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somethinginthewaysstuff14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
The Crow was released on May 11, (1994). 27 years ago today. 馃槺馃懟
#RIP Brandon Lee
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lonelyghostgoth26 minutes ago
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catch my drift?
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adhdnap28 minutes ago
I swear to God, if Listen becomes the new Hunter vanguard. Imma flip my shit.
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prince-lo53 minutes ago
Got a shoyo anon yet?
Nope,,, unless you're applying 馃憖
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i-do-trash-fanfictionsan hour ago
Thera's Journal Entry #61
(This one isn't as good as the others, but at least I posted something.)
I flipped a dagger of light in my hand. I sat at the base of a tree, under the shade, as Crow stood in the clearing in front of me, showing off by shooting the painted targets on the trees.
It was nice, being in the sunlight again.
Crow finished. He had hit a few bulls eyes, but a few did not quite make it. They were close though, so I had to give him some credit.
"Alright. Your turn." He said, walking back to me as he tucked his gun into his holster.
I stood up and unsheathed the Ace of Spades. I didn't bring it out to the field a whole lot, but I still brought it out to practice every now and then. I spun quickly, shooting each target. Every bullet hit its mark, the red circle in the center, in just a quick minute.
"Show off," Crow muttered.
I only shrugged and went over to him, my hand held out.
Crow sighed and deposited thirty glimmer, which I put away into my pocket. We had been going for quite some time and had a bet over who would hit the most bullseyes.
"Come on. Let's go for a walk." I suggested as I slid my gun into my holster and nodded into the forest.
Crow caught up to me and we walked side by side. Eventually, he reached over and took my hand. He seemed nervous, though I could tell he was trying to hide it.
"No one's out here if that's what you're worried about," I told him.
"I feel like someone is out here." He said. "I know it sounds crazy when you say it aloud, but it's just that feeling that I'm being watched. That we're being watched."
"No one ever really goes out here. I think we're alright."
"I sure hope so."
We walked for a while after that, until suddenly Crow stopped. Glint appeared after sensing his Guardian's worry.
"What? What is it?" I asked, looking around as one hand reached to my hand canon.
Crow was staring off into a part of the forest. Finally, he said something. "There." He pointed. "Someone's over there, sitting on that rock."
"A Guardian?" I asked.
"They have a cloak, so maybe it's a hunter."
"Do you have your mask?"
"No. I left it on your ship."
"Stay here."
I let go of his hand and walked over to the person. They never once turned around when I approached.
"Hello. I'm a Guardian from the Last City. Who are you and what are you doing out here?"
"I call myself the Ranger nowadays. And as you can see, I'm sitting on a rock."
The person Rouge had told me about.
"Why are you sitting on a rock?"
"It's a nice rock. High up too. And if you stare out there," They pointed. "You can watch a few squirrels while they get their breakfast. Or lunch. Or maybe brunch."
I stared at them. They had a helmet on so I couldn't make out any features.
"I hope I'm not being annoying. I don't mean to be. Just here to enjoy the view."
"One of my friends. They saw you out here before."
"Ah, right. Rouge, I think her name was. I don't think she liked me very much, with me being on her terrain and all. I left pretty quickly after she went off. She was a bit scary."
"Rouge can be sometimes. But what are you really doing out here? And are you a Guardian? If so, why aren't you going to the Last City?"
"I'm only out here to enjoy some scenery, as I was saying before. And I do still consider myself to be a hunter."
"You didn't answer my last question."
"I don't want to."
"Alright then," I said with a sigh.
"Hey, aren't the people working with the Fallen now? Mithraks and his gang?" The Ranger asked.
"Yes. How did you know that?"
"Just do. Hey, found a skiff way back there. Crashed." They told me, standing up and gesturing to another part in the forest. "Down below a cliff. You and your buddy might wanna check it out. I best get goin. Ain't gonna do me much good to stick around here. Whatever shot down that skiff might still be lurkin around." They jumped off their rock.
I looked towards where they had pointed, and sure enough, I could make out a bit of smoke coming from that area. I went to turn towards the Ranger again, but they were gone. I ran back to get Crow.
"It was this person called the Ranger. They said there's a Fallen skiff back there. We should check it out."
"Can we trust them?"
"Not sure, but I know a friend who's met them before, and they seemed friendly enough."
We began our way towards the smoke from the skiff, then leapt down the cliff, doing another jump just before we hit the ground as to not break our legs. Crow started to run towards it and knelt down. I walked up behind him. Many dead Fallen littered the ground around us. A few were burned from where the fire from the ship had enveloped them.
But many, many were around the area, as if they had begun to run. They had not died from the crash, but something else.
