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kemvee · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Here have some more experimental Cullen art! I'm enjoying reworking my style, hopefully I can settle on something I'm proud of (this is definitely heading in the right direction)
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polycythemiav · a month ago
DA Characters but as gifs I have saved on my phone: a masterpost
Here I’ll be compiling all the links to my Dragon Age characters as gifs shitpost series, since--depending on which version of a post is reblogged--people may not have seen them all!
Dragon Age Origins:
Tumblr media
Leliana [1] [2] Alistair [1] [2]  Morrigan [1] [2]  Wynne [1]  Shale [1] [2]  Zevran [1] [2]  Oghren [1]  Sten [1]
Dragon Age 2:
Tumblr media
Isabela [1] [2] Aveline [1] Garrett Hawke [1] [2] Marian Hawke [1] Fenris [1] [2] Varric [1] Anders [1] Merrill [1] [2]
Dragon Age Inquisition:
Tumblr media
Solas [1] [2]  Cole [1]  Sera [1] [2]  Blackwall [1]  Vivienne [1] [2]  Dorian [1] [2]  Cassandra [1] [2] Iron Bull [1] [2] Josephine [1]  Cullen [1] 
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passionandsorrow · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Male romance guide for DA
Click here for female version
If you don't think Solas is a daddy, check this out:
Solas: You train to flick a dagger or an arrow to its target. The grace with which you move is a pleasing side benefit.
Lavellan: So you’re suggesting I’m graceful?
Solas: No. I am declaring it. It was not a subject for debate
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mrs-sakamata · 2 months ago
The Volturi Kings Sleep Headcanons
Movie Volturi Kings x Human Reader Headcanons
I thought of this while trying to sleep a mouth ago so here you go enjoy.
Warnings: None
Contains: FLUFF, Cuddles
Tumblr media
[Gif not Mine]
-He'd tell you its time for bed or ask you, isn't it time to sleep if you're up too late. If you don't want to go to sleep yet, he'll keep insisting that it’s bad to stay up. -You're the only human he cares about, so its hard for him to see you struggling to stay up, to finish working on something. He'll tell you to finish in the morning. -To what you two wear to bed, he'll make sure you're in a comfortable wear of your choice, preferably warm as he is an icicl. As for him, you convinced him to wear a pair of sweatpants along with a thin shirt. -As soon you, too get into bed, he'll wrap his arms around you, spooning or you cuddling into his chest he doesn’t mind as long you're in his arms or snuggled up with him. -He'll read your mind as you fall asleep or while you dream with, of course, your permission before you get into bed, but if your dreams get to personal, he'll stop and snuggle you closer to him. Nightmares are the worst for him he wakes you up to see if you're okay more cuddling and kisses seem to help both of you. -When morning starts to come, he feels sadness, as he won't get to have this for much longer, but later on he reminds himself that every night, he'll get to enjoy this time and time again. -As much as he wants you to be a vampire, that want dwindles as he realizes that this is the part of you that he enjoys the most, but the thought of you getting old and dying makes him bring back the want for you're change, but not today he wants to enjoy the time he has with you before that time has to comes.
-You'll have to convince him to stay with you in bed as you sleep it might take awhile to convince him, but hell, get annoyed so finally agree but not without complaining. -When he does get into the room with you, its late at night. You tell him to change into something comfortable he asks you why, you tell him he might be staying with you for more than eight hours: He sighs, but the questions die down a bit after that. -When he lays down with you, you can tell its been a long time, he stiff laying in a bed but you cuddle up to his chest. He doesn’t really know how to show love so when he sees you enjoy cuddling up to his chest or when he has he arm around you, he feels happy and tingly inside his heart now he'e thinking of calling Carlisle to see if something is wrong with him, but his thoughts are sifted as he hears your soft snoring. -He analysts your face, the way you're snuggled up on his chest, sleeping so softly. He softens and cuddles into you, taking in your scent, realizing he really loves the warm in-brace his human needs, he feels bad that he's cold to the touch and can't give you warmth during these cold nights. -Now every time you go to bed with him, he puts warm clothes on along with an extra blanket. You say nothing, knowing he'll deny everything and get embarrassed, as much as he gives his little huffs, he loves watching you snuggle up and fall asleep in his embrace. He thinks humans aren’t so bad but he stops himself no, no, just his human.
