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a-wild-windings-uwu · a month ago
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@crystaltale-official/ @zahrart17 totally not late birth, grift :D
The twins wanted to say happy birthday as well so have extra doodle totally not because i feel bad about being late :3
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Also screw hats and anatomy, they're my enemies-
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zahrart17 · 9 months ago
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Just a bunch of sketches cause I have an art block. Can’t make lineart so I can only make sketches and color haha. Sketches of Verity Seekers and bunch of my friend’s characters.
Aster, Grift, Rush, Vanity by @zahrart17 Malice by @xfr3eax Pyre by @a-wild-windings-uwu Insans by @tatatale Pop by @nekojaf War!Dream by @toxictoxicities Ace by @zirkkun I kind of sleepy drawing these so please excuse any mistakes xD
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crystaltale-official · 11 months ago
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“Welcome ladies and gentleman!”
“I’m Grift. The host for this little anniversary of ours. Please, make yourself at home!”
“Now, our dear little creator @zahrart17​ wants to celebrate our world anniversary! Despite her being busy and animating the next episode, she still determined to do so. Now, I’ll be hosting a little raffle for you all who have supported her and us throughout the years! I deeply appreciate your support from the bottom of my gratitude! Now, for not wasting time any longer let’s see what’s our dear creator has to offer!”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“My, what exquisite arts! I wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity no? Now, enough with offerings. Now, onto how you will enter this wonderous little raffle of ours!”
“All you need to do is follow, like, and reblog, dears! There will be 2 winners and each winner can request up to 2 characters of their choice. The time limit is 2 weeks, on March 10th. Simple enough yes?”
“I must thank you for your attention dears! It’s a pleasure to the host of this little raffle~ I wish the best for your days and be good. Don’t do illegal stuff or I’ll have to deal with it later haha~”
“Oh?..... My, no no! Dear, no. This sword isn’t for intimidating! It’s simply for this special anniversary card! Sadly, we have to part ways for now. But do not fret! As I will come back to announce the winners~✨ “
 I wish you all luck ~ 🍷
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azeriaa · a year ago
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stream arts(?) and some other off-camera doodle
Nightmare Gaster exists because of two major simps to which I am respectfully not calling them out. (ಡ艸ಡ)
Chance / @zahrart17 Underlust / nsfwshamecave (18+) Online / @industrialmenace​ Insans / @tatatale​
Tumblr media
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6nimus9 · a year ago
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I like how it looks! I wanted to draw him cus I wanted so bad to try something in the snow and drawing Chance at the same time asdf ❄️
Chance belongs to @crystaltale-official​
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magusverse · a month ago
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I posted 336 times in 2021
179 posts created (53%)
157 posts reblogged (47%)
For every post I created, I reblogged 0.9 posts.
I added 435 tags in 2021
#magusverse - 109 posts
#magusverse fanart - 104 posts
#hex - 64 posts
#malice - 34 posts
#warden - 26 posts
#the fool - 23 posts
#valiant - 23 posts
#grimm - 18 posts
#mk - 17 posts
#crystaltale - 17 posts
Longest Tag: 127 characters
#p!g put him to rest on the couch with a blanket and lwft him a note a tea and a mini chess warden figurine im tjxyrxrhtudttxdty
My Top Posts in 2021
A little something for @codeys-space. Based on the RP with Soland casts. I loved the interactions and I'm looking forward to show more of them in the future! XD
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Very bright. Soland is supposed to be Fell based. What's up with their people? èDé);
See the full post
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A quick colored comic pixel doodle when waiting for a revision feedback. XD
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Comic clips based on sh1tp0st RPs with @metakazkz. Hex is sh1t and Abyss doesn't get along with him HAHAHA. XD
He tried, but Hex is too annoying. Kudos for trying though, now rest your sanity. 😔🙏
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I need to work on my commissions, but this one is a special delivery since @tatatale, @sukko03, @6nimus9 and @metakazkz are absolute sweethearts.
