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i see that many of you are feeling extra sensitive and creative at this time. give into it. feel all your feelings. let them flow through you. if you’re creating something, allow it to consume you. express it without overthinking it. never suppress your inspiration. you are good enough. you are divinity incarnate. also, take a look at your boundaries. are you meshing too much with other people? are you taking on feelings that are not your’s?

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King of Cups. Art by Ambi Sun, from the Oriens Tarot.

UPRIGHT: Balance, Compassion, Diplomacy
REVERSE: Anxiety, Manipulation, Ruthlessness

A flamingo balances easily on one leg with a golden cup resting evenly on its back. Behind it shines a tempered sun, radiating outwardly with power, serenity, and restraint. Flamingos represent composure and balance as well as vibrancy and outgoingness. The two energies create a stabilizing force that lends itself well to diplomacy and group thinking. The King of Cups reminds us to find balance in all extremes. Once that balance is achieved, there is no limit to the things that can be achieved.

When upright, the King of Cups represents a mastery over emotions, creativity, and the user’s subconscious. The work you’ve done to cultivate poise and control is finally paying off, and it is now time to use this newfound balance to guide you away from drama and towards absolute success. When going into decisions, rely on your heart and head equally. Intuition can be bolstered with logic as support, and the more you rely on this combination to guide you, the more people will seek you out for guidance in their own lives. Act as a leader who cares about the success of a project but also the well-being of those who help you pursue it. Be compassionate to others and don’t shy away from being a mentor or guide if the opportunity arises. You’ve worked hard to get to this point, and it’s time for you to guide others down the path too.

When reversed, the King of Cups indicates that you are still working towards complete mastery of your inner self. Emotional upset and drama may still shake you up, and you may find that your own emotions are actively hamstringing your ability to remain composed in the face of adversity. Strive for equilibrium. Don’t repress yourself, but work hard to temper your emotions when you feel a tantrum on the rise. This position may also symbolize a force in your life that is emotionally manipulating you. Carefully assess the people in your life to determine where this negative energy may be coming from. You don’t deserve it, and it’s time you take steps to break away from it in any way you can.

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🌺🌴🌊⛱️☀️𝘛𝘖𝘗 𝘝𝘌𝘙𝘈𝘕𝘐𝘌𝘎𝘖🌴🌊⛱️☀️🌺

estilo corset, detalles de cuentas de madera, tejido con hilo algodón crudo

🔸Talla ajustable / copa D

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✨𝑹𝒆𝒄𝒊𝒃𝒊𝒎𝒐𝒔 𝒑𝒆𝒅𝒊𝒅𝒐𝒔✨

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Queen of Cups. Art by Ambi Sun, from the Oriens Tarot.

UPRIGHT: Empathy, Sensitivity, Support
REVERSE: Frivolous, Insecurity, Smothering

A snail rests atop a mushroom planted in a small glass cup terrarium. The snail moves slowly, but intent guides each careful movement. Snails represent a slow, gradual sort of intuition, a “look closely before you leap” sort of energy that grants it considerable foresight no matter where it intends to go. The Queen of Cups reminds us to think heavily on our choices and to act only when our inner self resonates with agreement. Move in concert with the world around you; the snail knows the scope of its world and, because of this, knows how to traverse it safely.

When upright, the Queen of Cups implores the user to rely on their highly intuitive self to guide them through the world. You possess great empathy, understanding, and emotional literacy. People may seek you out to help with their problems. Feel your way through your creative tasks and trust that you are in a highly intuitive state where letting your feelings guide you will lead to wonderful results. This position also represents treating yourself and others kindly and with great sympathy. You’re more sensitive to the outside world than you might let on. Be aware and caring towards yourself and others. Try not to overthink things, and let your heart be your guide. It won’t lead you astray.

