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wiirocku · a day ago
Tumblr media
Proverbs 15:4 (NIV) - The soothing tongue is a tree of life,    but a perverse tongue crushes the spirit.
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formulahannah · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“To Charles, you are the most talented driver I came across in 15 years of F1. Don't waste it. But be sure whatever you do to be happy and smile. Thanks for everything!"
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itsleighlove · 8 days ago
TW: Crushed, broken bones, left behind
"Is anyone down there?"
The villain's sidekick could hear Hero calling down. If they didn't make themself known, they knew they'd likely be left, but— oh— Villain was gonna be pissed.
"Anyone?" Hero's voice came again.
Sidekick drew in as deep a breath as they could. "H-help— 'm st-stuck." Sidekick winced, a feeling of panic starting to rise.
"Hang on! I'm coming down!"
Sidekick whimpered as their vision started to darken. "Please..."
"Sidekick?" Hero said, bewildered as they reached them. "What are you doing here? Villain left ages ago. You're stuck?"
Sidekick was trapped under a huge slab of rubble. "C-can’t breathe..." They pressed weakly against the stone with their free hand. Their other hand was trapped along with most of their body.
Hero gently stopped Sidekick from pushing on the slab. "Hey. Don’t do that. It's not stable. I just need to call a couple of the other heroes to help me move this off you."
"P-please don't... don't leave me here— 'm sc-scared..."
Hero knelt next to Sidekick. "You're gonna be fine. Just try and focus on breathing, okay?" Hero pressed a button on their costume. "This is Hero, requesting backup in the tunnels. I need at least two heroes with strength. Someone's trapped."
Sidekick allowed their eyes to drift closed.
"Hey. I need you to stay awake for me. Can you open your eyes?" Hero brushed their fingers gently through Sidekick’s hair. "Help is coming." Sidekick forced their eyes open again.
Two more sets of footsteps sounded. "We're here." Superhero said.
"Is that Sidekick?" Mentor asked.
"Let's get this slab off of them." Superhero stepped up to a side and Mentor mirrored them.
"I'll pull them out when you lift." Hero said their hands under Sidekick’s shoulders.
On the count of three, Superhero and Mentor lifted. Sidekick took in a sharp breath as they were pulled out. Superhero and Mentor put the slab back down.
Hero knelt next to Sidekick again as the other heroes left to alert the paramedics to come transport Sidekick out. "You okay? No— don't try to move. You need emergency medical attention."
"Don't worry about getting back to them in a hurry. Let them think you're dead for a bit, hmm? They left you. Let them feel bad about it. Besides, you're in no condition to move yourself anywhere— no, don't try and look. You need to be still. Superhero is sending a med team down here to move you safely."
Sidekick stopped trying to move. They had caught a glimpse of the damage before Hero stopped them. They felt sick. Sidekick could feel that the damage was bad, but looking somehow made it worse. Their costume was shredded and they were bleeding badly. Their limbs were at wrong angles— clearly broken.
"Are you having trouble breathing?" Hero asked, watching Sidekick’s chest rise and fall.
"Mhm..." Sidekick whimpered.
"Alright... are you feeling anything else wrong besides pain?"
"I feel s-sick..."
The med team arrived. Once they got Sidekick on a stretcher and an oxygen mask on them, Medic turned to Hero. "Where are we taking them? Hospital? With the civilians?"
"Take them to my base. I'll contact my med team and have them ready to meet you."
At this, Sidekick started to struggle weakly. They had been strapped down to keep their spine aligned. "N-no— no, I c-cant..."
"Hush." Medic said softly. "You're going to be fine. Hero won't hurt you. Go to sleep."
Sidekick hesitantly relaxed, giving in to the permission to sleep.
Whumptober #14
Under pressure
Crush injuries
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twss-twidgie · 24 days ago
i was in math and texting D (who was in chemistry) about both of our subjects and naturally im on the verge of a breakdown and his class sounds awful so i texted “this is an awkward question, but can i have a hug? i feel like you need one and i need one too.” he didn’t answer and when the bell rang i was with my friends standing in the commons of our school talking and he came up to us. after some brief talking, his friend called out to let him know they had to go. he turned around, didn’t say anything, and grabbed me in a HUGE 10 SECOND LONG HUG. I KNOW ITS NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL BUT HE HAD HIS CHIN ON MY HEAD AND MY HEAD WAS ON HIS CHEST AND HE USED SO MUCH FORCE IN THE HUG THAT I LITERALLY HAD TO STEP BACK AND BALANCE MYSELF. then i let go and we both stepped back and he gave me a smile and after he left he texted me “Yep.” and after i responded with “thanksss” he just wrote “🙃”
this guy makes me so happy i literally don’t know what to do with myself
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clintbartonswife · 22 days ago
Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader Summary: Peter tries his best, but sometimes there’s just no saving someone. @whumptober-archive​​ no.1: all trussed up and still nowhere to go. Notes: whumptober’s back babyyyyy. prompt: ‘you have to let go’. warnings: character death, injury, angst with no comfort masterlist
Tumblr media
The last thing you remembered was the building crumbling around you, desperately reaching for Peter before the world went black.