Thank you for being precious in my little server, you guys brighten up my day and saved me from crippled sanity. QvQ 💜🧡💛🤍
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Val and Rain has been friends for quite some time, helping out each other with their fair share of troubled minds and now they are great pals. But what if Val, or Rain's brothers (not really brothers xD) met each other?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Comic commission for @6nimus9 It took me around 2 weeks to get it done, but I'm glad that Nimus is patient enough with me. XD
Drew the 1st part on Medibang and phone x Medibang isn't the best combination, so I'm going back to Ibis Paint. 😤
Tagging @tatatale and @sukko03 because your bbys are there. You two and Nimus are amazing and I hope you guys stayed amazing. Cx
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Here is the mini raffle! The prizes each will be one chibi bust, colored! Read the rules and follow the guide under the cut! Thank you for your attention!
1. You must be a follower
2. New followers are welcomed.
3. Like and Reblog this post with a [reference sheet of your character] It makes it easier for me, really.
4. The raffle will end on the end of the month.
✔ Original Characters
✔ Fan Characters
✔ Basic Mecha
✘Complex Mecha
✘ Extreme Gore
Good luck! And thank you for all the support. I wouldn’t have reached this far without you. I’ll keep working hard to improve and bring you all some quality art! So thank you again, you guys are awesome. (☞゚∀゚)☞ 💜🧡💛🤍
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Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →
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mafia-c · 4 months ago
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Aaaaaand here are the raffle results! (It’s been a rather tough choice so I ended up using a number picker instead xd )
I had fun drawing these characters, I’d likely do something similar in the future
Thank you for all your wonderful suggestions, and see y’all again in the next raffle!
-Karin (Cheeky Vampire)
-Infected (Alphatale by @nytethelad )
-Sunny/Mari (Omori by @omocat )
-Grillby/Grimm (Magusverse by xfr3eax)
-Kat (gravity rush)
-Elliot (Crystaltale by @crystaltale-official )
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sagaverse · 3 months ago
Sagaverse Casts and AUs
Here is a list of the casts and AUs that will/has appeared in Sagaverse, please note that this list will surely be updated as the series progresses.
The Yellow names meaning that they are OCs of us and our friends, either it's on Discord, Tumblr, or any social media.
- Dream
- Nightmare
- Error!Sans
- Ink!Sans
- Core!Frisk
- Killer!Sans
- Dust!Sans
- Horror!Sans
- Geno!Sans
- X!Gaster
- James
- Ness
- Arch
- Hx
- Nat
- DDoS!Chara
- X!Frisk
- X!Chara
- Cross
- Swap!Sans
- Swap!Papyrus
- Swap!Toriel
- Fell!Sans
- Fell!Papyrus
- Fell!Asgore
- Outer!Sans
- Torch (WAR!Sans)
- Azuro (WAR!Papyrus)
- Zero (WAR!Gaster)
- Rollin (WAR!Alphys)
- Sans
- Frisk
- Neil
- Lanny
- Fun!Papyrus
- Fun!Undyne
- Epic!Gaster
- Epic!Toriel
- Bete Noire
- Survivor!Sans
- Delta!Sans
- Grift (Crystal!Grillby)
- Aster (Crystal!Gaster)
- UnderTale
- UnderSwap
- UnderFell
- DreamTale
- OuterTale
- Xtale
- EpicTale
- HorrorTale
- GlitchTale
- UnderWAR
- Etherrift
- FunTale
- UnderTale.EXE
- LittleTale
- Baytale
- CrystalTale
Please note that the roles of each character can change as the story goes on, so don't be surprised when a minor character goes to the support character role and vice versa.
Don't forget that other characters might be added in the near future so be sure to look out for that.