I went to one and rolled it onto its back. I gasped as tears welled in my eyes. Clutched in its arms was a child, also dead. Both were from bullets in their heads.
I didn't realize Crow was behind me until I heard him mutter a curse, and then stomp off. We both knew it had been Guardians who did this. He was going off to say more choice words, and he didn't want me to hear.
"Sometimes I wonder if the Guardians are even good guys, Scout," I said to my Ghost.
He gave a sad whirr. "I can't believe it was Guardians who did this. If I could, I would say anything to give us the benefit of the doubt, but it is far too obvious. No one else would be around here to attack them except maybe other fallen, but I highly doubt they would attack their own kind. Many Guardians do fly their jumpships out here from time to time. That is probably how they shot the skiff down." He spoke solemnly.
"Thera? Thera come here!" I heard Crow say with a sense of urgency in his voice.
I ran over to him. He stood, holding something in his arms.
"Look." He turned it over to me and I peered at it.
Four tiny eyes peered right back.
"Oh," I looked around and spotted two dead Eliksni, very close to each other. "Oh, no. The poor thing."
"What will we do? We can't leave it out here." He stated, staring at me as he waited for an answer.
"No, of course not. Here, let me see it." Crow handed the hatchling to me and I held it in my arms.
"I have a friend. An Eliksni of House Light who already had a child of her own. Trildir. We can go to her."
Crow scouted around for a bit, with the hope there may be other survivors. I went to the ship, and he came soon after. I handed him the child as I took control of the Queen of Hearts. In no time, we had returned to the Last City, covered still in darkness.
We transmitted to the Annex and (after Crow put on his mask, just in case) then went to the hidden area of the City where the Eliksni stayed. I walked past many Fallen and went straight to Trildir's home. It had changed since I had last been there. We had visited many times in the past few days.
A banner with the House Light symbol hung on the wall, and there was a nice carpet on the floor. It was only a single room, and a cot was in one corner, with a nest of blankets on a crate. For Ralis, I was guessing.
Trildir was in there, luckily, and was startled when we arrived.
She took a single glance at the child in Crow's arms and motioned to the futon in the room. Trildir then pulled a curtain to close of the doorway from prying eyes.
"Where did you find her?" She asked immediately. Crow passed the hatchling to me.
"You- you wouldn't want to know."
"I do. Yes, I do."
I sighed. "A skiff, shot down from the sky. All the other Eliksni were dead. She's the only survivor."
"I do not mean to seem... oh, what is the word?" She clicked for a moment. "Rude. But, was it light-bearers?"
I sadly nodded. "It could be no one else. And I have no idea which ones did it either, otherwise, I would be going after them right about now."
"I want to believe that someday we Eliksni and you can live in peace, but Guardians such as those make it so hard to do. Here, let me see the child." Trildir held out her top two arms and I put the child in them.
"Yes, definitely a girl." The hatchling clicked at her. "And most likely hungry."
Trildir went over to a shelf and produced what looked like a meat scrap. The child ate it quickly and Trildir gave her a few more.
"I will take care of her." Said Trildir with a few clicks.
"It won't be a problem? You already have one child-"
"I know of mateless mothers like myself who have six hatchlings. I believe I can handle two."
Trildir's mate had been one of the Fallen to die when their skiff crashed.
"Thank you," I said to her.
Trildir began to give the hatchling a liquid I could not name.
"She will need a name. Would you like to pick one?" She asked, looking at Crow and I.
"Um, I don't know of any Eliksni names," I told her. I didn't want to pick out a name that would seem silly to the other Eliksni.
"You can choose human names. Misraakell's daughter was named after an old friend of his, an awoken."
I thought for a moment. I looked at Crow to see if he would suggest anything but he only shrugged. I turned back to Trildir.
"Would Sora be a good name?" I asked.
"Yes, I think it would suit her well."
Sora had fallen asleep in Trildir's arms, so she laid her in the crib of blankets to rest. Then she went back to Crow and I.
"I hope you don't mind me asking, but where is Ralis?" I asked her.
"Oh, she is with a sister of mine. She does not have a mate of her own but loves hatchlings. She will gladly take care of any if it is needed." Trildir explained. Her gaze shifted to Crow. "You have not introduced me to your friend." She stated. "I am Trildir, but I am sure Thera has already told you this."
"My name is Crow." He introduced himself.
"It is very nice to meet you."
A dreg suddenly pulled back the curtain and chattered something in Eliksni. Trildir spoke back, and the dreg left. She then turned her attention back to the two of us.
