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#crying won tonight lads
merriell · 4 days ago
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Every time you look at me, I’m seventeen again.
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imagintheworldaway · 7 months ago
Anonymous asked: Hello! Can you do a Harryxfem! Reader where people see how Harry looks at the reader (calorie challenge- rematch (time stamp 27:17)) and the reader is so oblivious to Harry’s feeling for her because he broke up with his long-term ex last fall and she doesn’t want to read deep into it and just keeps telling people that they’re just friends even though everyone can see past the bull crap and keeps shipping them because they’re very similar and meant to be and after months of Harry pinning after her he tries to move on and go on dates (which fails but she doesn’t know that it’s not working out for him ) so she starts seeing someone and magically somehow end up together and become the “it” couple because of how blunt and honest they are. Sorry that was long! Hope you can write it thanks!
A/N Good gosh this is a long one. I hope you enjoy! Requests are open 
Sitting on the sofa next to Cal, snuggled in a mountain of blankets in Harrys apartment whilst the boys filmed a video was always fun. They were filming the 100,000 calorie challenge and it was JJ, Vik , Cal and Harrys turn to be eating the calories. We were sat watching JJ as he revealed he had absolutely failed the challenge to everyones surprise. The boys all started to complain as I giggled at the failure which was JJ right now. I felt a slight nudge on my side and Cal not so discreetly nodding towards Harry, I looked over at him and smiled but he averted his gaze from me and buried his head into the massive bear still complaining at JJ as it was revealed he had messed up the challenge even more by starting before the official time. 
After JJ’s little mess up they decided to make the fried mars bars, and I feel as though even saying it is cause for disaster. The boys were all crowded around the counter, just making a mess really, not much surprise there. I was happy in my own little world scrolling through instagram with the boys chatter in the background when I started to smell something burning and a mass amount of smoke from the boys. “Oh my god you idiots” I said matter of factly before grabbing the pan and holding it out the window, not wanting the apartment to stink of burnt mars bars as the guys tried to switch off the fire alarm. 
Once everything had calmed down I started to clean up as the boys ate the left over chocolates. “ you don’t have to clean up Y/N” Harry said to me as he bought over a plate to the sink. “Its ok I don’t mind, something to do at least” I smiled up at him. “You sure? I feel bad” he said scratching his shoulder and giving me an awkward smile. “I’m sure, go enjoy your food” I giggled pushing the boy away from me slightly. I finished up the washing as the boys chatted over their takeaways trying to figure out how many calories they were up to. I popped the remaining dishes in the dish washer and popped it on for the boys. 
Once they had finished Cal and I bid the boys goodbye and hoped in an Uber, we lived in the same apartment complex so it made sense that we shared rides just about everywhere. “Soooo” cal started tapping his his legs to the beat of the song that the Uber driver had popped on for us. i gave him a questioning glance as I sent my text to Harry, informing him I had popped the dish washer on and for him not to forget about it. “When are you two finally going to get together” Cal said peering over my shoulder and trying to take a peek at my texts with Harry. I just scoffed switching off my phone and turning my head to look at Cal. “Look he got out of a long term relationship not even six months ago, he just needs a friend right now, and that’s all I am, a friend, plus even if he hadn’t just gotten out of a relationship, well I don’t think he’d be interested in me anyway, like I said I’m just a friend” I shrugged to Cal giving him a half smile trying to cover the sadness which was evident on my face. “I don’t know Y/N if you ask me, or well any of the lads he looks at you like your a gift here gracing us all with your presence. like your some type of angel, he likes you, he really does, he’s just scared to ruin what you have” Cal stated as we hoped out the uber and made our ways into the lift. “Well I don’t want to sound rude, but I didn’t ask Cal, I don’t need my hopes being brought up just for it all to be speculation.” I stated matter of factly. “This is me, I’ll see you later yh?” I questioned Cal who just pursed his lips and nodded to me giving a small see ya. 
I really wasn’t trying to be rude but I had had my heartbroken so many times, and I don’t want to start getting my hopes up about Harry if it is just all speculation and some sort of narrative the lads were making up for themselves. I slumped down on my bed and posted a selfie on instagram asking people what they want to know about me. I wasn’t a huge YouTuber but I did have a large instagram following meaning the questions flooded in within an instant. There was the usual that I answered such as my favourite colour, what am I having for dinner, best place I had ever visited and so on. After a few more generic questions someone asked what my favourite picture was. I scrolled through my camera roll and found one of Harry and I at winter wonderland. we were both wearing Santa hats and he was giving me a piggy bag as I held onto a large teddy he had won me moments before. I captioned it ‘Christmas with my Bestfriend, look at how goofy he looks @wroetoshaw’ I giggled as I posted the pic remembering that day. it was a rare day off for the both of us and with Harrys break up still fresh I decided we should go to Winter Wonderland and just have fun. Which we did, it was one of my most treasured memories with him. He had taken his breakup so hard that I felt it was important that he had a friend around who could take the crying and emotions, someone to just cuddle with and forget about the world. And over the past few months I realised that my feelings for Harry had grown, but he was still hurting and there was no way that I was being any boys re-bound. 
I must have fallen asleep because I woke up to blaring light through the blinds of my lounge. I groaned to myself before getting up and trudging to my bedroom to sort myself out. i looked at my phone and I had a few texts from Harry. I smiled as I read them. 
‘Thank you! Almost forgot, you are honestly the best Xx’
‘You alive???? Xx’
‘Good night Xx’
‘Like the insta pic’
I furrowed my eyebrows at the last text. It was sent only minutes after the goodnight text and it didn’t have any of the kisses we usually put on the end of our texts to each other. I also hadn’t got a good morning text from Harry, that was particularly strange because I have always gotten a Good morning and Good night text from him for the past few months with out fail. I just shrugged it off before replying, 
‘Haha no problem! I fell asleep as soon as I got home I’m sorry :( wanna meet up later? Xx’
I smiled at my reply before going to my bedroom and changing to look more presentable. I checked my phone and it was almost lunch meaning Cal was coming over to film a video with me. just as I re adjusted my hair for the a millionth time I heard a knock on the door signalling that cal was here. “Hello stranger” I smiled letting him into my apartment with the array of crisps and snacks he had in his arms. We were filming a British corner shop mukbang whilst answering twitter questions. As Cal settled himself in my studio I helped by opening the array of snacks and cans of drink that he had bought for us. “Hey really weird question but have you heard from Harry today?” I questioned trying not to sound so desperate as to the whereabouts of the boy. “Uh yh messaging me all morning, think he’s got something on tonight. He not told you?” Cal looked up from the array of junk raising his eyebrows at me as I just shook my head in disbelief that he was ignoring me. As we settled in our seats and I turned the camera on I sent Harry a quick text. 
‘Hey have I done something wrong?? :( Xx’ 
The video was going amazing. Cal and I just naturally bounced off of each other and the questions the fans were giving us were quite juicy. “Alright, alright, I’ve got one. Y/N has Harry asked you out yet or is he still being a melt? From @CalFreezy” I giggled at the question and raised my eyebrows at Cal. “These are meant to be from Fans” I retorted to Cal telling him off a little. “Yh Freezy is your biggest fan he’s always nattering on about you and talking about you moving in with them when Harry gets the guts” Cal defended himself causing me to burst out laughing. “Well we all know Harry and I are friends, I love him very much but that’s as deep as it goes” I replied to Cals previous question from Freezy, slight sadness barely evident in my voice. “Is that the only thing that goes deep” Cal stated before bursting out laughing at himself and falling back in his chair ultimately falling off of it causing me to laugh. “Well that’s it for today guys thank you for watching and thanks to this idiot for joining me” I smiled at the camera before shutting it off and helping Cal from the floor. 
“You really need to stop that you know? You can’t force anything to happen” I said matter of factly towards cal as he nibbled on some Pringles. “You see Y/N I’m actually Cal from the future and I’m just stating facts” he gave me a cheesy grin as I tutted at him and rolled my eyes. I was taken out of my trance by a text from my phone. “Alright ditch me for lover boy” Cal called after me. I opened my phone to see it was from Harry but it wasn’t what I was expecting. 
‘Hey Y/N, we shouldn’t hang out anymore it makes Belle uncomfortable.’ 
“Cal what the fuck is this” I shouted to my friend. I heard the thudding of his feet and turned around to show him the message I had just received. He furrowed his eyebrows. “Belle Belle Belle Oh Belle, her really?” Cal scrunched his nose up at me. “Ummm elaborate, who’s Belle?” I pressed for him to release more info to me. “Oh Harry went on a date with her like three weeks ago, looks like it worked out, well for them I guess” Cal shrugged piecing the different parts of the puzzle together for me. “Oh, wow, so he is just gonna drop me like that, like I’m, I’m nothing, like i wasn’t the one there for him when he was mourning over his last breakup. Well that’s a kick in the teeth” I said starting to sniffle, tears threatening to break their way out of my eyes and my mood instantly dropping to nothing. “Hey no don’t cry” Cal said engulfing me in a hug, which I gladly melted into. “If he couldn’t see what he had with you then that boy is more blind than we all thought.” Cal reassured me rubbing my back. “Plus your make up looks too nice to cry it off” Cal said catching a stray tear from my face and making me giggle a little. “Oh Cal why can’t we fall in love?” I questioned sniffing and straightening out my clothes. “Because that would be like fucking my sister and that’s weird” Cal stated making me giggle. 
I don’t think anyone could quite get their heads wrapped around the fact that Harry was with someone new, especially because that someone was not me. For the next month I got fans tweeting me asking if Harry and I had broken up or if he had gone crazy. I also got sorry looks from my friends. Always being placed in the furthest seat away from Harry, always given excuses as to why I couldn’t come to shoots. It sucked majorly. And the worst part about all of this is everyone felt like they had to tread on eggshells around me, as if I wasn’t a fully grown woman who could handle these situations. 
I knocked on Simons apartment door before he opened it replying to someone about something. “Oh Y/N you alright” he said quickly closing the door a little. “Yh Talia said I could pop round and grab my camera that she borrowed.” I said smiling at the lanky man. “Oh yh well um come in, just be careful yh” Simon nodded at me. I furrowed my eyebrows and just nodded at his comment following him through to the living room. And as soon as I saw the tall figure sat next to Harry with an unimpressed look on her face I realised why Simon gave me such a warning. “Heyyyy Y/N Is here” Ethan called standing up giving me a hug making me giggle a little. “Yh Talia knicked my camera again” I stated smiling at the girl who blushed a little realising she still hadn’t returned my device. “Oh so that’s Y/N” a snotty voice said causing everyone to quiet down and all eyes turning in her direction. “Yup, the one and only” I smiled back at her trying to be as nice as possible. “Belle right? Nice to meet you” I smiled back at her trying to make conversation in the silent room. I rocked back and forth on my heels for a while, Belle gave me a good look up and down, narrowing her eyes and pursing her lips as if wanting to comment something. Before she could I saw Harry whisper something to her and she scoffed. “If I have an opinion I’m going to say it. And I have many about her” Belle said loud enough for everyone to hear whilst pointing at me. “Here I found it” Talia smiled at me handing me my camera before noticing the mood of the room. 
“Ok well, I will be off then, lovely to see you all and to meet you Belle” I stated the last part through gritted teeth before spinning around and making my way to the door. “Even worse from the back” I heard Belle try and whisper to I presume Harry. I stopped in my tracks and raised my eyebrows. The audacity of this girl, how dare she disrespect me in front of all my friends. I turned around to meet her eyes with a sickeningly sweet smile on my face. Before I could say anything though Talia butted in. “You know what, you do not talk to my friend like that, I have barely known you a month and I am so sick of you already, please leave before I do or say something I regret” she smiled at Belle joining me by my side and linking arms with me. Belle just looked around at everyone, with everyone just averting their gaze and waiting for something big to happen. All she did was huff, grabbing Harrys hand and storming out of the apartment with him. 
“Jesus Y/N what did you do to make him choose her, she’s like an angry controlling goblin” Ethan huffed as soon as we all heard the door close. “Hey, I got cut off a long time ago, ask him not me” I giggled before thanking Talia and leaving the apartment to go home. 
I was lounging around my apartment, Ethans words spiralling around my head. I decided tonight was for me. I popped on my favourite movie and rummaged through my freezer finding some ben and Jerrys and starting to scoff down the tub. This sofa must be super man or something because I had soon fallen asleep, I was only awoken by loud continuous knocking at my door. I regained my focus and gaged my surrounding before wrapping a blanket around myself and making my way to the door. As soon as I opened it I was pulled into a bone crushing hug. “I’m so fucking sorry, its you its always been you, I don’t know what I was thinking, I just needed someone to fill the void and she was ok for a week but I need you. You are all I need, all I want, please forgive me I love you” as much as I just wanted to melt into his arms I pulled my self back so that we were an arm lengths apart. “You best come in” I sighed. I finished the teas and made my way over to Harry, passing him his favourite mug of mine. I crossed my legs as we sat at opposite ends of the sofa in silence. 
“What about Belle?” I broke the silence, harry whipped his head up to look at me. “Look I’m so sorry she was a mistake and I should never have even given her shot. She’s so nasty and I could never forgive myself. This past month without you has felt like my heart was ripped in two. I’ve been so miserable and then when I saw you today I felt like I had been given a new chance at life. I get it if you hate me but I need you so bad and I cant live without you.” Harry opened his heart to me for the second time that evening. “You’re such a dummy Harry” I said with a sigh placing my mug on the coffee table. Harry looked at me as if he was broken by the words I just said. I just shook my head at him before leaning over and planting a soft kiss on his lips. The moment seemed to last forever. It was like in the movies when time slowed down and fireworks erupted around the couple who after all their trials and tribulations finally found each other. “I can’t help but love you Harry” I whispered only inches from his face as I pulled back for air, a sly grin on my face. Harrys arms snaked around my wait brining me into him for another soft kiss. i leant my head on his chest listening to his heart, thumping like it was going to break out and slap me in the face. “So what now” harry mumbled into my hair. I leant up so my eyes met his. “Well you will ask me on a date to a nice restaurant where we end up getting a little too drunk. Then we walk along the Thames, watching people walk by when at the perfect moment when the city goes silent you ask me to be your girlfriend and then we come back here and spend the night together. But with a little more physical activity than were used to” I grinned at him causing him to chuckle. “So you forgive me?” He said looking at me with pleading eyes. “God yes I forgive you, I could never be mad at you” I smiled at him. How could I? I did truly love him and it was as simple as that. 
After a few months, and the date Harry had promised, we told our friends and announced to our followers that we had finally decided to get together. apparently it was quite obvious as the boys had started taking bets as to when we would tell them about our new relationship. The fans seemed to love it as well, always receiving amazing and supportive comments on all of our posts and videos that we did together. Although we were young I think people saw how care free and happy we made each other. Most importantly how much we loved each other.
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gryffinslut · 5 months ago
Drinking games- Sirius Black x Reader
Tumblr media
Song: Drinking games- Silver Sphere
warnings: underage drinking, angst, heartbreak, my writing, swearing, like one slut shaming word, vomit,mention of food, wee bit of smutty actions.
At the party tonight
You said you couldn't leave my sight
'Cause you don't seem to like
The way the boys say I have pretty eyes
Isn't that right?
So we go for a ride
You'll cry, say that I make it alright
Gryffindor won the match against Slytherin and you already knew there would be a huge party in the common room to celebrate. You and your friends were really looking forward to it as Gryffindor throws some of the best parties at Hogwarts. The one and only Sirius Black had invited you as his date. He was one of your closest friends but you always had a crush on him. But you guys were only going as friends.
He came to you about things that he wouldn’t even go to James and Remus about because he always thought they would make fun of him for it. He swears up and down that he doesn’t like you more then a friend but you always think differently. Why else would he go to you for everything? Not to mention you were his first kiss.
Despite him saying he didn’t like you more than a friend, he always got pissed when people would flirt with you. Anytime at a party he would keep an eye on you to make sure no guy flirted with you and when someone did, he would tell them off. That’s what made people believe that you guys were dating.
Before the party, he asked you if you guys could talk about something. He expressed to you that he got an owl from his mother saying really awful things to him like how she wished he was never born and shit like that. It broke your heart once Sirius started crying.
“ I can’t take it anymore,” He cried.
“Sirius stop. You know damn well you’re a much better person than her. She says that because she’s so stuck in her old ways. Who the hell is she? Nobody,” you said and went to hug him.
He melted into your hug. This is why he came to you about things like this. You always knew what to say at times like this.
“Everything will be okay bubs, I promise,” you whisper.
“Your hugs are the best, Y/n,” he giggled.
You dance with our friends
Shining, shining
Laughing with them like you
Weren't just crying to me
But you know what I see
When you're looking at me
I am reminded that we'll never be
As you were getting ready for the party, you had a lot of thoughts going through your head. Why did Sirius say he didn’t like you, but he was so protective over you? Why does he flirt with you if he doesn’t like you that way? Why did he come to you for everything? Why are you wasting your time chasing after him?
“Hey Y/n! You excited for the party tonight?” Marlene asked.
“Yes! You need to help me pick out an outfit,” you replied.
“How about a red dress?”
“I knew you were going to say that,” you smiled.
“Yeah so we can be matching!” Marlene exclaimed and you raised your eyebrow.
“Ugh and so you can try and impress Sirius,” she added.
Marlene and a few other people knew about your crush and they always thought you guys should get together. Sirius had his suspicions about it but never said anything.
Once the party had started, Sirius’ attitude changed, especially when he got some liquor in his system. He was laughing and dancing and acting completely different opposed to how he was acting 10 minutes ago. He was dancing with some random girl that you never even exchanged more than a hello to. It kind of pissed you off because Sirius always did this.
He would always act like a different person once he started drinking. He’s a player and you know that you’re wasting your time trying to be more than friends but it’s just difficult to just walk away from him.
Next thing you know, Sirius and that girl were snogging. The most you’ve seen him do is just flirt with them or touch them while he’s dancing. You turn your attention towards Lily, James, Remus and Marlene. Aka the only people who know how you truly feel about Sirius and they look at you with worried expressions.
“Y/n i’m really sorry about him. You know how he is when he drinks. He just flirts with any cute girl,” Marlene says.
“No don’t worry about me. Don’t let me ruin your night,” you reply. “Let’s do shots,” James suggests. “Yes please,” I exclaimed.
Everyone has had about 5 or 6 shots but you’ve had about 12 or 13. You were pissed by that point and you felt so bitter towards Sirius and you wanted to make him jealous. “Remmy come dance with me!” You shouted over the loud music and grabbed his hand with a bottle of Vodka in your hand. “Y/n you need to slow down,” Remus said.
“Nah i’m fine,” you lied. You started to grind against him and you felt his cock growing hard in his pants. You took a long swing of the bottle and went to kiss him. You knew Sirius was watching the whole time and that’s exactly what you wanted. Suddenly you felt a hand grab your wrist and being dragged towards the boy’s dorm.
I wanna know if you're not okay
But I get too attached to the things you say
You don't care if I get home safe
'Cause I'm just another player in your drinking game
I wanna know if you're not okay
But I get too attached to the things you say
You don't care if I get home safe
'Cause I'm just another player in your drinking game
Sirius was dragging you to the boy’s dorm by the arm. As you’re walking, you’re yelling at him to let you go but he doesn’t listen. He opens the door to his dorm and sits you on his bed.
“Sirius what the fuck are you doing?” you yell.
“What was that little stunt you were trying to pull with Remus, huh? Are you trying to get a rise out of me because I was snogging with that girl?” he snaps.
“I wasn’t trying to get a rise out of you. I was just having fun! And why can’t I dance with Remus but you can put your lips on any slag you want to? you sound like a hypocrite!” you yell.
“It’s different for me! I know what i’m doing, you don’t!” he spits back.
“I’m leaving. I’m going back to the party.”
“No you’re not”
“Yes I am. But before i leave, have you got anything else to say to make yourself like sound like the most daft bloke on the planet?” you questioned, clenching your fists. He stood in silence and glared at you.
You exit his dorm and go back to the party. Once you got back to common room, you go to where the fire whiskey is and down the rest of the bottle. You felt yourself getting dizzy and soon your vision goes black.
Why do I chase you like
The distant rush of a first line?
Why do I waste so much time
When I know you'll never be mine?
You woke up to the sun shining right in your eyes. Your eyes scan across the room and you see that Lily and Marlene are already awake. Suddenly, your head starts pounding and you get a bad feeling in your stomach. You get up and run straight to the bathroom and throw up all of the food and dark colored drinks you had the night before.
“Fuck,” you whispered to yourself.
You make your way back to your dorm and plop down on your bed.”Damn it why did you guys let me drink so much last night?” you groaned. “There was no stopping you honey, by your 15th shot, you passed out,” Lily says. “I think you were drinking your anger away,” Marlene adds and you groan again.
“Who brought me back up here?” you questioned. “Remus helped us carry you back up here,” Marlene replied. “ A real lad he is,” she added. “Oh my god Remus,” you groaned. You remembered what you did to him last night and he still helped you to your dorm. The embarrassment is haunting you now. “You should have seen his face, Y/n,” Marlene laughed.
You blushed. “Did Sirius ask about me?” you questioned. “I’m sorry love but he didn’t,” Lily replied. Your heart shattered. Even though you guys got into a fight, you thought the least he could do was check on you or ask one of them if you were okay. You didn’t know if you should feel pissed or sad.
Treat her right
Lying, lying
Like you weren't with me last night
Crying, throwing a fit
But you know what? That's it
I am better than this
And you say once we're sober we should just forget
You guys made your way to the great hall for breakfast and Lily and Marlene filling you in about what you didn’t remember about last night. You make your way to the table and sat next to Remus and avoiding eye contact with Sirius who was sitting next to the girl he was kissing last night.
“Remus, i’m really sorry about last night. I was really drunk and I didn’t know what I was doing,” you said.“I told you that last night but you didn’t listen to me,” Sirius chimes in. “Sorry I don’t recall your name being Remus,” you snapped. “Don’t worry about it love,” Remus replies.
As breakfast continues, all Sirius does is flirt with the girl and talks about how “good” his life is. You all know how much of a lie that is. His life is far from good. His family treats him terribly just because of the different views he has. It was all just an act. He’s such a liar. A liar and a player. But you still loved him.
