brackenfur · 4 hours ago
help my best friends dog out ❤️
hey guys!!! its been an extremely long time since ive had to make a post like this but this is something incredibly dear to me and also to my bestie. mimi's dog rigby has been in poor health since may of 2021 - he's been having seizures and recently he had a nose infection thats given him extreme daily congestion. shes spent hundreds at the vet to give him medication and to have him tested, but its at the point where her vet says that the only thing left is to give him an mri or cti scan - which, as many of you know, costs upwards of $2k that she just doesnt have atm.
she outlines more about this in her gofundme, but i personally witnessed how bad rigby's congestion was recently when i went to see her. it would mean the world to both of us to have him get his mri - he's been her best friend for 12 years, and she's gone without so much just to take him to the vet and give him the medication he needs. even if you cant donate, it would mean so much to me if you guys could at least help spread this for us. rigby is an incredible dog who has been dealing w so much over the past eight months, and mimi is a wonderful person who just needs some extra support. i love u guys, thank u for reading and thank you for spreading this for her.
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sl33p1ng · 2 days ago
can i get like $20 for cat food, litter, and some hygiene products?
anything helps, even just a dollar or a reblog!!
p*ypal: leafyvro@gmail.com
c*shapp: $wintersoulja
v*nmo: leafybb
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ponyobf · 2 days ago
My bf and I are closing in on the date we have to move out by, I have like $40 to my name, and we have to get an apartment and other necessities, so rb if you can't donate. $urdreamenby on cash app.
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thunderxthighs · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Our names are Crystal, Joe, and Jesse. This is where we've been sleeping when we can't afford a room. It's quiet, well-lit, off the beaten path, not visible from the road with a little bit of protection from the wind and rain, and that almost makes it worth sleeping on concrete.
As you can see, we're not equipped for the elements and as we're finding ourselves having to sleep outside more and more often it's also getting colder and wetter outside. It's expensive to stay in motels, in our area we're still paying around $150/ night, though that's been trending downwards since labor day. Two of us are willing and able to work, but there's no way to hold down a job when you don't know where or if you're going to have a place to sleep from day to day.
On top of that, Joe is sick with a persistent bladder infection and sleeping outside in the cold without access to a bathroom isn't doing him any good at all.
In short, we're really struggling and we need help, anything is appreciated!
Feel free to contact me with any questions, boosts are appreciated!
PayPal: Jesse.eugene16@gmail.com
Venmo: @ jesse-eugene16
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shcrtiplier · 3 months ago
Hello tumblr,
It’s me, the bisexual momma, again with a different post since I can’t edit my last post anymore, so I have to make another one. Still same situation, living in section 8 housing with two kiddos. I’ve been job searching for nearly a month now and still haven’t had any luck. I’ve officially lost count from how many jobs I’ve applied for that needed people immediately but still haven’t replied to this day. So in other words, I still need help with groceries, bills and gas. Please help anyway you can by donating or boosting this post! I am severely in debt to all you kind souls who’ve helped me through my struggling. I can’t thank you enough!! ❤️❤️🙏🏻
Venmo: malloreys
Cashapp: $MalloreyTaylor
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bugfluids · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hi I’m Bug (they/them), a trans black & iranian person who is 4 weeks away from giving birth and finally secured housing after being homeless for a month!
I still need a few things for my baby and I have to pay back my roommate $1,300 since I couldn’t pay the full amount of my deposit.
I have a registry if anyone would like to get a few things off of it that I really really need b4 September.
My cashapp is $bugabooluv
My venmo is @bugabooluv
My PayPal is here
My registry is here
Thank you for taking the time to read and please boost if you can, anything helps. I have 2 boxes of diapers so far, one bottle and my carseat/stroller combo. I really don’t need things that are too extravagant of anything I can buy used locally but I don’t have the money to shop like that right now.
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oshunsambience · a month ago
Tumblr media
Please help 😊 🙏🏾
Reblogs help a lot 🙏🏾 💚
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saffspicer · 8 months ago
Hi, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing or how I use this website properly as I’ve never really ventured into tumblr ever in my life. I’ve literally been told to make an account, tell my situation and message people to ask help raise awareness so here I am.
Today, I, (saffron, 17) sat my parents down and told them I would like to transition male to female and introduced myself to them, dressed and named the way I know I should’ve been born. I can understand it came as a mighty shock to them, but I did not expect to be kicked out from my home because of it.
A friend has told me I can stay at theirs for a day or two but unfortunately nothing longer than that as they have family issues, plus, I wouldn’t want to intrude. I have a plan, I just need help with the execution of it. I do work and study full time but I do not get paid until the 31st of May which would leave me in a bit of trouble up to that point.
