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‘so i wrote to her

letters i’ve never sent

letters i threw in the gutter or flushed away…

…i think i wrote a thousand letters that time.’

—Luke Hemmings (talking about Arzaylea, way before dating Sierra)

Source: this post

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Michael: he looks like a pharmacist

Crystal: MiChAeL

Michael: goblin lookin ass

Source: my dad about my principal while watching my graduation livestream yesterday

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Calum (while eating McDonalds pancakes at 2am); pancakes, they’re fancy bread burritos unfolded

Rest of the bois; *dead silence*

Calum; unpuffed soufflés

Luke; *giggles*

Source: me eating pancakes, trying to make my mom laugh

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So I’m watching avatar the last Airbender for the first time (yeah come at me I know) and low-key? It’s not bad 👀👀

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Luke; if you’re pissing off Gordon Ramsay then you’re definitely doing something right

Ashton; LUKE, NO

Luke; *whispering* Luke, yes

Source: my bitch ass who has the life goal of pissing off Gordon Ramsey but not to the extent of the restaurants he helps

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