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Do you mean all the Theoi nonny…? I think I do actually!

Pyrite and Green Aventurine for Hermes (luck), Sardonyx for Zeus (my piece has a band/layer that looks like lightning; for justice and personal growth through morals), Peacock Ore for Hera (because PEACOCKS that’s all), Rose Quartz and Red Jasper for Aphrodite (love and uhhh virility). I have other vague associations for the gods (Diamonds for Hera for example 💎) but they’re the pieces I own and have on their shrines.

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hi so i run a small business and i was wondering if y'all could check it out? i’m trying to save money to escape a toxic homelife so even reblogging would help me immensely! <3

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👇🏻 Little trivia about me 👇🏻

▪︎ Age: 28

▪︎ Eyes: Hazel, but they turn dark blue when I’m upset.

▪︎ Hair: Light brown in the nice months, dark brown, almost black in the colder months.

▪︎ Birthstone: Amethyst

▪︎ Birth sign: Aquarius

▪︎ Alias name: Raven

▪︎ Spirit animals: Dachshund & Orca

▪︎ Favorite crystals: amethyst & blue sandstone (goldstone)

▪︎ Crystals I wear or take with me: amethyst, blue sandstone, smoky quartz & black tourmaline

▪︎ Learning about: green 🌱 & wild 🐬 witches, crystals, buddhism & anything related to stars ⭐ or the moon 🌙

I’m going to go into a little detail here about what this account is going to be and also give you a little back story on myself 🤗

Okay, so, I’m not new to witches, but I am new to accepting whatever kind of journey I am about to embark on.

My family history is quite long and it has a lot of witches in it.

My mom’s, mom, was a white/green/wild witch.

She didn’t do any kind of spells or use tarot cards though.

I knew from a very young age that she was different than other people, because she could communicate with animals.

She somehow knew exactly what they needed and they absolutely adored her.

She was my real version of Snow white and it made me proud to have her as my grandmother 😊😁

She also enjoyed having plants around and they seemed to enjoy her company as well.

One of her aloe vera plants was wilting, but I swear that as soon as she stroked its leaf- that it perked up! 😱

It didn’t happen instantly, but when she busied herself in the kitchen, I noticed that the plant wasn’t so wilted anymore.

That amazed me as a child and so I thought she was some kind of super hero, haha 😅

Anyhow, my grandmother’s husband (my mom’s dad) was into very black magic and I never felt the same around him.

I didn’t like to stay around him too long and I just didn’t like his presence.

Fear was born from that and also my mother had very bad experiences with him.

So it was forbidden for me to explore into this side of the world until much later in life.

The fact that I noticed all of those things though, is a sign that I was already involved in it.

Or I wouldn’t have noticed anything.

At least that’s how I see it 🤔

I was also always interested in rocks and minerals, which in turn eventually got me interested in crystals around the time I was a teenager.

I also noticed that I was starting to grow very interested in mother nature and how I felt more at home there, than in my own home in the city.

Now, I am 28 years old (next month) and I am fully awakened to everything.

Two years ago I had my HUGE spiritual awakening once I crossed paths with my twin flame in a physical sense and my empath abilities fully awakened as well.

I was always very spiritual and felt really alert and awake, since I was a small child. I have felt my twin’s presence since I was a small child too and I knew I would cross paths with him at some point.

No matter how difficult my life got, going through many different kinds of trauma- feeling his energies was the one thing that got me through and he is the reason I am here today.

He is me and I am him ❤

Having that spiritual awakening kind of triggered everything else, so the past few years have been very overwhelming…

My twin is no longer in the earthly realm though, so we only coincide with each other in different worlds.

Him being in the spiritual world

Me in the earthly world

I am a young widow and I never thought this would ever happen, because I had a very different kind of picture painted in my mind ever since I was a child.

Tragedy befalls everyone though and we are no exception…

I grew up being very numb to most things, so he was the only person I ever truly cared about and I still do.

I have no interest in anyone else and I never will.

I will remain a widow for the rest of my life.

Our love is on such a high, vibrational level, that no one would ever be able to compare to him, so why even bother looking when I have already had the best there is to offer 🤷🏻‍♀️

Our unconditional love is so strong and powerful.

He gives me strength even to this day.

He is my brother, my best friend, my savior and my lover.

I travel in the astral realm and through lucid dreaming, where I connect with him and my soul family as well- which I met through him.

The four of us are all connected and one of my soul family member’s- they often communicate with me while I am sleeping.

He gives me warnings and just sometimes helps guide me along my path when I grow weary.

I honestly can say that if I didn’t have my soul family, that I would not be here.

Because losing my twin…

It’s like I am missing a limb.

Something is missing and I just feel so off, that I can’t function without it.

I have yet to hear back from that family member, because when my twin passed, I couldn’t focus on anything but what I lost.

So I pushed everyone else aside.

I realize that was selfish of me, but I didn’t know it at that time, because of how overwhelming everything was.

When I lost him…

It wasn’t until I actually lost him that I realized what he was to me. So I was thrown into something and was totally unprepared.

That’s when my spiritual awakening truly took place and I went into something called ‘the dark night of the soul’.

Now, enough about all of that~

Onto what this account is for 😊

This account is going to be for me to reblog any kind of photos I find, that I resonate with and it’s also going to be a place where I speak about my thoughts and what not while I am walking down this path and starting this journey.

This account is also here to try and help other people as well, so feel free to message or 'ask’ anytime!

I am totally open to all of my journey’s and am willing to share almost anything (depending on how personal the questions are) 😊🤗😁

Please know that you are not alone and I am always available to chat to or even just to be a listening ear to anyone who needs to talk 😄❤💚

(I have added a little photo of my very small (right now) crystal collection)


Until next time, my lovelies

Raven 🖤

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Oh hey there. Do you like shiny rocks and surprises? Well then you better get yourself (or your partner or your friend or your mom or…) one of these crystal grab bags! Follow the link in my profile to my etsy shop.

Took some updated crystal grab bag photos. There’s just SO. Many. Sparklies!

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Hey y'all, drop your etsyor shop links here. I wanna look at what you’ve got.

I'mma convince my husband to buy me an early V-day gift…

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New hand-mined Arkansas Quartz points in the shop! 

ArkanStoneCrystals on Etsy

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These are some photographs I took of my dancing dress that I want to use across all three of my electives .

I want to explore more into embroidery because this is a big part of Irish dancing designs .

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Sokolowiec, Jelenia Góra, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland

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I am the Pinterest girl of my dreams now ! Lmao😬🥰 I’m happy af at the new space and energy I have created in my room. I called hella Lowe’s and finally found one who gave me wood pallets for free. I sanded all those bitches by hand (my mfing back HURTS) and stained them myself too! Every morning I wake up, I make my cup of tea, pick a charm or crystal from my zen garden and pick my chakra card/energy for the day. I miss Chicago so much but I am so happy and ready for the new journey in my life. I needed changed, I felt so stagnant, so lost. I no longer feel that way. I used to wake up every morning and dread that I didn’t die in my sleep, I used to feel so heavy. Mornings are my favorite now, i never thought I would say that in my life ever. I look forward to my day! I look forward to the future! I am so proud of the person I am and continuing to become. I deserve happiness! I can only go forward now.

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