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#cuddle it and rub it but not underneath
callmemrsbakugou · a year ago
Maybe (2)
Pairing: Bakugo Katsuki x Reader
Warnings: Implied nsfw, cursing, cheating
A/n: So I think this might be a series? Or should I stop it at a trilogy? I don't know, let me know what you think. Also, thank you so much for the love you've given Maybe, I love interacting with you guys ❤ Anyway, this is prior Y/n-chan talked to Uraraka and Bakugo!
Tumblr media
2 months before
Life is perfect.
Anyone would disagree but for you, it just couldn't get any better. You have a job that you love, amazing friends, a beautiful home and an unproblematic relationship with your boyfriend of 3 years.
Oh right, now he's your fiance. The dazzling diamond ring on your left hand reminds you of that and you beam.
You had been up for a couple of minutes, relishing the embrace and soft snores from the big muscular man beside you. Bakugo's arm is heavy around your waist but you wouldn't have it any other way.
Glancing up at the alarm clock on your bedside table, you saw that you still have a few more minutes to kill before the thing rouses him to get ready for his usual day as a hero. You bit your lip and carefully turned so you can face him, trying and failing miserably not to wake him. He stirs a bit and you couldn't help but smile apologetically when he cracks an eye open. Bakugo sighs and pull you tighter against his chest.
"Mornin' baby," he murmurs against your temple, his morning voice making you blush. You have been together for a while now yet he can still give you butterflies. And honestly, you aren't sure if that would ever change.
Bakugo Katsuki is just the one for you. Though people would always have something to say like, he's too rough around the edges, too brash, completely your opposite; you paid them no mind. Besides, they don't see this side of him that only you get to witness. People don't know how incredibly affectionate he could be, how often he does cute little gestures to show you how much he appreciates you and honestly, you prefer it that way. Prefer that he reserves those soft looks, hearty laughters, and bone mushing smiles just for you.
To the world, he's Ground Zero, Bakugo Katsuki, an unfiltered, unapologetic top hero. But within the confines of the home you've built together, he's just your Katsuki. Your 'Suki that loves cooking, spending quiet afternoons reading with you, lives for your cuddles and kisses, your perfect future husband.
You feel Bakugo's thumb rub soft circles on the skin on your side where your shirt had ridden up, causing the blood to rush into your cheeks. Biting your lip, you gently nuzzle the base of his jaw and Bakugo grins too, hand slipping down the curve of your butt and giving it a playful squeeze. Soon, the sheets rustle underneath you and you're both rid of the clothes you had on the night before.
The room fills with your soft moans and Bakugo's praises. Making love with Bakugo always has you breathless. Each kiss setting you ablaze, every touch a euphoric pleasure. Your eyes drifts from his blissed out face and on to the ceiling, toes still curled as you gasp for air.
"I love you." he murmurs breathlessly making your gaze fall back to him, finding those crimson orbs piercing your soul. It made you want to weep seeing such sincerity. Bakugo rarely says those three words and that was fine since he's a more of an actions kind of a guy. But damn, every time he does say it, he makes sure you feel it.
Your hands go around his neck and Bakugo swallows thickly, having held under your loving gaze like he's something delicate. Craning your neck, you pecked him on his already kiss bruised lips.
"I know," you whisper, a tear escaping when you let your eyes fall close. "But I love you so much more."
Bakugo was about to disagree but your bit his lower lip to shush him. "This is one argument I won't let you win, Katsuki." You were mentally preparing for a banter but to your surprise, his gaze softens and his lips quirk up into that crooked grin that always has you fawning. "Dumbass." he mutters, leaning in to give you a quick peck.
You were more than happy to bask in the moment but that nagging part of your mind made you glance up at the alarm clock that strangely wasn't beeping. Your eyes widened finding the thing smashed into pieces.
"What the hell?" you glance back at the man hovering above you as his chest starts rumbling with laughter against yours. "We're going to be late!" you hit his arm when he burries his face against your neck, still laughing.
You were about to get on your car when you saw Bakugo cursing under his breath as he fiddles with his motorcycle that doesn't seem to be starting.
"Get in Ground Zero." you winked while you tapped his butt as you pass by him. "I'll take you to work." He turns to you and smirks back. "Gotta take this shit to Hatsume's." He sighs as he climbs to your car, reaching for his phone but you grab his wrist and showed him you've already hit up Mei who responded by saying she'll have it picked up.
Bakugo scoffs a laugh and harshly pulls your collar to kiss you gratefully. You squeal in surprise but he ignores it, grinning against your lips he mutters, "You're the fucking best."
As you pull up in front of Bakugo's agency, the interns training under your fiance wave enthusiastically calling out, "Y/n-san!" causing some of the heroes gearing up for patrols in the lot to turn. You smile back but it falters when you saw a familiar pair of chocolate brown eyes that made your throat subconsciously run dry. What's she doing here?
As your car halts, Kirishima walks to your side, effectively blocking you of the beautiful hero you haven't seen in years. You roll the window down and Kiri greets you while Bakugo unbuckles. "Look at what the grumpy cat dragged in this fine morning!" You laugh as Kirishima reaches to pet your head as though you're a little kid. "Hey Eiji." you say, grinning up at him.
You were about to ask what brought him to Bakugo's building when Bakugo swatted Kirishima's hand harshly. "Hands off my girl, shitty hair." He grumbles. "What the hell are you doing in fuckin' territory anyway?" Bakugo asks as he joins Kirishima on your side.
Kirishima laughs it off though his arm was bright red with your fiance's hand print. "Beats me. We're called in just this morning. All of us." he says but you didn't miss the way Kirishima risked a glance at Uraraka and the way Bakugo's jaw clenches ever so slightly.
"Sounds serious, I'll get going then." you try to keep your tone even and your gaze from drifting off to the brown haired hero. "Be safe out there, you two, okay?"
"Yes, ma'am!" Kirishima winks as he gave you a playful salute. You we're pulling your window up and gearing to head out when Bakugo's hand comes up. You look up tentatively and you were met by a kiss. Stunned, your hand goes to push at his shoulder but he barely budges. Your face goes completely red at the sudden display of affection and the teasing hoots from the interns.
"Message me once you get to the hospital, alright?" he mutters, hands cradling your skull. You nodded, a face splitting grin stretching your lips that you try so hard to suppress. He then nods then tapped the roof of your car. Bakugo watches your car disappear around the corner, a sigh escaping his lips.
Apparently, there has been heinous kidnapping and quirk stealing ensuing in Hosu District. Bakugo has been going home late, looking more worn than usual. There's only so much you can do when he says all he needs is for you to hold him whenever you ask if there's anything you can do for him. Your worry heightens when he keeps coming home with new scrapes and cuts. You tend to him and sometimes he falls asleep on the couch while you're treating his wounds due to exhaustion and you'd just curl up next to him.
One night you walked in on him on the garage while working on his gauntlet. His phone was on speaker and you hear Kirishima saying, "Bro, you should just move in here with us for while with the mission still on going. It's got to be tiring having to work all day and still have drive home for about 2 hours."
You lean against the wall and hear Bakugo say, "Of course it's fuckin' tiring, stupid." he grunts as he screws the gauntlet back to one piece. "But I dont think I can sleep knowing Y/n's here, home all alone. 'Sides, I don't want to give her shit to worry about."
You peeked and saw Bakugo wiping grease off of his hands and noticed the deepening purplish hues under his eyes. You haven't seen him this tired.
"Come on, man. You think Y/n would be bothered with you staying in the same building as Uraraka? I know Y/n trusts you." Kirishima says and you hid back behind the wall at the mention of your name, just in time as Bakugo whips his head to check the doorway.
Bakugo hisses as he grabbed the phone and turned it back to handset mode, saying gruffly, "I know she fucking does, you moron. But like I said, I don't want her worrying." you hear him sigh, "Besides, if the situation is reversed, I don't think I could ever let her anywhere with a fucking ex."
As Bakugo joins you to bed that night after a shower, you hear him suppress a groan as his sore muscles finally hit the mattress. His arms goes around you carefully, lips finding your pulse. Your eyes open and you place a hand atop of his by your belly. "Sorry baby." he mutters, thinking he woke you. After a while, you laced your fingers with his and asked, "How are things in Hosu?" Bakugo takes a deep breath and pulls you tighter. "A fuckin' mess. The scumbags are good and we keep falling for their damn traps." he says, the annoyance in his voice thick.
"We're getting close at least, we finally have a lead and that's what has been keeping me late for the past few days." he yawns and you turn to face him. "Wouldn't it be better if you stay there with Kiri and the rest of the team all the while? At least you can spend the additional hours resting instead of having to drive back home." you say quietly. The look Bakugo shoots you had you squirming, he obviously can tell you overheard the conversation he had with Kirishima so you came clean.
"Baby, If you're worried about me, I could ask y/bff to stay here with me while you're away." you shrug. "No offense, but y/bff can't fight for shit. What if some scum breaks into the house while I'm away??" he cocks a brow at you.
You roll your eyes. "Bakugo, who the hell would come for me in the most secure part of the city? You made sure of that." you giggle, leaning up on your elbow to look at him. "Damn right, I did. Still, it's a solid no." he laughs dryly, settling back on his pillow.
"Our house is sandwiched between the Aizawa sensei's and Mirko-san's. I think I'm good." you protested. "Nothing is going to happen to me."
Bakugo closes his eyes, shaking his head stubbornly. You lean your cheek against his chest and looked up at him. Biting your lip, you reach for his face and say, "If you're worried about," you take a shakey breath, "me being uncomfortable with Uraraka around, don't." Bakugo opens his eyes and remains uncharacteristically quiet. "I trust you." you say and meant every word.
"I know." Bakugo murmurs, hand going to your scalp. He pulls you up so he can bring your lips to his. Bakugo keeps you there for a bit, forehead against yours. He'll be lying if he tells you that the travel from Hosu to your home isn't exactly draining. Last time he almost had a collision with a fucking truck when he accidentally dozed off and drifted to the other lane. He curses internally and finally, he nods.
You can see the torment in his eyes but he says, "I'll make sure to catch those lowlives as soon as I can then. Don't want to miss my girl too fucking much."
Days dragged on and you're not going to lie, the first night he spent at Hosu, you almost immediately want to take back everything you said. But Bakugo video calls you the moment he's back at their base and sometimes even falls asleep while still on his phone with you.
But then, days turned to weeks and the nightly calls became less and less frequent. You thought nothing of it what with the things you see in news. You were just grateful he even leaves you a message at night before he goes to sleep.
You didn't know their mission in Hosu was going to take this long but its been over a month. He's been gone for much longer but something in your gut just doesn't sit right. You shake off any doubt that even as much as breezes through the back of your mind because, god, Bakugo loves you and he's never given you any sort of reason to doubt it. But you miss him terribly and you're starting to worry because he hasn't really been updating for two days now. You tried calling him but, Kirishima picked up and told you Bakugo had fallen asleep already.
With a sigh you turn on his side of the bed, burrying your nose on the pillow where his scent lingers. You scroll up your conversation thread, a habit you developed as you patiently wait for him to respond. Your lips stretching to a small smile from time to time whenever you come across a photo he sent you when he's too tired to type.
Your finger stopped midscroll when your eye catches a glimpse of the something that made your blood run cold. Something that resembles a visor.. the visor of the gravity hero. Your heart thumps erratically in your chest.
The photo is a mirror selfie of Bakugo brushing his teeth. It was a bit blurry and the room was dimly lit as your fiance prefers it when he goes to bed. But there it was, on the corner of the reflection in the mirror by the foot of his bed.
You zoomed in but, it wasn't clear enough for you to confirm if it really was what you think it is..
Your brows furrow. And swiped on the next photo which was another one of him in full hero uniform about to head out but there was nothing on it.
You locked your phone and shake your head. You must be imagining things, mind running wild because you miss him. And besides, why the heck would Uravity's visor be in your fiance's room anyway?
You take a deep breath and grabbed your phone. You pressed on the recorder and started, voice hushed, "I miss you, Katsu. I can't wait for you to get home. Stay safe out there." you sniffle, "I love you so much."
Read next part here
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angelicyoongie · 9 months ago
the crimson shell (llll)
— pairing: jungkook x f!reader — genre: mermaid au, yandere au — w.c: 4.6k — warnings: explicit sexual content! heavy dub-con touching/intercourse, forced breeding, oviposition, mentions of death/violence, general yandere themes — notes: ah, here we finally are, the last part/finale to the story! please keep the warnings in mind, and don’t read this chapter if you’re uncomfortable with anything stated above!
Part I / II / III / IIII
Tumblr media
You’re not sure how long you’ve been here. After the second week of just blankly staring at the never changing cave walls surrounding you, you figured there was no point in keeping track of it. What good does it do you anyway? It’s not like counting the days will miraculously get you out of here. While you might not know the number, you do know that it’s been far too many. Your skin has grown pale and gaunt from the lack of sunshine and warmth you’re so used to, and the diet of raw fish hasn’t exactly been very kind to you. The cave is tall enough for you to stand up in comfortably, so at least your circulation isn’t completely shot, but you honestly lack the energy to stay on your feet for too long. Escaping, even just back up to the island, is your only chance at survival. You don’t think you’re going to last very long down here. It’s already gotten to the point where you’ve begun looking forward to Jungkook’s short daily visits, even just the sight of something almost human enough to keep you sane.
You let out a heavy sigh, the noise echoing around the cave as you lean back against the stone wall. Over the last couple of days, the creature has begun to bring you little treasures alongside with your food. You’re not exactly sure why, but it’s nice to have something to do – even if it’s just tracing the patterns on the lockets and pendants over and over. You run your fingers over the small pile of golden jewelry by your side, trying your best to keep your thoughts away from the people it must have belonged to. Jimin might have managed to get away, but you doubt the rest of them did. Two of the pendants in your pile belonged to the crew Jimin brought with him, and you suspect that if you give Jungkook a few more days, he’ll bring you the remaining three. As if you summoned him with your straying thoughts, a small splash in the water alerts you of the creature’s arrival. You turn your head just in time to see Jungkook hoisting himself up on the ledge, another fish and a new pendant dropped at your feet. You silently scoot closer to the edge, offering up your hand to the creature’s expectant red eyes. Jungkook nuzzles into your hand with a happy thrill, rubbing his cheek along your palm. You suppress a shudder at the sound, ignoring the soft skin underneath your fingertips as you stare at the headless fish at your feet. Sometimes you wish you could share the same fate as your food.
You let Jungkook cuddle your hand for as long as he wants, knowing that denying him will only make things worse for yourself. If you look past the sharp claws and teeth, Jungkook is hardly anything more than an oversized puppy. He seems to crave constant affection and confirmation that he’s done good when he brings you food or treasures. You think you might would have found it sweet if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s keeping you trapped here – and that he’s a monster. There’s nothing sweet or innocent about the creature in front of you. You let out a small breath of relief as Jungkook drops your hand, but he doesn’t immediately sink back down in the water as he normally does. You watch in confusion as he pushes the fish closer, the gold chain around it rattling as it drags against the stone. You hesitantly pick it up, praying that Jungkook isn’t going to stay here and watch you eat it. The raw fish already makes you nauseous, and there’s no way you’ll be able to stomach eating it with an audience. Especially one that likes to punish you when you do something he doesn’t like. Call you crazy, but you don’t think gagging at the food he brings you will make him very happy.
You slowly unwrap the chain, putting the fish back down to turn over the locket in your hands. You suck in a harsh breath at the familiar design at the front, the intricate carved flowers making bile rise in your throat. You had this made for Jimin years ago, back when you were still best friends.  You two stayed friendly even after you started drifting apart, but you figured he would’ve gotten rid of the locket by now. You can’t believe he kept it all this time. That he still wore it. Your hands shake as you gently pull on the clasp on the side, a strained sound leaving your lips as you flip it open. A picture of you and Jimin smiles back at you, your faces bright and carefree. Jimin has an arm slung around your shoulders, his eyes closed into little crescent moons from how hard he’s grinning at the camera. The pure happiness in the photo makes your heart clench. Despite knowing Jimin was the one who lead you here, you find yourself desperately missing him for a split second before you can catch yourself. God, maybe if you accepted that marriage proposal from the baker’s sleazy son last year you would’ve at least been safe. Home.
You’re yanked out of your thoughts as Jungkook tugs you closer to the ledge, a clawed hand quickly snatching the locket out of your grasp. He lets out a series of chirping noises as his red eyes drag from the locket to you, and Jungkook taps your smiling face in the photo before he does the same to your leg. You stare in bewilderment as the creature drops the locket back in your hands, his lips stretched into a nightmarish version of a smile before he lowers himself down in the water. You swear your heart stops the moment you see the rows of teeth lining his mouth, and it refuses to work again until Jungkook is fully submerged and swimming away. You hastily scoot back from the edge, the locket clutched tightly in your hand. A bitter smile graces your lips as it dawns on you that you’ve figured out how Jimin traded your life for his. The picture. While you can’t be sure of exactly how he managed to communicate with Jungkook, you’re sure that being stranded here for six months must’ve been more than enough time to figure out a way to converse without using actual words. With Jimin as living proof in front of him, the creature must’ve understood that it meant that you were real too. And that if he had managed to get Jimin, then there would be a way to get to you. It was probably easier for Jimin to trade your life for his when he had something tangible to show Jungkook, when he had proof in his hands that you were out there too. A part of you hopes that maybe Jimin tried to convince Jungkook to change his mind, to take someone else instead, but you have a feeling that even if he did, the creature wouldn’t have budged. From the time you’ve spent on the island it has become very clear that Jungkook is stubborn and used to getting what he wants – but you suppose that’s only natural for a creature like him. How can something tell you no when it has already been eaten?
Of course, Jimin had no way to be sure that you would set sail for Jungkook’s island. But, while there was no guarantee you would risk travelling that far, your old friend knew how desperate you were for money, and the lengths you were willing to go to keep your family afloat. You suppose he knew how easy it would be to trick you as long as there was a bit of gold involved, and Jimin was dripping in it when he came back. You just hope he at least had the decency to spare your family a gold ring or two after you left, considering he sacrificed you to go free. You toss the locket aside, not really caring where it ends up as long as it’s far away from you. You force yourself to take a few deep breaths, trying your best to quell the anger burning through your veins. Being mad at Jimin won’t do you any good while you’re stuck down here, so you allow yourself to whisper out a string of curses at the man before you lock away the heavy feeling of betrayal deep into your chest. Seeing Jimin’s smiling face has reignited your dwindling spirit, and you decide that you will get out of here, even if it is just to hunt Jimin down.