Tomorrow when I wake up I know what you'll say
Say that you care but that it was a mistake
And I'll be so upset for the rest of my day
'Til you call me cutie and ask if we're drinking
'Til you call me cutie and ask if we're drinking
'Til you call me cutie and ask if we're drinking
The next party Gryffindor was throwing was tonight and you were debating if you wanted to go. Sirius and that girl were not together anymore and deep down you were thrilled.
As you and your friends got to the common room, Sirius looks at you with a sorrowful look. You decided that it was time to stop ignoring him and talk. “Siri, can I talk to you for a minute?” you ask. He nods and you guys walk into the hallway.
“I’m sorry for freaking out on you like that,” he says. “You were right about me. I’m a daft bloke and you have every reason to be pissed at me still and if you don’t want to be friends anymore I understand.”
“I’m sorry too. I should have never called you that. Or said anything about the girl you kissed. It wasn’t my place to tell you what-,” you were cut off by Sirius grabbing you by the waist and kissing you. You were shocked at first but kissed back. You both pulled back and you were a blushing mess. “It took you long enough to come around,” you giggled.
“So, are we drinking tonight, cutie?”
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bluejohsai · 8 months ago
whiskers — kuroo tetsurou (au).
it’s been a while and i managed to push through with posting a short scenario for this blog. i know i haven’t been active in this blog at all and it will stay that way if there are no requests flying here. i am currently accepting requests for haikyuu and attack on titan (bc i indulged in it for quite a while now). with that aside, happy reading !!
summary : kuroo finds himself in a strange predicament and inevitably bumps into his crush. inspired by ‘a whisker away’.
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsurou had enough of his life.
Everything was just in shambles the moment his mother screamed at his father, demanding a divorce. And with divorce comes the argument of which parent will take the responsibility of caring for the child. In the end, Kuroo's mother won, making him pack his bags and leave his father behind to live in his mother's house in Tokyo, along with the man that his mother chose to remarry. Living under his mother's care was perfectly fine; she wasn't in the house often because of her work and his mother's new husband tends to be fussing over him any chance he gets, but Kuroo chose to brush all of them with a practiced smile.
In the summer of Kuroo's second year in high school, the dark-haired boy received a message from his father. He was lounging in his makeshift study area in the bottom part of his bunk bed, reading a book that Kenma really enjoyed (it was filled with games though, probably the reason why the first-year liked it so much), when his phone vibrated on top of the coffee table he pushed at the front of his study area. Not having any enthusiasm at the prospect of talking to people, Kuroo sluggishly sat up and opened his phone, displaying his lock screen of the sky and the message from his father. With bored eyes from behind his long fringe, Kuroo tried reading the message without any attachment since it was only once upon a time that he was close with his father.
Hey, Tetsurou, I'm here right now in Tokyo. The summer festival is still ongoing so why don't we attend the highlights, I have something to talk to you about.
Narrowing his eyes at the glare of his gadget, Kuroo stared pensively at the screen of his phone. Festivals meant reliving those joyous moments he had with his father when he was young; catching goldfishes, buying masks and scaring his mother with the designs of their face accessories, and watching the highlights of the festival, which is the fireworks display. It also meant reliving that time when his father left him intentionally during a crowded summer festival. That event in his life spurred the divorce because as his mother told him, his father is one deadbeat and selfish kind of man. But his father wasn't like that. Kuroo remembered pleading to his mother to forgive the older man but it was all in vain. She still screamed in their dining room to nullify their marriage.
That was it. No residue of the playful nature he always had with his father, as it should be all those years.
Having a few minutes of silence and staring at the bottom of his bunk bed, Kuroo took a deep breath as he ran his fingers through his hair, messing it up even more. Slowly sitting up, the dark-haired boy crawled out of his cozy hideout and stretched his limbs, because lying down and rolling on the carpeted floor definitely made him stiff. Walking towards his closet while taking off his shirt, Kuroo reached out for the red sleeveless hoodie hanging from behind his volleyball club tracksuit, quickly fitting it on him and choosing to leave his basketball shorts on. With his phone and wallet in hand, the tall lad walked down the stairs and opened the door to the living room and dining area.
Peeking his head inside a small crack of the door, Kuroo lazily scanned the area. "Ah, Hikaru-san," he called out, catching the attention of a tall man with soft brown hair and glasses from behind the counter of their kitchen. He was apparently preparing for dinner, which looked like fried chicken. "I'm going out for a bit. Tell Mom that I could be going home late tonight."
The man named Hikaru gently smiled at Kuroo as he washed his hands. "I heard tonight's the summer festival's highlights," he noted, wiping his hand on one of the clean towels by the refrigerator. "Are you going with your friend, Kenma, is it? Or your classmates, Yaku and Kai."
Kuroo shook his head. "Dad invited me."
He swore he could hear a pin drop from the awkward silence ensuing inside the room. This silence is one that he greatly distastes, and this is coming from a child who succumbed to a bout of silence once he moved to Tokyo. There was no question of how Hikaru wanted to be acknowledged as Kuroo's new father and the competition on who deserves to be a better father to Kuroo is brewing between the two males that became a part of his mother's life. Kuroo could see that Hikaru was doing his best but the messy-haired boy never really viewed him as a family even after years of being married to his mom, his dismissive behavior when it comes to Hikaru is masked with cheery remarks and loud rounds of laughter. And that's what he chose to do right now.
The tall lad laughed once again, trying to ease any tension in the air. "I'm thinking of bringing home a box of takoyaki. Do you want anything, Hikaru-san?"
Hikaru composed himself and sheepishly looked down to continue with his current task. "You don't have to buy me anything, Tetsurou." The brown-haired man glanced at Kuroo with a fatherly air. "Are you joining us for dinner later?"
Kuroo paused for a few moments, pretending to think upon the offer before shaking his head an easygoing smile. "Nope," he lightheartedly answered Hikaru. "I'll be off now!"
When Kuroo's footsteps echoed through the empty household, followed by the sound of the front door closing, Hikaru deeply sighed as he planted both hands on the counter. His dejected frame was noticed by his pet cat, Hanako, who mewled in concern as she approached her owner. Realizing his eyes pooling with unshed tears, Hikaru quickly took his glasses from the bridge of his nose and wiped his eyes with his wrist, his forced laughter coming out huskily.
"I'm trying my best, Hanako, but why isn't it enough?"
Summer festivals in Tokyo always bring forth a chorus of laughter and the comfortable mellow lantern lights. There was a subtle beat of the taiko drums in the background, drowned out by the endless chatters of the people choosing to roam around during the highlights of the festivals. The streets of the enormous plaza in their area were arranged to have a line of stalls awaiting for customers, and one of them held a special place in Kuroo's childlike heart ー goldfish scooping. Here he was, crouched down in front of the small tub designated for the goldfishes, his hand poised right above him while his eyes never strayed from that fish who appeared to be brighter than anyone else in the shallow water. Right when he was about to catch the fish, his little net tilted and doubled over the water, scaring away the fishes from any human contact.
"Better luck next time, boy," the stall owner told him reassuringly but the messy-haired boy wasn't reassured at all.
Kuroo stood up brashly from his seated position, surprising the people around the little stall, and walked away with his hands inside the pockets of his sleeveless jacket. There was a hasty apology coming from behind him, along with hurried footsteps of the very person he doesn't want to interact with at the moment. Kuroo continued walking, mumbling apologies to the people he bumped on the way, until a firm grip wrapped around his arm, making him roll his eyes in annoyance.
"What?" he asked the person desperately trying to catch his attention, the expression on the younger boy was hiding the fact that he was hurting because of this meeting.
"Tetsurou," Kuroo Tatsunari, his father stood in front of him, face so distraught that he nearly broke his practiced façade. "You can live with me instead of your mother, that way everyone will be happy. Please, Tetsurou, I already asked my landlord to have my apartment renovated to have your room."
Kuroo was baffled for a moment and he couldn't help but scoff in disbelief at what his father said. After shaking his head, his golden eyes trailed from the face he was starting to see in the mirror (except for the unruly hair he seemed to claim since he was young) to the hand still gripping tightly on his arm, as if asking for him to never leave the owner's side. He had enough of all of this and all he wanted was to cry his heart out and scream all his hidden thoughts to a barren meadow, but all he could do was place his hand on his father's, gently taking away the grip that kept him rooted on the ground for so many years.
With unrelenting eyes, he muttered darkly, "Have you ever wondered what would make me happy?" before turning away and running to who knows where this late at night.
He did what he always did best ー running away from his problems.
The young boy did this when he was in the middle of his parents' fights when he was just a little boy and he brought it with him until he was in primary school, where his mother took him under her wing all the way to Tokyo. He nearly ran away when Kenma came into his life, the prospect of having friends and interacting with other children his age so dreadful to the boy that he didn't speak until Kenma asked him what games to play, thus, spurring the two to start volleyball. He nearly ran away when middle school and high school came, the latter made his anxiety rise much higher than the previous point in his life. But this was all erased when many of his high school classmates approached him out of nowhere, clinging onto him and confessing left and right, something that he was not proud of.
The messy-haired boy slowed down his pace to a walk, tears bleeding through his vision and blending in with the drops of rain pattering down on him. "I hate this," he muttered, making measured footsteps on the cobblestones, not noticing that his surroundings seem to transition into a shrine. "I hate the world. I hate myself. I wish I would just end this miserable life right away." Just then, a strong odor of tobacco wafted through his senses, making him perk up in wariness.
In front of him was a huge man dressed in an elaborate yukata, casually smoking on a fancy pipe that Kuroo thought was a relic based on its golden sheen that illuminated under the shrine's overhead lanterns. Feeling skeptical at his current situation, Kuroo slightly took a step back with his eyes still set on the man sitting with a mask stall beside him. His heartbeat picked up its pace because of the nerves starting to churn in his stomach but the dark-haired boy still glanced at the number of masks plastered on the stall and oddly enough, all he could see were cats instead of the variety of animals that were displayed in some of the festival stalls down the hill.
"Welcome," the unnamed man said in a raspy and deep voice, his big, slitted yellow eyes glancing over at Kuroo. "Do you want to try one on? It is said to erase all your worries the moment your face touches the mask."
Erase all your worries?
Kuroo gulped before opening his mouth to speak, "How much is one?"
That offer tempted him and based on the man's appearance, he wasn't a scammer that would run away with his money. There was something from the man's voice that compelled him to try just one mask to see if what he said is true because he definitely needed an escape from reality right about now.
The man chuckled ominously. "No need to pay, young man."
The messy-haired boy furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "Is this because your offer is a hoax?"
At this, the unnamed man's chuckles became a full-on laugh. Laughter of scrutiny thrown at him, making Kuroo squirm in his perch. "There wasn't anything about a hoax in what I said, kid. Here," the man reached out from behind him and picked out a black cat mask, throwing it at Kuroo, who leaned forward to catch the object, "try it on."
Kuroo flipped the mask. The front was so detailed that it almost looked real, the paint on the mask's nose seemed to glint with the wetness of a real cat's and even the whiskers protruded on either side of it. The ears also captured his attention ー there were fur inside each one and it even depicted the real colors on what you can see on a cat. The back wasn't much with its embellished white appearance but when Kuroo slowly lifted the mask to try it on, it snuggly fit the shape of his face, sending chills down his spine. It was like the mask was made for him. But his admiring came to a halt when an invisible wall slammed on him, making him lose his balance.
The next moment was so bizarre to Kuroo. At first, everything was normal to him and the next, all objects loomed over his figure like skyscrapers. But when he blinked at the green color invading his optics, his vision seems to sharpen, even more, zeroing on where the man was previously seated and only finding no sign of the unnamed person. His chest tightened with anxiety, jumping at the slightest of sound picked up by his hearing. With shaky legs, Kuroo walked on the pathway with the sole purpose of going home and just wrapping himself in his duvet, praying that the next day will be much kinder to him. Upon passing by a vending machine right at the base of the shrine, his golden eyes widened when his reflection showed a black cat instead of his tall physique.
What is happening?
"What in the world?" Kuroo voiced out but instead of his usual timber, a series of meows ricocheted through the empty shrine. He jumped two feet in the air in surprise, spooked that even the black cat in the vending machine's reflection showed rod-like fur. After a few moments, he slowly walked towards the reflection, both curious and unnerved at what he just witnessed. "How?"
Placing a paw on the glassy surface, Kuroo roamed his eyes over his new body. He wasn't even surprised that the cat he donned has black fur and a small tuff of hair covering a portion of his right eye. Gradually, the boy's parted lips turned into a large smile as he whooped in the air while jumping around. It was cute in a human's perspective ー a little black cat hopping from cobblestone to cobblestone, his little meows twinkling in the night breeze. In all honesty, Kuroo felt so alive to leave his human life behind and the only thought lingering in his head is how much he wanted to be a cat his whole life ー lazing around and looking for different homes all day, no room for homework and the constant argument of familial connections. For an entire hour, Kuroo marveled at the world from a different perspective as he never stopped swaying happily down the path.
Until a familiar scent hit him ー watermelon.
And true enough, there on one of the benches was [Last Name][Name], who was looking blankly at the park in front of her with a half-finished bottle of banana milk loosely held in her hands. It looked like she came from one of her college prep classes based on what she was wearing — a beige turtleneck sweater and a tawny pencil skirt covered by a trench coat. Her hair was the same hairstyle Kuroo always liked on her, a loose braid running down on one of her shoulders, with her fringe carefully framing her ethereal face. It was no surprise to everyone how much he likes the girl and it shows how he gawked at her with round, golden eyes.
She looked at the side and when her gaze found him, Kuroo visibly jumped in shock again. The girl rose her eyebrows in surprise at the sight of the adorable black cat pausing a few feet from her. Kuroo watched [Name] open her backpack and mumbling things under her breath as she searched for something in her bag. Brightening when she finally found what she was looking for, the black cat curiously watched as [Name] waved a pack of biscuits in the air and beckoned him towards her.
"I have some snacks, kitty," she told him, which strangely compelled him to come closer. Who doesn't? The girl he absolutely adores called him 'kitty' with that beautiful smile, of course, he would follow her. When he stopped by her shoes, she then lowered her voice, "Is it alright if I pick you up?"
Kuroo meowed in approval, which [Name] happily took as a good response since she carefully picked him up and placed him on her lap. She then softly ran her fingers on his head, making him purr in contentment. Before nibbling on a biscuit, Kuroo enjoyed the warmth [Name] emitted, looking up at her with his pupils blown wide, which is a sign of his fascination with the girl.
"The night is beautiful ー it's like everything disappeared," she pensively voiced out, her eyes softly staring at the black cat on her lap. "I need more moments like these. People want me to do things that they want, not knowing how much I wanted to be free when I step out in the real world. I mean, I'm going to be eighteen soon and it's a sign that my dad should stop placing shackles that makes me want to cry. I don't even want to be a doctor." She pursed her lips as she paused for a bit as she muttered, "It's so suffocating." The girl then felt paws on her shoulder, making her look up at the adorable black cat, which was a few inches from her face. Then, she felt the tiniest kiss on her cheek, something that elicited a giggle from her. "That tickles."
Raising her hand from her lap, [Name] wrapped them around the cat's body, lifting him a little higher and placing him on her shoulder.
"You smell like lavender," she whispered. "I love it."
Through the night, the boy trapped inside the black cat's body heard his heart pound in his chest, his adoration for the girl blossoming like the fireworks lighting the park.
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elysiashelby · a year ago
In Another World - T. Shelby Imagine Ch. 3.2
Paring: (Eventual) Thomas Shelby x Aliena Welsh (OC)
Fandom: Peaky Blinders
Word Count: 3, 449
WARNINGS: Cursing, Depictions of PTSD panic attacks, Hints of Self-Harm
Summary: Aliena Welsh has been living in the universe of the show Peaky Blinders for 7 months now. She’s beginning to heal after the incident, but when she hears Arthur having troubles while sleeping- she can’t help but intervene. How will the rest of the family take it? Will she listen?
A/N: This chapter and 3.3 are both considered extras. You can move onto chapter 4 without really reading them. I honestly wrote chapter 4 before 3.2 and 3.3. So, that will explain why Ch. 4 is a little different. THANKS FOR READING!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
                Month 7 with The Shelby's 
Tumblr media
It's been a month since the incident. We don't really talk of it and it's better that way. If I got one thing good out of it, it's that Tommy now trusted me. He trusted me with a lot. 
I was in charge of teaching the kids how to read and write. That included Finn which diverges from the original plotline 'cause Finn wasn't supposed to know how to read. He's a good lad, though. He really wants to impress Tommy. 
I did the groceries for everyone, but I doubt that I’m gonna be doin’ it for John much longer. I caught him and Lizzie Stark making out outside of the house. 
Anyway, I finally got a hang of UK currency. And Tommy told me that at the beginning of next year, I'll be expected to collect the money from some of the shops. It was gonna be family owned stores, nothing that would put me in danger. 
I was glad that I was trusted so much. It just solidified me routine even more. I trusted Polly the most though, especially after that night. Whenever we had a chance to just relax, she would always style me hair. It was really boss. 
It was nighttime and I was having some trouble sleeping. I discovered that this body had more talent that I originally had back home. See for some reason this body could draw. I can't explain it. But I can just draw whatever I like now. Before, I was just a really good storyteller. Mind you, the only affirmations I had were from family and friends. So, I never knew if me writing was actually any good. 
I was trying to draw a red spider lily flower. I bought some colours with me money. 
So, it was going just fine even though I was supposed to be asleep. That was until I heard a big bang. I jumped at the sound and I slowly got up from me chair. There was another bang. It was so stupid of me! What the hell was I going to do about it, right? So, why the hell did I decide I was gonna check it out?
I put on a robe and walked into the hallway. I followed the banging sounds and found it was coming from Arthur's room. I inched towards his door and slowly opened it. 
Arthur was thrashing around. The banging sound was actually him punching the wall from time to time. 
I remember that I read something about helping people with a PTSD attack, but it's not coming to me! 
So, I just rushed to him, grabbed him, and started to tell him he was alright. But instead, I triggered him. His eyes flew open and his hands wrapped around me neck. He rolled us onto the floor and his body hovered over me. It was hurting a lot and I couldn't breath. 
He kept screaming 'No!' 
I tried to peel off his hands, but immediately realized that wasn't going to work. I unwrapped me hands around his wrists and placed them on his face. I used me thumbs as I was slowly caressing him. He flinched but looked back down as I called out to him. Me voice was extremely hoarse and strained. I tried to smile at him. I tried giving him a very sweet, non-threatening smile. 
I saw the exact moment he realized this wasn't his dream anymore. He gasped for air like it was him who was being choked out. 
"Aliena?" He shouted. 
Arthur practically launched himself off of me and huddled into a corner. 
"What are ya doin' 'ere? Huh? What the fuck are you doin' in 'ere!"
I rolled over to me side and started coughing harshly. 
"You… You were punching the wall. I just wanted to help you."
"I coulda killed ya! I coulda-!"
"But you didn't. It's alright now." I shuffled closer to him, but I made sure not to reach out to him. 
He had his knees pulled to his chest. He just looked overall vulnerable which I hadn’t seen before. I've seen it in the show, but he hadn't shown me firsthand yet. He was crying so much. 
I just felt so bad that I stood on me knees and held open me arms. He looked at me up and down before going straight into me arms. I stroked his back vertically while combing his hair out of his face. I even started rocking us back and forth after a while. 
He sobbed into me stomach. We stayed like that 'til he calmed down. He separated us and looked up at me. 
"Is your neck alright?" His fingernails ran over me neck. 
I had to bite my lip to control the twitch that wanted to happen. I smiled as I whispered. "Yes, I'll be fine. Will you be? For tonight, I mean."
He nodded. We both got up and he really did tower over me. He hugged me again and it was my turn to be suffocated (again). I found that he was perhaps an inch or two taller than Tommy. I separated us after a while. He sat down on his bed and I bid him goodnight. 
I was barely out the door when I was given my 3rd scare of the night. Me hand flew to me chest as I saw Tommy leaning against me door. 
We met each other and he immediately started to inspect me throat. 
"'m fine, ya know. Hardly even hurts." 
Tommy raised an eyebrow. "That's a fucking lie 'n you know it. C'mon, we need to get it iced before it gets noticeable." 
He tugged me downstairs and we iced me forming bruises. I was really just sitting there. He was the one that did all the work. 
He sighed before speaking. "You shouldn't have done that, you know? His fits aren't gonna go away."
I looked away. "I approached him the wrong way is all. His fits won't go away, but I can teach him how to deal with them."
Tommy leaned back with a scoff. His smile was tight. He rubbed his chin while shaking his head. 
‘He didn't like what I just said.’ 
"You think you can cure us of what we have, eh, Aliena?" He asked. His tone, it was scary. I knew he was trying to scold me. 
"No. No, I can't do that. That's up to you and Arthur. And even youse can't fully cure yourselves. It's just not gonna be possible. But, you both can learn to deal with it."
"We are-!"
"In healthy ways, Thomas! It's not healthy to be drinking that much, either of youse! You can get alcohol poisoning or fuck! You'll both damage everything in your bodies. Your mouth, esophagus, pancreas, brain! Your fucking brain, Tommy! Liver-!"
"Enough!" He yelled while slamming his hand down on the table. 
I jumped and cowered. He yelled at me. I felt me eyes sting and the tears were  blurring me vision. 
"Don't yell at me… " I didn't even let him say anything else. I got up from the chair and ran to my room. I didn't want him to see me cry. 
Tumblr media
When I woke up the next morning, I checked me neck in the mirror and sure enough, I had light handprint bruises. I ran me fingers around me eyes, exhaustedly. 
‘I can already tell this day is not gonna be good...’
I waved me hands ‘round before deciding to stop spazzing out. I began to get ready for the day. I looked through me collection of dresses and luckily, Polly had the good sense to buy me a dress that was a turtleneck. 
I did me hair in a bun like Polly taught me, put on me boots, then headed downstairs. I had to start on breakfast. 
When I rounded to the kitchen, I was only half surprised when I saw Polly standing there looking at me, expectantly. I sighed loudly as if I was already admitting defeat. She had a cup in her hands and she just stared at me. 
