hidden away from the reminder of the mission you were on, Wrecker sits down, holding you close as he helps you get as comfortable as you can. As you are kicking off your now soaked pants and underwear, you let out another scream in pain. Hunter decides it'll be better if he took Omega and himself to go help Crosshair with looking out. Although they aren't that far away from you. After a few hours and yelling, You throw your head back against Wrecker's shoulder as you push with all your might, Wrecker whispering sweet words and promises into your ear when all of the sudden, you hear the cries of your first born and soon after a minute, the second cries of your second born. Everyone is surprised and amazed, you had just given birth to twins. Wrecker quickly sits up with you, both eager to meet your babies after waiting for so long. 
As soon as Echo and Tech place them on your chest, you both break into soft sobs, smiling down at them as their tiny eyes peer up back at you. The whole batch was surprised to see tears falling down Wrecker's face as he looked at his family. Tech and Echo smile softly at each other, extremely tired but nowhere as tired as you were, and they quietly take pictures of you and Wrecker, capturing this moment of happiness to remind them what they are all fighting for. They both leave to tell Hunter, Crosshair, and Omega. Surprisingly, Crosshair is the most eager to meet the newborns. They all walk back in to be met with the sight of Wrecker cradling you in his arms as you cradling your babies even closer. Crosshair and Hunter's face dropping cause Tech and Echo failed to mention the fact that you had given birth to twins. Everyone is in tears, even Crosshair. Wrecker gently holding his babies in his arms, holding them with such a gentle touch and full of love. (ngl, he is holding them like he held that bomb in ep 8) Soon, everyone gets their turn at holding the little ones. Each one of them smiling and crying softly as they look down at their new members. Hunter kneels down alongside you and Wrecker as you hand Omega the babies gently so she can hold them. 
Echo was at your side every waking moment and no matter where you went, he was there to help you and check on you and the baby. When your water breaks, you are laying out on a rock, sun bathing, while watching Omega as she looks at her surroundings with such curiosity. 
Thankfully, you both had your comm's with you. All you could think of is Echo telling you "I told you so" after having spent hours trying to convince him to let you go walk with Omega, promising to take it easy. As you call Omega to your side and begin walking back, you comm in to let them what was happening. Unfortunately, as you start to say that your water broke, the intense pain of a contraction crashes down on you and you let out a loud scream in pain. Poor Omega is so scared and she uses to hers to tell them that your water broke. Echo is out the door faster than light, Tech was impressed and made a mental note to run some tests relating to the subject. The rest of the batch follow after him shortly after, Tech stays behind to fire up the ship so they can get you to the nearest hospital.
  They all find you when Hunter catches the scent of blood, all of them are very surprised when they see you, sitting up against a rock, talking to Omega to help comfort her and telling her stories to help ignore the pain. Echo is by your side instantly and helps you to your feet, asking how you are feeling and how far apart the contractions are. Everyone is extremely surprised at how calm you are despite seeing the way your face will contort from the extreme waves of pain. All you say is how much you can't wait to meet your baby, his and yours, and saying how they'll have his eyes and your hair. 
Echo laughs softly and starts to tear up when reality hits him that this is happening, you both are going to have a baby, a child you both created. Despite his slender frame, he is very strong so he is quick to scoop you up into his arms as they all make it as fast as they can back to the ship.
Once everyone is back on the ship, Tech takes off, having called in ahead of time to get a room for you ready. Echo gently holding you and letting him squeeze the life out of his arms as each contraction hit. You would laugh and continue to tell stories about missions and fairytales you heard when you were a baby to Omega to help her stay calm, mostly doing it for the whole batch really.
When you finally get into your room, the labor lasts for hours and it breaks his heart seeing you go through such pain. He'd be with you throughout the whole process. He'd help you walk around the room and to the waiting room where the batch would be, he'd hold your hands as you use a yoga ball to help release the pain, stress, and help the baby come sooner.
After long hours of labor, at midnight during a full moon, you and Echo welcome your baby into the world. As soon as their cries fill the room, through all the sweat and tears, you let out soft tears of joy and smile as you stare down at your creation. Echo is in complete tears as he looks at you both, his family. 
You basically end up placing the baby in his arms when he isn't expecting it but at the same time is. But as soon as his s/o places them in his arm, he would be a pro at holding his baby and he'd just be smiling as he stares into his little ones eyes. Echo places his baby gently back into your arms before leaving to tell the batch. Soon you hear the sound of thundering footsteps and are met with the sight of Omega and Wrecker along with the rest of the batch eager to meet the newest member to their family. After everyone has their turn of holding the baby, you notice something interesting about your newborn, they were born 5 pounds and 55 ounces. 
It was a cozy morning, you and Crosshair were curled up together, under the blankets. Only the soft grey light enters into your bedroom through your window. The sounds of thunder and rain could be heard from your window. Crosshair used to hate the sound of rain because of his past but now with you in his arms, he loved the sound and he was about to have another reason to love it more very soon. His hand gently rubbing under your huge bump, you were both anxious. Just waiting for the second for you to pop and finally get to see your child. Crosshair slowly untangled his long legs from yours as he got up to go make you tea, only stopping himself to give you and your bump a kiss, before putting on a pair of sweatpants and a tank top to leave your shared bedroom. 
As he was on his way down the stairs, he noticed Hunter running up carrying towels. It doesn't take him long to figure it out and runs back upstairs, bursting into the room to see you standing up, gripping the doorframe leading into your bathroom for dear life. Under your feet is a clear puddle. He is by your side faster than a split second and the moment he reaches your side, there is a loud thunder crash in the distance, gently holding you as you let out a soft yelp of pain as you feel the waves of contractions start to get more painful. Hunter hands you a towel before nodding to Crosshair who tells him where the go bags are. It took a lot of convincing to let Crosshair feel comfortable with you going to have your babies in a hospital but after listening very closely to Tech's research, he had finally agreed and packed two go bags for when the time came. Crosshair quickly helps you get dressed and down the stairs, getting the bags from Hunter before asking him to get the ship ready. 
Crosshair helps you down the rest of the stairs, the house is full of life. Omega and the rest of the men look very confused as they see Hunter run out the door, until all their eyes land on you as you hold a towel gently between your legs, taking deep breaths as Crosshair helps you stand up. Omega and Wrecker getting excited as they ask is it time, to which you'll smile and nod before your face grimaces from the new way of pain, you cling tightly to Crosshair's upper back as you try to ride out the pain, biting back your scream so you don't scare Omega. Echo and Wrecker are quick to go help Hunter get the ship ready, while Tech sticks close to you and Crosshair, asking questions so he can inform the nurses and doctors as much as he can on your behalf. Crosshair may look calm and collected on the outside, hell he may still have his resting bitch face he wears every day, but when you look into his eyes. He is so scared and worried, is a complete mess, he's worried about you, the baby, how he'll be as a father. All it takes is for you to put your hand on the side of his face and smile, saying that he'll be the best father and you'll be alright. To him, physical and verbal affection is very important to him so this gesture will help soothe his anxieties for a while. 
The storm outside slightly grows stronger with every contraction hitting you. Once the ship is ready, everyone piles in. As you lay on one of the bunks, leaning against Crosshair's chest, you start to tell stories about your family to Omega to help soothe her. One thing that peaks everyone's interest is when you mention the fact that every child that was born into your family, always had a great storm that always began when it came close to when the water breaks and always ended when the baby was born. The louder the thunder crashes always meant that the baby would be strong and smart, the more it rained always meant that the baby would have a strong connection to emotions and observing, if there was an equal amount of both the higher the chances of the baby being gentle, strong, and a natural born leader or there would be twins. When you finish explaining that fact to the batch, there is a loud sound of thunder, you let out a scream of pain as a stronger sensation of pain hits you. This peaks Tech's interest and he starts to take notes, timing every moment a contraction hits and when they would hear thunder. 
When you arrive, Crosshair is quick to pick you up and carry you into the hospital, Tech running in with you so he can relay the information to the nurse checking you into a room. As soon as you get placed into a room, you can already tell that Crosshair hates the idea. From how cold it feels to the smell of how clean the hallways are, it's too clean. All those thoughts get pushed to the back of his head when you cry out in pain, followed shortly by a loud thunder and rain growing stronger. Crosshair is quick to be by your side, softly holding your hips as you hold onto his biceps, gently swaying yourself side to side to help ease up the pain and further the process. Not long after you get into your room and change into a gown, Hunter comes in with your bags. Shortly following after him, is the rest of the batch and Tech talking with the nurse, who is at this point probably annoyed by his random facts about natural births. Echo would be a total sweetheart, always making sure to get you towels and water, while Wrecker and Omega went on snack runs to see where to find the best food, if there was any. Hunter would sure to keep Wrecker and Omega in check, always getting them to calm down so they don't overwhelm you. Tech would be conducting his experiment while asking you about your family history, finding it very fasticating to witness a birth like this. 
Crosshair would be holding your hand the entire time, would come very close to snapping at the nurses and doctor when they say they can't start helping you until you are dilated. Crosshair doesn't leave your side at all, he is always there, helping you try to take your mind off the pain by taking you on walks up and down the hallway, swaying with you as the storm grows stronger, he even helps you back and forth from the bathroom. He'll kiss your forehead as he whispers about how close he is to hitting anyone who tells you to wait longer and how much he loves you. When the time comes, Hunter gets everyone out of the room so it can be just the two of you, the nurses, and doctor. 
The storm grows stronger with every push you give, the emergency lights kicking on about halfway through. Crosshair keeps cleaning off the sweat on your forehead and whispers soft words of encouragement to help you keep going. When you let out your final scream followed by a loud crash of thunder, your baby's cries are all that is heard. Crosshair is so quick to get to his baby and as he cuts the cord, he stares into his little one's eyes. He gently sits down next to you as he places the newborn onto your chest. Tech is the first one to burst into the room, asking if the baby is here due to the sudden end of the storm. Hunter and Echo are right behind him, ready to go to pull him back when all three of them see the infant on your chest. Wrecker and Omega walk in soon after, stopping in place right next to the rest of the batch. You let out an exhausted chuckle as your tired eyes look from the group of amazed faces back down to your baby. 
Crosshair lays down next to you on the bed, his arm around your shoulder as he gently rubs his baby's head. When one of the nurses walk back in to take the baby to be examined, Crosshair does not hesitant to bring out his knife while holding you and the baby as he just stares deep into the poor nurse's soul, all she did was ask for the baby because they have to make sure they're healthy.
