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felix-volturi-stims · 6 months ago
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Blacephalon pan pride stimboard for @coyote-kid-alex
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msweirdart · a year ago
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A collab drawing with my 1yo niece :)
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youradagiox · a year ago
Tumblr media
No, the sky was never like this. The sky was blue, filled with clouds and tiny flying birds. Birds of any kind, sometimes storks - and even crows! Those were the days of our great grandparents. A time of the single sun, a time of a whole moon. The gods would still look down at us and smile at our achievements. We opened the gate. We knew what it would bring but opened it nevertheless. I didn’t do it, or my father or my grandfather. It wasn’t my great grandfather either, but a friend he used to know. 
My mother would silently cry in her sleep - that was after my father walked out of our lives and into the abyss. She carried the weight of the world, the shame of the family and a troublesome little girl that would always tempt death. She died nine years ago - my great grandmother is still here. 
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neottia-orchids · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Doctor Who  and B99 crossover. I’ve had this brain fart since 13 went to jail.
Happy Birthday Jodie Whittaker (17 June, 1982)
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svrt-r · a month ago
@manifestwrath​ asked :  "H-Hey, just because I was being affectionate with a cat doesn't mean you have any right to stare....!" He gives a glare in return, though the blush and kitten in his arms makes it pointless in heightening his intimidation.
he was just taking a smoke break to be truthful or from the beginning anyhow rather amused by the sight really until he was caught by the green glare in his direction.
Tumblr media
it usually wasn’t a habit of his to mix in others business unless he was involved it but he couldn’t help a chuckle making it past his lips at the whole situation , liking cat’s was normal wasn’t it ?
“  who says i was looking at you ? can only you like cats ?  ”
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pfelelep2 · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A few sketches of my friend King. Pencil and ink on rice paper. Philippe Charmes 2020
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marcii1900 · 2 years ago
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byebones · 2 years ago
chimera ant au: jesse glenn but it also a disaster
im gonna use my shitty english and explain everything bout this 
Tumblr media
Jesse is a conjurer so he can materializes objects out of his aura. His nen ability is called “The Last Act” and it work like this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It will imprison you in other dimension that look like a theatre and you need to play in his theater play if you want to escape. You get caught by touching his book. 
Jesse have three types of feathers in his wings. 
Tumblr media
Type 1 - those are used in flying. 
Type 2 - armor-like ones. They are more like blades or plates that real feathers.
Type 3 - smallest, they cover part of the wing and they work like spikes or something. 
(i have no idea how all of this works but it just works)
And finally arm:
Tumblr media
His skin is like chitin armor. You know, because of ants and stuff. But hes got softer spots in this. In places when he bends fingers and everything. 
(arm look so usless without thumb)
(this is usless without thumb)
( @laggingbehindreality give me power to start this project, thanks you)
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waxxe · 2 years ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sketches set #47 skethes portraits with soft materials
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monstersofsilence · 2 years ago
Just a casual stroll (open rp)
Tumblr media
Serena walked through the city. She needed to have some alone time after spending some time with her friend, Janyse. The air is cold as her breath is able to be seen from the chilling breeze. To Serena, it feels like nothing considering that she has the ability to create ice. It's still awkward for her to wear nothing to keep her warm since everyone else she's passing through have some sort of coat on. They are possibly thinking she's insane going through in her regular outfit in this cold.
The ice troll wandered through the city, getting a bite to eat while she was at it and then decided to head to the park. She needed a break. This was possibly the most she has walked.
Tumblr media
Arriving at the park, she finds a bench and sat down, slouching back on it and groaning. "I'd use my ice powers to slide my way around... but that would be dangerous for everyone around me." Serena muttered to herself. Bringing her head forward, she pulls out her phone and began to scroll through it. "Hmm... I wonder what Jai and the rest of my buds must be up to. Haven't spoken to them in a while."
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graffitirockers · 3 months ago
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argyspantheon · 6 months ago
"É que eu sou tempestade moreno, e você... Ah! Você sempre teve a estrutura fraca."
Peter. C.
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gale-gentlepenguin · 4 months ago
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companionjones · 5 months ago
Your Smile (Part 1)
Pairing: Tenth Doctor x Fem!Reader
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: The Doctor meets you in a coffee shop one day. The Time Lord is almost immediately smitten.