When reversed, the Queen of Cups suggests that you need to draw your attention inside yourself to focus on your emotional well-being. Perhaps you’ve spent considerable time these days working to help others with their problems or insecurities. Now’s the time to focus on yourself. Break away from unhealthy or codependent relationships that may be drawing too much on your emotional balance to stay afloat. Seek out space to replenish your reserves, and if you’ve been relying too much on your heart to guide you, take efforts to think through things logically before going forward. This position also cautions being aware of hostile feelings of jealousy, bitterness, or clinginess coming from you or those close to you. If you’re the source, explore your inner feelings and work to reset things to a healthy balance. If it’s from others, take a temporary time out to allow yourself a moment to breathe before tackling this emotional hardship. It’s time to worry about yourself and let everyone else work through their own problems.

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Knight of Cups. Art by Ambi Sun, from the Oriens Tarot.

UPRIGHT: Artistry, Care, Romance
REVERSE: Disappointment, Heartbreak, Moodiness

A bird of paradise stands on the edge of a golden cup brimming with fruits, its head thrown back to sing its praise to the sky. Birds of paradise are resplendent symbols of freedom, creativity, romance, and charm. Their beautiful plumage echoes their rumored heavenly origins and invokes joyful visions of paradise. The Knight of Cups reminds use to be as vivacious and resplendent as these beautiful birds. In order for us to engage in a warm, charming way with those around us, we must keep in touch with our emotions and remain graceful even under the innumerable pressures of life.

When upright, the Knight of Cups implies that the user is about to receive good news or is about to receive an influx of inspiration. Whether you’re thinking about pursuing romantic or creative interests, now’s the time to bite the bullet and follow through. Move forward with your dream and remain open to exploring new passions as they emerge. Keep in mind that decisions you make now will come from your heart and not your head. How you feel will guide you into the next stage of your journey. Stay true to yourself no matter what, and you won’t be led astray.

When reversed, the Knight of Cups suggests that a wave of bad news is soon headed your way. Invitations may be withdrawn, proposals are in short supply, and disappointment will be prevalent. You may be too busy daydreaming about what the finished version of your project will be like instead of acting on it. Perhaps someone you’re fond of turned down your romantic gestures. Temper your emotions if you find they are preventing you from moving forward. Frustration and jealousy are one ends of an extreme, but be mindful of avoiding the other end as well. Staring at the world through rose-colored lenses can also prevent you from making proper choices. Seek a balanced relationship with your heart and your head. Only then will you be able to begin moving forward.

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all dressed up to leave

and on her last sip of coffee

she asked me

did you sleep late last night?

i tell her no, i went to sleep before you did.

the birds in the beams makes a ruckus

she picks up the bag on the table

fix herself up, ready to leave

then why did you wake up so late?

coffee stains under coffee cups

and still huddled in bed

eyes closed once again

i tell her

I had to finish a dream.

she moves to kiss my forehead

whispers a see you later

she does not see the smile on my lips

beneath the blanket

but the smile on my eyes

does not go unnoticed

the door closes and

the room is silent with

fragments of my mind

a rustle of sheets

and recalling dreams

and realizing i forgot

to say good morning.


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Page of Cups. Art by Ambi Sun, from the Oriens Tarot.

UPRIGHT: Engagement, Idealism, Naivety
REVERSE: Childishness, Immaturity, Obsession

A school of sardines emerges from a brimming cup, agile and in perfect synchronization. Sardines represent humility and salt-of-the-earth living. They spring forth from the cup to symbolize sudden opportunity and, through their united efforts, are able to pursue it immediately, twisting and turning through the ocean as if of one mind. The Page of Cups asks us to remain vigilant for the unexpected and to seize opportunities the instant they appear in front of us.

When upright, the Page of Cups suggests that the user has recently received important news seemingly out of the blue. You may not know what to do, but this is your moment to take hold of the opportunity set before you. This is your good omen for unexpected but pleasant surprises. Be hopeful, be open, be quick to act before the moment is no more. This position also represents both your inner child and emotional maturity. Though at odds in concept, they are two sides of one coin. Your inner child wants you to enjoy the absurdity of life, to let your hair down and have a bit of fun. At the same time, your season of weariness is broken, and now is your time to shine radiantly. You have recently gained better understanding of your emotional self or reached a new level of maturity. Look inward to relish in those changes.