Tumblr media
The next time Jungkook comes back to visit you, there are no more treasures. Instead, your eyes widen in surprise as the creature gently places a familiar shell and pearl down by your feet, next to your twitching meal. You’re certain you left them near your bonfire higher up on the beach, but judging by the scratches and roughed up skin on Jungkook’s arms, it seems like the creature probably dragged himself all the way up there to get them. You feel your throat run dry at the thought, at the fact that you weren’t even as safe on land as you had first believed. If Jungkook was willing to bring himself up on land to get them, then you’re sure they must mean something important. It can’t be a coincidence that both the shell and the pearl have the same deep red colour as Jungkook’s tail and eyes, and come to think of it, didn’t your luck begin to turn after you picked up it that evening before you left?
Jungkook lets out a chirp as you pick up the shell, the creature leaning forward to rub his head against the back of your occupied hand. You eye him warily as your mind races through what has happened ever since you left home. You really, truly, hope that you’re wrong, but based on how everything started after you picked up the shell and how the creature acts – how he provides for you, how offended he acts when you push him away and how affectionate he is, you fear you might have accidentally accepted a courting offer. You’ve seen similar patterns in animals before, and while you’re not entirely sure what Jungkook really is, you think it’s safe to assume that the same thing might apply for him too. What you can’t really wrap your mind around is why he waited so long. It took weeks before you left after Jimin returned, and you were down by the beach every night. The unexplainable fear you felt was probably something deep inside of you that recognized that you were being watched by a predator – by him – but you didn’t know enough to connect the dots. Jungkook had many chances to grab you, but he didn’t. Not until you accepted his shell. Convenience maybe? That this whole trade was easier if he made you come to him? Or maybe some weird kind of custom his kind has? He is half human, after all. But you can’t be sure. If anything, Jimin could’ve at least had the decency to teach you how to converse with him if he was going to throw you to the sharks, or rather, Jungkook. Either way, you’re sure Jungkook would’ve eventually found a way to get to you even if you didn’t leave on that boat.
You’re shaken out of your thoughts when the feeling of soft skin leaves the back of your hand. The clicks falling from Jungkook’s lips are uncharacteristically soft as he pulls himself up on the ledge, those deep red eyes trained on yours as he tugs you closer. It only takes one hard yank before you find yourself caged in underneath Jungkook’s arms again, legs on either side of his waist. Your pulse quickens as you’re reminded of what happened the last time – you’re not exactly eager to pass out again from being smothered by his weight.  
You feel like you shouldn’t be surprised that Jungkook manages to carry his entire weight on one arm, while the other begins to roam across your body. After all, he did drag himself up on land and back, and the part you had on top of you last time was hardly anything. The weight of his entire tail must be extremely heavy out of water. You know the creature doesn’t like it when you don’t pay him attention, so you let your eyes rest on his collarbones, watching as a few drops of water run down his skin. Keeping eye contact is too intimidating, those deep red irises makes it feel like you’re staring right into the depths of hell.
You dig your fingers into your thighs as Jungkook’s hand dips under the torn fabric of your shirt, the unusual texture of the web between his fingers making you squirm uncomfortably as it drags over your skin. You’re very aware of the sharp claws hovering above your delicate stomach as he explores, but at least the creature knows to not let them touch. Jungkook’s hand trails over your sides, your stomach, all the way up to the underside of your breasts. You swallow thickly as a knuckle brushes against the soft flesh, Jungkook’s motion suddenly stilling at the contact. You’ve always managed to push him off before he’s gone any further, but you can feel the shift in the creature’s mood today. You know he’s not going to take no for an answer. But, that still didn’t prepare you for the sudden gush of wind brushing across your exposed chest, your shirt split clean in two with the help of Jungkook’s claws. Before you can scramble to cover up, Jungkook lets out an excited chirp, his hand quickly moving back to your chest. Your mind goes blank as he places his palm over one of your breasts, experimentally squeezing and massaging it as he watches you curiously. You grit your teeth as Jungkook plays with it, ignoring the little tingle of heat in your stomach whenever he does something your traitorous body likes.  
You try to convince yourself that Jungkook is probably just excited to see parts of a human body he hasn’t seen before, that he doesn’t really know what he’s doing. Your breath hitches as the webbed texture between Jungkook’s fingers glide over your nipples, a soft moan falling from your lips before you can stop yourself. The noise only seems to spur him on more, Jungkook repeating the motion to hear the sound again. A harsh squeeze on your breast forces out another moan, your hands flying to Jungkook’s chest. Your fingers twitch against his skin, your head telling you to push him away, while the building heat in your stomach and the growing wetness between your legs wants him close to finish what he’s started. You settle for digging your hands into his skin, grounding yourself in his body, knowing that pushing him away won’t do you any good. Jungkook lets out a happy thrill at your touch, lowering himself closer to your body as his hand moves from one breast to the other. You can feel his eyes burning into your skin, your body growing warmer and warmer under his intense gaze. There’s too many sensations at once – cold water dripping against your overheating skin, Jungkook’s long hair tickling your face, the soft and rough skin of his hand squeezing and moving across your flesh. Your eyes glide shut before you can stop yourself, forgetting your own rule of never letting Jungkook out of your sight. It’s just .. too much. Your body doesn’t know whether to hate the attention or love it, your chest tight with disgust while your stomach swirls with pleasure. At least with your eyes shut, and as long as your hands stay on his chest, he feels human. Human enough to make this whole thing a little less horrible.
Your legs tense as you feel more of Jungkook’s weight against your body, his hips pressing down more firmly against yours. You don’t pay it too much attention at first, too occupied by the hand on your chest. At least, that’s until you feel his hips begin to slowly move back and fourth, grinding against your clothed core. Your eyes fly open at the sudden friction, head spinning as your walls clench with need. You’re sure the flimsy material of your trousers must be soaked by now, and the realization that this creature is the reason behind it makes your cheeks flush red with mortification. You stifle a gasp as Jungkook pinches your sensitive nipple between two fingers, another happy thrill filling the cave as he rolls his hips harder against your mound. You can feel the heat in your lower stomach building rapidly, the coil almost ready to snap when Jungkook suddenly stills. You push down the needy whine in your throat as Jungkook removes his hand from your body, the creature pulling himself up further on the ledge.
Your confusion dies as your eyes travel down a little further past his hips, the arousal you felt quickly washed away by terror as you notice a slit in his tail, and something extending out of it. You nearly choke on your own spit as it finally clicks, trying your best to scramble out from beneath Jungkook’s hold as his cock becomes fully unsheathed. Jungkook lets out a series of low, warning clicks at your struggle, his clawed fingers digging into your shoulders as his arms keeps you caged you in. You look down in horror as you feel him resume his grinding against your clothed sex. It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before. His cock is slightly tapered at the tip, growing thicker down against the base. What you thought was just some misplaced curiosity is obviously more than that, because now, there’s no doubt in your mind that Jungkook’s plan is to fuck you. You ignore the pain as sharp claws dig into your skin, trying your best to twist out of his hold. Logically you know there’s no place for you to run to down here, and that was probably what he wanted all along. Still, your heart hammers painfully against your chest, urging you to at least try.
You don’t succeed in doing much more than twisting yourself over on your stomach, fingers clawing at the stone in an attempt to pull yourself away. You barely have time to process the hiss leaving Jungkook’s throat before the remaining fabric of your trousers are sliced clean in two, leaving you completely bare. The next roll of his hips sends his cock rubbing over your ass, your body trembling at the wetness that seems to be coating it. The scales on his hips are rough and sharp as they drag over your soft skin, and you don’t doubt they'll feel like tiny little razors if you move against them wrong. You’re still trying to drag yourself away when Jungkook’s arms comes under your body, one wrapping underneath your arm to hold the opposite shoulder, and the other curling around your stomach. The creature lets out another hiss at your squirming, pulling your flush against his chest. You can feel his heartbeat against your back, the steady rhythm such a contrast to the wild beat of your own as he once again moves against your body. The new position sends his cock gliding between your legs, the shaft rubbing along your folds and coating it with the same slick fluid you felt on your skin. You dig your fingers into the stone floor, but your body is locked up tight against Jungkook. There’s nowhere for you to go.
Jungkook lets out another warning noise before he rolls his hips forward again, the tapered tip of his cock catching on your entrance. You let out a strangled moan as Jungkook’s cock sinks into your heat, your walls stretching around him as he pushes in deeper. Your arousal from earlier combined with the wetness around the creature’s cock makes the slide painless aside from the uncomfortable burn of being filled too much, too fast. Jungkook’s excited thrill at finally being buried inside your heat rings in your ear from the close proximity, his tongue dipping out to flick across the sheen of sweat at your nape. The creature begins pulling his hips back, not giving you any time to adjust before he snaps them forward. You let out a choked moan as he fills you up again, vision growing hazy as he sets a brutal pace from the get go. You can feel the harsh slap of his hips against your ass with every thrust, Jungkook letting out a pleased hiss as he continues to slam into you. You can feel the tapered length twitching and pulsing inside of you as he moves, more wetness seeping out of his cock to mix with your own. Every thrust leaves you gasping for breath, and the hold Jungkook has around your body feels like you’re wrapped up in steel. You have no choice but to lay there and take it, but as the creature’s cock nudges over your sweet spot repeatedly, you realize to your own horror that you like it.
Lost in a daze of arousal and fear, you don’t even realize the creature has been moving the both of you backwards until you’re suddenly plunged into the cold water. You let out a startled gasp as Jungkook’s length disappears from your heat, and you thread the water forcefully to keep your head above the ripples as you try to figure out where the creature went. You feel his hands before you see him, claws wrapping around your waist as Jungkook pushes you against the ledge. You let out a pained groan as your back collides with the stone, your hands scrambling up to grip the edge of it. You freeze as Jungkook’s head slowly emerges from the water, those deep red eyes looking hungrier and wilder than you’ve ever seen before. It only takes a moment before you feel the creature’s chest pressed against yours, his cock slipping in even easier with the new position. It doesn’t take many thrusts before you’re forced to wrap your legs around his waist to keep yourself afloat, your arms shaking with the effort of keeping your head over water. Your fingers slip a little against the wet stone, your eyes widening as you seem to sink even further down on Jungkook’s cock. You’ve never been so full before, almost delirious as he picks up his pace. Jungkook’s hands are relentless as they glide over your skin, pinching and rubbing every part of your body.
“F-fuck,” You moan as your clit rubs against his tail, the roughness of the scales making a bolt of arousal shoot through your body. You don’t even realize your hips are moving against his as the tightness in your gut grows, the pressure building more and more until it suddenly unravels, waves of pleasure ripping through your body and making you see stars as you come on Jungkook’s cock. The creature lets out something close to a growl as your walls clamp down around him, and he fucks you straight through your orgasm and into oversensitivity with an animalistic pace. You whine as Jungkook’s cock begin to swell, grow, his hands stilling on your hips to pull you flush against him as he comes. He lets out a pleased chirp as the burning hot come floods your insides, a broken moan escaping your lips as Jungkook slows down the harsh pace. It’s done, you think, relieved. He’ll probably leave you alone now. So it confuses you when Jungkook’s eyes slide shut, soft clicks leaving his lips as he pushes you even harder against the stone behind you. He’s still working his hips in and out of your heat, and you realize that even though he just came, his cock is still hard and growing, still stretching your walls.
Your eyes nearly bulge out of your head as you feel something moving up Jungkook’s cock, a firm but soft sphere spurting from the tip and into you. It takes a second for your hazy mind to connect the dots, and you realize a little too late that the creature is laying eggs. Inside of you. Jungkook is breeding you. You desperately try to push against his chest as you feel the second egg travel up his cock, but Jungkook only tugs you closer, tucking his face into the crook of your neck as his chest rumbles. You stifle back a moan as the second egg joins the first, the foreign texture brushing along your sensitive walls. The creature purrs as he released another spurt of eggs, slowly grinding his cock back and fourth as he breeds you. You cling on to the ledge behind you, disgust and pleasure wracking through your body as another egg joins the rest. A deeper click, something almost close to a groan, falls from Jungkook’s lips as he forces the last egg into your tight heat. Your eyes nearly roll back as you feel his cock nudge against your cervix; Jungkook’s slow pace fucking the eggs around inside of you. If you thought you felt full before, it’s nothing compared to being stuffed to the brim with Jungkook’s thick cock, eggs and come.
You can feel Jungkook’s breath ghost across your exposed wet skin, the harsh puffs of air sending chills down your back. Your hands finally slip from the ledge, too exhausted to keep you up anymore. Before you can wrap your shaking arms around Jungkook’s shoulders, the creature suddenly detangles you from his body, quickly hoisting you back up on the ledge. You let out shaky moan Jungkook’s cock once again slips from your heat, your body feeling surprisingly empty despite the eggs still resting inside of you.
“Shit,” You hiss as you strain to push yourself up on your elbows, gliding a hand down to your stomach. You can feel them inside of you when you press down, little bumps gliding around under your fingertips. Panic builds under your skin – you have to get them out. There has to be a reason you’ve never heard of creatures like Jungkook before. You doubt you're compatible to carry his eggs, and you don’t even know what will happen once they begin to grow. And even if you were, it’s not like you want them. Just as your hand is about to slip down to your slick folds, Jungkook hoists himself up from the water, once again covering your body. He snatches your hand away with a series of threatening clicks, barring his sharp teeth as he lies down on top of you. You twist your head with a fearful whimper as Jungkook pushes your hand into his hair instead, the weight of his body not totally crushing, but still enough to make you feel lightheaded.
You squeeze down around the eggs without meaning do, bile rising in your throat as they catch on your entrance, too big to push out without any help. Your eyes land on the crimson shell and pearl pushed over to the side of the cave. Your chest feels tight as it dawns on you that while the shell were likely a courting offer; the pearl must’ve been a mating offer. And you had accepted both. Your eyes begin to sting as you feel Jungkook’s chest rumble against yours, the pleased purrs making you feel sick. You hesitantly shift your gaze back to him, curling your fingers painfully tight into the wet locks underneath your palm as you find those deep red eyes already staring back at you. A twisted rendition of a smile blooms on his face, the rows of sharp teeth glistening as he looks down at you. The message in his gaze is clear – you’re keeping the eggs.
And there’s no way he’s letting you go.
Tumblr media
a/n: oh boy. hopefully only those of you that were okay with the warnings made it this far. because i know i’ll get questions: jk fertilized his own eggs when he bred y/n, and y/n will basically serve as an incubator (poor girl lmao) for a while. she’ll push the eggs out eventually and then the eggs will hatch on their own. and no – i have no plans of doing jk’s pov any time soon, and it’s up to you to imagine y/n’s fate. anyway!! i hope you uhh, enjoyed this! and thank you for all the love and support for this mini series, it means a lot to me!  as always, see you all soon and stay safe! and in case you enjoy my stories and want to buy me a coffee, you can do so here! 💖
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sevendeadlymorons · 3 months ago
Kinda surprised no one’s done this one yet, but could we get some cuddling hcs for the brothers (+undateables if you’re feeling like it lol)
I think it hasn’t been done cuz I write a lot of cuddling shit for them already like this one and sorta this one but yeah I’ll write it up still, just don’t expect it to be too long lmao 🤣
Cuddling Headcanons with Brothers + Dateables
Surprisingly, he’s really comforting to be around and makes sure you’re comfy throughout the cuddle sesh
Wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you closer to him
Kisses your head and ear, smiling into your neck and rubbing his nose on your skin
Weirdly cuddly at around 2AM so expect lots of affection
Whispers ‘I love you’ pretty often
Puts his hands underneath your shirt and hugs your belly
He’s such a whiner at first but god, if he isn’t the best company you’ll ever have
Cuddles you close to him, holding you and protecting you
Wraps his legs around yours because his feet and legs get chilly
Kisses your neck, breathing calmly into your ear
Blushes and holds you tighter when you turn around to kiss him and tell him you love him
Strokes your hand and entwines your fingers with his while you cuddle
He’s so awkward but he’s nice and warm and a comfort to be around
Likes being the little spoon sometimes so you can play with his hair and kiss his head
When he’s not being little spoon, he’s holding your waist and squeezing you gently
Plays with your thighs a lot
Waits for you to say ‘I love you’ first then doesn’t stop telling you it the rest of the night
He often watches anime with you cuddled up to him if it starts to feel awkward for him
He likes you facing him when he’s cuddling so he can kiss your face easier
Has his hands pressed to your back, holding you protectively
Lots of kisses and displays of affection, he tends to not hold back
Strokes your hair and kisses your fingers
Let’s you fall asleep on his chest while he reads, still holding you with one arm
Looks at you with love in his eyes every single time he stares at your peaceful sleeping face
He’s such a great cuddler, you may never want to leave
Slips his knee between your legs and pulls you ridiculously close to his chest
Holds your head and strokes your hair, kissing you occasionally
Twirls your hair around his finger, humming to you and telling you how much he loves you over and over
Rests his hands on your bare stomach underneath your clothes
Will tell you to say ‘I love you’ to him and then smile like an idiot after
Acts as your pillow most the time and he’s a damn good pillow indeed
Places your head on his chest and lays you there, enjoying the feel of your body on his
Wraps his arm around you so you’re warm and safe in his embrace and feeds you midnight snacks if you wanted any
Kisses your head and giddy smiles when you kiss him back
Plays with strands of your hair
Lots of affection is given late into the night and lots of squeezes
Literally the king of cuddling, you’ll never want to leave
Squeezes you tightly when he’s spooning you but honestly it fluctuates throughout the night
When you’re cuddling him, he’ll turn around to sleepily kiss you and hold your arms that wrap around his stomach
When he’s cuddling you, he’ll probably never let go and you’ll be drowning in kisses
Presses his face into your neck and slips his knee between your thighs
Plays with your fingers
Big guy loves cuddles, he’ll give you the best cuddles honestly
Wraps his arms around you, pulling you closer to whisper sweet nothings in your ear
Playfully messes with your stomach
Kisses the back of your head and caresses your cheek
Strokes your hair and constantly checks to see if you’re in a comfortable position
Squeezes you occasionally to get some attention off of you
Very gentle with you but makes sure you’re so comfy that you don’t wanna move an inch
Let’s you lie on his forearm whilst he kisses your head, holding you close
Sometimes pulls you to face him so he can stroke your head
When you face him, he cuddles into your chest and kisses your jaw
Has his hands always placed on your lower back, sketching shapes and patterns
Smiles with bright red cheeks when you say ‘I love you’
He’s such a comforting presence, he’ll make sure you’re loved in the cuddle sesh
Doesn’t exactly press you against him but he’ll make sure your skins lightly touching his
Kisses your temple and whispers ‘I love you’ a couple times
Wraps his hands around your stomach with his hands under your clothes on your belly
Asks you if you’re comfortable a few times
Talks a lot whilst cuddling because he just can’t sit in silence
Will make the cuddling so much better than you’d ever thought it would be
He won’t stop talking to you but he’ll make you laugh at least. No time is quiet
Presses his nose into your neck and your back against his chest
Holds you like his life depends on it and gives you lots of neck kisses
Sometimes he likes when you face him so he can kiss your forehead and mess with your hair
Trails his thumb over your knuckles and kisses them gently after
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undersero · 4 months ago
Suna really likes being your big spoon. Rolling on his side, wrapping a strong arm around your waist and tugging your back into his chest was the most natural thing he’d ever done. From the very first time you cuddled with him that way, dozing and watching a dumb comedy, it felt right; like you were made to be together like that. And since that first time, being your big spoon has been his preferred cuddling position. 