"Crosshair, they have to make sure our ad'ika is fine" "Over my dead body, Tech can do it"
As Crosshair looks over at your messy hair, sweaty forehead, and tired eyes, it amazes him to see that after hours of pain, you still manage to have a smile on your face. Crosshair brings you in close as he holds you and the baby in his arms, like someone will tear you apart from each other, and whispers how much he loves you.
Hunter suddenly woke up from his deep sleep and looked around your bedroom, something in his senses had awoken him but he couldn't pinpoint what it was exactly. He looks down to see you peacefully sleep, your head laying on top of his chest, listening to his heart beat. His warm brown eyes smile down at you and his hand gently rubs your cheek before gliding down to rest on your large bump that was pushed up against his side, he chuckled as he felt his baby kick his hand in response to their father's hand. As he is laying back down, you start to slowly wake up and curl up closer to him. 
Hunter tries to make you fall back asleep but you say with your voice full of sleep that you want to talk with him. It was rare for you two to sit and talk alone in silence. He decides to let you stay up and is still not fully sure why he was awakened so suddenly. As the two of you talk about how excited you both are about meeting your newborn, introducing them to Omega and the batch, and spending time together. You, Hunter, Omega, and your newborn. Right as Hunter places a soft kiss on your lips, he senses why he woke up. Your water is about to break and you were having very soft contractions that were about to get worse. Right as you ask Hunter what is wrong as he sits up, holding you in his arms, you feel a pop and water leaking down your legs. 
He is quick to act and carefully lifts you out of bed, carrying you into the bathroom. After he helps you clean yourself up and get dressed comfortably, he is quick to get Tech and Echo up. As he fills in what is happening to them, Tech reassures him it'll take hours before you are ready to start giving birth and that he needs to stay by your side for the time being. As Tech and Echo start to get up, Crosshair leans against the doorway asking what is happening. As soon as Crosshair is over, so is Wrecker and Omega. As Hunter explains to them what is happening, Omega's once sleep-ridden eyes are now full of excitement and it doesn't take her long to run over to your bedroom to see you. 
As Tech and Hunter walk into your bedroom, they are met with the sight of you and Omega talking. Omega's hand gently resting on your bump, your hand resting on top of hers, to feel the baby kicking. Tech takes notes about the time your water broke and how far apart the contractions are as Hunter changes to sheets. As Omega runs off with Tech to help make sure all the go bags are ready for when they go to the hospital. Hunter slowly walks over to you and places his hand on your bump while his other rests on the back of your head, pressing his forehead against yours as he looks from your eyes to your large bump. He'll smile and laugh as you say how the baby is going to love him the most. 
Hunter knows how good of a mother you'll be just by seeing how well you interact with Omega, from playing games of holochess with her to always buying things you know she'll love. He has seen how close you two have gotten to each other. His heart always melted when he heard you call Omega, my ka'ra, and Omega call you, buir. One of his favorite memories by far was when you taught Omega to swim while he and his brothers were out getting supplies. He remembers that day very clearly, the sounds of your's and Omega's laughter as you swam backwards away from her, egging on Omega to catch you. One of his favorite memories was when you decided to teach Omega how to braid hair on others and herself, letting her do some braids in your hair as it got longer due to your pregnancy and getting Hunter to sit still long enough for you and Omega to braid his. The final one you both chuckle about together as you both sway back and forth holding each other close was when the batch decided to have a movie night, it was actually a week ago from today when Omega fall asleep curled up between you and Hunter, gently holding onto your hand as she let out soft snoozes. You were snuggling up against Hunter, passed out, with one arm wrapped protectively over Omega's sleeping form and resting against Hunter's side while gently holding Omega's hand with your other arm. Tech had gotten a few pictures from that night and everyone in the batch agreed that the one with the three of you, soon to be four, was the best one of the night.
Hunter places a gentle kiss on your forehead as he holds you against him, the weight of guilt starting to weigh heavy on his shoulder as his senses pick up how much pain you are in. As you let out a very shaky breath, you give him a gentle smile as you tell him how he is going to be such a great father to your children and how excited Omega will be to have some siblings. This helps soothe some of Hunter's nerves. He worries about how he will mess something up or be too tough on his kids like he was in the beginning with Omega back on Saleucami. Soon that all changes when it comes time for you to start pushing. Hunter will try his best to not black out from overstimulation. From your cries of pain to the overbearing smell of bleach and other cleaning products, it takes almost all of Hunter's strength to not pass out. As dawn starts to break the night sky, the cries of your baby fills the room. Of all the things that have brought pain to Hunter's sensitive ears, this sound brought him so much joy and love. 
When his eyes meet his newborn's, all his worries are destroyed and all that matters is that moment you place your baby into his arms. Everything in the world seems to stop as Hunter's eyes scan over the small and delicate infant in his arms. Hunter's heart and walls all melt away when his finger is trapped in the tiny grip of his baby's hand. Tears sliding down his face faster as he realizes that his baby, a baby that was created with someone who loves all of him and Omega for who they are, is in his arms. All his life, he only knew war and fighting to survive. He always thought that settling down and having a family of his own would be a distant dream but now, his dreams are coming true. When Hunter places the baby back into your arms and sits in the chair he had pulled over to be close to you both, overstimulation catches up to him and he passes out for almost an hour.
Hunter slowly wakes up to hear the gentle melody of your voice singing a lullaby to your baby, who is now sleeping peacefully on your chest. Once he is awake and alert to his surroundings again, he finally decides it is time for Omega and his brothers to meet the newest member of the batch. Turning the corner into the waiting room, Hunter is met with the sight of Omega drawing small markings onto Crosshair's knife, Wrecker pacing around the room, Tech and Echo talking, something along the lines of color from what Hunter could hear. Omega is the first to notice Hunter and runs over to him, asking how you and the baby are. The rest of the batch are quick to follow Omega over to their brother to hear the news. Hunter laughs at how eager they all are to meet the infant. Once everyone has made it back to the room, you call Omega over to your side. As she climbs up onto the bed with you, Hunter sits next to her and smiles as she is introduced to her sibling. At this moment, Hunter realized that he had the perfect family. He had his brothers who were all tearing up at the moment happening in front of them. He had you gently cradling Omega close to you as she held her younger sibling in her arms, promising them that she'd be the best older sister she could for them.
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Bad Batch Headcannon: Favourite Dresses on Reader pls 😊
Dresses [Bad Batch]
A/N: YEESS Anon, omg I love this idea, it sounds adorable already!!! May have veered off track for a few but nonetheless it is here :) xx
Tumblr media
Flowery dresses 🌼
Crosshair was an asshole about it at first. As usual.
He totally would not have cared about it in the first place until Hunter made a remark about how pretty you looked, which made you blush, causing Crosshair get slightly annoyed. So he ignored you as usual.
So at night, when you cuddled up to him, you could tell he was grumpy. "Hey, what's gotten stuck up your ass?"
Rolling your eyes you shuffled away from him, sliding to the other side of the bed making Crosshair whine in response. You were stubborn as hell and already knew what he was annoyed about, but wanted him to say it.
Crosshair could never sleep without your cuddles so he shuffled over to you, pulling your back to his chest, aplogising profoundly.
"I like it when you wear dresses."
A smirk etched onto to your face as you let him mumble his words into your neck.
"I like the flowery short ones."
The following morning you woke up before Crosshair, picking out dresses that he would like. So you quickly woke him up, placing kisses on his forehead to which he grumbled and kissed back before opening his eyes.
"Morning grumpy! Which one do you like more?"
"The yellow one with white flowers." He'd grumble, but secretly happy that you had asked him.
Throughout the whole day, Crosshair would tease you, commenting on your entire outfit. Making you blush while you slapped his arm playfully.
While sitting down his hand would trail up your thigh, playing with the ends of your frills, he wouldn't realise he was doing it till you playfully slapped his hand away, making him blush.
When you're alone or getting ready in your room, Crosshair loves to accidentally walk by and push the strap of your dress down before saying "Oh, I'm sorry. Shall I help you with that?"
This man would go from hating them to literally choosing your dresses for you each day.
Maxi dresses 👗
He loves anything you wear, you have style girl, but dresses... mmhhh Echo's already a gonner.
His favourite types of dresses on you are the long maxi type ones, the ones that are just about ankle length - a slit that cuts up your thigh with long flowy sleeves. The ones with a deep V neck that shows off your assets.
The ones you wear are mostly flowery and soft, they give off a casual but formal look that makes you the wonderful woman you are.
Echo loves how beautiful you look in them, sometimes you'll catch him staring at you from afar and you'll tease him.
Sliding your leg apart, or crossing them over to reveal your skin, making Echo blush like mad. You'll send him a small wink, accompanied by a bite of your lip to let him know what you want.
Later on the following night Echo would have to chase you around, just to get a moment to himself with you.
"Maker, you're a hard woman to catch."
"Don't I know it?"
Maker, Echo loves how effortless you look in them when you attend the Senators Ball. He can't never keep his eyes off you, he just want to sweep you off your feet and carry you back to the ship and make love to you all night.
"Mesh'la, I'm gonna have to get you some more of these dresses.."
Bodycon dresses ⏳
Oof, this man loves, and I mean loves a tight dress. He is literally in love with the way it hugs your figure, accentuating every single part of your body.
And the heels you pair with them, ahhhh, he's gone. He cannot stop touching you, his senses go into overdrive, the way you keep shuffling around on your seat to adjust your dress, making sure it doesn't slide up makes him want to rip it off your body right there and then.
Hunter would totally match his outfit to your dress, wanting to be the best matched couple out there. You'd even make a bandana for him that matched your dress.
His hand would be holding your hips the entire time, holding you infront of him to hide his hard on. Mumbling words into your ear, teasing ones about when he could rip that dress off you and take you like he wants to.
"Maker, mesh'la, I can't wait to get back... I'm gonna fuck you with those heels on.."
He'd get his way though. You love it. Maybe you'll wear these dresses more often.
Tight, off the shoulder💃
Now, Tech was a man who knows what he want. He's gone through several images of the dress he wants for you, visually taken your measurements in and gotten the perfect dress for you.
It was a special event, your 1st anniversary together, and Tech wanted it to be special. So he'd been preparing the dress for the past month.
Yep. He'd put so much effort into it.
So when he finally gifts it you, he sits there, all starry eyes behind his tinted goggles, watching as the dress fits snugly onto your body, accentuating your breasts making his eyes pop.
"What do you think?"
"Maker, mesh'la. I think we should cancel out reservations." Tech would mumble, his eyes couldn't remove themselves from you.
He loved the way the dress fell off your shoulders, the small ruffles he had chosen sprung around the top of your breasts while your neck adorned his other gift.
A stunning necklace that he had handcrafted for you.
"Tech I love it! How did you get it to fit me so perfectly?"
