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#csm denji

made a depressed denji lockscreen for all 15 of us in the chainsaw man fandom

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His obsession with her…🗿admirable ngl-

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Child Devil Hunter

Hayakawa Aki

  Hates it, words cannot describe how much he hates seeing the little kid sitting by his desk waiting for him with their little legs swinging back and forth. Files a complaint because there is no field of work for a child, nags Makima to convince this kid to go back to school and make something of their life. 

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For Denji, doors are just tramatizing at this point…

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Kishibe:I’m a Devil Hunter with Special Division 1. Makes me feel good to be called ‘Master,’ so call me that. I like booze, women… and killing devils.”

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denji: “hnn… am i still dreaming?

power: “quit the half-asleep nonsense!

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S/O celebrating the Holidays

✧.。.:*・Ali’s Advent Calendar Event・*:.。. .

Poor Denjis probably never been given a gift before, you could give him a candy cane and he’ll get all teary eyed and cling onto you with snot running down his nose.

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Here are some general relationship headcanons I wrote for the reader and best boy. I hope you enjoy!

Word count: 1.3K

  • Your relationship with Aki will only begin to blossom as he comes to know more about you and you, him. He will slowly start to open up more about his family and childhood and will eventually bring you along to see his family’s gravestone in Hokkaido.

  • In the latter stages of your relationship, he would start subconsciously craving small, intimate gestures from you. He fathoms having you entangle and run your fingers through his raven hair while you straddle his lap in bed. You caress his face and trace the outline of his velvety lips with the soft pads of your pointer and middle fingers. While warmly embracing him, you indulge him with sweetest kisses on his lips, cheeks, and nose. Not to mention that you love gently nipping and tugging on his pierced earlobes. However, if you insist on getting a reaction out of Aki, a surefire way is to plant delicate kisses on his Adam’s apple, slowly trailing upwards to nip and suckle just beneath his jawline. While you are doing this, run your hands up and down his well-defined upper body—he will lose control of both his mind and his body.

  • Please give this man your undivided affection and attention. Aki, at the very core of his being, craves affection and attention since he did not get to experience much of it in his childhood. This craving for intimacy stems from his parents spending most of their time nursing his unwell, younger brother, Taiyo. Aki is not the type of person to outright demand your affection and attention, but you notice that he has been finding ways to subtly get closer to you. For instance, when you two are watching a movie together at your place, while still keeping his eyes glued to the television screen, he will lightly brush his hand up against yours, signaling he wants to be intimate.

  • As your relationship with Aki blooms, he would allow you to see a much more vulnerable side of himself. He dislikes others seeing him cry, but he turns to you as his source of comfort. During these times, it is imperative that you be the one to console him. Not necessarily through your words, but through small, intimate gestures while holding him close. Through your gentle touch, it reassures him that you are still alive, you are still breathing, and by his side. This fuels him to keep on fighting and continue living. 

  • Aki is a private lover and does not publicly dote on you. However, it is a completely different story behind closed doors. When alone, Aki can be very affectionate with you. He grabs at your waist to have you straddle his lap and locks his surreal, cerulean eyes with yours. He would whisper in your ear just how much he loves you, donning the sweetest smile, all the while suckling and nipping at every inch of the sensitive flesh on your neck. No matter what point of the relationship you are in with Aki, he will always, ever so gently whisper a “thank you” into your ear after being intimate with you.

  • Aki has a bad habit of stealing your cigarette out of your mouth and making it his own. He likes the intimate connection of sharing a cigarette with you, and secretly loves the way you pout at him while making futile attempts at trying to steal it back.

  • Whenever you invite Aki over to your place for dinner, you always place a basket of assorted fruits for him as the dining table’s centerpiece. Not only does Aki love eating fruits, he enjoys making art out of them. He often carves the red-fleshed apples you buy for him into intricate, cute, little bunny shapes. And whenever you are feeling under the weather, he brings over those bunny-shaped apple slices and feeds them to you at your bedside.

  • You and Aki go out on lunch dates a lot during your spare time. During these dates, you guys make idle conversation and find rare moments of peace in each other. Aki needs a lover who is content with simply being in each other’s company—just being in the moment together, without feeling pressure to fill up the silence. Throughout the madness that encompasses his everyday life, just indulging in your normal, run-of-the-mill conversation with you is simply… cathartic. All he wants to do is watch you eat your favorite meal and appreciate the little moments with you. He knows that he could die at any given moment, such is the unfortunate reality of working as a Public Safety Devil Hunter. Just like with your cigarettes, Aki has a habit of stealing your side dishes just before you are about to take a bite. However, you exact your revenge by reaching over the table and bringing him in for a passionate kiss in front of the restaurant staff and patrons, causing him to blush profusely.

  • Everything intimate that Aki does with you will probably be at your place. He is uncomfortable with the fact that his two gremlin younger siblings (Denji and Power) have a tendency to barge into his room anytime they see fit. It happened once when he had you over for dinner and a sleepover. After everyone finished eating their meal, Denji and Power engulfed themselves in a video game while you and Aki washed the dishes. After finishing the last dish, Aki lightly brushed his hand up against yours. He was not directly looking at you, but straight ahead at Denji and Power, while a faint blush stained his cheeks. You softly smiled at him, knowing full well what he wanted—and you would be more than happy to indulge him. The two of you made your way towards Aki’s bedroom and started to lovingly caress each other. However, a few minutes later, Denji and Power barged into the room to ask (i.e. force) you to make dessert for them, but instead caught you straddling Aki’s lap right in the middle of a passionate kiss. The two gremlins started to lose their minds. In total mayhem, Denji, in his classic Denji way, vulargly accused the two of you, “HEY, ARE YOU TWO GONNA BANG?!” This severely aggravated Aki, and flustered him to the point where the whole mood was ruined for the night.

  • Although Denji and Power agitate him to no end, Aki can not help but feel a faint blush taint his cheeks whenever he sees you take good care of his dumb and dumber. In your spare time, you teach Denji and Power how to cook, since you tell them you can not keep cooking their meals forever—much to their dismay. You motivate them to take their education and work seriously too (It is not like they ever listen to you, but you make an attempt to anyway). You also help them with their various chores around the Hayakawa house. And whenever Aki has other business to attend to, he is, with good reason, reluctant to leave Denji and Power alone (He does not want to chance returning to the Hayakawa house in flames). Hence, he requests your help watching over them for a few hours. During those times, you take Denji and Power out to a nearby convenience store to get snacks for a cozy in-home movie and wait for Aki to return. At this point… these two gremlins are literally just you and Aki’s children. It is simple, blissful moments like these where he ponders on how motherlike you are and how good of a mother you would make for his future children.

  • Overall, Aki is a gentle lover who, down to the very fiber of his being, loves you. I hope that you will reciprocate all of his love, because he truly deserves it.
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[ID: The Predator Epic Handshake meme. The left arm is labeled “Chainsaw Man”, the right arm is labeled “Tokyo Ghoul”, and the handshake is labeled “Tragedy happening on the main character’s birthday”. END ID]

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