"Sora will be in good hands. Because of your visit, I have forgotten what I was doing. I must return to my job, and I will leave Sora with my sister and Ralis. Thank you for coming to see me."
Trildir took Sora in her arms and went out of her home.
"I know she'll be safe," I told Crow as we stood up.
"I like her." He stated.
"She's very kind, and not like the rest of the Eliksni. She isn't afraid of Guardians."
"Crow, Crow where are you? Why are you not in the H.E.L.M?" Came from Crow's comlink.
"Is that Osiris? Oh sh-" I exclaimed.
"You're with Thera aren't you? Get back to the H.E.L.M, now."
"Yes, I'm headed there now," Crow responded, giving me a look. We both knew we were in for it.
"And bring Thera too. If she keeps sneaking you out-"
Crow shut off his coms.
"You're going to get in more trouble for that," I said with a laugh.
"We both are. Now let's go so we can get that lecture over with."
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kei-kun-is-donean hour ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Dumpster Battle but it's just Tsukishima Kei being tired and annoyed
[random manga frames part 1/?]
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sunsetcorvid2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Guess who came home, holy shit.
All I had to say was 鈥渙smenthus wine鈥 and he showed up
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writingandranting2 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they deserve so many rights
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Akechi: You have "Flurry of Blows", don't you?
Ryuji: Oh, shit... is that what this is?
Akechi: What do you mean?
Ryuji: I wrote "Catch these Hands" on my character sheet. I probably told myself that I would remember-
Akechi: You never remember.
Ryuji: Yeah, you鈥檇 think I鈥檇 have learned by now...
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thedelusionreaderbitch2 hours ago
First Kiss With Kaz Brekker Headcanon
A/n: This is a filler to not leave you with nothing!
- So you guys have been in a relationship for some time now
- Working on his trauma was hard but it was worth it
- Technically you guys were together but you just didn't announce to anyone
- But the Crows knew
- They would always share tiny smiles with each when you guys touched briefly or had those intimate moments that didn't need physical touch
- They would just look at each other and be like 'our ship is flying ya'll!'
- Back to the kiss
- You guys have actually had a few pecks here and there that were caused from jealousy, chaos, and fear
- Ya'll just weren't ready so they just weren't right... And panic attacks commence
- So reminder you guys have been together for a few years now
- You guys were in Jesper and Wylan's mansion
- You and the Crows had been were visiting before and just decided to stay over for tonight
- And in your own little separate room
- And you were going to go sleep somewhere else
- Maybe the couch you didn't sleep great without Kaz's or at least presence and there was no couch in there just a bed
- And he grabs your arm
- And you freeze momentarily because he doesn't have gloves on and you honestly thought that he was kinda exhausted and done for today
- Apparently not
- So you slowly turn around to face him
- And he has this look in his eyes
- You just what to melt right on the spot when you see them
- Because it has this pleading look in them, love, and some desperation
- How could you say no?
- "Are you okay?"
- By anyone else this would look like a simple question but in reality it was 'what do you need, I'll be there was for ect.'
- And he just takes a step closer to you and takes in a breath
- He's trying to find the words to use and he's struggling a bit and honestly it looks kinda cute
- Finally he's says: "Can we try to kiss?"
- And your just blown away because you didn't think he would want this, or even be able to try and you were okay with that
- Speechless you just nod your head
- And he takes another step closer
- And he shakily places his hands on your shoulders
- And he leans in a bit and you look him right in the eyes and his breath hitches
- "Are you sure?" It's more of are you ready and please don't do anything if your uncomfortable I won't be mad
- Damn you and Kaz with your basically mind reading
- And you never got an answer to that question
- Because he just kiss's you
- It's really light at first but then he deepens it and his hands fall to your waist (somehow)
- And your hands hesitantly go around his neck
- And he tastes like metal, blood, sugar (don't ask), the clear blue sky, and HOLY CRAP!!!
- Your kissing!
- And when you finally pull away he rests his forehead on your and yes!
- He does kinda separates your bodies though so their not touching as much
- And the poor boy has tears in his eyes and he just buries his face into your neck
- And you pull away and your like did we go to far?!