After some initial confusion about what to do with his hands in that position, Suna figured out that he could do whatever he felt like with them. Sometimes, he slides his hand up underneath your shirt and cups your tits; but sometimes, he just rubs your belly, which started out as something that was so intimate it almost scared you but quickly morphed into something you loved and coveted.  
Sometimes, Suna simply rests his hand on your belly, underneath your breast, and holds you close to him, memorizing exactly how lovely you feel and committing each breath you take to memory for when, inevitably, you have to spend time apart. Other times, his hands rest on your thighs, thumb smoothing over your skin affectionately and absentmindedly. 
But there’s another place Suna likes to put his hands when you’re spooning. And that’s where they are now. 
His left arm is currently under your body. His hand has slid up underneath your shirt, hiking it up to expose your warm, flushed skin as he cups your breast, kneading it, alternating between being gentle and making you mewl out in discomfort. 
This was enough to make you blushy and aroused- the urgency in his hands alerting you to the extent of his intrigue in pulling pretty noises from you. His cock, now stiff, is pressing against the inside of your thigh, and every time he pulls a moan from you, you nudge it with your movements, and he curses softly into your hair. 
His right hand, though. That’s where he’s really getting you. 
Suna’s right hand is in your panties. His long, skilled fingers sliding between your folds and circling your quickly hardening clit. He gently pinches the nub between his fingers just how you like it, and the action sends a shiver down your spine and makes your toes curl. 
“Rin,” you whimper, tilting your head back until it rests against his shoulder. He grins into your ear, exhilaration pumping through his veins; whimpering his name like that was the first telltale sign that you were going to cum soon. His eyes shine with interest as his first two fingers slide into your core, finding your walls wet and dripping. 
“You like this,” he comments plainly, though there is a distinct teasing note in his voice. Wasting no time, he starts fucking you immediately with his fingers, palm grinding and sliding against your clit. His left hand gropes your tits harder, pulling whimpers from your mouth as he uses his leverage to hold you to his chest and take away any wiggle room you have. 
“Y-yeah,” you breathe, the syllables barely audible through your shaking voice that seems to be lost. 
“We can really get started once you cum,” he tells you, fingers driving into your core more quickly than before. The way he says it, his normally even voice being edged with intentional boredom lights a new fire in your belly. Soon, the blaze roars through your body as you tense, crying out, clawing at his arms, and cum around his long fingers. 
Your heart beats frantically, lungs burning with need for oxygen. Aftershocks of your orgasm thrum through your body, starting off almost violently before ebbing into a pleasant warmth. 
And then he’s moving you. Kissing your neck. And when he pulls away, you see his eyes, feeling your heart leap into your throat at his fully blown pupils. 
Suna really likes being your big spoon, but he loves it when you end up on your back for him.
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shawnsweetheart · 2 years ago
Body Wash
Summary: Shawn gets needy when he’s stressed.
1k of fluff
warnings: slight suggestion of smut?
a/n: please feel free to leave requests:)
Y/N could tell Shawn was stressed the second he walked through the door of his condo, where she was sat at the kitchen table working on her laptop, she could sense it. When Shawn got stressed, Shawn got needy. He let out a few heavy sighs as he stomped over and stood behind the chair Y/N was sitting in, resting his head on top of hers, squinting at her laptop to see what she was doing.
“What’s up babe?” Y/N queried, wiggling her head out from beneath her boyfriend’s weight to lean back and look at him.
He was pouting, his plump bottom lip stuck out adorably as he looked down at Y/N.
“Nothing.” He huffed, his bottom lip jutting out further.
Y/N rolled her eyes at his childishness and returned her attention to her laptop.
“Babyyyy.” He whined, leaning over and pulling her hands away from the keyboard, holding them both in his own.
“Come cuddle, I’m stressed.” He said softly into her ear, nuzzling his cheek against the side of her face.
“Once I’ve finished this essay, I promise.” He groaned at her and she turned her head so they were face to face, looking into his soft hazel eyes, looking glassy in the dim light.
“Fine. I’ll come cuddle with you.” She caved.
A bright smile took over his previously glum face and he tugged her up from the table, linking their fingers together and leading her to the large white sofa. He collapsed onto it, the cushions almost   swallowing him as he pulled her down on top of him, chest to chest with each other.
“Much better.” He mumbled into her hair, kissing the top of her head.
“You gonna tell me what’s up then?” she asked, looking up at him as he twirled some of her hair round his fingers.
“There isn’t really one particular thing, just a bunch of stuff. That song I played you the other day? I can’t get the lyrics right, its driving me insane, I used to be able to get lyrics down no problem but with this one I just can’t.”
Y/N nodded in understanding, waiting for him to continue.
“Then I got annoyed and sad because I couldn’t meet you for lunch today like usual - god I sound so stupid.” He shut his eyes, throwing an arm above his head.
“No you don’t, keep going. Get it off your chest.”
“Then I tried to stop off and get you those sunflower and rose bouquets you showed me on Twitter the other night but they had no goddamn sunflowers left and it just felt like one thing after another.” Y/N smiled up at him, shaking her head.
“That’s so cute Shawn, but please don’t beat yourself up about it, I don’t need flowers.” She assured him, pressing a firm kiss to his cheek.
“Yeah but you deserve it. I wanted to and I couldn’t, it just frustrated me. Then when I was driving home this guy cut me off and it got to me so bad, I was so mad Y/N, its so stupid.” He rubbed a hand on his forehead in frustration “and I still can’t finish that fucking song.” He let out a long breath, indicating he was finished.
Y/N frowned, her hand sliding underneath his shirt and up his side, her fingers gently brushing back and forth in soothing motions.
“You’re clearly stressed about the song, babe. Because of that, everything else is piling up and it feels like the world is against you.”
He nodded at her words, goosebumps rising on his arms at her gentle touch on his body.
“Just don’t know how to switch off.”  He grumbled, pulling her closer to him, if that was even possible.
“C’mon, you’ve been out all day and its getting late, have a shower and we can cuddle in bed. You need to relax and get some sleep.” she sat up, her legs on either side of his body, his hands immediately going to her hips, rubbing small circles over the fabric of her leggings.
“I can think of another way to relax.” He winked at her, his hand slipping up her sweater to cup her bare breast until she slapped him away.
“Sex does not solve all problems, Shawn. You ever heard of self-care?”
“Sex with you is my self-care.” He grumbled and she rolled her eyes at him jokingly, climbing off of him and running to the bathroom to turn on the shower.
She spotted his reflection leaning against the doorway, a soft smile on his face.
“Thank you, angel.” He said, stepping into the bathroom and wrapping his arms around her middle.
He leaned down and pressed a light kiss to her neck.
“You joining me?” he asked innocently as he pulled back and began taking his shirt off.
“Babe, I really need to finish this essay, if I get in the shower with you now there is no chance I’m getting it finished tonight.”
He pouted but knew she was right. She left him in the bathroom to shower as she climbed into their bed to finish her work.
 Shawn shuffled through to the bedroom shortly after, a fluffy white towel draped loosely around his hips, heart swelling as he saw Y/N all cuddled up in his bed, one of his shirts falling from her shoulder, glasses perched on the end of her nose, completely engrossed in her essay. He slipped on a pair of boxers and got in bed beside his girl, tucking himself underneath the duvet snugly.
Y/N yawned, closing her laptop and scooting closer to her sleepy boy. He stretched out his arms and pulled her into his chest, her nose pressed into his neck, inhaling his scent.
“Uh Shawn?” Y/N grinned, sitting up in bed.
“Did you use my body wash? The raspberry and vanilla one?” she laughed.
“Oh um…” Shawn’s cheeks flushed slightly.
“And is that my shampoo I can smell?” she giggled, bringing her nose down to Shawn’s freshly washed hair and inhaling the familiar scent of her coconut shampoo.
Shawn wriggled away “Don’t tease me, I’m fragile.” He whined “You always relax me, I just wanted to smell like you.” He said quietly, almost inaudibly.
“You lil cutie.” Y/N replied, giggling at how endearing Shawn was.
Shawn simply responded by hiding his blushing face in her neck, mumbling into her skin about how good he smells now.
feedback appreciated:)
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hit-that-dabi · 2 years ago
BNHA Boys x Male!Reader Headcanon Collection [1/??] - IZUKU MIDORIYA
Hi! I’m Isaac. I write Male!Reader stuff for various animes, currently for BNHA (im inconsistent w/ my fandoms & my interest keeps jumping from one anime to another T-T)
This is a big series i wanna do and thats headcanons for the BNHA boys. Im not sure yet who exactly i wanna do, but a few i’ll do for sure are Bakugo, Shinso, Kirishima, Kaminari, Tokoyami & Aizawa.
+I prefer to refer to the characters with their given names, rather than their family names. Just a heads up.
++POV is in 3rd person.
WARNING: Swearing + NSFW themes (the nsfw parts are marked and can easily be skipped)
💪💪 Midoriya Izuku 💪💪 (it isnt prominent but (Name) is also from 1-A + here he is taller than izuku, so if you’re shorter then sorry heh ^^’)
Tumblr media
His s/o is one of the rare people that calls him ‘’Izuku’’ and not ‘’Deku’’
he tried once
but he didnt like it and felt calling him by his given name was more intimate and special
although izuku doesnt mind being called deku ever since ochako gave a new meaning to his name, but he loves the fact that his bf felt close enough to him to refer to him by his given name
and no doubt he was very flustered and blushed furiously when (Name) told him he felt that way
(Name) is very protective of him.
it’s not that he’s small smol
or that he knows of his past experiences with bakugo & his classmates,
there’s just something about him that makes (Name) wanna protect izuku
and he is shameless about it
he knows that katsuki isnt always trying to hurt izuku
its just his face whenever he talks to him, but (Name) has learnt when he does and when he doesnt need to step in as the mediator and izuku’s protector
bakugo has also stayed away from izuku
ever since the incident...
whats the incident you ask?
we dont talk about that... well bakugo doesn’t...
he got his ass kicked
but enough about bakugo for now
izuku is the softest little soft ive ever seen
and (Name) gives amazing cuddles
like izuku wishes humans could purr, because when he sleeps on (Name)‘s chest, izuku’s forearms against (Name)‘s chest, head either tucked underneath (Name) ‘s chin or cheek rubbing against his chest
and (Name)’s just running his fingers through his fluffy hair
whenever someone mentioned paradise that’s what he pictured
being in (Name)’s arms
soft boyfriends uwu i am unable to fucking even
🔞 ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ NSFW ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇🔞
izuku was scared of taking the big steps in the relationships
because he was inexperienced
but he trusts (Name) entirely
once he felt he was ready, they went there
ofc (Name) being the amazing bf he is took things very slow
constantly asking izuku if everything’s okay
and izuku constantly reassuring him that everything he was doing was right
and it felt veeery right as well ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
even before they had the talk about sex, they indulged in spontaneous makeout sessions
before, making out for them was relaxing, slow, soft, sensual
but after izuku gave (Name) the green light, their alone time started having a sexual / suggestive undertone
becoming more needy, sloppy
more touching and running their hands all over eachother
lots of moving around, izuku pressing himself against (Name) ‘s chest, throwing his head back
also hair pulling
and tongue... lots of tongue
and then they took it even further
and thats when izuku got scared again
(Name)  didnt want to lie to izuku and told him exactly how it is
the first time would be painful at the start, and for some time he’d still feel occasional pain
and that scared izuku to no ends
but he knew he wanted to, not only for (Name)  but also for himself
so (Name) proposed they put off their first time for a while and stick to fore-play for at least a month
(Name)  took his damn time preparing izuku, giving him blowjobs, handjobs and fingering him, prepping him for what was to come
izuku occasionally also snuck in a blowjob for (Name), to repay him for all the patience with him
but (Name)  didn’t mind
he knew it was much harder for izuku as the bottom and he himself would probably also be scared if he knew he was going to be in pain
but then it finally, finally came no pun intended
their first time together
(Name)  was going painfully slow, even izuku started getting impatient
it started off with a normal makeout, but it was during a time when their sexual tension was at its peak and as izuku and (Name) grinded their hips together something clicked in izuku and he wanted (Name) 
he wanted him,
scratch that
he needed (Name)
and it took forever to convince (Name) 
thats when izuku realized he wasn’t the only one that was scared
(Name)  was scared too
but not for himself
for izuku
he knew that it’s normal
but knowing he was going to have to hurt izuku
(Name) absolutely fucking despised the thought
but izuku smiled at him, grin brighter than the sun
and reassured him that it was fine and he knew that (Name)  wouldn’t hurt him on purpose
after that (Name)  took izuku took his room
luckily they were alone at (Name) ‘s home
thank god
still they took their time
i mean they had no reason to rush
and man that was the best day/evening of izuku’s life almost
tbh nothing can top the day he met allmight
but dont let (Name) know
knowing (Name) ‘s parents are gonna come home eventually they rested for 20minutes after before taking a shower
and no
they didnt go for another round
because izuku could barely stand
but he was happy
so damn happy
(Name) made him feel so good and loved and special
their evening was full of pure love for eachother
he was so in love with his boyfriend
and ofcourse there were days when he felt self-conscious
but right then and there he felt (Name) also loved him just as much
after they cleaned off they got back into bed
izuku’s bare back against (Name) ‘s muscular chest, head tucked under his boyfriends chin and (Name) ‘s arm around his waist
they fell asleep almost instantly, (Name) ‘s nose pressed into izuku’s hair, enjoying the strawberry scent of his boyfriend’s hair shampoo and izuku lulled into sleep by (Name)’s even breaths
🔞 ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆ NSFW  END⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆🔞 
and now some angst
even though i dont like angst
but theres no healthy relationship without it
also just a heads up
ur mom’s chopping up onions in the kitchen
better get some tissues honey
jk jk i dont write angst THAAAT sad
tbh this isnt sad at all lol
i think the most common reasons for their fights would be either izuku not taking care of himself enough / getting hurt 24/7 or (Name) occasional emotional swings where he locks himself away for a few days, wanting to be alone
like the others from their class already got used to this
and just left him alone those few days , figuring its better to let him brood in peace
but izuku wasnt having it
he wanted (Name)  to trust his problems and worries to him
but (Name) just wanted to be alone and refused to talk about it
izuku’d get angry at (Name)  for pushing him away
but (Name) ‘s resolve to stay away would be too strong and izuku’d end up giving up
but there’d come a day when he decided that nO
...but easier said than done
izuku ended up constantly bothering (Name)  on purpose till his taller bf finally gave up
telling izuku his problems was calming and nerve-racking
is izuku gonna be creeped out by him?
is he gonna stop loving him?
is he gonna laugh at him?
(Name)  didnt know and he wasnt sure if he wanted to know
but he ended up entrusting izuku his demons
and was pleasantly surprised by his boyfriend
he didnt laugh
he didnt leave, creeped out
instead izuku hugged him, stroking his hair
thanking him for telling him his problems
after a few minutes of silence, so that (Name) could calm down izuku sat back
he sat infront of (Name), not wanting to sit in his lap or initiate any skinship
he didnt want (Name)  to think izuku wasnt taking him serious
after a few deep breaths they were ready to talk about it
(Name) found a new side of izuku he’d never seen before
a mature, serious side
and it made (Name)  appreciate the smaller teen even more
it brought them even closer
after this the amount of (Name)’s mood swings minimized significantly
and they both learned to lean on eachother even more
Hey! Glad you made it to the end ^^ Hope you enjoyed this :)
I appreciate every like / reblog / reply, so thankyou <3
P.s.: in the end i decided to not specify (Name)’s problems for a better experience reading it so people can get into character even more, because while they’re more common, there are also other problems beside depression / anxiety. So thats why, incase you were wondering ^^ which you probably werent lol
also sorry for any typos ^^
(。・ω・)ノ゙ wave wave
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shineonyoucrazyyandere · 2 years ago
Hey^^ if your not too busy could I request La Squadra with an s/o that has a hard time sleeping without another person there and the s/o asking them to cuddle with them so they can go to sleep? I’m sorry if it seems confusing,you don’t have to do it if it’s too much^^
Yandere La Squadra with an s/o who has a hard time sleeping without another person there and asks them to cuddle
Yandere! Formaggio
He’s got a smug expression on his face when you come walking in to ask him to sleep in your bed with you. He gladly accepts, since like hell he’s going to pass up an opportunity you say in front of him
Totally exploits being alone in the same room as you, he’ll get you to lay your head on his chest and wrap an arm around you. He’s actually pretty good at cuddling, you’ll get to sleep within minutes with his warm body. 
Likely stays up for an hour just soaking up all your touches and movements when your fully asleep. 
Formaggio absolutely falls asleep right next to you, there’s no real reason for him to leave. 