-He'd be happy, excited even its been very long time since he’s cuddled someone so close to him: He'd be wiggling in his chair, wanting it to be night already, just to hold you. As soon as they wrap up the last trial for the day, he runs to the chamber you share. -He doesn’t really have clothes that would be considered comfortable, but you found some clothes of yours that would fit him, just a big loose shirt and some baggy sweatpants. He is okay with the look, not really care about the clothing, just wants to be next to the person he loves. -He'd be in bed first while you're finishing up the bathroom: He made the bed comfortable by his standards, which was okay, some expensive blankets here and some that look like one from your home, but you don't question it to much. -The CUDDLES OMG [sorry] He warmer then the others, which is strange because he's the oldest, he cuddles you like a teddy bear, but now you're starting to think he might actually be one. This man will sing you to sleep, tell you stories about anything you want, just to help you fall asleep. -Even if you fall asleep during one of his stories or songs he'll keep going on so you can hear him in your dreams sometimes you do but he knows, when his stories or songs end he starts to talk to you in a soft voice saying how he felt when you first met or how much he loves you, how the little things you do light up his world. He wishes you could be human forever with him, so he could have these moments for eternity.
[I made this one]
Tumblr media
-It would start by you creeping into his office at midnight, he'd be confused why you're up so late, till you tell him that you need someone to sleep with and who better of a person than your partner Carlisle. He'd agree to give you some company in bed while you sleep. -He changes into what he thinks would be comfortable for you to snuggle up to, not to cold and not to warm, he thought just a loose shirt with some light pajama pants. -When he sees you already snuggled up in the blankets already, with just your head peeking out and a nice spot in the bed next to you, just for him, he smiles, as soon as he lays down, you cover him with blankets. In return, he puts you in his chest and gets your pillow comfortable for you, fixing the mountain of blankets on the both of you. -To help you fall asleep, he tells you stories about his past, the fun things that he got to see throughout the years. Telling you about his favorite moments some funny stories, in the middle of one of his stories, he hears your heart slow, along with your breathing then your snores. He smiles, knowing that you'll finally get to rest after a long night of old stories and cuddles.
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froschkuss · a month ago
Tumblr media
A fast sketch of our favorite commander :)
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euovennia · 2 months ago
traitor - edward cullen
A/N: back at it again with the angst. sorry lol
pairing: edward cullen x GN!reader
word count: 1,900
part two: long story short
Tumblr media
Brown guilty eyes and little white lies
Yeah, I played dumb but I always knew
That you'd talk to her, maybe did even worse
I kept quiet so I could keep you
You weren't quite sure when it had initially began. It being the not so subtle disconnect that had slowly started to manifest its way into your relationship. The lack of eye contact, the way his shoulders tensed up whenever your skin grazed over his, or how his mind always seemed to be present everywhere but the fleeting moments of alone time you two had managed to get.
While the sudden changes in Edward's character had been slightly worrying, you felt as though there hadn't been much reason to panic. Despite being hundreds of years old, Edward was the king of angst at his best and a complete drama queen at his worst so his mood swings was simply just a part you had to deal with when you first agreed to enter into a relationship with him.
And yet, something still felt off.
This sudden change in the behavior of Edward Cullen wasn't akin to that of his usual behaviors. This felt more uncertain.
You'd contemplated asking Alice for advice knowing Edward wouldn't be so keen to talk about the new fascination he had for the floor whenever you were around. Eventually however, you decided on keeping your worries to yourself. After all, what's the worst that could happen?
Bella Swan apparently.
Ever since her presence had graced the hallways of Forks High School, it was as if Edward had lost all motivation to keep the relationship between the two of you ongoing. Despite the ever-growing disappearance of your boyfriend from your life, he was more than happy to talk your ear off about the mysterious new girl who had somehow managed to pique the interest of not only himself, but his family as well.
While happy that Edward had seemed to finally find a reason to come out of his shell once more, it was a bit devastating to see him fawning so freely over a girl he barely even knew. Even more so due to the fact that Edward was quite literally your boyfriend.
