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#cullen clan

Twilight mood boards! Since Bella and Edward have fruits on their book covers I thought the other cullens should too.

Bella~ apple: lust, temptation, knowledge

Edward~ pomegranate: imprisonment, marriage, immortality

Jasper~ peach: peace, vulnerability, loyalty

Alice~ cherries: sweetness, harmony, friendship

Rosalie~ strawberries: righteousness, virtue, purity

Emmett~ grapes: debauchery, luck, salvation

Carlisle~ lemon: health, cleanliness, unity

Esme~ pear: separation, affection, comfort

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I always seem to forget that Kristen Stewart and my older sister share a birthday. Three years apart though.

Fun Fact: my older sister is the one who got me into Twilight so many years ago and we’d go to the late night showings together and everything. That’s the first series we bonded over. I know that if she were still here today she’d be just as excited about the announcement coming on Monday as the rest of the fandom.

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And I have never watched the Twilight movies before, (I know, don’t @ me, they came out when I was 8 and 12) and I’ve only read the first two books (out of order) only because I couldn’t get a hold of the last two and by that point, I just gave up.

But I’ve got a lot of free time now, and with the whole Twilight Renasance thing going on, I’ve learnt a lot more about it.

And the full Twilight series is on Netflix right now.

So basically what I’m saying is who would be willing to endure me watching the series for the first time as a 19 y/o writing major and shit posting a live read of it? If that makes sense? IDK, It’s gonna happen, but is it worth posting my live comments???

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It’s dumb AU time folks

In the wild, predators don’t go for the prime of the pack. They go for the sick, the weak—the easiest ones to capture. Vampires aren’t any different. Why would they go for the ones who live safe lives and risk exposing themselves when people wonder about the how and why? Isn’t it so much easier to repel everyone except those that seek out danger? After all, people ask less questions when the reckless die.

So imagine this: Twilight vampires that set off alarm bells in your brain.

Gorgeous examples of the human form but no matter how aesthetically pleasing you find them a primal part of your brain will always be screaming “DANGER DANGER”. Humans avoid them, their survival instinct creating a deep sense of unease in the face of predators. The Cullens…their names are the mouths of everyone but their eyes never met. Looking at them you can’t imagine why, but a deep sense of wrongness eases its way down your spine.

Now imagine this: adrenaline junkie Bella Swan with broken survival instincts, always on the lookout for her next danger high.

The recklessness shown in New Moon is just how she is. Motorcycles, skydiving, cliff-jumping. The girl craves danger. She walks into Forks high school and her eyes lock onto the Cullens, but she doesn’t understand why. Everybody tells her she should avoid that family but she doesn’t understand why they say that. She doesn’t understand what they feel that she doesn’t.

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Favorite group?

You should be able to tell this from the title of my blog


My favorite group is the Cullens! I love the vampire family dynamic. Film-wise I would love it if they were more diverse it would show the found family dynamic better (Alice as Asian, Jasper as Black, Carlisle as Indian, etc.) But I do like the cast in the saga and like how they carry those close relationships to today!

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“Sit still!” 

“But it’s so boring, to just sit still!” You whined, trying to turn your head to look at your mate. Alice’s golden eyes were narrowed in annoyance, her full lips pursed. She gave another tug on your hair, raising an eyebrow. You pouted at her, your own golden eyes wide and pleading. “Babe, I’m booored!” You fidgeted in your seat to emphasize how bored you were, how unsettled you were from just sitting around, doing nothing while your hair was being braided. 

Alice rolled her eyes, tugging harder on your hair. You raised an eyebrow at her, your eyes darkening a shade as you purred, “Wouldn’t you rather be pulling on my hair in a different context, my love?” Alice’s butterscotch eyes darkened a few shades, and she nibbled her bottom lip, shifting in her seat. Your purr rose in sound as she winded her tiny fingers into your hair, pulling you in for a hard kiss. 