Tech would spring into a whole conversation about how tricky it was to get you in once place so he could visually measure your body, but ultimately it was worth it.
To see you all dressed up for him. Maybe he'd have to invest in some more dresses for you, now that he had your measurements.
Short pastel wrap dresses 🌸
Wrecker loves pastel colours on you, he thinks they suit your skin tone amazingly and the way your eyes shine even brighter when you wear them.
He would wake up before you and rummage through your outfits, searching for the one dress that he pictured you wearing in his dreams and would present it you in a rush because he was super shy about it.
"Please wear this mesh'la.."
You'd put the dress on, threading the wraps around your boys before coming out to ask Wrecker for his help with the bow.
"Baby, can you help me tie the bow?"
He knows you're teasing him but he doesn't mind, as long as he get his hands on you then he's a happy man.
Wrecker will take his time doing the bow, his hand trailing across your hip affectionately before he eventually does tie it up.
But you suddenly realise that there was no point because it would be coming off the minute he finished it.
That small glint in his eye told you so.
Omega [Bonus]
Ever since the young girl saw you wear dresses, she's been intrigued to find some too. She loves every single one of the ones you wear and would love to wear one too.
So one night, she rummages through your clothing, searching for one that could fit her. She comes across a bright blue dress, one with polka dots that would suit her perfectly.
So she tries it on.
And obviously it doesn't fit her.
So Omega would waddle her way over to you, her face all shy. But she's clever, she's only try and catch you and Tech together so you both could help her out.
"Yeah sweetie? What's up?"
Omega would fumble with her words before blurting out what she wanted, quickly shoving the fabric/dress into your arms before hiding behind you.
"Hey, what's this?"
Tech would curiously watching the two of you, his mind already rolling with measurements to make Omega her dress, while he figured out how much he would need to cut it.
"She wants a dress. I assume she's seen you wearing them and would like to follow your dress style."
Your heart would swell with warmth as you'd hug the little girl before helping Tech with his measurement.
Later on in the evening, you'd be helping Omega into her dress, swiping away any bad thoughts she may have.
"What if they don't like it?"
"They will. I promise you Omega."
Walking out first in a matching dress, Omega hid behind you, clutching onto your skirt, scared. But But you'd encourage her and she'd walk out.
Her smile only growing when she notices Wrecker holding a matching flower crown for her to put on.
All the boys would fill her with praise, calling her 'beautiful' 'looking like a real princess Omega' 'she looks good'.
Main Taglist: @tobitofunction @pinkiemme @lysawayne @shadowfoxey @starwarsworld @theeicedamericano @darthmama1618 @justanothersadperson93 @liadamerondjarin @captain-rexs-girlfriend
Bad Batch Taglist: @ahsoka1
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thebaddestofbatches · 19 days ago
The Bad Batch Incorrect Quotes Pt. 5
Y/N: You need to react when people cry.
Crosshair: I do react.
Y/N: Let me rephrase that.
Y/N: You need to not roll your eyes when people cry.
. **(*)** .
When they first meet
Y/N to Echo: Oh dear, oh dear, gorgeous
Y/N to the rest of the Batch: You fucking donkeys
. **(*)** .
Echo: Croissants: dropped
Tech: Road: works ahead
Hunter: This boy: got his free taco
Wrecker: Shavacado: fre
Y/N: Miss Keisha: fuckin dead
Crosshair, grumpy: I didn’t understand a single word of that and I hate every single one of you.
. **(*)** .
Tech, after being awake for 52 hours straight: I just got a random burst of energy and I think it’s my body’s last “Hurrah!” before it shuts down completely.
. **(*)** .
Y/N: I trust the Batch.
Rex: You think they know what they're doing?
Y/N: I wouldn't go that far.
. **(*)** .
Tech, getting kidnapped: Will I need my toothbrush?
Kidnapper: Shut up!
Tech: I’ll assume that means you’ll be providing me with a toothbrush.
. **(*)** .
Y/N: Don’t worry, I have a few knives up my sleeve.
Tech: I think you mean cards.
Y/N, pulling knives out of their sleeves: No, I do not.
. **(*)** .
Echo: I hate when people are like, “So tell me about yourself.”
Echo: What do you want? My earliest trauma or my favorite color? Be specific.
. **(*)** .
Y/N: I’m awake and so ready for the day! The sun is beautiful and I’m so happy to be alive!
Hunter: I’ve had 30 minutes of sleep for the last five days. I can smell sounds. Somebody kill me.
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naboosunset · 18 days ago
little fires
a/n: spoilers for episode 12 below the cut. nothing major but it takes place right after the episode. inspired by a conversation with @rebelpitstop ♥️
summary: you miss Crosshair deeply, but you can't figure out why the rest of the batch seems so reluctant to rescue him. In a heated argument, you let them have a piece of your mind.
words: 1.6k
warnings: angst/hurt, reference to alcohol consumption, physical fighting.
Tumblr media
You were in no mood to celebrate after Ryloth.
Omega was talking excitedly with Tech about her first real time piloting something--he’d called it dangerous and uncontrolled maneuvering--and you’d congratulated her. It really was due to her and that child Hera that the rescue mission was a least in Hunter’s eyes.
Your jaw was set tight, and you were seething the entire way back to Ord Mantell. Wrecker and Tech didn’t seem to notice, but Echo and Hunter did. The latter two kept glancing sideways at you, as if keeping watch on an angry boiling kettle. You were also in no mood to indulge them.
When the marauder landed behind Cid’s Parlor and you disembarked, you made some feeble excuse about staying behind to collect their laundry and taking a trip to the laundromat. Hunter and Echo cast a wary eye at you but said nothing, using their common sense for once to let you be. Omega and Wrecker went off to the stall they always went to after missions to pick up some Mantell mix. You were too furious to even be hungry.
When you returned to the parlor a couple hours later, laundry clean and folded, you were unsurprised and a little bitter to see Tech and Omega playing holochess while Echo and Wrecker watched. You took a seat at the bar, ordered yourself a drink, and watched from a distance. After a while Hunter emerged from Cid’s office.
“We got a new mission, boys. Another rescue.”
You couldn’t help the way you rolled your eyes at that. Always another mission. Initially you’d welcomed the constant activity, but now, it was beginning to feel more like you were putting out spontaneous little fires rather than working toward a goal for the common good.
Your eyeroll didn’t escape Hunter’s notice.
“Somethin’ you wanna share, Stitches?” he asked, eyes boring into you.
“I’m just so fuckin’ sick of this,” you spat.
“Hey, watch the language,” he warned, jerking his head in Omega’s direction.
Omega, no doubt sensing the tension in the room, piped up. Had you not been so pissed, it might have been funny.
“It’s ok, Hunter. I already know the fuck word,” she said, almost proudly.
Hunter blanched as Wrecker guffawed. Tech and Echo smirked.
“Omega, we’ll talk about that later. Stitches, what do you mean?”
The look in his eye told you he was demanding to know, rather than asking. And you were fed up enough, fueled by a few sips of your Corellian whiskey, that you let him have it.
“I don’t understand how you as the leader of this squad are ok with rescue mission after rescue mission, for people you’ve never even heard of, but you haven’t rescued the one person in this galaxy who needs you most.”
You were standing now, arms crossed under your chest, glaring vibroblades at Hunter, challenging him.
“Stitches…” he sighed, and trudged over to you. “Crosshair isn’t himself anymore. He’s Imperial now.”
Your jaw dropped in disbelief, your eyes wide and skin fuming with anger.
“Are you fucking serious?”
“Sweetheart, language,” he admonished once again, bringing a hand up to your cheek to try and soothe you.
Instead, you slapped it away, baring your teeth.
“You don’t get to call me that now. And you certainly don’t get to give me orders!” you hissed.
“You are on thin ice,” he warned, now regarding you with that look he usually reserved for perceived threats.
“I don’t have to answer to you. Even in the days of the Republic, I didn’t have to. I work with you, not for you. I only did as you asked; I followed all your orders because I trusted and believed in you, but over the past few cycles, you have shown me that my trust and belief in you were misplaced.”
That seemed to stop him in his tracks. His eyes flashed with anger, then disbelief, then sorrow, all in the span of a second.
“I have led this squad to the best of my ability for years, with a one-hundred percent success rate,” Hunter’s voice came out in a low hiss.
“Actually...our success rate is down to ninety-nine now, without Crosshair,” Tech chimed in, his voice a little softer than usual.
“Tech’s rarely wrong,” you managed through clenched teeth.
“Crosshair isn’t one of us anymore,” Hunter said softly.
You weren’t sure what came over you at that moment, and you didn’t know what was happening until you’d already done it, but your hand came up and slapped Hunter’s cheek, hard.
Omega gasped. Everyone else was staring with wide eyes. The tension in the room was thick enough to choke on.
“How dare you, Hunter. How fucking dare you say that. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. You rescued a family you didn’t know, and a former Separatist leader, but you never even tried to rescue your own brother. You don’t even talk about him anymore. None of you do. Wrecker said he missed him, once, but that’s been it.”
Hunter was holding a hand to his cheek, too shocked to respond to you. You were so angry, you hoped he felt that for a good long time.
“Well, we have been on the run,” Tech offered. He was eyeing you warily now, too.
“And we’ve had plenty of time in hyperspace or between other missions to think or talk about it,” you retorted. “Not only that, we’ve also had time to think about a rescue plan for Crosshair, and been in situations that we could have made that work.”
“Have you considered that perhaps he doesn’t care to be rescued?” Tech asked, a little bolder.
You rounded on him next, eyes ablaze.
“For all your brilliance, you can be so obtuse sometimes. You know it’s the chip. You know he has no fucking choice. Even Wrecker couldn’t fight it when it was fully activated.”
Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Wrecker hang his head in shame at the memory, but you continued laying into Tech. “For all we know, Crosshair could be wondering why his brothers haven’t tried to save him yet. Have you ever thought about that? Have any of you ever once considered how he’s feeling or what he’s thinking in all of this?”
It was silent, deafeningly so. For a moment it looked as though Echo may retort, but you fixed him with a challenging glare, and he thought better of it, clamping his mouth shut. Omega and Wrecker’s eyes were welling up with unshed tears.
“Of course not,” you continued. “I’m disappointed in all of you. You know if the situation were reversed--if Crosshair were here and one of you were out there, under Imperial control--he would not hesitate to come to your aid.”
“So what do you propose?” Echo asked, his voice hollow.
“Nothing, for the squad. But I’m leaving,” you said firmly.
Omega wailed. “What? What do you mean?!” Everyone else looked startled, as shocked as Hunter when you’d smacked him.
“I mean I cannot sit by so passively and go on these meaningless missions while one of ours is out there. So I’m leaving, to do as I see fit.”