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hugletale-au · 5 days ago
⚜ HugleTale Masterpost ⚜
▸ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ◂
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▸ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ◂
G̩̱ͩ̏͜ẹ̿͋̒̕ḿ̬̏ͤͅ f̵͖̜̉ͅl̙͖̑̾ͣo̯̱̊͊͢w̦̺̐̐͟ẹ̿͋̒̕r̴̨̦͕̝s̠҉͍͊ͅ ḣ̖̻͛̓ā̤̓̍͘ḑ̴̞͛̒ ā̤̓̍͘ w̦̺̐̐͟ā̤̓̍͘y҉̃̀̋̑ o̯̱̊͊͢f̵͖̜̉ͅ ẹ̿͋̒̕ṇ̤͛̒̍c͕͗ͤ̕̕ḣ̖̻͛̓ā̤̓̍͘ṇ̤͛̒̍t̲̂̓ͩ̑ỉ͔͖̜͌ṇ̤͛̒̍ĝ̽̓̀͑ y҉̃̀̋̑o̯̱̊͊͢ư̡͕̭̇r̴̨̦͕̝ ḑ̴̞͛̒r̴̨̦͕̝ẹ̿͋̒̕ā̤̓̍͘ḿ̬̏ͤͅs̠҉͍͊ͅ, t̲̂̓ͩ̑o̯̱̊͊͢ t̲̂̓ͩ̑ā̤̓̍͘ḳ̯͍̑ͦẹ̿͋̒̕ w̦̺̐̐͟ḣ̖̻͛̓ā̤̓̍͘t̲̂̓ͩ̑ w̦̺̐̐͟ā̤̓̍͘s̠҉͍͊ͅ ĝ̽̓̀͑o̯̱̊͊͢o̯̱̊͊͢ḑ̴̞͛̒ ā̤̓̍͘ṇ̤͛̒̍ḑ̴̞͛̒ ḿ̬̏ͤͅā̤̓̍͘ḳ̯͍̑ͦẹ̿͋̒̕ ỉ͔͖̜͌t̲̂̓ͩ̑ s̠҉͍͊ͅo̯̱̊͊͢ḿ̬̏ͤͅẹ̿͋̒̕w̦̺̐̐͟ḣ̖̻͛̓ẹ̿͋̒̕r̴̨̦͕̝ẹ̿͋̒̕ b̬͖̏́͢ẹ̿͋̒̕y҉̃̀̋̑o̯̱̊͊͢ṇ̤͛̒̍ḑ̴̞͛̒ ā̤̓̍͘ḿ̬̏ͤͅā̤̓̍͘z̼͙̓́ͭỉ͔͖̜͌ṇ̤͛̒̍ĝ̽̓̀͑. T̨͈͗̌ͥḣ̖̻͛̓ẹ̿͋̒̕r̴̨̦͕̝ẹ̿͋̒̕ w̦̺̐̐͟ā̤̓̍͘s̠҉͍͊ͅ ā̤̓̍͘ṇ̤͛̒̍ ā̤̓̍͘ư̡͕̭̇r̴̨̦͕̝ā̤̓̍͘ ā̤̓̍͘b̬͖̏́͢o̯̱̊͊͢ư̡͕̭̇t̲̂̓ͩ̑ t̲̂̓ͩ̑ḣ̖̻͛̓ẹ̿͋̒̕ḿ̬̏ͤͅ, ā̤̓̍͘ c͕͗ͤ̕̕ā̤̓̍͘l̙͖̑̾ͣḿ̬̏ͤͅṇ̤͛̒̍ẹ̿͋̒̕s̠҉͍͊ͅs̠҉͍͊ͅ t̲̂̓ͩ̑ḣ̖̻͛̓ā̤̓̍͘t̲̂̓ͩ̑ ỉ͔͖̜͌ṇ̤͛̒̍s̠҉͍͊ͅp̞̈͑̚͞ỉ͔͖̜͌r̴̨̦͕̝ẹ̿͋̒̕ḑ̴̞͛̒ ā̤̓̍͘ s̠҉͍͊ͅt̲̂̓ͩ̑ẹ̿͋̒̕ā̤̓̍͘ḑ̴̞͛̒y҉̃̀̋̑ c͕͗ͤ̕̕r̴̨̦͕̝ẹ̿͋̒̕ā̤̓̍͘t̲̂̓ͩ̑ỉ͔͖̜͌v͒̄ͭ̏̇ỉ͔͖̜͌t̲̂̓ͩ̑y҉̃̀̋̑ t̲̂̓ͩ̑ḣ̖̻͛̓ā̤̓̍͘t̲̂̓ͩ̑ f̵͖̜̉ͅẹ̿͋̒̕l̙͖̑̾ͣt̲̂̓ͩ̑ t̲̂̓ͩ̑ḣ̖̻͛̓ẹ̿͋̒̕ s̠҉͍͊ͅā̤̓̍͘ḿ̬̏ͤͅẹ̿͋̒̕ ā̤̓̍͘s̠҉͍͊ͅ ā̤̓̍͘ p̞̈͑̚͞l̙͖̑̾ͣā̤̓̍͘y҉̃̀̋̑f̵͖̜̉ͅư̡͕̭̇l̙͖̑̾ͣ ḑ̴̞͛̒ā̤̓̍͘ṇ̤͛̒̍c͕͗ͤ̕̕ẹ̿͋̒̕
▸ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ◂ HugleTale is an AU where Gem Flowers are replaced from Echo Flowers.
