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#cults cw
fictionkinfessions · a day ago
re: kin cults, tbh I wish I’d seen that sort of thing years ago when I got roped into one. Don’t engage w it anymore, but holy shit the amount of Yikes some kin groups end up as is something we as a community really need to work on education for, especially because younger people having their first kin awakenings who are typically our most vulnerable.
Cult stuff in the kin community is a genuine problem and something we should start talking about more imho
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caledfwlch · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
this is not the exciting fun take you think it is and this really illustrates your absolute lack of knowledge on what cults really are and just how psychologically damaging being wrapped up in type of them can be
i cant even begin to like. breakdown how ignorant everything about this is but this is the exact kind of mindset that people in cults look for to indoctrinate you because you just dont fucking get it.
people in cults
1. arent your friends
2. just one guy at the top benefitting from your hardwork is a complete simplification of what exactly cult leaders and higher ups can abuse with the power they hold. in the ugliest case scenario its sexual assault, rape, and even fucking mass murder and suicide in some of the most well known public cases
this is shit that ruins peoples lives. it leaves lasting mental scars. it can fuck with your very perception of reality. you need to be aware of just how dangerous cults are and the seemingly harmless look that majority of cults adopt to the public eye is exactly what they want
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coyote-nebula · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Doodle of lil biddy five year old Damian al Ghul from chapter one of The Tamer, a heartwarming tale about chickens my fic about his childhood in the League and eventual adoption into the batfamily.
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hydrapaws · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
@roykkrake asked: #43 - REGRESSION
The remaining planets in the solar system orbit a dead star. The Church of the White Dwarf (CWD) is a large religious movement that popped up a few hundered years after the collapse, worshipping the sun and harvesting the discarded space dust left behind from after it had imploded. They teach “Peace, Love, and Pursuit of Knowledge.”
CWD has often come under fire for their drug use - made of the very space dust they covet. With training, members are able to connect their minds with pre-collapse technology, interfacing in order to unlock, subdue, and destroy it. They see the dust as being sent by God to aid them in the quest of ridding the star system of infected tech, and consider themselves God’s chosen children. Studies have been done but not released, looking into the consequences such substances have in the long term. The church has also been in it’s fair share of controversies with various lawsuits from ex members, accusations of child abuse, and criminal charges after refusing medical care involving technology (notably, implants) to it’s members.
CWD has recently undergone a boom in popularity thanks to their current leader integrating music and TV into their quest to spread their message. Critics have only gotten louder, with many detractors accusing the church of being a cult.
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titanfalling2 · 3 months ago
I feel like I remember seeing a post from you once about writing trauma and cults in particular but I cannot find it and am not sure if it was real. Can you point me to some good resources if I wanted to write a character with cult trauma? In my (inexperienced) eye you did really well with Danny and I can tell you put a ton of effort into doing your best with that
i don't thiiiink i made a post about it in specific (though with my memory it's anyone's game fkjdghkjfd), but i do briefly mention my own research in ch.6's end notes, so that might what you're thinking of. as a starter:
- remember that people in cults are just that: people. they aren't inherently stupid or gullible, and no one is too smart to end up in their shoes. many people in cults are very intelligent, which is dangerous in its own right. those people are able to eloquently justify the harm the cult causes. it's a very common factor as to why people stay in that environment for as long as they do -- this person is intelligent, meaning what they say must be accurate
- if a resource you find presents deprogramming as the only or best solution to getting people out, run.
- always check how current each source is. cults are something people have heavily misunderstood for a very long time -- just look at the public perception of them in 1970s america and you'll see what i mean. there's been a positive shift in how cults are perceived and dealt with since then, but it's unfortunately a very recent one
that shift is largely thanks to a man named steven hassan. not only is he the one who developed an alternative to deprogramming through what's called the strategic interactive approach, but he himself is a cult survivor. this is a topic that's deeply inappropriate to portray without reading survivors' accounts, and his own on top of all the work he does to spread awareness and challenge harmful mindsets -- that of the person in the cult, their loved ones, and in our culture as a whole -- make him a fantastic guide
he also founded the freedom of mind resource center. there's a ton of information on the website, and even applies that info itself through directly helping people escape and recover from cults. they know what they're talking about! here's a directory of things about what he calls undue influence (essentially, mind control), and here's another comparing deprogramming to the sia. the differences between them very much showcase the actual mindset of those involved, and what will actually be effective with no need for brute force
another helpful place to look is cult recovery 101 -- they also have a ridiculous number of articles and explanations of different aspects, very frequently written by survivors! i'm not as familiar with this one as i am hassan's work so i can't vouch for every single page, but the ones i did use were very useful
i'm super flattered that my own depictions come across well so tysm, and i hope this helps !!