“B-but…” Omega blubbered. Your expression softened as you looked at her, trying to wordlessly make it known that none of this was her fault; that she was excluded from this nastiness. “I thought we were a family.”
“So did I,” you said, moving your gaze back to Hunter, making sure it was stony and resolute. It looked as though those words hurt worse than the slap. All you could see was dismay.
“Then…I’m coming with you!” she cried, and ran over to you, nuzzling her head into the softness of your hip, arms around you.
“Omega, please,” Hunter begged. And now it seemed there were tears in his eyes, as well.
Omega shook her head and looked back at him, matching your firmness.
“Stitches is right. I told you about the chip. It’s not Crosshair’s fault. And she’ll need all the help she can get,” she said, looking back up at you.
“Don’t come find us,” you warned, scooping Omega up in your arms. “I’ve made up my mind. I’ll leave you all here to make up yours.”
The door to Cid’s hissed shut behind you. A few moments later, you heard Wrecker wail beyond the durasteel. That hurt worse than walking out, and you were almost tempted to go back, tell them you didn’t mean it, that you all could find Crosshair another way and be happy once again.
You wanted to cry too; you were absolutely crushed at having to leave the men you loved more than anything in the galaxy, but they’d made it clear. Your little family illusion had been deteriorating overtime, but it collapsed into rubble today. And you had to be the picture of strength for Omega. That meant no outward signs of regret or yearning.
“What are we going to do?” Omega asked quietly as you put her down.
“We’ll have to think of a plan after we find a ship,” you replied. Unfortunately this was too familiar a situation. You were becoming proficient at disappearing, reinventing yourself, and finding new ways to hide. The only problem was, Hunter was a much better tracker than Crosshair or any Imperial trooper. And now you had another person to hide, one with a bounty on her head.
Your commlink beeped, flashing Echo’s frequency. No doubt Hunter had asked him to comm you and beg for you to reconsider.
But you threw your commlink on the ground and crushed it under your heel, much to Omega’s surprise.
There was no going back now.
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aenaxes-moved · 2 months ago
gives goodnight kisses: cody, rex, hunter
cannot sleep without getting goodnight kisses: fox, echo
refuses to sleep without goodnight kisses: wrecker
wants goodnight kisses but doesnt know how to ask (shy): wolffe, tech
wants goodnight kisses but doesnt know how to ask (bastard): crosshair
goodnight kisses to making out until 2am pipeline: jesse, fives
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rebeldaydreams · 2 months ago
the bad batch cuddling hc’s!
because I’m soft for these boys. gender neutral reader!
Tumblr media
He’ll grumble and act uninterested, but really he’s just self-conscious about displaying affection.
If it’s early on in your relationship it will take some convincing to get him to cuddle with you.
Eventually he learns to let his guard down around you, though.
Hunter is actually a surprisingly affectionate person when you’re in private.
Not a big talker, but he shows his love through his actions instead of words. Soft forehead kisses, playing with your hair, kissing your knuckles, etc.
Being a very protective person by nature, he LOVES being the big spoon. 
Very warm and soft and good.
The first time he cuddled with you, it was the best night’s sleep he had ever had in his life.
Tumblr media
Claims he hates all forms of physical contact but listen,, this man is touch starved and secretly loves cuddling.
He would never admit it though. You could ask him and ask him and he’d just grumble, say he’s busy, or not in the mood, etc.
Finally he gives in and lets you cuddle with him one night.
“Fine, if it means you’ll stop asking.”
Takes a while to get comfy, but eventually you settle on him spooning you. It’s about how you imagined it would be – he’s all sharp angles so he’s not exactly the comfiest person to be pressed against.
That said, he’s warm and strong and you like the feeling of his arm draped over your waist…
The next day you wake up to an empty bed, and just go about your day as usual.
Crosshair gives you a mumbled “morning” when he sees you.
You assume he didn’t enjoy the cuddling and don’t expect it to happen again. Oh well, at least you tried.
That night, you’re heading to your bunk but Crosshair stops you and nods to HIS bunk.
“Well, are you coming or not?”
Tumblr media
Echo gets a little self-conscious about his new android body sometimes, so he takes some convincing.
“I’m not sure I’ll be a very good cuddling partner…”
You assure him that him having a metal arm and other implants really does not bother you at all, and tell him he has nothing to worry about.
To make him feel more comfortable, when you’re laying down together you lie on his left side with your head on his chest so he can put his left arm around you.
“This is nice.” “I told you so.”
This man is SO warm. He’s like your own personal heater.
Will kiss the top of your head and tell you quietly tell you how much he loves you when he thinks you’re already asleep.
(You’re not asleep and you hear everything.)
Tumblr media
The KING of cuddling.
In fact, you’re convinced he was built specifically for cuddling.
Big strong scary man who is actually just a giant teddy bear.
B I G  S P O O N.
Sometimes you’ll switch things up and straight up lay on his chest with your head tucked under his chin. This quickly becomes his favourite cuddling position.
Sometimes Wrecker can get a little overwhelmed by everything and struggles to relax, but cuddling with you always helps calm him.
“I dunno what I’d do without you, y/n.”
Sometimes he becomes very aware of his strength and worries he might hurt you by accident but you just lean up, kiss his cheek and reassure him that you trust him with your life.
Tumblr media
Does this man ever actually sleep? Up for debate. Sometimes you do have to physically drag him to bed.
Tech’s not really a cuddly person by nature - that is he wasn’t before he met you.
He’ll often stay up late working, but he’s more than happy to have you lying with your head in his lap while he taps away at his datapad.
Sometimes he’ll read or talk to you about what he’s doing. You’re interested, of course, but you also just like his voice.
The first time you shyly asked if he could read to you, he was surprised, pushing his glasses up his nose.
“You’re…interested in what I’m working on?”
When he gets more comfortable with you, he’ll drop one hand down to gently run his fingers through your hair while he works.
You almost always fall asleep on him, and usually end up waking up an hour or so later when he finally decides to go to sleep himself and is gently pulling you against his chest.
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raeaskywalker · 2 months ago
flirting with the bad batch
Tumblr media
i promised riyo i would do this so here we are
riyo...i did this bc i’m genuinely afraid you’d k word me if i didn’t <3
(ignore any typos) ok let’s get started :)
he’s witty af
knows exactly what to say to make you nervous
it’s definitely a sixth sense (seventh sense for him?)
it starts off as kind of like a joke until it slowly becomes not a joke
constantly calling you “cyare” and you have no idea what it means and none of the boys will explain it to you
omg so many pet names
this man has never called you by your actual name and if he does you know you’re in trouble
he’s training you in close combat and you best him and it’s the *person a puts knife under person b’s chin and tilts their head up while smirking* trope and he thinks he actually might die on the spot
“yield?” and the he smirks back and just “not a chance, love”
the amount of times the rest of the bad batch have told the two of you to get a room is too many to count
hunter: “i could just kiss you” you: “i could just let you” crosshair: “i could just barf”
BONUS: omega constantly intervening to try and get the two of you together
“hunter told me to tell you that you looked really nice today” “HUNTER WHY DO YOU KEEP STARING AT THEM?” “so how long have you guys been together? oh you’re not together that’s CRAZY because hunter talks about you all the-” “OK OMEGA THANK YOU”
sweetheart status
this man has never failed to make you swoon
too good at flirting, like so good that you genuinely fall in love with him more and more every time he opens his mouth
“hi handsome how are you” “better now that i got to see you, gorgeous”
“we’re gonna stop for supplies did you wanna join me?” “a day out, just you and i? sounds like a dream come true beautiful.”
he’s super loud about it too
every time you wear a new outfit he HAS to make a comment about it
“kriff cyare, are you trying to stop my heart?”
he would get mad if people were to say you weren’t there type
he will literally just flatter you with constant words of affirmation
no joke he will compliment you until it’s legit annoying
and when you try are fighting side by side
don’t even get him started
he will not shut up about how strong and amazing you are
flirting back only spurs him on
swears you two are gonna end up together
introduces you as the love of his life to everyone he meets
“echo stop telling people that, we’re not together”
would have no idea you’ve even flirting with him
his idea of flirting with you though is just being super nice
like he’ll help you with something and you’d thank him and he’d just get the dumbest little smile on his face and just “hehehe...yeah”
cue crosshair in the background: “wrecker close your mouth you look like an idiot”
“wait you like me why didn't you say anything?”
but seriously wrecker’s love language is acts of service
he doesn’t know how to sound smooth or witty without it coming out as awkward so he takes to doing things for you instead
carrying heavy things for you
picking you up and giving you piggy back rides when your feet get tired from walking
scaring the shit out of people who are mean to you
he won’t admit it but he likes to show off how strong he is to you
it’s actually really adorable
one time he was doing push ups and you jokingly sat on his back and he was determined to keep going and he got up to 100 and wouldn’t stop blushing when you kept going on and on about how impressive it was
you’re both just so mean to each other all the time
seriously people are like do you even like each other
your answers vary depending on the day
“you gonna do something or just sit here looking like an idiot” “isn't that all you ever do Cross?” “di’kut” “bastard”
honestly you don’t think the two of you have ever been even remotely nice to one another
everyone swears that’s cross’s way of flirting but you’re not so sure at the beginning
either way you’re just giving back what he’s throwing at you
whenever one of them brings it up to cross he tells them how ridiculous that is for them to think that
but the other boys will try and flirt with you just to spite him and he just glares at them the entire time
its a very ‘i can be mean to them but you cannot’ type relationship when it comes to other people being mean to the two of you
you’re very protective despite being complete assholes to one another
the boys swear you’ll end up together and everyone thinks they’re insane for saying that
“you look awful” “how touching”
completely oblivious
you try and flirt with him and he asks why you’re acting so weird
the others try to explain it to him and he’s just like thats dumb why would they ever flirt with me
no but he wouldn’t believe it
so you’d have to get more and more flirty and even then it doesn’t work out they way you hope it would
“hey tech you look cute in your glasses” “they’re not meant to be cute, they’re meant to be practical. because i can’t see without them.” “that’s not what i- ok just forget it”
the other boys will try and get involved and be like “oh tech don’t they look great today” and tech is just like “they look like that every day”
which to tech is the same as saying yes you do look great and he meant it as like you look great every day but it comes out completely wrong
you figure it out one day though when you shock him by knowing something that he doesn't and he’s just in awe
you go on and on about it explaining it to the group and tech is all of a sudden mega heart eyes
and all of a sudden he’s asking you all of these questions about everything all the time just to hear you talk about things extensively
everyone catches on pretty quick and they're just like jfc finally
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din-djarins-riduur · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*takes a deep breath*
WHERE is my grumpy grump ? Is the Empire treating him right ? Is he eating ?! Sleeping ?! Crying in the middle of the night ?! Does he feel alone ? ;-;
My BABY. Someone help.