The concept of the AU is inspired from Flowerfell and CrystalTale.
This might contain several pairings or love triangles. Any opinion that includes ship bashing is not allowed. This includes: ◈ Frisk and Sans (Frans) ◈ Chara and Papyrus (Papara) ◈ Kris and Frisk (Fris? Idk if this ship exists tho) ◈ Asriel and Chara (Chasriel) ◈ Alphys and Undyne (Alphyne) ◈ Asgore and Toriel ◈ Grillby and Muffet
▸ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ◂ ⬥ Story Timeline • HugleTale Origins ➛ Cover ➛ Prologue : ( Pg. 1 | Pg. 2 | Pg. 3) ➛ Cover : Chapter 1 • HugleTale : Main Comic (soon) • HugleTale : Last Chance (soon) ⬥ Character Reference • Old Designs (DevaintArt) ➛ HugleTale!Frisk ➛ HugleTale!Chara ➛ HugleTale!Sans (Olen) ➛ HugleTale!Papyrus (Owen) ➛ HugleTale!Gaster (Dark) ➛ HugleTale!Alphys (Blaine) ➛ HugleTale!Grillby and Muffet • New Designs (soon) ⬥ Comics (Unofficial | Fanmade) ➛ These are some comics where the characters of the AU are featured in as part or an extra. • Strangling Fate ➛ FateTale and HugleTale Frans crossover comic (Art request) • Uno Brothers ➛ (Faultale!Sans, Sunny (Daydreamtale!Sans), Orpheus (FateTale!Sans) and Olen (HugleTale!Sans) ) • Yussuna : Anon Ask ⬥ Asks • HugleTale!Elys ➛ 1 ➛ 2 ➛ 3 • HugleTale!Kris ➛ 1 ⬥ Official Discord Server (Link) ➛ All the other things you want to know the AU and also a hangout place for anyone who wants to join.
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crystalrune-official · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧───────── ✧
💜: "I do not know what is...self. My memories are like a fog. Hazy, unclear and untouchable. I can't touch the reality I want to know."
💖: "He's mine and only mine. You do not have the permission to order him. He's my father but most importantly my servant."
✧───────── ✧
It's time for me to make content for Crystalrune! Introducing the main characters as well the origin of this AU. Feel free to read the lore on my blog page. This AU is still a wip and learning from building my other AU, Crystaltale. I will build the world slowly and introducing some characters.
I will mostly write about this AU since I'm focusing on Crystaltale, which you should check it out since it's very much related to it.
>>Lore Page<<
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nurizyume · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If that character is hot, why not change him into a baby? No. That’s a failure-Grift is sus but I love him- Grift belongs to @zahrart17/ @crystaltale-official
Baby!Malice belongs to @magusverse/ @xfr3eax
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zahrart17 · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Verity Seekers
“We seek the truth and justice in our own way.”
Set of art I made that if combined can be one >v>
Yeah, I’m trying new art style and I love it X3 I humanize them so I can try out the art style~
Crystaltale and art by @zahrart17
Please do NOT steal or repost thank you <3
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crystaltale-official · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Crystaltale Christmas 2020
YES! I’m not late this time event now >:3 Happy Christmas to all of you and sorry for the rough art xD. I kinda rushed it and it’s really cold here for me to draw as usual so the style might different a bit.
In anyway, enjoy your holidays o3o Art by @zahrart17 / @crystaltale-official
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amiericegrainz · a year ago
Tumblr media
The artraffle prize for @zahrart17 xD Yes I decided to post in on tumblr bcoz whynaut-
It took a while to make this, but the results were definitely worth it!