I have been frantically searching for available rooms to rent this evening and I have found a couple that I would be able to view over the next couple of days but as a 17 year old I do not have savings which looking back, was stupid. A deposit is going to be around £200. If I could scrape that together through somehow my life would look a lot brighter and less scarier than what it does right now. I am not bothered about eating or food as right now the thought of that makes me sick, I would really just like a roof over my head.
If anyone would be able to help me, I would really appreciate your help whether that be a donation or help spreading the word. I don’t know of any other sending money methods, other than PayPal and mine is saffronspicer23@gmail.con
I’m sorry if this post doesn’t make total sense, I’m in a bit of a panicked state right now and kind of word vomiting this as I go along. Thank you and sorry to reach out to all of you.
Here is the message I received from my mum, the only information I cover is my birth name as I don’t like it and don’t want to really be attached to that name any longer. I hope you all understand and thank you again.
Tumblr media
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newleaf · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
my beautiful friend Nicki is in desperate need of $$. her phone has been shut off and her car is also in desperate need of work, and it gets more expensive by the day. She is a full time student as well as a hostess. her restaurant is closing for an entire week so she will also be without a paycheck over the holiday. It’s incredibly dangerous for her to be without a way to contact anyone, and without extra donated income she will have to find money in other ways. Her car is a pressing safety issue as well.
ca: $ntaylorl
vm: Nick-Caldwell-21
paypal: foxhatkat@gmail.com
PLEASE spread this! we need to honor and care for our community while they are with us.
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800-dick-pics · 20 days ago
Help 2 Trans Lesbians of Color Move Urgently!!!
My partner and I have been trying for a while to get safe and secure housing, we have hope for a place BUT in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS we will be FORCED to go from where we are at. We have only gotten $630 out of our 6,500 goal, because of this we are going to have to leave behind most of my things, which is genuinely traumatizing for me. We NEED suitcases so we dont have to leave everything both of us own behind. We need funds to help us get PPE, suitcases, food until we leave, transportation and so much more. We NEED about $1,500 URGENTLY so we can move without any hiccups BECAUSE any delay in our moving plans will put us out on the streets. This is very much a PHYSICAL DANGE for my partner and I as they are trans fem and im Black and chronically ill. If you can share and donate please do so!, even if its a small amount those 2, 5 and 10 bucks really add up, we really need any and all support. thank you!
Cashapp: $sleepyhen OR $grumblybear
Venmo: wildwotko OR XochiRose
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arondn · 2 months ago
Happy native american heritage month, white people pay your reparations.
I'm mohawk (kanienkéha:ka) and need some financial help this month. I managed a bit of groceries yesterday but I barely got anything, and our car needs a new windshield. I'd really like to be able to replace the windshield so my mother's bf can continue to get to work, as he's the main source of our income right now.
The deductible is about $500, and if I pass that then any additional money will be going towards bills + food. I also do commissions, and can DM my prices if asked. You can find my art examples (and an outdated commssion post) on @cipheraldraws. Nia:wen.
Dm for e-transfer.
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nyahbaee · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Have you redistributed funds to a Black Trans Person TODAY?
If this is not FACTS. Then show me what is. . . It’s really disgusting to see how much white fundraisers get met in the matter of a day to a month. Meanwhile I been raising funds on my GoFundMe for the last year and a half.
Black Trans people & Black people IN general shouldn’t have to breakdown and share what’s been going on in their lives. We should be passed that point in 2022. We should understand that mutual aid is the only way out of this capitalistic society we are in. Mutual aid is the closes thing in proximity to receiving #reparations when you’re a marginalized person.
The simple fact I should just say I’m a Black trans woman who needs help getting clothes, food and other SURIVAL needs in my house should be eye opening enough for someone with Disposable income to be like here you go.
I’ve put in the countless work from being a physical activist to e-activist. There’s no difference ofc. I’m proud to organize and be apart of a revolution that is much needed and continuously needs more attention.
Black trans people are forgotten about so quickly. . . We are discarded and only sought after for sexual favors or use us to be the token to be seen as “progressive” or so they don’t have the “transphobic.” Label under them. Not only does me being a Dark Skin Person play apart now my identity as a woman- -a trans woman at that.
You should always and forever DONATE to Black Trans People. You should never question how a Black Person spends their money.
Black Trans Women are in the forefront and we are HERE TO STAY.
Please do your part to make sure Black Voices are heard and that our needs are Met.
If this post has moved you in a way and you feel it is your duty to help a BLACK TRANS PERSON THEN PLEASE HELP I am trying to raise funds for gender affirming clothes and other SURIVAL necessities.
