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Loving Lounging


Postcard done for the @pinmeupzinego !This wip had been sitting in a folder forever so I’m glad to have finished it for something!

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I have, made a thing. And enjoyed it greatly

It’s meant to be Crowley. Lol.

Based on this:

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ok but Crowley as Raphael before the Saunter Vaguely Downwards trope and his sibling calling him sparkler bc he’s a star smith I-

Oh and Adam Young calls him Uncle Sparkler?/!3!288:&(&;$4 ajahshahjkajsjfhdujs

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Hastur: The forbidden fruit was actually a tomato. Discuss.

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For Arospec Awareness Week, I’m going to rec my favorite Good Omens fics that feature aromantic characters or a relationship that is not traditionally romantic.

Today’s rec is: A Difficult Conversation by @merenwennolat

I didn’t have something lined up for today when I decided to start this project. But then my wonderful friend posted this gem of a fic, dedicated to me, and I couldn’t let the week go by without giving it a shout out. This has everything I want in an aro fic, from the doubt of not loving in the way you’re “supposed to,” to the joy of being accepted by a loved one exactly as you are. Crowley’s narration is spot-on in-character, I completely felt like I was reading his chaotic thoughts, and the footnotes complete the canon-esque vibe. This fic is a delight, whether you’re looking for specifically aro content, or love the Ineffable Partners and any forms their love can take.

Happy Aro Week, everyone! Thank you for supporting these fic rec posts, it means a lot to me!

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this just came to me….*dramatic snapping*

Can you imagine like warlock Dowling asking his mother questions and she loses her temper and tells him he asks to many questions and Crowley Seeing Red.

Like as far as we know Crowley Fell asking to many questions and/or hanging out with the wrong people. Angels considered the Creator their mother/father/parent. As They were the one who created them as angels.

So, considering he fell for asking questions and warlock, someone they(Crowley) were raising better than the actual(?) parents, was generally feeling bad because his mother, who most kids believe are always right and us as children take are parents opinions into our most consideration, would be upset by this. And Crowley who would be angry for a mother telling a kid he asks to many questions would be generally enranged.

So, basically my point. Crowley subtly roasting and fucking Mrs. Dowling up for being a Bitch and never getting caught. Like yes fuck her up.

Um I forgot what else I was gonna say lol

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a man in a suit saying pee pee and poo poo just isn’t the kind of content I signed up for


✨Crowley showing up unexpectedly to make the show interesting✨

thank you dear


“This is a hostage situation.” 😂


holy shit I just remembered this alpha shit happened at the same time as the origin of A/B/O

and now I gotta skim through alpha John Watson or alpha Draco Malfoy fics on ao3 till the end of my days

the things this show has forced me to witness with my own two eyes

I hate this show


werewolves and vampires, so 2010

I was in my first year of secondary school when I first watched this episode (when it aired), that’s crazy


these drunk men shouldn’t be driving


wow, what a perv


a weredomesticdog

that’s a cool animorph


car hit the doggo


a skinwalker uh


“Got to Hell.”

“Already been, didn’t agree with me.”



wow, why do I remember specifically this discussion by the Impala’s trunk under a bridge

does this decor happen again at some point?


Elite Sniper Dean


Dude is going around with his brother’s empty shell, why

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Je rêve de toi (I dream of you) - sherlockruiningmylife - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
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The Ineffable West - Chapter 19 - sherlockruiningmylife - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
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“stop acting like crowley and aziraphale are the only characters in good omens” yeah thats cool sure anyways crowley and aziraphale if ur reading this be my best friends please my address is

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Just a reminder to myself. My friend brought this up again. Aziraphale and Crowley didn’t enter each other’s bodies to swap, otherwise their position wouldn’t have changed. They just make themselves look like each other.However, I think it’s still amazing if they literally swap bodies by entering into each other.🤡

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