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suck-a-egg · 4 months ago
Fives: So that’s my plan. Echo: Are you alright with constructive criticism? I don’t want to sound mean. Fives: No, go ahead, I want to hear it. Echo: It fucking sucks. Fives: That’s not constructive criticism.
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paperback-rascal · 18 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The comics is another installment of the idea that Crosshair sees perfectly in the dark, also inspired by @kalm5​‘s idea that they posted after we talked about how, if Clone Force 99 was such a top secret unit, that most clones, especially young clone cadets, wouldn’t know about them so The Bad Batch would probably became... some sort of Kamino’s urban legends amongst the clone cadets?
Clones obviously stumbled upon them one way or another but since they look different and probably the encounters were very brief that some sort of stories begun to form about them, then rumor mill would do the rest, blowing everything out of the proportion!
Crosshair would probably become some sort of cautionary tale that ends with a clone (cadet) becoming a ghost that roams the halls at night.
Hunter would be a clone (cadet) that looks off, but helps fellow cadets when they get lost (because he, himself, never is) then just disappears before a person in need could even thank him for help.
Tech is this disembodied clicking noise coming from the tech room in the middle of the night or a fellow clone that just works in computer room at night that will never reply (or even turn around) when addressed to.
Wrecker would become a story about a very disobedient clone (cadet) that was used for experiment as a form of punishment. He would often escape the labs located at lower level of Kamino and is constantly hunt down by the Kamino guards to be dragged back for more experiments.
So you better eat those vegetables or you’ll join the mutated clone cadet in his misery!
Of course everyone at Kamino claims the stories are just that... the stories! But clone cadets think it’s another conspiracy theory because there is a grain of truth in every story... right?
STAR WARS: The Clone Wars/The Bad Batch © George Lucas/ Dave Filoni/ LucasFilm/ Disney
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territhium · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
"Ct-1409. That was Echo's number. He's alive!" - Rex
mine ask for permission before reposting
im considering doing prints of this but ill wait to see what kind of feed back i get from this post
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dez78 · 3 months ago
Fives: *Sneezes hard.*
Echo: Bless yo-
Fives: Uh, oh.
Echo: What's wrong?
Fives: You ever sneeze so hard; you pee a little?
Echo: ...
Fives: I need to go.
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winterskywrites · 9 months ago
something fluffy with the bad batch (including crosshair pls)? today's episode hurt me, i just want them to be happy family
“Please, Hunter? Please please please please please please please-”
Hunter looks over Omega’s head at Tech. “I blame you for this.”
“I merely answered Omega’s questions when she asked about the planet,” Tech says, completely unrepentant. “She decided herself that she wanted to watch podracing.”
“It sounds so cool!” Omega cries. “Please, Hunter, can we go and watch?”
“It does sound cool,” Wrecker says slowly. Hunter shoots him a look. The last thing he needs is for one of his brothers to take Omega’s side.
“I’ve always wanted to see a podrace,” Echo says, because apparently all of Hunter’s brothers are traitors. “General Skywalker always said he used to podrace on Tatooine, but I thought humans didn’t have fast enough reflexes for it.”
“Humans do not,” Tech agrees. “But there are rumors of a human boy who won a podrace on Tatooine approximately thirteen years ago. Would that timeframe work for your general?”
“Yeah, I think it might, actually,” Echo says contemplatively. “I always figured he was just pulling my leg. He told a lot of stories that were definitely exaggerated. General Kenobi used to correct him sometimes.”
“Well, we’re still not going to see a podrace,” Hunter says. “It’s an unnecessary risk.”
“Oh, but no one will be paying attention to us!” Omega cries. “And we can go in disguise. If you all take off your armor, then no one will recognize you!”
“Omega...” Hunter looks up at Crosshair, the only member of the squad who hasn’t chimed in yet. Surely he can count on Crosshair to side with him, can’t he?
Crosshair pulls out a toothpick and puts it in his mouth. “The ship is getting a bit cramped. Might be nice to go out.”
Omega bounces up and down. “Please, Hunter? We all want to go! That means we outnumber you!”
