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sidonius5 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ℋ𝑜𝓌 𝒶𝒷𝑜𝓊𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝑔𝒾𝓋𝑒 𝓂𝑒 𝓌𝒽𝒶𝓉 ℐ 𝓌𝒶𝓃𝓉 𝒮𝒾𝓇...
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spicyswordlady · a day ago
Tumblr media
Have some sweet Southern Water Tribe Zutara cuddling by the fire for the winter ❤️💙
Big thank you to @thesavagedaughter0627 for this amazing commission! I love my new header image🥰
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witchbinchstories · 15 hours ago
Too Hot to Handle
Pairing: Damien (Redacted ASMR) x Reader, Damien x Freelancer
Summary: You and Damien spend the night together after an attempted movie marathon.
Words: ~2k
Contains: Fluff, Damien and Freelancer both being little shits, spoiler-free
A/N: I hope you guys like this and I hope that Damien isn’t too ooc! Also I should definitely be working on requests rn, but I have had absolutely 0 motivation to write so I am SO SORRY. I’m trying to work on those haha. But please enjoy this for now! I just started listening to Redacted and his characters are the only things bringing me creativity atm.
As the credits to the movie begin to roll across the screen, I pull away from the warmth next to me and yawn as I stretch out my arms and legs.
“I’m beginning to think that our idea for a movie marathon isn’t going to work out…” I say, laughing quietly to myself. I look over to my right to see Damien’s head hanging at an uncomfortable looking angle, and his chest rising and falling at a steady rate. I let out another huff of laughter. “He fell asleep…” I whisper under my breath.
I lean back into the spot I was previously occupying by his side and lightly jostle his shoulder to attempt to wake him up.
“Damien…” my voice comes out sing-songy but still quiet. I don’t particularly want to put a fire elemental on high-alert trying to wake them up. Especially not Damien… “Damien. Wake up.”
I let out an exasperated sigh as he continues to stay in his slumber, but there’s still an amused smile on my face. I decide I’ll have to take slightly more drastic measures, and opt for lightly slapping his face to wake him up.
“Damien!” I finally use my normal speaking level of loudness, and he finally jerks awake.
“What? Huh, Freelancer? Wh- wha’s hap…” his sentence his interrupted by a yawn, “happening?”
His sleepy state causes a laugh to bubble up in my throat again.
“You lost. You fell asleep before me.”
“That bet was never real…” he lightly pushes me away, but I can see a semblance of a smile on his face.
“Mmmm… I don’t know, it seemed like you were pretty into it before we started watching any movies… I think it’s definitely real, you owe me now,” I tease him, turning my body to face him so that I can wrap my arms around his neck and lean my head against his shoulder. His hands come to rest on the sides of my waist as the two of us lean back slightly against the couch. I feel the slightest bit of uptick in heat coming off of him.
“Nope. You’re not getting any of my money, you’re a cheater.”
“‘S that so?”
“Yes. You used magic to make me tired, or drugged me or something.” I feel the top of his head come to rest in the crook of my neck, his hair lightly tickling the skin there.
“Fine. I guess I’ll let it slide this one time, since you apparently can’t handle what you propose.”
“I can too, you just cheated!”
“I did not!” I lean back, hands coming to hold onto his shoulders, laughing. “Damien’s a sore loserrr!” I sing out. I can feel his skin heat up through the fabric of his shirt.
He lets out an annoyed groan. “Fine! Fine, what do I owe you, Freelancer?”
“Hmm…” I tap my chin as I think of a punishment. “You have to make me breakfast in the morning.”
I see Damien’s eyes flick to the clock that’s sitting on the wall of my apartment, then come back to make eye contact with me, a sarcastic expression already present on his face.
“I’m not sure if you’re aware, Freelancer, but it already is the morning. It’s almost two am,” he says, voice dripping with sarcasm.
“You know what I mean, meanie,” I scold, standing up from the couch, one of my hands trailing down his arm as I do so to grasp his hand and tug lightly.
“I don’t know how many times I have to tell you, I am not mean.”
“Yes you are, come on.” I smile, tugging once again on his hand to pull him up to stand. “I need you to get some rest in preparation for the amazing breakfast you’re going to make in the morning.”
“Uughhhh…” Damien groans behind me, but I don’t even have to look back to know that he’s secretly smiling.
I make my way to my room, which is not that far a walk from the couch in the living room considering the size of my apartment, Damien trailing behind me, still lightly holding my hand.