The next morning he’s teasing the hell out of you, boasting that was the best sleep he got for months now. Suggests sleeping together more often with a wink.
Yandere! Illuso
He’s rather eager to cuddling with you, it really gives him immense satisfaction you’re relying on him in anyway.
However he does ask for something little in return for his service, it’s nothing big. He just wants some extra affection sometime during the next day (He gets to choose of course).
His touch his soft and gentle, doesn’t hold you too tight and gives you plenty of space.
Illuso doesn’t personally move around too much so it’ll be pretty easy to fall asleep with him.
 Yandere! Pesci
He absolutely adores things like cuddling, so when you tell him you can’t fall asleep without having someone in the room with you he’s up for it. Abliet a bit nervous about it.
Honestly is a bit hesitant to get into bed with you, but once you assure it’ll be fine he followers quietly.
Pesci is the best cuddler, he seems to know your needs from just quietly observing. Even if he’s not entirely sure, he some how makes the situation perfect for you to fall asleep perfectly.
Ends up not moving from bed, he doesn’t want to move and wake you up on accident. (Even he stumbles from his own bed sometimes). However he’s in a euphoria the entire time until he eventually nods off himself with you in his arms.
Yandere! Prosciutto 
 Doesn’t have a problem with cuddling to try to get you to sleep, he just has to get ready for it first.
Is likely to rub your scalp and eventually comb his fingers through your hair. Any gentle touches really to try and help to soothe you into sleep.
There’s  a few gentle whispers, and soft kisses in between.
Watches you for a half an hour or so, content and mesmerized by your sleeping form. Before long though he slips out from underneath you without waking you up with ease, 
Also one to insist something in return, it’s more than likely a night out somewhere private.
Yandere! Melone
 He overtly licks his tongue, he’s already all over you even though you were just standing at the door asking the question.
Knows the ins and outs of how much comfort you need to fall asleep. He really does think it’s adorable you need someone to help you out. But he’s the perfect match for this kind of thing.
Definitely plans to sleep with you all night, even if you do insist that’s not necessary he’s already getting himself set to lie in your room. 
It’s probably not going to be you clinging to him, as rather the other way round. He just loves holding your form to his, he does get a little frisky sometimes but he tries to hold himself back as much as possible.
Makes sure to get a cute picture of you when you wake up of your adorable face, just for a little safe keeping.
Yandere! Ghiaccio
  He’s up for it, he personally craves this kind of attention the most. It’s usually him asking for it.
As long as you don’t move around too much he has no complaints about coaxing you along to sleep. Touch wherever you like for the most part.
It’s generally silent as he lies next to you, he mostly stares towards you and absentmindedly strokes your hair. Or maybe even slipping you closer.
Might purposely cool down the temperature so you have to cuddle with him for longer. 
Yandere! Sorbet and Gelato
 You’re stuck in the middle of the two of them once you ask if they can cuddle with you. No ifs, ands, or buts.
Both Sorbet and Gelato really know how to coordinate cuddling without making you feel uncomfortable or overheated. Gelato is in front of you, while Sorbet holds you from beind.
They make bets to each other of who will make you the most comfortable or put you to sleep the fastest. They consider the winner whoever you seem to prefer that night.
The loser ends up flirting the hell out of you the next day, and they drag you alone to your room to sleep with you the following night. 
Yandere! Risotto Nero
 Honestly he’s a bit of an insomniac occasionally, so you yearning for him takes some of that pressure off. The moment the words leave your lips he already agrees to it without question
The cuddling probably happens in his own room (where the bed is more fitting to his huge size). 
He’s pretty much a human sized heater, but if you don’t mind that sleep on his chest all you like. 
Keeps you extremely close either way however, there’s a distinct feeling he has that you might run off (even if it wouldn’t happen he does it just in case)
Secretly hopes you can hear his heartbeat so it can lull you to sleep while lying on his chest.
Doesn’t move much, but indulges in your bodies intertwining, his red eyes are staring towards you it’s a dream he had hoped would come to fruition. 
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the-blind-geisha · a month ago
The thing with Demiurge curling his tail around a part of the Mc is cute. Do you think he can feel it being touched?
I'd like to believe he can feel intense sensations through his tail. I even like to imagine the underside is super sensitive to the point it's easy to get him aroused if you touch him there. Of course, he's not going to say this... the MC would just have to figure that out by accident if she happened to rub him there.
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meet-me-in-the-kitchen · 2 years ago
Blurb: Holding Him
TRIGGER WARNING: love and affection, if you’re an emotionless bitch. fluff*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The one where she doesn’t mind it at all.
Y/N has always been in favour of affection every now and then. She’s the one in the friend group usually being hugged in reunions or held during sleepovers, because she wants the love and extra attention. Luckily, Harry’s the same and he is careful to give her all the attention she needs to make her feel loved and content within his strong hold.
Y/N loves it when Harry pulls her close and wraps his arms around her soft middle, spooning her from behind. His warm chest is pressed against her back, their legs are intertwined. Harry nuzzles his face into her neck and peppers small kisses against the soft, delicate skin while she tries to push herself impossibly closer to him. If she’s on her period and a groaning, hormonal wreck, he’ll rub her tummy and knead his quickly working fingers deep into the tension of her sore back; all the while mumbling encouraging words and wincing at every cramp and ache pulsing through his girlfriend.
Y/N loves it when Harry pulls her close, because he’s constantly trying to make her feel as loved and wanted as she is. But, she figures, it’s just as important to make him feel important and loved as well.
When Harry comes home after a long, stressful day at the studio, y/n knows he needs some looking after. His shoulders are bunched and his posture is saddening. His green eyes shine with unshed, frustrated tears he’s trying to hold in. Y/N would rush to him, not needing to greet him with a kiss or a ‘hello’, and definitely not needing to ask him how his day was. “C’mon, H,” she’d whisper, taking his hand and slowly guiding him to the bedroom.
He sits quietly on the bed while she picks a comfortable, ‘The Rolling Stones’ bandshirt for him, and some silky boxers. After handing the clothing to him, he’d go and change while she waited for him, knowing he would break eventually. She just had to be there for him when he did.
A few, short moments after Harry had returned to the bedroom, he’s nestled in y//n’s warm embrace. She hugs him tightly, mumbling encouraging words. Pulling him down on the bed with her, y/n lets him put half of his weight and body on top of her. She pushes his head to rest comfortably on her chest and holds him warm, tight and comfortable. Harry moves around a bit, nestling his face in the soft cushions of her breasts in a completely non sexual way, hiding his expression and getting his thoughts back together.
When she feels a damp spot on her chest, y/n’s heart breaks for him. “That’s it, H,” she coos, pressing multiple kisses to his head, “‘m here, baby.” And he feels so safe, safe enough to feel he can cry in front of this woman he is so in love with. He can be vulnerable without him being asked to stop crying or to ‘be a man.’
Y/N loves cuddling her boyfriend close to her when he’s trying to fall asleep, but he can’t. He’s getting frustrated and shifty, unable to become comfortable and pouting like a little baby. She’ll chuckle, enamoured by him, and then slip her hand underneath his shirt if it was a particularly cold night and he had one on. Y/N would then move her hand around his warm back, rubbing gently and eliciting soft, sated noises from him as he finally feels comfortable. She’ll rub his back until he falls asleep, even tracing her fingers over his front, up his hard abs and brushing over his pecs to make him shiver in her hold. She’ll spoon him through the night.
After sex, Harry is usually the dominant and he takes care of her, running her baths, soothingly rubbing creams onto her skin, but every now and then Harry would take the role of a submissive when he feels particularly vulnerable. That’s when y/n runs him baths, rubs creams onto his precious skin, and makes sure he’s fed and properly hydrated before she wraps her body around his protectively, and lovingly.
Y/N loves giving Harry affection in the randomest of times. When she’s talking to him in the morning, she’ll rub his shoulders comfortingly, and he’ll lean into her happily, for more. y/n lets him rest his head on her chest or stomach whenever he feels he needs the warmth, softness, and comfort. she’ll let him situate his body across the couch and his head into her lap while they’re watching Netflix, her fingers tangling themselves within his curls and scratching at his scalp lightly until she hears his soft, sleeping breaths. She pecks his soft, cherry lips during the most unexpected times, and he’ll respond with enthusiasm and surprised laughter. “Jumping me, baby?”
All in all, y/n loves to be held and given attention at the simplest, oddest of times, and she has Harry to give her the affection she needs. But, in this moment, as she feels his soft, warm breaths hit her chest as he sleeps with his face nuzzled into her upper region, y/n decides that she doesn’t mind it at all.
Tumblr media
I thought this was cute?? give back to your manz/womanz, ladies!
MASTERLIST|Requests are open!
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knox-knocks · a year ago
Some soft touch starved neil melting into the slightest touch he gets? (Also hope you feel better!)
Tumblr media
thank you!!!! i’m also combining these two requests cause i think they work really well together :] andreil soft touches and hurt and comfort are my favorite things to write about so thank you so much anons
Andrew woke up cold. Sometime in the night, he had kicked his blanket off of him and it had fallen to the floor. Andrew sat up and rubbed blearily at his eyes. Neil had already gotten up, but Kevin was still snoring softly from his own cocoon of blankets across the bedroom. Andrew pulled on some socks and got up, stretching his back and legs, sore from last nights late practice.
He found Neil in the kitchen, sitting at the table with his hands wrapped tightly around an untouched cup of coffee in front of him. Andrew paused, took note of the dark shadows under his eyes and the distant expression, and walked past him to the kitchen. The coffee in the pot was cold, so Neil had been up for hours. Andrew dumped the cold coffee out and started a fresh pot before he rummaged through the fridge for something to eat. When the coffee was done, he poured it into two mugs and added the appropriate amount of cream and sugar to his and left Neil’s as it was.
Neil didn’t look up when Andrew approached with the two mugs of coffee, and he didn’t respond when Andrew called his name. Setting the mugs of fresh coffee onto the table, Andrew took the cold one from Neil’s hands and replaced it with the warm one. Only when the tips of Andrew’s fingers brushed against Neil’s skin did he begin to stir. His eyes flickered on the surface and Andrew sat across from him, waiting for him to come back. 
“Andrew,” Neil croaked. His eyes were still unfocused, but he was at least looking at Andrew now. His fingers tightened around the mug of coffee and his expression turned confused. Slowly, he brought the mug up to his chapped lips and took a small sip. 
He took another before setting the cup down and looking at his lap. “Thanks,” he said. 
There was no point in asking what was wrong. No point in dragging up memories and nightmares that Neil would rather forget to offer empty words of comfort in its place. So Andrew stayed quiet and watched Neil come back to himself while he sipped at his own coffee. Kevin wandered in at some point, but didn’t linger. He glanced at them, frowned at the empty coffee pot, and slumped back into the bedroom. When Neil had finished his coffee, Andrew took it from his hands and placed it in the sink with his own cup. 
“Andrew,” Neil said again, softer this time. He was leaning towards Andrew, but Andrew didn’t think he realized he was doing it. 
Andrew ran his fingers through Neil’s hair and Neil shuddered, leaning into the touch. His cheek was cold when Andrew pressed his palm to it, and Neil placed his hand over Andrew’s to keep it there.
Andrew clued in on what Neil needed from him then, even if he wouldn’t ask for it. 
“Yes or no?” Andrew asked, just in case, and Neil nodded. 
Andrew helped Neil up and led him to one of the beanbag chairs in the living room. He sank into it and pulled Neil down with him. Neil curled in Andrew’s lap, face turned to his chest, and Andrew kept a hand on his back and one in his hair, scratching lightly through the messy curls. 
They didn’t cuddle like this often, but Andrew didn’t feel uncomfortable underneath Neil and Andrew could feel the tension leaving Neil’s body the longer he massaged his scalp and back. He rubbed at a spot near his shoulder he knew Neil had been complaining of lately and Neil sighed. 
Neil shifted in Andrew’s lap until his face was pressed into the side of Andrew’s neck and Andrew’s arms were around his waist. Neil sighed again and Andrew let his head drop against Neil’s. He resumed running his fingers through Neil’s hair until his breathing began to even out and Andrew’s eyes began to droop. 
It only took moments before both of them were asleep.
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btsaudge · a year ago
Winter Weekend Snuggles
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yoongi x fat reader
Genre: established relationship, fluff, smut
Rating: mature
Word Count: 3.7K
Summary: It's a cold, winter, weekend morning. You're cuddling with your partner Yoongi when things heat up.
Warnings: explicit language, detailed descriptions of fat bodies, very light dom/sub themes, switch!Yoongi, switch!reader, Yoongi with a nipple piercing, nipple play, slapping, oral sex (m and f receiving), face riding, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, come eating, come marking
Moodboard: Amazing wintery Yoongi moodboard by @snowythellama​!
A/N: This story includes a fat character in the reader's place, because I was tired of reading BTS fics featuring bodies that didn't look like mine. I wanted to add a few of my thoughts about the word fat here, because there are always concerns over the use of that word. I am fat. Always have been. Always will be. It’s my normal state of being. I do not consider the word fat to be a bad or negative word. I know society says it’s a bad word. I know many people still associate negative connotations with the word fat. However, I prefer the word fat over words like heavy, overweight, obese. I’m taking fat back. It’s just an adjective/descriptor like tall or blonde or thin. The word overweight implies that there’s some correct weight everyone should be, and as far as I’m concerned that’s just not true. Human bodies exist in all shapes and sizes.
Clear winter sunlight is streaming through your bedroom window. You can hear the northern wind whistling through the trees outside. There’s snow sparkling on the ground. The chill of the winter night hasn’t quite worn off yet as you laze in bed with Yoongi. The two of you are cuddled up together under a pile of blankets on Saturday morning enjoying a slow start to the weekend.
The warmth emanating from your cocoon of blankets is intensified by all the bare skin underneath those blankets. You and Yoongi often sleep in the nude, rubbing and pressing against each other all night. This, of course, leads to interesting mornings.
“I just wanna lay in your arms for the rest of my life,” Yoongi utters into your neck as he nuzzles against you.
Yoongi has his small frame pressed up against your larger frame. His head resting against your breasts, his leg thrown over your rounded stomach, and his arms wrapped around you. Meanwhile, your arm is around his shoulders and you’re squeezing him close to your side. This is his favorite place to be. Your body is so soft and supple. It’s the opposite of his body and that’s one of the reasons Yoongi finds you so attractive.
Honestly, Yoongi loves comparing his body to yours. Laying side by side and looking at the way your thigh spreads so much wider than his small thigh. Grabbing onto your ass to see how much of your flesh overflows from his wide hands. Or, like now, wrapping his arms around you and having to squeeze you tightly to get his arms all the way around your body. Thinking about how fleshy your body is in his arms, Yoongi starts to get aroused.
“Baby, I’d happily let you lay in my arms for the rest of our lives, but I feel like all this snuggling is going to lead to something else,” you whisper into Yoongi’s silky soft hair.
“I don’t know what you mean, _____. Our snuggling on Saturday mornings never leads to anything else,” Yoongi replies with amusement in his raspy, morning voice.
You grin as you feel Yoongi slowly press himself up against your wide and voluptuous hip. You know your man appreciates how generous your ass is, and it’s becoming obvious how much he is appreciating it right now. Yoongi’s growing harder against you as he continues to slowly move against your hip.
“Oh, sweet baby boy. You love rubbing up against me, don’t you?” you ask.
“Uh-humm,” Yoongi moans.
Yoongi keeps up his rutting and starts to run his hands over your body. He finds all those fleshy parts of you he loves the most. The rolls along your sides, the plush curves of your ass, your meaty thighs, and the fat lips of your pussy.
Before he can get any further in his groping, you shift your body and roll Yoongi underneath you. You know he loves being pinned under your weight. This morning is no different as he sighs blissfully, while your body settles on top of him.
“Fuck, I love how you feel on top of me, _____,” Yoongi exclaims breathlessly.
You slowly sit up, grinding your hips against Yoongi’s. You can feel how hard he is between your legs. Yoongi runs his strong hands up your body squeezing your sides before reaching your heavy, pendulous breasts. You gasp as his fingers find your nipples.
Yoongi twists and tugs your nipples until they harden and sparks of arousal shoot down to your center. He can feel the slick between your legs rubbing against his cock. Yoongi twists harder on each of your stiff buds causing you to sigh his name.
“You love it when I play with your tits, don’t you _____?” Yoongi demands.
“Yes, Yoongi. I love the feel of your hands on my tits,” you groan in response to his question.
He sits up and finds himself eye level with your chest. Yoongi is still grasping your full tits in his hands and playing with your nipples. He lifts your tits and pushes them together. Yoongi shoves his face between your breasts and begins to kiss and nibble them playfully. He places soft, wet kisses all over your chest until he nuzzles into your nipple. Yoongi begins to gently suckle on your hardened bud as you squirm in his lap.
You’re moaning and writhing above Yoongi. Your large and fleshy stomach is pressed up against his much smaller stomach and your fingers are running through his hair. His mouth on your breasts feels amazing. Yoongi’s tongue never fails to give you pleasure. At that moment, he bites down on the nipple in his mouth. A high pitched whine leaves you, just as Yoongi’s large hand lands with a smack against your other tit. The flesh of your breast ripples in response to the smack, and your pussy gushes with arousal.
“Oh, fuck,” you wail as you feel the sting on your breast left behind by Yoongi’s hand.
You tug on Yoongi’s hair and his lips pop off your stiff, swollen nipple. His fingers remain on your other breast smoothing soothing circles over your reddened skin. You lean down and press your lips against Yoongi’s. Kissing him gently, you lightly nibble on his lower lip. Yoongi whines and slides his tongue along the seam of your lips. Soon, you’re kissing each other passionately. You push Yoongi back down onto his back. He lands on the bed, and you quickly settle over him.
You pin his hands above his head as you deepen the kiss. Yoongi moans in response. You continue kissing, your tongues sliding against one another until you are both panting. Yoongi is thrusting up against your drenched core with his hardened cock.
You yank your mouth away from Yoongi’s and whisper, “Baby, can I ride your face?”
“Fuck, yes,” Yoongi groans.
You inch your way up his body, until your dripping cunt is positioned right over Yoongi’s face. Your thick thighs are squeezed around his head, and Yoongi is staring up at you with blown out eyes. He can see the wetness glistening along your plump folds. He opens his mouth and flattens his tongue out as your body descends onto his face.