Hunter groans. “Tech, what are our odds of being recognized?”
“Low, if we do not wear our armor,” Tech replies. “We can disguise ourselves fairly easily.”
“The Jedi always wore cloaks to disguise themselves,” Echo muses. “That or ponchos.”
“Did it work?” Crosshair asks skeptically.
“Most of the time, yeah,” Echo admits. “But I think they must have been doing something with the Force, because the disguises were pretty awful.”
“I don’t like cloaks,” Wrecker grumbles. “They always fit weird on me.”
“That’s because most people don’t make cloaks large enough to fit you,” Tech replies. “Perhaps a hat will do instead.”
“Does that mean we’re going?” Omega asks excitedly.
Hunter sighs deeply. “Yes, alright, we can go.”
Omega cheers, jumping in the air. “Yes!”
And Hunter still thinks it’s an unnecessary risk, and he still doesn’t understand why all of his brothers seem so excited to watch podracing, of all things, but if it makes Omega this happy...
Well. Some risks are worth taking.
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chiafett-moved · a year ago
Hunter and Omega: learning via physical repetition autistics
Echo: learning via verbal repetition autistic
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duron1ar · 2 months ago
fasten their shadows to my neck
“Be careful,” Jon says, though Nico likely doesn’t need the reminder. “If the Sith Lord notices—”
“Then he’d best not,” Nico says, and vanishes with a ripple of light. A moment later, the door opens, then shuts again, and Knol snorts.
“Fancy tricks, all of you,” she says, amused, and takes the hand Jon offers her.
“Says the woman who eats fire,” Jon says. “With the Force.”
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artcupcakes · a year ago
My brain sometimes is a bit of a garbage shit post generator.
An example of this is when my brain randomly thought: A clone slapping Wrecker in the back of his head while yelling “I like your cut G!”. Before then thinking wait Wrecker is too tall for a clone to normally slap him. This clone would have to jump with a running start.
And then I realized that running up and jumping behind Wrecker to slap him while yelling “I like you cut G!” and then using the momentum to keeping moving forward and make an escape is the exact kind of shenanigans that would be pulled in either,
A. Echo relaxing around the bad batch and falling into the weird ass behaviors he exhibited with Five(To mess with Five) But now he’s the eldest in the group and has to deal with all of the fall out that normally Fives covered for/spared him from
B. This is a Fives survives au and this is him Vibe checking his bro’s new squad. With presumable the other member getting their own strange harassments
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gobayern16 · a year ago
This is a gift for @manda1orians for @starwarssecretsanta organized by @lilhawkeye3. I hope you like it!
Summary: A relaxing evening after a hard-fought campaign is spoiled by a nightmare. Luckily Echo is there to take care of you.
Characters: Reader, CT-5385 | Tup, CT-21-0408 | Echo
Tags: Hair Braiding, Nightmares, Panic Attacks, Stargazing, Hurt/Comfort, Vode helping Vode, Soft Tup, Caring Echo
Words: 1,237
You run the brush through Tup’s hair with long, even strokes, taking care not to pull too hard. Tup hums lazily, body lax in contentment. You smile softly. It wasn’t often that you had time to just sit and relax. No battle to fight, no camp to pack up; just the wind through the trees, songbirds singing, Tup a warm, soothing weight against your legs.
Brushing out the last of the tangles, you continue your strokes, Tup’s shoulders relaxing even further, head slumping forward on a loose neck.
With a quiet chuckle you finally pull the brush away, setting it to the side. You gather three strands of hair from the top and begin weaving them together. You lightly scratch Tup’s scalp as you add more hair with each twist of your hands. The younger trooper melts under your hands, methodical scratch-pull-twist lulling him into a light doze.
With a final twist you finish off the Nubian braid, tying it together with a band.
“All done, Tup,” you say quietly, thumbs idly sweeping back and forth along his neck.
“Mmm thanks,” is the mumbled reply. You laugh at his sleepiness, gently tugging on his braid. 
“Your bed is right there, Tup,” you say amused. His head lolls back, following your tug. He smiles at you, hazy with sleep and the peace of the moment.