It seemed he knew your feelings judging off the the tense stature he held whenever he brought up the topic of her to you. When he one day confronted you about your doubts, you simply waved him off stating everything was fine. Satisfied with your answer, he gave you a delicate peck on your cheek before he was running toward a lone Bella.
But even so, you couldn't miss the glint of guilt that shone in Bella's eyes as she looked toward you once he approached her and threw an arm around her shoulders.
And ain't it funny
How you ran to her
The second that we called it quits?
And ain't it funny
How you said you were friends
Now it sure as hell don't look like it
You were no fool. You knew this day would come. After all, your once picture perfect relationship with Edward had seemed to come to a crumbling mess once placed under the immense pressure of the time bomb otherwise known as Bella Swan; the new girl who had somehow managed to unknowingly have some of the most notable boys in the school wrapped around her finger.
This group of boys also included your once devoted boyfriend Edward. Though maybe devoted wasn't the right word, not anymore at least.
"I'm sorry."
You let out a bitter chuckle as you looked up at Edward, "Sorry for what exactly? Sorry for keeping me as a back up choice until your real mate came along or sorry for making me look like an idiot?"
Edward visibly cringed at your words. Despite his actions, he'd never meant to hurt you. It seemed it was too late for that though.
"I didn't mean for things to pan out like this, I promise. If I could go back and change everything, I would but I can't. I really am sorry."
"Sure you are, Edward. Thanks for wasting my time. See you around." With a huff, you turned around and began walking away from your now ex-boyfriend as you willed yourself to blink away the tears that began to blur your vision.
It seemed as though the break up had changed something in Edward. Not only did he seem more upbeat, he was also more inviting to his fellow peers and even went as far as to send a hesitant smile to those who crossed paths with him.
While this sudden change after your departure from his life was enough to sting, his ever growing interest in Bella was the cherry on top. Not only did they have a habit of disappearing from the cafeteria, it was also well known that they had began to hang out after school; a fact you had come to learn from Jessica Stanley after she had spilled to you that Bella and Edward had dinner together at a candle lit restaurant in Port Angeles.
As if this new revelation wasn't bad enough, the events to come within the next few days certainly were.
"Oh my god."
At the sound of Angela's voice, you looked up and followed where her eyes were trained only to regret ever doing so.
There sat Bella in the passenger seat of Edward's car. You watched on helplessly as he opened the door for her with a smile on his face.
It had felt as though time itself had slowed down, almost as if the universe wanted you to bask in the pain and heartbreak that came from seeing your former lover with another girl. Eyes still trained on the new couple, you felt your heart clench as they shared a few words before he put his arm around her shoulders, bringing her closer to him. Gulping, you only brought your jacket closer to your body as you tried to avoid the sympathetic gazes your friend group had began to give you.
You betrayed me
And I know that you'll never feel sorry
For the way I hurt, yeah
You'd talk to her
When we were together
Loved you at your worst
But that didn't matter
It took you two weeks
To go off and date her
Guess you didn't cheat
But you're still a traitor
You thought the prospect of Bella and Edward being a couple would slowly begin to
sink into your mind and become more normalized in your world, but it hadn't. If anything, it had only begun to hurt more. The love and devotion he once had for you was now transferred to Bella without a second thought and it only took a mere two weeks. By this point you were sure if you hadn't been sulking around so much, he surely would've gotten together with her much sooner.
It was another typical gloomy day in Forks. You'd gotten off from school over three hours ago but were just now getting home due to the fact you were tutoring Mike Newton. You stepped out of your car and slung your book bag onto your shoulders before closing and locking the door. You then began making your way to your front door only to come to a sudden halt as you saw a familiar figure standing outside your doorstep.
Resisting the temptation to hop back into your car and drive away, you timidly made your way toward him, stopping a few steps away from him as you spoke.
"What are you doing here?"
He turned around to face you, a box in his hands coming into your view as he did so.
"You left some of your stuff at my house, I wanted to drop them off."
"Should've just burned them," You muttered as you crossed your arms.
"Look, I just came to drop these off. I don't need to fight with you."
"Seems like you don't need much from me these days."
