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#crush quotes

“Get off my mind and get in my lap..”

For really reals, you been walking through my mind all day.. you must be tired, and it just so happens that my lap is open, hahaha - eUë

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“if a man often compliments your body, but never calls you pretty or beautiful, you shouldn’t trust him. and if a man only ever compliments your looks, but never calls you passionate or intelligent or exquisite, then he is not the man for you. you are more than just a pretty face or a one night stand. know your worth, baby girl.”

— know your worth, baby girl (11:59 pm)

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If it is true that there are as many minds as there are heads, then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts.

Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

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My definition of CRUSH & LOVE is completely different from each other. You can be my crush but I still have no soft feelings for you. Being my crush means I adore you or one of your feature or your ability; it can be your jawline, your nose, your writings, paintings etc. And if I found something terribly wrong with your personality, I won’t think twice to uncrush you in the fraction of second.

Ohoooo and the definition of LOVE?

Well I don’t believe in soulmate; rather than I would like to meet the one who embraces me, who still believes in me when I lose faith in myself, who can read my hieroglyphic mind like an open book, stands by my side & completes me like MY COUNTERPART ❤️

- Shreyaastic 🌚

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Venus in Widder - Venus in Steinbock

„Steinbock ist die einzige, die sowohl den Wunsch der Widder zu jagen und zu erobern befriedigen kann (denn Menschen mit dieser Platzierung spielen nicht nur schwer zu bekommen, sie SIND schwer zu bekommen), sondern ihnen auch das Gefühl einer stabilen Unterstützung gibt, die sie wirklich brauchen, um in einer Beziehung zu bleiben. Steinbock Venus hilft Widder Venus, ihre Ziele mit mehr Konzentration und Geduld zu verfolgen.“


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I wonder if my crush gets excited that I texted them. I wonder if my crush gets happy when they see me. I wonder if my crush gets disappointed when they see I’m not active. I wonder if my crush stays up late thinking about me. I wonder if my crush thinks about texting me, but decided not to because their nervous. I wonder if I randomly pop up in my crushes mind. I wonder if my crush smiles or gets red when they think about me. I wonder if my crush is ever star struck to see me, because holy crap how can they like a person this much. I wonder if my crush is worried to talk to me about their feelings because it could derail our friend group. I wonder if my crush ever wishes we had more in common, or had more things to talk about. I wonder if I’m in my crushes dreams. I wonder if my crush ever wanted more than friendship.

I wonder if my crush feels all these things about me, the same way I feel all these things about them.

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“The heart is a funny organ, it’s strong independent, and key to your survival, it takes a lot to really harm it. Although, the words he says cuts straight through like paper and shatters it into glass like it’s nothing.”

11:32 7/6/20

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“I think the hardest part of the day is waking up, because for a second it’s ok, it doesn’t hurt, it’s like your still there, I roll over on my pillow and then it hits me. You’re gone. You don’t want me anymore. You don’t love me anymore, and my body turns to lead. I don’t want to move, all I want is you, and it hurts. I have to get up and hope tomorrow it gets easier.”

11:27pm 7/6/20

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“I don’t love you anymore. The five words he swore he’d never say. He promised to always be there, to always love me, and in a week changes his mind. Something like that shatters your heart like glass all over again.”

11:08 7/6/20

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“I think one of the hardest things is when you try and give it your all but it’s not enough, and it hurts because your not enough, and the only thing left to do is wake up and try to pick up the pieces.”

11:07 7/5/20

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