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Have been listening to this audiobook. I don’t love it, but it’s a valuable reminder of the way that gratitude, empathy, and mindfulness can change the way we look at the world.

It’s super quick - only 4 hours, I think - so if you need a little reminder or a refresher on gratitude, empathy, and mindfulness, then it’s a good way to get it. Very easy listening (though admittedly it starts pretty slow. That said, I know other people who found the start powerful).

I don’t have the app and probably won’t grab it, but does anyone have it? Thoughts? Have you read the book?

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“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

-Litany against Fear

Dune by Frank Herbert

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Artemis Fowl

Now moving on to The Eternity Code, after having read through books 1&2 I can say that that boy has gone through some Primo character development! From a selfish little ass to actually having regrets for his actions and becoming a better person.

That being said.. this kid is no fucking athlete and he is no fighter, so why in the movie trailer is he jumping over railing and grabbing hold of a chandelier as well as firing a freaking gun?

Also about Butler… where the hell did the magical bow and arrow in the movie come from? Butler runs around with a little pistol that he loves. Disney, give Butler his pistol back. Not like a bow and arrow is any less deadly, give him his gun!

Judie Dench being in the movie… now I don’t have a problem with her as an actress BUT she is playing Root. Generally I’m not one to freak out about race or gender bending so long as the story is interesting and the actors do well. But the whole thing with Holly Shorts character (best character btw fight me) is that she is supposed to be the first female of the LEPrecon unit. Judie dench playing Root in the film adaptation takes away from that.

Also, Holly in the trailer “I’m your friend on the other side”… what?! Holly, I love your character but if this is supposed to be the first book then you are no fucking friend to the mud man!

Other stuff in the trailer, Butler pulls a special lever in the house to reveal Artemis’s dads lair or something. “You’re father was in a complicated profession”… corny as fuck btw but what, Butler knew about this stuff already? And Artemis’s dad was involved with mythical creatures this whole time? And some crap about embracing destiny. The first book is incredibly straight forward and the trailer makes it look like the writers for the movie struggled for a while to think about how to film this. “We can’t do it, we just can’t..WAIT!! What if and hear me out, what if we use the name Artemis Fowl and we make Harry Potter with guns and ships? Huh, huh?”

Fucking Genious! 👍

I’m about to start the third book so for all I know, this stuff actually gets revealed later on but the tone of the trailer for the movie is so off putting AND if the stuff in the trailer is revealed in a later book then (referring to my last post about the movie/books) who’s the jag weed that thought it would be a good idea to make an 80 minute movie adaptation for more than just the first book? I’m still most likely going to check it out, I love to see new things… also I only have Disney+ because a friend lets me use it.

I’m just saying, surely some of the people working on this actually read the book and are thinking “maybe it’s a bad idea to make this movie the way we’re doing it”. Sure, kids will probably be enetertained and that’s important but what about the actual fans of the book(s). This movie is separating itself super far from the source material, if it does well enough I can only see this getting two movies and no more.. kind of like… kind of like.. oh god, oh god oh fuck oh no oh fuck no god why

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Review for Children on Blood and Bone!! I loved this novel (yes I spelled it wrong up there, pretend you cannot see). Adeyemi tackled some huge issues in here, issues that are happening right now. I thought right now would be a good time to finish this up! I NEED to find the second one and read it asap!

Also it will be a minute before I upload more reading because I have to wait until Tuesday to get my assigned summer reading!! Then you will be hearing from me a lot! Also I know I said I would do a productivity challenge but that didn’t happen so maybe I will try that again!

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I’ve started reading this book by Steve Cavanagh and I’m really fazscinated by it so far. Following Eddie’s journey and then Kane’s journey and I just have no idea how this will play out. I would not want to meet Kane in real life because I would probably not survive it. 

And that ‘feeling no pain’ syndrome is a real thing! 

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okay so I’m about 250 pages into the raven boys and I know that noah is a ghost because tumblr spoilers rip

BUT do the raven boys know that he’s a ghost??? did this kid just show up and never ages and they’re like oh yeah whatever. did he like come with Ganesy’s apartment????

gansey’s POV is always like “btw-Ronan’s dad died and Adam is poor and living in an abusive household and here is exactly how I met them for two paragraphs” but he never talks about noah like DOES HE KNOW??

anyways feel free to laugh at me for this id appreciate it

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Just finished New Moon and am moving right along to book three.

I’ve been having trouble concentrating on reading lately so I’m reading slower than I generally do. It’s frustrating, but I think it’s because I’m still stuck in my house and hating it. However, it’s not safe for me to return to work yet. I’ve also been not feeling as well as I should considering I haven’t been doing much of anything for nearly three months now. I’m tired all the time and have trouble sleeping and joints are killing me and blah blah blah. Hopefully it evens out soon and doesn’t end up making my return to work, whenever that will be, worse than it needs to be. Mentally I am so ready to go back just for something to do.

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