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#csm manga

Denji: Kishibe told me I need to start thinking before I act

Denji: So if I smack the shit out of you, rest assured, I thought about it and I am confident in my decision

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Nayuta: I’ve done nothing wrong, ever, in my life

Denji: I know this and I love you

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Power: Frankly I’m offended that you’d ever think it was me who set the kitchen on fire

Aki: So it wasn’t you?

Power: No, it was. I’m just offended

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dumb of ass pure of heart boi denji + chonky pochita

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Denji: If I die would you miss me?

Makima: It’s cute you think death will let you scape this relationship

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There he goes!! Chains man, saw bro, Saw McChainman, sawman chain, Chainsaw man.

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Denji: when I get murderer can you make sure I’m an unsolved case? I want to be in buzzfeed unsolved


Nayuta: that was my original idea

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I uh just finished reading chainsaw man uh yeah so that. Did not expect it to punch me in my feels and then drag around my dead corpse like that.

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Man oh man…

So I only read 50 chapters of Chainsaw Man so far but I heard that it ended with its final chapter today. It makes me sad since I’m so excited to see where the story goes from where I stopped at.

But I have to say that this series has honestly been a breath of fresh air for me in terms of manga stories. It’s bold, blunt, straight-forward, and unique all around. It’s gonna be sad when I catch up and finish it but I’m glad that I was able to read such a awesome story.

I will never forget a cool-ass story such as this one.

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Denji… You know my dream was? It was just to be hugged by someone. Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?

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At first I was pretty sad when I colored this last night. But today I woke up to the news that CSM will be getting not only an anime, but also a part two in Jump+ so I’m happy now

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