Characters and AU(CrystalTale) by Zahrart17
Art by me
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pokeamifeatherstar · a year ago
Tumblr media
Crystal!Frisk (Crystaltale) and Crystal!Frisk/Crys (Undermemory)
Just want to draw the two Crystal!Frisk =3
I try my best with the few copics I own, but I'm not really good with it yet ^^" (And I don't have exactly the good color for the two character so I try to be the most close possible with the original color ^^")
Crystaltale!Frisk belong to @zahrart17 / @crystaltale-official
Crystal!Frisk/Crys belong to @undermemory
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magusverse · 29 days ago
Hi, I've been watching your AU and I really love the diversity! It's like a brand new thing. Though, while I'm not a big fan of having unnecessary OCs (?) added in there, I appreciate that you also showcased minor characters in Undertale on the spotlight! The progress has been really great. Can you tell us how you came up with all of this? Also, are you going to make a comic for it?
It's not brand new, tust me, if you check out Storyshift and other swap based AUs, this is nothing. 🤏🏽
And ssshhh, let the OCs be. Necessary or not, my friends and besties worked hard on them, and they are an inspiration! >8'U Besides, Magusverse is huge, and I need side characters. And they are fun to RP, too. >3<)9❣
Minor characters needs them spotlight, yes, yes. I'm especially happy that some of my friends even created really cool Madjicks. You should check out @crystaltale-official, @encantale and @shatteredtales!
How I came up with all of this? It's actually very simple. I am used to participate in worlbuilding in RP groups, back when Deviantart was still my thing. My last RP group was fantasy based, and it inspires me so. Too bad the group is dead, and many had left dA, so I decided to continue making that world with new friends. I also used my old project and other inspirations I got from Undertale and it's AUs, as well as some old games and anime. Long story short, just wing it.
Comic? Maybe, maybe not. I don't do well with long term(?) comic writing. I'm inexperienced, and my phone doesn't like it. But let's just see. 😆
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random-potato-mil · 3 months ago
CrystalTale character 3 and 4. Can you guess their names?
(Episode 8)
Tumblr media
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kazefiend · 4 years ago
Ah, I hope I'm not pressing you to much but I worry you my not have received my ask about permission on drawing fanart for you Crystaltale? I'm so sorry for bothering it just seems like Tumblr is eating my asks again.
Oh shit, it must have eaten your ask, I never received an ask about that ;;  Tumblr is run by a bunch of monkeys I swear to god. hmmmmmn.  Since you asked so nicely, sure, you may!  It’s very dead at this point and Sherlock is now an original character but it’s nice to know it was enjoyed for what it was!
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crystaltale-official · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
“Happy Easter Day 2021, ladies and gentlemen!”
🐰 🥚 🐰 🥚 🐰 🥚 🐰 🥚 🐰 🥚 🐰 🥚 🐰 🥚 🐰 🥚 🐰 🥚
“My sincere apology for the late announcement. My deepest apologies for you dear. Now, let’s make our day jolly with some egg chocolate perhaps? Anything that makes you happy! For I, will entertain you with my magic tricks, Easter edition!~ 
 🐰 🥚 🐰 🥚 🐰 🥚 🐰 🥚 🐰 🥚 🐰 🥚 🐰 🥚 🐰 🥚 🐰 🥚
Art by @zahrart17 / @crystaltale-official
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crystaltale-official · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
◈ Character Cards Guide ◈
This short guide will help you how to read the character references info. While not all characters will be drawn in this way for saving time purposes. The main characters will be drawn this way for consistency and aesthetic purposes.
◇- When a character has a nickname, it will be displayed in the [Name] place and their full name will be displayed in the [Surname] place. ◇- The card's colour will change depending on the character's soul trait. ◇- Each character has their own animal/flowers/symbols to represent them in which will be displayed in the background. ◇- If a character is nationless then the nation symbols won't be displayed. A character could change their allegiance. ◇- The diamond symbol could change form if a character is from another world (such as Chesstale then the symbol will change to a chess piece). ◇- There are specific fonts from where they come from. ▪ Occirly: Guttenberg ▪ Goldenflow: Great Victorian Standard ▪ Boreal: Jokerman ▪ Geronto: NSimSun ▪ Nightral: Uqammaq ▪ Lucidial: Old English Text MT
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