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The Hermit Crow: “Come to join me in exile, featherless one?”

Vestige: “Why were you exiled?”

The Hermit Crow: “For the change of pace! Court gets so noisy. Here, I’m the only one squawking. And I get the choice bits from the fish that wash up on the shore.”

Vestige: “There are fish in the lake?”

The Hermit Crow: “As close to fish as you can get in this place. Memories of fish, I guess. Remember that nothing here is real. I guess that means you’re talking to yourself, featherless one.”

Vestige: “Nothing here is real?”

The Hermit Crow: “You’re in Oblivion! Nothing is ever quite what it seems, and you shouldn’t let your eyes betray you. If they do, pluck them out and give them to me. Eyes are so delicious!”

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‘When Crow was white he decided the sun was too white. He decided it glared much too whitely. He decided to attack it and defeat it. (…)”Where white is black and black is white, I won.” ‘ 

 Ted Hughes, Crow: From The Life and Songs of the Crow, Crow’s Fall, 1970

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Get Help

Young Wolf: Come on, you love it!

Crow: I hate it.

Young Wolf: It’s great, it works everytime!

Crow: It’s humiliating…

Young Wolf: Do you have a better plan?

Crow: No.

Young Wolf: We’re doing it!

Crow: We are not doing ‘Get Help’…

*A few moments later*

Young Wolf: *drags Crow fake dying* GET HELP, PLEASE, MY FRIEND IS DYING!!!! GET HELP!! *Throws Crow at enemies* HELP HIM!!!

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