“So, what’s the damage, then?” She asked.
“Bruises.” I walked over to the stove and started it. It wasn’t gas-fueled, I knew that much. But I didn’t ask who turned it on in the morning or how. I figured it was someone else's job, or Polly did it herself.
After me reply, she said nothing. That did not ease the tension in the room. I knew what she was doing. I wasn’t gonna fall into her trap. Today, everyone will be eating egg on toast. I was letting the egg cook when I went to see if we had any bacon for meself. I grabbed it from the ice box and went back inside. I put it on the counter then went to flip the egg. 
Me left eye twitched. Slowly, I turned me head back to Polly. She slurped again, louder and longer. Sadly, on reflex, I began giggling. It was a nervous giggle. 
‘I broke. Stare-down is over. She won.’
“It was the banging,” I said. “I went to check on Arthur. I didn’t really realize what I was doing exactly, but it happened. I spooked Arthur while he was ‘aving an episode. It was entirely me fault. And don’t worry, Tommy already scolded me.” I looked back at her, gave her a small smile, then placed the egg on top of the ready toast. 
I turned me head back and heated up the pan for the bacon. 
“Ali, it’s not safe to be doing that. It’s better to let them ride it out. They’ll get better over time, love, but on their own terms. We’ll be there when their fit is over with, but it's best to not interfere while they’re having it. Okay?”
I nodded. I understood. I knew that men could help other men because they were less likely to get pinned down. Like Tommy is gonna do when Danny Whizzbang has an episode in the pub when the plotline starts. He and Freddie managed to calm him down ‘cause they overpowered him. While I was pinned to the floor by me neck. 
“It’s just that… It was so sickening seeing him like that. I couldn’t stand seeing him in pain like that.” Me voice was strained by the end of it. I shook me head as if that would prevent me from crying. 
The chair scraped against the floor. Polly pulled me into a hug. I held her tightly. She rubbed me back and rested her cheek against my head. It lasted until footsteps came thundering down the steps. 
Tumblr media
Throughout the day, I managed to keep the bruises a secret from everyone else. I wouldn’t be able to bear it if they kids managed a glimpse ‘n decided to ask about it. When I had to give the boys their lunches, the only normalcy I maintained was with John. He brought it up, but he was very brother-like about it. 
Said that he figured it was gonna happen, he just betted that it’d happen with Tommy. More like hoped, he said. After that he cracked a few jokes with me. 
Then, I went over to Arthur. He couldn't even look at me. He asked how I was, I told ‘em. He nodded and left it at that. I figured that was for the best. 
Finally, it was Tommy’s turn. I was rather hesitant, to say the least. I acted very childish in front of him, and I was trying so very hard to avoid that! I knocked as always, went in, put down his plate, and in a last minute decision I decided I didn’t want to deal with confrontation today! I barely turned ‘round to walk away when he caught my wrist. His chair scraping against the floor as he sprang up to do so.
Me gaze was locked on him, but he was staring down his paperwork. I took in the sight. 
On the outside, I was keeping a composed face, but on the inside I was fangirling.
I swallowed and waited for his words. 
“I- uh,” he said, “I’m sorry. Shouldn’t ‘ave yelled at you.”  
I hummed and nodded. He gently let go of me wrist and I went about me way.
Thomas Shelby was never one to apologize, I’d say it was because the man was as stubborn as a mule. But this past month, that’s all he’s done.
So, everything was normal after that. I gave Finn a lesson while preparing dinner, I did all the chores, and yeah. 
I appreciated that he apologized, but that didn’t make the funk I was in disappear. With every strain on me neck, it hurt— stung. I’m sure it would have been unbearable if Tommy hadn’t iced it. But there was this sick part of meself that kept putting pressure on the bruises. 
The pain was there. The pain made me feel. 
When night came again, I still wasn’t asleep at a proper time. I was standing at the mirror. With the back of me fingers, I brushed over me neck. There was almost pain this time, I was just tracing over them. I was fixated on them. 
‘My sheltered life is truly over.’ I thought. ‘Parents aren’t here to coddle me anymore.’
I was safe in me suburban home back in California. I mean I had different dangers. Superficial dangers now that I think ‘bout it. I was now in a time that if I was taken advantage of, law enforcement would do nothing about it. If you weren’t from an affluent family who could kill the bastard, it was better to just adopt the mindset of “get on with it.” 
I think the only reason why I’m even slightly okay with what happened a month ago is because I’ve already accepted the fact that was going to eventually happen to me. Being in 1920’s Birmingham just upped the stakes, that’s all. 
I exhaled with puffed cheeks as I dropped me hands from me neck. 
“God, I want a ciggie, right now.” I whispered to meself.
I roughly rubbed me face before I picked up my hairbrush. Me hair was really thick and the length of it didn’t help me at all. It was at me mid-back. Me ma’ wanted it to be long. I’ve always had it short or mid length ever since I was a kid, but since she wanted me hair to be long, I caved. 
I was never gonna see her again. So, I might as well do everything that will keep her with me. 
I was still brushing me hair when I heard something. It wasn’t a bang or a thud. It was more like a whisper or a mutter. I stilled and waited. It was still going on. Gently, I placed the brush down then I crept over to the wall.
The wall that separated Tommy’s room ‘n mine. I pressed me ear against the wall ‘n the mutterings got louder. He was having an episode. I put me hand over me mouth and me other on me chest. I clutched on for dear life.
I wanted to help, oh, how I desperately wanted to! But, should I? After he told me off, after Polly told me. I don’t care. I still wanted to help him.
Me hand flew to me neck and I squeezed. Pain, I felt a lot of pain. Me eyes stung with tears. I stopped when I felt the pain begin to numb me thoughts ‘n rationale. That’s when I rushed to Tommy’s room. 
I didn’t care to put on a robe. I just ran out me room. When I got to his door, I slowly turned the knob, and slowly closed it behind me. He was having the sweats and muttering. I couldn’t tell what he was saying, but I knew he was dreaming about the tunnels. 
I stayed by the door and called out to him. “Tommy! Tommy, wake up!” 
He didn’t wake up.
“Tommy, you’re just having a nightmare. Wake up!” Despite my best efforts, I dived nearer to his bed. I had to be at least two feet away from him, I think. I didn’t even know what two feet away was!
“Tommy, you’re home. You’re not there anymore. Tommy, wake up!”
With a gasp, he woke up. Tommy’s eyes were blown wide as he jumped into sitting. Slowly, his eyes focused on me.
“What are you doing in here?”
“You were talking in your sleep. It worried me, so I came in ‘ere.”
His chest was heaving up and down, his eyes wider than I’ve ever seen— in the flesh at least. I tried thinking of ways to calm him down. 
“I told you-!”
“Smoking opium, Tommy? You’re killing yourself. Killing yourself with all the booze and smoking! You want to talk sense into me like a child, I’ll do the same. Me job is to take care of the lot of youse, so that’s what I’m doing!” I stood up. 
“You plan on doing Billy Kimber over, there’ll be consequences to that even ‘til Finn is old and grey. So you’re gonna listen to me and we’ll find out some other vices for you to turn to so you can at least sleep at night.” I started waving me hands a lot. 
“I can’t babysit you during the day, so to hell with that. But, while you’re within me sight and grasps, I swear by everything that’s holy- I’ll be counting every cigarette and drink you have. I can’t very well overpower you, but don’t doubt my power to be annoying! I will annoy you and I will convince Polly to join with me if you plan on getting rid of me.” I crossed me arms while leaning on one hip. 
“You want to be the leader of the family, Tommy? Take care of yourself so that you will never become a liability even when you’re old and grey. So, what do you say, huh? Are we gonna do this the easy way or the hard way?”
He was surprised, to say the least. He had an eyebrow arched with his mouth hanging open. He closed it then looked away and ‘tsked.’ 
“For the amount I pay you, I shouldn’t be getting this kind of lip from you.”
“Take it up with management, then.”
He scoffed while shaking his head. “All right then, how are you going to put me to sleep?”
I sat on the ground and looked at the floor. “You could help, you know? One of the steps is for you to tell me how to help you, not the other way ‘round.”
He scoffed again. “Will you go fetch me a drink?”
I pouted. I knew some ways I wanted to try out, but I didn’t want to embarrass meself. 
‘Fuck it! This isn’t supposed to be about me!’
 “How about I talk to you? You know, it’ll be like you’re me living diary. Or I sing? Or I hold your hand? For some people, it gives them a sense of comfort, but for others it makes their skin crawl. Or I could just be by you ‘til you fall asleep? Yeah, that’s all I got. The rest of it that I read about is…for couples.”
Tommy hummed. “All right, we’ll try it. But, you have to promise that if this fails, you butt out. No more bugging me and Arthur about this, ever.”
“I promise! Now, what are we trying?”
“All of it.”
“All of it?”
“Yep, never done this before, so can’t tell you what will work. Go on, talk the night away.”
So, I did. I talked to him about me family and some of me past. I told him all about me rocky relationship with me ma’ and how me da’ was an absolute genius. I told him about the embarrassing things I did as a child that I regretted. I told him a little about how the future would be. It didn’t matter if he believed me or not, still would be me talking.
And I made sure to not tell him any historical events!
But neither of us really paid attention to the fact that at some point, his hand was holding mine. I had to have talked for at least three hours before he fell asleep. All that talking made me tired too. I was yawning so much that tears were running down me face and me nose was runny. 
I fell asleep that night sitting at his bedside with our hands entwined.
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Choose. (Reader x Jack Sparrow or Will Turner. ) part 2
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean, Will Turner, Jack Sparrow. Warnings: Oh lawds, it has been too long since I posted anything and I am quite rusty. But had to post because I was in a pirate mood and after further investigation, not a lot of people post x reader stories for PoTC so I figured i had to change that myself. Swears, the ordinary pirate vocabulary. Also, have not read this through but of well. Words: 2.8 K
"Filthy, mangy, disgusting scum of the earth,” the whisper left Y/N lips as she made her way out of the cabin with silent feet, her boots held in her hand as she opted to be as quiet as possible. Her belongings were strapped across her back, just as they had been when the trio of misfortune had found her. A growl left her at the thought. The pain which coursed through her shoulder each time she dared move and peak around the corner was a cruel reminder of the bullet Jack had put in her to get her from leaving. Selfish man, that one, Y/N thought as with quick steps she had made her way out on deck. Blackness surrounded them, the moon hidden behind a veil of clouds. No-one was up, as most of the crew were in Tortuga partying for the night, or sleeping away the late hours. 
A perfect moment to leave.
When she could confirm no-one was there to disturb her wee little escape, she firmly stomped her feet into her leather boots and tied her belongings a bit tighter to her body. A glance across the railing confirmed her suspicions. No boat was left to take one to land, but that had never been a problem for the lass. Y/N gently cracked her knuckles and warmed her shoulders with circling motions of her hand whilst her feet carried her to the side farthest from the roughhousing town. A light grunt left her as she took her hat and tied it to hang around her neck and suddenly she was off. With a sprint she took off across the deck, her body shooting through the air as she leapt from the railing. Her hands were placed before her as she dove into the depths below, a promise of being frozen to the core shown in the darkness.
She had forgotten how badly it hurt to have a wound meet saltwater and Y/N was forced to the surface earlier than she had intended when all the air left her in a shocked cry. Yet, there was little she could do about it now except swim to land. With long strokes she set her course for the harbour, far from exhausted after she had been asleep for gods know how long. She knew that the port she had been supposed to change her allegiance at was far from here, and even the Black Pearl would have a hard time getting to Tortuga without a couple of days journey. Y/N wondered if she had woken up at all, or if they had with each meal fed her concoctions to force her back into unconsciousness.
Even with her wound, Y/N found the strength to pull herself atop the harbour, her breath heavy as she had swam long and far. She had however, very little time to worry. Even if the crew was out partying and would only return in the morning, they would find her gone and she knew they would search for hours until the found her. She needed to be fed, drunk and well on her way to Barbossa by the time that happened.
Her hat she placed once more upon her head, all that was too tightly stuck to her form loosened until she felt comfortable once more. Her hand rest upon the sword as she strode from the harbour into the loud and bright city. Bar fights, drunken singing and the cheers of women filled her ears. “Ah,” Y/N thought as a smirk played upon her lips. “Now this is home,”
She could hear the ladies calling out to her, believing she was a fine young lad out for a wee bit of an adventure, however, Y/N would have to disappoint. Her smirk remained as she faced the fine young ladies before the brothel, a hand softly coming to tip her hat.
“I’m sorry to disappoint, my dears. But I’m not sure I am of the commodities you wish to have with tonight,” Y/N chuckled as the women calling for her became silent. However, they soon cooed for her even more as they realised who it was. “Oh, it’s Y/N! Remember what Anne said when she mistook her for a man? She had the most passionate and heart-racing kiss that left her swooning for days!” said one of the women and Y/N stilled as she remembered the events from long ago, when she had just started out her pirating business. A lass had made her home upon Y/N’s lap after she had won a barfight and gave the victor a kiss. Y/N had been drunk of her arse and the feeling of someone else’s lips upon her own had been quite welcome. She had just had her heart broken by dear ol’ William Turner when she had tried to tell him how she felt, only for the lad to speak of nothing but Elizabeth and how he was going to as her father for her hand in marriage. It made her sick to the stomach to think fo his words.
“Y/N! Come in and we promise we’ll make you forget all your sorrows!” squealed the women and a hot flush came to cover the woman in question’s cheeks. A choir of shrieks of joy and interest left them as the flush was quite evident in the light of the lanters. “Sorry ladies, I am on a tight schedule,” Y/N replied but dared amuse them with a wink and kiss blown their direction. Their shouts and cheers followed Y/N as she made her way through town, unaware that she was to become the talk of all women in town as all knew of Anne’s one in a lifetime-kiss. Something which would not work in her favour.
Y/N entered her favourite tavern, glad to find that all the scoundrels of her former crew where off elsewhere, just as she had expected. No-one really liked the place and it made Y/N love it even more. However she avoided the gaze at the corner where she had Jack had a heated argument, when he had been so close to kiss her before Elizabeth came in between to diffuse the situation. A snarl left her and the woman pulled out a barstool and made herself comfortable. The woman whom owned the place grinned widely as she gazed upon one of her most beloved customers once again.
“Hello there, Mary,” Y/N mused to the older woman who was quick to grab her and embrace her into a bear-hug. “Well, wouldn’t ye look at that! The best pirate anyone would have the pleasure to be met by, sitting at by bar? I cannae believe my luck!” Mary mused as she set the young woman down, or more like shoved her right back into her seat.
“What can I get ye, lass?” the grin on Mary’s face was welcoming and familiar, something Y/N knew would never change. Unlike others. “How about a clap of thunder? And if you could, maybe some dry power?” Y/n asked as she raised her gun from her hip, the water dripping from it. “Unfortunately had to take a wee dip to meet you,” she mused and Mary laughed as she grasped a bottle and filled a tankard with the requested beverage. 
“Drink and food I can treat ye, but weaponry? Should as some of the fine gentlemen instead,” the tankard was placed before Y/N’s form as a pout played on the younger woman’s lips. “Oh, don’t hang your jib at me, lassie! You know well I won’t give up my own weapons,” a laughter fell from Y/N’s lips as she was scolded by the older woman, her hands nursing the drink in her grasp. A faint “Oh, I know,” fell from her lips and she feigned ignorance as she took a swig from her drink, Mary’s playfully angry eyes staring daggers into her head before she turned to serve another pirate. 
The buzzing that soon came when Y/N had drunk her second tankard was a pleasant feeling, the warmth of the tavern penetrating her muscles and her clothes dried as the fire was steadily fed with logs of wood by the maids rushing about. Y/N didn’t her them whispering giddily about the gorgeous female pirate at the bar. 
“Mary!” Y/N called out as she let her hand fall to the bar, golden coins glimmering in her fingers. With a few words she paid for yet another drink and a plate of hot food. She didn’t ask what she would get, as Mary’s cooking was one of a kind. For pirates, at least. The doors were slung open but Y/N paid little attention. Her seat was hidden from view and drunkards all about were more cause for attention than her. She wasn’t worried. Nevertheless, she should have been keeping tabs on who entered the tavern. Then she would have rushed out the backdoor to escape the trio that had kidnapped her. 
“There you go, dearie! Made it only for you!” a wink was given to the older woman as before Y/N laid a plate with the most delicious looking ribs, the spiciness and flavour visible to the bare eye. And lots of potatoes and vegetables accompanied the mouth-watering meat. Y/N dug in with fervour as she had been quite famished. Mary glanced at her here and there, and the sight of the food inhaled before her very eyes brought a joyous warmth to her heart.
Y/N had barely managed to finish her food when suddenly she felt eyes upon her frame. Keen eyes dared draw across the room, finding no gaze to meet with hers as she dug her teeth into the second to last rib. Only they stopped suddenly as she saw at a table on the other side of the tavern, three faces she had never expected in this place. They usually hated going here after all, as it was a tavern famous for hosting the cruelest fights. Took the appetite from them all normally. Y/N froze with the flavourful meat hanging from her lips, the look mirrored by Jack, Will and Elizabeth as they stared at her. The maid has just brought their drinks, meaning they had probably gotten in just a little while ago. Y/N would have noticed, had she only checked on the door. Something suddenly flared up in the trios eyes as they now saw her face fully, having been unsure if it truly was who they believed it to be, sitting and eating at the bar like she wasn’t supposed to be knocked out cold in the captain’s cabin.
“Ah, fuck,” Y/N cursed and threw herself from her stool when the trio had rushed to their feet. In her hands, Y/N grasped her mug and downed the last of her drink before tearing the meat off whole from the last rib. “Y/N!” Will roared and was promptly forced to duck when the woman in question had aimed a huge bottle at his head, having swept it from a nearby table. Y/N stared at the ones around her and with a tap on the back the the roughest looking group of pirates, she whispered.
“They’re here to fight,” with a thumb pointed to the trio coming right this way with anger and determination in their steps. The pirates faced them and mistook their stride for the young woman to be meant for them and rose from their feet. Roars left them as suddenly they dashed from their seats and the biggest barfight Y/N had seen to date began. Because when the group she had incited rose, another thought they were looking for a brawl with them. So, what Y/N would name it was pure and utter chaos. 
“Now that is my cue to leave,” her snickers were heard by none other than herself as Y/N dashed for the exit, only she would find her escape was not easily won. Bonnie lasses that had dared find their courage to speak to her grasped her arms and with their big eyes gazed at her with adoration. “Y/N, won’t you come take a drink with us?” they asked and Y/N suddenly twirled them around, making them fall into her and avoid being crushed underneath a huge bloke that was tackled by a man his equal.
“Sorry ladies, but I’m running short on time,” Y/N sneered and with her hands she twirled them. Laughter and giddy cheers left them as they were spun back to their friends, a wink from the one they had tried to seduce sending them into a fit of swooning as Y/N rushed out the door with desperation. She refused to get caught now, just when she had succeeded with two parts of her three step plan. All she needed now was a boat to take her to where Barbossa was last seen.
“Y/N!” came the muffled voice of the one and only Jack Sparrow, and it was far too close for Y/N’s liking. Judging by the distance to the sound, the trio were almost out the door by now. Y/N darted through the nearby plaza, calls of her name from lovely ladies and young lasses that had only heard of her making it very hard to escape unseen. Fix a disguise next time you try to hide from someone in Tortuga, Y/N noted as she vaulted over a wall to a nearby staircase, giving a few drunkards the scare of their lives as she flew over their heads. Y/N was quick, agile and the best at what she did, so to see her in action was a privilege in itself, as many pirates, thugs and mercenaries knew her name. 
“When did I become so famous?” Y/N wondered as her breath was becoming heavy, the continuous movement of her body tearing on her wound. “Ahoy, lass! What are you running from?” the pirates would shout and the call of her name remained right on her heel as she was continuously exposed by the friendly and merry pirates. An idea found her mind and Y/N dashed into the nearest awaiting brothel, knowing there was a night-market on the other which she could loose her pursuers. Loud and happy squeals left the women as Y/N raced through the entrance, going right to the stairs.
“Y/N!” they exclaimed and to her surprise, the young pirate found herself stuck amongst more than one pair of arms. Her eyes grew wide as she snapped her head to the entrance and found that those she tried to avoid where coming right for her. “Whoops! Sorry ladies, don’t have much time to play!” Y/N exclaimed as she danced her way out of their grips, spinning and dancing them around her so that she was freed and their excited hollers filled the brothel.
“Y/N!” William shouted but was shot right in the head with an expertly thrown pillow, stumbling back and making it harder for the other two to pass him. More pillows flew through the air and laughter echoed around them as Y/N dashed through the house, her charms still there even if she was trying to run for her life. Jack almost caught her at the top of the stairs but with her hands firm on the railing, Y/N kicked him in the chest with both her feet and caused him to tumble down the many steps, her escape ensured as she leapt out the window. She landed on one of the market stalls, body aching as she rose from the shambles she had made. “Sorry!” she shouted and tossed the man a golden coin before she took off through the mass of people, ignoring his angry shouts and that of her companions that soon crashed down before him, making the easy damages completely irreversible. And they didn’t even pay to help.
Y/N left her entourage as she dashed through the mass of people, all too occupied with themselves to notice her slip past. A breath dared leave her lips as she broke free from the market and leapt from the ledge to a path below, disappearing into the darkness. 
Her breath was heavy as she appeared once more at the harbour, her eyes searching for any ship to hide on but all were so far out at sea. A grumble left her as she wished not to get wet again as she had just managed to dry up and get warm. Maybe she had the chance to go back to one of the brothel’s and could pay them to hide her for a few days. With a fist slammed into her palm like the club of a judge making sure all knew a decision had been made, she turned around. Only the sight of three very roughened up, tired and angry people appeared before her. Will’s gun was cocked at her head, and the familiar click of the safety being off made her sigh.
“Fuck sake,” Y/N grumbled as she realised she had nowhere to go.
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bad-boy-spanker · 10 months ago
Austere Academy-Chapter Four
Callum was unmoved by Green's threat.
“Suffice to say you’re getting caned”
Callum smirked as his fate was announced, Green had caned him dozens of times, it was nothing new.