He let out a deep sigh of frustration before setting the box onto the concrete beneath his feet.
"You can't be mad at me. It's not like Bella being my mate was my choice-"
"But being with me was a choice. You knew I wasn't your mate yet you still went after me."
"I didn't expect this happen-"
"Not even with Alice there?"
He fell silent at that.
"You're fucking unbelievable," You muttered as you began to push past him.
With your back turned toward him, you didn't see his eyes widen in panic as he felt a surge of guilt build up in him as he quickly scanned through the thoughts in your mind.
His hand grasped onto your forearm, "I'm sorry," He breathed.
Your movements to hide away from him ceased as his grip on your arm loosened ever so slightly, "You didn't deserve what I did to you. No one does. I just...I need her."
At his last admission, a familiar ump in your throat began to grow. You slowly wormed your arm away from his grasp as you turned to look him in the eye, "I've seen the way you act now. You're not sorry. You're fucking ecstatic. You can say 'sorry' all you want, but we both know that ever since you knew about her this is exactly what you wanted. It didn't matter what I did or didn't do because this would've happened either way. I don't need your pity. You made your choice, now leave me alone."
With your heart heavy and vision cloudy with tears, you quickly picked up the box from the concrete floor and rushed into the house before slamming the door shut. You dropped the box onto the floor to be forgotten and ignored the calls of your family from the living room as you rushed upstairs toward you room. You crashed onto the bed as the door shut behind you, shoving your face into the pillow in a desperate attempt to hide the tears that flowed down your cheeks.
Now you bring her around
Just to shut me down
Show her off like she's a new trophy
And I know if you were true
There's no damn way that you
Could fall in love with somebody that quickly
As the days passed, it seemed that the relationship between Bella and Edward only got sweeter while your mood became increasingly sour. The intense eye contact, the way he seemed to melt into her touch, and how he always seemed to be waiting for the next syllable to fall from her lips. The special treatment he once so graciously provided to you was now exclusively reserved for Bella. Ever since that day he'd showed up unannounced on your doorstep he hadn't even bothered to look your way. Maybe it was because of the jealous and hateful thoughts you couldn't stop yourself from thinking, maybe it was because he didn't care. Maybe it was both.
Looking up from your lunch tray, your eyes made their way to the Cullen table where Bella had taken the seat you once occupied next to Edward. You watched as he leaned up to her ear to whisper something causing a fire to ignite on her porcelain skin.
No, he definitely didn't care.
God, I wish that you had thought this through
Before I went and fell in love with you
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kemvee · 3 months ago
How to survive the Winter Palace - A guide for Fereldans
Option 1 - The Lumiere.
Simply grab the largest and most opulent candlestick you can and stand very, very still.
Tumblr media
Option 2 - The Invisible Man
Find a long curtain then vanish
Tumblr media
Option 3 - The Lovers (advanced technique)
Orlesians won't interrupt romance. Simply find a corner, turn around and wrap your arms around yourself. If anyone gets too close give a little moan or kissy noise.
Tumblr media
Option 4 - If you can't beat them...
Find a ridiculous mask, posture as if you are a peacock and boast loudly about the price of good silk but how it's worth paying the extra for quality. Hiding in plain sight.
Tumblr media
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ignis-fatuus-art · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey guys! I can't post new artworks as often as I wish, cos I'm trying not to die at work. Feels really tired of all that shit. So I needed to draw something nice and warm to feel better. Hope you'll enjoy it too!
You can help me to survive with cup of coffee - Thank you for your support, it's really helping!
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twilightyeehaw · 3 days ago
Is it just me or is anyone else mad that none of the vampires in Twilight besides Jasper have had any vampire exes/past lovers? Wouldn’t there just be so much more angst and drama if like one day Carlisle’s Volturi lover showed up?
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notebooks-and-laptops · 28 days ago
My amazingly wonderful bi girlfriend rates the dragon age bois she knows nothing about for our amusement:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(No idea what quality tumblr will spit these out at so click for better quality if needed)
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lexxxishit · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
the vampirefication of Bella Swan
my art ig is @/oimedesenha, pls don’t save and repost, just share from the original post ❤️
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