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traumasurvivors · 2 days ago
You could have been the most poorly behaved child in the history of the universe and you still wouldn’t have deserved the abuse.
A child never deserves abuse. Ever. And this applies to all types of abuse (including emotional, physical, sexual, etc).
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rottingtrouble-child · 2 days ago
An abuser isn’t any less of an abuser just because they’re nice.
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sweetapatheticbitch · a month ago
giving love to trauma survivors whose trauma made them harder, detached and insensitive.
giving love to trauma survivors whose trauma made them friendlier, more open and loud.
giving love to trauma survivors whose trauma made them paranoid and aggressive.
giving love to trauma survivors whose trauma made them kinder, softer and more sensitive.
giving love to trauma survivors whose trauma made them lose guilt, shame, or empathy.
giving love to trauma survivors whose trauma made them gain more guilt, shame, or empathy.
you are all valid.
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nolongerangels · 9 months ago
"my child is fine" your child wanted to kill herself at 11 years old
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euripideez-nuts · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tonight I’m Someone Else: Essays // Chelsea Hodson
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traumasurvivors · 2 months ago
Maybe you shouldn’t be focused on trying to be who you were before trauma, or if your trauma happened as a child… trying to figure out who you could have been.
Maybe your energy is better spent on figuring out who you are now and accepting that you’ve changed and that it’s okay to have changed.
You’re still as worthy and valuable as you would have been without trauma. You’re still important and worth loving. I promise.
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owelight · a year ago
fun fact. it literally doesn’t matter if your trauma “wasn’t THAT bad” compared to other peoples. its still trauma and it will affect you the same way. it doesn’t matter how “bad” it was, its something you went through and are continuing to live with the aftermath of, and, no matter what, everything you feel is completely justified.
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sickteeth-archive · a year ago
fuck it i’m finally making this post because goddamn i wish i saw it when i was younger
to the minors who follow me:
if anyone significantly older than you approaches you on the internet or in real life in a romantic or sexual way, do. not. communicate with them. the second it becomes anything other than respectful or friendly in any way or if they make you even slightly uncomfortable, block. them. cut them out of your life. they are not worth it and they will hurt you. run. protect yourself. and be safe.
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cikilatalisutaskina · 4 months ago
aradığın kaliteyse doğru yerdesin dostum 👍🏻
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traumasurvivors · 24 days ago
This applies to anyone, but I really want to emphasize this to my fellow survivors who went through trauma as children and/or teenagers.
I’m so sorry you lost part, most or all of your childhood. Please give your inner child what you can. This includes comfort but it also includes doing the things you didn’t get to if you can.
Play the fun games. Buy the tasty treats. Go on adventures to the park and swing on the swings. Watch cute movies. Make crafts. Blow bubbles. Or any things like that! Embrace your inner child and let that inner child enjoy things they never got to or didn’t get to enough.
It’s not too childish or too late. You can’t get your childhood back but you can still help your inner child.
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