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excuse me, i’ve watched bd p2 a hundred times like everyone else and been lowkey sad that bella never got a jewelry piece of the family crest BUT BOOM. THERE IT FUCKING IS WHAT

when i think about it, the entire saga is so revolved around jewelry?? bella’s iconic jewerly in the first two and the family crests always and then jacob’s wolf bracelet he got bella and then edward adding the heart AND then the wedding ring and the volturi’s wedding gift necklace and…,, resume’s promise bracelet and probably other stuff that i’m forgetting. my point is we got a scene from basically all of this!!! and not bella being given the family crest wristcuff??!! wack

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No body is talking about this on here but Gregory Boyce or more commonly known as Tyler from the Twilight Saga was found dead with his girlfriend and I think we all should just take a moument to pay some respects to him and his family

Gregory Tyree Boyce: 1989 - 2020

May he rest in peace ❤

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okay but the cullens play animal crossing religiously and you can’t convince me otherwise

- esme spends hours decorating her house and blows through all the loans so she can get all of the rooms. she also 100% has the biggest garden

- alice spends most of her time on the game designing clothes and uploading them to the server. her whole house storage is filled with clothes from the able sisters

- emmett would refuse to play for a while but then secretly played on alice’s switch and got hooked. also he had to order new controllers like five times because he got way too into catching fish and smashed the buttons in

- bella and emmett go to each other’s islands solely for the purpose of hitting each other with their nets. one time emmett ran through her flowers and it started an actual fight in the house

- edward says the game is juvenile and then emmett catches him playing the game in the woods by himself

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Do you know the myth of Persephone? Hades, the god of the dead and the king of the underworld, falls in love with Persephone, a beautiful young girl. He takes her to the underworld to marry her. He offers her a freakin POMEGRANATE but everyone who eats food of the underworld is forced to stay there FOREVER sooo she becomes the goddess and the queen of the underworld. That freaking pomegrade wasn’t chosen randomly. I think it is amazingly perfect, it is such a prefect parallel. The reference is so strong guys I love it and I’m sure Stephanie Meyer thought about this while choosing that cover. Edward Cullen is the new Hades and Bella is the new Persephone. Prove me wrong guys

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now that twilight has become a thing again, I just wanna put out there how uncomfortable the Cullen family dynamic makes me.

as an adopted kid, who’s sister is also an adopted kid, I can very plainly tell one that, at the very least to me, any romantic/sexual relationship between adopted kids is incestual.

it just weirds me out so much that the characters who didn’t know the truth behind the Cullen “kids” relationships were just fine with it all. like “oh yeah, you guys are all adopted and dating each other, that makes sense.”

it just brings up this idea that adoption as a way to build a family, is still not making a “real” family.

idk. it just makes me uncomfy, but you know what, that’s fine. honestly, i now know more about what my opinions are, and I can move forward. just wanted to get this off my chest, and out into the world

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Who was your guy’s Twilight crush? Edward and Jacob are the obvious teams so let me know which team you were, but did you guys also like Jasper, or Carlisle, one of the other wolves etc? 

I was team Edward, but I liked Jasper too 

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Honestly charity shops are full of twilight books and one day they will be full of midnight sun.

I honestly couldn’t care about a new twilight book from Edwards point of view but teenage me would love to read one from Charlie’s.

That crap could be funny as hell. Him going to Billy and gossiping and throwing a shit fit about Edward. Also Charlie was one of the only good characters in the books/movies.

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ok but imagine, the cullens obviously lived through all these iconic decades and times and i can’t stop but thinking about it,

rosalie being this 50s highschool sweetheart wearing these gorgeous dresses and just being pretty while also fixing cars and geeking out over those iconic 50s convertibles

alice loving the 60s, looking like twiggy and spending a lot of time trying to recreate her make up looks and being a fashion icon, as always and using her visions to see what the trends are going to be

jasper helping vietnam veterans in the 70s when they came back because he knows how hard it is and helping them get back into ‘normal life’ with his powers

emmett being a HUGE hair rock fan in the eighties, having long hair/a mullet and spending days teasing it to get it as big as possible, wearing his mötley crüe shirts 24/7 (this kinda annoys rose but she also loves seeing him this happy) while blasting Dr. Feelgood which obviously drives Edward crazy, as he hates that kind of music

edward secretly really loving new wave, dressing kinda goth/punk listening to the smiths and the cure all day while smoking cigarettes and cursing his existence.

carlisle and esme being caring, loving parents as they have always been through the years, supporting anything their kids do. Even listening to emmett rambling about his favourite bands and maybe even join him when he’s going to a concert.


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