If you are a Black LGBTQ+ woman, trans, non-binary, femmes please do not hesitate to REBLOG with your pay links ❤️🧡💛💚💙
Non black people please STEP up and do your PART.
V: nyahlee
C: $ny21x
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helphelphelphelppls · 7 months ago
Hey, my names ash and I'm pregnant with an unwanted baby. I cannot afford abortion but if i decide to raise money and go get one my entire support system (friends, family) will disown me. I need help getting out of this hole and getting this baby out of me. I've estimated $4,000 dollars will help with my medical bills, moving, and general life expenses coming up. I'm sorry to reach out like this but i have no options anymore.
paypal- bravomask@yahoo.com
cashapp - $toothpull
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the-aila-test · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
In addition to #TakeBackThanksgiving I wanted to do a separate event since I know Christmas shopping starts right about now.
If you are Native American / First Nations / Indigenous and need extra help with Christmas shopping, reblog and drop your Cash Apps / Venmo / Paypal or Amazon Wishlists.
Tag @the-aila-test @alinahdee or @doesthendnlive in your posts so we can share them on our blogs, boost them, and help you out this year.
Use the hashtag #NDNCHRISTMAS so we can find you on other social media.
Let's all help each other out this time of year.
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batslime · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hi guys, Jo’Lee ( realbillygotti ) is a black woman farmer who has been being targeted. One of her goats was poisoned and one of her pigs was shot. She loves her animals and is also a mother, and she’s devastated by these attacks and is trying to install security to keep herself, her family, and her animals and home safe.
Please donate/ boost, as you can see she’s very close to her goal! Just under $2k away as of right now (12:20 AM on Sunday, January 10th).
Gofundme- here
ca$hpp: $realbillygotti
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bugfluids · 13 days ago
Hi this will probably be the last post I make like this bc I’m tired of asking for help.
If u have seen me before I was pregnant and homeless, I found housing, then my bf cheated on me and now he’s physically abused me. like actually beat me and was kicking and punching me. I can’t go into detail but because of him I’m losing hair and can’t use my right hand. I have a 4m old infant which me and her had to leave immediately. I threw all that I could fit into the car and left. I now have no clothes, underwear, etc. No hair brush, no kitchen utensils, no blankets. I have nothing. I have my child’s things and that’s it.
I just want to fundraise so I can get clothes from the thrift store, a mattress, sheets/blankets, some bowls/plates/forks/knifes, and toiletries (toothbrush, soap, etc.) I have housing but nothing for me only for my baby.
cashapp: $bugabooluv
venmo: @bugabooluv
I have done my end of things, I am just tired and exhausted. My body can’t take the pain I’m still in right now. If u boost thanks, if u don’t idc. I’m not going to argue or prove anything to anyone at this point this will be my last post on social media for awhile because I’m beyond traumatized and tired of this.
Thank you for your help.
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deeplyrooteddread · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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scienceandfandoms · 3 months ago
My father died unexpectedly on Thursday. He was the only member of our family left working and now finances are tighter than ever
Two days ago, on Thursday October 7th, 2021, my father died in his sleep. He had been unwell, but was seeing a doctor and we thought he would recover. EMTs believe that it was an ulcer of some kind.
We're all taking it... really hard, and frankly the last year has been incredibly hard for my family. Almost a year ago now, my mother was let go from her job. Since then, my family got evicted in May, and had to spend several months draining our reserve funds at a hotel while we worked on new housing.
Since we moved in, we have also had to move my grandmother in, who's memory is... tenuous, at best, and requires people to care for her.
With her moving in, we had hoped to become financially stable again, but with my father having died, the costs associated with even the least expensive funerary services, not to mention the loss of his income... money is even tighter than before.
If anyone has anything they can donate, I'm linking my Paypal here. Things are really tough right now but... anything will help. Thank you so much, even just for reading this.
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dkeslovewomen · a month ago
new donation post ;.; last month we werent able to pay the water bill so we need help with that and this months bills too
also my birthday is on the sixth so if anyone feels so inclined. even a few bucks would rlly help me out
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800-dick-pics · 9 days ago
Ive made many posts about us trying to move from my abusers and long story short today is Jan the 18th and we have FIVE DAYS until were put out with nothing!!! We NEED to at least hit our short term goal of $1,500 to survive this and travel to a place we can live and be safe!
We have only been able to raise just short of $210 out of $1,500 and we cant afford to keep our things or even get to where we need to be SAFELY without this money. My partner and I are both disabled and I already have homelessness trauma, IM DESPERATE FOR HELP!
C*shapp: $sleepyhen OR $grumblybear
V*nmo: wildwotko OR XochiRose $210/$1,500 needed by 1/22/22
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