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‏حدثني عن الكتب التي قرأتها مؤخرًا، عن الصفحات التي استمتعت في قراءتها حتى شعرت بأنك تُحلّق في عالم آخر، حدثني عن شكل السماء لهذا اليوم عن النجوم، أو حتى نوع جديد من القهوة، حدثني عن أي شيء بعيداً كل البُعد عن أحداث البشر المتكررة🚶🖤☕.

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I’m just going to launch this amidst this Covid-19 crisis. One of the signature classic pieces featuring the Daruma face shape with red chains around as border.

Written inside face shape is the German curse word Scheibe.

Material: combined ringspun cotton

Fitted, comfortable, a must-have for everyday casual streetwear

Comes in 6 colourways including the classic white to match with any outfit. (Last two colours are on my website)

DM to place order.

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Via stefansagmeister sur insta.

“L’homme cultivé est une plate-bande que l’éducation a désherbée, puis ensemencée sélectivement…”

« Cultivé est étymologiquement un doublet de colonisé. Etre cultivé, c’est être mis en valeur comme une plate-bande qui produit des tomates. La tomate est la réponse stéréotypée de la terre au stimulus asservi de la semence sélectionnée… L’homme cultivé est une plate-bande que l’éducation a désherbée, puis ensemencée sélectivement… Sans doute ne peut-on éviter qu’il en soit ainsi. Nous vivons en groupe et tout groupe secrète pour sa cohésion une colle informationnelle qui est l’évidence (par exemple, la solidité du sol, le lever du jour après la nuit…). Certaines de ces évidences sont plus difficiles à acquérir que d’autres et on leur donne plus de prix. Ce sont elles qui constituent la culture.“
La question est de savoir qui est le cultivateur »

Propos de R. Escarpit, in Théorie générale de l’information et de la communication (1976). 

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What’s the appeal in being classy looking attractive and behaving in an acceptable manner by Eurocentric and bourgeois standards?

God I hate fashion and aspects of culture since the 2010s. I swear that “classy” simply means “attractive” and “upstanding” in a gender conforming, Victorian and/or McCarthy way. Fuck whoever made this shit trendy in the first place.

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There is no doubt that a circular approach can slow down the process and the growth of fast fashion. If this is to work on a global scale then the individual committed designer cannot shoulder the responsibility for the greening of the industry but we need to leverage everyone from the consumer to the big brands and marketing agencies. Education is the way to go and we need to reflect on how this can be done in new and innovative ways at speed. Things are now changing, and change is the new norm, whose standards need much more rigour and innovation.

Post COVID-19 we are all navigating upon un-chartered waters. Change is now the new norm if sustainable development is to become a fact and not fiction. The impact of this transformation on any industry will be profound. 

These complex, interconnected times, have been a wake-up call for many designers who are now committed to improving their material choice and improve their production. We are beginning to see that the issues that confront us all are far from being binary. 

Smaller brands are now taking the lead, showing that being sustainable and fashionable is possible and can be done.

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