t4t4tsashannarcy 2 days ago
hello everyone :) crowdfund for rent is going nowhere so i am remaking the post. i was able to raise $105, but that all went towards groceries for the next week or two, as i was running very low on food.
my current goal is at least $760 - $700 for rent, which is due in under 6 days, and $60 for my phone bill, which is due in 2 days. please help me if you can. i dont have anywhere safe to go if i get evicted, and as an ambulatory wheelchair user on multiple medications that make me sensititive to heat, i can't survive on the az streets where it is already like 95f-110f now.
paypal | venmo | cashapp
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oshunsambience 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Please help 馃槉 馃檹馃従
Reblogs help a lot 馃檹馃従 馃挌
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lovebloods 3 months ago
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happy black history month! please consider donating to a queer black enby in need of help this month!! <333 i鈥檓 currently homeless & unemployed (searching for a job) and looking for a place to live so anything helps!!
v3nm0: @jalaaat
p3yp3al: @JalaTaylor
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harmonykore 4 months ago
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Hey, I'm Kory (He/Him) I hate to do this but my abusive narc mother is kicking me out due to me finally being out from transitioning 馃挃. It was a big blow up over Christmas but she said she would wait until Valentines then doubled back because we got into a fight over my transition so it's an emergency now.
I need to be out my this Monday and I'll be in my car... I have $636 in outstanding medical bills that needs to be paid ASAP and I need money to move out now too :|...
Please like/donate/reblog if you can 鉂わ笍 I really appreciate it.
Cashapp= $KoryHarmon100
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captainharlock 6 months ago
hey guys, i think you鈥檙e all getting sick of me e-begging right now, but this one鈥檚 dire. like, really dire.聽
my girlfriend sabela and i have been completely screwed over by the university she was planning on going to, and now we need to get home, and money is just a little too tight to do that easily. we are too far away from anyone who could help us move, essentially being in the middle of nowhere and having 2 cats with us.聽
i know i鈥檝e been too proud to say this kind of thing before, but i鈥檓 truly desperate and at my wits end. This has been super stressful, and we would really appreciate any sort of financial help from the bottom of my heart. thank you.
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saffspicer a year ago
Hi, I have absolutely no idea what I鈥檓 doing or how I use this website properly as I鈥檝e never really ventured into tumblr ever in my life. I鈥檝e literally been told to make an account, tell my situation and message people to ask help raise awareness so here I am.
Today, I, (saffron, 17) sat my parents down and told them I would like to transition male to female and introduced myself to them, dressed and named the way I know I should鈥檝e been born. I can understand it came as a mighty shock to them, but I did not expect to be kicked out from my home because of it.
A friend has told me I can stay at theirs for a day or two but unfortunately nothing longer than that as they have family issues, plus, I wouldn鈥檛 want to intrude. I have a plan, I just need help with the execution of it. I do work and study full time but I do not get paid until the 31st of May which would leave me in a bit of trouble up to that point.
I have been frantically searching for available rooms to rent this evening and I have found a couple that I would be able to view over the next couple of days but as a 17 year old I do not have savings which looking back, was stupid. A deposit is going to be around 拢200. If I could scrape that together through somehow my life would look a lot brighter and less scarier than what it does right now. I am not bothered about eating or food as right now the thought of that makes me sick, I would really just like a roof over my head.
If anyone would be able to help me, I would really appreciate your help whether that be a donation or help spreading the word. I don鈥檛 know of any other sending money methods, other than PayPal and mine is [email protected]
I鈥檓 sorry if this post doesn鈥檛 make total sense, I鈥檓 in a bit of a panicked state right now and kind of word vomiting this as I go along. Thank you and sorry to reach out to all of you.
Here is the message I received from my mum, the only information I cover is my birth name as I don鈥檛 like it and don鈥檛 want to really be attached to that name any longer. I hope you all understand and thank you again.
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aikeaguineamp3 2 months ago
hey besties I'm a disabled mentally ill non-binary bisexual person and I'm really struggling rn and am really in a bind. for a long time now I've been trying to support both me and my boyfriend via a relatively small monthly disability check. unfortunately for the last couple months I have not had access to my disability payments and me and my boyfriend have found ourselves even broker than usual.
we currently depend on the disability check for money for rent, the electric bill, both of our phone bills, groceries, gas, and medications, so these are the things we currently need assistance with. we've already got some money, all in all we need about $700 to cover everything.
it's been very hard trying to live in poverty while already dealing with mental illness. if you can donate absolutely anything it would be extremely appreciated. we are just trying to keep ourselves afloat and provide for ourselves and it's difficult. but if you can't donate please do not feel guilty. if you could share I would really appreciate that too.
