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me and who 🔭
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꜂ ⸼ 🍠̸ ִ ۫  ּ  txt ֶָ when they have a crush on you 𝅖 수 ←
PAIRING: txt × gn!reader
WARNING + MENTIONS : idk not proof read ig ? I did it in a rush tbh
Tumblr media
• the bestfriend trope
• Very very confident and flirts w you
• Tho when it comes to Crushing on you he is the one blushing 😋
• BIG BIG BIG FLIRT & a tease too but he knows yours boundary.
• would spend hours talking to you if it's over text or call
• enjoys spending time w you
• specially if it's private ( No not sexual calm down)
• so in love w you
• star gazes w u
• you two sing songs together
Tumblr media
• he malfunctions when your near him
• it took him months to just accept he has trh biggest fattest crush on you
• litreally simp
• even in 6ft radius he blushes
• but if you go near him he is a whole red tomato
• Talks about you w his friends 24/7 and thinks about you constantly
• helping you around and Giving you a drive or walk to the home is his way of showing his liking towards you
• checks up on you
• sends good morning text sometimes because he knows it's annoying if he sends one regularly cus he has uncle's who send him Facebook goodmorning memes everyday
• bonded more over you two's love of anime
• u would sometimes drop over or have sleepovers at his house
• heart eyes for u
Tumblr media
• so needy for your affection
• and your aware of it
• litreally attached to you
• looking confident outside his heart inside is bursting and he is having a internal freakout
• like Jun he likes teasing you
• he also gives you smsm affection and give u compliments as much as he receives
• he would stare at you lovingly for hours or well as long as you weren't looking at him
• sometimes he would be late to turn his head otherwise around and you would catch him staring at you
• litreally has heart eyes for you like soobin
Tumblr media
•he tried to convince himself hego no crush and boom he realises he does
• he's like trying to pretend he doesn't have a crush
• tsundere
• 24/7 denies when he is asked if he has a crush on u
• but is busted on his lies real quick
• takes him some weeks to accept he got a crush on u
• just like soob he does small things to show his liking for u
• always helps you whenever he can
Tumblr media
Huening kai
• Stop he is Beomgyu and soobin combined except he doesn't really tease as much
• but the urge to tease sometimes does come out
• god he was so shy and pretty when he first realised he got a crush on u
• Always trying to make you happy
• same humor
• "you look pretty the most when you smile"
• "but it's not like you don't look pretty always"
• pretty clingy
• gives you back hugs
• maybe he is teeny tiny dow-
• fuck it he is down down bad for you but not as much as soobin tho :]
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The Sugar Plum Fairy your solo recital.
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im curious about what made you you. im curious about your taste in music. im curious about the way your mind thinks. im curious about how your body likes to be touched. im curious about your late night thoughts and how they make you feel. im curious about every single thing about you.
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i’ve seen many sunsets but his smile is better than every single one of them <3
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Honey, I just wanna run my fingers through your hair and watch you blush.
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💘 One Piece men and how they would realize they have a big fat crush on you (PART 2)
(part 1)
Tumblr media
ok so big news, this man is a simp and gets heart eyes instantly
but love, oh true love! there's calmness in it.
being the hyper lady lover 3000 that he is, he would be washed away by a wave of peace whenever he is around you
no sweaty hands, no nosebleed, no heart attack. just the lingering feeling of something that is bigger than life
he'd bring you breakfast in bed and would just know that he wants do to this for the rest of his life
your sleepy voice, the cup of tea he prepared for you just as you like it in your tender hands, allowing him to see you this vulnerable...
cupid definitely shot an arrow straight through his heart, another one to be sure and a third one to seal the deal
the following days he'd be busy figuring out your ring size (because why wait when he just knows that you are the one?)
Sabo and you would write letters back and forth whenever one of you was on a mission (which was quite often), telling each other about your daily life and feelings
better believe that this man would have risen to become a famous poet if the revolutionary army hadn't needed him first
he would always get really excited to hear back from you, seeing your handwritting, the letter you folded so carefully, and just the tiny bit of your perfume as he opened it when he was alone
lately he would catch himself struggling with how to end the letter. xoxo? (hugs and kisses, huh.) best? (too formal!) your friend? (just a friend...) with love? (LOVE?)
he would ruffle his golden hair in the shimmering candle light, followed by a quiet "oh"
he's still a feral child at heart, so you better be prepared to receive that "will you be my girlfriend? [ ] yes [ ] yes in cursive" letter very soon
another feral child in a grown man's body
it sure does take some time to win his heart over, but the second he lets you in, be sure that there is no way out
Kid would probably mistake being in love with being hungry first, also a stomach bug maybe
counseling with Killer in an emergency meeting what this strange tingling feeling was whenever you entered the room (Killer would probably be like "bro")
would possibly stomp out of the room with a red head when you ask him about his day and if you should let him run a bath as he seems a bit exhausted
also would come back, yell a soft "yes please" in your direction and stomp off again
imagine him blurting out a confession while you're carefully washing his massive back
which would result in a wrestling battle between you two to stop him from drowing himself immediately because of embarrassment
oh Rayleigh. at his age, this man has loved and he has lost.