Warnings: This is going to get a lot darker in later chapters. Right now, the warnings are slight depression and anxiety. Later, the concepts of abuse and self-harm will be brought up.
Part 2
Tumblr media
    It should come as no shock that the Doctor liked to people-watch (or Silurian-watch, or Cryon-watch, or whatever was appropriate for his setting) wherever he went. While he waited for his turn at the coffee shop to get tea, his eyes fell on a human. You. His eyes even followed you a bit as you walked away from the front counter.
    “Hello,” the Doctor greeted the barista with a friendly smile. “I’d like a tea please.”
    It didn’t take long for the hot beverage to be rung up, but when the Doctor reached into his pockets, the barista denied him, “Nah, you’re good. The woman in front of you paid for you.”
    Little acts of kindness like that always made the Doctor smile. However, an ill-informed citizen had given him a fiver while he was out on the street, thinking that the Doctor was homeless. The Doctor was anxious to spend the first actual money he’d had in a while, so of course he paid for the person behind him, just as you did. He also caught up with you before you left the coffee shop.
    “Hello there.” The Doctor tapped you on the shoulder.
    You flinched at the sudden contact and turned around.
    “Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to scare you. I just wanted to say thank you for paying for me at the counter.”
    “Hm? Oh.” You were clearly very flustered. “I try to do it whenever I can. Um, thank you for saying thank you. No one’s ever done that before. Um, have a nice day.” Abruptly, you turned back around, and left.
    The Doctor was taken off guard. Had he been too forward? He’d learned over his years of travel that not everybody was as open as he was, or at least, not as open as that regeneration of him. The Doctor tried not to think about it too much. He left the coffee shop, too.
    He decided to go back the next day. Part of his reasoning might’ve been to catch a glimpse of your kind face again, but he didn’t keep a look out. The Doctor became too distracted by his thoughts.
    He was in Washington DC that week was because the American government was having to secretly deal with a possibly impending alien invasion. The Doctor was never one for politics, but American politics was a special breed. On top of all the dirty politicians, the Doctor had to spend most of his day with an alien species that had little to no empathy or any care to help others.
    “Are you okay?” the quiet question shook the Doctor from his thoughts. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to alarm you...I could leave, if you want.”
    It took a second for your words to compute. “Hm? Oh, no. Please, no. It’s actually very nice to see you again. I hope I didn’t scare you yesterday when I talked to you.”
    “No, no. That was fine. It’s just, um, people don’t talk to me often. I wasn’t expecting it. Um, you looked pretty deep in thought. Is something bothering you?”
    The Doctor struggled to find the right words for it. “ can sit down, if you want.”
    “Thank you.” Your eyes had gone wide for a moment, like you had not expected him to say that. The Doctor also realized that your words sounded rehearsed. You watched the Doctor’s reaction each time you talked, is if you were worried you’d say the wrong thing. “Work stuff sucks.”
    “Always does,” the Doctor played along, although the closest thing he had to a job was protecting the human race. “What do you do for a job?”
    You shrugged. “I just work in an office. I guarantee you it’s a lot more boring than what you do.”
    The Doctor tensed up. “Who told you what I do?”
    You gave him a confused look.
    He realized his mistake. “I meant to say, what makes you think my job is less boring?” Instead of you, it was the Doctor who had said the wrong thing. However, his attempt to soothe your fears seemed to have been successful.
    “It’s just, I’m sure that I work the least important job in the world,” you admitted with a small, sad smile.
    The Doctor leaned forward and took your hand, which was resting on the table, in his. “Hey, I’ve yet to meet anyone who isn’t important.”
    You spent a moment looking at your hand in his. “Yeah. I know how improbable that is. It’s why I pay for the person behind me in places like this. To make their day, add my value to the world, you know?”
    The Doctor was listening, but something you said set off his mind. Maybe he could get the two opposing governments to do something for each other. That way, they’d be getting something in return.
    He squeezed your hand. “I have to go. It was lovely talking to you.” The Doctor got up to leave, but before he could get too far, his mind caught up with him. He turned back around and told you, “You don’t need to add anything else to the world. You’re you, and that’s more than enough.” The Doctor really didn’t have time to stay. He gave you an encouraging smile, and left.
    The Doctor continued to see you at various times throughout the week. He never had time to stop and talk to you, but spotting you, say, walking down the street, always made the Doctor smile.
