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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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A collab drawing with my 1yo niece :)

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No, the sky was never like this. The sky was blue, filled with clouds and tiny flying birds. Birds of any kind, sometimes storks - and even crows! Those were the days of our great grandparents. A time of the single sun, a time of a whole moon. The gods would still look down at us and smile at our achievements. We opened the gate. We knew what it would bring but opened it nevertheless. I didn’t do it, or my father or my grandfather. It wasn’t my great grandfather either, but a friend he used to know. 

My mother would silently cry in her sleep - that was after my father walked out of our lives and into the abyss. She carried the weight of the world, the shame of the family and a troublesome little girl that would always tempt death. She died nine years ago - my great grandmother is still here. 

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Hej, czy ktoś zajmujący się repaintem Monster High, wie jakich kredek używać ?

Hi ! Enyone know, what cryons i should use to repaint Monster High dolls ? Watercryons, or something ?

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Has Big Finish seriously never done a story with the Cryons in it? They’ll dig up any useless old dust of the classic (and now new) series, but even Attack of the Cybermen is still a no-man’s land?

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