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The Immortal Hulk #11 - Al Ewing and Joe Bennett

And here’s the reason I slipped off trade-waiting to pick up this book in singles. Because that is the very best summation of Puck’s character I’ve read in ages. Not a self-pitying sadsack, not a joke, not comic relief, but a larger-than-life badass adventurer in an unlikely package. That’s the character who got hold of my imagination way back in the Byrne era of Alpha Flight, and this is the primary reason I’d want Ewing to helm any potential Alpha Flight reboot (even if he does seem to like Sasquatch).

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Immortal Hulk #11

I’m not usually one to get excited about a comic because of it’s cover, but this is a certified piece of art. Kudos to cover artist Alex Ross.

Besides the cover art, my favorite part of this issue was Puck.  Crusher Creel asks Puck who he is, his reply:

When I was eight, I hunted my first bear.  Big Grizzly.  That was 1922, in the Yukon, and he kept us through a cold winter.  In Spain, I fought bulls and Fascists–and I let the bulls live. in Nepal, I hunted the Tiger God and killed all fear in me.  I’ve fought Queens of Dreams and the world’s secret master.  I’ve fought demons in Hell and stolen their thrones–and those thrones haven’t bound me.  And it all comes back to one thing.  I was eight, full of bear meat and adventure–and I made a vow.  I vowed I would live and interesting life.  I think I’ve done okay so far, eh?”

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