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#cruella prequel
magiclovingdragon · 7 months ago
While I understand the reactions of people going “ugh they’re making Cruella all girlboss” I also think people are missing the POV trap...
The film is being told from Cruella’s perspective, she say’s it herself that “from the very beginning I realised I saw the world differently than everyone else” so naturally she would see it as everyone else having a problem with her and holding her back, its the audiences job to understand that thats only her own POV, to everyone else (audience included) she is the villain. You’re not meant to sympathise with her (like with the Maleficent films) but to understand in Cruella’s own POV, she is doing nothing wrong. The GRRM quote “Nobody is a villain in their own story. We're all the heroes of our own stories” comes to mind and that is exactly the story that is being told here.
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velvetstrawberry · 4 months ago
cant wait for the live action prequel of snow white where they finally explain that the evil queen only hates snow white because she is pretty and fits the beauty standard and the evil queen was severely bullied for not living up to beauty ideals when she was younger she actually lost her only friend whom she had a crush on because she’s the first gay disney character to a botched plastic surgery she’s the original advocate for body positivity and she’s only radical because she’s such a girlboss
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agnesmontague · 3 months ago
i dont know a single thing about spn but if my pop culture knowledge serves me i think john winchester’s about to get his dad killed by dalmatians
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latinfaegott · 4 months ago
So in defense of Cruella (2021) with some light spoilers.
- Yea her mom did get pushed off a cliff by Dalmatians. It wasn’t the dogs actively doing it, the antagonist trained her dogs to be that vicious whenever she demands it via dog whistle (that she wears as an accessory...if that tells you something about the Antogonists’ character). So the Doggos are innocent, but their owner isn’t.
-No she does not Murder Them, there are standards. Disney still loves Killing moms tho.
-The twink actually is not a blink and you miss, but one of Cruella’s friends that she makes and does have a hand in her schemes. Plus he is in the major scenes and his fashion sense is blatantly gay. If any homophobic country wants to censor it, they will have ended up covering up major plot points of the movie. Or they’ll have to find away to erase him completely. It’s not ideal, but it’s a hell a lot better than La Fou or Cyclops lesbian. Plus he’s actually a really fun character and he reminds me of that phase a lot of QT folks go through where we dress as blatantly Queer as possible to terrorize the cishets. So Disney did technically delivered us a Gay, but we should still ask for more and better LGBTQ+ characters! This is a step in the right direction and we should give Disney 1 crumb of recognition, imo.
-The way music and fashion was used to elevate the story so beautifully really does help viewers entranced! Plus, like every movie should, they also give more insight to the Characterization of cast. The Grungy/Punk aesthetic, and the Playful yet Bold nature of Cruella’s costumes versus the Baroness’ Sharp and Grande Silhouette and the materials used in her Costuming breathes so much life into the characters! The music dictated the overall tone and emotional beat of the movie so well! It’s one of Disney’s more masterful uses of Sound and Costume design in a live action movie!
-Cruella is basically a Dragsona. Not exactly a whole entity/personality herself. It’s more in line of how a Drag Performer would think of their Personas. An example being my Reyna Terror Dragsona is a total Gothic Dominatrix Grunge Queen with a biting wit vs me and my personality in Boy Mode who has trouble asking for a straw in restaurants to prevent ice coming in contact with my sensitive teeth.
-It’s a prequel/Solo movie. Exactly in the same type of prequel ballpark as Maleficent. It is more of an AU/ Parallel Universe/ Separate Canon that can serve as a prequel to another Cruella Movie if Disney wanted to do it or as a prequel to another live action 101 Dalmatian movie...if Disney wanted to do it in this universe. However, it’s seems like it would be highly unlikely.
- MOST of the “Cruella Bad” takes seem to be done by people who have never seen the movie and are either going off by just reading the synopsis or the Tumblr Discourse. So I mean...people with brain rot dictating “critique” with cold takes per usual. Watch the movie in an accesible way (P*R*T* it) and really let yourself be immersed in it. Plus the lack of handholding through the plot or usual pointless “Meta Commentary” Disney Live Action movies tend to have now is refreshing.
-Y’all need to like....have fun. I mean sure Disney produces shitty things, but at the same time....Disney didn’t really add the type of depth y’all kept claiming it was gonna do. There wasn’t even a real Girl Boss Gate Keep moment for Cruella. This was a fun romp!
-If you hate this movie, you just have worms for brains and are a homophobe in the same branch as Terfs/Swerfs/ and “No Kink at Pride!” Folks. *Sorry don’t make the rules 💋
*Added in the kiss emoji to make sure people understand that last point was a joke and not a critique of the critique.
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sarcastic-clapping · 7 months ago
“well yeah that’s the OBVIOUS response but seriously, think about it on a deeper level. why can’t we root for flawed women as a society? why are female leads not allowed to be villain protagists? where are our likable and sympathetic antagonists who are women?”
“no dude seriously i feel you and think that’s a completely valid point about a very real and interesting issue and if we were talking about ANYTHING else i would be so on board with you right now. but like. again, she DOES kill and skin puppies so she can make them into fur coats”
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the2headedcalf · 3 months ago
i think it's time we just stop talking about these useless remakes. to stop watching them, even if it's hate watching, to stop making jokes about them and just let them fade into obscurity like they deserve. like, no joke, they are a literal threat to art
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sanguinebutch · 3 months ago
what if,,,,,disney revoked all of the star wars prequel films,,,,, and then said darth vader was evil because his father got chased off a cliff by the jedi,,,,
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bottombaron · 2 months ago
I've just noticed that Zemo has become something like a power fantasy character for me.
he's short, with a soft body, and the more 'common' brown hair/eyes. he's also ~vaguely ethnic~ of a general Polish/Czech area like me (even if his ethnicity is made up)
and totally not anything like other mcu characters with their washboard abs and cutting cheekbones and buff arms. or at least none of the ones you're supposed to find sexy.
but Zemo's just so undeniably confident in everything he does it makes me feel giddy with second-hand power. like yeah, I too am not your conventional wet dream, but maybe can strut my love handles in a man's direction with the confidence of a baron who knows that they are the most fuckable thing in a gang with people who look like Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.
like, damn.