Your tongue danced with hers, a dance that you’d been practicing for centuries. Your mouth separated from hers, and a discontented growl rose in your throat. Your eyes were pitch black with lust. Alice reappeared, climbing onto your lap. Her porcelain face was set in an expression of smugness, her pretty lips curled up into a smirk. Her dark eyes focused on your face. You let out a soft growl, leaning in to kiss her, but she dodged you, her smirk widening. A whine built up in your throat, and you widened your eyes at her, your lower lip trembling, the picture perfect definition of puppy dog eyes. 

Alice tutted at you, swinging her legs playfully. Even in heels, Alice still fell several inches shorter than you. She was quite literally, a pixie. Her spiky black hair framed a flawless snow white face. Pouty pink lips, big gold eyes framed by long, inky black lashes. Delicate, perfectly shaped eyebrows. Her tiny body was lithe, graceful. While she was tiny, her assets were perfectly suited to her, from her small but perky breasts, to her round, firm ass. She was perfect, in every sense of the word. Your dark eyes lightened back to their original gold. You swore that your undead heart fluttered in your chest. Your eyes locked onto your mate’s face, and a soft smile spread across your own face. 

If Alice could have blushed underneath your scrutiny, she would have. “Let me finish braiding your hair,” She finally spoke, her wind-chime voice soft and sweet. “And then we can have some fun.” Her soft smile turned into a wicked smirk as she fluttered those long eyelashes at you. You sighed, pulling her closer to you and inhaling her scent. She smelled just as sweet as she was. It was a light, delicate scent of butterscotch. “Promise?” You asked, tilting your head at her. 

Her grin sharpened, and you felt your eyes darkening once more, a soft purr building in your chest at her expression. “I promise, I’ll make it worth your time.” Alice’s voice was husky, seductive. You ran your fingers through her spiked hair, then gripped it, pulling her into another heated kiss. When you pulled back, you smirked at her dark, frustrated eyes. “You always do, you pixie.”

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twilight canon

  • esme is jewish
  • emmett is black
  • jasper is mexican american and was Forced to fight for the confederacy
  • when he met maria he was escaping to the union
  • carlisle is a dumb bottom change my mind
  • alice?? a literal faerie
  • PTSD bella is explored more, she doesn’t get better immediately after eggie boy comes back
  • eggie boy is not as Stupid and actually has some Common Sense
  • rosalie? perfect.
  • we get to see emmett and rosalie bonding jfc
  • riley? saved by the cullens. stfu. he was just used and manipulated and he deserved to Live
  • bree tanner? safe. lived with the cullens for a while, learning how to control her thirst.
  • she started an underground railroad for abused teens, you can’t change my mind
  • leah? deserves better. she finds a lovely wife
  • imprinting isn’t romantic at all
  • actually it doesn’t exist
  • leah isn’t broken or invalid because of being a female shifter. her uterus works just fine smeyer
  • jacob? never demonized. doesn’t assault bella because his character would never do that.
  • he doesn’t pine after bella after she tells him she isn’t interested in him like that
  • bree and seth are besties
  • shifters don’t age until they like,,,want to canonically, so seth and bree fall in love over a Long while because trust issues
  • but seth makes her happy
  • they travel the country together, protecting teens and runaways
  • victoria? her mate was never james she was also manipulated
  • cullens adopt her too
  • victoria is leahs wife change my mind
  • rosalie and emmett adopt a human baby and raise them to be loving and true
  • rosalie gets to be the mom she always wanted to be
  • emily was never mauled by her fiancé
  • sam didn’t dump leah for emily
  • sam and leah were just friends
  • cause boys and girls can be friends smeyer, no need for weird love triangles
  • emily just doesn’t like sam
  • he respects that and Doesn’t maul her
  • charlie knows about the supernatural
  • charlie carlisle and billy all go fishing together
  • shifters don’t shift when angry. they shift sporadically in the beginning but once trained, they shift at will
  • the pack don’t all have cropped hair because that doesn’t even make sense???
  • they just like have their hair braided or something when in human form and bAM braided fur. or better yet. their human forms don’t change their wolf ones. i mean if hair really matters then jacob as a wolf would be brown like his Brown hair not russet coloured
  • anyways there are no straight/cis vampires, everyone is LGBT+ and smeyer never wrote the demon child
  • add more if you want
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Author’s note: I know I’ve been gone for almost two months or so but I’ve literally had to move my entire life across the world to another continent I’d never stepped foot on until now. To celebrate breaking my leave of absence, here’s an extended first chapter of the Twilight universe fic I mentioned earlier. I began writing this three or four years ago and I haven’t changed any of the content so I’m not completely happy with the style but I have a lot of plans for this story and can’t wait to develop it into what is possibly a collection of fanfics.