“I’ll try not to completely smother you, baby boy, but I make no promises,” you tell Yoongi with a wink.
He smiles and begins to dip his tongue into your fat folds. Yoongi licks up the outer edges of your pussy and starts to make circles around your clit slowly. You moan and run your fingers through his hair as you look down at him. You can just barely see his eyes, which are closed in pure bliss. His hands are tightly squeezing and releasing your plump ass in time with the swirling movements of his tongue.
You begin to grind your pussy down onto his face. Yoongi’s tongue traces lower toward your opening. He thrusts the warm wetness of his tongue up into your slick opening, while his nose rubs against your clit. Yoongi is plunging his tongue in and out of your sopping cunt at a rapid pace. All the while, his strong fingers are digging into your hips and pulling you closer and closer to his face.
“Baby boy, you’re doing such a good job. You know just what to do with that mouth,” you sigh.
Yoongi whines into you at the praise. His face and head are completely surrounded by your thick thighs and juicy cunt. Your ass is resting on his neck and upper chest. Yoongi is loving every second of this. His hips are rutting upwards looking for some kind of friction as he continues his assault on your pussy. You keep one hand threaded through his hair and reach behind you with the other to begin stroking his cock.
“Yes, _____, please touch me,” Yoongi whimpers from between your thick thighs.
Looking over your shoulder, you can see how delectable Yoongi’s stiff cock looks. It’s the prettiest shade of dark pink with an aggressive red tip. Your hand wraps around his thickness feeling the veins running up the length of him throb against your hand. And, he’s the perfect length with a slight curve at the end. His hardness is wrapped in the softest, silkiest skin and feels so good against your fingertips. You pump his cock slowly from the base to the head. Your thumb slides over the dark red tip and smooths the pre-cum leaking from the slit all over the head of his cock.
Yoongi is moaning and trying to thrust up into your hand as his tongue continues to thrust into your pussy. You keep a slow pace as you stroke him. Your hips are still grinding on Yoongi’s face, and you can feel yourself getting close to a release.
“Baby, I’m so close. Keep working that tongue,” you whisper encouragingly to Yoongi not letting your hand stop its slow, sensual strokes up and down his cock.
Yoongi loves how your hand feels wraps around him, but he’s focused on making you cum right now. There’s nothing better than seeing your face as you tip over the edge. He flattens out his tongue and licks a strip up from your slit to your clit. Yoongi flicks his tongue quickly over your swollen bud and then wraps his lips around it. He begins to furiously suck your clit. His hands that had been gripping your ass slide around to settle on your thighs. Yoongi begins to run his fingertips lightly over the tops and inside of your thighs. He traces the faint white stretch marks covering your lower half.
You’re shuddering above Yoongi. His ministrations on your clit and the movement of his fingertips across your thighs has you coming undone. You can feel your cunt clenching and your orgasm hits you in waves. Heat is swirling from your core up your body. You throw your head back and scream Yoongi’s name as you come hard all over his face.
You feel your heavy body sag as you slowly come down from your release. Yoongi is lightly kissing your inner thighs as he watches your emotions play across your face.
You slowly roll off of Yoongi’s face and curl up around his side. You plant kisses all over his face, tasting yourself on his cheeks and lips. Your kisses start to trail down his neck as Yoongi sighs in pleasure. You stop at the juncture of his neck and shoulder and latch your lips onto Yoongi. You lick and suck at his neck marking his pale flesh. Continuing your exploration of Yoongi’s body, you kiss your way across his collarbone and begin moving your lips down his chest.
His skin is soft and smooth under your lips. You let your tongue dip out to trace around each of Yoongi’s nipples. You focus on his left nipple, toying with the silver bar there. You know how excited he gets when you play with his piercing. Your lips close around his nipple, and you use your teeth to gently tug on the piercing. Yoongi mewls and twists his hands into the sheets.
You begin to suck harder on his stiffened bud listening to Yoongi’s soft whispers and pants. You can feel how hard he is underneath you. Your rounded stomach is resting over his cock. His skin is burning against yours. You press down against Yoongi dragging your belly over his hardened length. Your tongue is flicking over his nipple rapidly. You can feel pre-cum smearing across your stomach as continue tormenting Yoongi with your body and your tongue.
“Please, ______, I need more…” Yoongi breathily whines. “Your mouth. Your cunt. Your fingers. I don’t care at this point. I just need to feel you on my cock, _____,” he exclaims.
His pleading for you touch makes a wave of arousal gush from your already dripping pussy. You clench at the thought of Yoongi inside you, but not before you taste him. You release his swollen pink nipple with a pop flicking your tongue over it one last time. Then, you start to slide further down Yoongi’s body.
You lick and kiss along his stomach. You plant small kisses on each of his hip bones. Your hands settle along the tops of his thighs. You run your fingertips up and down his thighs. You’re kissing all over his hips and lower stomach. Always just avoiding the one place Yoongi is desperate for you to kiss. He’s squirming beneath your attention trying to get his cock into the one place he wants it. You lift your hand and land a hard smack on his thigh.
“Hold still, baby boy,” you coo at Yoongi as you soothe over the red mark on his leg.
You lower your head and lick a single, thick stripe up the length of Yoongi’s cock. He trembles, and his cock jumps at the sudden attention. Your tongue circles the tip and flicks over the slit, lapping up the salty pre-cum that has gathered there. You wrap your lips around him and plunge your warm, wet mouth over Yoongi’s length. He slides into your mouth with ease and hits the back of your throat. Your nose is just touching the thatch of hair at the base of his cock. You love everything about this moment. How thick and heavy he feels on your tongue. The way his skin tastes. His musky scent that’s overwhelming your senses. And, the words you hear coming from his mouth.
“Oh, fuck, _____!” he practically screams.
Yoongi is watching as you swallow and gag on his fat cock. He grunts with pleasure as your eyes meet his, and your head begins to bob. Your head isn’t the only part of you moving as you suck his cock. Yoongi can see your chest, stomach, and hips jiggle with the movement of your head. Watching your chubby body jiggle and wiggle like it is, is a total turn for him. Yoongi is sure you’ve never looked this sexy. Your hair is still tousled from sleep. There’s a faint sleep crease pressed into your cheek. Your bare-faced and completely beautiful as you suck his cock. The warmth of your mouth and your tongue moving against him causes Yoongi to jerk his hips. The tip of his cock slides into your throat, and you swallow around him. He hisses and stills your head with a hand in your hair.
“Darling, I’d love to keep fucking this sweet mouth, but I want to cum in your pussy,” Yoongi rasps while watching your eyes tear up as you hold him deep in your mouth.
You whimper around him before he releases your head. You slowly slide your mouth off his dick with a pop. A strand of spit connects your lips to the angry red tip of his cock. You need him inside of you now.
“I want you to fill me up with your cum, Yoongi,” you moan. He responds immediately.
“Ass up and face down in the middle of the bed, _____,” Yoongi orders.
You scramble to the center of the bed and present him with your meaty ass and dripping cunt. He has to pause for a moment to appreciate how gorgeous you look like this. Your thick thighs are spread. He can see the thin white stripes of stretch marks flowing down your legs. Your fat pussy lips are glistening with wetness. Your ass is so round and plump. It jiggles in a positively mesmerizing way as you shake it at him. Beckoning him to fuck you already.
Yoongi reaches down to stroke his cock. It’s incredibly hard and still coated in your spit. He grips tight with his hand and tugs on himself. He slides up behind you and grabs you by your well-rounded hip. Keeping his other hand around the base of his cock, Yoongi glides the tip through your fat, wet folds. His dick taps against your clit before sliding down to your opening.
You’re panting with anticipation. His cock feels so good rubbing up against your dripping cunt. You’re clenching around nothing. Desperate to feel his cock slide into you.
“Yoongi, please. I need you. Now.” you beg him. Your voice is shaky, and your body feels weak with desire.
“I know you do, darling. I know you do,” he responds with a deep, authoritative tone. He’s still sliding his cock up and down your folds, and it’s coated in your juices. “But, I get to decide when you’ll feel this fat cock stretch you out.”
You moan in desperation. You wiggle your ass at Yoongi and spread your thighs apart a little more. You know how much he loves watching your ass wobble and shake. Plus, you’re hoping a glimpse of your pussy will encourage him to fuck you.
“Now, you’re just teasing me, darling. You know I’m going to give you what you want,” Yoongi drawls as he lines the head of his cock up with your entrance.
He begins to sink into your tight, warm depths inch by inch. His movements are slow and steady. Yoongi’s got both hands dug into your thick hips and is holding you still as you try to thrust back against him. You can feel his strong fingers biting into your flesh. You’re stretching around his cock in the best way. You moan loudly as you feel him bottom out.
“Fuck, I love your cunt, darling,” Yoongi grunts.
He takes a moment to enjoy being buried to the hilt in your hot, tight pussy. Your walls are pulsing around him. His small frame is pressed tight against your much larger body. He loves how soft and pliable you are under his fingertips. He wishes he could stay like this forever, but Yoongi’s dying to ruin you.
He lets go of your hips and smacks your ass forcefully. The impact of his smack ripples up your fleshy cheek and down your thigh. Yoongi grunts with pleasure at the sight. He pulls out of your pussy until only his tip is nestled inside you. With the snap of his hips, he’s buried back inside you. Yoongi fucks you with determined fervor. Each thrust is accompanied with the delicious sounds of his flesh smacking into your thighs and your wet pussy squelching around his cock.
“Oh, god. Yoongi, you fuck me so good,” you cry. Your body is shaking and jiggling with each forceful thrust. You feel his hands latch onto your waist. You clench around him. Yoongi is hitting that spongy spot inside of you that has you moaning and gasping. If he keeps going at this pace, you’ll come all over his cock quickly.
Yoongi snakes his fingers through your loose and tousled hair. He yanks on your hair, lifting your head up so he can see your face as he drills into you. With his other hand, Yoongi reaches up and digs into your thick waist. He pulls your luscious body into his own lean frame each time he plunges into your cunt. He can tell you’re getting close. Your face is contorting in ecstasy, and the walls of your pussy are spasming tighter around him.
“Darling, I want you to come on this fat cock,” Yoongi orders. His rhythmic thrusting is getting sloppy as he feels his orgasm approaching quickly.
Yoongi’s demanding words and pistoning hips are your undoing. With a breathy whine of his name, you’re hit with an overwhelming wave of pleasure. Your eyes are squeezed shut and your heart is pounding as you ride out your climax. Your cunt clamps tight around Yoongi’s cock and coats him in your essence.
“Damn, _____! Look at how fucking wet you are, darling…You love my dick, don’t you?” he utters. Watching his cock slide in and out of your fat, swollen folds while you come tips Yoongi over the edge. He slips out of your pussy and cums in thick spurts across your wide ass. He loves painting your skin with his release.
You’re trembling beneath him as he comes. His release hits you hotly. You love the feeling of being marked in this way. You feel Yoongi’s fingers sliding across your skin and through the splatters of white he left on you. He scoops up a fingerful and brings it to your lips. Looking at him through dazed eyes, you open your mouth and wrap your lips around his finger. Sucking it in, you taste the saltiness of his release. His eyes grow dark as you hollow your cheeks and suck his finger clean.
Yoongi pulls his finger from you mouth with a pop. He scoops up more of his cum on two of his fingers and slides them into your still sopping and swollen cunt. His fingers sink all the way into your depths as he fucks his cum into you. You’re moaning and clenching around him from overstimulation, but Yoongi doesn’t stop until his fingers are free of his seed. He leans down to run his tongue over the remaining streaks of his release along your ample cheeks. He licks you clean not leaving a drop behind before he falls on the bed next to you.
You shift onto your side and pull Yoongi into your arms. He’s completely encircled by your body and wraps his arms around you. His fingers are drifting across your shoulders, while you stroke yours through his messy hair. Yoongi throws one leg over your thick thighs as he snuggles closer to you. His head is nestled in your neck.
“_____, I love you so much,” Yoongi coos into your neck. “You’re the most beautiful woman in the world. I can’t imagine a better way to spend my Saturday morning than in bed with you.”
“My sweet baby boy, love of my life, I feel the exact same way,” you reply before kissing his forehead and drifting back to sleep.
Published September 13, 2019. No editing, copying, translating, or reposting allowed. All Rights Reserved © 2019 BTSAudge.
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yandereaffections · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hannibals actually much more chill about it than youd expect, with just a dash of protective of course
Knows that he has to be the calm one if youre not, to be a becon for you to rely on when nervous or breaking down not knowing what to do 
Makes it clear in his actions that your not alone throughout your pregnancy, always taking the time to sit with you infront of the Tv that plays a new show your fascinated with, initiating cuddles basicly every hour, taking you out on walks and always having you favorite homemade food on hand for you
A little advantage towards having a chef as your lover is that whatever food your craving whenever is prepared as soon as possible, hannibal is more than willing to spend effort to make whatever your craving even if it might be the middle of the night
Dont think youll be working during your pregnancy either, hannibals not allowing you to overwork youself especially when hes able to support you both without it 
Hannibals one of those people who surrounds you with all the softest things, from blankets to plushies youll be spoiled beyond reason, hannibal cuddling you underneath layers of blankets to keep you and his child protected from the cold 
A arm wrapped around your waist with his other gently resting ontop of your stomach rubbing circles around making comments of how excited he is to meet his child
Hannibal knows his far share of biology so he hopes that will help him in the event of childbirth just incase he cant get you to the hospital in time, has back up plans for basicly every possibility either way so you dont have to worry your pretty little head about anything, all you have to do is try your best delievering your child
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tonguetiedholland · a year ago
would you be up for writing a smut with either peter or tom, where it just starts super slowly and then boom
Rest(less) tom holland x reader
A/N: Sorry it took me to long to write this!! I really hope you like it💖
Warnings: smut
Word Count: 1.3k
Tom and you were laying intertwined in bed, light kisses and lingering touches were being exchanged between the two of you. It was raining outside and the only light in the room was from the streetlamp by your window, the perfect setting for lazy cuddles. 
“What if we never leave this bed again?” Tom chuckles. His hands start to rub the skin underneath the hem of your tank top causing goosebumps to cover your skin.
“I think the world would hate me,” you joke as you pull away from his lips. “If you don’t leave this bed then who’s gonna play Spider-Man?”
Tom cracks up at your words, shaking his head before attaching his lips back to yours in a slow kiss. You smile against his lips and start to tug the sweat pants he was wearing down. He groans and starts to kick his legs in an attempt to get them down further which only causes you both to burst out laughing at his movements.
“Fucking hell,” Tom chuckles as he pulls away from you and discards the clothing somewhere in the room. You pull off your tank top and panties while he does this in hopes to get to the good part soon, well actually, this was all the good part.
Every giggly, cuddly moment with Tom was the good part.
You roll to lay flat on your back as he climbs on top of you, your arms wrapping around his neck to bring him closer to you. He grinds his hard cock against your wet pussy, smirking at the fact that he’s barely touched you and soaked already. His lips are back on yours, tongue slipping into your mouth to remind himself of how you taste and hands traveling up your sides, refamerilizing himself with every curve and dip.
“Condom?” you ask against his lips, hoping that he remembered to put more in the drawer of the bed side table so that he wouldn’t have to get up and leave you to find one. 
And you were in luck! Tom briefly pulls away from you, but only as much as he needs to, his body still pressing against yours as he pulls out a silver packet from the drawer. He thinks about making a funny remark or saying something sexy in this moment, but having you watch him while he strokes himself a few times and rolls on the condom has him groaning in pleasure.
“So beautiful, love,” Tom whispers as he shifts back on top of you, taking in every part of your body. A small blush rises to your cheeks and he immediately places his lips to the burning skin on your face. 
His hand moves down between your bodies and he lines himself up with your aching heat, pushing into you as his lips reconnect with yours. It’s slow and sensual and matches the mood outside. There was no rush in either of your movements tonight, tonight was about being close to one another.
You wrap your legs around Tom as he starts to thrust in and out of you and you moan his name repeatedly. You can feel your core throbbing around him, the repetitive motions of his hips meeting yours causes your toes to curl and your back to arch in ecstasy. Your hands find their way to his hair and you pull on the short locks in hopes to hold on to this feeling as long as possible. Tom is so captivated by the sounds you make underneath him, cries and curses profusely tumbling off your lips, and it pushes him to want to make you feel even more pleasure then you already are. 
He starts to snap his hips quicker and makes sure to hit the spot deep within you everytime he goes back in, both of you getting lost in the feeling the harder he goes. His arms are placed on either side of your head to stabilize himself as he rocks against you, his concentration solely focused on keeping up the momentum he’s created. 
“Fuck, fuck, Tom!” You almost scream at his movements. The laziness of tonight is starting to get thrown out the window as the rain falls harder and Tom’s hips move faster. You clench around him and it causes Tom to tense up in pleasure, lip being tugged between his teeth as he tries to concentrate on you reaching your high.
“I know you’re close baby,” Tom groans into your ear, his lips and teeth and making the new patterns on your neck.
“So close Tommy,” you confirm his statement with your breathless words. Every part of your body feels like it’s on fire and it burns in the best way imaginable. Tom knows your body well and how to make even the smallest touches, like his tongue smoothing over the hickies on your neck, feel euphoric. 
You throw your head back against the pillow as the knot in your stomach starts to unravel. Your legs are shaking as they stay tightly wrapped around Tom’s body, his pace never faltering as he works you throw your high.
Tom starts to slow down and you think that he’s about to cum, but the smirk he gives you as he forces an arm to wrap around your back tells you otherwise. Before you could even give him a questioning look, Tom is flipping you over so that you’re on top of him as you’re both sitting up on the bed. 
Tom grips your hips and starts to grind against you, silently commanding you to start bouncing on top of him. His lips attach to one of your nipples, a new wave of pleasure washing over you. His tongue swirls around the bud, paying special attention to each breast and working your body just how you like it. He pulls his mouth away from your chest to admire the work he’s left behind before looking up to see you in a blessed out state on top of him.
“You’re doing so well baby. Gonna make me cum,” Tom tells you, knowing that you love being told that you’re making me feel good, that you’re the one making him cum.