“‘M comfy here.” To punctuate his point he leans into your legs, snuggles into your knee.
You chuckle, warmth bursting in your chest. You let Tup cuddle your leg a little longer before regretfully shaking it.
“C’mon, time for bed. You might be comfortable, but this crate is not.” The younger trooper whines but gets to his feet, stumbling slightly. You steady him, pulling him into your side. Tup hugs tight, head resting on your shoulder, trusting you to lead him to his bed.
You move the ten steps into the tent and to his cot easily. You tuck him in and brush a kiss over his forehead.
“Night, Tup,” you say softly.
“Night, ori’vod,” he murmurs. A moment later his breathing evens out. Smiling fondly at Tup, you tuck the blanket a little tighter around him before heading to your own cot. 
Head full of thoughts about adorable little brothers, you think it’ll take you a while to settle down. But the rhythmic breathing around you coupled with the warm air quickly lulls you to sleep.
You duck behind cover, blaster bolts flying overhead. A shell detonates, the ground rumbles, buildings shaking. Captain Rex shouts a warning, you sidestep—
Run into a wall. It’s pitch dark, your gasping breaths echoing in your helmet. You whirl around, arms out. Your hands brush dirt and metal. The darkness presses in on you, thick and heavy. Hand shaking, you reach up to your helmet and flick the lights on.
Shattered duracrete greets you, traps you in this little space.
“No. No, no, nonono…” Eyes frantically darting around, looking for a way out, hands scrabbling at the dirt and rubble. 
A sudden pop, a weighted pause.
The ceiling gives, dirt and duracrete pouring down, burying you. You choke on a scream, struggling frantically, desperately clawing for freedom. A beam comes down right on your face—
You bolt upright chest heaving, scream caught in your throat. You can’t get enough air, the blanket over your legs claustrophobic.
You kick it away, almost falling off your cot in your haste to get free, to get out, gotta get out—
The tent walls close in on you, the snores of your vode morphing into the sounds of shifting rubble. You swallow a sob, blindly stumbling for the tent exit.
You make it out what feels like an eternity later, collapsing onto your hands and knees. You dig your fingers into the grass, trying to ground yourself in the here and now. Shudders wrack your frame, panic and fear from the nightmare overwhelming you. You can’t get enough air, gasping and choking on nothing. Tears burn your eyes.
A hand on your shoulder makes you jolt, wrenching away from the unexpected contact and almost unbalancing you. You look up into the worried face of Echo, blurry through a haze of tears.
Echo kneels down and reaches for you again, clasps one of your hands and brings it to his chest. You focus on its movement as Echo deliberately exaggerates his breathing, trying to match yours to the rise and fall.
You stay like that for ages, on hand and knees with Echo patiently next to you. Finally, finally, your breathing slows to something approximating normal, hitching slightly on every other inhale.
“Let’s get you sitting before you collapse,” Echo murmurs softly. You glance down, distantly noting you’re trembling.
“That’s probably a good idea,” you rasp. Together, you manage to get yourself sitting back against the tent wall, Echo pressed tight and warm to your side.
You’re grateful for his silent support, for the chance to compose yourself.
“It was about the battle on Zarta Prime,” you start quietly, certain he knows you had a nightmare. “When I was trapped under the collapsed building. Except,” you swallow harshly. “Except you didn't find me in time.”
A sharp inhale, then Echo wraps his arm around your shoulders, pulls you into a fierce hug. Your breath catches as you bury your face in his shoulder. 
“You’re out. You’re safe,” Echo reminds you, rubbing circles in your back. You cling a moment longer, drawing strength from his protective embrace. If his blacks are wet when you draw back, he doesn’t comment on it.
He brightens. “I know what’ll help you feel better! Stay here, I’ll be right back.” Echo gets up and rushes back into the tent before you can get a word out.
A breeze blows through the camp and you shiver, nightmare-sweat dampening your blacks. Before you decide if you want to change or not, Echo comes back out, laden down with blankets and pillows.
