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#crush quotes

Es war für mich Liebe auf den ersten Blick, ich fand noch nie ein Menschen so anziehend, so heiß, du warst kalt, ruhig einfach anders als andere. Allein dein Auftreten hat mich verrückt gemacht.. Ich verstehe aber nicht warum .. Warum bin ich so verknallt in dich .. Und du .. Du willst nicht mehr als Sex.. Wieso hab ich immer trotzdem so Hoffnung. Ich schäme mich dass ich nach so kurzer Zeit verliebt bin, alle sehen mich als dummes und naives Mädchen. Was kann ich dafür dass ich mich verliebe.. Ich kann meine Emotionen nicht ausschalten.. Du wolltest so gerne zu mir, ich hab so viel für dich geplant und es fehlt nur noch eine Nachricht von dir dass du Freitag kommst, aber du ignorierst mich, ghostest mich .. Mir wäre es lieber wenn du mir schreibst, dass ich nerve, dir scheiss egal bin und kein Bock auf mich hast als diese Ungewissheit .. Es macht mich verrückt .. ich warte schon 23h auf deine Nachricht, bitte schreib irgendwas …

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I could give you all my heart

but it wouldn’t be enough

I could write a hundred songs

but they wouldn’t sound like love

I could dye my hair and put on a dress

I could do all the things just to impress

but you would never

hear me,

notice me,

look at me

like you look at her.

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I’m to scared to let someone into my heart again. I’m sorry but the last tenant made a mess and it’s hard for me to trust someone back in. But I know part of me trusts you. I just need a little more assurance that you won’t do me like the ones who came before did. Mi Rey


Originally posted by photografya

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With all that lipstick and gloss shining off of her gentle lips, she said I dont believe in the concept of unrequited love. Real lovers love without the intent of ever being loved back, because they don’t feel entitled to someone else’s heart. Real lovers love until the person receiving their love cant take it anymore, they never try to get over people. Real lovers don’t complain about heart break, they glorify it, knowing that the pain they feel makes it evident that the love they possess is real. Real lovers are consumed by loved even if it leads them to death. Real lovers, cannot be any other way for giving love is all they know.

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Letter to you


Dear you,

Everytime I have looked at you, I have yearned for your love. I have looked into your eyes, the pools of honey in the sun and wished I don’t fall for it, yet again I do. All over again. I have seen that smile so many times that it plays over and over in my dreams. And you know what happens? I fall for you a little more.

Sometimes I wonder if I ever had a chance? If things would have been different if I was brave enough? If told you? If you knew would you give me a chance?These things I wonder don’t make a difference. Because I chose the way it is now. Maybe it’s better this way where I remain invisible to you, but you in the center of my world. I would love you like I always have. From afar because all this time I have realized my place in your world. Almost non-existent. But someday I hope you recognize the love a stranger gave.

I get it. I really do. You made your place in my heart unknowingly but I couldn’t it make in yours.

Yours truly,


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¿Por qué me cuesta tanto olvidar un mes de felicidad a tu lado?

Comprendí que no fue el tiempo que pasamos, fue lo que me hiciste sentir. No puedo olvidar el tiempo que valió por años, meses, días desperdiciados en amores innecesarios.

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“The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien
And as a writer now, I want to save Linda’s life. Not her body - her life. She died, of course. Nine years old and she died. It was a brain tumor. She lived through the summer and into the first part of September, and then she was dead. But in a story I can heal her soul. I can revive, at least briefly, that which is absolute and unchanging. In a story, miracles can happen. Linda can smile and sit up. She can reach out, touch my wrist and say ‘Timmy, stop crying.’
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if i were to describe him, i can feel every single thing about him

but i don’t seem to have the ability

despite the range of the english vocabulary, to put him into words.

he is, confident and, determined and passionate, sincere and such a perfectionist, competitive and intense and intriguing. he is, thoughtful and caring, mysterious and unreadable, goofy but serious, a realist. he is rather, controversial, but i have fallen for those controversies too. he is talented, everything he touches becomes his own special talent. he is hot and cold, pushing and pulling, but i can’t get over him. i can’t get over the intensity in his eyes when he looks at me, over his tender smile and the way he so gracefully plays the guitar, as if he’s addressing each and every single note to me.

and i am deliberately and undoubtedly in love with him.

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