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Sasuke sat and meditated on the rocks overlooking the sea. He just listened to the waves crash against the rocks, letting the sound sooth him. The air blowing against him was one of the most relaxing feelings he had ever felt, along with the sound of the wind mixed in with the waves. He was now calm and relaxed, making it easier for him to feel the presence approaching him quietly.

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We are Doku
by ADeadMissionary

Two white splotches formed two alien eyes; lips split open and drew back, revealing rows of crooked needle teeth; an inhuman tongue spilled out of the maw to moisten the teeth with a monstrous hiss. “Midoriya Izuku,” it growled, “I am Venom, and you are mine.”

Words: 7517, Chapters: 2, Status: In-Progress, Language: English

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One Night in Hogsmeade

Fandoms: Harry Potter, Sherlock
Pairings: Hermione Granger/Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Hermione Granger/Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Holmes Rating: Mature/Explicit  
Major Tags: PTSD, Depression, Alcohol, Smoking, Anal Fingering, Accidental Voyeurism, Angst, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Obliviation
 Summary: When Sherlock believes that Moriarty may be hiding in a small wizarding town, he, along with Hermione and John, travel to Hogsmeade, but only for one night. Together, the three of them seek answers to this seemingly unsolvable case while at the same time discovering there may be more than meets the eye to their own fragile existence. (Part Three of the Nights in Diagon Alley Series)
Word Count: 12,935 
Ao3 Link:
FFN Link:

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Hlvrai tf2 crossover au cringe time

Gordan: Sniper

Benrey: Spy

Dr. Coomer: Engineer

Dr. Bubby: Medic

Tommy: Pyro

That Darnel guy (?): Demoman (isnt alcohol just a potion)

Skeletons: Scout

Soldiers: Soldier

Other security guards: Heavy (the heavy is dead you killed him!)

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