“I’ve been told there was two of you, who were you with, it’s only fair he is caned as well”
Callum scoffed, like fuck he was grass on Chris.
“Let’s just get this over with”
Green pulled a size thirteen slipper out of his drawer, it was well worn but had only ever been used across the bare bottoms of unruly young men.
“We can do this the easy way, or the hard way”
Callum grinned at Green, he loved the whole cat & mouse game, winding Green up, pushing his luck.
“Callum, leaving academy grounds is serious, normally I would spank you & be done with it, but this isn’t like your normal teenage antics”
Green wasn’t taking the bait, Callum upped his cocky attitude.
“Teenage antics, I’m thirty-two, I’m an adult for fuck sake”
Green could see there was no point arguing with Callum, he didn’t want to listen.
“Bend over”
Finally, Callum thought, he wasn’t going to make this easy for Green, Callum didn’t move, effectively challenging Green, not a wise idea, Green grabbed Callum’s ear & bent him over the desk, Callum’s shorts tightened around his round bottom, Green gave each of Callum’s cheeks a pat & a squeeze.
“The hard way it is”
Green lifted the slipper & brought it down fiercely, Callum felt the familiar sting burn its way across the left side of his arse, followed by an identical sting on the right as Green slapped down another blow, Callum peered over his shoulder at Green, smiling smugly, earning him after another five stingers, Callum huffed across the desk, five more slaps followed, across the center of his arse this time, he shifted his feet, Green paused & stood beside Callum, Callum was confused, was that it, Green must be off his game.
“That all you got”
Green pointed the slipper at Callum.
“I mean it, Callum, stop pissing me about, tell me who it was”
Callum made eye contact with Green & shook his head.
“Get up”
Green lowered Callum’s shirts to just below his thick grey socks, Callum’s tight boxers left little to the imagination, Green couldn’t help but notice Callum’s sizeable bulge, he knew that Callum had an affinity for being spanked, that’s what made him so tough to break, but Green wouldn’t be beaten, Callum always caved in the end.
“Back down”
Callum stayed in place, Green grabbed his shirt collar & forced him back down into his bent-over position, he lifted Callum’s shirttail, & raised the slipper, Callum grunted as the slipper connected with his left cheek, a second slap landed twice as hard, on his right, the third in the centre, four, five & six repeated the same pattern, causing Callum to wince, his cock throbbed in his boxers, Green was rather enjoying this, he, like Callum, appreciated the cat & mouse game.
“Come on, Callum, just tell me”
Callum still wasn’t talking, Green slapped the slipper down six more times, alternating cheeks, Callum began inwardly groaning, that was more like it, Green was starting to get in the swing of it.
“I already know who it is”
Callum was only slightly starting to feel uncomfortable, but he wasn’t quite ready to break, his cock throbbed as it began dripping precum.
“If you know who it is, why the fuck am I here”
Green knew he would have to up the stakes, as much as he appreciated the game they played, this was beginning to get disrespectful.
“I want you to tell me, you need to learn I am in charge here Callum, & you will not disrespect me, stand-up”
Callum stood again, his hands caressed his sore arse, they were quickly slapped out of the way by Green, who slowly pulled down Callum’s boxers, exposing his bare red bottom & throbbing erection, he bent Callum back over the desk, & stood behind him eying up his target, Callum was peeved, he did respect Green, & resented the insinuation that he didn’t, he treasured the unspoken understanding between them, why would Green say that, even in his vulnerable he couldn’t help but take a jab at Green, out of hurt & anger.
“Still not telling you”
Green rewarded his petulance immediately, ten blows quickly landed on Callum’s sit spot, Callum yelled, but he wasn’t going to let Green win, the slipper landed another ten times, Callum felt a tear prick the corner of his eye, his erection began to fade, Green really wasn’t playing anymore, Callum’s arse was throbbing, it had now become a real battle of wills & Callum was adamant on winning, Green put his hand on the small of Callum’s back & crashed the slipper down another ten times.
Callum wriggled over the desk, his arse bounced as he gyrated, he had tears running down his face, Green determined to break Callum, brought the slipper down twenty times on the lads sore red bottom, Callum cried loudly, as the burning in his stinging arse brought him closer to caving in.
“I admire your loyalty, Callum, even though it’s misplaced”
That hit home with Callum, was his upset really worth it, all for the sake of an off-grounds pint with Chris, he wanted to give Chris up, but his pride wouldn’t let him, if he could just get through this, maybe Green would let him off, he’d let him off with somethings before, just get through it, he thought to himself, Green laid on five slaps within seconds, Callum was suffering, but he remained tight-lipped, the worst part of all this was, Green was really mad at him, & that hurt nearly as much as his arse did, another five, still nothing, Green was getting tired, there was no need for this, even after another ten Callum said nothing.
“Give me his name”
Callum was ready to break, his arse throbbed, Green flicked the size thirteen slipper down hard on the sore red bottom before him.
Callum wailed, Green had had enough, he repeatedly slapped the slipper into Callum’s burning arse as hard as he could, in a wild flurry, striking every inch of the sore arse he could, over & over, hard, fast, & relentless.
“Chris Griffiths”
Callum shouted as he broke.
Green let the slipper fall onto his desk, Callum just cried, his bottom was so sore & he had upset Green, all for the sake of a pint, Green allowed Callum a few minutes to cry it out, softly rubbing his back as he pulled himself together, Callum appreciated the caring touch, he could tell Green didn’t enjoy punishing him like that.
“Come on, get yourself dressed, & wipe your face”
Callum slowly lifted himself from the desk & gave his sore bottom a rub, he pulled up his boxers & shorts, wincing as they tightened around his raw bottom, he made eye contact with Green, taking the tissue Green handed him, Green sat down as Callum dried his eyes.
“Why do you have to be so stubborn, Callum, I haven’t had to punish you like that since you first arrived”
Callum said nothing, just sniffled, staring at the floor.
“Normally, I’d be giving you another spanking tonight”
Panic flashed across Callum’s face.
“But, in light of the thrashing I’ve just given you, I’ll let you off”
The panic on Callum’s face was quickly replaced with relief.
“Thank you, sir”
Green smiled, Callum was a good lad, he just let his attitude rule his head.
“Don’t thank me just yet, you & Chris are still getting caned for your pub visit, & you’re still on punishment parade”
Callum’s shoulders dropped, any hope he had of escaping a caning had dissipated.
“But we’ll delay your caning until Thursday, give you a day or two to recover”
Callum smiled.
“Thank you, sir”
Green was relieved, Callum had found his manners again, he realised Callum didn’t mean any real disrespect, but sometimes he pushed it a bit too far, they were back on good terms now, but Green issued Callum a warning, so there could be no confusion going forward.
“But if you ever disrespect me like that again, I won’t hesitate to drag you back in & give you a repeat performance”
Callum shuffled uncomfortably at the prospect, he didn’t want another spanking like that, his bottom was incredibly tender, he wouldn’t be sitting comfortably for a while, but he knew he deserved it, not just for the pub visit, but for disrespecting his friend.
“I’m I disrespected you Gaz, I just wasn’t thinking, I know you sometimes let me get away with things you probably shouldn’t, & I appreciate it, & you”
Green walked over & gave Callum a hug, Callum hugged the younger man tightly, there was an unspoken camaraderie between them, although they butted heads, they had respect for each other, Green released Callum from the hug & patted him on the back.
“I appreciate you too when you’re behaving, & you get away with so much, cause you’re a nice guy, you’re a good senior, you keep the buggers in line when they need it, not to mention the amount of wresting cup & football trophy’s you won for Austere, it’s just you’ve got a shit attitude sometimes, luckily, I have a remedy for that”
Green patted Callum’s arse playfully.
“Now get yourself to class, & for fuck sake behave”
Callum let out a small laugh & turned to leave, rubbing his sore bottom as he left, causing Green to chuckle, he stood up & put away his cane, he left his slipper out to deal with Chris, he’d be caned with Callum on Thursday, but it was only fair he faced the same consequences Callum did, but unlike Callum, Chris would be going over his knee before bed.
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catb-fics · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
So the reads of this fic on my Wattpad are going a bit crazy at the mo so I’m guessing no one will read on here but hey-ho - just gonna post it on here anyway! Will post the next few parts quickly over the next few days so I can get on with writing some new stuff...
Playing Hard To Get (Part 4)
Warnings: More smut and kinkiness (no surprise) so please don’t read if that’s not your vibe! / Word Count: 4.5k
Read from beginning   Read Part 3
Your head's in turmoil as you walk home that afternoon, you keep going over and over what happened and the thoughts plague you all night too and into the next day. It was singularly the most erotic thing you've ever experienced but you just can't get your head around why Van didn't actually take it further. He so obviously wanted you and you're surprised he restrained himself. Most lads wouldn't have hesitated. But then Van isn't most lads as you're starting to find out.
You consider the fact that he might have been simply proving a point that you would eventually give into him and he's ultimately won the game you've been playing but you think there's more to it. You desperately hope so, or you don't know how you'll face him next time you see him. When you play it back in your mind you remember your desperation for him and the feeling of him completely taking control. Every time you think about it, it causes a stirring deep down inside of you.
And what the hell does he mean about making you his? It's not exactly a conventional relationship. He's not going to ring you up and ask you out on a date or turn up on your doorstep with flowers, you're sure of that. Nevertheless you've had a taste and you want more.
You've got exams the next week at uni so you've purposefully booked time off work, you know you need to keep your head clear and revise but you're regretting it now. It's hard to concentrate on your studies when your mind's full of him. Nevertheless you try to focus and clear your head. This is your future career. It's far more important than some sordid fantasy.
* * * * *
By the time the week's come to an end you've been working hard all week, staying up late poring over your textbooks, writing and re-writing your revision notes, burning the midnight oil. You need to let your hair down, you need some sort of release. When your friends call you up and suggest a night at the local pub you don't hesitate.
"Oh my god Y/N, I love that dress, you look gorgeous!" Katie announces as you give her a twirl.
Kim's not so sure, she pulls a face. "Looks a bit slutty if you ask me!"
"Thanks Kim, that's the exact look I was going for!" You say sarcastically, but you laugh, not really offended. You find yourself pulling the hem of your dress down to a more respectable level, although to be honest there's nothing respectable about the way you feel tonight. Van has awakened something in you and you can't deny the way you feel. A certain sort of hunger you need to quell.
"You know, I think Rob's out tonight..." Katie says, looking at you purposefully.
"Great!" You smile at her, but you're withering inside. Rob's good-looking and friendly enough and you know he's had his eye on you for weeks, but he doesn't excite you, he doesn't fill you with the kind of desire you crave.
"What are you looking like that for?" Kim says, picking up on your less than enthusiastic expression. "Rob is gorgeous, and he's so nice!"
You sigh, flopping down on the bed next to your friend. "Don't you ever get bored of just nice?"
Katie has a glint in her eye but Kim looks bewildered. "I don't get it Y/N. How can you get bored of someone being nice?"
You stand up, grabbing your glass of wine from the side, taking a huge swallow, looking at your friends. "Don't you ever wonder what it'd be like to be with someone who's not so nice..."
Kim's looking at you like you're crazy. "So you want a guy who's gonna treat you like shit?"
"No... I didn't mean that," you say, trying to find the right words. "Maybe someone who just takes control, kinda dominates you."
Now Kim really looks bewildered. "You want someone to boss you around? Yeah right, I can just see you taking orders from a guy!"
Katie's been adding the finishing touches to her makeup but she turns around now. "I think she means in the bedroom, don't you Y/N?"
"Uh-huh," you nod, and Kim's eyes widen then, as she finally catches up.
"Oh right! Well do you mean just talking dirty and stuff or full on kinky shit like being handcuffed to the bed?"
Handcuffs? Now there's a thought...
You feel yourself flushing at the lie you’re about to tell. "I don't know... I've not really thought about it in much detail..."
Katie laughs, draining the last of her wine. "You been reading too much Fifty Shades of Grey Y/N?"
"As if you're gonna find yourself a Mr Grey in this shitty town anyway!" Kim giggles. "Come on, I think the taxi's here."
* * * * *
When you arrive at the pub it's busy and you push through to the bar with your friends. Kim spots Rob and his mates ordering drinks and starts waving excitedly. He flashes you a huge grin, his face all lit up, and you return the smile but you're groaning inwardly at the prospect of him trying to chat you up all evening.
"Y/N! Ain't seen you for ages! How are ya?" A voice interrupts your thoughts and you turn to see Larry at the bar next to you.
Larry is Van's friend and you've always liked him, he's got an easy-going, friendly nature and he's always got a smile on his face.
"Hey Larry, I'm really good actually. Whatcha been up to?"
"You know, band stuff," he says, digging in his pocket for cash to pay for the round of pints the bartender's racking up for him.
You stifle a giggle. Larry's not actually a band member but as Van's best mate he travels everywhere with them. They're practically joined at the hip. That's when the realisation hits you as you count the five pint glasses. The band...
Your eyes travel beyond the bar and sure enough there's Van. He's with the other guys setting up their kit. Your heart sinks. You always avoid coming to see Van play. Last time you did you had to endure watching Kelly and her mates fawning over him. Sure enough there she is, hanging around the small stage, fluttering her eyelashes at Van as he says something to her and she flings her head back laughing like it's the funniest thing she's ever heard.
"You didn't tell me Van's band were playing here tonight," you say to Katie through gritted teeth.
She looks puzzled. "So what if they are? They're actually pretty good." She presses a glass of wine into your hand. "Honestly I don't know what it is with you and that Van. You always seem to rub each other up the wrong way."
You mumble something about him being moody and accept your fate, shuffling off behind Kim and Katie as they cheerfully greet Rob and his mates who just happen to have taken the table nearest to the stage.
You keep your head down, avoiding looking in Van's direction, greeting Rob and his friends. Kim and Katie sit down in the large booth type seating at the back and you realise to your dismay that the only available seat is a tiny space right next to Rob, but it's barely big enough for you to perch on.
"Where am I meant to sit?" You say loudly.
"Got a seat for you right here babe!" You hear Rob's voice boom out and you feel strong hands around your waist as he pulls you down right on his lap, laughing.
"Rob!" You cry, your wine slopping out the top of your glass as you try to right yourself and slip off his lap into the seat next to him.
Your eyes flick over to Van and he's looking right at you, and he looks pissed off. Not just pissed off but fuming actually. You feel your cheeks warm, looking away, trying to ignore the sinking feeling of disappointment you feel. Since your encounter you've not managed to get him out of your head and in contrast here he is, looking like you're the last person on earth he wants to see. So much for it being the start of something. Well fuck him!
You take a sip of wine, glancing over to check whether he's still looking over and sure enough he is. You're dimly aware that Rob's trying to get your attention, going on about some rugby match he's supposed to be playing the next day, and you plaster a smile on your face as you turn to him, leaning in like you're enthralled with what he's saying. Rob can't believe his luck and as you chat and cosy up to him, he slips an arm over your shoulder.
Your wine slips down easily and Kim gets another round in. You've got no idea what Rob's going on about now, you're so busy snatching surreptitious glances at Van who's stomping round in a foul mood as he sets up, casting irate glances in your direction every now and again. What the hell's his problem? You're beginning to regret ever getting tangled up with him, and you try to focus on feeling angry with him rather than the hurt that's threatening to surface.
When you slip off to the toilet you walk past the stage with your head down, fancying that you can feel Van's glare burning into you.
When you're done you take a deep breath before opening the toilet door, your head scrolling through excuses you might make to leave before the band even start playing. You don't think you can stand another minute in here. You're so wrapped up in your thoughts that you don't even notice Van until he steps out of the shadows right into your path, barring your way. There's a narrow corridor which separates the toilets from the bar area, and you're the only two people there.
"Van..." you say, shocked, instinctively backing up when you see the hostile look he's giving you. Despite your uneasiness, you start to feel that familiar tingle you always get when he confronts you and you curse yourself for not being able to control it.
"What the hell do you think you're playing at with Rob?" He growls, advancing on you.
You feel your back touch the wall and come to a stop, glaring back at him, the realisation suddenly hitting you that he's actually jealous. With this awareness comes a small feeling of triumph and a sudden rush of recklessness.
"Fuck you!" You snap, pushing yourself forwards from the wall, but to your surprise he firmly grips you by the shoulders, pushing you back and pinning you to the wall by force.
"Oh, I intend to," he says, his voice low, and without warning one of his hands hitches up your dress and you feel his fingers hook under the waistband of your underwear.
Your heart starts beating double time. Surely not here? Not now? Someone could walk through the door at any time and to be honest you're surprised no one has yet.
His eyes are blazing still, but as you watch his anger seems to melt away to be replaced by a smirk as he hears your breathing deepen. He gently tugs at the waistband of your panties, easing them down ever so slightly.
"Y/N you have a lot to learn," he says, then he leans down so his lips are brushing your ear as he whispers the next line to you. "And I'm going to enjoy teaching you."
Fucking hell! How can he have this effect on you without even touching you? His lips trail down to plant a feather-light kiss on your neck and the sensitivity makes your whole body jolt.
When he pulls back to face you, he's wearing that little knowing smile that tells you he knows the power he has over you and he's in his element.
"Why don't you take these off?" He says, tugging again at the waistband of your panties, slipping them a little further still down your hips.
"What? Now?" You say, your voice coming out shaky.
You glance around, wondering what the hell he has in mind in this very public place.
"Yes now," he says, his voice sharp.
You hesitate, and you see a darkness swirling in his eyes.
"Do it! Don't make me ask you again!" He commands.
You tentatively reach down, hitching up your dress as you slowly slide your underwear down your hips, your heart hammering in your chest with the fear of someone walking in and catching you.
Van's watching you as you continue to slide your panties down your legs until they fall to the floor, then you quickly bend down and step out of them, balling them into your fist.
"Good girl," Van smiles, a slow teasing smile. He shoots out a hand suddenly, grabbing your panties out of your hand. You watch him slide them into the back pocket of his jeans.
He puts a hand under your chin, tilting your face up to meet his gaze.
"I'll deal with you later," he says, his voice tinged with a promise that sends ripples of desire through you. Then he turns and pushes through the door back into the bar area, leaving you weak and breathless.
* * * * *
You walk back into the pub and take your seat, playing the scenario that's just unfolded over and over in your mind, your cheeks flushed and your heart still racing.
"What's up with you?" Kim comments, and you feel all eyes on you, furthering your embarrassment.
"Nothing," you mutter, grabbing your drink and taking a swallow, looking away, willing the attention to shift away from you.
You glance over at Van and your eyes lock, your belly flipping as his words play in your head.
I'll deal with you later...
What on earth does he have planned? The anticipation is burning in you and you shift in your seat, the knowledge of your nakedness under your dress making you feel even more restless.
Rob's still sitting so close that there's no gap at all between you and he casually drapes an arm over your shoulder as Van introduces the band and they start to play. There's no mistaking that look in Van's eyes, a stark kind of warning. You shift away uneasily.
Even though the band are just starting out they've already amassed quite a following and it's easy to see why. The talent is there, raw and vital. Van puts so much energy into the performance you could easily imagine him up on a much larger stage one day. He whips his head around, thrashes about with his guitar, swings his hips. In fact he's pretty mesmerising to watch and you find yourself even more intoxicated. Your eyes trail over him and you watch his long fingers picking out the notes on the strings of his guitar. Those fingers... you remember how they made you feel and you squirm in your seat. His voice is sweet and he sings with a passion, squeezing his eyes shut like he's lost in the moment. And he's not the only one...
"Y/N? Y/N!"
"Huh?" You don't even realise that Katie's standing there looking down at you, an expectant look on her face.
"Oh, so you are still with us then? I've been trying to get your attention for ages. D'ya want another drink?"
You accept the offer gratefully, feeling a little flustered that you've nearly been caught out. You make an effort to watch the whole band for the rest of their set, but it's hopeless, you keep finding your eyes wandering back to Van, your mind straying into dark territories.
After the band finish their set they pack up and you start to fret that Van's already slipped away. Shortly after though you can see a tall figure clad in black approaching your table out the corner of your eye and you purposefully don't look up, trying to play it cool. You're sandwiched into your seat between Kim and Rob and turn to talk to Kim, pretending you've not noticed his presence.
"Alright Van?" You hear Rob addressing him. "You played a blinder tonight."
"Cheers mate," he replies. "You errr... getting the beers in then? My round next."
You hear Rob agreeing and then he's up and out of his seat, and you feel another body slip into the vacant space. You don't even have to look to know that Van's sitting there. It's like your body's tuned into him. You can practically feel it thrumming from the knowledge that he's so close. You still sit there, chatting with Kim, making out you haven't realised.
He's sitting with his legs splayed wide, one thigh pressed up against yours under the table. You're still trying to pretend you've not noticed him, but his next move ensures you can no longer keep up the pretence. His hand moves under the table on to your thigh and he squeezes it gently before moving his hand up slowly, raising the hem of your dress.
You turn to face him, coming face to face with that little bemused smile he has when he knows he has you right where he wants you.
"Did you enjoy watching the band then?" He says.
"Yeah, you were pretty good actually," you say, surprising even yourself that you're actually giving him a compliment for once.
"Glad you enjoyed it," he smiles, then leans over so he can whisper in your ear. "Your night's about to get even better though."
He starts to rake his fingers slowly up and down your leg, letting them stray to your inner thigh and when they do you can feel goosebumps break out all over your body.
Rob arrives back with a tray of pints, and he tries but fails to hide the dismay he's feeling at seeing that Van's taken the seat next to you. Undeterred, he strikes up a conversation with you over the table. God, he's dull. And to be honest even if he was talking about something scintillating you wouldn't be able to follow the conversation with Van's touch getting closer and closer to the tops of your thighs. He's tracing little circles on your skin with the lightest touch of his fingertips. You smile and nod as Rob drones on, pleased that he hasn't seemed to notice that your thoughts are elsewhere.
Rob gets distracted by a friend eventually and Van leans over again to whisper in your ear. "Open your legs for me..."
Oh no, this is NOT happening. Not whilst you're sitting here with all your friends around you. You defy Van, squeezing your legs together, feeling the sticky wetness that's already gathered there from your arousal.
"Not now," you say to him quietly.