“y/n - y/n please -”
“Peter?” Your voice came out harsh and painful, eyes slowly blinking back to awareness.
“y/n thank god” he breathed, sounding strained, “I didn't know if you were gonna wake up.”
As your eyes focused to your surroundings, the thumping pain in your head became more apparent, the back of your neck sticky with drying blood. You squinted up at Peter, hardly being able to make out his silhouette in the dusty darkness. He looked hunched, standing over you like a shield.
Fear crept into your tone as you spoke again, “Peter?”
He tried to smile, though, like his voice, it appeared strained. “I’m okay, y/n. We’re - we’re gonna be okay.”
You attempted to sit up, groaning as the movement made your head throb harder. You could see now that Peter was holding up a large chunk of roof, the segment resting heavily on his hands and back.
“No, no, don't try and move” he said, “You got hit really bad - they say you shouldn't move too much after head trauma, right? I think that’s what they say anyway - I don’t - I really don’t know what to do -”
“You’re rambling” 
“Don’t be sorry.” You looked around for a break in the wreckage, spotting an opening right behind Peter, “I’ve found our way out, behind you there’s wiggle room. That’s where the light's coming from”
He grunted in acknowledgement, readjusting his grip as his legs began to wobble slightly, “Can you crawl out?”
You attempted to move again, swearing as you felt resistance as you moved your leg. Staring down at your feet, you saw that the whole left leg was submerged under the wreckage. You swore quietly under your breath, recalling all the medical knowledge you had accumulated during your time binge watching Chicago Med.
“What? What is it?”
“Pete, you’re gonna have to go through first”
“What? No! If I let go this’ll crush you.”
You released a shaky breath, looking up at him, “My leg’s stuck.”
“So unstick it!” He shouted, wincing as the weight of the roof weighed him down further.
“Even if I can, the leg’s numb. I cant feel below my hip on that side -”
“You could still -”
“And I’m not a doctor but I’ve seen enough shows to know that’s not good, compartment syndrome I’m pretty sure -”
“You’re going to be fine” Peter hissed, “You just need to try, goddamn it”
“You’re hurting yourself -”
“y/n just TRY”
You let out a controlled breath and attempted once more to move your leg. A sudden burning pain spread across your skin, causing you to cry out in pain.
Peter shuffled above you, obviously wanting to console you but unable to move.
“You need-” your sentence broke off as you struggled to draw a breath, “Peter you have to let go”
“I’ll kill you.”
“And if you stay, we’ll both die.”
“I can’t. I can’t leave you to die.”
You fought the oncoming tears, looking up at him with a pained smile, “Pete you gotta go.”
“y/n -”
“Even if I get my leg free, I wont be able to crawl out of that gap.”
“I’ll think of a way! Just - just give me time!”
As if answering him, another deep rumble from above warned of more falling chunks of roof. 
This time, your smile was sad, “There’s no time.”
“It’s ok, Pete. This isn’t your fault” You said, extending your arm to cup his cheek, the action leaving a smear of your blood across his face, “We had a good run.”
“No -”
“I need you to let go, okay? Just let go, launch yourself backwards and you’ll be out.”
He shook his head desperately, though his legs began to wobble with more urgency, “y/n, please. I love you”
“I love you too, webs.” You finally let your tears fall, hand dropping from his face and instead resting on his chest, “Give them hell for me.”
Before he could speak, you used all your leftover strength to push him backwards, his hands slipping from their place and letting the roof fall to the ground as he fell into the light of the outside.
@geeksareunique   @bangtan-serendipity   @scarletsoldierrr​   
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corpsemo · a month ago
Tumblr media
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crushedborderline · 10 days ago
“ I wish I was more like her. She’s easily amused, finds joy in everything and can always turn lemons into lemonade. I get irritated easily, find darkness in everything, and instead of making a sweet drink to share with others, I take a bite of the lemon along with a shot of tequila. ”
- Heba Klein, Crushed
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wiirocku · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
2 Corinthians 4:8-9 (NLT) - We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair.  We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed.
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sicksucculentz · 20 days ago
If im ever found dead I just want you to know I was stomped, pummeled, and crushed to death by HIM:
Tumblr media
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gravityfallsrockz · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Man I can't believe two terrible finales of once beloved shows aired on the exact same day
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whumpdaydreamerx · 6 months ago
When the superhero is battling a giant creature/monster and they get caught in their massive claws or hands.
The superhero is immortal, but when the monster squeezes, no one can deny that the assault is agony. The inability to move, hands pinned to their side. Their writhing is futile.