but that feeling in his stomach, when you're around him? could it be? he hasn't felt like this in ages.
at first he would try to brush it off. wasn't he too old to feel like a teenager all over again?
yet there would be no denying that his heart would jump the second he sees you walking towards him, waving and smiling
when you leap yourself into his arms he has to fight the sudden urge to kiss you so bad (and this man is no shy kisser, be assured)
Rayleigh would carefully test out the waters how you felt about the age difference between you two (hasn't he seen the "I <3 DILFS" sticker on your notebook) and if your feelings were mutual or just student-mentor-like
the dark king would be quick to make you his queen, he waited so long for you to step into his life
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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I’m so lucky to have you in my life
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hey i miss you a lot tonight
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
x / x / x 😂 x / x / x 😂 x / x / x
Chaotic cursed violence stimboard
requested by anonymous
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wlwdaydreamms · 7 months ago
you're constantly on my mind and often i wonder if we ever think of each other at the same time.
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i never want to forget what it feels like to be loved by you
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💓 One Piece men and how the would realize they have a big fat crush on you (PART 6)
[part 1 w/ Law, Zoro, Shanks & Smoker] [part 2 w/ Sanji, Sabo, Kid & Rayleigh] [part 3 w/ Ace, Izou, Marco & Thatch] [part 4 w/ King, Yamato, Denjiro & Who’s Who] [part 5 w/ Roger, Luffy, Rosinante & Killer]
a/n: this is without doubt my favorite fluff hc series to write ahh. also a wild mix of characters this time. was i looking for an excuse to write Kaido fluff and needed three more characters? yeah I GUESS. sorry Usopp for putting you next to all those huge scary men ily i swear
Tumblr media
you must have the softest soul if someone like Usopp crushes on you
he is drawn to you like the tide to the moon, radiating around you on tiptoes
watching you throughout the day, when you were both working in silence on your projects together, he couldn't help but acknowledge how his heart skipped a beat
he would definitely pick you flowers or braid you a bracelet, something that says "i've been thinking about you" without making it too obvious because he is shy after all
i can see him talking to Nami or Sanji about his crush first, seeking their advice on how to act or if they could tickle out some information out of you if it is mutual (of course it is...)
Usopp isn't the bravest but he sure would grab all his courage to write you a heartfelt letter where he confessed, leaving it under your pillow where you would read it late at night in the dim candlelight, your heart dancing just like the flickering orange lights on the wall
this man loves two things in this world: power and... you obviously
though he probably is still a bit in denial about that. because love? ain't nobody got time for that
he was busy man doing his silly little crimes, but still... he would make time for you
he would catch himself daydreaming about you, thinking about what your kisses would taste like, about you straddling him, how his name would sound coming out of your mouth between two moans...
sounds a lot like having a crush to me huh
Crocodile doesn't play and would command you to his office the next day, waiting for you leaning against his desk with his arms crossed in front of his chest
"am i in trouble?" "depends... do you want to be?"
you do. trouble never tasted sweeter...
babe are you made out of sugar? because this man wants to devour you whole
to his own surprise though
Katakuri is known for being calm in every situation... except when you were around
then his heart would do loopings in his chest, his head feeling all dizzy from this unknown feelings that crawled upon him
not even his merienda was fun anymore because all he could think about was you whenever he laid down and closed his eyes; and he couldn't help but wonder if you tasted just as sweet as all those doughnuts...
he would try and keep his calm facade when you asked him for help with some cake frosting, a lame excuse to make him bend down to you
his kenbunshoku haki would fail him because he certainly didn't see you kissing him on his cheek coming, blushing under your touch and hiding his face deeper in his scarf... but with a big, big smile underneath
was he drunk or was he in love?
no matter how hard he tried, no amount of sake could wash away the mental picture of your face whenever he closed his eyes
he was used that people bowed to him, yet you were able to hold his piercing gaze with your head held high from the other end of the room, your eyes a mix between curiosity and hunger
you caught his attention with that, he couldn't deny that
after another drunk banquet he would often forget most of the night, but he could never forget the way your hand brushed his, how your slender fingers braided his long hair, how you called him "baby girl" without blinking (and how he kinda liked it)
he knew it was a serious crush when he sobered up first before asking you if you would like to keep him company in his private chambers, maybe longer than just a night
of course you did <3
Tumblr media
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I will never finish falling in love with you
- my heart
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Friend Zoned Magazine # 5
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Do you dream about me too?
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take good care of yourself when i’m gone, will you?
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