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priortoallthoughts · 3 months ago
Bad Batch Cuddles
Rating: G
Word Count: 1.9k
Pairing: gn!reader x bad batch
Warnings: None, just fluff
Summary: Reader is a medic for the Bad Batch who suffers from chronic nightmares. The Bad Batch learns that cuddling helps and they are on the job. This is how that came about.
[Part 2]
Nightmares are nothing new to you; you’ve dealt with them for as long as you can remember. It’s tiring, the constant interruption of any sleep you attempt to get. You’re coping mechanisms, ones you’ve learned through hard experience, only do so much night after night.
When the war starts you join as a volunteer medic. You figure why not put your skills to use where they were needed the most? It did nothing to help you sleep, the nightmares are only that much more vivid now, but you think it’s a fair trade for the lives you save every day. It’s your passion, and you wouldn’t give it up for anything.
The GAR moves you around at any given moment depending on what it needs. Sometimes you’re on a Venator-class star destroyer serving under a Jedi general. A few times you work on one of the Republic medical stations with the Kaminoans (you weren’t sure how to feel about them if you were being honest.) But your longest stint anywhere, and where you were still, is working with Clone Force 99. They tell you to call them the Bad Batch.
You think it’s a bit funny, but you do it anyway.
They’re the ones who help you discover that nothing works to keep you asleep through the night quite as much as cuddling with someone else.
The first time you have a nightmare around them, you wake up in a cold sweat, heart pounding, in the little cot set up for you in the Havoc Marauder.
You slip past the boys still asleep in their bunks and make your way to the cockpit.
It’s cooler in there, causing you to shiver when you step through the door. The blur of stars in hyperspace is as mesmerizing as ever, and works to calm you down.
You sit it in the copilot seat. It’s always a good idea to leave the pilots seat open in case something goes wrong. And considering the Bad Batch’s propensity for things going wrong, it’s more likely than you care to admit.
Hours later, when your eyes are dry and hurting, you finally feel like you can go back to sleep. A quick sneak back to your cot and you lay there for the rest of the night.
Hunter asks you about it the next morning.
“Oh man, I didn’t mean to wake you up.” Curse your inability to be stealthy! Of course you would wake up the one with enhanced senses!
“No worries,” he assures you with a smile. “You we’re getting restless before you woke up, wanted to make sure you were okay.”
You gave him an awkward smile. “Nothing to worry about, it was just a nightmare.”
Should you tell him that it’s normal? It would probably be a good idea. But what if he thinks constantly being woken up is too much of a hassle and wants a different medic? You were supposed to be helping them, not making them loose sleep too!
“I figured as much; it happens to all of us.”
He claps your shoulder and walks away before you could say another word.
Since then, one by one, the rest of the boys all find out about your nightmares. Wrecker is sitting up in his bunk one night when you jolt awake in your cot and end up meeting his eyes. Crosshair stays back with the Marauder during a short resupply where you proceed to fail miserably at taking a nap. Tech is tinkering with something in the cockpit when you come in one night.
You’re not actually sure if he’s been to sleep at all yet, which only makes you feel a little better about accidentally disturbing him.
“You know,” he starts as soon as you walk in, “there are many studies about the psychology of chronic nightmares and their causes in nat-borns. Do you know if you have any hereditary diseases or other underlying sleep disorders that could contribute to your condition? If we scanned your brain, we could see if there’s a physiological reason for it. As a medic, it would be simple for you to do.”
You’re so astonished, both by his concern and the heat crawling up your face, that you can only giggle before going to sit on the floor next to him.
“Hate to say it, but I’ve done that. Nothing physiological,” you sigh.
“Then it is psychological?”
“Not that I’ve ever discovered.”
Tech looks up in surprise. “I find it quite fascinating that nat-borns can have something wrong with them for no discernible reason.”
You snort. “Suppose being a genetically enhanced clone has some perks then. At least you know exactly how and why you’re different.”
“I’ve never heard someone say being a clone is a good thing.” Tech’s voice goes soft, and your heart breaks a little for him.
Being a medic has let you see the humanity in the GAR soldiers, that they’re so much more that just clones. You also see that you are one of a few who think so.
You lean your head down on his shoulder, causing him to perk up.
“Perhaps what you need to alleviate your nightmares is to sleep with someone.”
“Tech!” You sputter, trying to keep your voice down. “You can’t just say that!”
“You misunderstand, I did not mean that in a sexual sense, though that would also work.”
The sound that leaves your throat is absolutely mortifying.
“The sensation of touch releases oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. These hormones make you experience feelings of happiness, relaxation, improve your mood, and lower levels of depression. In your case, theoretically, it may help alleviate your nightmares enough to sleep soundly through the night.”
Once again, you felt astonishment flood through you. It’s hardly a lot of research that Tech did, but the fact he did it for you had you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.
“So you’re saying I should cuddle with someone?”
“In layman’s terms, yes.”
“Are you volunteering?” You’re hoping you didn’t sound desperate, because if cuddling is the answer after all this time you’re gonna hold onto these boys like a gundark does it’s next meal.
Wait, that’s morbid.
“If you feel like it would help, it will also make a good experiment to see how such a release of hormones could affect us clones and you differently.” As he stands he offers his hand to you. “Well, what are you waiting for?”
When you follow him back to his bunk you have no idea that it will be the best night sleep you can ever remember having in your life.
It only goes uphill from there when the others find out what helps you, touch starved as they are.
Tech likes to sleep on your chest, partly for his own comfort, but you’re also convinced he documents your heart rate and respiration for his own study. You notice that he changes small things about the way he lays depending on how well you sleep some nights, like he wanted to see what brings about the best results. And if you cuddle him just a bit more when you catch on, well neither one of you says anything.
Wrecker is the most enthusiastic about this turn of events. He is the most tactile out of the four of them, so nights with him are the cuddliest. With him, he loves to be the big spoon, and you’re not complaining in the slightest. You feel so small in his arms. It’s the warmest and safest place you can ever be, and on the odd night you still wake up he’s holding you just that much tighter and assuring you that he’ll fight off every nightmare you have and keep you safe.
Hunter has to figure out which position sets off his senses the least, but he learns for you. It’s slow going, but eventually you both figure out that you laying on top of him is the best. You get a nice body pillow that hugs you back, and he gets a person shaped weighted blanket that actually manages to calm him down. The night you try that position you both sleep so well that it takes Hunter a few minutes to let you go when he wakes up, which is lovely since he usually has to move during the night.
Well, Crosshair makes it perfectly clear that he doesn’t want any part of cuddling with you. The rapport you have already built with him as a medic is not ideal, but at least he’s civil with you now. You didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that, so you leave him be.
The others take turns sleeping with you each night if they can. You rotate around their bunks so much you hardly sleep in your own cot anymore; the only times you do now is when they're off on a mission that you can’t join them on, even if you do double as a field medic for them.
Everything changes one night, though.
It’s another resupply when Crosshair stays behind that the others are trapped in town for the night because of a sandstorm. As capable as they were – a sandstorm wouldn’t have slowed them down much, honestly – Hunter didn’t want to needlessly risk it. So, he, Tech, and Wrecker stay in the town, leaving you and Crosshair alone in the Marauder.
You’re nervous for it, though you’re not certain why exactly. Maybe it’s the antsy feeling that grows in you the closer it came to go to sleep. You knew a nightmare will come tonight.
“Hey… Crosshair?” You stand a few feet away from where he cleans his rifle.
You almost wince. You suppose it’s a bit obvious what you want to ask him.
“Right, sorry.”
You putter away to the bunks and proceed to strip away Wrecker’s, Tech’s, and Hunter’s (not Crosshair’s; never Crosshair’s) blankets and pillows to toss onto your cot. It’s something you do when they’re all away – a poor approximation to being in their arms, but it smells like them and it’s warm, so you make it work.
When Crosshair comes in from locking down the Marauder he takes one look at you and scoffs. “You look pathetic.”
You crack your eyes open. “Better pathetic like this than pathetic because of a nightmare,” you mutter before closing your eyes again.
“You’re going to give us a bad name if you keep looking this pathetic.” You hear before the blankets are ripped away from you.
“Hey!” You jolt up and try to grab them back but he’s already tossing them on the floor.
You freeze when he pulls the last remaining cover up and slides into your cot next to you. You’re staring at him in shock when he scoffs again and practically manhandles so you’re tucked into his front, chest to chest.
When your hands shakily move around to hold his middle, slowly in case he pulls away, he puts his around your back and pulls you closer.
You let yourself melt into it, lest you miss your chance to accept what he’s never offered before. Whatever has come over him, you’re going to take full advantage of it. Your legs tangle with his and in Crosshair’s arms you can finally sleep knowing no nightmare would dare to disturb either of you.
“Thank you,” you whisper into his chest as you drift off.
“Don’t mention it,” he whispers back, voice softer than you’ve ever heard. “Ever.”
And after that night, Crosshair is one of your favorites to sleep with.
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thisisthefanfic · a month ago
Only One Bed/Cuddling for Warmth Headcanons with the Bad Batch
Part One
Part two
Warnings: none! Just cuddling! There might be a 2nd part including more nsfw themes tho
Tumblr media
This man is pretty used to sleeping in uncomfortable spots (if at all) so he’s going to insist he can sleep on the floor right off the bat. Full stop.
Of course when it comes to the cold, his heightened senses make him more sensitive to the cold, so he’ll give in after you reason with him. Not only would he be freezing otherwise, but he hates shivering and looking weak.
Being a leader, he’s going to get the bed all nice and situated and propose that he be the big spoon, but also being a gentleman he’ll do whatever you prefer. Little spoon, you on his chest, make him lay his head on you, you name it he’ll do it as long as you’re both warm and comfortable.
He’s going to be a bit stiff though so be warned, but he’s going to try to be comforting as well as respectful. He knows he’s a bit intimidating, and that this is a strange situation and he’s going to do his best.
Soon enough he’ll be nuzzling into you a tiny bit, feeling comforted by your scent, his hand will end up in yours with your fingers intertwined, and if you listen closely when he thinks you’re asleep, you’ll hear him humming softly as he dozes off.
Tumblr media
Wrecker is honestly a big hugger, he’s not afraid of showing affection and sometimes he has issues with personal space, but this situation will make him into a nervous mess.
Cuddling is no biggie, he’s cradled Omega to his chest before, same with his Lula, he loves comforting and warming small creatures and things. But laying in bed with you? His ears will go red and he’ll worry he might scare or hurt you.