You feel his grip tighten on your thigh, his fingers digging in almost uncomfortably so. You inhale sharply between your teeth, looking at him in shock, only to be met by his unflinching stare. His voice is low and commanding when he speaks.
"If you're gonna start disobeying me, then we're gonna have a problem."
You should be furious with him, and part of you is, but there's an undeniable part of you that actually wants to see what will happen if you don't do as he asks.
"I'd say you're the one with the problem," you say scornfully.
His grip isn't letting up, in fact you're sure it's getting tighter.
"There you go again," he says. "Maybe I should take you out the back and teach you a lesson. Fuck that smart mouth of yours."
Did he really just say that? You feel your eyes widening in shock whilst Van sits there looking at you, pleased with the reaction he's getting.
He shakes his head slowly. "Now... are you gonna do as your told? 'Cause you don't want to see me get mad now do you?"
Your eyes dart around the table to see if any of your friends are paying any attention to these secretive exchanges that you and Van are making. The only person who seems to be remotely interested is Rob, he's talking to his friend but glancing at you every so often, his brow slightly furrowed, like he's trying to work out what's going on between the two of you.
You turn back to Van, your heart racing. "Well, maybe I do... maybe I deserve it..."
Then you fix him with a look, eyes wide and a little innocent, bottom lip caught in your teeth. Just as sure as he knows which buttons to push with you, it's now plainly clear exactly what fires him up. With the look he's giving you now you can tell he's having a hard time not throwing you down on the table right where you're sitting and fucking your brains out.
He leans into you again, whispering in your ear so close his breath is hot on your skin.
"This is how it's gonna go. I'm going to teach you some self-control. I'm gonna make you come, right here, right now. And you're gonna be a good girl for me and sit still and not make a sound, okay? Do you understand me?"
What the hell is this? He's testing you and you're caught between feeling like slapping him round the face and walking out or giving in to him. A part of you can't believe you're even considering it, but surely enough as he slides his hand further up your leg, firmly parting your thighs, you find yourself letting him.
You can do this, just zone out, take deep breaths. You glance around, catch Katie's eye, and she raises her eyebrows and looks between you and Van with a knowing look. You suppose to everyone else it just looks like you two are flirting. You decide it's probably safer to keep your attention on Van, especially now his fingers have started to work their magic on you.
Fuck, why is he so good at this? You feel your face flush as you realise exactly how wet you are, the sensation of his fingers sliding over your slick skin making you want to just abandon all rational thoughts and grab hold of him. He quickly finds your most sensitive area and begins to expertly caress it, his fingertips creating that delicious friction which sends shivers through your core.
"I don't think I'm ever gonna get tired of watching you come," he whispers, his eyes sparkling with a kind of burning excitement.
It feels even more intense than last time, he's obviously taken note exactly what actions cause your body to unravel. You concentrate on breathing slow and deep, tensing your body as he slides a finger slowly inside you, followed by another, hooking his fingers so they catch a spot that practically has you seeing stars.
Hearing your friends chat around you and feeling their presence whilst you're sharing this most intimate moment with Van unknown to them is probably one of the most arousing things you've ever experienced. You've always been thrilled by the risk of being caught, but this is on another level.
He takes his eyes off you just for a second so he can lean in close to you again and breathe in your ear. "I can't wait to taste you."
This is too much, you can feel your legs start to tremble as he continues to move his fingers inside you and he slowly starts to circle your clit with his thumb. Try as you might you're struggling to keep your breathing steady now and you're terrified that someone might realise what's happening so you bury your face into Van's shoulder as you feel your body let go.
Despite tensing your body you're still wracked with muted shudders, and can't help but let out a little moan which you hope only Van can hear over the background chatter of the pub.
You stay like that for a second, trying to compose yourself, but you realise you can't stay like that for long.
"Y/N... are you okay?" Katie's voice comes from across the table and you whip your head up, knowing you must look flustered and feeling ashamed. You're sure you must have that tell-tale flush you always get when you orgasm, and the fact that it's just happened in a pub full of people only further stains your cheeks with colour.
"I'm fine," you say quietly.
You catch Rob's eye and he looks concerned. If only he knew.
"Stop fussing, I just felt a bit faint for a moment, that's all."
You can feel the heat of Van's gaze and you furtively look across at him. His eyes are pooling with desire and he's wearing a secretive smile just for you, and you watch as he raises his hand to his lips and places the tips of the two fingers he's pleasured you with into his mouth. You don't know where to look as the expression on his face suggests he's savouring the taste of you.
"Actually, I still feel a bit faint, I'm just going to get a bit of fresh air," you say aloud, getting to your feet, stretching the hem of your dress down as far as it'll go.
Your friends seem concerned but you assure them all is fine. Van stands up and moves aside to let you go and you hurriedly make your way outside on still slightly shaky legs. You push through the door, glad to be away, your mind whirling with thoughts as you take deep breaths.
You feel slightly stunned about what's just occurred. Things like this just don't happen to you, your life is pretty unremarkable and you never let yourself go. With everything that's been happening these past few weeks you barely recognise yourself anymore.
You hear the door swing open and turn to see Van, and you watch as he leans against the brickwork and lights up a cigarette, the smoke from his exhale dissipating into the night air.
You're both quiet for a moment before he breaks the silence. "You alright?"
It's not exactly awkward but it's not comfortable either. Eventually you take a deep breath. "Van...?"
He looks up, waiting.
"What... is this?" You eventually say, slowly, cautiously, a hand indicating the two of you.
Van just smiles. "When I said I wanted you I meant it you know. But not just like this. I want all of you. I want you to surrender yourself to me. Completely."
"Oh..." You weren't expecting this. You're not even sure what he means let alone know how to respond.
The door swings open and Katie and Kim pile out, giggling, but their laughter trails off as they see you and Van.
"Oh... hi you two..." Kim says, sounding mildly surprised to find you both out here.
"Come on Y/N, taxi's here," Katie announces, linking her arm through yours, then she adds with a smirk. "Unless you're staying with Van of course?"
"No, no, come on let's go," you say and you leave him there, his words playing on your mind.
Read Part 5 now...
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incorrect-hs-quotes · a year ago
another long one lads
//source: poker face 2: all in - studio c
rose: Welcome back to this year’s coverage of the World Championships of Earth C Hold’em Poker, and some very familiar faces in our final four tonight. Kankri Vantas, of course, one of last year’s finalists; he is rumored to have recently had an organ transplant that did not go well. 
kankri: ‘Stupid... m9nkey kidneys...’
rose: And last year’s million dollar winner, Vriska Serket, clearly doing well for herself.
vriska, internally crying: ‘I am in soooooooo much de8t........’
rose: Amazingly, Jake English has returned, even though last year it was painfully clear that he did not know how to play poker.
jake: ‘Ahahahahahaha! Ohh fools! They have no idea that ive spent the last year learning everything there is to know about poker! Theyll never see it coming! Hoo hoo hoo hoo-’
jake, pulling a sandwich out from under the table: ‘Mmm sandwiches...’
rose: And our one new face, John Egbert, former protege of the late Jane Crocker, who passed away at this very table.
john: ‘this is for you, jane.’
john: *pulls out jane’s literal fucking urn and places it on the table*
rose: And here comes the flop, with the king of clubs, the seven of spades, and the queen of hearts. 
kankri, starting to cough: ‘Yes! I finally have a g99d hand! ST9P C9UGHING, Y9U F99L, THEY’LL KN9W Y9U’RE EXCITED!’
kankri, starting to cough in his head: ‘There we g9.’
kankri: ‘Wait, am I c9ughing int9 my 6rain?’
kankri: Tw9 hundred th9usand. 
vriska: ‘I just!!!!!!!! HAD to use my winnings to 8uy a yacht made of gold, which SUNK IMMEDI8TELY!!!!!!!!’
vriska: Call?
vriska: ‘Now all the fish are living large on my 8oat and all my friends are dead in their solid gold life vests........’
jake: ‘Lets see king of clubs queen of hearts seven of spades... I have an ace and a king which puts my odds of winning at... *Calculator noises* 62.48%! Excellent. But play it cool!! They dont know that you know how to play now!’
jake, shrugging dramatically: Call.......????
jake: ‘Mhmmm and the oscar goes to? Me!’
john: ‘okay, you can do this-’
jane: ‘Remain calm, John.’
jane: ‘Yes. I’m speaking to you from beyond the grave. Or, urn, rather. I’m here to help. My one mistake was that I panicked. I don’t want you to-’
john: call.
rose: Four players, eight hundred thousand in the pot. This could get interesting! And there’s the turn with the king of diamonds.
kankri: ‘Hahaha! Aw, man! I’m t9tally g9nna win!’
kankri: *His eyes widen as he hears a P9P fr9m inside him*
kankri, still... shakily reaching for his chips: ‘Must... finish... game... and... get... t9... h9spital-...!’
kankri: Five hundred th9usand.
vriska: ‘MmmmAAAAH!!!!!!!! I need to win so I can 8uy a silver 8oat to rescue the gold 8oat!!!!!!!!’
vriska: Call?
jake: ‘That king puts my odds at 89.07%- OOH dont be happy!’
jake, faking a frown: C...all.
john: ‘I’M SORRY!!!!!! it’s hard to concentrate when your DECEASED MENTOR starts TALKING in your HEAD!!!’
jane: ‘SURE, blame the DEAD GIRL!! JUST LOOK AT YOUR CARDS!!!’
john: *panics and knocks over jane’s urn*
rose: Oh, gross.
john: *starts trying to gather her ashes and put them back in the urn-*
jane: ‘Forget about me! PLAY THE GAME!’
john: call.
jane: ‘YOU DIDN’T!!! LOOK AT YOUR CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’
rose: Okay, I guess we’re just gonna pretend that didn’t happen! And there’s the river; it’s the ace of spades! That’s great news for anyone holding an ace right now.
kankri: ‘N9999999!!’
vriska: ‘NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!’
jake: ‘YEEEEEEEEES!!!’
kankri: ‘9hh, what d9 I d9? That ace c9uld ruin all! What are the chances that s9me9ne has a king AND an ace?’
jake, smugly: ‘0.01%.’
kankri: ‘I’ve g9t t9 g9 f9r it. My 9ne remaining kidney isn’t g9nna-’
kankri: *Freezes as he hears an9ther P9P*
kankri: ....All in.
vriska: All in.
jake: All in!
vriska: ‘AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!’
john: all in,!
jane: ‘I DON’T!! KNOW!!!!!!’
rose: Millions in the pot, but there can only be one winner. Kankri will show first...
kankri: *Flips his cards 9ver*
rose: A strong hand, there! Three kings.
kankri: ‘FASTER!!!!!!!!!!’
rose: And Vriska...
vriska: *Flips her cards over.*
rose: ...Only has two pairs, queens and sevens. Looks like she won’t be a repeat winner tonight.
vriska: ‘That’s it, it’s over. I wonder how much I could get for one of my kidney-...s........’
vriska: *Eyes........ Kankri........*
kankri: *...........Eyes her........ 6ack........ fearfully...............*
vriska, looking away and smiling deviously: ‘Like the wind.’
rose: I’m almost scared to see what Jake has...
jake: *Flips his cards over!*
rose: M- I- Oh, my. Jake has a full house! Kings full of aces! 
jake: ‘AHAHAHA! The padawan has become the jedi!’
rose: And no one knows what John has, including John.
jane: ‘Let’s just leave! I can’t take any more humiliation!’
john: ‘...i have... to know.’
john: *flips his cards over.*
rose: John has a pair of aces! He’s won it all!
rose: What an unbelievable ending to this tournament! And now we close; Kankri Vantas is quickly leaving, most likely to a hospital, and Vriska Serket follows him close behind?
vriska, running after kankri: ‘HERE COMES THE WIIIIIIIIND!!!!!!!!’
rose: And Jake... consoles himself with a sandwich.
jane: ‘Hoo hoo hoo! Oh, now you can afford to buy me an urn with a television in it! Heheh-’
john: *knocks the fucking urn over again in excitement*
jane: ‘Woah! I’m everywhere!!!’
rose: We thank you for joining us, and good night.
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fucked up dream last night lads 
(long post that reads exactly like someone describing a dream to you; click readmore at your own discretion) 
ok so 86% of my dreams are utterly incomprehensible but the ones that are can be very useful in rare instances where I can use them to discover how I would actually act in hypothetical situations because they’re very real to me in the moment despite everything being fuzzy and confusing and I rarely do things in them that don’t make sense to me afterwards. i’m very present in my own subconscious lmfao
long story short I was sitting at a bar (like a real grown up alcohol bar) with the vague notion that I was hungry cause my family was having dinner at a restaurant full of food I couldn’t stand to eat (typical scenario irl) but I ended up at this bar full of alcohol which I can’t consume either so ugh but then the guy behind the bar comes and offers me a bowl of vanilla ice cream! and I was sitting there like ???!!! cause I hadn’t said a single thing. 
I get down about it quick tho bc I think about how much it’s going to cost and I imagine it’s a lot (it’s a tiny ass bowl of ice cream but I’m always afraid of spending money. score one for realism as I said up there) but when I ask the guy says sth like “it’s free but it’d be great if you’d go out with me this weekend as a tip” and I burst into hysterical laughter because the concept of being asked out on a date is so foreign to me
like I legitimately didn’t realize how absurd and foreign it really was to me til tonight. like it’s unfathomable.
but then I’m suddenly remembering that this place is some faraway city that my family is on vacation in and we are leaving soon so I explain this and the guy frowns and leaves 
smash cut to me frantically trying to find him in a crowd of ppl in this bar scene because I don’t know anything about him and he looked different every time I looked at him but he ASKED ME OUT ON A DATE, you know, like in movies? like in tv shows? it’s like I was told I won a new car and I told them I can’t drive. who cares that I can’t drive. you have to take a free new car. you have to. 
and suddenly he’s found me again in the middle of the crowd (he’s changed from having black hair and a beard to being a clean shaven blond and gone through several steps in between; I’ve never once looked him in the eyes) and he’s saying, like in the worst script for anything you’ve ever read, “I love you” over and over again, and then very distinctly, “I don’t know why but I do” which in retrospect is making me want to cry. my subconscious straight up said yeah, no, there’s absolutely no reason for anyone to ever have feelings for you.
like we know, but hey. 
and I’m standing there completely overwhelmed by this trying to stutter out stuff like “it’s ok it’s ok I’ll come back I’ll come back” and I remember thinking clearly that this is when in the movies you’re supposed to just stay with them and not get on the plane but I was scared of this bar and this city and I didn’t want to be left alone there with him 
so I convinced him to write down his like, contact info on a napkin, and in the funniest part of this or any dream I’ve ever had, I see he has a livejournal account and am like, oh he can’t be that bad then, he’s on livejournal!
not even tumblr. my subconscious said livejournal is where it’s fucking AT 
so anyways I have to leave at that point and he frowns again and I think hysterically of how I can repay this person for the debt of being taken a romantic interest in and I knew kissing had to be involved so I look at his mouth
and have the distinct gutwrenching thought that I don’t WANT my first kiss to be with a boy, which is true on a gut level but my subconscious didn’t have to make me face up to it like that bc what even does that mean re: who I am as a person
so I kiss him on the hand and cheek and forehead and then smash cut to me walking back to my family and even tho it was only kissing my three layers of shirts I always wear are all messed up and unbuttoned and such for no apparent reason 
and then I woke up and remembered it all and how fucked up several parts of it were and how insanely absurdly thrilled I was the whole time that someone liked me romantically 
and how comparatively awful I felt now that I was awake and the illusion was over
and also how much I was scared and how desperate I was to do anything I had to for some stranger just because they said I love you and how much I, apparently, when it came down to it, really didn’t want to kiss a man. what if it was a lady? or just Not A Man? doubt I’ll get a chance to perform an equal opportunity experiment on that one so I guess we’ll never know. 
was gonna make a joke about my funny comphet dream or sth but I’m just sad and confused now. not worried abt being bi or not bc I might as well be anyways, clearly. where’s that profile of Newt from pacrim and it says Sexuality: Anyone who will take him. like yeah me too. I would have done whatever that guy said and I didn’t even like him. 
also in retrospect the ice cream he gave me was half melted already. use your electroshock therapy and/or tarot cards on THAT symbolism.
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onlycags · a year ago
Mixed Signals | Çağlar Söyüncü
Request: Hello my love, could you possibly do a cags one where you have a huge crush on him but only your best mate chilly knows and cags gets the impression that you to are getting together so at a party he is chatting up thing really fit girl and you just break down cos you really thought he liked you back and you cry with chilly but cags overhears you crying and venting to chilly saying you love cags and he bursts in and says he loves you too and maybe you go home with him just fluffy btw love you 🥰
OMG OMG OMG I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Thank you!!! xx
- - -
You and Ben had always been touchy-feely as friends, probably something to do with the fact that you had known each other since you were five years old - a time before boys and girls were sat down and explained to about the ‘birds and the bees’. Both your families were convinced that someday the two of you would settle down with each other, but you both knew better. ‘Just friends’ meant just that. You had seen each other at your worst and at your best and sometimes knew things about the other before they even knew themselves, which was exactly how you had found yourself in your current predicament.
“You fancy Çağlar Söyüncü,” your best mate announced as he walked through the door of your flat - right on time for your standard Wednesday-evening movie night.
You froze, still bent over the oven reaching for the pizza. “Benjamin James Chilwell!” You scolded, finally regaining your composure. “Whatever gave you that idea?!”
He walked over to your refrigerator and grabbed a beer. “Just was thinking about it today. You’ve been coming ‘round to the KP and Belvoir a lot more than usual and I’ve noticed the way you interact with him is all.”
“That’s all?” You repeated, quirking an eyebrow up at him.
“Yeah. Just thought you’d like to know.”
The rest of your evening continued like it usually did on Wednesdays, except this time it was your turn to pick the movie. You couldn’t concentrate, though, all your focus on Ben’s unexpected comment earlier. You couldn’t deny that you had been going to more training sessions lately, but you would argue that you just wanted to watch your best mate play as much as you could. And you had been interacting more with the lads, but it wasn’t just Çağlar - you were also getting close with James, Tielemans, and Perez.
You thought about the Turk as the movie you had chosen played out on the screen, Linda Hamilton’s 1984 fashion sense barely registering while you rested your head on Ben’s shoulder. You thought about how your gaze always drifted to Çağlar when you were in a room together, how lately you had stopped watching Ben on the pitch and watched him instead, and how badly you wanted to run your fingers through his hair.
“Oh, fuck,” you whispered, just as the Terminator crashed through the police station with his car.
“How are you still so invested in this movie when you’ve literally seen it a thousand times?” Ben asked, bringing you out of your thoughts.
“Sorry, mate, I was actually thinking about Çağlar.”
“Oh, fuck!”
“Yeah, I was thinking about what you said and I realized you were right.”
“Yes!” Ben punched the air, jostling you around.
“Ben, mate, chill out!” You yelled, laughing as you pushed him away.
“I’m just happy I’m right - leave me alone, woman!”
You ruffled his hair, knowing it would irritate him, laughing at his reaction. “Whatever, mate. Just promise you won’t let me do anything stupid in front of him.”
“You know I can’t promise that, [Y/N]!”
You rolled your eyes, snuggling back into your best mate. “I hate you.”
“You know you love me.”
“Okay, Gossip Girl.”
“Hey! You promised you wouldn’t call me that anymore!”
“Promise me you won’t let me do anything stupid around Çağlar and we might have a deal.”
He sighed dramatically and you  knew you’d won. “Fiiine.”
You spent the next two weeks going between work, Belvoir Drive, and your flat to sleep. It seemed like when you weren’t at work, you were watching the lads train. Well, it wasn’t so much all the lads as it was Çağlar. He had come up to you a few times after training and you had talked for a bit before someone ultimately called him away each time. It was getting to the point where it was hard to sleep, sleep only coming after you screamed his name with your hand between your legs.
You still weren’t sure if he felt the same way you did, but you got your confirmation at Saturday’s match against Man City where Leicester won, 1-0. You rushed the field after the match, heart hammering as your gaze met Çağlar’s. You ran to him and launched yourself at him without thinking. He picked you up and spun you around, the two of you laughing together. “You were amazing out there,” you said, breathless when he finally put you back down on the ground.
“Thank you,” he said, grinning from ear to ear. You craved to run your fingers through his hair, but you didn’t want to freak him out. Just as you were probably going to do something stupid, Ben showed up to save the day.
“There’s my girl,” he said, pulling you into a side-hug while he kissed your temple.
“Proud of you, babe,” you replied, smiling up at your best mate, not noticing Çağlar’s expression as he watched the two of you together.
“I will be going. See you at the after-party, Ben,” Çağlar said, not even acknowledging you as he walked away.
“Oh, shit, things were going well between you two and I just came in here and fucked it all up, didn’t I?” Ben groaned, running a hand down his face.
“Nah, mate. Cags and I were having a good time, but you didn’t ruin anything.” You wrapped your arm around Ben’s waist, walking with him toward the tunnel.
“Hey, love, wanna come with me to this post-match celebration?”
You hesitated. “Isn’t it just for the lads, though?”
“Lads and their significant others,” Ben said as Çağlar walked past the two of you. “You should come.” He whispered, “Cags will be there and we can get you two together.”
You blushed, but nodded. Over the past few weeks your crush had gotten worse and now that Çağlar had picked you up and spun you around today, you couldn’t wait to flirt with him and make a move.
You went home and changed, taking care to put on your sexiest lingerie underneath your high-waisted shorts and crop top. You put on some light mascara and your favourite red lipstick with your best heels. Ben knocked on the door and you opened it, twirling in front of him.
“Damn, girl! Cags won’t know what hit him!” Ben exclaimed.
“You sure?” You asked shyly.
“Hundred percent. If he doesn’t ask you out, he’s a fool. Now, c’mon, let’s go.”
You and Ben arrived at the party at Madders’s house, the music blaring loudly. “I thought you said it was just gonna be the lads and their significant others.”
Ben grimaced. “I thought so, but I forgot that James was hosting tonight, so there’s going to be plenty of ladies here tonight.”
You laughed at his expression. “Well, if you need a wingwoman, let me know.”
“Of course, love, but hopefully you’ll be too busy shagging Cags to help me.”