thank you very much, I love you all, and I hope you have an excellent day 馃挅
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deepsouthdyke 7 months ago
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help a poor black lesbian and her trans lesbian gf survive!
venmo: Serena-Manning
cashapp: $sailorsylvie
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tohrus 3 days ago
I鈥檓 so close to a hundred could 5 ppl please send $10 for me 馃ズ
paypal dm for
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sl33p1ng 3 months ago
hi can anyone spare a few dollars to help pay for our electric bill?
i鈥檓 a disabled bi trans person babysitting my siblings (ages 4, 10, and 12) every single day and we really need some assistance making ends meet.
absolutely anything helps, even just a dollar or a reblog. thank you in advance for any help <3
c*shapp: $wintersoulja
v*nmo: leafybb
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illnessfaker a year ago
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( campaign link )
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nightingem 4 months ago
disabled high risk trans person stranded alone hundreds of miles from home, likely has covid, needs help
Tumblr media
hey all, i am patrick gem (he/they). i am a disabled high risk trans person who lives in northern california, and this week, i was supposed to be spending time with friends i trusted out of state, in texas. we took every precaution, and i thought that if the worst happened, we would quarantine together.聽
things went south, and i have both been exposed to covid and unexpectedly have to fund my own lodgings for quarantine, far away from home and any physical support. i am visibly trans and disabled (i use a cane) and stranded in a transphobic state. i鈥檝e already had to spend a lot of money this last week and i only make 600 a month at my internship. i live in a transitional housing facility, and only have 9 months before i age out and have to find a new place to live, so saving the money i do have is paramount.
i've developed symptoms that are steadily getting worse and i have to pay for price-gouged medicine and supplies as well as my own food, on top of this hotel room. i almost certainly have covid now, but since i don't have a car i am waiting on trying to get a home test approved. my doctor has recommended i quarantine at least until 1/21/2022 (currently at the time of writing this post, it is 1/13/2022). please help if you can.
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chenoahchantel 28 days ago
My laptop just stopped working out of nowhere today. (It is from like 2014 though). I am too broke to get it fixed or get it replaced. I have like a week left to finish the spring semester and then summer school starts right after. This couldn鈥檛 have happened at a WORSE TIME. Y鈥檃ll, I NEED to have my own computer. If you have anything extra to spare, anything at all, please consider donating.
Cashapp - $ChenoahChantel
Venmo - @ChenoahChantel
PayPal - @ChenoahChantel
PayPal Link - https://href.li/?https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/ChenoahChantel?locale.x=en_US
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remy a year ago
Trans woman has 3 days to raise $6,670!! Lets give what we can!!
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clhampir 7 months ago
I started a gofundme to help get me and my fianc茅e out of my mom鈥檚 abusive household. We鈥檙e neurodivergent, lesbian, and disabled. We鈥檙e asking for $5,000 to cover moving expenses and furniture, as there won鈥檛 be a lot we鈥檒l be able to take with us. Please share, this house is dangerous for me and I can鈥檛 stay here any longer.
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youngmassidehoe 3 months ago
Heyyy it's black history month and I really could use help with transportation and paying other bills until my next check hits
Cashapp: $mikkythekid
Venmo: @ mikkythekid
Dm me for my paypal
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aikeaguineamp3 18 days ago
hey besties I'm a bisexual non-binary disabled mentally ill poor person trying to live off a small monthly disability check and I could really use some financial help. I'm having to completely support both me and my roommate with this check and most of it goes toward rent and utilities each month. we still need money for groceries, toiletries, laundry, medications, and phone service. we're also still trying to get our car repaired, which is going to cost hundreds of dollars, and we both need new clothes. I'm sorry to ask for donations so often on here but it's already very difficult to just survive and having such a dire financial situation really doesn't help. if you have anything at all you could spare i would appreciate it more than words can say. thank you very much to everyone who has donated in the past. if you can't send anything I totally understand, don't feel guilty but please share this if you can. thank you so much, love you all 馃挅
c-shapp: $charlieavery420
v-nmo: @charlieavery428
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sendreparations 10 days ago
Black enby in need of funds to help pay their housing deposit fee for school.
Can 8 people donate $25 for them?
C!shApp: $tylapng
V!nmo: tylapng
P!yPal: poisonxivory
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sl33p1ng 3 days ago
hi can my family and i get $150 for groceries and daily necessities?
there鈥檚 2 adults and 3 children in our household & we need some help to be able to get by !
absolutely anything helps, even just a dollar or a reblog
c*shapp: $wintersoulja
v*nmo: leafybb
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illnessfaker a year ago
Tumblr media
( direct link to the fund )
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