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evilittlecrow · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
May I begin with my first big creation, which is a mix of dark academia and goblincore/naturecore
I am very much proud of the result and I think that's very sexy of me to mix these two aesthetics
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daytodaycrowthoughts · 12 hours ago
What are they singing? No wrong answers.
Tumblr media
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evidmid · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Today's topic: frustration and curious acceptance
I sway,
cold breeze stuck under my tongue and
with sharp thorns in my lungs
the journey will tell
what thoughts get caught in our
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trulyadisaster-exe · 16 hours ago
it’s my given right by the gods to decompose in the woods as arsonists lullaby plays in the background
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fieldsofspace · 17 hours ago
Has anyone checked up on the caterpillars lately? I hope they're all doing ok.
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feathered-cryptid · a day ago
Tumblr media
Seems like they're waiting for something
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aesthetic-crisis · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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7of-hearts · 2 days ago
today a crow plucked out my last brain cell, but it’s fine, they probably needed it more
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corvidjuice · 2 days ago
No one tell the lady of the lake that I’ve been talking to the ghost at the crossroads okay?
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aoelaighfinnartist · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I just wanted to show off this little fairy cup that my friend Kiya (@rootandrocks on instagram) made for my son!! he's too young to be trusted with ceramics, but in the future this will be all his. for now I'm going to use it for tiny flowers and (ethically sourced) bones.
if you use insta please go check out her work!!! all of it is immensely magical
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maybeshroom · 2 days ago
Mcyt’s reacting to you having a Corvidcore/Forestcore Aesthetic
Tumblr media
Title: Mcyt’s reacting to you having Corvidcore/Forestcore aesthetic 
Character(s): Irl! Wilbur, Irl! Karl, Irl! Quackity, Irl! Corpse, Irl! Sykkuno, C!Ranboo, C!Technoblade, C!Tommyinnit (Platonic) C!Tubbo (Platonic), 
Pronouns Used: They/them 
Type of story: Reaction (Masterlist will be posted today or tomorrow)
Word Count: 1248
Genre: Fluff <3 
Summary: Title lmao 
Request?: No. 
Content Warning: Bones, Cursing 
Notes: I will not be using the term “Goblincore.” I have heard goblin folklore is antisemitic and while I personally am not Jewish I do not want to make any Jewish people uncomfortable. I am trying to educate myself as much as possible so if anyone has any additional information about this topic please send it my way :) I got all my information from @jewishharleyquinn​. Please check out their page! Here is the post I am referring to.
Thank you to @mell0hi​ for the idea. I literally saw their post and was like this is me. This is my aesthetic. Yes. Also, if I don’t post on Mondays and Tuesdays please be patient I have school those days :3 If any of the people mentioned in the story are uncomfortable with this, I will take it down immediately. Credit to @sagebetweenthepages​ for the gif! Please enjoy and let me know if you have any feedback :)
He thinks you are so cute. 
Loves your baggy/oversized clothing and 100% let you borrow or steal things 
Likes to style outfits for you and give you tips on clothing if you ask for it 
His camera is FILLED with picture of you
If you don’t like to show your face then he has you pose to cover it 
Or just doesn’t post it and keeps it to himself
He just loves looking at pictures of you
His instagram is just a fanpage for you dead ass
Thinks you looks so cozy and snuggly and give you so many hugs and kisses 
And goes for walks with youuuuu so cute 
Will listen to you ramble about something you found and fall asleep to it because it’s so relaxing 
Will ask you what things are even though he already knows just to make you talk about it 
His absolute favorite activity is going thrifting with you
Likes picking stuff out for your collections 
And seeing your reactions when he gives it to you
Has spent so much money on you-
Loves giving you plants 
Your house is overgrown with them 
Doesn’t like frogs or slugs that much but for you he does 
Is so excited when you’re excited about something you found 
Posts pictures of you in your lil outfits, with something you just found, gardening, anything 
Cannot help it he wants the world to love you as much as he does
Matching ringssss please
Tells chat about it
“We just got matching rings I’m so excited I love them so much chat...I am a simp what about it” 
Hype man 
Thinks you look like an absolute baddie when you’re in your aesthetic 
“Holy shit mi amor you’re looking fine af” *lip bite* 
Gets you little trinkets and is like 
“Okay okay so I remember you talking about this and I saw it in the dirt next to the road so I had to stop and pick it up” 
He’s so excited to show you what he found for you 
Doesn’t mind the clutter at all and thinks it’s adorable 
When you steal his hoodies and shirts he’s just like 
“Oh my gawd you look so good please-”
Loves your outfits and how much thought and time you put into it 
When he sees you fawning over something you found he fawns over you
Loves helping you garden 
You guys just chat and it’s so relaxing to him 
He doesn’t get you many things because he thinks you might not like it 
even though you love everything he’s gotten you so far
Gives you small things like keys and buttons etc. 
