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flyingclubhouse · 2 days ago
I need the M O T H M A N
I'm holding out for the M O T H M A N til the end of the night
He's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be drawn to the light
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direcore · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
collab with @destruction1999x !!
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oliveaura · 2 days ago
If belonging is where loneliness ends then I belong in the ancient forests or wherever the ocean waves intend to pull me to
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mothman-suggests · 2 days ago
choosing to sit alone doesn't make you lonely if you prefer it .
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themanilafolders · 2 days ago
Do Not Look Under Your Bed
Nothing that you need is underneath your bed, so don’t worry about it. What reason could you possibly have for looking under there?
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stuff-i-like666 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Snooom go vroom meow go wow hiss at the sun song to the moon
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mossy-man · a day ago
are all the beings here benevolent? either way, i have gifts for each one.
there’s markings on the trees. they kind of look like stick figures. weird.
your whisper reaches the ears of something.
[ not all and not always. the mossy man and the church grim are generally good-natured, but should you treat either with disrespect, they may act accordingly. the field stalker is, and has always been, hungry. it sees none as friend nor foe. it hungers and it will eat whenever and whatever it wishes. the lurcher is in all ways a malevolent creature. it seeks fear. be careful which you gift.
your presence is very much welcome at the crossroads. ]
the mossy man sees you
the field stalker is not within range
the church grim is not within range
the lurcher is not within range
you feel uncertain.
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ghoul-defined · a day ago
You know what? Sid from toy story was lit af actually and I would have probably been friends w him
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mothman-suggests · a day ago
put on your favorite scarf , we'll go outside and admire the driveway together .
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foxfolktalks · 2 months ago
actually i deserve to have glowing yellow eyes and teeth a little sharper than normal. i earned it
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themanilafolders · 17 hours ago
Magpie Warning Issued
Park rangers are issuing a magpie theft warning due to the fact that they are seeking retribution for the drink coasters retrieved earlier.
Please keep a close eye on your belongings and be sure to report missing items.
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smolsnailhugs · 7 months ago
Listen. Do it for the aesthetic. If you want to fill an entire 20 dollar sketchbook with anatomy drawings fucling do it. If you wanna get lost in the woods and come stumbling home with a bag of dried mushrooms and bones you go goblin dude. You aren't alive to go to work and hurt!! You're alive because bumblebees bump into little flowers and dandelions only open up in the sun! You're alive because cats purr when you pet them and coffee keeps you up all night!! Do everything for the aesthetic!!
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cryptidsandchaos · a year ago
might fuck around and walk into a thick fog and never return idk
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