“You know, you left the TV on,” he says, his voice returning to a quieter, softer tone, tiredness seeping back in.
I reach out with my mind, envisioning the button on the remote to the TV being pushed down and focusing a bit of my energy on the action, and I hear the TV click off as we reach the door to my room. “Did you really just use telekinesis to shut the TV off instead of walking five feet to use the remote?” Damien asks, giving me a look when I turn to face him and walk backwards through my door.
“I thought you’d appreciate that I’m getting practice, Damien.”
“I don’t think that was for practice, I just think you’re lazy, Freelancer.”
I grin at him and shrug, finally letting go of his hand to flick on the ceiling fan before throwing myself onto my bed, letting out a content sigh at the feeling of the mattress and soft blankets beneath me. I feel Damien move the covers and slide under them beside me, so I take a deep breath to prepare myself for the effort of forcing myself up to do the same.
Once under the covers, I scooch closer to Damien, resting my head next to the crook of his neck, and my hand coming to rest by the collar of his t-shirt. I feel the air around him heat up.
“Is this okay?” I ask, angling my head to look up at him, to look him in the eyes. The room gets hotter.
He clears his throat. “Yeah, yeah… it’s fine,” he says, giving me a small smile. With that answer, I return the smile and readjust my head to a more comfortable position. I close my eyes and begin to let myself drift off to sleep when I feel Damien shift beside me.
“I need to readjust,” he says, an awkward laugh following.
I nod and sit up, yawning once again. He moves his arm on the side I had been resting against and motions for me to lay back down, and I gladly oblige, returning to my previous position beside him.
I close my eyes once again and expect to fall asleep rather quickly, but after a few minutes of laying next to Damien, I start feeling overheated. Usually my layers and layers of blankets are perfect for winter nights since I have a shitty heater in a shitty apartment with slim to none insulation, but when you have a fire elemental that’s seemingly flustered by physical contact creating your own personal heater underneath all of your blankets with you, then it starts to get a little too much.
I sit up the slightest bit so that I can gently move some of the blankets off of me, trying not to disturb Damien in the process, but I feel him heat up even more and start to pull away from me.
“Sorry… I know I’m making it a lot warmer in here, I’ll try to keep most of it inside my body,” he says. I quickly turn around to face him after uncovering enough of myself to feel comfortable.
“No! Damien, don’t apologize and don’t… do that,” I reply. He slowly lays back down and I lean my torso over him a bit to be able to look down at his face. “I don’t mind the heat, really.”
“But—” he starts. I place a hand in the center of his chest to stop whatever he’s going to say.
“Damien. It’s fine. This is just your body and your magic functioning, if that bothers someone, they can fuck off. It’s already kind of fucked that you have to use energy to keep a normal bodily function for you from happening while you work out just to make sure other people are comfortable around you. I genuinely do not mind. Sure, you made it a little warm in here, but if I just take off some of the covers, like I just did, then…”
I pause to allow myself to lay on top of Damien and wrap my arms under his neck before resting my head down onto his chest, then continue, “if I just cuddle up to you like this… then it’s the perfect temperature to combat the freezing temperatures of the rest of my apartment.”
I can feel the heat radiating off of Damien start to become slightly more intense, but he pulls it back the slightest bit.
“I— shit, Freelancer, you can’t just say that,” his chest vibrates as he lets out some quiet laughter that I join in on. He brings his hands up to cover his face. “You’re just making me more flustered.”
I loosen my grip around his neck to be able to lean back and look him in the eyes, a wicked smirk appearing on my face.
“Look, it’s not my fault that you’re…” I pretend to lick my finger, then press it to the bare skin on his arm while making a sizzling noise, “too hot to handle.”
He lightly shoves my hand away, laughing more now. “Shut up.”
I’m certain his face would be very flushed at this point if I could see it better through the darkness, but I can’t, so I have to settle for feeling the heat rolling off of him as confirmation that my teasing is working.
“You’re just doing this on purpose now,” he says as I return my arm underneath his neck.
“I gotta find some way to get around my terrible heating bills,” I laugh.
We return to a comfortable silence as I rest on top of Damien and I feel his muscles relax and him start to feel comfortable beneath me. I think that that’s going to be it and we’re going to drift off to sleep now, but he speaks up once more.
“Thank you, Freelancer…” he says, voice low and gentle, making my face heat up the slightest bit. “Thank you for accepting me as I am, and… being such a good friend.”