“Let’s hope.” You grabbed Ben’s wrist and dragged him inside into the kitchen. “But first: alcohol.” You poured yourself a rum and Coke, heavy on the Coke.
“Alright, where’s Cags?” Ben asked, surveying the room. “Oh, there he is!” He waved to Çağlar and the Turk waved back. “C’mon, let’s go say hi!”
“Hey,” Çağlar greeted, his gaze roaming over your body briefly. Heat flooded straight between your legs, but you tried to remain cool and aloof. “How are you two doing?”
“Great!” Ben answered for you. “I picked her up and we came straight here. Doesn’t she look incredible?” Ben slung his arm around you, and you could tell he was already getting a little tipsy.
“Careful there, love,” you said, placing a hand on his chest to steady him.
Çağlar’s expression turned unreadable and he turned his attention elsewhere. “I will be back,” he said and walked away.
“Haha, Cags sounded just like the Terminator!” Ben chuckled, draining his drink.
“Benjamin, don’t get too drunk now, because I’m not going to be able to help sober you up tonight. Besides, I need your help!”
“Only for you, [Y/N].”
You wandered around the party, talking to various Leicester players and their significant others, your eyes always searching for Çağlar. Çağlar, who had been talking to the same woman for the past thirty minutes.
You tried not to take it personally, but you couldn’t help comparing yourself to her. The girl was fitter than you - she obviously played a sport - and had long blonde hair that fell past her shoulders that made your hair look like utter shit in comparison. She was swirling her drink in one manicured hand, while the other landed on his forearm. He smiled at her and your stomach sank.
In a moment of courage, you decided to walk past the two of them on your way over to the kitchen to get another drink. You watched as he tucked a lock of the beautiful girl’s hair behind her ear and said something to her in Turkish.
As if in a nightmare, your eyes met. He quickly looked away, turning his attention back to her.
You ran to one of James’s spare guest rooms, pulling out your phone and texting Ben to meet you.
“What’s wrong?” Ben asked, appearing like magic.
You walked into his arms and started crying. “Çağlar’s flirting with another girl and she’s hotter than me.” You laughed mirthlessly. “God, I sound so stupid.”
“Hey! You are not stupid, love. Cags has no idea what he’s missing.”
You sighed, laying down on the bed. “It’s so ridiculous! Here I am, liking a guy I have no business liking, and this is how it turns out.”
Çağlar had stopped listening to the blonde the moment the two of you had locked eyes. You were all he could think about, but he was trying desperately to focus on the woman in front of him. She’s Ben’s girl, he kept repeating to himself over and over, hoping by the thousandth time the sentiment would sink in and he would get over this stupid crush he had developed on you. The problem was, he was still thinking about how you had hugged him after the match earlier today and the fact that you showed up looking so effortlessly hot had him in knots.
Ashley or Anna or whatever her name was had just asked him a question, but he was over it. “I, uh, need to do something. I will be right back,” he said, walking in the direction he had seen you last.
Your voice was loud, and he was able to find you.
“Hey! You are not stupid, love. Cags has no idea what he’s missing.”
“It’s so ridiculous! Here I am, liking a guy I have no business liking, and this is how it turns out.”
Çağlar paused, torn between leaving and staying to listen. Your voice came through again, making his decision for him. “Fuck, Ben! I really thought Çağlar liked me as much as I like him! But no, he’s off flirting with some girl who looks nothing like me and now I look hot for nothing.”
Çağlar was surprised by what he was hearing. He couldn’t believe that you liked him back and that you were discussing this with your boyfriend of all people. Before he could stop himself, he was entering the room, saying, “You don’t look hot for nothing.”
You gasped, sitting up when you heard his voice. “Çağlar? What the hell are you doing here and how much did you hear?”
“I’m just gonna…go…” Ben trailed off, quietly exiting the room.
“I followed you here because I have not stopped thinking about you since you hugged me today.”
“What about the girl you’ve been flirting with all night?”
“I have not been flirting with her,” he protested, reaching for you.
“Why wouldn’t you be flirting with her? She’s fit and beautiful and-”
“She’s not you,” he murmured before capturing your lips in his.
His hands landed on your hips as he pulled you into him. You moaned, threading your fingers through your hair, getting wetter when you realized how good it felt to have him like this. He slid his hands up your crop top and you whimpered as his calloused hands connected with your soft skin. Your tongues tangled together and you dug your nails into the nape of his neck.
“I only want you,” he whispered, resting his forehead against yours.
You smiled, biting your lip. “Good, because I only want you, too.”
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blissfullyshipping · 2 years ago
Pocahontas (Thorin x Reader) -Chp1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Story summary: Set before the quest for Erebor. Homeless and wounded after the Battle of Moria, Thorin and his kin find shelter in an ancient dwarven tribe. He meets the Chiefs daughter who teaches him the beauty of nature, challenging his royal upbringing.
Chapter summary: lil angsty backstory for Thorin after the Battle of Moria. Will be more speech in next chapter I promise lol
Fandom: The Hobbit
Warnings: mentions of death
A/N: I'm backkk *laughs nervously* I'm not even gonna make an excuse this time, but my laptop is permanently broken so I wrote this on my phone. New Pocahontas series bc why not start a new series when you haven't finished the others :)
They had won the Battle of Moria but at what cost, Thorin reflects gravely as he looks upon the sea of corpses. The King is dead. Frerin is dead. And Thrain has fled, Thorin thinks of his father bitterly. They had come to Moria to seek refuge, to rebuild their home, to recover from the loss of Erebor. Instead their enemy was waiting and ready for blood. Azog. The name brought a wave of pain and rage as Thorin takes the decapitated head of his grandfather and returns it to the rest of his dead body. The remaining dwarves gather around, paying their last respects to their King.
"Gather the dead," Thorin commands coldly, "we are too few and defenceless to stay and protect Moria. We shall leave in the morn." The company nod solemnly and separate, some start digging graves whilst the others collect the bodies of their fallen brothers and sisters.
Thorin himself goes off to search for his own kin, through the blood and mud trying to spot the familiar golden armour. Memories of his younger brother begin to flood his mind. Frerin. So full of life, so happy. Frerin was protected from his royal duties, allowed to enjoy his sheltered childhood. At first Thorin would envy his younger brother but as time went on and Thorin's own duties began to get too much he found solace in Frerin's joyful innocence. Lighting up any room with his smile and mischievous antics. 
Thorin spots the familiar red strip of cloth, Frerin had tied to the handle of his sword, flailing in the wind. His brother's keepsake of their mother. He stumbles into the pool of blood and collapses to his knees beside the body, sinking into the mud. 
Cradling Frerin, Thorin is pulled into memories of when he was a boy and Frerin was a babe, holding his baby brother close as he cried. It was Thorin who was crying now. Silent tears streak down his muddy face. 
He should've been here for him. 
Guilt racks his body. Even in death Thorin couldn't make it up to his brother. His funeral would be an unmarked, isolated grave. They had been rendered to poverty after Smaug's attack, and although Frerin kept high hopes, he had at least wanted his brother to have a funeral fit for a royal. 
He takes off Frerin's helmet, swallowing dryly as he takes in those piercing eyes staring up at him. Shaking hands go to close the corpses eyelids. He picks up the body and begins to trudge back to camp, stepping over the numerous bodies in his way. 
"Where are we heading for son?" Balin breaks the silence of the caravan, walking beside Thorin. They had been travelling for days on end, disheartened and wary, trudging blindly along Middle Earth. 
"We head for Ered Luin," Thorin replies gruffly and Balin nods.
"Laddy we need to set up camp tonight. Many of the dwarves are injured, we all need to rest for the journey ahead." The words make Thorin tense up. He knew he was pushing his kin but it was for their own safety. They would not survive another attack and at the snail pace they were currently travelling at they wouldn't reach safety in time. They haven't got the luxury of resting.
However, as Thorin looks behind him, he understands Balin's words. His people were exhausted, hungry and dangerously low on supplies and medicines to tend to their wounded. They'll be digging new graves soon. Reluctantly Thorin nods, this was not how he dreamt he would take over as king. He was failing his people. 
Balin's warm hand grasps his shoulder knowingly. "You're doing well lad. These are trying times but I know you'll lead us to the light." He says sincerely, and Thorin can hear the pride in his words. A small but sincere smile graces his lips in thanks to his old friend.
"We'll camp soon, beyond those trees." He gestures to the oncoming forest.
They had set up camp seeking shelter in the thriving forest. Thorin had never seen a forest quite like it, so lush and healthy, it was certainly unusual. A small haven in the midst of their misery.
Thorin watches the camp as they rest. He had helped tend to the wounded as best as they could, he had helped his kin settle down for the night and had taken first watch. It had made him feel slightly lighter, having the reassurance and trust of his people. 
Yet his heart is still heavy with everything they have lost. Being brought up in royalty and riches it was hard to adjust so drastically. To look upon his impoverished people who were nobles back in Erebor, it left him cold to know of what they had been robbed of. 
His thoughts are interrupted with the faint sound of splashing water. Grasping his sword, Thorin scrambles to his feet ready for an attack. He had sent Dwalin out to scout the area beforehand and the dwarf had come back satisfied they were alone, clearly he was mistaken. 
Leaving his company behind, Thorin ventures out to locate the sound. Silently, he walks through the dense forest imagining what kind of enemy awaits him and how many there would be. He tightens his hold around his sword as the splashing grows louder and wades through a small pond. He stops as a thick leafy veil blocks his view. Knowing danger lurks behind it, Thorin doesn't even stop to think as he charges through the veil ready to slaughter the enemy.
His warrior cry is caught in his throat as he stops in his tracks and stares at his 'foe'. 
But instead of danger, Thorin is met with a small, copper-skinned woman, innocently filling her ceramic pot with water.
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justasupersonicwoman · 2 years ago
Dinner & Diatribes
Brian May x F!Reader
Summary: Based on Dinner & Diatribes by Hozier- The reader and Brian head out to have dinner with the boys and Veronica at a stuffy club in the West End. The reader grows bored and decides to tease Brian with what will happen when they go home.
Warnings: Swearing, Sex, Dirty Talk, Hozier Lyrics
A/N: This song is just too sexy and I immediately thought of Brian 
Tumblr media
“You almost ready love?” Brian called from the settee.
“Nearly, just give me two more minutes” you yelled back, spraying on the Chanel perfume Brian had bought you back from Paris.
With one last look in the mirror, you grabbed your bag and walked out to your awaiting boyfriend.
“Finally! Roger must be doing his lid that we aren`t-” he looked up from his book and his jaw dropped, “there yet” he finished quietly.
“You like?” you spun around, showing off the short velvet slip dress and fishnet tights, complete with white boots.
Brian swallowed loudly, his eyes sweeping up and down your figure, “very much” he nodded.
He stood up and fastened his jacket, reaching out to wrap his long arms around your waist, his fingers tracing patterns on your back. 
“Maybe Rog won`t mind if we are late” he leaned down to press a kiss against your neck.
“None of that until later Mr May” you tilted your head to peck his lips and walked towards the door, an extra sway in your hips to tease him.
With a repressed groan, Brian followed you and locked up your flat before leading you to his car.
Arriving at the prestigious club, located in a West End hotel Roger had booked for the evening, you fidgeted with your dress, noting how underdressed you are and the looks you were receiving from the other attendants.
“Honey, this club here is stuck up” you whispered.
“Stop fidgeting love, you look beautiful” Brian took your hand and led you to the table his friends were gathered around.
“You know this will be the usual dinner and diatribes between Fred and Rog about the new album” you joked and Brian just chuckled, “oh definitely”
“Ah look who finally showed up” Roger rolled his eyes but grinned wolfishly around his cigarette.
“Hello darlings” Freddie stood up and pulled you into a hug, kissing your cheek before hugging Brian and ushering you both to sit down next to him.
“Sit dears” he ordered and called the waiter over to get everyone another round of drinks.
The drinks started following and as predicted, a tipsy Roger started on at Freddie about the rhythm section while Deaky joined in to argue about his bass notes.
“Oh fuck off Rog, you know you will get it eventually and Deaky, you can fuck off too” Fred pinches the bass players cheek and he responds with a grin at the antics.
“Well I think it should be rewritten, the drums are not the problem” Roger slapped a hand on the wooden table.
“No it`s the drummer” Freddie retorted and Roger snubbed out his cigarette in irritation, maturely sticking out his tongue.
Brian watched intensely, throwing in his own opinion and you shifted in your chair, finding Brian sexy when he spoke about his music. The passion and intensity he exuded while speaking about music was only matched by his passion in the bedroom.
He eventually glanced over at you once he had finished his own argument and bit his lip, leaning down to whisper in your ear.
“I knew well from our first hookup, the look of mischief in your eyes” his lips brushed your ear lobe and you repressed the shiver that ran through you.
“Well, I am not a musician so naturally, I get bored listening to the technical terms you all throw around” you explained, reaching for his thigh and he shakes his head, “behave” he almost growls into your neck.
“Can`t make any promises” you trace a hand over his thigh before reaching across to grab a piece of bread from the basket in the middle of the table.
“Come on lads, let`s talk about something else. The ladies don`t want to listen to us argue all night” Brian looked at you and across to Veronica who nodded with relief.
“Your friends are a fate that befell me” you playfully glared at Freddie, “and Hell is the talking type” you pointed at Roger who hold his hands up in defeat.
“With words like that, Y/N should be writing our lyrics” John joked and Brian says “enough” with authority that would make your knees weak if you were standing.
“I`d suffer Hell if you`d tell me, what you`d do to me tonight” you suggestively addressed Brian and the rest of the table went silent.
Freddie broke the silence with a booming laugh, “well she certainly is a spitfire, giving our Bri a run for his money” and Roger joins in, “can he handle her is the question?” 
Brian doesn`t dignify them with an answer, just takes a sip of his drink.
The conversation quickly turned to the new car Roger decided to purchase and was waiting to arrive at the garage, thus the “in love with my car” jokes ensued until the waiter came over to take your orders.
“Honey” Brian leaned down and you looked at him, running your tongue across your lip to catch a stray bit of butter.
“After those words of yours, I am laughing because when it sunk in that you said that in front of my friends well...a pillar I am, upright” he explained and your eyes widened before you smirk.
You reached across to his lap, under the cover of the table cloth, to touch his erection, fingers tracing him through his trousers.
Brian groaned and John frowned, “you alright mate?” 
“Fine” Brian choked out and John just shrugs and resumes his chat with Veronica.
“You sure Brian?” you palmed his cock once more and he jumped a little out of his seat.
“Y/N, I- scarcely can speak for my thinking about what you`d do to me tonight” he repeated your words back to you and you felt a rush to your core.
“Fuck, Brian, when can we leave?” you almost begged and he shook his head, removing your hand from his lap and engaging in conversation once more with his mates.
Finally, the dinner was served and everyone settled down into general chit chat, discussing the up and coming punk scene and Fred`s run in with Sid Vicious which made you almost cry with laughter.
“Can`t believe you said that to him, darling” you grabbed onto his shoulder for support after his flare for dramatics made the story come to life.
Dessert came and went with Brian nearly jumping out of his seat when your hand yet again came into contact with his cock, fingertips teasing but never giving him the relief he so desperately needed.
The table became empty once Roger had gone to phone Dominque who was away at her Mum`s, John and Veronica headed home to relieve their babysitter and Fred had gone to the bar to track down another bottle of champagne to end the night “with a bang.”
“Now that the evening is slowing” Brian turned to face you, his hand cupping your cheek, “now that the end`s in sight” he leaned down with his lips mere millimeters from yours, you could feel his breath across your face and you could practically taste the Eaton Mess he had eaten for dessert.
“Yes” your eyes met his hazel ones which burned bright even in the dim lighting.
“Honey, it's easier knowing what you'd do to me tonight” Brian pulled away as Fred sat back down, cheering about getting the last bottle of Moet.
You were speechless as the blood rushed through your veins, you just wanted to get Brian home and fuck his brains out.
Suffering through the last moments of the night with a couple glasses more of champagne, you were finally saying goodbye to Roger and Freddie.
Brian had his hand wrapped around your waist and you pressed your arse against him, reveling in the feel of his hard on against your lower back.
“Don`t do anything I wouldn`t do” Freddie teased, noticing the blazing look in your eyes and Brian chuckled, “so anything is okay”
“Cheeky May” Fred clucked his tongue and dragged Roger off to the bar to continue their night of drinking.
You and Brian made your way out to the valet but you needed the bathroom before you left so you went and while you were washing your hands, you heard a lock click.
“Hello?” you called out and walked slowly into the sitting area of the toilets.
“Anyone there?” you asked and were shocked when Brian suddenly pushed your body against the wall.
“Did you enjoy teasing me all night?” his eyes were now darkened with lust and you smirked, “yes I did”
“Tell me-” he began and ran his tongue down your neck, pressing a kiss to the hollow of your throat, “tell your man what you`d do to me tonight” he quickly moved to sit down on the chaise lounge and looked at you expectedly.
“Well, you would drive us home and you would behave, you wouldn`t touch me and I wouldn`t touch you. The suspense always makes it better doesn`t it love?” he nodded, licking his lips.
“I would tell you to strip naked and sit on the settee, tell you to wait for me” you take a couple of steps towards him, hands tracing your own curves.
“I`d be naked too and I would kiss your neck, mark you up so everyone knows that the greatest guitar player in the world belongs to me” you stepped forward to stand between his legs, leaning down to kiss his neck, sucking gently on the part where neck and shoulder meet.
Brian let out a small moan and his hands raised to grab your arse.
“Ah ah ah, hands to yourself” you ordered and his hands instantly dropped to his sides.
“Good boy” you praised him, “then I would get to my knees and take your cock into my mouth as deep as it would go until you are choking me, until I am gagging on your cock” you reached down to grab his hand, your tongue licking around his middle and index finger before taking them into your mouth, sucking harshly before removing them with an audible pop.
Brian`s hips jolt forward at the suction, his trousers barely containing his growing bulge.
“I would suck you in, fondle your balls and wrap my hand around your length, pumping until you come down my throat” you tilt his chin up and kissed his lips gently.
“Then I`d ride you nice and hard, holding your wrists so you can`t touch me, until you scream my name” you whispered against his lips and he moaned loudly.
“Fuck Y/N” his eyes traced your face and he whimpered, “that`s the kind of love I`ve been dreaming of” he admitted and you bite your lip in satisfaction.
You had all the power and you decided to use it, “but that has to wait until we get home so come on, let`s go” you straighten up and head towards the door.
“No fucking way my love, I am fucking you right here to punish you for your behaviour this evening and then we are heading home for that kind of love” he growls and stood up, grabbing your waist and spinning you round.
He lifted you up into his arms and carried you to the countertop, his lips crashing against yours with an unmatched hunger, his kisses fierce, passionate and all consuming.
“Brian” you moaned when his kisses moved from your mouth to your neck, sucking and nipping in a way that was definitely leaving marks.
His lips traced down your collarbone and over the top of your breasts before coming back to your lips, his tongue thrusting into your mouth and immediately winning the battle before it began.
Calloused hands that were tracing your waist pushed your legs apart so he could step between them, his hands fingering the holes in your fishnets until he shoved your dress up to your waist, his fingers tracing your core through the material.
“Fuck” you cried when his thumb pressed against your clit, “please” you cried.
You heard a loud ripping noise and in your haze of Brian-induced pleasure, realised he had ripped your tights.
“Brian” you admonished and he shrugged, “it was quicker than taking them off” he explained and you gasped, “they were my only pair” 
“I will buy you a thousand pairs Y/N, but right now I need to fuck you” he groaned, moving your underwear to the side to swipe his fingers up and down your folds.
“So wet” he breathed out and his eyes met your hooded ones.
“Fuck me” you begged and Brian tutted, “you need to be quiet baby, otherwise people could hear you crying out for me”
“Oh, let there be hotel complaints and grievances raised” you didn`t give a shit you just needed to feel him inside of you after a whole night of teasing.
“I will fuck you but I need you to be quiet” he pulled his hand away and you whimpered.
“Why?” you cried, wrapping your legs around his waist to grind on his clothed cock.
“The papers would have a field day” he chuckled, kissing your neck again.
“Oh, let there be damage ensued and tabloid news” you reached down to undo his belt and zipper, pulling out his cock and stoking up and down.
Brian gave in with your touch, “Fuck it, let The Sun print about how Brian May fucked his girlfriend so hard in the toilets, the hotel had complaints”
You grinned, and held your underwear to the side for him as he pushed inside of your wet pussy, you both groaned and Brian pressed his lips to yours once more, his tongue swiping across yours with renewed passion.
“You were so naughty tonight baby, winding Roger up and teasing me with your words and your hand on my cock, I have never heard such naughty words said so poetically” he pulled out an thrust back inside of your cunt with a groan.
Leaning against the mirror, you were speechless at the feel of him inside you, you were breathing heavily against his neck until he wrapped an arm around your shoulders to look you in the eyes.
“Not so poetic now with my cock inside of you?” he teased, his thumb brushing over your clit and you shuddered, feeling your orgasm coming.
“Brian please” you begged and he stopped with one last roll of his hips.
“Please what?” he asked, his eyebrows raising.
You reached up to tangle your hands in his curly hair, “please fuck me harder” 
He obliged your request and dragged you to the edge of the counter, the angle of his cock inside you changed and his head pressed against your g-spot with every thrust.
“Yes there right there” you screamed.
“Scream for me baby, let everyone know who is fucking you so well” his thrusts grew sloppy as he neared his high.
“Brian” you moaned, clenching around his cock and gripping his hair in your hands.
The feeling of you grabbing his hair and clenching around his cock brought Brian to his climax.
“Fuck Y/N” he groaned, cumming deep inside of you with a few more rolls of his hips before he came to a stop, breathing heavily against your forehead.
It took a few minutes but you both came back to yourselves and collected your thoughts.
“Now that was the kind of love I`ve been dreaming of” you kissed him lightly and he grinned, “I love you” he sighed.
“I love you too” you shakily jumped off of the counter and Brian caught you, steadying you and pulling your dress down.
“I can`t believe you ripped my tights” you huffed.
“Sorry, I just needed you” Brian shyly bit his lip and you shook your head.