You’ll have to calm him down, but seeing as you’ll both still be a bit embarrassed, he’s going to need a bit before he gets settled with the idea. Once he’s calm he’s going to focus on making you comfortable.
He’s basically a giant heater so he’s not worried about getting cold, but he’s going to worry about you. Eventually you’ll end up laying on his chest while he lies on his back, cue him desperately trying to not hug you.
Once you’re both more comfortable he’s going to wrap an arm around you and cradle your head to his chest, and then he’s off to sleepy town. I hope you don’t mind snoring.
Tumblr media
Poor Echo, after being practically frozen by the Techno Union and made into a cyborg, he hates the cold, it’s enough to make him anxious and uncomfortable.
Despite this, Echo is ever polite and knows that he can be uncomfortable to lay against, so he’s going to repeatedly insist that you don’t have to lay with him. He’ll even offer you his warmer blacks if need be.
It won’t take long before he’s too cold and shivering to protest, and once he’s in the warm bed he’s going to cuddle into a ball and fall asleep.
Your best chance at warmth for you both is to spoon him, you may be too small to properly spoon him but that’s ok, he’ll grin in his sleep from the contact.
You’ll wake up with him turned around to nuzzle his face into the top of your head, his arms around you and one ankle over yours. He’s going to be very embarrassed and apologize when he realizes, but he’s having the best sleep of his life before he wakes.
Tumblr media
Tech’s usual disposition can be best described as “not giving a shit”. So when this situation happens, he’s going to shrug and say that cuddling is the best option for you both and leave it at that.
You’ll find him already at home in the bed looking over his data pad until you slide in next to him, then he’s going to internally panic a bit. What if he makes you uncomfortable?
Once he takes his goggles off, he’s basically blind, and is just going to wriggle around for a minute before dozing off, I hope you’re a heavy sleeper, because he has restless legs that will kick around in his sleep.
He’s going to wake up a few times and randomly remember he needs to tap something down on his pad, then he’ll lay back down, but he’ll be a tad bit closer to you each time.
When the sun rises, his face is going to be smushed against your cheek and his arm draped over you. He’s so exhausted from constantly waking up and moving at night that he won’t even realize.
Tumblr media
First he’s going to insist the bed is his and say you have to sleep somewhere else. He’s joking. Mostly. Once he realizes that it’s freezing he’ll say you can have the bed and he’ll sit at the end of the bed.
When you start shivering and his teeth won’t stop chattering, he’s going to grumble and slide in next to you, but he’ll refuse to say anything and won’t stop scowling.
When you scoot back in your sleep, seeking his warmth, he’ll freeze for a moment and then slowly run his nimble fingers through your hair, smirking a bit to himself.
As grumpy as he is, he’s very protective and touch starved, so gradually through the night he’s going to hold you closer and relax more. It takes him awhile to fall asleep so he’s focusing on you more than the others.
You’re going to wake up to your face pressed against his chest, his hand cradling you there while his knees go over your thighs to keep you in place. But before you can say or do anything he’s going to move away, but you might feel a small squeeze on your arm before he’s out.
Let me know if y’all want the part two!
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image-thot · 2 months ago
Bad Batch Imagine - Meeting S/O For The First Time
Tumblr media
Would of most likely met you on a mutual mission or on the planet of a mission
He wasn’t going to lie you did throw off his game
He wasn’t sure if he could trust you
His heightened sense was not helping with that as he found more of his time was spent keeping them focused on you
However, once the mission is finished his view changes
That time spent focussing on them was worth it
You had proven yourself a good warrior in many ways
And the way you moved on the battlefield, he was impressed (and that in itself was hard)
He requested your subspace comm strictly for professional contact on missions in the future (is what he tells everyone)
Tumblr media
He would most likely meet them off mission
As his job is very detailed orientated when he first meets you he takes in everything about you
Concludes from this that you are way too beautiful to be working in this line of work (won’t admit it and blushes just thinking of it.)
If you take interest in something he talks about, he is going to be both ecstatic (on the inside) and suspicious of you
Afterall in his mind why would someone so beautiful take an interest in such a boring subject (boring to his brothers not to him)
He Will get distracted talking to you and forget about his purpose, it’s not every day he finds someone to not complain about him talking.
If he has to go off will apologise but request to continue it later
Doesn’t need to ask for your personal coms as he might have already gotten them through his own means
But so he doesn’t seem like a creep, he will ask you for it and might be fighting off the blush forming on his cheeks when you give it to him.
Tumblr media
Whichever way he meets you it probably won’t change the outcome or his views
Like any distraction, he finds you annoying
You might be a good looking distraction but he isn’t going out of his way to make conversation
He Will more likely just stare at you, he thinks he is subtle about it (honestly doesn’t care if you catch but if one of his brothers do he will not hear the end of it)
He may unnerve you but it’s up to you to strike up a conversation with him
Is definitely going to be harsh with whatever he says back
If you happen to be a good shot will definitely “insult you” into having a shoot-off with him
Mainly so he can prove how inferior you are to him but if you can keep up with his shot or even if you completely fail the fact that you were bold enough to accept his challenge puts a smirk on his face
Will somehow (most likely through tech) get some form of your private comms to talk with you, most likely to insult you over your poor form or something.
He does look forward to getting to know you more even if it is to get some form of upper hand over you (it’s just because not that many are will to converse with him outside of missions.)
Tumblr media
The first thing he says to you is “Fuck you are small” your simple reply would be “I would imagine everyone is to you.”
He would instantly be telling you to say more funny things
Doesn’t even pay attention to how you look just that you are hilarious
Almost dislocates your shoulder from hitting it in a ‘playful’ manner after one of your jokes
Will try to get his brothers all to listen to your ‘jokes’ they totally understand you are a hostage in this situation and it kinda amuses them to how oblivious Wreker can be
Gets Tech to get your comm information so he can get more jokes off you
Not until you are walking away, that Crosshairs comments on your ass and he agrees without realising he was talking about your ass. (Made everyone but him laugh because he didn’t ‘get’ the joke)
Tumblr media
Meets you off mission, either on Coruscant or Kamino
Doesn’t even notice you are trying to talk to him until you wave a hand in front of his face
Apologies and asks how he can help you
After he helps he is curious as to why you don’t immediately go on your way
After saying you hadn’t seen him around here before, and him telling you that he’s out on missions most of the time
Its starts off as a mutual conversation
Since Skako Minor no one aside from his brothers in the bad batch had taken to talking, that was until you
If you seem impressed by anything that he says he may find himself blushing
Will try to steer the conversation towards you as he would rather know more about the beautiful person spending what little time they may have with him
When you offer your personal com info he is confused at first and when you tell him if he wants to continue the conversation later as you are sure he is a busy man
He gladly accepts, feeling giddy as he says goodbye to you watching your perfect form walk-off
It then only hits him that he doesn’t actually have anything he was supposed to do and he feels like a complete idiot
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doobiwankenooku · a year ago
The Bad Batch: What They are Like in a Relationship
Author’s Note: Okay I’m gonna try something new where I group these lovely boys together for headcannons. Feedback would be great. I’m going to try to capture their personalities based only off of “The Bad Batch” episode which I have watched an unhealthy amount of times.
Warnings: implied smut, mostly fluff
If you had to describe Hunter as a boyfriend in one word, it would be loving
He comes across as gruff, but beneath his rough exterior, he’s a huge softy
This man is completely head over heels for you and isn’t afraid to let you know
He’s very straightforward which means there’s really no beating around the bush with him
That being said, he also has a good sense of humor and loves to make you smile or laugh
He’s very in tune with your emotions, his heightened senses making it easier for him to understand how you are feeling
He can tell when you are upset, afraid, needy, all because of the fact that he has an easy time picking up the chemical signals emitted by your body
These same heightened senses make for a great deal of pleasure for the both of you 
He loves everything about you and loves to be overwhelmed by only you 
The smell of your sweet skin, the sound of your angelic voice, the taste of you, the feeling of your body against his, everything
You loved to be on the receiving end of all that affection
Hunter is a pretty territorial guy and loves to have you all to himself
He’s extremely protective and wants to keep you safe
Hunter is never afraid to let you know how much you mean to him or how much he loves you
Tech is actually the most sweet and caring boyfriend you could ever ask for
He basically worships you, constantly reminding you how lucky he is to have you
Although the Bad Batch is nothing like the regs, he definitely has their loyalty
He always wants to make sure that you are happy and well taken care of
He is never rough with you, always gentle and loving
He will constantly shower you with affection
Whether it be kissing all over your face, holding your hand in his, or telling you each and every thing he loves about you, Tech always manages to keep a smile on your face
He especially loves to hold you in his arms at night when the two of you can lay under the stars 
He will keep you close and rattle off interesting facts about that planet’s moons, constellations, or atmosphere
Many people might consider it boring, but you love to hear his voice and watch the way his eyes light up when he tells you about something he is passionate about
He loves to talk, but he is also an amazing listener
If you ever just want to talk to him about something that’s bothering you, you best bet that this man will listen intently, holding your hands in his own and keeping eye contact just to show how much he cares 
I would also just like to mention how smooth this man can be
Like you best bet that he’s going to slip in some cute comment while he’s telling you some newly learned information
“According to some recent research, it is said that these creatures are considered to be the most beautiful in the galaxy,” he’ll point them out before turning to you with a small smile. “I would like to argue, though, that they clearly have never laid eyes upon your beauty.”