“Come on, you’ll like this.” You close your mouth at his gentle smile, swallowing your confusion and standing to follow him. You sway briefly, catching yourself on the tent wall. You wave away his concern and gesture for him to lead the way.
He leads you to a small hill just past the edge of camp but still well within the patrol boundary. As you look on with growing bemusement, Echo lays out one blanket and both pillows. He settles down and grabs the second blanket, motioning for you to join him.
You sit down next to him and he spreads the blanket over both of you, tugging you to lay down with him.
“Look,” he says quietly, reverently. You tilt your head up and gasp at the sight above you.
Countless stars twinkle in the inky darkness, priceless jewels glowing in the vastness of space. 
Echo traces constellations and planets with his voice, words a steady, grounding rumble. You let it wash over you, the last of the tension you were still carrying releasing from your shoulders.
Out here under the stars, the last of your terror and panic melts away, and you can finally breathe freely and easily.  
“Thank you.” You gently interrupt Echo’s rambling, making sure to hold his gaze, trying to convey with your eyes what you don’t have the words to explain.
He smiles at you, face open and soft and understanding. “Anytime, ori’vod.”
Thank the Force for caring little brothers.
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mrfandomwars · a year ago
This fandom lacks Fox and Fives and Echo afterlife cuddles drawings.
And it's disgusting.
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ffrecommendation · a year ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003) - All Media Types, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Anakin Skywalker & Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi & Ahsoka Tano, Padmé Amidala & Ahsoka Tano, CT-7567 | Rex & Anakin Skywalker, CT-27-5555 | Fives | ARC-5555 & CT-7567 | Rex, CT-7567 & Ahsoka Tano, Padmé Amidala/Anakin Skywalker, CC-2224 | Cody & CT-7567 | Rex, CT-27-5555 & Ahsoka Tano, Padmé Amidala & CT-7567 | Rex, Obi-Wan Kenobi & Anakin Skywalker Characters: Ahsoka Tano, Padmé Amidala, CT-7567 | Rex, Anakin Skywalker, CT-27-5555 | Fives | ARC-5555, CT-21-0408 "Echo", Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jar Jar Binks, C-3PO Additional Tags: Games, Getting to Know Each Other, Perspectives, Jedi Temple, Jedi Code, Growing Up, Anthropology, Civil Rights, Refugees, Slavery, Theed, Culture, Jedi Culture, Clone Wars, Clone Culture (Star Wars), Family, Rites of Passage, compassion - Freeform, Kamino, Planet Naboo (Star Wars), Royalty, Childhood, Childhood Memories, Obi-Wan Impressions, Jerba Ribs, The Twilight (Star Wars), I Hate Sand (Star Wars), Families of Choice, Dating, Classism, Republic Nutrition Rations, Republic Issue Soap, Brotherhood, 79's, Quarantines, Quarantine Summary:
After contracting the Blue Shadow virus, Ahsoka Tano is quarantined in Theed, along with Senator Amidala and Captain Rex. They are three very different people, but they all share a restlessness that leaves them unable to endure their confinement. To pass the time, Padme suggests they play a question game, each telling stories about personal experiences. As all three share a humorous discussion, they learn about compassion and the importance of knowing perspectives different from their own.
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suck-a-egg · 4 months ago
Rex: Would you stab your best friend in the leg for 10 million gold? Fives: You stab me, and then when my leg gets better, we buy a big-ass house. Echo: You can stab me too, then we'll have 20 million. Fives: Good thinking.
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paperback-rascal · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Post-credit scene" for episode 16 anyone?
I'm so surprised that my dash wasn't flooded (pun intended!) with fanarts/fanfics about Crosshair having a heat stroke and hallucinating about his squad! I can't be the only one who thought of that!