    Until one day, the Doctor saw you sitting on the edge of a fountain in a park. You were staring off into space, and for some reason, you looked completely miserable. The Doctor did not smile then. The Time Lord went to sit next to you.
    To get your attention, he began to speak, “Whatever’s bothering you, I should be able to help.”
    “Oh, hi,” you started. “Nothing’s bothering me.”
    He gently pressed, “You look very upset.”
    “I’m fine.” It wasn’t too defensive, but it was clear to the Doctor that you didn’t want to talk about whatever it was.
    He decided to change the subject. “What’s your name?”
    “Y/n L/n.” You gave a small smile to thank him for not twisting your arm.
    He informed you, “I’m the Doctor.”
    The Doctor grinned at that. “Just ‘The Doctor’.”
    “Are you a doctor of anything specifically? Or is it just--”
    “The Doctor,” the Doctor finished with you. Another reason the Doctor was smiling was because he got you to smile again. He wanted to see your smile more. “Can I show you something?”
    “Don’t you have work?”
    He smiled even more remembering how your words eventually lead to the alien race leaving after making peace with the American government earlier that day. “Not anymore. Do you trust me?” He stuck out his hand.
    After thinking about it for a second, you took the Doctor’s hand, and chuckled a little as you replied, “Sure.”
    Grinning the whole way, the Doctor lead you to an alleyway where he was keeping the TARDIS. You were a little hesitant, but your curiosity took over when you saw the 50s telephone booth parked there.
    The Doctor opened the door for you. “Would you like to come in?”
    “What...?” You walked in as soon as you saw a glimpse of the interior. As you looked around, you started to laugh, “What?” You ran outside, and walked around the TARDIS to double check. When you came back inside, you finally said it. “It’s bigger on the inside!”
    The Doctor, who’d been smiling the whole time grinning when he heard those words. “That, it is. Time And Relative Dimension In Space. My TARDIS. She travels through space and time.”
    You stared at him with an awed smile. “How?”
    He explained. “I’m not from here. I’m an alien. A Time Lord.”
    “But you look human!”
    “Well technically, you look Gallifreyan. We had the looks first,” he winked. “We don’t have everything in common with humans. I have two hearts, one on both sides.” The Doctor pointed at his chest. “And...”
    “And?” Your voice was soft.
    “...We go through a process called regeneration. I haven’t always looked like this, and I won’t look like this forever. When my species gets very hurt, instead of dying, we change everything about our appearance. This keeps us alive for a very long time.”
    “How old are you?”
    “About 900 years.”
    You looked at him in wonder that was barely comprehensive. “900. Everyone else must be nothing to you.”
    “No,” he shook his head. “You are everything to me.”
    It was small, but his words got your beautiful smile to return.
    Again, he wanted more. “Would you like to go out on a trip with me? I could take you to the future, past, to another planet, wherever you want. And I could bring you back here so that no time will pass.”
    Suddenly, your whole demeanor changed. Your smile disappeared. “Uh, I...I don’t think I...I can’t...”
    Of course, the Doctor didn’t want to press. “Hey, it’s okay. Do you want me to walk you home?”
    You looked like you wanted to explain yourself more, but you just nodded. “Yes, please.”
    During your walk home, you talked of what the Doctor was doing in DC.
    “See? I told you your job was more exciting than mine,” you teased. Your smile was back, but it seemed a bit more forced than before.
    The Doctor didn’t say anything about it.
    When the two of you arrived on your apartment building’s steps, the Doctor confessed, “If you would let me, I’d like to come visit you every once in a while.”
    Your eyes drifted down from his, and your brow furrowed. You looked to be in heavy deliberation with yourself. “Yes,” you abruptly answered. Having the word out, you sighed in relief. “I’d like that.” Finally, a true smile graced your lips again.
    The Doctor grinned back. “Fantastic.”
    While you were giggling, the Doctor pulled your hand up to the back of it.
    “Um, it was very nice to meet you, Doctor,” you smiled.
    Happily, he returned, “It was very nice to meet you, too.”
Part 2
Author’s Note: Thank you so much for reading! Fill up that heart and reblog if you liked it! I would also really appreciate a comment, if you have the time. If you would like to read more, I have more Doctor Who fics over on my page. You should check it out. Have a nice day, night, or whatever time it is for you! <3 <3 <3
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