Hunter was right when he said Crosshair isn’t much of a conversationalist
That being said, he doesn’t always need words to express his love for you
Often you will catch his well trained eyes gazing upon you with love and adoration
Other times, the feeling of his hands on your waist or his lips on your forehead is enough to tell just how much he cares for you
When he does speak, Cross take advantage of your love for his low, raspy voice by getting close to your ear
He will mumble about how beautiful you are and give you compliments, leaving you with chills down your spine and a blush on your cheeks
He is surprisingly cocky and confident for somebody so quiet, often finding pleasure in teasing you or making comments about how flustered he makes you
He may have a cold exterior, but if you use a soft tone or pout your pretty lips, this man will do anything you ask of him
He would never admit to having any weaknesses, but if anything were to happen to you, he would be destroyed
Intimate moments with him are always special and he doesn’t like to rush things
He’s very observant of your expressions, voice, and body language
Your happiness and pleasure is his top priority
You in general are his top priority
Occasionally, but not often, you will get to hear him mumble a heartfelt “I love you” in your ear
The smile that follows always makes his heart swell with happiness
He loves you more than life itself
Literally every single day with Wrecker is a fun one because of his outgoing personality and sense of humor
His booming voice and contagious laugh always keep you smiling 
Wrecker is constantly captivated by your beauty and shows it through both word and action 
He loves to kiss you everywhere and completely shower you with affection
He’ll kiss all over your face, your shoulders, the palms of your hands, up and down your stomach
All to show you how much he adores you
Forehead kisses are frequent because of the intense size and height difference
Speaking of which, he loves that he is so much larger and stronger than you
Expect to be called some cute nicknames like “tiny” or “button”
He is also constantly showing off his strength to both you and the other boys
You always laugh at the way Crosshair rolls his eyes when he walks in to see you perched happily atop a gonk droid while Wrecker lifts it with one arm
Laying on top of his back while he does push ups is also really fun just saying
Don’t even get me started with cuddling because it is the most amazing experience ever
Cold night? Not when you’re with Wreck
This man is basically a walking furnace and is happy to share his heat with you 
Nights wrapped up in his strong arms make for the best sleep of your life
He will watch you drift to sleep on his chest, pressing his lips gently to yours with a content smile
There is no one in the universe that could ever love you more than Wrecker
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naboosunset · 2 months ago
Hi! I just started watching Bad Batch and shortly there after discovered your page, and I'm hooked! I absolutely love your writing, you capture all the guys so well its awesome! Wrecker and Tech are my fav but its hard not to love them all lol. I wanted to pop in and tell you to keep up the amazing work and also request some from the Touches Ask Game prompts if that's ok? Wrecker: shielding the other one with their body and Tech: kissing away tears. Thanks! <3
here you go my dear! with the two prompts from this delightful list. they’re bolded in the story. 💖
warnings: pushy reg (mild sexual harassment), bar setting, alcohol, canon-typical physical violence.
summary: some shiny reg at 79s doesn’t know how to take no for an answer. The Bad Batch is there to help you out. Takes place right after chapter 5 of The Opportune Moment.
Tumblr media
“So what’s a gorgeous girl like you doin’ in a shithole like this?” said voice next to you at the bar.
A reg you didn’t recognize had sidled up beside you, a smirk on his face, eyes glimmering with a wolfish look you’d grown to recognize in your time spent in seedy cantinas and bars on other planets.
“Does that ever actually work for you?” you asked, trying to brush him off lightly, suddenly a little too aware of the low neckline of your shirt. The boys had convinced you that you looked stunning, and for the first time in a while, you felt comfortable with wearing something a little more revealing out in public. Now, with this trooper’s eyes on you like this, you were beginning to feel self-conscious again, and you shifted in such a way to block his direct view of your cleavage.
“You gonna answer all my questions with a question?” he asked.
“Will you leave me alone?” you didn’t mean to phrase it as a question, and internally cursed yourself. No doubt he thought you were playing games with him now.
“So that’s how it’s gonna be, huh? That’s fine, I don’t mind a little chase,” he said, his tongue darting out to moisten his bottom lip as he continued to look at you, hungrily.
You tried to avoid his gaze to locate your boys. Hunter was nowhere to be seen; maybe he’d disappeared somewhere to escape the noise. Crosshair had gone outside for a smoke, so you knew he wasn’t inside. Wrecker was arm wrestling some poor Reg while Tech watched the match with a smirk. You couldn’t get anyone’s attention without causing a scene, which you definitely wanted to avoid. You’d only gone to the bar by yourself to get another drink and bring one back for Tech and Crosshair, but the poor bartender was busy, so you politely waited your turn. Apparently this particular reg saw it as an invitation.
“I’m not interested, sorry,” you said dully, turning your attention to the bottles lining the shelves behind the bar instead, feigning fascination in anything but him.
“Awww, c’mon, gorgeous. I ship out tomorrow. You don’t wanna deny a trooper what might be his last chance, do you?”
He was new, you could tell. A shiny. They always had a sort of cockiness about them. The front lines would change that. It would either become bravado or reticence after their exploits. While you did not envy his fate, and felt a little pity at knowing what he might become, you also were not interested. How much clearer you could make it, you weren’t sure.
“I’m sure you’ll find someone else,” you said with a placid smile, trying to keep your voice firm.
“But you’re the prettiest girl in here,” he continued, placing a hand on your upper thigh. “Mmm. Much warmer than those droids.”
The physical contact combined with his words made you recoil, and you gingerly took his wrist with three of your fingers to pry him off of you. Apparently he took that as an invitation as well, and in a flash, had your hand in his while his other found itself on your waist. He was far too close for comfort, and you had not given him permission to touch you like this. Now that he was so close, you could smell the booze on his breath, and see the glimmering lust in his eyes.
“Get off of me,” you said through gritted teeth, twisting in your seat.
“Sweetheart, that’s no way to treat a man who’s just tryin’ to compliment you. How ‘bout we get one o’ those back rooms and I can be a little more convincing?” the way his eyebrow was raised as he said it made your heart flutter, and bile rise in your throat.
“Look, I said no already!” your voice came out a little higher-pitched and desperate as you continued to try and twist your way out of his grasp.
You thought you might have to resort to physical violence when Tech’s smooth voice sounded at your side.
“I believe the lady asked you to leave her alone,” he said, in that crisp, proper accent.
The reg looked at Tech with disdain. “What’re you, her boyfriend?”
“Perhaps. In any case, she has expressed her disinterest. I suggest you leave.”
The reg still hadn’t let go of you. In fact, it seemed he was taking Tech’s defense as a challenge, and gripped you tighter. You froze, unsure of what might happen at that moment.
“Look, if you want her to yourself, you’re gonna have to wait. We were just about to have some fun,” the reg said, turning back to you.
“No we were not!” you said, pushing against him.
Tech sprang into action at that moment, peeling him off of you and shoving him back. The action caught the attention of several other patrons, including Wrecker, who stood up to his full height and strode over to the bar in seconds. He planted his massive frame in between you and the unwelcome trooper, shielding you from his unwanted advances.
“What’s goin’ on here?” he asked, regarding Tech, you, and the reg with his good eye, his voice all gravelly and commanding.
“This trooper was bothering Stitches. He’s about to leave,” Tech answered stiffly.
“Like hell I was,” the trooper growled.
You didn’t quite know what was going to happen next, but you had a feeling whatever it was would escalate. Hunter had come back from...wherever he’d been, and was at Wrecker’s side in an instant. Crosshair had followed, looking even more scowly than usual as he spotted his brothers at the bar, all standing between you and a reg.
“Last chance, babygirl,” the trooper grinned. You could not believe the audacity of this guy. You’d already said no, but he also didn’t seem to realize who the four men were who’d come to your aid.
“Did someone drop you on your head at Kamino?” you fired back, feeling a little safer with the presence of your boys.
The four of them shared a good laugh.
Instead of being insulted, the trooper’s grin widened. “Ooh, a little fight in you. I like that,” he said, reaching forward and grabbing your wrist again.
“Then you’re gonna love us,” Hunter quipped.
Everything exploded at that moment. In a swift movement, Hunter had broken the guy’s grasp on you (and his wrist, you were pretty sure), as he smashed his head into the bar, holding his head down and his arm at an uncomfortable angle. Bystanders all gasped and watched the scene unfold with wide, prying eyes.
“No means no,” Hunter growled, before yanking the trooper up and pushing him back so that he stumbled.
“Maker, ok, fine. She’s not worth it anyway, ugly bi--”
The trooper didn’t get to finish his sentence. Crosshair had evidently had enough. The insult to you had pushed him over the edge, and the sniper said nothing as he lunged at the guy with a cold fury, the kind you only really saw in close quarters combat. The other trooper’s squad members plunged into the fray to defend their brother. It was the famed Clone Force 99 against a squad of shiny regs, and you knew if you didn’t do something, those poor shinies would ship out in boxes instead of gunships.
People screamed in both delight and terror, as the fight played out before them. Many of the regs were cheering on the shinies, while others had clearly placed their bets on Clone Force 99. Other bar-goers, non-clones and droids, watched with horror and fascination. The barkeeper had commed the police already with a tired look in his eye--apparently this happened far too often for him to really be amused. You didn’t want your boys to have to spend the night in a cell or be banned from one of the only places they were accepted (well, sort of), so you did the only thing you could think of. You screamed “fire! There’s a fire!” and darted to the wall to pull the alarm.
Had you just caused even more chaos? Yes. But it shifted everyone’s attention to the alarm instead of the fight, and everyone began screaming as they tried to get out of the bar. The main entrance was bottlenecked with people, but Tech was a quick thinker. You and him wrestled his brothers out of the fight with some difficulty--you both had to convince Wrecker to pry Crosshair off of the guy--and you all ran out the back. The sounds of the sirens wailing and the people screaming were a little more distant as you hailed a cab for the five of you, to take you back to the hotel room.
In the cab on the way there, you inspected everyone’s injuries.
“I wasn’t finished,” Crosshair grumbled when you took his hands in yours. His knuckles were scraped up and bloody, and you shuddered to think of how the other trooper looked in comparison.
“Good,” you said dryly. “You’d’ve killed him if we hadn’t stopped you.”
“That was the goal,” he answered.
You fixed him with a hard glare, the kind a mother would give her child who’d just thrown a tantrum in public. He didn’t smile, he didn’t smirk. He said it as plainly as if he were responding to a mission briefing.
“Crosshair, no.”
“He touched you. I would have snapped his neck,” he continued.
“Crosshair!” you scolded.
“If it’s any consolation, we all feel that way, Stitches,” Hunter chimed in.
“Yeah, I would’ve killed him myself if Crosshair hadn’t been there,” Wrecker agreed.
“Guys!” you cried, your face growing hot at their words. You appreciated that they were going to such lengths to protect you, and you liked the attention, but it also set off an uneasy feeling in your stomach.
“He was quite persistent. I was worried when he said you were going to one of the back rooms,” Tech said quietly.
Hunter’s eyes narrowed, and Crosshair’s jaw clenched.
“He what?” Hunter practically hissed.
“When I initially approached  him to nicely ask him to leave Stitches alone, I overheard him say he wanted to take her to one of the back rooms and convince her,” Tech explained.
You were mortified. Those infamous back rooms at 79s where troopers could enjoy all manner of sinful activities, safe from prying eyes, were well-known among all battalions. It had become somewhat of a running joke, too. A trooper could pay one of the waitress droids or, if he got lucky without having to pay, they served as a kind of private room to take someone back to since barracks or apartments were not often ideal or available.
“Convince her?” Crosshair practically spat. “Stop the cab. I’m going back,” he insisted.
“No! Cross--stop it!” you protested, and convinced the taxi pilot to continue on to your destination.
“Breaking his nose wasn’t enough,” snarled the sniper.
“Yes it was. And frankly I’m glad you didn’t do worse.”