“Fuck, I’m gonna cum again!” you cry out, your body surging forward from the intense pleasure that Tom is making you feel. You bury your head in the space between his neck and his shoulder, your arms wrapping around him as you try to keep moving. It was becoming harder and harder to keep up momentum with your second orgasm quickly approaching and Tom could tell.
“I got you baby.” Tom holds your body up in his arms as he positions himself so that he can thrust up into you. “I’m so close baby girl.”
Tom’s cock starts to twitch inside of you and you feel his cum start to coat your walls, your name falling off his lip in a string of curses and moans. Although he’s literally coming undone below you, he keeps his pace going and reaches in between your bodies to rub your clit to push you over the edge for the second time that night. You feel your whole body tremble as you cum again, absentmindedly biting down on Tom’s shoulder and raking your nails down toned back as your high crashes over you.
Tom holds you tightly as he lays back against the mattress again, running his fingers up and down your back as you lay on top of him. He whispers praises in your ear to tell you how amazing you make him feel and how beautiful you are as your breathing evens out with his.
“You okay darling?” Tom asks, twirling a strand of your hair around his fingers as your heart beat slows to normal.
“Mhmm. Just need another minute.” You giggle softly against his skin, your words laced with exhaustion.
“Take all the time you need.” He laughs in return, lifting his head to place a kiss on your forehead before settling back down and humming a random song while threading his fingers through your hair.
thank you so much for reading!!! let me know what you think💖
if you want to be added to my taglist click here!
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jammi13 · 6 months ago
I’m so in love with you - Charlie Gillespie x Reader(Fluff)
Tumblr media
A/N: This is my first fic ever. So please go easy on me. Charlie is one of my favorite people and I couldn’t get this scenario out of my head no matter how hard I tried. So, enjoy and let me know what you think! lolol
Warnings: Mentions of weight and insecurities 
Word Count: 1.4k
When you and Charlie first met you guys hit it off right away. Everyone could see the instant connection between you two. Innocent hang outs with the group quickly turned into both of you guys waiting for everyone to leave so that yall could stay behind and stay up all night talking and cuddling. Charlie was such a touchy person and to his surprise your love language was physical touch as well. It started with his “accidental” leg brushes underneath the table. All the way to you rubbing your hands on his thighs to calm him down when he felt overwhelmed. It was a match made in heaven, honestly. 
You would run your fingers through his hair, and rub his back as he laid on your lap reading new scripts for auditions, and he would do the same for you while you also analyzed new scripts for directing gigs. Touch was such a big part of yalls relationship, to the point where you guys made it a rule that no matter how you both were feeling whether it be angry, frustrated or sad you would always greet each other with a hug and a kiss. Always. 
So it was odd when Charlie came home from filming and threw his jacket and shoes on the floor and instantly walked straight to your shared room. You watched him from the couch and you knew right away something had made him extremely upset if he would ignore you like that. 
You hesitated a bit overthinking whether or not you should go check on him. Wanting to give him his space but remembering one time when he was very angry and he told you when he felt like this he didn’t want space from you. If anything he wanted you to come looking for him. It was a weird concept considering you’d never been in a relationship where they wanted you to come looking for them. But Charlie was different and you knew that.
You get off the couch and slowly walk down the hallway to your room. As you get closer you hear silent sobs. You open the door and Charlie’s head snaps straight to you. You don’t waste anytime as you hurry to him and pull him into a hug between his legs. His head rests on your chest and you feel his sobs get a bit stronger. You pull away from him kneeling down to get a better view. His eyes were red and puffy. You grabbed his face in your hands as you begin to stroke his cheek, hoping to calm him down just enough to tell you what’s going on. He closes his eyes and leans into your touch. You examine his face and whisper to him. “Baby, come on, look at me.”
He waits for a second before he finally flutters his eyes open, letting a pool of tears fall down his face. You let go and begin to wipe his tears away. 
 “What’s wrong, Charlie? Talk to me. It’s just us. I’m here for you.”
He licks his lips before patting the empty side of the bed. Wanting you to sit next to him and, so he could have just a couple seconds to regain his thoughts before speaking. You both sit in silence for a bit rubbing your thumb over his hand before he finally takes a deep breath and asks you. “Why are you even with me?” He can barley get those words out before the tears begin falling from his eyes again. You scoot closer to him furrowing your eyebrows shocked at the question coming out of the love of your life’s mouth. You bring your hand up to his cheek.
“Char, where is this coming from?”
He reaches for your hand and moves it away from his face. Shaking his head, trying to hold his tears, gesturing to his body.
“Look at me, I’m ugly. Everyone is telling me that I’m too ugly and “fat”  to even be with you. I have thousands of people in my DM’s telling me that I need to workout more if I want to keep you interested in me.” 
He pulls his phone out and shows you the picture circling Instagram. He was at a restaurant with Owen and Charlie had filled his plate a little more than Owens. The caption read, “If Charlie doesn’t watch it with the food y/n wont want to be with him anymore. Looks like he’s been letting those plates get to him already... Yikes..” You scroll through the comments and see so many people agreeing with the account.
You feel your blood start to boil. People don’t know that food was such a touchy subject for Charlie. He had been struggling with his weight for most of his life and he was finally at a point where he felt confident in himself and the work he’s done to get his body where its at. And this account just comes and wrecks his progess with this post. 
It’s not until you finally look up to Charlie that you realize he can’t even look at you. You reach for his face and he grabs your wrists pulling them away. “Charlie, please. Look at me.” You break from his hold and you reach up again, more successful this time. You try to bring his gaze to you but he keeps moving away. “Baby, look at me. Charlie, baby, don’t let that random person tell you how I’m going to feel about you. I think you are perfect. in my eyes you are so perfect and I love you more than there are words.”
He still doesn’t look at you. You smile a little getting an idea. “Baby, will you do something for me.” You tilt your head a bit trying to get him to look at you, with no luck but you see him nod. “Can you take off your shirt and pants and move up on the bed, lay over here?” He shoots a confused look at you but does it anyway. He finally gets into position and you straddle him. He shakes his head. “Baby, no. I do-” You interrupt him “Calm down Charlie, I’m not trying to seduce you.” You earn a small chuckle from him.
“I love you so much and I just wanna show you just how much I love you.” You lean down and kiss his lips. You can feel his hesitation before he falls into the rhythm. You leave a trail of kisses from his lips to his jaw before moving down to under his ear where he loves to be kissed. He takes a deep breath as you kiss him. You whisper in his ear between kisses. “You mean the world to me.” “I couldn’t imagine life with out you.” You lean up again and kiss his lips before moving down to his chest, making sure to kiss every part right until you got to his tummy. His face scrunches and his body flinches as he tries to cover up. You sit up and move to his face, wiping the hair out of his face grazing his forehead with your thumb. “You are so beautiful. You’ve made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world everyday since we got together and now its my turn to show you just how beautiful I think you are.” 
You kiss him again and move back down to his tummy, this time with no flinches from your sweet boy. You kiss down his tummy and down to each of his thighs and legs then back up to his arms. You grab both of his hands and bring them to your lips leaving kisses all over them. You interlock you hands with his and for the first time since you started you catch his gaze. You stare into eachothers eyes and even though there were no words being spoken there was so much love being shared. Charlie sits up and brings your face into his hands and he leave a longing kiss on your lips. This kiss was different. It was full of love and endearment from both sides. You finally pull away. Leaning your forehead on his. Just enjoying the moment. The moment where yours and Charlie’s breaths were perfectly in sync and neither of you wanted it to end. He whispers loud enough for you to hear. 
“I am so in love. So incredibly in love with you.”
He looks up into your eyes and you bring him in for another kiss.
“And I love you, Charlie.”
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arcticguk · 6 months ago
baby its cold outside | jjk
Tumblr media
❅ pairing, au, warnings: jeon jeongguk x reader, fluff, boyfriend au, christmas au, food mentions
❅ précis: jeongguk doesn’t want you to leave yet and besides, it is pretty cold outside.
❅ word count: 1,290
❅ part of my holiday drabble series
Tumblr media
You don’t think you can get any comfier.
From your spot on the couch, practically laying on top of your boyfriend, your face nuzzled into his neck. His arms wrapped loosely around your waist. His soft breaths hit the top of your head, hair ruffling ever so slightly.
Your attention is no longer on the Christmas movie playing on his tv, it’s on him. His doe eyes trained on the screen, soft cheeks dusted in pink, and chocolate tendrils hanging down his forehead. You inch forward to paste a peck to his jaw, grinning when his cheeks flush even deeper in color.
“You’re not even watching the movie!” He complains cutely.
“Yes, I am!” You retort, giggles spilling from your lips. “Your face is just in the way.”
“Okay, I’ll just move then—”
“NO!” You shriek, tightening your grip around him. “No, no you’re fine.”
“I know I am baby, you don’t have to tell me.” He winks, a cocky smirk dancing on his lips.
“You’re so stupid.” You murmur, pressing your lips to his, kissing away his smirk. His hand tighten on your waist, chuckling against the warm press of your mouth.
“But I’m your stupid,” He breathes, immediately snorting and giggling after the words leave his mouth.
Loud laughter escapes your mouth, rumbling in your belly. Your silly boyfriend cracks a smile, more high-pitched giggles floating from his lips.
You sit up on Jeongguk, smacking his chest playfully. Your eyes catch on the clock on the wall, gasping a bit when you realize the time.
“Shit,” You hiss through your teeth. “It’s getting late. And I wanna get home before the snow gets really bad.”
Jeongguk frowns, pulling out his phone and clicking on the weather app. “It’s supposed to snow all the way until tomorrow morning.” He comments, prompting you to lay back down to see his phone screen. He takes the chance to wrap his arms around your waist, tugging you until you’re directly on top of him.
“You don’t have to leave.” He whines, burying his face in your neck. You groan, threading your fingers in his long locks. “Baby…”
“Baby…” He groans right back, a playfully pleading. “Please stay.”
“Guk no.” You state, poking his nose. “I have to go home.”
He looks up at you dreamily, stars swimming in his big eyes, the pink glow still staining his cheeks.
“You don’t have class tomorrow.” He reminds.
“Okay and?” You wonder, raising an eyebrow.
“So, you should sleepover.” He says, pecking your lips. “And you can cuddle with me.”
“Oh, can I?” You wonder, sliding your hands underneath his shirt, your cold skin rubbing on his tummy. He squirms underneath you, giggles slipping past his parted lips.
“Baby, stop!” He laughs, a bunny smile digging into his cheeks, the skin near his eyes crinkling up. You sit up, this time tugging Jeongguk with you. You make space between the two of you so that you can stretch your legs, bouncing socked feet on your boyfriend’s thighs.
He leans forward to yank you back into his lap, his hands pressed into your hips.
“Guk!” You squeal, flicking his forehead.
“Please sleepover.” He murmurs into your clavicle. Your heart thrums at his words, puffing your lips to meet his forehead in a gentle kiss.
You lean back, a teasing smile on your lips. “Maybe if you can convince me.”
“Well,” He starts, pressing a kiss to the tip of your nose. “It’s really cold outside and I’m warm and can give you cuddles.” You kiss the cheeky smile on his face, rolling your eyes playfully.
“Fine, twist my arm,” You tease. “I’ll stay.”
His smile widens and he leans forward, pressing kisses all over your face, lips, cheeks, nose, and forehead. Your skin warms under the touch of his lips, eliciting a soft giggle from said lips.
“Can we make more hot chocolate?”
He nods eagerly, pecking yet another kiss to your lips.
“Maybe some popcorn too?”
“Anything you want baby.”
He helps you up from the sofa and with you clinging onto him, he makes his way to the kitchen, your mug and his in each of his hands.
You don’t do much to contribute, with your arms hooked around his waist, face nuzzled between his shoulder blades, the sweet smell of his fabric softener wafting up to your nose.
He fills the mugs, then sets them in the microwave, before turning around to wrap his arms around you. You cuddle into his warm embrace, closing your eyes in content.
“I’m glad you’re staying over.” He murmurs against the top of your head.
“Me too.” You hum into his sternum. “I love you.”
“I love you too cutie.” He coos, squeezing his arms tighter around your form. His chin rests carefully on the top of your head, and he rocks back and forth slowly, your bodies swaying side to side together. When the milk is finished, he removes the steaming mugs, replacing them with a bag of microwaveable popcorn, then finds cocoa powder to stir into the milk.
Waiting for the popcorn seems to take forever, and you find yourself leaning against the counter, drowsiness making its way through your body and announcing itself through a loud yawn.
Jeongguk’s head perks up, bright eyes peeking in your direction. “Tired?”
You shake your head, despite hiding another yawn behind your fist. Jeongguk redirects his gaze to the bag of popcorn, popping at a rapid pace, the sound ricocheting inside the enclosed space.
You take the time to study him and your stomach feels all swoopy, your heart melting at the sight of your lovely boyfriend. His loose white tee shirt is baggy, but highlights his muscle tone at the same time, arms flexing underneath the cotton when he sets his hands on the counter in front of him. His chocolate locks have gotten longer, they hang over his thick eyebrows, and he often rakes his hand through it when he’s focusing on something. His brown eyes are doe-like and sparkly, and the silver jewelry adorning his ears just brings out the shine in his eyes even more. A tattooed hand comes up to yank the microwave door open, cutting off the incessant beeping, and pulling you out of your reverie.
“You were staring.”
You shake your head, eyes blinking rapidly for a second before you dare to look at Jeongguk again.
“Was not.”
“Was too.”
“Stop it,” You whine. “You make it hard not to stare.” You murmur under your breath, but he hears it, every word.
“So, you’re saying I’m handsome?” He asks, lips quirking into a cocky grin. 
He laughs, shaking the popcorn into a bowl before reaching out his free hand towards you. You take it and grab your hot chocolate with your other hand.
Once the two of you are settled on the couch again, Jeongguk tugs you into his lap, reaching for the blanket you’d been using either. He swaddles it around you like a baby, and you curl in his lap, ear pressed to his chest. You’re too tired to pay attention to the movie, so you just close your eyes and focus on Jeongguk’s breathing and the steady beat of his heart.
He chooses a new movie, and once the remote is settled on the arm of the couch, his hands find purchase in your hair, gently playing with the locks. He gently scratches at your scalp, evoking a hum from your lips. He twirls tendrils around his fingers, before gathering all of your hair in one hand and neatly smoothing it down. He presses a kiss to the top of your head, lips gently pecking your crown.
“Goodnight angel.” He murmurs, gathering you tighter in his arms.
Tumblr media
© arcticguk 2021. absolutely no reposting, translating, or modifying, even with credit.
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retrocelly · 2 years ago
Friends Share Pt.1 (Auston Matthews)
A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long!! This will be another two part imagine. Also I’m terrible at endings oops. I got rid of the word count because does anyone really use those?
Warnings: smut, swearing, daddy kink, talk of threesomes(?)
     Auston wasn’t the type to intentionally neglect the people he cared about, but sometimes it just happened. When he came home today, you knew that it would be one of those days. With all the stress around his gameplay and the upcoming playoffs, it wasn’t surprising that he needed some time to himself. That didn’t annoy you. What did annoy you, however, was the fact that he wasn’t by himself. He was playing some video game and you could easily tell that he was talking to his teammates through the headset. You weren’t exceptionally needy, but you just wanted Auston to pay attention to you before the season ended and he flew to Arizona for a bit, only to return and immediately be swept up in pre-season training. Not to mention that you’d been on edge - to say the least - since Auston left earlier that morning after eating you out without letting you cum. You’d assumed that he’d be all over you once he walked through the door in order to finish what he’d started, but apparently he had other plans. After an hour of listening to Auston yelling into his headset and jumping off the couch when something happened, you were sick of waiting for him to make the right decision, instead deciding to take fate into your own hands.
     You walked to the couch, sitting next to Auston as he focused on the television. He was leaning with his elbows on his knees, intently monitoring the screen in from of him. You turned toward him, placing your hand on his chest and tapping a few times. He understood your request, sitting back against the couch so that you could lean into him. Although instead of cuddling up to him like you normally might, you immediately latched your lips onto Auston’s neck. Your hand dropped to his thigh, rubbing circles over the joggers that he was wearing. Even as you bit hickeys onto Auston’s skin, his eyes remained trained on the game. The incessant clicking sound from the control in his hands nearly made you give up altogether, but you were determined to get your boyfriend’s attention somehow. 
     You gradually moved your hand up Auston’s leg, realizing fairly quickly that he didn’t have anything on underneath his pants. You palmed him over the material, still kissing and licking at his neck. Auston was still focused on the tv, but you could feel him grow hard from your touch.  Quickly, you shifted from the couch onto the ground, settling onto your knees in front of Auston. He broke his concentration momentarily to look at you, his cheeks slightly flushed and lips parted. You gave him an innocent smile in return before moving your hands to the waistband of his joggers. His attention was back to that stupid video game, but he managed to lift his hips enough for you to get his pants down. You immediately went to work, pumping his hard cock a few times before taking his tip into your mouth. You stayed there for a minute, alternating between swirling your tongue around him and swiping it directly across the head. 
     In the brief moment of quiet when Auston was trying not to make a noise that would give away his situation, you became hyper aware of the muffled chattering from the other end of his headset. You knew that his friends were on the other side, and that it would be pretty obvious what was happening if Auston didn’t stay quiet. However, rather than be embarrassing, the thought only spurred you on. For whatever reason, the idea that his teammates would know that you were on your knees,  blowing your boyfriend while they could all hear you was actually quite the turn-on.
     With your new found sense of power, you hollowed your cheeks and took Auston as deeply as you could. He muttered out a quiet “fuck,” at the action, but to the boys it would probably sound like a reaction to the game. You started moving your head, pausing to circle your tongue around the head of his cock. Auston leaned his head back, the controller falling from his hands onto the couch beside him. He let out a moan - not too loudly, but definitely recognizable to the context. You kept moving your head as you heard some commotion from Auston’s headset.
     You could just barely make out Kappy’s voice saying something along the lines of “what the fuck, man,” followed by Freddie’s exasperated “are you serious right now?” You looked up to gage Auston’s reaction, surprised to see a smile spread across his face, his eyes staring at the ceiling.
     “Sorry, boys,” he started, “not my fault. She’s - ah - she’s just way too good with her mouth to turn down.” 