The echoing screams as their bones are being crushed under the stifling pressure. Eyes shut as their head falls back, unable to free themselves.
Bonus points if the superhero gets impaled by the monster's claws.
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grandparomeaskblog · 2 months ago
Made two drawings I'm pretty happy with so I'd thought I share them with you.
Featuring my OC's Lucinus and Cotta as they travelled through time after they died to meet Dropje's and Lao's OC's; Maaike and Moritz.
Tumblr media
Licinus has little trust in the woman with her unauthorised kitchen
Tumblr media
You should have been there, I suppose XD
Ink and watercolor on paper, A6
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danskjavlarna · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
From King Longbeard, Or Annals of the Golden Dreamland by Barrington MacGregor and illustrated by Charles Robinson, 1897.
This gallery is crushing.
Wondering about this post?  Wait for the dissertation (TBA). For now:  Weblog ◆ Books ◆ Videos ◆ Music ◆ Etsy
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i-love-you-all · 9 days ago
Whumptober Day 14: Under Pressure
Cypher’s the one trapped this time with nowhere to go...
~400 words, crushed, missing family, unconsciousness.
There was an immense weight on his chest.
If Cypher wasn’t literally crushed under the rubble of his broken home or scared of the lack of news from his family, he might’ve chuckled.
But it turns out that when Kingdome wants you gone… they really don’t hold back. He made a silent promise to himself, his wife, and his daughter that he wouldn’t leave that mega corporation alone – keep his family safe and take on safer jobs. Less pay was fine if they were together. So what tipped them off this time? A rival? An old grudge?
Not that it mattered when he rushed home, scared to see what they had done to his family, only to be greeted by no one. No one and the rumbling of a crumbling foundation.
When he came to again, he was staring at the ceiling, trapped – no, crushed – under a pile of old bricks and broken furniture. It hurt to breathe, and he had to contend with the idea that he was likely dead here if he couldn’t find the strength to escape. In theory, he should be able to wriggle out and continue to search for them, but as he tried to move his hands and feet to see if he still had feeling, there was a sharp pain from his chest and a new fact showed its face: he had either fractured or broken his ribs, and without help, he truly was trapped here, waiting for whoever laid the trap to finish him off.
He didn’t remember when he closed his eyes but when he woke up again, he was met with darkness. Enough time had passed for night to fall, and Cypher still wasn’t in a good position to escape. The pain was worse, a lot more present now that the adrenaline had faded. And yet, nothing overpowered the tightening of his chest as he tried to think of where his family could’ve been.
The whisper was barely louder than the wind, but Cypher heard it nonetheless. The voice was unfamiliar, but not hostile. It reminded him of warm summers overlooking the city on rooftops he wasn’t allowed to be on, staring at all the stars he would never reach.
“Not yet.”
It reminded him of the lights in her eyes that could never be replicated as he held her hands for the first time.
“Just a little longer.”
How much longer?
Even more now, he remembered the feeling of a small hand reaching out for his as he walked through the busy streets of Morocco, holding on for dear life lest she be swept away the people that were the city.
“H… How…”
Before he could even finish his sentence, he fell unconscious again.
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Hi! I hope you've been well! I saw your new prompt picture and was super excited by the possibilities! I was wondering if you'd do sledgehammer + Shae? (I love Him so much!!)
Frommmm this prompt game!
(I've missed you strawberry anon!)
CW: tiny whumpee, smashed with a hammer, broken bones, shock, passing out, could be slight gore depending how far your imagination takes it.
(also...this gives me ideas for Shae whump in situations where fairies are considered common pests <_<)
"Kill it, kill it!!"
"I'm trying!"
Shae didn't mean to end up on the humans' picnic table. A strong breeze blew him here, he landed in an empty flower pot, and now -
Now one of the two humans panics while the other grabs the nearest tool from beside the shed.
The sledgehammer swings down and shatters the pot. Pieces of ceramic spray across the table while Shae yelps in terror and tumbles out. He bumps his little head in the process and flops onto his back. The sky spins in spirals above him.
"Quick, before it gets away!"
It seems to happen in a slow motion blur. An arm raising. Tool in hand. Swinging down towards him. Shae wants to move but his limbs are heavy and his head still swims.
The impact, the crunch of bones, and Shae's scream all blend together and then fade out into blinding white noise. His mouth hangs open even after sound has stopped coming out. His eyes stare in shock at the darkening sky.
There's only so much his mind and body can take. His eyes flutter and he passes out before the pain truly sets in.
When the human lifts the hammer away in its place the fairy's small body seems to cave in where he was struck, the bones of his hips and pelvis and lower ribs absolutely shattered. The skin has already begun to darken with bruising and swelling. If he's breathing at all, it's unnoticeable.
"Did you get it?"
"Yeah," the other human replies, brushing Shae off the table and into some bushes. "I got it."
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