STAR WARS: The Clone Wars/The Bad Batch © George Lucas/ Dave Filoni/ LucasFilm/ Disney
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territhium · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
"I am worth more than 2,000." -Echo
mine ask for permission before reposting
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vod-ika · 2 years ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types, Star Wars - All Media Types Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: CT-5597 | Jesse/CT-6116 | Kix, Sidon Ithano/CT-6116 | Kix Characters: CT-7567 | Rex, CT-5597 | Jesse, CT-6116 | Kix, Ahsoka Tano, CT-21-0408 | Echo, CT-27-5555 | Fives | ARC-5555, Sidon Ithano, The Meson Martinet, The Crimson Corsair Additional Tags: Order-66, Post-Order 66, I Don't Know If This Is For Better Or For Worse, Probably For Worse, Clones Series: Part 4 of For Better Or For Worse Summary:
-  "We all have the same body and the same home, but when you die, your eyes are your own."
The eyes that finds his are blank and accusing and dead for fifty-two rotations. -
Kix finds Jesse's grave. Post 7x12
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winterskywrites · 9 months ago
In my first draft of Trace the Signal, the ending was very different. It went on a lot longer and had more Tech in it. I ended up scrapping it and replacing it with the more open-ended ending that the fic currently has, but if anyone is interested in the original ending, here you go!
This picks up right when Hunter gives Tech the painkiller. The first few italicized lines are from the final fic, and then it diverges into the alternate ending.
"Here you go," Omega said, offering Hunter a perigen patch. Hunter applied it to Tech's neck and watched as some of the tension leaked out of his body. The wounds were still there, but at least they wouldn't hurt as much.
And apparently, that lessening pain was all Tech needed to wake up. Hunter shouldn't have been surprised; Tech was never one to stay down for long. His eyes fluttered open, and his first, raspy question was entirely predictable.
"Where are my goggles?"
"Here they are," Omega said immediately, holding them out. "Do you need help putting them back on?"
"I've got it," Hunter replied, taking the goggles from Omega. He knew Tech was particular about the way they sat around his head, and he'd helped his brother with them enough that he knew exactly where to place them. He carefully settled them into place and noticed another level of tension disappear.
"The bounty hunters were all dealt with, I presume?" Tech asked. He tried to push himself upright, but with only one uninjured hand, he wasn't quite able to manage it until Hunter helped him up.
"Wrecker and I dealt with them," Hunter replied. "And Wrecker blew up the caves."
"Hmm." If Tech had any opinions on that, he didn't voice them. "Considering how quickly you were able to find me, I assume you were able to track my location through my comm."
"We were," Hunter agreed. "But I think you've got to make some changes to your failsafe."
Tech frowned slightly. "What sort of changes?"
"Your comm was broadcasting the whole time," Hunter replied. "And before you say anything, I know that was the intention, but that means it was also broadcasting what was happening."
Tech's frown deepened. "Ah."
Hunter hesitated, not quite sure how to say what he wanted to say in front of Omega. Maybe she could tell how he felt, because she looked at them both and said, "I should go tell Wrecker and Echo that you're awake, Tech."
"Right," Hunter agreed. "Thanks, Omega."
Omega nodded, then she gave Tech a quick hug that made his eyes go wide in surprise. Before Tech could say or do anything, Omega left the medbay, heading for the cockpit.
"Did she hear what happened?" Tech asked.
"No," Hunter replied, shaking his head. "We closed the doors to the cockpit so she wouldn't."
"Then I don't see the problem," Tech said. "I had thought that the audio feed might be helpful in ascertaining the missing person's location. Did it help?"
"Well, yes," Hunter admitted, because they had heard comments about the caves that had confirmed that the bounty hunters were taking Tech there. "But we also heard everything they did to you."
It feels petty and selfish to complain about that when Tech was the one who endured the torture Hunter just had to listen to. Tech's situation had undoubtedly been worse. But listening to that… Hunter had felt like he'd been being tortured as well.
"Ah," Tech said, with the air of someone who'd come to a realization. "It was distressing to you to hear."
"Distressing is one way to put it," Hunter replied. "I don't know if I've ever wanted to kill anyone else as much as I wanted to kill that bastard hurting you."
"I had not factored that potential distress into my original concept," Tech mused. "Perhaps I could-" He reached for his datapad, then winced as his injured hand protested.
"Right now, you're not doing anything except resting," Hunter said, gently taking Tech's wrist and settling his hand back down. "Or, as much resting as you can."