     You had to pull off of Auston as a wide grin took over your features, your cheeks tinged pink. He gave you a wink in response as some more muffled conversation came through. Auston furrowed his brows a bit as you got back to work on him.
     “See for yourself, bro.” Auston insisted, causing your eyebrows to raise.
     He’d suggested before that he liked the idea of sharing you with his teammates, and through a heavy blush, you’d stuttered out that you liked the concept as well. However, that was as far as the conversation had ever gone. Now, with his cock still buried in your throat, he was urging two of his friends come over so you could, at the very least, blow them.
     It was a few more shortened answers later when Auston finally took off the headset, flipping some switch that you assumed turned it off. With the tech discarded, he gave a tug to your arm, pulling you up so the two of you were eye-level. He gave you a searing kiss as he pawed at the bottom of your shirt. You separated just long enough to remove your clothes, Auston doing the same. Seconds later, he was grabbing your waist to move you so that you were straddling him. He wasted no time in aligning his length with your entrance, moving his hips up as you met him half way. You both moaned as he bottomed out, your hands holding onto his shoulders for stability. 
     Auston brought one hand to the back of your neck and pushed you closer to him. He gripped a handful of your hair to keep you in place, his other arm wrapped around your waist to keep you from moving just yet.
     “You’re such a dirty girl,” he growled, biting a mark just below your ear, “blowing me while Kappy and Fred could hear.”
     You whimpered at his words as you desperately tried to move your hips for some friction, but Auston’s strong arm was there to hold you still.
     “So now they’re gonna come over and test you out.” He tilted his head, placing a hard kiss to your lips that caused you to moan. He pulled away, his eyes meeting yours with a smirk on his face
     “Does that sound good, angel?” You nodded before reminding yourself that he always wanted you to use your words.
     “Yes, sir. That sounds so good.” 
     Auston removed his hand from from your hair and placed it gently around your neck. He wasn’t squeezing - he just liked the sight. He thrusted unexpectedly into you, causing you to let out a strangled half-whimper, half-gasp.
     “I bet that’s why you did it, huh?” He groaned, punctuating his words with another hard thrust. “You did it because you wanted the boys to hear you, didn’t you, honey?”
     Auston continued to pound into you, your hand tangling into his hair as you brought your forehead down to meet is.
     “Fuck, daddy,” you called, “yeah, I liked it.” Your cheeks were flaming and you could only think about the feeling of Auston inside of you.
     “Tell me why you liked it, sweetheart.” He was starting to lose a bit of composure, his words slurring together.
     “I liked knowing that they could hear what I was doing. I wanted them to know.”
     A low groan fell from Auston’s lips as he leaned in to kiss you again. He bit lightly on your bottom lip, hips rolling quickly against yours. The position allowed him to find your g-spot, hitting against it repeatedly and pushing you closer to your orgasm.
     “Fuck,” he muttered as he pulled away from the kiss, his hand going down to grip your ass as his eyes met yours, “You’re such a little slut, huh? Wanting to fuck all of daddy’s friends.”
     “Yes, daddy,” you moaned.
     Auston threw his head back and you could see his Adam’s apple bob. You took the opportunity to kiss along his jawline and down his neck, pausing to leave a few bite marks along his collar bone. Both of you were close to finishing, Auston’s thrusts becoming shallower and your stomach buzzing with your oncoming orgasm.
     “‘M close,” you managed, watching as Auston nodded, one of his hands moving to your clit.
     He circled his thumb over the nub quickly, giving two particularly hard thrusts that threw you over the edge. You were mess on top of him, a string of your moans and “daddy” spreading to Auston’s ears. He let out a few more strangled groans as he fucked you through your orgasm before a gush of heat filled you and his body stilled against the couch.
     The two of you stayed like that for a moment, your head on Auston’s chest as he lightly held your hips.
     “Are you really okay with Kappy and Freddie coming over? Because I can tell them not to.” Auston’s voice was soft, his hand moving to brush a stray piece of hair behind your ear.
     You looked up and were met with uncertainty in his brown eyes. You knew that he was all for the idea of sharing you, but if there was even hesitation in your voice, he’d call it off without a second thought.
     “Yeah, Aus, I’m okay with it. It’ll be fun.” You gave him a reassuring smile and he kissed your forehead.
     “Love you, sweetheart.”
     The two of you were silent for another few seconds until Auston took in a deep breath, sitting up.
     “Okay, I gotta get back to the game.”
     “Auston, are you fucking kidding me?” You could see the smirk on his face, leaning up to give him a smack on the arm as he laughed.
     “Just kidding, babe!”
part 2
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shorkbrian · 3 months ago
getting fucked until you’re dumb and drooling and can’t even think. That’s the tweet.
Whenever you find yourself upset about something, Shouto’s there by your side. He’s not particularly good with emotions, nor stereotypical “comforting”. All this man knows is to fuck you until you’re tired and sleepy, ready for cuddles and snuggles.
He’s perfectly content with listening to you ramble on and on about your problems, doesn’t mind it. But Shouto notices how tense you get, how your shoulders draw up tight and your back hunches as you pace, stressed and upset.
What kind of man would he be if he didn’t want to relieve that stress for you?
It starts off as him asking for you to sit by him so he can rub your back, warm hand slipping underneath your shirt to knead at your skin.
Progresses to him catching you by the chin, staring into your eyes as you whine about whatever’s making you upset, the man earnest and attentive - albeit a little occupied with looking at your pretty face.
A kiss is next, slow and gentle, loving. An easy connection of his mouth to yours. A kiss that says “I know you’re hurting, and I wish I could make your pain disappear”. 
Hands don’t hesitate to wander, although they do hover over your skin, make sure you’re okay with continuing as the man waits for you to press into his palms, give him permission to softly grope and squeeze at all the beautiful flesh you have to offer him.
Shouto just wants you to feel good, to forget about your troubles, to feel loved and safe and warm in his arms. He’ll figure everything out, tells you as such when he’s thrusting nice and slow into you, hitting every single spot inside of you that makes your toes curl and eyes roll back.
Talented fingers know where to touch, a hot-and-cold mouth is familiar with your sensitive spots, lithe arms happy to wrap around your form and hold you close as Shouto pours out his love for you, his desire to make you feel less overwhelmed.
He’ll ask what you want - do you want to be stuffed full? Have him breed you and plug you with his cock, wait until it hardens again so he can fuck you once more?
Or would you like him to cum all over your pretty skin, mark you as his? Bite hickies into your neck and suck marks across your collarbone, your tummy, your hips, so you’re reminded of the love he holds for you every time you look in the mirror?
Do you want to be cherished, treasured, adored? Treated gently and with care? Or do you want to be mounted, bred, fucked stupid?
Whatever you need, whatever you want - Shouto is willing to give.
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changbiinnnie · a year ago
{8:54 PM}
Warnings: smut, kinda poly Jisung chan changbin and reader, subby reader and Jisung, Dom chan, daddy changbin ay
You and jisung had been left at the dorms all day while all the other members were out. It was kinda cold in the dorms so you were cuddled up tight underneath a blanket. While sat on his lap facing him, he wiggled around trying to get comfy and it sparked something in you when you felt his crotch rub up against your clothed heat. 
‘Ah, jisung’ you whined.
‘Sorry I was trying to get comfy’ he says shyly.
You started to grind your hips slowly onto him enjoying the friction between you both.
‘Y/N stop, we can’t be doing this, chan and changbin will be back any time soon and they won’t be happy about us doing this when they aren’t here’ he moans as he subconsciously grinds up into you, meeting your movements. Both of you are subby messes within seconds grinding up against one another to try to get off as fast as possible.
‘Jisung, daddy is going to kill me but I can’t help it it feels so good’.
None of you hear the click of a door opening, through your whines and little whimpers coming from your parted lips.
‘Princess, what are you two doing?? Who said you two could start without us ??’ Changbin says as he stands there with chan, both of them furious with their little subs grinding on top of one another without their permission.
You scramble off jisung trying your best to lessen your punishment that you have already in store for tonight.
‘Get on your knees now, y/n’ as soon the sentence leaves his mouth you fall to your knees and look up to him with innocence glistening in your eyes.
The clang of his belt unbuckling and him wrapping it around his hand tells you that you are going to be in for a long night.
(lil drabble I tried out so plz let me know if you like it x also feel free to request drabbles if you want) <3
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imaginedanganronpa · 2 years ago
Hi! I only recently discovered your blog but I really love your imagines! I was wondering if you could write the V3 boys (+Souda and Fuyuhiko) with their fem S/O’s on their period? Thank you in advance :)
Hello and welcome!! And thank you very much! :) I hope you like it!
V3 Boys + Kazuichi Souda & Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu with Their Fem!S/O On Her Period!
Saihara Shuichi
You wake up with a long yawn and seeyour sleeping boyfriend’s peaceful face beside you, then quietly pull yourself out of bed while being careful to not wake him.
You must not have noticed the bloodstain on the bed because you didn’t feel any period cramps or notice the signs that it was your time of the month, so you start making breakfast for the two of you, blissfully unaware of your body’s internal clock.
When Saihara woke up to see that you were no longer beside him, and only a dark bloodstain was left where you slept, he jolted out of bed in a panic and started to storm through the house, desperately trying to locate you. His experience as a Detective clouded his judgement and automatically caused him to assume the worst.
He rushed by your side, into the kitchen, still half-dressed and not wearing a shirt. His face was flushed and sweat pooled on Saihara’s forehead as he pulled you into a relieved hug. 
“Don’t scare me like that… I thought something happened to you!”Confused, you shook your head at him and he guides you back to the bedroom where you finally see the bloodstain and your eyes widen as you run towards the bathroom.
He could sense that something was wrong and knocked on the door, asking if everything was okay from the other side. Eventually, Saihara puts two and two together and then sits down at the kitchen table in ahuff.
“Oh, it’s just her period,” he says, thankful, and collapses. Whew.
From that point onward, Saihara did everything he could to make your week more tolerable and comfortable. He coddles you when your cramps start to become more prevalent and painful, holding you and rubbing your back to support you through them while softly whispering that everything was going to be okay.
He asks if you needed anything from the store, and even if you say no, he stocks up anyway. He buys your favorite brand of pads/tampons, anything he knew you usually craved, a heating pad, and pain relievers. 
Saihara cooks for you and does all of the usual work around the house to alleviate your stress and movement. He does everything in his power to make this week a little bit less terrible. When you lay beside him, he rests his warm hand on your stomach and rubs small circles into your skin after placing a heating pad underneath you for your back-pain.
And even when you have mood-swings, he remains calm and doesn’t mind too much. Saihara knows that it’s nothing personal and will hold you when you’re irritable, shushing and humming as he tries to relax you.
When he has free-time, he cuddles up beside you and turns on one of your favorite movies to get your mind off of your period, and although he always treats you like royalty, he is even more sensitive and loving during this time of the month than any other time.
Ouma Kokichi
You’ve never really talked aboutyour period with Ouma because you weren’t sure if he would make fun of you ornot. You honestly wouldn’t put it past him, so you always keep that to yourself.
After all, you love him dearly but you know how childish your boyfriend can be. You hope that he would be a bit more mature than that, but…
It was an early Saturday afternoon and you were spending the day with Ouma, having a lazy weekend together. You must not have felt the oncoming cramps, or maybe you weren’t officially ‘starting’ your period so the pain had yet to come, but regardless you didn’t notice the small dots of blood on your shorts.
When you stand and Ouma sees the red spots, a smile twists on his face that he can’t contain. You glance at him and return the smile until he says, “Hey, (Y/N), you might wanna take care of that,” whilst pointing at your waist.
You follow the direction of his finger and your face changes into a horrific, pale expression. You shield yourself and rush towards the bathroom, becoming overwhelmed with emotions of embarrassment.
Ouma taps on the door and apologizes. Though he teased you at first, he gets serious and starts to become more protective over you, switching into his genuine parental, loving mode that not many people get to see.
While he does laugh at first, he starts to draw a hot bath and helps you get undressed, then sits on the side of the bath and helps clean you up down there. He holds your hand as you soak and let the hot water do its magic and alleviate some of your pain.
Ouma will do everything he can for you, but sometimes he runs his mouth which results in a one-sided argument. He knows that you’re moodier during your period but he doesn’t hold back when it comes to teasing and jokes, so you become frustrated with him easily and snap.
He just finds it amusing and only teases you ‘out of love.’ You know he loves you, though, because he’ll hold you when you’re in pain and try to rub where it hurts, as well as fetch any pain pills you may have in your cabinets.
To your pleasant surprise, Ouma is more considerate when you’re on your period than you thought he would be and does his best to help. He also likes having an excuse to kiss around your stomach and thighs, but you don’t mind. 
And he tries making you laugh to bring a smile to your face since he knows how hard this week can be. Plus, he has so many questions so expect him to pester you with all kinds of strange remarks about your time of the month. You do your best to answer as he stares at you, wide-eyed.
He likes resting his hands on your lower abdomen, where the cramps are concentrated, and gently caress your skin. He’ll also surprise you by bringing home some of your favorite pleasure-foods and cravings.
If you ever ask Ouma to buy you pads/tampons, he’ll scoff at first but he eventually gives in. You think that he’s just trying to get on your nerves, and you knew he would end up doing whatever you say, because he loves you and he really does hate to see you in so much pain.
But he still brings up your accidental bleed-through almost every time you get your period afterwards…
Rantaro Amami
When your eyes fluttered open, youextended your arm to reach for your boyfriend, instead finding an empty bed. Once you werefully awake, you realized that Rantaro wasn’t beside you and you furrow yourbrows.
Suddenly, a wave of pain washes over your body and you pull your knees to yourchest due to the cramps, curling into a ball as you whimper and impatiently wait for the cramps to surpass.
Finally standing, you notice the small drops of blood on your pajama pants and groanwith frustration… it must be that time of the month again.
You hurriedly rush towards the bathroom but had to run past the kitchen to doso, where you saw your boyfriend cooking breakfast. Glancing over his shoulder,he smiles and waves you over. “Good-morning, love!”
But Rantaro could immediately tell that something was wrong and approached you cautiously. “Is everything okay hun?” He wedges his foot in the bathroom and peeks inside, and realizing that you had no other choice, you tell him everything.
“I got my period again…” You normally told Rantaro when you got your period because he always knew what to do. He nods with understanding and helps you change out ofthe bloody clothes and uses a warm washcloth to clean you up.
After he finishes breakfast, he asks what you needed and then promptly heads to the store where he stocks up on pads/tampons, your cravings, and everything your heart desired. After returning, he sets a heating pad on your stomach and a warm washcloth on your forehead.
Then, Rantaro takes his place in bed beside you and cuddles you gently. By now, he was a pro at this - he has twelve sisters after all, so he has plenty of experience with taking care of them during their times of the month and knows everything he should do.
He softly massages you and goes out of his way to care for you. He will rub anywhere that starts cramping and even knows the ‘hot water-bottle on your abdomen’ trick. He also makes sure to buy plenty of chocolate and sweets to satisfy your cravings and carries pads/tampons on him so that you always have them if you need it.
Rantaro was so used to periods by this point that it was no big deal and he never breaks a sweat, even when you’re acting irrational due to your hormones and mood-swings. After all twelve of his sister’s cycles synced up and he had to manage all of them being moody at the same time, he can handle anything. 
He simply keeps a level-head and quietly listens to you whenever you were feeling angry or upset, being your shoulder to cry on.
But he will definitely wait on you hand and foot, and gives you plenty of cuddles and kisses to get you through the week. He is patient with you and is the best caretaker you could ask for.
Honestly, Rantaro is the best person to have around when you’re on your period. He even downloads a period app on his phone so he can track it and know when it’s coming, just to make sure that he has everything you needs when it arrives.
You weren’t really sure how totell Kiibo that you got your period. You didn’t technically have to tell him,but you bled through the night and when he saw you washing the bloody sheets hewould definitely have questions.
You were in the middle of doing laundry when your boyfriend walked into theroom and lovingly wrapped his arms around you. Of course he walked in as soonas you started stuffing the sheets into the washer, and you freeze in place.
It takes Kiibo a moment to notice the bloodstains and when he finally does, hejumps back and lets out a loud cry. “Ah! Holy… what happened?!” he exclaims, taken back by surprise. You whirl around and hold up your hands defensively, insisting that,“This isn’t what it looks like!”
He started berating you with questions and gave you little to no time to answer so you abruptly cut him off. “I got myperiod, Kiibo! That’s it!”
A bit embarrassed by your sudden outburst, you blush and lower your eyes to the ground while avoiding looking at him directly. His silence felt heavy as he took a step back and quickly apologized.
He started to rattle his brain since he’s never actually had to deal with this situation before and has absolutely no idea what to do. Kiibo hasn’t had any experience with women on their periods so he starts to panic.
“Uh… well, what do I do? Do I need to do anything? H-how can I help?” He offers you a sheepish grin in response.
Once he calms down, he’s very good with you. You tell him that it would be nice if he helped you out around the house so Kiibo does everything he can to assist you, though he is a bit rusty and ignorant since he’s never had to deal with this before. He has plenty of questions about your period and hopes he doesn’t come across as rude, just… curious.
He often starts to freak out when you’re on your period, especially when you get mood-swings. He always thinks he’s doing something wrong after you snap at him but he does his best, and he forgets that you’re a lot moodier during this time of the month. He always feels like he’s stepping on eggshells because he doesn’t want to upset you now.
And whenever you get emotional, he shuts down because he doesn’t know what to do… but trust me, he’s trying his damnedest.
Truthfully, Kiibo goes a bit overboard when you tell him what you need. He buys too many pads/tampons and comes home with a ridiculous amount of sweets and pain relievers, but he didn’t know how much girls needed! At least you wouldn’t run out for awhile, though.
He also uses his internal hard-drive to track your cycle, quickly adjusting to your period and gets the hang of it after a couple months.
Using his some of his functions, he turns himself into a heating pad and literally warms up to you to take away some of your pain, while Kiibo constantly asks you how you’re doing. He is a lot more careful with you when you’re on your period, treating you as if you are like fine China.
And Kiibo does a lot of Googling to try to learn more so that he can prepare next time, and be the best boyfriend he can be!
Kaito Momota
Kaito always manages to forget about yourtime of the month and still hasn’t gotten used to your cycle because you onlyrecently started dating.
