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lollipop/cupcake! :) 💕

Thank you for the ask, bby! <3

Lollipop- favorite makeup products? Tbh, I don’t wear a ton of makeup. I was never interested as a teenager. I just recently started to get into it and I don’t know, I really like ColorPop’s products. They’re nice. My foundation and concealer is literally from Dollar General’s makeup line (for just starting out reasons) xD it’s actually not that bad, surprisingly. Dreaming of the day I can get some stuff from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Cupcake- are you a good cook? I’m a decent cook xD I’m an only child and was pretty spoiled growing up, not gonna lie, and overprotected, so I wasn’t allowed to cook much. I’m learning more and more though. I cooked a whole chicken a few days ago, and it was BOMB, pretty proud of myself lol

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