#crumbs am i right?
lacallemojada · 2 months ago
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You cramming for a pop quiz? Uh, brushing up on protocols just in case. Just in case Chief Ross suddenly asks you about... "universal precautions which shall be observed to prevent contact with blood and other bodily fluids"?
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apollos-boyfriend · 25 days ago
crumb’s storytelling ability is amazing, yeah, but can i just say, huge props for her music choices. amnesia was her name is the obvious example, yeah, but honestly crying and i hate you were also fantastic choices. not only do the lyrics fit, but the overall tone of it all, too, with i hate you’s upbeat yet spiteful and resentful energy, crying’s more remorseful and self-reflective viewpoint, and amnesia was her name’s jarring and borderline uncanny atmosphere. yet they all fit together so well!! all three songs have this artificial, synth-like beats that are almost, if not fully, 8-bit at times. on their own, her work is amazing, but it’s small things like these that truly showcase her talent and passion for what she does.
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yamiiino · a year ago
Tumblr media
Got a request a bit back for jm with kittens but it got me thinking about s3 Jon and the Admiral and then I couldn’t stop
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sporkkles-irl · a year ago
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hands you the
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styxdrawings · a year ago
No amount of words can truly describe how desperate I am to see the Carstairs siblings properly hug in Chain of Iron.
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megexpress · 8 months ago
The writers just can’t help making Dick re-live his greatest hits, can they? I’m so tired. He didn’t give a flying f*ck about her for two entire seasons - not even when she was mentioned being missing or whatever in his Trigon!dreamscape. The entire dreamscape was, in fact, centered around Kory and how she’s basically his weakness. Where is that energy now? The show is about The Titans - aka the namesake of the goddamn show - so why am I seeing my notp? With every episode that goes by, I get less and less sure of my DickKory endgame. And for a show titled Titans, I thought that would be a guaranteed thing.
With that being said, I am overjoyed that Kory is at the very least getting a storyline outside of Dick, but these promises of “DickKory is coming/just be patient/it’s coming with a surprise!” are just bullshit.
Stop giving me platitudes and f*cking deliver.
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nezushi · 5 months ago
bad buddy giving us the gl content that we deserve thank you thank you
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stinkyratshadowgod · 3 months ago
Man, i have the crafting metal, but idk if i should buy Catgirl Wattson or Revenant with the hoodie skin
Also if you look on the free track of anniversary rewards, you can see a charm with the tinniest Wattane content yall could ever see
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lovesickeros · 2 months ago
Do you think I would qualify to be adopted by the Tsaritsa I'm not traumatized but FUCK IM SIMPING FOR A EXTREMELY PRETTY WOMAN EDEN HELP
listen she's the leader of a nation she can just. yoink. your her kid now. shes literally the law u dont have a choice
BUT LIKE YEAH SHES SO. shes literally just my oc at this point but G-D. i JUST. evil women who are fucked up and do fucked up things but are soft for you and care about you so deeply and want nothing but the best for you. especially if they try to hide the things they do from you bc they dont want you to think any less of them & dont want to subject you to that AND I JUST. g-d. i love women
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t4tlambert · 5 months ago
all us horatio enjoyers attempting to discern his nationality from a bunch of offhanded lines and throwaway comments
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dizzystqrs · 8 months ago
we as a society do not talk enough about this rikma moment
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theforgottendaydreamer · 6 months ago
i don't get why people i eat with always need to point out how little i eat. relatives, friends, strangers when i order- everyone's like "are you on a diet?", "is that all you're having? for real?", "you basically didn't eat anything". like?? i'm aware, i'm trying, sometimes food doesn't feel good, sometimes it feels amazing, it depends. if i'm with others, no matter who, i feel like i can't eat much, if i'm alone i eat a lot. and you don't see me pointing out how much you stuff yourselves. learn to do the same.
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snowflakesandlemons · 11 months ago
see i adore the ‘velvet comes out of the egg’ theory but consider: crumb cuptoast
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officialmisha · 25 days ago
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blizzardfluffykpop · a month ago
Hey how have you been ? I hope your doing good and taking care of yourself 💓
I'm okay :) I'm doing better than I was. I'm still getting there but yeah :) I am! And I hope you are too!! :) Thank you so much :)
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aesthetics-blue · a year ago
me: i am not watching Riverdale anymore, it’s trash and I know it is.
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sunlit-elain · 3 months ago
if anyone who has seen them wants to explain these hosab spoilers to me i will literally love u forever!! because i never finished the first book so i am hella confused… but from what i’m seeing so far (even with my limited understanding) i am FREAKING OUT 😭
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himekotoga · 9 months ago
thinking about the last time i cared about a heroaca chapter 
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randomduckwrites · 4 months ago
Who are you?
Duck’s the name and Daydreamings my game!
Currently multi-fandom. If anything I’m just hopping around from hyperfixation to hyperfixation just to get that sweet sweet serotonin. My main focus right now is Undertale and MCYT
What will you post?  
Probably just writings of my paras (and maybe drawings but let’s not get our hopes too high). I guess some rants/ramblings here and there? Or maybe just random hc/scenarios of AU’s and the like. 
(UPDATE: Decided to post some Para Prompts for other people to try because I am starved for social interaction)
My main paras (AKA ones I’ll probably write most about)
Samantha (she/her)
Elliott (he/him/any)
Eric (he/him/any)
#duckdoodlesthings  - whenever I draw/doodle something
#pondtalks - me ranting about the profound things that happen in my head
#crumbs and sticks - My writings and main tag for whenever I talk abt my paracosm
#paraprompts - I give you something to write/draw/daydream your para about because why not
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aahelvede · a year ago
so eric heisserer confirmed that wylan was the one that made the flashbomb that kaz uses when he meets the darkling...which means wylan and jesper should’ve already met because of the crooked kingdom flashback........which means jesper asking for a demo man at the start was really just him asking kaz to bring wylan with them.......interesting
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