When reversed, the Page of Cups suggests the user is suffering from emotional vulnerability. Obsession with your own personal image will taint how you interact with others, and you’re feeling more guarded around those who you once relied on for understanding. Doubt is heavy in your heart. Perhaps you’re heading your creative ideas in fear that they might be stolen, or you’re feeling dark feelings of jealousy and bitterness coil up inside of you. Examine your feelings and your feelings in a clear and honest way before they overwhelm you. Remember that you’re not alone in your fight and the people that you have always relied are there to support you. If new opportunities come to you, examine them with caution and weigh the pros and cons about taking them. Nothing will come from quick action right now. The best thing for you is to piece yourself together, and things will eventually turn in your favor.

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Ten of Cups. Art by Ambi Sun, from the Oriens Tarot.

UPRIGHT: Blessings, Harmony, Teamwork
REVERSE: Infertility, Neglect, Separation

A family of fennec foxes sit nestled in their den, content and secure beneath an array of glistening gilded cups. These cups symbolize the absolute pinnacle of fulfillment capable of being had. The foxes’ world is safe and warm. They are able to live without fear, solely focused on the future of their family and what they might do to improve upon their already wonderful circumstances. The Ten of Cups reminds us to cherish the love in our life, no matter where it comes from. Emotional fulfillment is nourishment meant to be shared with those around us.

When upright, the Ten of Cups suggests that the user has achieved a remarkable, unparalleled sense of fulfillment from all angles. You are brimming with love and keen to share it with those you share a close emotional bond with, especially those in your circle of family and friends. Everything you should have is in clear and happy abundance, and you’re about to reap the fruits of your previous endeavors. Be sure to appreciate this bounty of goodwill as you continue down your future path.

When reversed, the Ten of Cups indicates that you are currently seeking a stronger level of connection from your relationships. You have an idealized version of a perfect relationship in your head, but your current reality does not live up to this at all. You feel disconnected and out of sync with those around you, and you may be suffering in communicating this feeling to others. What harmony and contentment you may have achieved has slipped away, leaving behind a new world of conflict and upset. Communication is the strongest foundation you have, and you’ll have to start there first. Your relationships lack that solid start and will need a great deal of repair. Protect the flickering flame of love still inside of you and pace yourself. Things may seem hopeless, but once you lay the groundwork to repair these cracks, you’ll find that your peace will return stronger in due time.

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Nine of Cups. Art by Ambi Sun, from the Oriens Tarot.

UPRIGHT: Cheerfulness, Self-Confidence, Triumph
REVERSE: Addictions, Arrogance, Devastation

A royal poodle sits on a cushion with a jeweled collar around its neck and nine ornate cups arching above its head. Originally a hunting dog, poodles are incredibly smart, tactically minded animals that work hard to catch their quarry. This poodle is well-groomed, luxuriating in the comfort its hard work has earned it. The Nine of Cups asks us to enjoy the fulfillment our labors have yielded and to remember the work that went into making it all possible.

When upright, the Nine of Cups encourages the user that a desire will be met or that a goal will soon become a reality. All of your hard work is about to blossom into something prosperous, and you will be well rewarded for your patience. Enjoy whatever happiness you’ve recently found. Bask in the contentment. This position is also an invitation to luxuriate in life’s bounty. Treat yourself to a new trinket or some self-care. Pamper yourself and take some time to count your blessings. As great as it all feels now, remember that this is a temporary state of bliss. Appreciate it while you have it, and make sure you do so to the fullest.