- But he just says he never thought he would do anything like that with anyone! 馃槶馃ズ
- So you guys decided none sleeping together
- but you ask him if you can sleep on the floor
- And you find some blankets and pillows quietly
- The next morning the Crows go to wake you too up
- But your already up sitting on the window sill with the window open
- Hands linked
- Shoulders touching a bit
- So they just leave you
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writingandranting2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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writingandranting2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
avatar au, adalin鈥檚 a water bender and crow an earth bender, ellia鈥檚 part of the earth kingdom and nathin the fire nation
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Hey y鈥檃ll ( @consultingcriminal @nio-bee-um @i-owe-you-sniperxconsultant @satan-incarnate-666 @detective4blog ) what if we had BBC Sherlock and everything was exactly the same except everyone is wearing one of these hats in varying colors:
Tumblr media
(Also the ears do a floppy floppy if you press the paws)
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razzmooncake2 hours ago
聽聽Hi! So I decided to write another fanfic! Also I just wanted you guys to know that this story is from my pov:
When my lovely friend, Cadence Blackburn invited me to have a sleepover at her house with some friends; the last thing I was expecting was the night to end in complete chaos. I had known her for ages and she had never pulled anything like this. It all started at midnight. Morrigan and I were watching tik toks while Jack kept daring Hawthorne to do silly and stupid stunts. Jack knew that Hawthorne would do it because Hawthorne is practically the definition of chaos. I was pretty sure that Jack wanted to see how far Hawthorne would go with these stunts. Right now, Hawthorne was attempting to climb a tree.
聽聽聽 鈥淗awthorne!鈥 Morrigan cried when she realized what Hawthorne was doing, 鈥淕et down from there!鈥
聽聽聽 鈥淚鈥檓 fine!鈥 Hawthorne replied from the top of the tree.
聽聽聽 鈥淵eah,鈥 Jack responded with a snicker, 鈥淗e鈥檚 fine, Morrigan.鈥
聽聽聽 Morrigan ignored him and pleaded with Hawthorne for the next few minutes. It was funny to watch Morrigan and Jack鈥檚 interactions. The two were like cousins or siblings, depending on how you looked at it. Morrigan鈥檚 guardian was a man by the name of Jupiter North. Jupiter North was Jack鈥檚 uncle, but he could also be seen as a father figure to Jack. Because of this, they knew each other very well. For example, Morrigan told me earlier that night that she was positive that Jack was going to dare Hawthorne to do something stupid tonight. She warned him that he shouldn鈥檛, but yet here we were.
聽聽聽 Finally, Cadence convinced Hawthorne to come down. She persuaded him by promising him candy bars in the morning. We spent the next few minutes relaxing on the grass and trying to come up with what else we should do. Honestly, at that moment, I was thinking about calling it a night and going to sleep. The green grass beneath me was tempting me. It was very soft and calming. And the air was perfect! There was a slight breeze that carried the voices of bugs. And knowing that my friends were right beside me made me feel at peace. I had just started to close my eyes when Cadence asked the question that led to this whole mess.
聽聽聽 鈥淒o you guys want to look for Mothman?鈥 Cadence asked.
聽聽聽 I could hear the grass rustle on my left. This told me that someone had gotten up. I opened my eyes and saw that it was Jack. He was sitting up and staring at Cadence. Meanwhile, Morrigan, who was on my right, got up and looked confused. I peered over at Hawthorne. I was horrified when he had a mischievous look in his eyes. That鈥檚 when I knew that something was definitely going to go wrong.聽
聽聽聽 Hawthorne replied with an eager 鈥淵es!鈥 as Morrigan, Jack, and I asked 鈥淲ho鈥檚 Mothman?鈥 at the same time.
聽聽聽 Honestly, I was glad that I wasn鈥檛 the only one who was confused. Cadence smiled and then began to explain.聽
聽聽聽 鈥淭he Mothman is said to be a cross between a man and a moth,鈥 she said in a storyteller voice, 鈥淟egend has it that he stalks these woods at night. Wanna go look for him?鈥
聽聽聽 鈥淕irl,鈥 I said.聽
聽聽聽 I found that in that moment, that was the only thing I could say. After all, I was in disbelief. Why would we go after a scary man (or moth I guess?) who stalks the woods at night. Luckily, Jack said the same thing that I was thinking.聽
聽聽聽 鈥淲hy would we do that?鈥 Jack asked as he raised an eyebrow.
聽聽聽 鈥淏ecause it would be fun!鈥 Hawthorne exclaimed.
聽聽聽 I stared at Morrigan.
聽聽聽 鈥淢orrigan, bestie,鈥 I asked, 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 want to do this, do you?
聽聽聽 Morrigan refused to meet my eyes as she whispered, 鈥淚 kind of want too,鈥
聽聽聽 鈥淛ack,鈥 I said as I turned to him, getting ready to ask him if we should really allow them to do this. After all, we were the oldest. We shouldn鈥檛 be letting them do silly stuff that could get them hurt.聽
聽聽聽 Jack sighed before speaking.
聽聽聽 鈥淭hey would run away to do it the moment we go to sleep,鈥 he replied.
