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i feel like discussing a cosmere hunger games ahaa so that’s what i’m gonna devote my remaining brain cells to organizing before rhythm of war. 

(first twelve tributes)


strength: her distrust, honestly!! let’s be real, vin is one of the most fearsome competitiors, and a strong advantage is you wouldn’t even know it. she’s so innocuous, but she could kick your ass and i love her for it. she wouldn’t seek a fight, but she sure wouldn’t refuse one


weakness: elend venture is vin’s peeta mellark

Kaladin Stormblessed

strength: LEADERSHIP. Kaladin can organize shit, i mean this guy?? might accidentally persuade you to give up your life for a Cause. also, Kaladin has fantastic battle combat! and Syl to let him know what’s up! also, he doesn’t sleep.


weakness: this boy has no sense of self-preservation. he’d probably end up in an arena either because he volunteered for someone or to protect someone; if it’s just Kaladin, i honestly think he’d die before consciously hurting someone else because he doesn’t see himself as worthy enough to protect. aaaannnddd now i’m gonna cry. also, he d o e s n ‘ t s l e e p !


strength: boy, if you see him kill on sight because KELSIER … the guy is so scarily smart/strategic, AND he has no chill. he’s mean. he’ll stab you in your sleep. classic career. do NOT trust.


weakness: i don’t know if he has any … maybe vin? oh, and apparently this guy named rashek can fuck him but not without basically killing himself in the process


strength: sigh … talking about dalinar isn’t like talking about two different people, it is talking about two different people. Blackthorn is a vicious career; Dalinar is the opposite. let’s be real though, if Kaladin went in with no sense of self-preservation, he would probably end up living just to protect Dalinar. Adolin, too.



Nightblood–not necessarily a character, but i don’t care

strength: nightblood would win


weakness: there are none


strength: her illusions would fuck you up like a muttation… honestly i think just that gives her great odds of winning, PLUS she has pattern the shardblade


weakness: i KNOW blood gives this girl ptsd.. she likes adolin. also, that shardblade of hers? good chance it’s for show.


strength: FERUCHEMY. also, sazed knows things, and information is generally good. he’d be a cool ally for a bit 


weakness: yeah sazed would fucking die. i know he’s a god and everything, but shit


strength: THIS GUY HAS SO FEW FUCKS TO GIVE. he’s SMART. nightblood is his ALLY. this guy also knows some SWORD TRICKS


weakness: so, he has a few fucks to give. this guy cares a little. he’s unlike kaladin; kaladin’s tough, but you can TELL the boy gives so many fucks about people. it’s like , , , who he is. vasher would threaten to kill you if you ever found out he actually kind of likes you. that being said, he DOES reluctantly care about people and that MIGHT make him hesitate.


strength: experienced assassin, VERY well trained, has murdered THOUSANDS of people


weakness: so there’s this guy named Kaladin Stormblessed…


strength: this guy will stab a bitch. in the eye, specifically. also, so good at dueling he begrudgingly got complimented by kaladin while they were gay rivals 


weakness: he won’t hurt shallan or kaladin or possibly anyone else who hasn’t committed war crimes (i would say minus his father, but only rhythm of war will tell)


strength: wayne is bizarre, he could do fuck all and somehow win


weakness: he’d somehow smuggle alcohol into the arena and give himself alcohol poisoning before you even got a chance to kill him. my man


strength: see ‘adolin’ and switch out a few names 


weakness: see ‘adolin’ and switch out a few names

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Alright you guys page 65

Unfortunately for Kowai his probing is interrupted by a quick jump back into the action as our party reaches the Everglades.

As always hope you enjoy and tell me what you think.

Sonic owned by Sega
Pokemon owned by Nintendo
Sonic.exe concept originally by JCthehyena

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