I know he's not actually queer or anything but the thought of a character like that who is also possibly dealing with things like depression and mental illness that doesn't stem from dysphoria or homophobia?? I want more of it pls.
(basically what I'm saying is Zemo has hit classic Disney Villain level representation for me)
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k00lanimation · 7 months ago
The fact that the cruella movie is (probably) not going to explore the weird fact that Anita and cruella were school friends is such a missed opportunity tbh
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magiclovingdragon · 7 months ago
I’ve never seen 3 different actors so perfectly portray the same character like Glenn Close, Emma Stone and Victoria Smurfit completely nail Cruella
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Tumblr media
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gooberjam · 7 months ago
would love to live to see the death of corporate reboots for the sake of easy cash grabs resulting in a landscape of floating media corpses . would love to live to see an idea again
#i feel increasingly bitter about every disney reboot and sequel/prequel whatever#i hate that people so readily buy into this shit#i just saw a post talking about how cruella looks like shit but then saying they should make an ursula movie instead#‘but not made by disney’#you’ve contradicted yourself hun!#that’s literally impossible!!#’oh they should have made an URSULA one that would have been better and fine and acceptable’#with their resources they could literally do whatever the fuck they want#but no let’s keep revisiting the same 10 things because it’s safe#let’s keep living in this bubble of content that was good when it came out so it MUST be good now#i know we live in an era and world of alternate universes and fanfic and shit like that#but that’s only good when you leave it as it fucking is#look at fifty shades of grey and that one movie that was made abt the one direction fanfic and shit like that#or all the reboots and addendums#there’s such an obsession with revisiting things it’s nauseating#there are hour long compilations on youtube of old commercials#people willingly take time out of their day to revisit media designed to sell you things#for a sense of comfort or escapism or nostalgia or all three#it makes me feel sad#we live in an era where sharing is as constant as breathing and yet#we still keep looking backwards for no. reason#which isn’t to say there isn’t new stuff being made of course there is#i just mean it feels like we’ve stopped valuing that as it should be#we’re so quick to reward content that is familiar#like look at the wave of 80s and 90s nostalgia#or the emerging nostalgia for the early 2000s and even the 2010s#i’ve been feeling so disillusioned about popular media my gut reaction to seeing anything well liked is distaste which is so annoying#like it’s a fight to even just let myself experience some of this media without immediately feeling mad#anyways#i’ve been thinking
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bubblecarr · 4 months ago
i think disney should take a gap year from making movies. maybe they’ll find themselves and then actually put out some good ones
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dswcp · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
THE PADME FASHION SHOW, Part 2: Phantom Menace but with Fur
Concept art from The Art of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, written by Mark Cotta Vaz, published 2002. Drawn by Dermot Power.
Check back on this blog every hour on the hour for more of THE PADME FASHION SHOW!
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everyfandom-girl · 22 days ago
I think Cruella 2021 isn't a backstory for the 101 Dalmatians villain if you don't want it to be. I see all these posts like "it's too bad they tried to redeem the chick that skins the puppies" like ??? That's not in this movie so it doesn't exist if you don't want it to
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prince-charlie · 3 months ago
I had a dream last night where JK Rowling published a new Harry Potter prequel about Hagrid, and his mom got thrown off a cliff by mythical creatures. Harry himself travelled back in time to when Hagrid was his age and became a fashion designer or something
Also I was apparently a character in the book and at some point I snuck into the Gryffindor dormitory and hid under the bed but Dream and TommyInnit (whom I don’t even like) found me and dragged me back to Slytherin
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tencomments · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
You know this is a Disney movie when a parent dies within 5 minutes of the start. (Why is Disney so fixated on killing off parents?!?)
As the film opens we’re told it’s 1964 and Tipper Seifert-Cleveland plays a young Cruella. She’s pretty good and it might have been interesting to see an entire movie told from her perspective.
Soon the narration tells us 10 years pass so Tipper is replaced Emma Stone. This makes Cruella about 22 years. Emma is 33 so in Hollywood years, it works okay.
But Cruella’s cohorts (Jasper and Horace) are played by Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser who are both 35 and look 40. No way do they look 25 years old even if you squint. But Hauser makes up for it - he’s funny as is his rat-chihuahua.
Emma Stone is fun as Cruella, but like the Maleficent movies it tries too hard to make her a nice guy. Instead we get Emma Thompson as a new villain - The Baroness. Frankly, Thompson steals the movie from under Stone. She the delicious bitchy villainess we were hoping for.
Mark Strong is wasted in the role of a butler.
In an interesting Disneyeque twist, the film gives Cruella a sort of Snow White/Evil Queen backstory.
The sound track features wall-to-walk pop hits of 1960s and 1970s. Fine if you like oldies, but otherwise a distraction. BTW - there are 33 pop songs used in the film but only 15 are on the soundtrack.
The movie is 134 minutes (2 hr 14 min) - about 20 minutes too long.
A Mid-Credit scene ties the movie to the animated film in a sort of multicultural casting sort of way.
And here are Ten Comments about the original:
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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