He once gave you this really sick key he found in a mob spawner and you loved it so much you made it into a necklace
He gives you little bottles and such 
Will definitely go exploring with you 
“Would you like this?” He says holding up a random object 
Then you start getting all excited and put in into your bag and he just blushes and mutters a no problem- 
Starts giving you more things  
Wants to give you so many hugs in your cute little outfits but is scared to 
You help him find his own aesthetic so you can be royalty together 
He gave you this plant once and you love it to death 
it’s still alive please that was such poor wording 
He named it Twigs for you
You guys journal together it’s so cuteee
Sole purpose is to support you <3
This man
LOVES to hear you ramble on about different trinkets you find 
But will NEVER admit it
Unlike Wil, he doesn’t try and get you to talk more
He just like it when you start talking about something randomly and you keep going on about it 
Gives him a little stress break in the day 
Remembers the little things 
Sometimes he sits by you reading while you garden 
Enjoys the company 
Loves gifting you little things 
Tries to get you something new everyday 
Big or small it doesn’t matter he just wants to show you how much he appreciates you 
It’s so sweet 
Gives you things like crystals or pieces of ores he finds 
Also will give you bones and rocks 
Just anything he can find while exploring 
You guys have matching rings omg 
Likes exploring and going on walks with you
The way you get so excited when you find something 
He’s in love 
This man’s love language is gift giving and quality time bruh- 
It works out perfectly 
Makes fun of you 
“Pfft what is Corvidcore-” 
All jokes aside though thinks you look good with this aesthetic 
You dragged him into helping you garden one time 
Now he does it to help him relax 
Is a little bitch boy about it tho and will complain for a bit 
You guys just sit and talk and it’s so sweet 
Finally calm for once 
Got you your favorite trinket box 
Asked Phil to make it 
Was all blushy about it and if you bring it up will deny it 
“What trinket box bitch”
I headcanon that Tubbo has a Corvidcore/corvidcore aesthetic 
Is SO HAPPY that you guys have the same/similar aesthetics 
Sometimes you guys will just sit together in a field/forest and show each other stuff you got. 
If he finds something he knows you will like will give it to you <3
You guys share custody over a frog 
It’s your baby and it’s name is Bramble or [Insert name you like better lmao] 
You guys will often swap clothes and get matching stuff 
100% has matching jewellery with you
He gets so happy when you give him something 
So many fluffy hugs 
He is also one of your hype mans and is like
“We look hella smexy in this aesthetic” (/platonic)
You guys will often go exploring together and go for walks 
Tommy may tag along as well if you’re really nice about it- 
Just two besties enjoying this pog aesthetic
You two have totally different aesthetics
But loves you nonetheless
Mans will 100% lend you hoodies and jackets
Already did anyways-
Writes down stuff so he can remember
Buys you crystals and bones and other things like that
Just loves seeing you so happy
Does his cute lil giggle when you excitedly show him something you found
Thinks the bones you collect are SICK af
Will get you two matching necklaces and rings to wear
Posts a picture of it
“Me and my fucking awesome s/o are matching we’re the best couple”
Didn’t even know there was a name for that aesthetic
Thinks it’s so cool how you’re confident enough to have an aesthetic
Doesn’t really understand it
But tries his best
Will let you borrow his baggy jackets if you ask
Likes how comfy and snuggly you look
He’ll get you little things when he’s out if he can find them
“H-here I found this and I thought you would like it” While rubbing the back of his neck
Likes looking at your plants
That green vibe yk
You named a plant Sykunno jr. and it’s his favorite
When you find something wacky he’ll do his little “What” chuckle thing
You know what I’m talking about
If he’s tired he’ll listen to you talk about something you found
Lulls him to sleep 🥺
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evidmid · 2 days ago
The feathers I gathered over the last few weeks!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Most of them are from pidgeons or seagulls and all of them were carefully collected from the ground :)
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