“How can you go from dominating to shy so quickly? It`s amazing” you smiled.
“You`re amazing” he told you and it was your turn to bite your lip.
“Well as punishment for ripping my tights, I expect to see you naked on the settee when we get home” your demeanor changed and Brian gulped.
“Yes love” he reached to unlock the bathroom door and you walked out first to make sure the coast was clear.
“Come on, let`s go home for round two” you winked and grabbed his hand, smirking at all the shocked faces of the club attendees who had clearly heard your bathroom antics.
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darkcolinodonorgasm · 2 years ago
Prompt: Modern AU (Alice and Henry are biological siblings) Emma and Killian are out on a date so teenage Henry babysits 5 year old Alice. The rest is up to you!
Hi! So sorry it took me so long, and I may have gone a biiiit out of prompt towards the end, but hopefully it’s fluffy enough to compensate.
Hope you enjoy ♥
Tumblr media
Datenight is not unusual for Emma and Killian. What is, however, is leaving theirdaughter with Henry for the whole night. It’s not that she doesn’t trust herson, she does, he’s the best behaved kid she’s ever known and she knows hewould never put his little sister in danger.
Yet, leavingthe kids alone always took a toll on her. Henry was sixteen, alreadyresponsible and wasn’t one of those guys who would throw a party the moment hisparents were out of sight.
«Youknow Mary Margaret is just one door down the street and will-»
«And shewill help us in case we accidentally burn the house down,» Henry sighs, clearlyexasperated. «Seriously, guys, just go out and enjoy yourselves.»
Emmabites down on her lip. Hard. She’s about to take off her coat – and, in doingso, revealing the killer dress she’s bought for the occasion – when Killian’shands find her shoulders, pulling her into his firm chest. Nope, she’s definitely going out tonight.
«Benice, lad,» Killian admonishes his son, a clear warning in his blue eyes. Asmuch as he loves his son, Killian can still be strict when needed; leaving himalone in the house is a very serious matter. «We’ll be home by midnight, andyou’d better have Alice in bed way before that.» He doesn’t need to say that Henry, too, needs to be in bed before midnight:they all know he’ll either go out like a light after taking care of his sister orbe still awake, reading a book or a comic.
Henrynods solemnly. «Dinner, a bit of Disney, and then a bedtime story. Starfish is ingood hands.»
The smileon Emma’s face is one of the brightest Henry’s ever seen. She cups his cheeks,pressing a kiss on his forehead and oh, god, how tall he is now. «I know, kid. I’mnot doubting your big brother skills, I just worry. Comes with the job.»
Hechuckles, hugging her tightly and kissing her cheek. Something – or rather, someone – bumps into his legs, and Alicetugs at his sweatshirt. Releasing his mother from his embrace, Henry bends andscoops his sister up. It’s difficult to stifle a groan when the heels of herbare feet dig into his thigh and side. That girl is a menace. He still lovesher, though.
«Mama!» shesqueals in delight, unwrapping her arms from around Henry’s shoulders andleaning towards Emma, almost giving Henry a heart attack. «You look verypretty.» And then she winks. Because of course Alice helped her choose thedress.
Emmawinks back at her, peppering her round cheeks with kisses until Alice is a gigglingmess and Henry’s arms hurt.
Amocking gasp turns their attention on Killian, who’s holding a hand over hisheart. «Am I not pretty, Starfish?»
Alicegrins, shaking her head no.
It’sKillian’s turn to make Alice squeal, but it’s even worse, because his stubble tickles her. And he loves to blowraspberries on her neck.
He keepsthat up until his daughter is breathless, much like Emma and Henry are, bothfrom laughing so hard.
«Comeon, wounded soul,» Emma says, wrapping her fingers around his hand, «we’ll belate.» She kisses Alice and Henry on their foreheads, stepping back and thenhugging them once more. Killian does the same, so it’s up to the siblings topush their parents out of the door. Literally.
Henry turnsto look at his sister, a wide grin spreading on his lips. «And now, pizza.»
It’squite simple, they just have to turn on the oven, the pizza prepared fromscratch by his father, with mushrooms for Alice – what 5-year-old loves mushroomsso much she must have them on everything? – while Henry only needs loads ofcheese – and Alice too, to be honest – and lots of pepperoni.
They –yes, they, because they’ll probably stay with their nose inches away from theoven’s glass – will just need not to burn down the place. And the pizzas. Theplace would probably be worse, but the saying doesn’t go “don’t cry over burntpizza”, does it?
«Whichmovie are we watching tonight?» Henry asks, setting Alice on the counter, anarm still keeping her safe on the marble top as he turns the oven on. «We haveto stick to cartoons this time, kid, I don’t want you to have nightmares again.»
The poutshe aims at him is a Jones trait through and through; he just has to stifle alaugh.
«Can we watchThe Black Cauldron? Please?» The poutis still a pout, but a different one. Oh, yes, she’s their parents’ daughter.
Henry throwshis head back, exhaling loudly and Alice knows she’s won. «They didn’t vetoedit,» Henry reasoned, grinning at his sister. To be fair, he found that movieone of the most underrated Disney movies ever. Perhaps, they could watch Atlantis next.
So much for trying to keep nightmares away.
They eaton the couch, Alice’s skinny legs thrown over his, bright yellow socks to matchHenry’s. It’s not the first time they do that – not with Emma Swan as theirmother, even though Killian too knows how to host a good pizza and movie nightin the pillow forts he builds. Even if he’s sixteen, Henry wouldn’t turn an invitationin the pillow fort down.
He knowsAlice is about to doze off almost at the end of the movie, just as he knows shewould never forgive him if he lets her fall asleep.
Offeringher chocolate cookies is a rookie mistake.
Agreeingto see Atlantis is not worse, but it’sa close second.
Now it’salmost half past ten: putting her to bed will be quite the feat. So Henry doesn’teven try to do that, pulling out their favourite board game: Disney Monopoly.
Rationally,he knows his parents won’t punish him, Alice has gone to sleep later thanmidnight on several occasions, but they gave him a deadline to appoint some responsibilityon him. Part of him knows they won’t be happy but, egoistically enough, Henrywouldn’t put his little sister to bed earlier: he’d play Monopoly with her allnight long if he could.
Emma andKillian find them sprawled on the floor, Henry snoring with one of Alice’s feetunder his nose, toes tapping unrhythmically against his cheek.
«You oweme twenty bucks,» Emma whispers fondly, thumb tracing the wedding ring on herhusband finger as she looks down at her children, a pang of sadness and longingcreeping inside her.
Killiannods silently, a warm feeling enveloping his heart. He turns to her, a gleam inhis eyes that tells her he’s feeling the same as her. They’re not that old, and they did have Henry quiteyoung, but they still have time, and they have a spare room. They’re not readyto give up pillow forts during pizza and movie night.
They maysound selfish, never wanting their kids to grow up and wanting another becausethey love them so much, but they don’t care. They are parents, they are allowedto feel like that.
Emmagently scoops her little Starfish in her arms, the movement not even making hermumble in her sleep as Killian tries to do the same with Henry. He doesn’t quitefail, but he has to wake him up a little so to not drag him entirely up to his room:Killian may be slowly turning into a – quite sexy, as Emma always loves to add –silver fox and he still is strong enough to eventually carry Emma over hisshoulder to their bed, but Henry is a growing lad.
They puttheir kids to bed, taking their time to brush their hair away from their foreheadsand press a kiss there.
It’salmost ten minutes later that Emma and Killian find themselves looking at eachother from the doorways of their kids’ bedrooms.
Muchlike all those years ago, the two of them can still communicate with just alook.
«Who doyou think won?» Emma asks in a whisper, padding into his arms as they maketheir way to their bedroom, Alice in Wonderland’s statuette shining in thefaint moonlight as she holds it between her fingers after she’s pried it fromher daughter’s fingers.
Killiansnorts, nuzzling her nose with his. «Haven’t you noticed the two hundreddollars bill stuck against Henry’s cheek, the one with a very bright yellowsock pressed against it?»
Emmasnorts, wrapping her arms around his torso. «We’ll have to be careful not to placeactual bets with her.»
He cockshis eyebrow. «Bold of you to assume she won’t trick us into gambling with her.»
«We areas bad as Henry was tonight, aren’t we?»
«That weare, my love,» Killian confirms, pressing his lips to the crown of her head.«That we are.»
Neitherof them, however, would ever change a thing.
That is,aside from the spare room at the end of the hallway.
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kyukyuhunnie · a year ago
Watch “Youth With You” with Me!
Episode 10 Part 1
- okay we are gonna find out who’s in the top nine?  Ten?  Idk i don’t remember last episode all that well
- i of course with my luck have gotten a head cold during this plague bc my sleep schedule is fucked up and im not getting enough
- anyway, y’all don’t care about that.  you’re here to hear about the trainees and me wax poetic about how good xukun looks
- i have my water, i have my phone, let’s go
- oh shit nearly half the trainees will be leaving
- these girls have been together for three months oof i couldn’t do that
- kun is gonna be wearing a white suit with black accents???  sign me the fuck up
- i lowkey am a mr fruit fanblog but only on thursdays and saturdays
- naho being in the opening crdits im living
- 60th ranking is not getting announced until the very end ugh
- top nine tho leggo
- 9th is snow kong
- babymonster *hand shaking emoji* me being afraid of spiders
- ive decided to no longer know or have an opinion on whatever the fuck controversy is going on rn bc like who the fuck knows
- oh sick each placing for the top nine get to say their own speech individually that’s dope
- 8 is asdljif;alerskjg;kgjl;argjk bitch kun out here pulling on people’s legs
- congrats to xin liu!!!!
- i love it when the trainees specificlly mention the trainees who have offered them help or done something supportive for them
- ugh i just *clenches fist* love it when women uplift other women
- i think babymonster will rank higher than 7
- 7 is shaking!!!
- aweh i love kun’s little tic against the sides of the podium
- shaking’s speech was very heartfelt
- ugh the comraderies that exist here i T.T
- 6 is jue chen!!!!  love my stonefaced bitch getting this
- i like that kun is trying to help ease her nervousness
- she has said five sentences according to the iqiyi counter
- awww kunkun-ah reassuring her that it’s fine bc he was a stonefaced bitch in the beginning toooo !!!!   we love to see it
- love how short and to the point jue chen’s speech was what an icon
- shaking trying to hand a tissue to jue chen and then finding out she wasn’t crying is such a cute moment pelase someone gif it
- 5th rank is sharon wang!!!  i love that for her
- she and i are the same in that if i was in her place i too would be writing down the names and types of cool snacks i haven’t had before
- oh my god i might cry she’s so sweet i love her so much im so proud
- she’s thanking her og 24 fans i - T.T
- kun is such a sweetheart
- top three gang lets get it
- 3 is kun i s2g if you keep yixinging it up i will teleport to china and clown on you
- kun is such a bitch i’m going to kill him alkdsfja;lksdjf;aisdjf;lkadjf
- i love that hanging out with esther has made her also not know how to shut the fuck up
- asldkfj;lksdjfalk;sdf she’s so cute “everyone smells so good!” babyyyy
- i love her so mucha askdfa;slkdj i’m so happy 
- bitch its reall crying time right now i love her
- please let her stay in the top 9
- three positiions left to be announced, 1, 2, & 60
- and we cut to the dorms again for part 2 of the fashion show
- party time babeey
- god im getting flashbacks to backstage opening night for theatre adljfskld
- akdlfjasdklfjadskflj i’m definitely part of the group that was too busy eatingto get dressed for a “party”
- ooohhh we got some badass club looks right here ladies i love it.
- oou we got some diva looks we love to see it
- some ladyboss looks
- we got an all white ensemble
- we got a mix of diva and badass club looks with marco lin
- kfjakdjfaklds love to see it
- babymonster and frhanm look so fantastic what the fuck i can’t
- oh i see a tradish concept from yvonne !
- four hairdressers club love to see it
- dlkadaf socks and sandals are not fashion but they make it fashion
- yan yu reminds me of my old roommate who said she’d hit me
- it’s just from the outfit bc it’s something that she would’ve worn
- naho had a rice cooker with her i stan the right gal
- they had a whole little chant at the end that’s cute
- kiki xu’s group won!
- kasdjfdsadklf esther’s room was the one that failed to stunt bc they were eating that’s such a gd mood fr fr
- diamond really said tonight we feast didn’t she
- omg they really did get hot pot!!  oh it’s so cute i love
- now i really want some hot pot
- this looks so fun omg
- ckhhhhhhhhhhh i want hot pot so badly fkcng quarentine
- “have a little rest, and then eat some more” god babymonster and i would get on so well aldkfja;ldkfj
- esther and xiaotang zhang trying to lose weight and xiaotang blatently eating the hot pot is a gd mood
- oh we’re back to the rankings
- alskdjfas;lkdfja kiki and esther are coming to the stage
- kiki gets first right? i think that’s how it should work
- i had to rewind i missed what kun had said e.e
- ooooh they get to read out their letters to themselves that’s so cute
- it’s real loving top 9 hours isnt it boys
- lakjfdlaksdjfasdkf i too would laugh at my past self esther
- this is so fucking funny i love it
- kun looks like he wants to do anything else but talk to esther jesus
- kiki’s turn to read
- oh we really are going to tear up during kiki’s arent we
- we love seeing someone going from being filled with shame to being confident in themself and the group they are in
- that was very sweet im o.o
- 1st rank isssss..........WAHT
- esther really out her gonna make me cry fUCK
- i love that she is thanking like everyone who works on the show bc so often ppl forget about certain groups that are so important to the production of the show
- kiki is out here really making sure that she brings up the name of everyone who’s ever helped her on this road so far and it’s real crying hours lads this is emtoional
- who the fuck has doubts about her????
- wait yeah she explained that earlier.  i’m sorry i am sick and my emory is a jello bowl
- esther is so cute ~
- i like the top 9 group a lot but i would make some changes...
- but im not going to get into that bc it’s not relevant
- oh new game for the trainees
- ooooohhhhh fuck they get to clown on their fellow trainees to complain about them
- ten bucks says esther pops up
- nineone would be good at the gwiyomi i think if she didn’t get so easily embarrased
- “it’s not my fault” *cuts to esther and vivi eating constantly*  amazing
- aria falling asleep in public places is a mood
- is that the end of part one?
- well shit i guess it is ok
- was not expecting it to end that suddenly but whatever i guess asldkfjas;dlkfjas
- anyway, i’ll see y’all in part 2 UwU
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fyihetalia · 3 years ago
The Countries On Tumblr 6#
Tumblr media
Australia: In Australia we actually have a channel called 7mate
England: Well in Britain we have a tv channel called ‘Dave’ and if you missed the program on it, you can watch it an hour later on the other channel called ‘Dave ja vu’
America: In America we have this tv channel called FOX and it’s not even about foxes. It just has lies
Iceland: So that’s what the fox says
Lithuania: Isn’t it relaxing? Just seeing the snow quietly fall down makes you calm.
Ukraine: It’s so perfect I want to cry
Estonia: It’s so relaxing to watch
Belarus: There could be a dead body under there and no one would ever know
Latvia: Oh there you are tumblr
America: I told my dad his chicken was dry and tasteless and he told me it was made out of my humor
Osaka: My dad just tripped on my skateboard and said “I GUESS I DONT GOT NO MOTHERFUCKIN RAD SKILLZ DAWG.” My father is a 50 year old Japanese man
America: I’m about to get so tan you guys
Greece: Icarus’s last words
America: But what does cheeky nandos mean? It has to have a meaning
Australia: Mate it’s hard to explain mate it’s just like one day you’ll just be wif your mates and having a look In jd and you might fancy curry club at the ‘spoons but your lad calum who’s an absolute kedge and the archbishop of banterbury will be like ‘brevs let’s have a cheeky nandos instead’ and you’ll think “top let’s smash it”
Molossia: What the hell does this say?
Canada: I’m fucking crying.
Canada: I think of my paycheque like mana in a videogame. Once you run out you just gotta chill for a bit to give it some time to recharge.
America: *paycheck
Canada: Oh sorry I live in Canada where we spell things correctly. I understand the confusion though.
America: What a polite way to say fuck you
England: Better stop off at the next motorway services since I’ve been driving for three hours which is one hour more than Highway Code recommends!
America: Yeah it’s a pretty short ride, only like 47 hours if I don’t stop
Belgium: My heart gets heavy thinking about the giant trash island in the ocean
France: Yeah England is a joke
Molossia: I wanted to join in with speak your language day but then I remembered that I only speak English
America: Burger burger constitution freedom
England: Tea tea empire etiquette
Canada: Sorry sorry maple hockey
Australia: Kangaroo kangaroo timtam fuck is that a spider
Molossia: Why did they make us stack cups in elementary school?
America: I had completely forget about this But was it just my school that was off the fucking walls about it. They would show us videos in the gym of professional cup stacking and yell “THIS COULD BE YOU.” We spent every tuesday in gym with those goddam cups and we all had like the cup stacking catalog. I made my parents buy me glow in the dark cups for my ninth birthday, what are we as a society?
Molossia: We had that too. Like they ere trying to convince some of us to get good enough to go to contests for it. And sell us cups. So many cups. Cups to appease every type of child. Not even cups you can drink from.
Iceland: ?? I’m not American. Is this real or some convoluted shit post??
Bulgaria: Just watching a British show and the dude said bath like “Barth” that shit will never get old
America: British accents are so dumb, screw you if you’re British
Scotland: Actually Britain is made up of three and a bit countries (the big being Northern Ireland) so biritish accent is non-existent but you do have Scottish, Irish, welsh and English accents. So be more specific about accent. Yours kindly, a Scotsman who is dead tired of all the accents in Britain being lumped together as a big horrific mess
Bulgaria: This dudes name is wembly the third
Poland: TBH Americans are so funny they’re like “there’s a concert near my house it’s like a 3 hour drive!!!”
And Europeans are like “wtf a 3 hours drive I’m not going to France for that??!!”
Australia: *Australians crying in the distance*
Canada: Why do Americans freak out over us Canadians having bagged milk?
America: yeah that’s fair
India: Why divide people by unrational things when you COULD divide them by whether their word for cotton candy is valid or not
Americans English: cotton candy -good
British English: fairy floss -not valid
Spanish, German: Sugar cotton -good
French: Daddy’s beard -not valid
Thailand: I’m sorry the French call it What?
Belarus: My Brother Just accidentally prematurely sent an email to an accounting was supposed to say “i am afraid that we will have to postpone our meeting” but he hit send when all it said was
Hi Ludwig,
I am afraid
Belarus: I wanna be a reverse tooth fairy where I rob people and then scatter human teeth on their bed
Lithuania: A dentist
Bulgaria: I don’t know what your dentist is doing to you but I think you need to go to the police
Hong Kong: One time in math class my teacher was really pissed at us and he was yelling “DO YOU EVEN KNOW BASIC MATH? DO YOU KNOW ADDITION? WHATS TWO PLUS TWO? IM YOO, WHATS TWO PLUS TWO?”
And poor Im Yoo wasn’t paying attention so I leaned over to him and whispered “seven” and he blurted out “SEVEN” and I have never laughed harder and I doubt I ever will
England: Sorry I have bubonic plaque I can’t hang out tonight
France: Aw rats
France: Just learned that my pupil is actually a muscle and that means the fact about your eyes displaying whenever you see someone you like means that you’re subconsciously and uncontrollably flexing at your crushes whenever you’re seeing them
Prussia: Kind of like a butthole!
France: Thanks
Greece: Ah yes the Trojan horse. Or as I like to call it, murderous piñata
South Korea: The police just stopped me, came up to my window and said “papers?” I said “scissors” I won and drove off. The boy must want a rematch cause he’s been chasing me for the past ten minutes.
Picardy: One time I saw someone skipping rocks and eating a sandwich along the beach and idk he just tossed the sandwich in the water and bit the rock and he just stiffened up a bit but I saw him dying inside after realizing what just happened
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she-wolf-of-highgarden · 3 years ago
I feel like one topic we dont talk about a lot is the physical violence and the threats of it that Arya has had to deal with. I mean we kind of seem to forget that Harrenhal was not fun and Yoren was perfectly content to take a switch to her. 
The first time violence towards Arya starts is with Yoren after the altercation with Hot Pie and Lommy.
 “The old man dragged her well off the road into a tangle of trees, cursing and muttering all the while. "If I had a thimble o' sense, I would've left you in King's Landing. You hear me, boy?" He always snarled that word, putting a bite in it so she would be certain to hear. "Unlace your breeches and pull 'em down. Go on, there's no one here to see. Do it." Sullenly, Arya did as he said. "Over there, against the oak. Yes, like that." She wrapped her arms around the trunk and pressed her face to the rough wood. 
"You scream now. You scream loud."I won't, Arya thought stubbornly, but when Yoren laid the wood against the back of her bare thighs, the shriek burst out of her anyway. "Think that hurt?" he said. "Try this one." The stick came whistling. Arya shrieked again, clutching the tree to keep from falling. "One more." She held on tight, chewing her lip, flinching when she heard it coming. The stroke made her jump and howl. I won't cry, she thought, I won't do that. I'm a Stark of Winterfell, our sigil is the direwolf, direwolves don't cry. She could feel a thin trickle of blood running down her left leg. Her thighs and cheeks were ablaze with pain. "Might be I got your attention now," Yoren said.” - Arya I, ACoK
Then we have Harrenhal where no one is above threatening a child, especially Weese. 
“When she told him what it said he tried to hit her, but Arya ducked under the blow, snatched a silver-banded drinking horn off his saddle, and darted away. The knight roared and came after her, but she slid between two wayns, wove through a crowd of archers, and jumped a latrine trench. In his mail he couldn't keep up.” - Arya VIII, ACok
“For a moment she had been a wolf again, but Weese's slap took it all away and left her with nothing but the taste of her own blood in her mouth. She'd bitten her tongue when he hit her. She hated him for that.