When reversed, the Nine of Cups suggests the undesirable end of your goals. Through hard work and faith, you managed to accomplish a goal, but the end reward isn’t what you wanted or even expected. This will serve as a blow to your pride and current state of happiness. You could have been trying to chase emotional fulfillment, but soon found that, beneath it all, something intrinsic to your happiness was missing. Everything feels lacking, and it could be difficult to develop or maintain meaningful relationships during this time. This position asks you to do a bit of soul searching and pull yourself up from the abyss of despair before you’re swallowed whole. Reexamine your approach. Were your goals unrealistic? Were you ruthless in your pursuit? Did you want more from yourself than you could give? Question yourself as a way to take meaningful steps to help you craft a more positive, beneficial plan, , and do your best to abstain from indulgences that may prove unhealthy or distracting.

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Eight of Cups. Art by Ambi Sun, from the Oriens Tarot.

UPRIGHT: Abandonment, Escapism, Fatigue
REVERSE: Monotony, Stagnation, Worthlessness

A cuttlefish expertly navigates eight sinking cups as it descends deeper into the inky depths of the ocean. Cuttlefish are experts in maneuverability. They live fast and die young, twisting and turning through obstacles as they avoid predators and seek out food from every crevice they come across. The Eight of Cups is a card of withdrawal. It reminds us that escapism is sometimes necessary to achieve our goals, especially if we believe it’s the only way to get where we need to go.

When upright, the Eight of Cups indicates that the user is feeling compelled to walk away from a situation that isn’t going the way they initially desired. You may be experiencing problems with your job or relationship. Things that used to bring you joy no longer elicit the same response. Something is missing, and you’ve come to the realization that this is not the sort of situation you can wait out. Don’t hesitate to leave for something better. It may not be a popular decision, but you know it’s what is best for you. Consider what makes you happy and move towards it. You won’t find satisfaction by sitting stationary. Keep moving forward and don’t look back.

When reversed, the Eight of Cups suggests that you are caught between staying or going, in regards to a situation currently making you unhappy. You need to deeply consider whether or not the situation is salvageable. Look within for the answer to this. You know what you want; is it possible to still reach your goals in your present position? if not, it may be time to move on. Commit to whichever course of action you decide to follow. Drifting along hoping for things to get better without actively working to improve them won’t yield you the results you want to see. Concentrate on finding a path that makes you happy, and the rest will follow suit.

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Seven of Cups. Art by Ambi Sun, from the Oriens Tarot.

UPRIGHT: Adaptability, Illusion, Undermining
REVERSE: Consequence, Malice, Slander

A narwhal swims deep into the ocean, its horn a vibrant rainbow that harkens to the old legends often attributed to this creature. In antiquity, narwhal tusks were traded far and wide as proof of the existence of unicorns. Even today they are commonly known as the unicorns of the sea, and their existence carries with it a mythical, illusionary aura that blends well with the symbolism of the Seven of Cups. Wishful thinking can lead to risk taking, but just as the cups in the illustration sink slowly to the bottom of the ocean, we should be wary that risks can carry with them unexpected consequences.

When upright, the Seven of Cups represents new opportunities and choices that have arisen in the user’s life. You have found yourself surrounded by possibilities on every side, but an air of caution might be necessary as you begin assessing your options. If you are prone to wishful thinking or unrealistic daydreaming, you may find yourself misled. Carefully look at your options and see them for what they are. Read the writing on the wall and then examine the finer print. Not all of the options set before you are as bountiful as they may first appear. The dazzle and luster of a shiny new opportunity might try to drag you in, but use your keen mind to keep you focused. Be thorough and steadfast with your current commitments, and dedicate yourself to whatever choices you make right now.

When reversed, the Seven of Cups focuses heavily on the negative consequences of falling to temptation. The allure of opportunity might be harder to resist, but your stalwart spirit is needed now more than ever. Instead of going for the most popular choice, think of how each choice will impact you in the long-term. Opportunities with glitz and glam may only pave the way to ruin. Hastily form relationships can lead to a lasting bitterness. It may be overwhelming to consider every option, especially if you can’t tell just yet how it may turn out in the future, but rest assured that you have the inner tools necessary to make the decision. By the same token, this position represents owning up to any past wrongdoings and making amends.