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mallowstep · 20 days ago
Leafpool: I don't feel comfortable with letting you hold that knife
Jaypaw, holding a chef's knife: this is because I'm blind
Leafpool: this is because you are ten years old
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plural-culture-is · 2 months ago
Plural culture is being confused about your own past because some of you remember being sheltered so hard we weren't allowed to walk around the block without our big brother with us, while others remember life with the cult we were raised in, and others in the system remember being forced to go to church and being publicly embarrassed there because of having autistic meltdowns due to overstimulation at an age thought of to be "too old to have tantrums", and other parts remember... [the list keeps going and we don't know how much of it are actual memories, and how much are pseudo memories]
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perriwinklestars · a month ago
Hello. You do not need a movement or organization of like-minded people in order to believe in something or develop your ethical code. And you should be VERY suspicious of people who claim you do.
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candyredterezii · 4 days ago
instead of putting sollux in a trap aradia recruits him like this
aradia: quit your job
sollux: why
aradia: join my cult
this is exactly it.
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cosmiccalliope · 6 months ago
When trying to figure out if you're dealing with a cult or not, just remember PLAID.
Pressure to Join and Stay. Cultists never let up, they will send as many people to get and keep you in their grasp, and when they do, they will never let go. If leaving the group is excessively complicated, and they hold on even after you've shaken them off, you're dealing with a cult.
Leader exalted. A lot of cults put the focus on a single entity, some Glorious Leader That Shall Bring Salvation. PAID makes a cult, but PLAID is undeniable.
Altered Awareness. If it feels like they live in a completely separate world from you, that's on purpose. Bonus points if they prey on people when they're at their lowest, or encourage proselytization like that.
Insiders Only. Cults tend to fearmonger and paint their beliefs in a way that makes everyone that isn't them into the Horrid Persecutors, the Sinful Heretics, things of that nature. Only Insiders are the Blessed Ones, Only Insiders hold the One True Belief.
Discouraged Doubt. If you're in the group and having doubts, they will go out of their way to discourage those sinful thoughts. You aren't to doubt them, just believe what they say and all will be fine.
Bonus points if the cult meets GRID, a litmus test for general groups that should be avoided at all costs.
Genocide Apologism. These are your Manfiest Destiny Confederate Flag wavers, I don't think I need to explain how Genocide is a Bad Thing, if you don't already know that as fact, reevaluate your beliefs. The same applies if they believe themselves to be of "the highest breed", or similar expressions.
Rampant Racism. I don't think I need to explain how rampant racism in a group reflects on that group as being racist.
Identity Essentialism. If they try to police that X can only ever be X, and that if you're not X, you're Y, and there are no other options ever, be wary.
Denial of Fact. If they try to say things like the Universe is 6000 years old, the Earth is flat, Evolution is a Myth, COVID is fake, things that actively go against what we understand as Scientific Fact, be wary.
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mythrilhusk · 3 months ago
Dragonhearted Chapter Seven
CW: Quirk-Induced Amnesia
Excerpt:         Ranboo finally semi-escapes Tubbo by putting a hand over his face and pushing him away. Tubbo pretends to be a zombie, groaning and reaching futilely for the bag of candy. "What'd you find?"         "They're all fuckin' infected," Tommy says gravely. "All with the purpley eye shit. The whole fuckin' town."          Ranboo takes pity on Tubbo and pops a piece of candy in his mouth. Tubbo noms it, then opens his mouth again like a bird. "More."          Technoblade frowns, picking up a stick and scratching in the dirt. "I'm torn right now, not gonna lie."          "We can't go back now, Techno." Tommy slams a fist on his stump, then shakes it, wincing. Ranboo discreetly feeds Tubbo more candy. "They need help, and we're the only uninfected people here."
Dragonhearted Synopsis / CW / First Chapter Link
Edit: AO3 is screwing me over by putting my chapter update on the fourth page of the fandom recents list DX wHYYYYY AAAGHH- It’s fine, it’s fine... it’s totally fine. I’ll just try to update the next chapter at a more reasonable time.
