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zimtchai · 10 months ago
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the mood in here is electric
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hermionedawson · 3 months ago
she is the kind of person who should be leading countries. so fucking brave.
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Valedictorian: Paxton Smith, speaks out over ridiculous "heartbeat bill" just passed in Texas. The heartbeat bill forbids ALL WOMEN from getting an abortion after 6 weeks, at which point most women do not even know they are pregnant.
It is 2021, stop taking away our fundamental rights to have control over our OWN BODIES. Because I can guarantee you that if men could get pregnant, this bill would never even have come close to the Governor's desk.
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modern-wilde · 2 months ago
“Book collecting is an obsession, an occupation, a disease, an addiction, a fascination, an absurdity, a fate. It is not a hobby. Those who do it must do it. Those who do not do it, think of it as a cousin of stamp collecting, a sister of the trophy cabinet, bastard of a sound bank account and a weak mind.” ― Jeanette Winterson
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ciaraloves · 5 months ago
Cape Town is literally on fire and here's how to help
Ways to help and how to deal with the fire should you be affected:
Article 1, Article 2, Article 3
Wildlife Reserve
Buy a Bed (for a homeless person)
The South African Redcross Society
Gift of the Givers (they are helping uct students)
Cape of Good Hope SPCA (animal aid)
Donating to UCT:
Account name: UCT Donations Account Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa. Branch code: Rondebosch Branch, 025009. Account number: 07 152 2387. Swift code: SBZAZAJJ
Donors should please include their name if they wish to, as well as the purpose/reference for their donation (#UCTFire).
If you are in CT:
Check for your local Rotary Club (Round Table) if you would like to drop off physical items
If you see someone without shelter contact Love Cape Town for help
Local firestations are also accepting physical donations both for the firefighters and residents
Please read the articles above to find out more information on what items are needed
To CT residents and UCT students:
Please seek help if you are feeling overwhelmed and/or your mental health is at risk
SA Depression and Anxiety Group: 080 024 2526
ICAS: 080 111 3945
References for all the resources above can be found in the articles as well as here
Please can I ask that you REBLOG this and not just like so that it reaches as many people as possible
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19kaykay96 · 2 months ago
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Just like so many in the Cuban community I am disappointed in @blklivesmatter recent post on Instagram in regards to Cuba. However, you can still support the BLM Movement and other organizations with the same mission while opposing the @blklivesmatter organization’s political views/agenda. The Black Lives Matter movement is a social/civil issue that calls upon the end of police brutality on POC/Equality and so much more. It’s a Movement that EVERYONE should voice their support for and aid. I also still condemn @blklivesmatter ignorant post on Cuba and how it is PURE MISINFORMATION. And Hypocritical. But that does not give Cubans/Cuban-Americans the right to attack the movement as a WHOLE and spew their own racist agenda just because of a SINGLE Organization’s stance. So please stop attacking each other. You can support BOTH. Both sides are forgetting what that this is about by trying to push their own political agendas.This about the Cuban peoples’ suffering for over the past 60 years. Just like how we needed to listen and continue listening to POC voices to educate ourselves in BLM, We need to listen to Cuban Voices about what is really going on in Cuba. Not the “woke” media or little turistas who are there for a few days and see the governments portrayal of Cuba. I’m sick and FUCKING tired of seeing all of these PRIVILEGED gringos gaslight my people and my family’s trauma and suffering.Cubans on the island don’t give a shit about your political agenda.Whether it’s left, right, up, down. THEY DON’T CARE. You wanna know what they do care about? They care about not starving to death or being beaten/shot to death. All due to the reason of them peacefully protesting against the Communist Regime. They care about their loved ones who have gone missing since the protests have started. And the ones thrown in jail. They care about their young adolescent boys being kidnapped from their homes and forced to have to fight against their own people of their pueblos. THEY CARE ABOUT THE BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS THAT THEY HAVE BEEN DENIED FOR OVER 60 FUCKING YEARS. Like MR.305 said himself “WAKE THE FUCK UP AND GET WITH THE PROGRAM.” Truly Educate yourselves. Listen to the stories of those who were fortunate enough to have fled and to those whose necks are still being stepped on by the Regime.And if you can’t do that then sit the fuck down and shut up. This is NOT a politics issue. This is not about Biden or Trump (and trust me I can’t stand the latter one bit). This is a HUMANITARIAN CRISIS. Also I have seen the term “GUSANO”  being thrown around like nothing by ignorant privileged people who don’t even know the weight it carries. But don’t worry this girl right here, couldn’t be more ORGULLOSA being the daughter/granddaughter/niece/cousin of GUSANOS. We need to be kind to one another and lift each other up. We need to listen to one another. PATRIA Y VIDA SIEMPRE MI ISLA LINDA. VIVA CUBA LIBRE.
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blas-ph-emy · 4 months ago
if i see any kind of john mulaney hate on my dashboard, i will be blocking people faster than you can say "street smarts". leave john mulaney alone. his private life is none of your business. people get divorced. that's a thing that happens. this quarantine has been hard on everyone. yes, even celebrities. they're still fucking human beings. jfc.
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jorrated · a month ago
i know this is a bit late and this might not of affected the part of brazil you are in, but i just found out yall had record low cold front in brazil that certain places actual froze over. are yall ok????
Nah, the cold was so bad I'm pretty sure we had a record of homeless people's deaths. Brazil never gets this cold, even in the worst winters, and although I was lucky (cause I lived in the south and had heaters/heavy blankets) even in my area where it didn't freeze It was harsh, specially for people with low income. There's more cold fronts coming too.
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not-your-asian-fantasy · 7 months ago
အင်အားများလာတဲ့ ရန်ကုန်မြို့လယ်က စစ်အာဏာရှင် ဆန့်ကျင်ရေး လူထုဆန္ဒပြပွဲ
ဧရာဝတီ၊ ဖေဖော်ဝါရီ ၁၇၊ ၂၀၂၁
Anti-military dictatorship public protest in Yangon downtown.
Ayeyarwaddy, February 17, 2021
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The Irrawaddy - Facebook
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glockpaperscissors · 8 months ago
Twitter thread on white supremacist hate symbols 👇
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Hate Symbols Database from the ADL website
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trenchcoatbees · 8 months ago
Impeachment 2
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dumbassbisexual · 21 days ago
would be a shame if people went to (a website that is being used to snitch on women for getting abortions) and spammed it with incoherent bullshit or copypastas
that would be very very bad. i definitely won’t be doing that in my free time because i am a good citizen and have the utmost respect for my government ❤️
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yerjigsawpuzzleblues · 5 months ago
Happening now: The Burmese security forces cut internet access (even home WiFi which was available during the regular internet blackout) in South Dagon Township, Yangon, Burma and are using rocket-propelled grenades in addition to their usual MO of slingshots, batons, Molotov cocktails, guns ranging from handguns to sub machine guns, and hand grenades.
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honestdaddy-bolgs · 6 days ago
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mymusehasadhd · a year ago
Fun fact!
The founding fathers specifically put “the right to bare arms” in the bill of rights just in case the government ever became a corrupt totalitarian shit stain so the people could literally rise up and overthrow them just like we did when we told England to fuck off. So if hypothetically the government were to start looking like something out of a YA distopia novel then the actual founding fathers who created this country would be fully supportive of us burning it to the fucking ground and starting over.
You know, hypothetically.
Not that that would ever actually happen...
Cough cough.
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