Somehow, it always slips his mind. You didn’t know how he could possibly forget about it, but maybe he was just more blissfully oblivious since he isn’t the one who has to put up with it.
Regardless, you were feeling a bit moody and under the weather due to your fluctuating hormones. Now really wasn’t the time to bother you, and you unintentionally lash out at Kaito when he accidentally spooks you by coming around the corner too quickly.
He gets defensive and snaps, “Jeez, I wasn’t trying to scare ya, (Y/N)!” Then, your lip quivered as tears formed in your eyes. “I’m sorry… I just got my period and it’s my emotions…” you couldn’t finish your sentence before bursting into an emotional fit.
Kaito goes into a full-blown panic because he hates seeing you cry. “Uh… what am I supposed to do?!” He trulywanted to help but he looked like a bull in a China shop, storming around the house frantically trying to be of assistance.
He grabs every single pill bottle in your house and all of the sweets in your pantry which causes you to giggle. His arms were full as he drops them all on your bed and says, “Here! Take whatever you need!”
You also ask him if he’ll run to the store to buy you pads/tampons, but Kaito gets a bit defensive. “W-what? But… I’m a guy, and plus I don’t even know what to get!” He exclaims and you sigh, then tell him your favorite brand and write down exactly what he needs. He remains defensive and says that he didn’t want people to see him buying that, and you snap.
“They know it isn’t for you! And ladies love and appreciate when their partners buy them period products! Plus, if you’re embarrassed then imagine how I feel! It would mean a lot to me!” 
Kaito blinks in disbelief, “Really?” He realizes how stubborn he was being and then promptly ran to the store.
After that, he is determined to make this week as comfortable for you as possible to make up for his stubbornness. He starts to ask you constantly how you’re doing to an almost annoying degree, but you can tell it’s because he has a golden heart and pure intentions.
Kaito becomes frustrated because he hates seeing you in so much pain and wants nothing more than to take it away. Being unable to do anything makes him feel weak, but he does his best to just be there to support you as your shoulder to cry on and alleviate some of your stress.
After he is able to relax and calm down, Kaito is a lovely partner. He quickly get used to your period and starts reminding you to change your pad/tampon frequently. The two of you also pig out and indulge in your guilty pleasures, as you satisfy your cravings.
He is a lot softer with you after awhile and becomes more parental over you. Kaito does everything he can for you to help you get through this difficult week.
Korekiyo Shinguuji
You knew that Korekiyo was more open and understanding than most men, so you never really hesitated to tell him when you got your period. He was never grossed out or seemed uncomfortable by the situation so you never saw an issue.
It happened one evening while you two were preparing for dinner, and you were in the midst of cooking. Korekiyo was your ever-so helpful assistant.
Then, your legs started trembling. You’ve been having warning-period cramps lately so you knew it was coming, and it usually sets on over time and doesn’t happen this unexpectedly. 
He immediately notes you fumbling with the cooking supplies and furrows his brows. “Is everything alright, dear?” He tilts his head to the side kindly.
You ask him to take over and excuse yourself to the bathroom to take care of your business. When you return, you tell Korekiyo that you got your period out of nowhere and he nods sympathetically but wordlessly.
Overall, he was very calm. He instructed you to wait for him to finish cooking and that he would do the rest, asking you to simply take it easy for the time being.
Afterwards, he turns all of his attention to you. He is very level-headed and understanding of your mood-swings. He is always good to you, but even more-so when you’re on your period.
Korekiyo takes very good care of you. He was already a very patient and relaxed person so that doesn’t change, even when you’re irritable and snippy. It does hurt his heart to see you in so much pain, knowing that he can’t do anything to take your cramps away.
But he does make the week as bearable as possible. Korekiyo will run a steamy bath, with rose petals, candles, and a bath-bomb if you want, and then help you get undressed. He also often asks how you’re doing and checks up on you more frequently during your period.
It’s like he knew exactly what to do. He is gentle with you and listens to all of your vents and rants about your period and how you wish you didn’t have to deal with it, and Korekiyo tries relating to you.
Of course he buys you anything and everything you need. He also keeps pads/tampons at his house for emergency purposes, and so you don’t have to worry about carrying them around or forgetting them.
He will serve you hand and foot and do everything to ease your difficult week. There is no judgement in your relationship and nothing you say or do during your period makes him think any less of you. He is extremely understanding and knows what it’s like, so even when you’re emotional he’ll calm you down and rub your shoulders, and none of your complaints about your cramps or the blood is ‘too much information’ or could make him uncomfortable.
Korekiyo thinks that women and people with a uterus are so strong for enduring this painful month, and thinks the reproductive process is beautiful, despite its hardships at times. You just shake your head because you don’t understand.
“If you like it so much then you can take it.”
Gonta Gokuhara
Since you started dating, you’venever really talked about your period with Gonta. Why would you? It’s not likeit was extremely important to him; plus, you didn’t want him to worry about you.
Clearly you can’t hide things forever, though.
You didn’t even feel the first cramp or pick-up on any of the signs that it wascoming so you must have started bleeding without realizing it. Thinking nothing of it, you start pushing your way to the front of the fairly empty classroom to go to the restroom.
When you stand and brush past him, you apparently bled through. Gonta sees thebloodstains on your pants and lets out a loud cry.
“(Y/N)! Dying!” You furrow your brows and whip around to face him, then askwhat he was talking about. He twirls you back around and looks down, and you finally figure out what he must be looking at.
You knew you were supposed to be getting your period soon but didn’t know it would be today. Your facepales and you start to apologize frantically, then start working on calming your boyfriend down.
“It’s just my period.” Gonta looked confused and tilts his head to one side, so you explain, “Girls get their period once a month where they bleed from… down there, it’s totally normal… I’m not dying,” you say that last part with a small giggle.
However, he looked terrified, his eyes widening with terror. “Every girl? Every month?!” He looked at you in awe as you nod your head, then he quietly glanced around the room at your female classmates.
Gonta just couldn’t imagine it. He freaked out, but started to calm down. Then, he vowed to protect you or… at least take some of your pain and stress away. The symptoms of your period got stronger and that’s when your boyfriend got serious.
Anytime your period starts to roll back around, he makes a trip to the store and picks up everything you need. Gonta keeps extra pads/tampons in his home and carries them on his person just in case you need one, or even one of your female friends or classmates.
He does his best to be there for you when the cramps become unbearable, using his strong hands to deeply massage your skin and the tightened areas all over your body, taking away some of the cramps. Then, Gonta gets a hot compress to alleviate the pain even further.
He sometimes treats it as if you’re sick and will help feed you and insist that you stay put while you’re on your period. You lightheartedly chuckle and say, “Gonta, it’s just my period. I’m not sick and I can still walk!”
“No!” He responds, “Gonta want (Y/N) to take it easy!” His warm smile comforted you and you knew he was just doing his best. You didn’t mind him waiting on you, though, and tending to all of your needs. Your comfort and happiness were his top priority and he would do anything to make you feel better during this week.
All he wants to do is help, like a real gentleman would. He isn’t grossed out by your period at all and instead becomes fascinated. Gonta does a lot of research and Googling to try to find answers and ways to help you out even more, and makes sure to do all of the basics.
He gives you plenty of kisses, cuddles, and chocolate to make your period more tolerable, drowning you in even more love than usual. He always asks how you’re doing and promises that, “Period no big deal!” 
Ryoma Hoshi
When you and Ryoma start dating, you are very hesitant to open up about your private life. He was such an aloof individual that you weren’t sure how he would feel if you suddenly started to ramble on about your issues.
But it happened when you were in public. You’ve had the warning signs that it was coming so you knew that you were going to get your period very soon, but you thought you had more time than this… or, at least, that it would wait until you got home; especially since Ryoma doesn’t go out very often and you wanted to enjoy your time together.
You were walking around the mall together when suddenly, you feel cramps starting to arise in your abdomen. They got worse and worse until you were doubled over in pain, sinking your nails into your boyfriend’s skin which caught his attention.
Ryoma is immediately concerned and sits you down at the nearest table he can find, then starts examining you.
When you tell him that it’s just your period, a faint blush appears on your cheeks. But to your surprise, Ryoma wasn’t bothered at all; his face remained neutral and he pressed his lips together tightly.
He was more-so worried about getting you the feminine products that you needed and alleviating your pain, so his mind immediately switched into a protective mode as he scanned the mall for the nearest exit.
He was quite calm and didn’t really care that you talked about it, seemingly unbothered. He even added, “That’s a normal thing that fifty-percent of the population has to deal with… why would it bother me?”
As he insisted that you didn’t have to worry, he drove you home, cutting your adventure short.
Then, Ryoma tends to all of your needs in the only way he knew how. He does what he can, though it may not be a lot. He shows little interest in your period and nothing changes to him; he was just the same old Ryoma.
But he does go out of his way to make you feel at ease. He is quite blunt and asks you, “You got pads/tampons, right?” You were a bit surprised by his sudden straight-forwardness. When you shake your head, he sighs, “well, tell me what kind and I’ll go get some.”
From then on out, he remained pretty blunt but you could tell that he cared. He checked up on you often, but his demeanor didn’t really change. Ryoma was more affectionate than usual, more concerned with your well-being, but his attitude wasn’t really altered.
He could handle your mood-swings and did his best to calm you down, bribing you with chocolate or other cravings you had to get you to relax. Ryoma just… didn’t know what he was supposed to do or what was expected of him, so he sometimes came across as a bit uninterested.
But he did really love you and hated seeing you in so much pain. He just didn’t want to stress you out anymore by showing signs of weakness, so he did the basics by rubbing the areas where you cramped and making sure you were taken care of, kissing your stomach and telling you that this week would pass soon enough.
Kazuichi Souda
You normally give Kazuichi a headsup that your period was coming but this month it sneaks up on you.
You wake up beside his smiling face and he presses a kiss against your foreheadlovingly. “Hello, beautiful,” he says as you smile into the embrace he pulls youinto. Waking up beside him was one of your favorite things and you were in such a peaceful mood that the warning signs flew over your head.
You both get dressed and pull yourself out of bed. As Kazuichi starts making thebed, he sees the bloodstain you must have produced overnight. “Oh, my God!” He exclaims before patting himselfdown. It wasn’t coming from him so he turns to you with an expression of complete shock and terror.
“(Y/N), are you bleeding?!” He panicked, his face contorting into a horror as he started examining you thoroughly. You were alarmed at first until you patted yourself down and put two and two together.
“Oh, it must just be my period.” You say calmly and nonchalantly, sounding a bitirritated. By now, you were used to getting it once a month but it neverceased to annoy you, especially when it surprises you like this. Plus, you feel bad for scaring your boyfriend.
Kazuichi breathes and calms down, collapsing on the bed as he clutches his heart, “I was really worried there for a second.”
He can’t really handle your mood-swings or outbursts so almost all of your fights happen when you’re on your period and he does his best to calm you down, although you can sometimes both lose yourselves in the irritability and heat of the moment.
Other than that, having Kazuichi around is a dream. He keeps you in a positive attitude and does his best to keep your mind off of the stress and pains, and take care for all of your needs when you’re cramping; his favorite thing to do is massage your skin to try to minimize your pain.
He’ll trail butterfly kisses down your stomach and hold you tightly, then place a hot compress to the areas where you are in pain. Kazuichi, somehow, is very good at this and you wonder where he must have learned all of these tricks from.
And if your cramps are particularly bothering you, he’ll run a hot bath and help get you both undressed, and hold you in his torso as your muscles relax and he places kisses on the crook of your neck.
This also gives him an excuse to eat as many sweets as he wants, satisfying both of your cravings, so it’s a win-win.
Kazuichi is always a bit embarrassed when he buys you pads/tampons, but it’s all for you and you’re worth it. He becomes a bit more bossy than usual but that’s just him trying to help. He’s constantly asking you how you feel and reminding you to change your pad/tampon. But even with your mood-swings and pain, he showers you in affection during this time.
Your period always seems to catch him by surprise so Kazuichi is a force to be reckoned with, but once he settles down he will take very good care of you. That’s his job, after all, and he’d do anything for you.
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
You and Fuyuhiko have only beendating for a few months so you haven’t really talked about your period. It’s just not something that you want to bring up yet, unable to find an appropriate opening to do so.
But one afternoon, after school let out, you seemed to have no other choice but to bring up the subject.
While cuddling with Fuyuhiko, you feel an all-too familiar stomach cramp sneak up on you. Suddenly, your body becomes hot and you feel a sensation in your lower-regions… and you instantly know what was happening.
Flustered, you excuse yourself abruptly. Fuyuhiko sits up and extends a hand out to you, calling for you as he does. “Hey, (Y/N)! Wait up!” But you have no time to waste and instead hurry into the nearest restroom.
Of course, as hot-tempered as he is, he followed you and knocked on the door; but he wasn’t angry, just concerned and not sure how to express it. You could hear him on the other side and insisted that everything was fine, but he wanted in.
You crack the door and he gently pushes it open to find your blushing, embarrassed face. Fuyuhiko softens and tilts his head to one side, “Are you okay?” He asks as he rests his hands on your shoulders.
You groan and realize that there’s no way out of this. “Well, I… I got my period…” and then his already-rosy cheeks turned into a deeper shade of red as he realized his mistake by intruding.
“O-oh, fuck, my bad…” then, he started rummaging through the bathroom while saying that he thought his sister kept her own feminine products in here somewhere, but he wasn’t sure where.
After finding them, Fuyuhiko hands you the box of pads/tampons and steps out of the room as you do your business. He waits outside the door and pulls you into a hug once you step out, kissing your forehead and apologizing for his intrusion, emphasizing that he should have waited. 
He then guides you back to a more private area and wets a washcloth as he helps you clean up and dampens your face, then gently asks if there was anything he could do to help.
The blood doesn’t bother Fuyuhiko one bit and he was used to being around this sort of thing, since his sister and Peko were both major people in his life. Perhaps that’s why he’s so good at tending to your needs.
While on your period, Fuyuhiko insists that he wanted to help in any way possible. He brings you your cravings and will run you a hot bath in an attempt to alleviate your cramps.
When you get moody, he can be a bit hard to deal with. You’re both more irritable when you’re on your period but he tries to keep a level-head and calm both of you down, being your voice of reason. He does his best to minimize your moodiness and tries being patient with you, bringing you into long embrace and holding you until it passes.
Smirking at your boyfriend, you tease, “Wow, I knew you had a soft side but I’m impressed, Fuyu.” This prompted him to shoot you an intimidating glare. “Don’t tell anyone about this…” he sounded a bit embarrassed, but you giggle and kiss him.
He really was just a big teddy-bear who loved you dearly after all.
- Mod Rantaro
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deobidrabbles · a year ago
[summary] A rainy morning traps you and Younghoon inside a tent
[genre/warnings] lil bit a fluff (not really), smut
[a/n] requested by anon
“No hiking for us today,” You sighed peeking out of the tent.
It was raining, not pouring but enough to dampen the ground. The air was cool on your face as the wind blew a mist across your cheeks. You watched the raindrops fall from the gray skies, hit the tent and slide off the slick material one after the other. There were no signs of the weather clearing up so it was unlikely you and Younghoon were hiking today like you’d planned.
You turned back to the inside of the tent to find Younghoon soundly sleeping. The sight made you smile; he slept with his knees curled up to his chest and both of his hands tucked underneath his face. He looked too precious and you couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spoon him. He’d never admit it out loud that he liked to be the little spoon, he practically denied it every time you brought it up. You knew it was his preferred cuddle position; he liked being held and how your small frame molded to his when you did so.
You crawled back under the covers and held him close with one arm around his stomach. You rubbed his tummy, something he also secretly loved but would never admit, and he began to stir. His eyebrows furrowed as he mumbled and groaned, finding his way out from under your arm to turn onto his back. When he made it to his back, you noticed another tent but this one was pitched below his waist.
You smirked at the sight; if the two of you were going to be trapped inside all day, why not make the most out of the time? Your hands moved to pull the covers off but you hesistated when you caught a glance of his face, he was resting so peacefully that you almost felt guilty for wanting to wake him up. He might’ve been sleeping, but a certain body part of his was wide awake and you planned to take full advantage of it.
Slowly, you drew back the covers to unveil his sleeping figure. His shirt had rode up during his slumber and exposed his happy trail that led down into his boxers. You used your index finger to drag through the short hairs until your finger hooked into the thin fabric and stripped him. When his cock was free, you admired his length and how stiff it stood straight up into the air. Your hand reached out to wrap around the shaft. The warm embrace around his member startled Younghoon and caused him to mumbled inaudibly under his breath.
His noises sent shivers to your core as you took him into your mouth. Your tongue spread the saliva all over his head before sliding down on his length to meet your hand resting at his base. With hollowed cheeks, you drew back towards the tip. Younghoon grunted as his hips bucked instinctively and sent his cock to the back of throat. The impact triggered your gag reflex; the noise you made his eyes fly open.
His eyes were wide and his jaw dropped; he swore he was in a dream when he saw you eyeing him with his cock in your mouth, “Good morning to me.”
His voice was soft yet hoarse from sleep. You cracked a small smile from between his legs. When he returned a smile of his own, you felt yourself grow wetter. Your thighs squeezed closer together to send little waves to your center. He reclined on his elbows and watched your head bob up and down. Deep groans resonated from his chest and encouraged you to increase your pace.
His breathing sped up just as you began to move your hand and mouth faster. You worked his shaft and head altogether; the longer you continued, the more precum leaked and mixed with the taste of your saliva. The bittersweet taste had you lusting over him even more. Overwhelmed with arousal, you snuck a finger between your folds to start slow circles on your clit. Not that Younghoon noticed, he was too busy gripping the sheets with his eyes tightly shut as if he was trying to hold on to his last bit of sanity. His labored breathing turned into whining, “Please, please, please make me cum.”
When he came in your mouth, it shocked you. The spurts of semen sprayed violently down your throat and you swallowed every drop. His cock softened and fell out of your mouth, leaving a small bit of residue on the corner of your lips and chin. Younghoon graciously cleaned you up with his thumb, swiping gently against your skin with a tired smile on his face.
He noticed your hand in between your legs and raised an eyebrow at you. His hand trailed along your arm that lead into your pants, “I can repay the favor.”
You removed your hand to reveal your sticky fingers and chuckled, “You will. Trust me, you definitely will.”
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