Tech frowned. "What do you-"
"Tech!" Wrecker yelled, bursting into the medbay with Omega and Echo behind him. "You're awake!"
There was a flicker of understanding in Tech's eyes as he looked at Hunter, then he switched his focus over to Wrecker. "I am. Did you truly blow up the Pulga Caves?"
"Those caves were the worst," Wrecker grumbled.
"Those caves had historical significance for the planet," Tech argued.
"I guess you're alright, then," Echo said with a grin. "You can't be too badly hurt if you're ready to argue with Wrecker about the historical significance of a bunch of caves."
"Tech could do that on death's door," Hunter countered dryly. "But he'll be fine with a bit of rest. Especially if he keeps his hand still and doesn't use it for a while."
The look on Tech's face told Hunter he was about to protest. He'd always been an awful patient. Luckily, Hunter had a trump card.
"Omega, can you help Tech out for the next few days, so he doesn't have to use his hand?"
"Of course!" Omega agreed immediately. Tech's expression went from defiant to betrayed. Hunter did his best not to laugh at it.
"Also," Wrecker announced, "I've made a new rule."
Everyone looked over at Wrecker. The Bad Batch had their own set of rules, and although they had a tendency towards being unconventional, they all followed them. If Wrecker wanted to make a new one, they'd follow that too.
"No one," Wrecker declared, "is allowed to be kidnapped."
Tech scowled immediately and predictably. "It's not like I did it on purpose."
"I like that rule," Echo mused. "No getting kidnapped. Good one, Wrecker."
"We'll add it to the list," Hunter agreed.
"You are all absurd," Tech muttered under his breath, but he didn't argue with the rule.
"Tech should get some rest," Omega declared, walking over to his side. It seemed she intended to take her position as Tech's helper seriously. "He'll heal faster if he does."
"And we should plan where we're going to go next," Hunter said to Echo and Wrecker. "Let's talk about it in the cockpit."
Wrecker patted Tech on the shoulder in an exaggeratedly gentle motion. "Good to have you back."
"I wasn't gone for very long," Tech countered.
"It was more than long enough," Echo replied. "I'm with Wrecker on this one. Glad you're back."
Tech's screams were still ringing in the back of Hunter's mind, but they weren't as loud now, not with Tech sitting in front of him. He wasn't unharmed, but he was alive, and he would heal.
And maybe, once his hand was better, they could go after their other missing brother, and their family would finally be complete again.
"Rest up, Tech," Hunter said, squeezing Tech's shoulder lightly. "We've got you back now."
Tech looked up at Hunter with a shrewd look in his eyes. Sometimes, he could be obtuse when it came to emotional matters, but sometimes, he was far too observant for his own good. Hunter had a feeling now was one of those times, and he was pretty sure Tech knew Hunter was comforting himself more than Tech with the words.
"You have," Tech agreed quietly. "And while the time frame makes this comment somewhat nonsensical… It's good to be back."
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chiafett-moved · a year ago
Echo has chronic pain. Hunter gets migraines. Sometimes, when bad days coincide, the only thing that helps is vode cuddles. 
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softly-speaking-valkyrie · 2 years ago
It’s that Sahsoka fic I wrote a long ass time ago! And since I rewatched the original 2D Clone Wars series, I thought it would be an awesome idea to write the ARC Troopers mission but with added Ahsoka... and then I rewatched the canon Clone Wars and decided Barriss was needed too bc those two are adorable together.
So here’s a really really cute chapter of Sabine having a nightmare and her master Ahsoka telling her about how gay she was for Barriss Offee before she turned to the dark side... 
Also, more Rex, Fives and Echo bc I love me some 501st clone boys <3
Once more, this fic is set after the Battle of Ender, after the Rebels Finale, I put Ahsoka at about 40 years old and Sabine at about 25 so while there is an age gap, both far more than old enough and their gap isn’t terribly bad.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
[Ko-Fi | Amazon]
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jediknvghts · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Day 066 | CT-21-0408 Echo
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agent-washingtub343 · 3 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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