聽聽聽 I sighed. Of course, he was right. And that鈥檚 why at 12 a.m., a bunch of teenagers were looking for the mothman. After 10 minutes, I started to believe that this whole thing was just a hoax. I kept peering at Jack to see if he would tell the rest of the group that we should turn around and go to sleep, but he never did. I was disappointed. Not because of him, but because we had decided to do the thing that those silly characters did in horror movies. How did we sink to this level? I was about to tell the group that we should turn around when the tree to our right started to rustle violently. I began to back away from the tree.聽
聽聽聽 鈥淲e shouldn鈥檛 have come here,鈥 I muttered out loud.
聽聽聽 鈥淪how yourself!鈥 Hawthorne said with way too much excitement for this situation.
聽聽聽 I turned to see how the others were reacting. Morrigan was positioning herself behind Jack. On the other hand, Cadence looked excited. For a moment, I overcame my fear and rolled my eyes in disbelief. Some group we are. The tree continued to shake. Like a flash of lightning, something jumped down from the tree and landed in front of us. All of us screamed as the thing stood up. It was a man. But it was also a moth. It was the Mothman.聽
聽聽聽 鈥淗ello children!鈥 he exclaimed. 鈥淚鈥檓 here to make your worst nightmares come true!鈥
聽聽聽 He turned to me and said, 鈥淪tarting with you.鈥
聽聽聽 Suddenly, 鈥淣obody鈥 by Mitski started playing.聽
聽聽聽 鈥淭his isn鈥檛 so bad,鈥 I said and started dancing to the music.
聽聽聽 Then, it happened. Just as Mitsk鈥檚 paradisiacal voice began to sing the chorus for Nobody; she was cut off by a man saying 鈥淲hat you know about rolling in the deep?鈥
聽聽聽 I screamed in horror. This was a tik tok trend in which songs were interrupted by a man saying 鈥淲hat you know about rolling in the deep?鈥 Sounds fun, right? After all, it鈥檚 nice that teens are creating remixes! Except there was one downside: it ruined the song.聽
聽聽聽 鈥淐lover!鈥 Cadence cried while covering her ears, 鈥淭ry taking a picture of him and using the flash! I want a picture of him and you can use the flash to scare him away! He hates lights!鈥
聽聽聽 Luckily, the Mothman couldn鈥檛 hear us because he was too busy singing along with the man. I opened up the camera app. I turned on flash mode and took a picture of Mothman. He screamed and began to use his wings to fly away.聽
聽聽聽 鈥淭hat鈥檚 for Mitski!鈥 I screamed.
聽聽聽 Then I turned to Cadence.聽
聽聽聽 鈥淗ow does the picture look?鈥
聽聽聽 鈥淕ood.鈥
聽聽聽 鈥淩eady to go back to the site?鈥
聽聽聽 鈥淪ure.鈥澛
聽聽聽 We walked back to the campsite in complete silence. When we arrived at the campsite, I got ready to lay back down on the grass and sleep. But Cadence stopped me.
聽聽聽 鈥淎re we going to share the photo?鈥 She asked.
聽聽聽 After a few seconds, I replied with 鈥淚 don鈥檛 think we should.鈥
聽聽聽 鈥淲hy?鈥 Hawthorne asked as he titled his head.
聽聽聽 鈥淲ell, number one, then our guardians will know that we were wandering the woods at night and we might get in trouble. Two, we might gain popularity and that isn鈥檛 always a good thing.鈥
聽聽聽 鈥淲ow. I didn鈥檛 even think about that.鈥
聽聽聽 鈥淚鈥檓 tired. Can we continue this conversation in the morning?鈥
聽聽聽 Everyone replied with 鈥淵es鈥 or 鈥淪ure鈥.聽
聽聽聽 Then, we got ready to go to sleep. The sound of rustling sleeping bags filled the air as my friends got ready for bed. Eventually, everyone else was soundly asleep.There was a mix of breathing and snoring that joined the chorus of bugs.There was a slight breeze that made the summer evening pleasant. I felt my eyelids grow heavy. Finally, I was starting to fall asleep. But I could have sworn that as I was drifting into a state of unconsciousness, I heard a faint, 鈥淲hat you know about rolling down in the deep?鈥 in the distance.聽
Tag list: @wundersimp
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littlepeninsula2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sneak peak for the upcoming Brekker perfume!!!
Btw, he smells like success and eyeballs 馃憗
I鈥檓 in a weird mood sorry not sorry
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eluvion2 hours ago
evidence that proof of justice hurt me part 182626373636
(yes I know that the clips arent of the best quality but I had to get them from youtube okay)
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