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hi babe ! thanks so much for the ask !!! i hope you love it and have a great day !!!!




Originally posted by gneocchi

  • you’re in your kitchen cooking for him with some music 
  • and he gets home earlier than you anticipated
  • and hears your  A M A Z I N G  voice
  • is so stunned
  • when you realise he was listening you’re like :o sowwy
  • but he tells you how amazing you sound
  • you: blushing



Originally posted by verbalglitch

  • you just hopped out the shower and you’re doing your hair
  • you sing a little bit to help the time pass 
  • and when he walks in he’s like
  • “wait is that my baby”
  • when you stop he makes that face^^^ like “nooo don’t stop”
  • will make it his mission to get you comfortable enough to sing in front of all your friends next time you go to karaoke 



Originally posted by penopenopenomeco

  • was napping when you started singing
  • thought it was angel in his dreams 
  • tells you this and you’re like “omo stopppp” trying to hide your face in your hands
  • he already loves you more than anyone else
  • but when he hears you sing it’s like he falls in love with you even more
  • is dying to get you on a track JUST ONCE



Originally posted by selwinchester

  • you’re the bonnie to his clyde (see what i did there)
  • yall do like everything together
  • and we all know boy can sing
  • so when he finds out you can sing too ?! its  O V E R
  • you were doing the laundry and singing one of his songs
  • when i tell you his heart was about to explode in his chest AW
  • he asks to hear you all the time now 



Originally posted by gae-phull

  • this cheeky guy
  • had actually heard you singing a while ago
  • he was in the shower and you thought he couldn’t hear you but he did
  • ever since then he’s been trying to find a way to tell you HE NEEDS TO HEAR YOU AGAIN
  • so when he went to go “shower” and you start singing
  • he claps when you’re done “ENCORE ENCORE DO IT AGAIN”
  • you’re all like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING  HERE” blushing and such but he holds your hand and keeps telling you how amazing you are
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Video Game 30 Day Challenge Day 3

Your video game crush: Rick from MFoMT

Rick is one of my main video game crushes. As soon as I got MFOMT as a child, he was my first choice. Kind of the nerdy type but also very kind & loving. Also his fights with Kai were great! He will always be my main crush 😍 I am also excited to marry him again in the remake!

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13 reasons why season 4

13 reasons why is, a show that somehow has always been there for me the last 4 years. In 2017, I left my house and the first thing I watched to feel at home was 13 reasons why. I was in a dark place, darker than most knew, and watching the show made me, feel better in a way.i watched the show thinking Hannah was my ally. It took until I watched season 2 that I know who my Hannah really was. Season 2 with the “back to you” selena gomez song made me realize. It was galaxy who I was still in love with the whole time. And rewatching season 1 hurt more. Finding a girl, that you could never have, dropping hints for you, but being too scared to make a move.saying the wrong things too many times to count. I really am clay Jenson. I tried to do what clay did and let the girl I love go. Season 4 and clay still realizes the root of all this is still Hannah. I watched seasons 4, a week before the girl I’m still in love with, I was shown she’s pregnant. I am very happy for her, I care for her, but since i am blocked it hurt. That now, more than ever I have no shot. I miss her, I miss her friendship. I miss her voice, her personality, the few hugs we had. I miss her double chin, I miss her long toes. I miss all of her. She was the realest friend I ever had. She liked to mess with me when I first met her. But, when I saw her when she came back, she was so nice to me, I was always waiting for her to make fun of me. She never did. I live with the guilt that I wasn’t there for her enough. I am really depressed over this girl. I’m done so many things to her, to make her feel awful. I try not to tell people how dark my thoughts are. I feel like clay or any person with a mental illness. I don’t feel understood. I feel very alone. And deep down, I had a shot at love with galaxy, she was the one. I don’t think anyone will ever be able to match her. I will proably be alone, forever. If there’s anything I learned from galaxy, it’s that I have to build my confidence up. Clay has moved on. I need something to distant myself. Cause I’m still in love with my Hannah baker. I want someone to help me, but I can’t even help myself


Originally posted by admireforever

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Te echo de menos, echo de menos lo bien que me haces, lo bien que me pone verte, la emoción que me invade en todo el cuerpo al escuchar tu voz, esa voz que me derrite por dentro. Tu fuerte risa contagiosa que me descoloca todos los sentidos y tus caricias que me hacen perder la razón. Sí, debo admitirlo, te echo tanto de menos, más que nunca.


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