"You want another?" Weese demanded. "You'll get it too. I'll have none of your insolent looks. Get down to the brewhouse and tell Tuffleberry that I have two dozen barrels for him, but he better send his lads to fetch them or I'll find someone wants 'em worse." Arya started off, but not quick enough for Weese. "You run if you want to eat tonight," he shouted, his promises of a plump crisp capon already forgotten. "And don't be getting lost again, or I swear I'll beat you bloody." - Arya VIII, ACoK
“He will fall too, Harrenhal pulls them all down in the end. Lord Tywin's won now, he'll be marching back with all his power, and then it will be his turn to punish the disloyal. And don't think he won't know what you did!" The old woman laughed. "I may have a turn at you myself. Harra had an old broom, I'll save it for you. The handle's cracked and splintery—" Arya X, ACoK
“Them Bloody Mummers killed some of Ser Amory's lot in their beds, and the rest at table after they were good and drunk. The new lord will be here before the day's out, with his whole host. He's from the wild north up where that Wall is, and they say he's a hard one. This lord or that lord, there's still work to be done. Any foolery and I'll whip the skin off your back." He looked at Arya when he said that, but never said a word to her about where she had been the night before.” - Arya IX, ACoK
Then we have her getting hit at the House of Black and White 
“The blow left her cheek stinging, but she knew that she had earned it. "Thank you." Enough slaps, and she might stop chewing on her lip. Arya did that, not the night wolf. "I do deny it." - The Ugly Little Girl, ADwD
These are only a few instances, there are more through out the books. People claims Arya’s violence shows her as a psychopath and i think that disregards what is happening around her. Arya is surrounded by violence. She has watched men be tortured and watched them die and that is going to do something to a would do something to an adult. When she gets hit at the HoBaW this is pretty par for the course for her and it shows in her acceptance of it. 
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youreamonocoque · 2 years ago
Bottom half of the draw here we are! Section 5 coming up (Andy’s in this one, I’m trying not to cry):
1st Round:
Cilic vs Tomic - Tough opener for Cilic but I’d expect him to pull through.  Rublev vs McDonald - Didn’t really know for this one but I think Rublev will win it. Albot vs Mmoh - Again another one where I’m not sure but I’m going with Albot. Verdasco vs Kecmanovic - Easy one for Verdasco. Murray vs Bautista Agut - Andy, oh Andy. This is a very tough opening match for what may well end up being his last tournament but I’m still going to back him to win more out of hope.  Millman vs Delbonis - Nice one for Millman to start off with. Nishioka vs Sandgren - I know Sandgren just won in Auckland but Nishioka is class and I’d expect him to win. Khachanov vs Gojowczyk - Khachanov has been doing great and I’d back him to win.
2nd Round:
Cilic vs Rublev - A nice one for Cilic, expecting an easy win.  Verdasco vs Albot - Another easy (in theory) one for Verdasco. Murray vs Millman - Again I’m hopeful that Andy gets through this one but I’m not optimistic. He should do but it depends on his hip and how he’s playing. All of these matches are going to be tough for him.  Khachanov vs Nishioka - Relatively nice for Khachanov, Nihioka will put up a fight but I think Khachanov will go on. 
3rd Round:
Verdasco vs Cilic - Tough to call but I’m going with Verdasco.  Khachanov vs Murray - Andy may well go out first round (i.e tonight/monday morning) and in that case crying will already have happened but if he does make it as far as Round 3 have those tissues ready lads.
4th Round:
Khachanov vs Verdasco - Tough match but I’ll go with Khachanov. 
Section 6 here we come!
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hangender · 2 years ago
rereading homestuck lads
here we go
i absolutey love john’s hatred for bro culture. the deadpan attitude? 2017 classic. (wait dad tried to assassinate john with peanuts? for real? also wtf john can play the piano thats so gay)
me, a dave strider stan: (@ red text talking) man i hate this dude
*sees rose* –> *quite literally melts in my chair* i love her
rose wtf… just. just crying constantly, like on the inside, emotions? not me man. (wtf rose can play too? ooooh yea i remember now they all did music nvm why isnt that talked about more????)
music: watsky for john’s pov (dave egbert yo). the neighbourhood for rose’s pov (emo ass i love her). daddy yankee for dave’s pov...
me, a fool: oh man im gonna reread homestuck now when im fluent in english! finally i can understand all the words!
“You like to rave about bands no one’s ever heard of but you.” wtf me.
i love how all the things outta dave’s mouth’s like..ironic..not that fake ass ironic bullshit that fanon-dave spouts but the thoughts are ironic like “a meteor destroying the world? pff NAH!” haha funny you’d say that…
rose (known lesbian) to best friend, dave strider: yo youre so fucking gay hahah homosexuál lol haha (please say yes)
john (that brave fuck), a 13 year old lil man, going out to actually face those imps? thats incredible bc thinking about it, like really thinking about it, they oughta be utterly terrifying
the mayor’s commands –> JOHN. COOKIES. NOW. (aka “You. Come. Now.”)….amazing
oh. oho..oh ok this is when the confusing shit begins i get it
“You do not know because you do not know anything about ladies really.” i cant believe the mayor is gay
oh man i dont remember being too fond of kanaya last time but man i love her shes great and uh fuckinggaylol
wtf. dude the trolls canonically look like the howie mandel monster from little monsters. we have to draw them like that now. dude. but every blood type is its own hue like how hes blue. wow.
seeing what bro did for the session really puts him in a new perspective...heroic? selfless? idk.. helpful at the very least. he was so young when it all started and wowo so competent. a good character i think and i hope bro out there is having a good day
just got to the troll part and uh. i fucking love gamzee? he’s so fucking nice? like i think the way he talks is kinda off putting like it makes my brain slow down a bit but? he’s literally just so fucking mild and nice?? that there have been gamzee hunts is beyond me
why?? is no one?? talking about the Fact?? that there were real life alive living dragons on alternia???? huh??? no fanart of dragons no nothing! not only was terezi’s lusus a dragon right, she decorated her rom with dragon scales (1. hardcore) 2. duuude!??
wow i didnt remember sollux’s personality at all but he literally just seems so nice? like funny and mild...
all these romance shit things and all the feelings not saying no to a bit of romance baiting once in a while but i dont think these dynamic are doing it for me bc everyone except gamzee, nepeta, tavros, sollux, and kanaya are mean in some way and those guys dont even interact
while nvm but im done with the troll part and tbh? so glad to be back reading some positive shit with friends who love and appreciate each other and who have never tried to kill each other even once aww yisss
fuck im so happy to be back with the kids again....oh GOD. when reading it before the troll part i had gotten used to how much i love im getting all teared up again whenever i see them...rose is so fucking beautiful wtff
“i suddenly dont understand anything” oh my dear boy john
john: “dave you are so jaded by awesome shit” yes john you are absolutely right that awesome shit jading dave being jade dave’s lovely and beautiful girlfriend thanks for coming to my ted talk strider out
*red text dave comes back* me (still a dave strider stan): oh? i hate this guy
i.....might bc i might be detecting early warning signs of a depressive episode aka im sad but....jade...i dont like her. one day i love her the next i dont.....”ha ha im so bipolar lol :)”
nvm! few days have passed and *jade slapping the shit out of her crying self, telling herself to stop being a pansy* me: THATS MY FUCKING GIRLFRIEND! FUCK YESS!!!! i could So see her being ball as fuck like so great
god how i love karkat that nice, kind boy....
gamzee....deserved NOTHING of all of that..he did nothing wrong man how is there even gamzee discourse boy did nothing wrong...fucking cal...its always fucking cal... y’all had me tricked gamzee was a bad and controversial kid
wtf ive forgotten so much. the ancestors tale...the sufferer story i mean...its..epic?? its great it should be a book is what im saying. wowsas
hmm...if the beta trolls are to mirror their ancestors, and the condesce enslaved and tortured the psiioniic...and feferi and sollux later had a fling....maybe it was good nothing happened with that relationship huh
i...quite enjoy hussie’s self insert adventures
gamzee’s just a kid...hes just a fucking kid
who the fuck do hussie think i am. who the FUCK do hussie think i am. someone who can concentrate for long enough to watch [s] cascade? hah!
oh hell! its alpha kids homestuck!
i feel like my commentary gets more and more spaced out huh...
jake....i cant understand what youre saying....
dirk....i cant understand what youre saying....
man dirk and jane’s logs look so fucking tasty
i cant believe jane’s fucking dead. i dont remember this happening
“JOHN: oh. well that was quite a ruse then. that son of a bitch!” oh john....i love you
karkat’s a blast i love that guy. suddenly im filled with just a lot of love. they’re all so nice and beautiful wtf
suddenly getting ass blasted by intense fraternal feelings for my boy dirk strider
when will hussie be stopped from making casual puns about the alpha kids’ god tiers
i really like this like hussie is bringing up all these kinda important and deep topics about lgbt right like how dirk views it (”there’s no reason to label it”) and like jake (“does gender really matter?”) views and some more i dont really remember rn. and there’s a lot of buildup around their characters too like how they will develop later and i think that’s really cool man
omg dirk’s background image wallpaper on his shades are a photograpgh of squarewave and sawtooth how fucking cute is that holy shit
idk if its like bad connotations bc i know who caliborn is but uh it seems pretty...apparent? that even tho his quirk and uhm demeanor is pretty close to karkat’s right but it’s obvious karkat is actually a nice and really lovely person ya feel
“CCG: NEVER MIND WHAT IT MEANS ABOUT A PERSON'S IDENTITY OR SENSE OF SELF, OR WHICH GUY GETS TO BE CONSIDERED "THE REAL GUY" OR PHILOSOPHICAL BULLSHIT LIKE THAT.”’s really impressive really how good hussie is at weaving a story, this is a really relevant topic for like dirk and his autoresponder right...idk man hussie does these kinda things a lot i think and its really cool, like using parallels between different narratives
was there a long hiatus between the betas going on the trip and the alphas being introduced bc hussie’s narrative skills and want to bring up important issues seem to have increased a fuckton just over night? man it seems like i have a lot more to say on the comic from now on apparently. ok.
“FCG: SDJS;ALSKJFSA;JK” karkat is gay confirmed
“kismet fish”
i cant believe rose reads newt hieroglyphs
kanaya is that guy in the “unfaithful man” meme, looking with lust at the concept of “ auspisticing between any two people”, and the girlfriend looking at kanaya is me
im reading the “dirk drawing the nastiest ass porn this world ever saw for caliborn” part and i dont know what to say but i really feel like i should at least comment on it in some way. which i have now done i guess.
me, looking at meenah: now this. this is beautiful
“you have to decapitate me”
wait is vriska’s “theyre gay john. everybody’s gay john” an edit of AR saying “theyre dead jake. everybody’s dead jake”? huh.
to be fair? im quite enjoying the meenah’s adventure games with the whole alpha troll “tumblr” not all of it but i like the like.. “social commentary” with like especially kankri (with porrim), and also damara. like i dont like all the jokes like... the kin jokes can be a lil like “heh heh” but i dont like kin jokes in general since they spread misinformation etc etc
“ceremonial torchlight yaoi festivals” (why the fuck wasnt i invited what the shit)
rose you useless fucking lesbian... (dave about rose and kanaya sillying up their date) “ DAVE: holy shit we got a room full of smooth operators here tonight “
“ KARKAT: I WOULDN'T BELIEVE IT. LIKE IF THE WRITING WAS ON THE WALL THERE, I SURE AS FUCK DIDN'T READ IT.” aint that gonna happen too? with john’s ghosty blue arm and all that jazz. foreshadowing whomst
“ DAVE: i just won karkat tantrum bingo” fucking....i love karkat pointing out his own personality
“DAVE: see i am all about private property and pocketing dough” me: (john cena voice) are you sure about that
just started reading again since the first time in like, Forever... like a couple of months. and hey guess what. i fucking love roxy. she’s such a cool gal i want her to be my girlfriend. also john is real dope too. (they just met and theyre both so so great)
oh fuck dammit i just got to the part where everyone dies :(
oh my god. dave: “see ive got a sword too! its sharp and... its fucking welsh!!!!!” i wanna send this to my celtic nerd friend so bad...
i equally hate and love the caliborn parts..good god ive reached the manga. oh shit! as a gore enthusiast, i absolutely gotta draw a rendition of page 6876...) and oh my god he has a fedora.
so now game over’s over. that was...a lot. i remembered it as worse i think but. ouch. also: come on dirk. don’t say that. Nothing is your fault. ever. and i love you.
so uhh.. y’all know that “i hate the ending of homestuck” “discourse” (if you will)? hussie literally addressed the issue more than a thousand pages before the end ay look: “ ROXY: because even if it all gets erased and put back all better ROXY: i dont think the stuff we went through and the feelings we had meant nothing ROXY: imo the feelings themselves ROXY: and the way they shaped us ROXY: that all means... ROXY: somethin “ --> wowsa amiright
like i know its been hip to shit on hussie and etc etc and say homestuck is bad and then people say “no but theres actually amazing character development and tender moments!” and while thats true honestly lil cal’s reveal is the penacle of the entire fucking shit. hussie is an amazing writer and literally everything concerning the format and the foreshadowing and the slow slow build with clues disguised as “shitposts” for literal *years*! im in absolute awe really... combine andrew hussie and rosie garland and you get something id die if i became that good of a writer. its all i want to be as a creator. wowie hoo.
“DAVE: rose we dont have fuckin "arcs" we are just human beings” damb
honestly im a huge sucker for when the characters in any way connects *their* life to something fictional still being real, like the blend of fiction and reality, game and real life?
anyone care to explain to me why tavros turned into such a major fucking douche? or do i need to meditate on that??
“ROXY: why is everything always so wonderful“ so ok i am roxy
“I have a feeling catnip's your poison, eh? Eh?? Ehhh??? ;3″ give me more stoner nepeta in fic and art or give me death
oh my god this is so beautiful. this is Exactly what nepeta deserves. 100%. and also @ rose what are you a massive fucking lesbian? damn right you are. also jasprose is so pretty too in the “NOOOOOOOOO” page...
honestly davepeta and jasprose’s entire fucking dialogue is like, so good? like it feels like it lifts so many things of the different cultures and what is right and wrong and identity and shit. love it. also love both characters theyre great
“DAVE: how did you tell your friends” is just... such a raw powerful, emotional line but soo simple! wow
“DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < *starts to purr a sick beat!*” oh thats so fucking sick and so fucking cute and wonderful
me, crying watching [S] Terezi: Remem8er: who else here in 2019? xD no but for real it’s so beautiful so fucking poetic it’s pulling at my heart strings all i want is for my friend to read homestuck and get to experience this too oh my God...
other than that its really...that particular feels very important to me, seeing all those ghosts waking up and meeting their friends beyond the grave... ya know? makes me cry
oh my fucking god page 8006 davepeta is so fucking cute wtf
oh my goddd i was so certain dave was gonna ask more about dirk being gay when he got that last question and dirk said with a stone face “ill give you a straight answer” loollll
oh. oh lordie. ive...ive watched [s] colide...phew. so much happened i only remember like 3 things so here they are. 1. jade? my girlfriend? she’s so fucking brave..and so good. throughout the entire fight she stayed positive and happy, and she repeatedly put herself in harm’s way of those dogs.... ok 2. im so happy roxy was the one to kill the condy (which i cant spell). she’s super underrated, not a Super old-timey character, she’s badass af, and she probs had the most personal beef with her. that was a great story choice. 3. i got VERY emotional at the “you have to decapitate me dave. theres no other way” (lol tbt) like that must have carried so much emotion for both of them... and dirk being the “stand-in bro”.. that must have held a lot of significaance for dave especially, especially after he got to know dirk as dirk.
oh shit just story telling speaking.... after that high tempo hard rock-esque flash video.... its so...serene? final? to just see them all recover in complete silence through stills. the same with the...dogs..uh. black jack dog and white jack dog. removing their rings, and everything returning back to normal so suddenly. like.. SO MUCH has happened. but really, they can all live again...i like it.
im. im done. i did it. i did it again y’all.
also realised there were some pages i hadnt read? like, in the credits i mean. so hey thank god i decided to reread the whole goddamn thing (also! now i actually remember pretty much everything i think!)
okay first imma mention some things i still dont understand: how/why did all the guardians in the beta universe (like mom lalonde/dad egbert etc) know that the meteors were coming and that sburb was gonna be a thing? why did rose’s mum have that huge lab and why did bro train dave so much?? hm. okay i guess i only had one question that can’t be perfectly explained with “it’s homestuck hussie can do what he wants youre not his dad” or that it was a little bit of an open ending. tho im mad curious about what was up with calliope’s black hole, what happened to all the ghosts and dream bubbles, and what was up with caliborn smashing the clock there at the end right before they received the reward/john grabbed the door knob? oh well. also. where.. is vriska. dead i guess but. eeuuhh..
okay now its time for..finishing words. the final thoughts and reviews..: okay so. i love homestuck. its so silly in the beginning, and it carries the comedy all the way through, but it kinda gets really deep as soon as the alpha kids appear. they lift so many important topics and the characters and character development and the world building...the foreshadowing and narration and jokes and references and outstanding collaboration...its all fantastic and i get like, moved just thinking about it. i feel like homestuck will always be a big part of me, not only as a main interest and most invested-in fandom experience etc, but also for my world view and identity. a lot of the changes ive gone through and probably will go through have been and will probably be related to homestuck and what the characters and that world has shown me. even if im having troubles with connecting with my religious identity rn... well its still shaped enough of how i view the universe, parallell universes, the infiniverse and timelines, soulmates, souls, memories, gods and magic, all that.. i dont really know what to say but when reading it just gets more and more interesting, more revolutionary in format and narrative, more beautiful and better art, and deeper and deeper and more poetic. (ngl, i will probably read it again in like 5 years. maybe not but also maybe :?)
one more thing: something i like about the story is that it started so casually and slowly, and ended a bit in the same way, but nothing was the same. even now i have a hard time saying any “finishing words” bc it doesnt feel like the story has ended yet? even if theyd never ever put out content again. those are my favourite stories (except this one isnt one like that but its my favourite story anwayy...)
so now.. now i guess.. im done with homestuck. so imma play hiveswap and the friendsims, read everything on paradoxspace, and then all the other mspa comics. then. then it should all be done i think.. then i can just... be in the fandom and have fun per usual.
kawowsie-hoo tho! i think...i started reading on like, december 18th 2017, and im done now january 12th 2019. that was an adventure and im glad i went on it again!
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imaginexhobbit · 3 years ago
Game Night
Author | Imagine 1 | Imagine 2
Words - 860
Tumblr media
“‘Tis quiet tonight,” Bofur murmured as you all sat around the fire in silence, staring into the flames.
“Should we tell stories?” Ori asked innocently. Everyone groaned at the thought of another story - the last few months consisted of stories at all times, and you didn’t think you could handle another. 
“Why don’t we play a game?” Bilbo suggested, and while some of the dwarves looked at him like he was insane, other looked at him with a considering expression.
“What game lad?” Gloin asked, setting down his axe that he had been polishing.
“We could play twister,” you murmured, trying to think of one you wouldn’t have to participate in. Luckily, twister was a game where you had to see colors, and you were colorblind.
Right before you had been transported here, you had been at a friends house. There was four of you there, and all were teenagers or older, so the only thing you could think of to entertain entertain everyone was various games. Luckily, you still had a few tucked away in one of your bags.
“What’s that, lass?” Bofur asked, sounding confused, though you already knew he wouldn’t know. Standing, you brushed the dirt off your bum and made your way to your bags. After a little searching you found the box, and emptied it’s contents near enough to the fire so you could see, but far enough so no one would die. After setting up the board and the turner, you started to explain the game.
“So basically someone turns the dial and calls out what body part it lands on,” you said, holding up one dial. “Then this dial has colors on it. Spin this.”
You handed the dials to a dwarf, and each of them flicked the arrow like you showed them too. “Okay, what color is it on?”
“Blue,” Bombur told you, reading the dial.
“And it says left foot,” Fili said. 
“Okay, so you would put your left foot onto a blue square,” you explained. “Then the next spin it said right hand on a red square. You would fine a red square and put your right hand on it, and so on. But if you get one that says green square with your left foot again, then you have to move your left foot. The point of the game is to be the last one standing, so you have to be strategic. Who wants to go first?”
It was decided that Kili, Ori, and Bilbo would go first, and everything was ready to go until Bofur cut in.
“Shouldn’t you go too lass?” He asked. “For demonstrating purposes?”
“I can’t play this one,” you told him, faking a sad expression.
“And why not?”
“I can’t see the colors,” you whispered, but Bilbo was next to you and heard what you said.
“You can’t see colors?” He asked incredulously. The dwarves looked at you confused, and Oin, who was on the other side of you, tilted your head to look at him.
“Your eyes look fine,” he said, examining them. You laughed and playfully swatted him away.
“There’s nothing injured in my eyes,” you told him. “I’m just colorblind.”
The camp went into a little bit of a frenzy, no one knowing what color blind was, and a few thinking you were sick, until Oin began explaining.
“What I think Miss (Y/N) here means is that she cannot see certain colors, not that she is blind.”
“Yeah, basically,” you said. “I can’t see green and some shades of blue.”
“What do you see instead of green?” Oin asked, curious to know more about your condition.
“I see pink.”
“So the trees are pink?” Kili asked incredulously. After you nodded your head, he began laughing. “That’s a lot of pink.”
“Yeah. Anyways, let’s start,” you said, ready to watch the games.
The first game ended just as you suspected, with Kili as the victor. He knocked out Bilbo in the first few colors, and then Ori a few plays next. Round two consisted of Bofur, Fili, and Dori. Bofur, as expected, won that game by making faces at Dori and farting in Fili’s face, causing both to lose by laughter. Round three was Gloin, Oin, and surprisingly Dwalin, who was ready to win. He did win, of course, and the last round was made the three victors - Kili, Bofur, and Dwalin.
The finals were rough, and lasted nearly twenty minutes. Bofur ended up knocking Kili out after fifteen minutes, due to his hat falling off and hitting Kili in the eyes, causing him to cry out and yell “I’m as blind as (Y/N) now!” The last two standing were Bofur and Dwalin, the latter winning by an illegal headbutt.
“Ye never said we couldn’t,” was his only defense when you insisted that Bofur should be crowned victor. Unfortunately for the two of you, you were outvoted, and Dwalin was made King of Twister.
“Maybe they should make him King Under the Mountain after that win,” you joked, moving to stand next to an unimpressed Thorin, who just shot a look at you from the corner of his eye.
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