“Hunter broke his wrist, too,” Tech piped up.
“I know,” you said dryly, glaring sideways at Hunter.
“Wrecker bashed two of their heads together!” Hunter said in defense, as if to shift the blame and imply that was somehow worse.
“Look, I appreciate you sticking up for me, I do. But I didn’t wanna cause a scene,” you explained.
“It wouldn’t have mattered. It seems he wanted a scene of some sort,” Tech said.
“And you’re too nice for your own good sometimes,” Wrecker pointed out.
The conversation might have continued, but the taxi stopped at the hotel. You paid the pilot and tipped him well--no doubt he was probably concerned at hearing some beat-up clone troopers talk so openly about killing someone at a bar.
It was silent as the five of you walked through the lobby and piled into the lift to the floor you were staying on. You were still awaiting mission orders, and thus had extended the hotel room stay after the successful mission with the senator.
Once in the safety and privacy of the room, you had each of them sit so you could treat their injuries. Tech and Hunter had some ugly looking bruises, so you gave them a poultice and some ice packs to reduce the swelling. (Hunter still had the remnants of his black eye from the mission, too). Wrecker was pretty much fine, but he happily let you look him over anyway.
Crosshair was still sullen, but he did not fight or protest when you cleaned the cuts and bruises on his hands before applying a poultice and wrapping them with gauze. Each brush of your hands against his made your heart swell, in both adoration and disappointment as you inspected his injuries. The fact that your boys were willing to go to such lengths in order to protect you was almost too much for you to handle. You’d seen them in action on the battlefield, and you knew they were excellent soldiers. They did their duty for the Republic in style. But when those skills were used in such a way for you, outside of battle...
It was too much.
You began to blink back tears that threatened to spill down your cheeks. Crosshair said nothing but looked at you curiously.
Tech noticed first.
“Stitches, are you alright?” he asked, more alarm in his voice than you were used to hearing.
Hunter and Wrecker followed the sound of their brother’s voice, heads whipping around to look at you.
As you put away the things in your medical bag (perhaps in an effort to avoid everyone’s gaze), Tech crouched before you on the floor and took your face in both his hands, gently making you look at him.
You couldn’t help the tears: big, salty droplets that rolled down your cheeks and made your face uncomfortably wet.
“I’m fine,” you whispered. If you spoke any louder, your voice would crack and you didn’t trust yourself not to start bawling.
“Unless these are tears of joy, you do not seem fine in the slightest,” Tech said, with a little bit of a teasing edge in his voice.
You brought a hand up to rest over his on your jaw.
“I’m just overwhelmed,” you whispered. “You...protect me.”
“Of course we do,” Tech said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, as if it were a scientific fact he’d found on the holonet the night before.
“Why’re you cryin’ pretty girl?” Wrecker asked, crouching down, too.
“ don’t have to,” you said.  And then your voice broke, and you sobbed. Tech helped you stand up, and when you were on your feet, he wrapped you in a tight hug, your head smushed against his plastoid chestpiece.
“I know we don’t have to, Stitches. But we want to,” Hunter offered, reaching out and placing a hand on your upper arm.
“Yeah! We love you. And that means protecting you,” Wrecker chimed in.
“No one’s ever-” you sniffled, “wanted to b-before.”
“They were idiots,” Crosshair said flatly.
“B-but I didn’t d-do...anything, to earn it,” you blubbered.
Tech pulled back and looked down at you with a quizzical expression.
“You do not have to earn love, darling. Unconditional love is not transactional or reciprocal,” he explained.
“You don’t know that,” you countered, breath shaky.
“I do know that. I can lend you the articles I was reading if you’d like.”
“She doesn’t need to read about love to know how we feel, Tech,” Hunter admonished his younger brother gently.
You tried to manage a laugh but it came out as a broken sob combined with a hiccup.
“I don’t deserve any of you.”
“Don’t be ridiculous. Of course you do,” Crosshair answered.
“He’s right. All you have to do for us is ‘be,’ and that’s all we need,” Hunter said.
You tried to take another deep breath to compose yourself, but your body decided you were not done crying, and the tears continued to roll. Tech tilted your chin up with his index and middle finger, thumb resting on your chin.
“Darling,” he said, kissing a spot on your cheek, “you can be,” he kissed another spot, stopping a tear in its tracks, “so silly sometimes,” he kissed your other cheek, stopping another tear.
Tech continued to kiss your face until all your tears were gone, and your breathing had steadied considerably.
“Lovely girl. You needn’t worry so,” he reassured you.
“I’m afraid it’s in my nature,” you whispered.
“It’s what makes you a good nurse,” Hunter said. “You’re always worried for us. But we’re ok. Mostly because of you.”
Wrecker wrapped everyone in a rather suffocating group hug after that, which considerably warmed your spirits. When he finally let everyone go (Crosshair and Hunter were grumbly about it), he kissed the top of your head.
“I love you, pretty girl,” he said in the softest voice you’d ever heard from him.
Your heart had never been so whole.
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mallr4ts · a month ago
How the Batch shows interest in you, and what Omega does to help (Gender-neutral reader!)
Tumblr media
Hunter knows how to somewhat control his emotions and feelings, and can prevent his crush on you from taking the wheel and turning him into an embarrassing mess.
But despite his ability to remain cool and calm, it's still obvious that he has a thing for you.
Hunter automatically clings to you; he'll always be sitting/standing beside you, he'll find an excuse to playfully touch your arm, he turns his focus to you first out of everyone else.
If anything, you'll be the one doubting yourself because, well, this is Hunter after all, and who wouldn't get flustered around him? If you shy away from his advances then he'll back off, worried that you're not interested, and you'll need to make the next move to re-kindle things.
Hunter wants to know if you're truly into him, and he has the confidence to do so. He'll become more flirty, sending compliments and glances your way, and might even find some time to pull you aside and ask if things will go further.
Wrecker just wants to be around you 24/7. You make him so happy, and he wants to try and give you the same in return.
He'll constantly be cracking jokes, showing you cool things, maybe lift heavy items here and there in an attempt to impress you.
You'll receive compliments galore, but not an excessive amount. Wrecker will ensure that you know you're good-looking, that you look like you slept well, that your outfit looks nice, and so on, but he knows when enough is enough.
However, Wrecker is easily flustered and stumbles all over his words whenever you reciprocate his compliments; his cheeks will turn vibrant red, he'll struggle to maintain eye contact, and he'll often rub the back of his neck.
His crush on you is painfully obvious, and both you and him will be teased about it by certain members of the batch (Crosshair and Omega.)
At first, Echo might avoid you. He was forbidden from relationships when he followed the Jedi, but now that he's in an independent group, he's able to slowly become curious about his feelings, and explore them.
Echo will shy up and that's due to his lack of experience. He has a lot of self-confidence issues, especially physical ones, and he can't wrap his head around the odd idea that you might actually like him back.
You'll need to make the first move. Send him a few compliments and flirty glances, and then, if he still doesn't understand that you're interested, then a Batch member will pull him aside and point out the obvious.
Echo's never really flirted before, so expect a lot of stuttering and pauses. It'll go on like that for a while - you flirting, and Echo attempting to flirt back.
Until one day it finally sinks in that you really do like him, and then he'll suddenly pull you aside to admit his feelings, and ask you to date him before he "makes a fool of himself."
Tech has a hard time reading other peoples emotions and social queues, so he doesn't realize that you're interested in him until a Batch member pulls him aside and informs him.
Poor Tech didn't even realize he was flirting back until that same Batch member pointed that out also. Tech always assumed that you were simply interested in his mind full of information, and not that you were only listening to him ramble because you fancy him.
To make things worse, now that Tech knows you're into him, he suddenly doesn't know how to function, nor flirt. He'll attempt to compliment you here and there, but he now has this overwhelming fear that he'll drive you away.
He'll probably pull some strings and create an opportunity to be alone with you, which is when he'll confess that he has a soft spot for you, and that you make his mind so hazy that he can no longer think straight.
Give that poor man a kiss and watch how quickly his goggles fog up.
Crosshair's style of flirting can be summed up in two words: Playful bullying.
He picks on you all the time, but there's always a light, flirtatious, teasing tone to it. It's painfully obvious that he's flirting, mostly because Crosshair never follows up an insult with a compliment.
That being said, he can still be considered distant. Crosshair likes his 'me time,' and he sets that boundary from the very start. If you're clingy, then things will quickly turn sour; he needs someone who can still give him his independence.
He's always asking to have a shooting contest with you, which is his excuse to get you alone. Then he can really lay the flirting on thick as he shows off in front of you.
If your tone matches his, then he'll snatch you up then and there. Be prepared to deal with a lot of jealousy, as Crosshair wants every inch of you all to himself, along with a lot of rushed make out sessions during the heat of battle.
What Omega does to help
Hunter - Omega's a smart kid who quickly notices the way that you're looking at her dad, and because she likes you, she decides to do something about it. This child has the nerve to literally take matters into her own hands by grabbing Hunter's hand, then grabbing yours, and physically putting your hands together as she goes "that looks about right." She then leaves you two to it, hand in hand, both as flustered as each other. Maybe it's time for a talk? Wrecker - Since Wrecker is easily flustered, she gives him pointers on how he can approach you more confidently. Omega will hype Wrecker up to talk to you, followed by pointing out a few conversation starters and things he can compliment you on. If Wrecker's eyes keep trailing off into the distance as he speaks to you, then don't turn around - Omega is in the background cheering him on and pointing out what to talk about next. Echo - Echo needs hyping up, and Omega is there to help. He has no problem admitting to Omega that he likes you, and explains why he hasn't made a move yet. Omega looks like she's about to cry when Echo expresses his self-doubt, but she quickly buckles down and begins lecturing her brother on all his strong points, and why you two are perfect for each other. She won't take no for an answer, and gives Echo that push that he needs to approach you. Tech - Omega tries to talk to Tech about his blatant crush, wanting to help, but he brushes her off. She tries a few times, and is eventually met with "I highly doubt they'd ever reciprocate my feelings, so let's leave it at that." So, with that doubt in mind, Omega straight-up approaches you and asks "do you fancy Tech?" and when you reply yes, she goes back and tells him. Omega is met with a very embarrassed Tech who wants to tell her off for getting involved, but he thanks her, as now he no longer doubts himself and can begin making a move. Crosshair - Despite the flirting going both ways, Crosshair still wants to ensure that you're interested in him. He offers Omega two credits to go and find out if you're actually into him, and pays her when she reports back saying yes. He then offers her another two credits to find out what things you like, and goes with Omega into a nearby town to pick up a present for you. Cue Omega and Crosshair bonding over which treats you'll like the most.
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