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So, I need some may guy/crush advice can I am HORRIBLE at picking up signals

Okay so I just started going to this gym and one of the workers there is super handsome! I initially talked to him to ask if one of their skin treatments would damage a tattoo I got recently except he didn’t know the answer and said we should both research it and compare answers next time I see him. Long story short he looked it up for me before I even left the gym and when I told him I didn’t know when he’d be back to tell him anyway he proceeded to give me his entire work schedule for the week.

Now when I’m working out in the area he’s cleaning he’ll stay there extra long. Like 10 minutes cleaning the machine closest to me. Then he makes a point to say hi to me when he’s on the floor doing stuff. And finally yesterday he got the treatment I asked about ready, after to do a quicknrun through on how to use it with me, then looked down, asked if I do yoga, then complimented my socks (they were socks for yoga, and they’re super plain).

My friends are convinced he likes me but I’m not sure. I mean I haven’t seen act this way with any other customer or other worker there. So what does this all mean?

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AHHHH the girl I met at the club 2 years ago is talking to me right now and I just ahhhh cheesin like a mf 😅😅😅😅 shes my crush 😂😂😂

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I can feel my butterflies every time u call my name

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Me: looks at a picture of my crush

Me: *screams internally*


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I greeted him on his birthday but you know I feel like his bored talking to me the way he reply on my message so I didn’t reply back. Then the next morning he noticed that I changed my profile picture so he message me. Hay nako hindi na ko aasa, I’m just making myself fool. We’re just friends nothing more.

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frio + netflix + comida + alguém que ama do lado = combinação perfeita

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william afton headcannons: he develops a crush

• he’s a smooth talker, so he probably would flirt a lot

• he’s also an extrovert, so he would be very open about it

• he still would be a coward though, maybe he would dress up/dress differently to impress his crush

• would start making small changes to the way he acts/looks in order to be more likeable(?) to said crush

• would be the one to fluster, not to be flustered

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G-Genie Waifu-

♫ Eyes white calm & angelic

And I’m going down like the Titanic ♫

Oh sweet mother of Arkus- she’s so pretty- aaaa- *incoherent simping noises* I basically lost my ability to decently draw her some time ago,which made me freak for obvious reasons- so I sat down & decided to scribble for some practice- who would’ve known my Ace Panik would lead to this masterpiece-:


Small side text:




Progress shot:


Also,you know that you’re THAT MUCH of a simp when you find yourself waking up at 3am in the morning to write down song lyrics your brain accidentally came up with about best girl-:

♫ She had red hair & a pretty face

Elf ears & eyes that glimmered like stars in space-

Shining armor & swords that gleamed

The perfect warrior of my dreams-

I fell for her,I hit the ground,this strange new feeling I’ve never felt- is it too cliche to say these things?- how else can I possibly explain?-

Her spirit is unbreakable,optimistic,unshakable

Try to trap her & you’ll see,she won’t have trouble breaking free-

Guess my heart just couldn’t stand the longing looks she seemed to send,so I’ll simply tell the truth: girl,I think I’m in love with you- ♫

Don’t even ask me about the beat/music/tune/rhythm that this monstrosity should be sang to- Use those big brains of yours & make something up by yourselves for Arkus’ sake-


Just gonna jam to a little All Time Low while I’m at it-

♫ I got your picture, I’m coming with you, dear Ninjini, count me in

There’s a story at the bottom of this bottle, and I’m the pen ♫

Found this song while scrolling through a random rock playlist on SoundCloud,needless to say,the ♫ There’s a story at the bottom of this bottle- ♫ ,really did a number on making me think of a certain someone because of her backstory-


Anyway,I think that’s enough cringeworthy fanboying for today- I am so dearly sorry you guys had to witness all of that- uh- stuff- *nervous laughter*

(Q °)

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My teenage crush from 6 years ago has sent me a friend request on Facebook!

… I am in a happy stable relationship now, but im still very flattered and taken aback by this ♡

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Whenever you look my way, I feel my heart sigh ♡

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A #Painting I painted a couple of weeks ago


Direct eBay Listing:


#PopArt #Roses #Floral #Hand #Fist #Crush

2021, acrylic and oil blend on canvas, 18"x24"

by @ArtistJamieRoxx #JamieRoxx (

Please PM or email for inquiries or questions, price and/or more photos etc.

*We ship Internationally

**comes with official, Signed Documented Provenance

***Professionally back finished and ready to hang on your wall

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Liking someone is such an overwhelming feeling it makes me so poetic

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Maybe we’re just soulmates but I mistook that for romantic love

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