“You’re welcome, Damien. Thanks for caring about me.” A yawn escapes me as he wraps his arms around me and I somehow relax further into him. “Now go to sleep so you can make me food in the morning.”
“It’s…” he yawns, “already morning…”
“So you’ve mentioned, smartass…” I retort, but he’s already asleep. I smile to myself, and with the comforting warmth of his body, I quickly join him in a comfortable sleep.
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marvel--fluff · a day ago
Stay away
Tumblr media
Request: Mama Wanda protecting her little s/o from someone judgmentally harnessing them at the park?
a/n: I think they meant harassing instead of harnessing but I could be wrong, but I did write it on harassing.
Little!Reader x Mama!Wanda
Summary: Wanda is going into full protective mode on you after some people start to harass you
Warnings: Judgmental harassment, swearing, Wanda in protective mode, all I could think of
Earlier today your mama took you to the park. You were having lots of fun seeing the ducks by the pond and going back and forth from the slide to the swings.
Everything was completely fine no one walked by and thought it was weird you were doing so. Well except until a bunch of middle aged men came and sat at the picnic table closest to where your playing at the moment. At first by hearing them bickering, laughing and pointing at you was fine. Mostly cause you thought they were pointing at something in front of you but you've come to the realization with your age regressed mind that in fact they are laughing at you.
After you heard them say things like 'why the fuck is there a fully grown adult playing on the playground' and 'Well shit I would be sorry for anyone who knows her'. You looked over to see if your mama heard anything but she was too far away and was reading a book. Your eyes started to water not wanting to full on cry because you didn't want those men to see. Your too scared to get up and go to your mama so you just stayed trying to ignore the men.
A couple minutes later Wanda came closer to you realizing she was a bit far away from her baby. Moments after she saw you sniffling but at first she just thought it was because you were a little too close to some dust/dirt from the ground. She soon heard the thing that made her way too angry for her liking, that was 'I bet that pathetic bitch just wants attention by playing on the playground meant for kids'. Wanda stood up and walked up to the men that were now laughing at the comment. "Excuse me what the fuck did you just say" her eyes starting to glow red. You noticed this and went to where your Mama was sitting just a few seconds ago, not wanting to be too close.
"I swear to fucking God if you say anything like that about her again I will rip your guys's heads off" she said while making tiny red wavy flows of her magic for them to see and to prove a point. They all stuttered 'yes' 'yeah' and "yes mam' then ran away terrified of your mama.
She then came over and picked you up placing you on her hip. She cradled your head in one of her hands against her shoulder. "Baby, why didn't you come to mama and tell me about them?" She asked you soothingly. "Me don't wan look tupid" you mumbled but she still heard. "Oh sweetie you wouldn't have looked stupid, not in the slightest" she said and kissed the top of your head.
"How about we go home and watch Disney movies for the rest of the day, for dinner we can order pizza" you nodded and smiled at the mention of disney and pizza together.
Once you two were home Wanda set you down on the couch since she carried you in. Now after a couple minutes your mama came back in with three blankets for the both of you to snuggle into. So by the end of the day you almost instantly forgot about the incident that happened at the park, now focused on watching Tangled.
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dapandapod · 7 days ago
Kissing is hard when you are smiling, Geralt finds. And he can’t stop fucking smiling, as Jaskier peppers his chin, cheek and nose with small kisses, hands cupping his jaw to turn him this way and that.
Geralt want to kiss Jaskier too, but he can’t seem to pucker his lips, can’t seem to do anything but smile and wrinkle his nose and hold him close.
Jaskier pauses and looks down on him, his hair escaping from behind his ear, infinitely fond.
“This is the part where you kiss me back.” he whispers, leaning down and dragging his lips softly over Geralt’s.
And Geralt can’t stop fucking smiling. But he leans upwards, pressing his smile into Jaskier’s waiting lips. It’s still Jaskier kissing him, but it counts.
“I hate you.” Jaskier whispers, chuckling. “For once, you let me see that beautiful smile, and instead you won’t kiss me.”  
“No you don’t.” Geralt whispers back, giving up on kissing to nibble lightly where he can reach, which happens to be Jaskier’s chin. “You love me.”
“I do.” Jaskier agrees, and again, Geralt feels his smile widen, his heart aching, and his grip tightening around Jaskier.
“I love you too.” He mumbles to the underside of Jaskier’s jaw, happier than he’s ever been in his entire life.
“I love you too.”
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