Basically, this story takes place in the Twilight universe pre-Bella moving to Forks (though that will come up very soon) when a newborn vampire named Maggie who is a young teenager stumbles across the Cullen Clan. There’s nothing romantic or sexual in the plot (yet, hehe but I’ve been waiting for YEARS to set this character up with one of the Denali girls) and it’s more focused on the family bonding esp. the mother-daughter relationship between the main character and Esme. 

Oh, also, new Nat fic coming out soon. 


Two things ran through Maggie’s mind when she came across the house in the woods. Number one: She was scared that she would catch someone’s scent and so she planned to turn around and run. Number two: She couldn’t stop wondering what kind of job the owner of the house had. Were they an heir to a family company? A part of the mafia? Lottery winner? But the longer she stayed to admire the architecture of the serene, modern home with the perfect location in the middle of the woods, she began to realize that its residents weren’t exactly normal people.

She flinched when her eyes landed on what could only be human hair. Her body automatically engaged itself to pounce although in her mind she begged that she’d have the strength to pull away and send herself running in the opposite direction. However, she found that she didn’t need to. Even though she had recently obtained perfect sight, she rubbed her eyes as if she were in a trance before taking another look at the woman inside the house. She had the most beautiful and voluptuous brunette curls that framed her kind face so well and a soft smile that seemed to soothe Maggie’s nerves even while she was scrambling to figure out what was going on.

The problem was that there was no smell. There was absolutely no scent of blood.

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Imagine if the Cullens had a podcast. Like they say fuck it and tell the world they’re vamps and each podcast is them telling stories with different themes or different family members.

Ep #1: How Each Member Joined the Fam

Ep #2: Pros and Cons of being a Vampire/Common misconceptions

Ep #3: How to Cope With Your Emo Son and His Angst ft. Esme and Carlisle

Ep #4: What to do When Your Daughter Starts Dating a Vampire ft. Chief Charlie Swan

Ep #5: How to Outrun the Volturi hosted by Emmett and Jasper.

Ep #6: What it’s Like to Be a Hybrid ft. Carlie (resume) and Nahuel.

The Volturi can’t do shit because the fandom is W I L D and would burn down Volterra if they killed the Cullens.

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  • Modernity makes being a newborn easier and harder
  • The vampiric instincts are harder to control, since humans are everywhere
  • Mistakes are also more severe, due to technology (security cameras, more thorough police investigations, etc)
  • The Cullen family would definitely move somewhere very isolated to help you with the first few years, which are the hardest
  • The bonus of modernity is that you can still feel connected to the world through TV and the internet
  • You can help Esme choose furniture online, and take part in Alice’s online shopping
  • In the first few weeks, you spend a lot of time with Rosalie and Jasper
  • Jasper helps you learn how to control your emotions
  • Rosalie is a good enough fighter to defend herself if you get out of control, and she accompanies you when you go hunting
  • Edward and Alice are often on the periphery, warning the others when you might get out of control
  • You don’t like Edward at all for the first few months
  • Esme is a very soothing influence on you after the first few hectic weeks
  • She helps you learn how to act more human and slow down your actions through painting and gardening
  • Carlisle is almost like a step-father
  • You know he means well, but his moral lectures rub you the wrong way sometimes
  • It takes a little while to open up and feel comfortable around him, especially since he seems so perfect
  • Emmett was never truly afraid of you, but after a few months he slowly shows you the fun side to your new life, teaching you all of the fun goofy stuff you can do like endlessly scuba dive and play star wars with trees (Esme scolds you two, but she is happy to see you having fun)
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