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Six of Cups. Art by Ambi Sun, from the Oriens Tarot.

UPRIGHT: Innocence, Nostalgia, Simplicity
REVERSE: Focus, Independence, Maturity

Two gulabi goats sit in large cups, colorful flower crowns resting on their heads and sweet grass plentiful around them. One goat holds out a cup to the other, eager to share the love it holds for its sibling. Innocence and childhood reverberate through the space they inhabit; the sunlight is warm, and there is nothing to fear. The Six of Cups reminds us to enjoy nostalgia, to learn from it and seek out the simplistic peace we once enjoyed as children playing among the flowers.

When upright, the Six of Cups suggests that the user has recently begun to revisit childhood memories and found comfort and happiness in the warmth they bring you. This may suggest that there is a chance to reconnect with old friends and significant figures from our past on the way. No matter how the reunion manifests, this position brings with it a level of harmony, reciprocation, and emotional wellness that stems from the comfortable warmth of nostalgia. If you’re feeling out of sorts or run-down, it’s possible that you’re reflecting more out of longing for aspects of yourself that you no longer have. You may find yourself interacting with children or people who embody that youthful spirit more than usual. Seek to learn from them, if so. You may be surprised with what you learn from a child’s perspective.

When reversed, the Six of Cups is telling the user to step away from the past. Reflecting on fond memories from days gone by can be nice, but be sure that you don’t stay fixed on that point in your life. Getting swept up by  waves of nostalgia is keeping you from moving forward. Hard as it may be, you’ll have to focus on the here and now and prepare yourself for the future ahead. Maybe you just feel disconnected from your childhood dreams, and the life you lead now may not be the one you envisioned when you were younger. Growing up is never an easy thing to do, but how we deal with it on a daily basis can help smooth that path. Our inner child is never too far away, and a healthy dose of silly, childish whimsy can help us reconnect and lessen some of the stress we face as we move forward to time’s unwavering rhythm..

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Five of Cups. Art by Ambi Sun, from the Oriens Tarot.

UPRIGHT: Disappointment, Loss, Remorse
REVERSE: Acceptance, Forgiveness, Release

Five locusts congregate around five sunken cups, voraciously eating away at the ivy around them. Locusts have oftentimes symbolized a famine brought down by the wrath of something greater than an individual. These swarms eradicate crops, leaving those affected with a heavy sense of despair and helplessness. The Five of Cups rings true with a similar tragedy, only coming to light when a situation has gone awry. However, it’s how you move on from your unfortunate circumstances that determines the overall outcome.

When upright, the Five of Cups suggests that the user is embroiled in a situation that has gone over their head. Things haven’t gone as you expected them to, and you’re filled with disappointment. The situation may have left you feeling bereft or introduced an unwelcome change, either through your job, your relationship, or some significant domain of your life. You’re more focused on the event and the change that it brought than you are figuring out a way to move on and heal. It’s easy to fall into the trap of rumination, but those thoughts are holding you back. You’ll need to forgive yourself and look at the bigger picture. Your hurt and pain are valid, but remember that there are opportunities all around you. Life goes on, and it’s time for you to do so as well. Look forward to a brighter future and step forward towards the happiness you deserve.

When reversed, the Five of Cups suggests that you’ve recently undergone a situation that set you back in ways you hardly expected. You are disappointed, worried about how others may react, and you may even be locked in a state of denial, refusing to acknowledge the mistakes that brought you to this point. You’ve realized just how impactful these past choices can be, but this position is a reminder that it’s time to forgive yourself for them. The past is fixed in stone. You can’t change things by regretting them for the rest of your life. Learn from your mistakes and allow yourself to move past the guilt with new perspectives to guide you into the future.

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