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Banana Snickerdoodle Cupcakes
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The MOST DELICIOUS foodie blog!
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Mini Brown Butter Sweet Cherry Pie Cupcakes — b. sweet
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I made cupcakes for NB to take to daycare today. Still working on his cake.
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Happy birthday
Okay, that title is not very creative, but it fits so perfectly – because it´s your birthday today!!!
So, here´s a little treat – for you – a special and unique lady, fully turning 21 today! Happy birthday my dear! ❤️✨🎂🧁
Tumblr media
a little Kristanna modern AU – it´s all fluff… (and find it on AO3)
Words: 1092
“I´d like to order 21 cupcakes for tomorrow, please.”
Anna spoke while roaming the shelf filled with the most delicious delicacies at “Bjorgman´s magical cupcake” shop.
“21, alright, funny number.” The young man glanced at her curiously.
“Oh,” Anna bit her lips and pulled up her shoulders, intertwining her hands before her chest, “it´s my birthday tomorrow.”
“Really?!” Kristoff exclaimed with a smile, “well, I´d congratulate, but I was told one should not do that in advance. But I certainly wish you a nice day already!”
“Thank you.” Anna smacked her lips and put a hairstrand behind her ear.
“So, what flavors would you like to order, then?” Kristoff asked, ready to note down Anna´s order, waiting patiently while she continued to study the goods on display.
Anna was almost a daily customer, had moved to their neighborhood a few months ago. And she had captured his interest from the first sight, with her radiant smile, her smiling freckles and her jovial character. Kristoff admired her cheerful manner, truly intrigued by her happy ways even though she had told him that she had come here all alone.
The day, she had entered their shop he was lost from the moment she spoke to him, questioning him about every cake, cookie, or pastry there was. He had patiently explained the various products and drowned in her glinting eyes. From then on, each time Anna came over before her work, or after work and some days even twice… Kristoff tried to get free to chat to her for a moment, even if it meant only to remove her dishes and asking how her day had been. If only he could get a glimpse of her smiling eyes… And his day was saved!
Anna stood before him with a giggle, waving a hand before his face.
Shit – he had completely drifted in his dreams of them strolling hand in hand down the beach…
“Oh, sorry. Got lost in thought… so, have you got an idea of what you like to order?”
“To be honest, I can´t decide. I mean everything here is so delicious. You know what? You put something together for me, yes? It will be great, I´m sure!”
“Alright then!” Kristoff chuckled with a shrug and scribbled something on his notepad, “shall we deliver, since it´s going to be quiet a big box to carry?”
“Oh, that´d be really kind. Hm… tomorrow at 2 pm?”
“2 p.m. it is, fixed.”
Anna was about to leave the shop, but stood for a moment, kneading her fingers before her chest.
“Would you like to come, too? I mean, since I´ve moved here, I see you more often than my own family…”
“Oh…. Hm… thanks, Anna….”
So, she invited him over… of course she was being kind… but what if she liked him…?!
Oh gosh….!
Anna scolded herself for behaving like a dumb chick around Kristoff. She couldn´t help it, but each time he smiled at her, her knees went numb, and her belly flipped. All she could do then was smiling stupefied and fiddle with her hands nervously. And then inviting him over to her little birthday party… Kristoff didn´t reject but hadn´t confirmed his coming, either.
Oh…. And now….?
Kristoff had been so kind to her since the first day she had entered his shop. She loved sweets, and then, this bakery and coffee shop was a special place. The Bjorgman family ran the shop since four generations and their friendliness had helped her settle in her new surroundings right from the start. Kristoff´s parents were so nice and his brother and sister, too. But there was something about the young man Anna could not really explain. Kristoff was five years older than her, and he had often asked her how she was doing after moving in her flat and starting new work. Casual chats were so easy with him, and Anna felt so comfortable around him. And of course, he had to be friendly to her, she was a customer… But what if he liked her, too, perhaps…?
Oh…stop dreaming…
The next day, Anna had prepared to receive a tiny group of guests, two of her workmates, Samantha, and Olaf.
She had just finished a video call with Elsa, who lived overseas and had got up at 4 a.m. just to congratulate her. She was such a sweetheart, and Anna missed her sister especially on days like this.
Her mobile buzzed and she found two messages in her inbox. One by Samantha that she laid hidden in bed with a strong fever. Oh no! Poor thing! And Olaf… he had to fix a burst pipe and wait for the plumber… Wishing her a super nice birthday! Great!...
Anna sat down on a kitchen chair, staring at her nicely decorated table, feeling somewhat sad and alone now… And then a thought hit her mind… the delivery!
Oh… what now? There were no guests… and what if Kristoff came along and intended to accept her invitation? That would mean just the two of them… alone….?!
And Anna´s belly performed flicflacs and her mind spun, she felt swaying…
Okay, just calm down and relax. He´s a friend and kind… But sooo kind… and handsome… and sexy… and…
The doorbell rang….
Anna shook her head and tried not to fly to the door, but open it with a most neutral face, though her cheeks were burning and her belly still in a flippy mood.
Kristoff stood before her with this endearing crooked smile, and this super kind glance, holding a big box up for her.
“Happy birthday, Anna!”
"Hi!" Anna smiled, took the box and beckoned him in.
"I'm afraid, we're all alone. Everyone else is indisposed."
Anna placed the box onto the counter and turned, her fingers nervously fiddling before her chest.
“Uhm… like some coffee?” Anna asked indicating to the coffee mashine.
“Well,” Kristoff stepped a bit closer, “I thought of giving you my birthday gift first…” he shrugged and crooked his head, waiting for her reply.
“Oh… thank you. That was not necessary, you know…” Anna couldn´t take her eyes off him and a warm feeling flooded her chest when Kristoff took another step towards her and hugged her. She flung her arms around his waist, hardly believing that awesome touch. He let go and cupped her cheeks, locking eyes with hers.
“May I kiss you?” he asked warmly.
“Is that the gift?” she quivered.
“If you like…?” he said quietly.
“Oh, yes….” she whispered.
And the cupcakes could wait….
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Remember that inside, you are one of a kind. Nobody can compare to you.
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Raspberry Cupcakes
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The MOST DELICIOUS foodie blog!
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baking season 🧁
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mushroom muffins with chocolate and raspberry filling made by u/snootpooteuk on reddit :D🍄
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Chocolate Christmas Tree Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
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Honey Bee Cupcakes
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