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fat-pussy-eating-faggot-69 · 28 minutes ago
Store near me just had a leftover Halloween decorations sale so I went and bought all the realistic looking skulls they have. Might start dropping in the places them around the forest I hang out the most and become not only a local cryptid but local DANGEROUS cryptid
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talesfromthecryptid · an hour ago
Name(s): Mongolian death worm, olgoi khorkhoi (translates to large intestine worm)
First sighting: 1926, but sightings peaked in the 50s
Most recent sighting: Unknown for sure; investigated in 2009, but researchers came up empty handed
Area(s) of sightings: Gobi Desert
Appearance: Sausage shaped, 2-4 feet long, no head or limbs
Additional notes: It is said to travel below the sand, making waves that are visible above ground. It is not particularly aggressive or violent, but it is allegedly extremely poisonous - able to kill an adult human with one touch. There is a rumor of a child that poked the worm and died. It seems to be just that, a rumor, however. There are no witnesses nor a body to corroborate the claim. The cryptid has been theorize to just be a tartar sNd boa, given that many witnesses of the alleged death worm were shown a specimen of the boa and confirmed that that was what they had seen
Overal creepiness rating: 45%
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Tumblr media
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mystique-monsters-au · 3 hours ago
So tom how can you turn into that bug ass monster thing
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Tom: well, technically it's classified information and I really shouldn't be telling you all...but eh why not, I'm probably going to be stuck here for awhile anyway. So, Ozark Howlers are a subspecies of shapeshifting cursed people that are similar to selkies (Scottish myth of women who shapeshift into seals). Similar to selkies, Howlers need a special cursed pelt that allows them to shapeshift. Most times shapeshifting is unintentional and just caused by natural fight or flight response methods, but sometimes they can control it. Howlers are actually humans, and can live blissfully among them, though I like to live on the wild side.
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clumpyclare · 11 hours ago
Spiderman but instead of webs it's just millions and millions of Wet warm tapeworms tied together. Send Post.
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whatwouldmothmando · 16 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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themanilafolders · 18 hours ago
The Scientists Have Barricaded Themselves In The Old Outpost
While at first the scientists seemed to be acclimating well to Lovepoint, they have barricaded themselves in the old research outpost in the forest after witnessing some of our local wildlife.
They could be heard saying that Lovepoint’s creatures are “never before seen” and “unholy to this earth”, as well as saying “oh god what is it doing, oh god, oh god, oh god please make it stop.”
Park rangers hope that with time they adjust to be perfectly functional residents of Lovepoint, but in the meantime we can only hope that they accept that this is their life now, and for the most part nothing seeks to hurt them.
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cryptid-quest · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Cryptid of the Day: Mungoon-Galli
Description: The Mungoon-Galli was a monster Goanna Lizard of Aboriginal mythology, who possessed a poisonous bite thanks to a hidden bag of poison. The bag was stolen by the black snake Ouyouboolooey, which is how the lizards of Australia lost their venomous bite. Though mythological, some think these were pre-history sightings of when Megalania roamed Australia.
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artist-from-outersp-ace · 20 hours ago
Be the cryptid you wanna see in the world
Go outside and scream in the woods
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themanilafolders · 22 hours ago
The New Scientist Team Has Arrived!
The new scientist team that was ordered earlier by the city’s Commissions Council has arrived in Lovepoint today. While the scientists were more than likely not expecting to arrive in Lovepoint ever, we welcome them nonetheless.
Please remember to be kind to them in the upcoming days as they try to grapple with the fact that they are in a strange place that they do not understand and cannot leave; horribly unequipped to deal with anything that may come their way.
And as always, we do hope that they cope better and last longer than the teams that came before them!
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talesfromthecryptid · a day ago
Name(s): Ozark howler, Ozark Black Howler, devil cat, nightshade bear, the hoo-hoo
First known sighting: n/a, legends date back to the early 1800s
Most recent sighting: December 2015
Area(s) of sightings: the Ozark Mountains
Appearance: Large dark grey or black feline, shaggy coat, horns, glowing eyes
Additional notes: Cryptozoologists suggest that it could be an unrecognized big cat; anthropologists speculate that it could stem from stories of black dogs of death in British folklore. Evolutionists say it might be a mutated mountain lion or a hybrid of a mountain lion and some other animal. It is recognized as a dark omen / omen of death to those who encounter it and their loved ones.
Overall rating of creepiness: 50%
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Tumblr media
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fantasy-scifi-art · a day ago
Tumblr media
Legend of the Cryptids by NeoArtCorE 
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quartings · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And here's another class assignment- this time for more anthropomorphic and cartoony creatures!
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ghostbloggerghost · a day ago
The End
Hello! And thanks for reading Ghost Blogger!
It is I- your host, not The Ghost Blogger, but the author.
You can find me in various locations across the internet. I’m an Illustrator, doodler, writer, and hold a couple varied certificates and other papers that say I am qualified to do things.
| My Website and Portfolio | Twitter | Instagram | The Substack of this blog |
Ghost Blogger was created one night when talking about creepypastas and fiction and the like. I drafted up a very rough outline, plus a couple of posts, and put October 6th, 2020 on my calendar. The pandemic and other world events obviously played a huge role in Ghost Blogger, the concept simply being “A dude who enjoys his job at a pizza shop also likes to hunt ghosts in his spare time. While coping with the ongoing pandemic among other events- things take an unexpected turn.”
It’s a little rough around the edges- but it was a fun little project! I stuck to a deadline, and wrote a lot more, and more consistently, than I had in a long while.
I hope you enjoyed this little adventure, and if you read along in real time- hopefully it provided a pleasant distraction. If you haven’t read Ghost Blogger, or need to catch up- please do! It lives on the internet now for a not yet defined period of time.
Read from the beginning HERE!
Read on SUBSTACK instead!
Thank you again for reading!!
-Becky [The author, not the Ghost Blogger]
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nexttrickanvils · a day ago
Yoshio: Hey Captain?
Ayumu: Yeah?
Yoshio: You know that one persona that you've been using lately. Antenna, colorful wings, kinda fuzzy?
Ayumu: You mean Mothman?
Yoshio: YES! I mean... uh yeah that one... could you... maybesummonhimagainforme?
Ayumu: ... *Sigh* Yeah okay. MOTHMAN!
Mothman: {○<>○}
Yoshio: *Trying hard not to squeal* Thankyou!!!
Ayumu: 😏 No prob.
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themanilafolders · a day ago
Are Some Of You Okay?
The park rangers would like to ask if some of the people who are lying in the streams in Lovepoint forest are okay.
While normally we try not to intrude on other’s personal time, some of y’all have been lying there for a good while and we would just like to make sure that you are physically okay.
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