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princehendir · 3 months ago
Rationalism banning discussion of Roko's basilisk bc it was making people have psychotic episodes 🤝 Scientology making The Bridge harder to ascend bc people kept leaving/having psychotic episodes after hitting OT4
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padshiyx · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In the wake of finding a fitting one for the ‘Trials for the Worthy’. Ul’Zirac in the process has ended up splitting his cult in pieces. Each who hear the whisper of Zirac has heard the story of the foretold usurper. Told from his own maw into the ears of each one devoted to his worshipping. Many of his devoted split off into a splinter group in the worship of their lords blades wielder. Known as ‘The Padshiy’. Causing a war amongst their own numbers let alone just by what is caused in their summoning's of their lords creatures. Praying that one day the prophecy is true. Such incidents occurring only provides amusement for their on looking deity, much more displeasure with their Padshiy. None the less, The Cult for the Eldritch Flame of War rages on all the same. With fewer in ranks.
Tumblr media
The most recent Padshiy is less than happy to see or hear from any of these ‘Devoted’. When approached by any of the rotten chitin rattled worshippers he’s quick to tell them to leave, less they be cut down. Commonly frequently apologizing and even on occasion throwing what money they have on them at him. A strange sight if you’re ever to see it. Those clad in very concealing robes approaching a large bird and singing his praise for no reason to the Bird. Disappearing as soon as they came in their wake. These occurrences have been going on for as long as he can remember. Even back to the dark ages before electricity was even harnessed for powering many modern items. Yet their cloaks and chants remain the same, while the faces change. Just who are those cloaked that have been watching him for so many years...
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fredersens · 6 months ago
hm. kind of feel like i’m a shitty person for reading cult survivor blogs as a way to process my own pain from the group i used to be in, because my group was just a silly fandom server that i was too afraid to stay in (never mind that the popular user running it is still harassing people in said fandom over a year after i left). and fandoms can’t be cults.
it did feel suffocating and terrifying and i left because i was afraid they’d find out i disagreed with them, and it did fulfill a few of the commonly listed traits of a cult... but it’s not nearly as bad as what real cult survivors go through.
i feel like i’ve just used their real pain as an excuse to be too sensitive and dramatic about my feelings, like i always am. i feel like i’m faking
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wingslcst · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I’ve had it bouncing around in my head, but I will write it more in depth/add it in the verse description BUT.
In the Toontown verse, I’ve decided that Alice and the others have been kept locked away in the studio due to the fact they were born of the ink machine, demonic pacts and literal soul inhabiting. They’re technically monsters.
But, eventually, Bendy gets his cult following and overtakes the studio and overthrows Drew and has the place now run by cultists. Bendy TECHNICALLY runs the place, but they have a Puppet Drew to sort of try and keep the place actually running and not under suspicion. No one’s ever been inside, and truthfully if anyone noticed not many people actually ever even leave.
Alice still goes to the studio, but she no longer needs to live there and she does have her own little place of her own nowadays! Cartoons and comics and other works still get produced and made like nothings wrong! Still just an indie little modest cartoon studio ...
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mallowstep · 19 days ago
Think there's probably a not inconsiderable amount of angst when Lion and Holly are learning to drive.
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potatotrash0 · a month ago
That’s gamzee he’s a purple blood, he’s also apart of this juggalo clown cult. He says motherfucker a lot and sometimes buts :0) after his texts. He’s also KIND OF bloodthirsty but he eats these pies to repress it. AlSo He tYpEs LiKE tHIS A LoT HoNK HonK :0)
………………….I was fully expecting him to just have weird fuckin makeup but him actually being a clown and in a cult and putting :0) after his texts is absolutely delightful holy shit dkfjsodjksjc
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caledfwlch · 6 months ago
you shouldnt be romanticizing and minimizing the concept and image of cults in your mind. idk what to tell you. maybe watch some interviews where cult survivors talk about their experiences whether it be religious cults like jehovah witnesses or people wrapped up in multi level marketing schemes
thats all ive got i guess
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candyredterezii · 6 months ago
Midsommar and Hereditary have the same story with multiple layers going on. The first explored gaslighting and abusive relationships and how cults exploit people already in bad places, the second explores the cycle of abuse in the family. Both really enjoyable and rewatchable because of it
I did enjoy Midsommar a lot esp because it does have multiple layers going on with its story I agree and aware and the fact there’s even more to Midsommar than just these themes
And while I didn’t like Hereditary ... at all, I can still agree and am aware of as well of it’s story of family and abuse and at the v least I can give it some credit for that
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meowntal · a month ago
that yandere carrd arg reminded me of the time I tried to start an arg with fake danganronpa kin ppl where the main three would turn out to be mass murdering cult leaders who were keeping the other main person captive and trying to use them to lure in new cultists and sacrifices and I half made one of the carrds and then completely forgot about it until months later and by then I didn't have the motivation to do it
mutuals this could be us
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